Aadhaar and the rest of the box office

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    Rihanna and Mia Khalifa our Khalistani suporters


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    Kangana rocks!


    • “Right wing role model”..oh yes, every patriotic Indian wants their daughter to obsess over a man with 2 children and an imaginary affair.

      The greatest performance I’ve ever seen, a former beef(and Duggu’s imaginary) lover playing a right wing role model. Truly Oscar worthy (oops, no need for foreign recognition for our internal actors)


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    War of words between Taapsee and Kangana:


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    • You really wanna be sharing tweets by a known Kashmiri separatist, terror sympathizer and Pakistan lobbyist whose only agenda is create hate mongering? Darn even the great Sachin Tendulkar isn’t spared by these scumbags. Do remember if your very own Congresswoman Indira Gandhi (or her elder son) had lived another decade, this filth would not have seen the light of day. The idea of India cannot be compromised by keyboard warriors and rotten tomatoes like Kashmiri and Khalistani separatists as both the Congress (during its better days) and the present NDA govt is not a friendly option for this Chinese/ISI trapped mafia.

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  7. Meanwhile-


  8. The outpouring in support of United Bharat ka yeh reason hai !!

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  10. Meanwhile Libtards spreading fake news-


  11. Thread:


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    The top BJP politician rocks. Go Kapil Mishra!


  13. Lets not over do it…If it is not movie related ..I will clean the tweets sometime later as it takes too much time to load this page.

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  14. Last I checked this was a film blog. Did not realise ignorance and blind following has creeped in here as well. Expect this with daft twitter trolls but did not realise this ” fascist pseudo deshbhakti ” affects well educated and sensible people as well.
    Anything and anyone who does not agree with your thugs in centre is antinational. Think about it, is that the logic you live with. People you are calling khalistanis and terrorists are the same who already did or will die for India on borders tomorrow. For a change stop posting stuff from sell out media outlets and try finding out whole truth before branding everyone antinational.


    • “People you are calling khalistanis and terrorists are the same who already did or will die for India on borders tomorrow.” – its folks like you who are the opposite end of blind deshbhakts. SFJ & their sinister intentions since the time of Indira Gandhi’s assassination is a reality, yes the same Indira who’d be ashamed & astonished of her good for nothing grandkids. None of these so called farmers (from 2 states alone interestingly) are the real peasants for whom these farm laws might actually be of help. If only pseudo intellectuals as well as blind worshippers would open their eyes & look at a story from all dimensions. Farm laws are not silly ordinance like the CAA-NRC. World of difference. Of course the zamindars & crooks like Tikait are popping in their pants at the thoughts of this.

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    • The guy starts by saying it is a filmi blog in the first sentence , and then the entire rant is political .
      # kuch bhee !

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  15. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/priyanka-gandhi-vadra-meets-family-of-farmer-who-died-in-republic-day-violence-2363018

    Its the Khalistani machinery that was responsible for Indira Gandhi’s assassination after a heroic operation blue star carried out by a Sikh daredevil KPS Gill himself. And now her shameless grandkids wanna be empathizing with the same machinery to try making sure Modi meets the same end. The Kashmiri separatists, Khalistanis, ISIS sympathizers of Kerala etc cannot bear an Indira’s or Modi’s India. What these jokers wanna see is a Manmohan’s or RaGa’s India.

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  16. I will make a consolidated statement so as not to clog. It's prudent that I make it since I started by posting Tendulkar's statement.

    I am not sure why one would keep pasting some fringe-elements belonging to the BJP government tweets here like Kapil Mishra's or Kangana's wild tweets. Who said BJP was a party of lily-white politicians? Everyone – at least the sensible ones, know that neither the bloggers here take them sincerely nor the Government. If national and state policies were to be formed based on these tweets by some extreme right-wing imbeciles, then the current government would have failed spectacularly. It is adding nothing to the above scenario of farmers' protests turning violent in India. What’s so ‘spectacularly’ surprising about Kapil Mishra even when so-called journalists tweet wrong information in haste about the death of a ‘farmer’ just because their dispensation is against the ruling government’s?

    Rihanna and Greta have zero understanding of the farm laws. If they are for peaceful protests, wouldn’t a tweet saying farmers have all the rights to protest but not to resort to violence be sufficient? Why post and forward a toolkit? Have you the brains or the time to even understand the basics of the laws? How can anyone calling herself a Nobel peace prize nominee and ‘activist’ be so irresponsible? Doesn’t she know the protests turned violent on Jan 26 th , a historic day for India? Has she checked some history behind the protests? What is the percentage of farmers that want the laws and those that don’t want them? Why is there such a huge gap? How is it that only 2 states are majorly having a problem with the laws? Where are the farmers of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra, Madhya Pradesh, and other states? Some great intelligentsia also mentioned that ‘distance’ is a factor. How can someone from Bijapur or Satara leave his responsibilities as a farmer and stay days-on-end in Delhi? Yeah right. So, if the farmers-group has such huge support, and with many millionaire farmers involved, could you please provide us a count of how many farmers from other states are for a complete repeal of the laws? Surely if a teen like Greta can provide you with a toolkit, you can put out a statistical count, can’t you? How are 18 months of suspension of the laws not going to help the farmers decide their concerns and lay them before the government? This is a public statement. The citizens of this country will hold the government accountable if they renege on their promises. Don’t the so-called farmers have a basic understanding of that? How is it that 10 or 11 or whatever number of meetings have failed? [In 5 meetings probably a Microsoft take-over could be signed and sorted.] How is that it is my way or the highway for the farmers?

    The reason the police must register an FIR is a grey area. The situation now is not as it was before January 26 th . It is clear now that as hours, not days, pass by, another incident of violence can happen and that can surely spin out of control. And with the help of these irresponsible tweets, and with every Tom, Dick, and Harry and their relatives out in the world liking, disliking, and forwarding on the current century’s poison that is social media, there are high chances of unscrupulous elements with ulterior motives seeping into this movement. What are the forces supposed to do then? Shoot people at sight? Then what are these two great ‘activists’ going to do? Will Greta provide a toolkit on how to ‘peacefully’ handle violent elements to the forces?

    To the folks complaining why the forces are putting on barricades and nails in the light of a jam- threat on February 6th , what should they do? They tried utmost restraint on January 26 th and were asked whether they were sleeping on the job. Now that they are taking stricter measures, this is a case of ‘human-rights’’ violations. Farmers’ genocide. Really? Do the folks who use such terms even understand the meaning of genocide? It is a gross insult for the communities that have truly gone through genocide. This rabid hatred for Modi primarily and BJP secondarily is hurting the country a lot. And the lack of an intelligent opposition even more so. So now who are Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Ravi Shastri, Ojha, Ajay Devgan, and the who’s who of celebrities and people of public prominence that have commented #Indiastandsunited? Are they all ‘bhakts’ now? Their singular concern, as well as mine, and most others are only the worry that violence shouldn’t erupt due to an irresponsible tweet from some key-board warriors that fanning flames and extraneous elements adding fuel to it. What is wrong with that? And what is that they have tweeted? They have merely tweeted that the trust the talks between the farmers and the Government would be fruitful and matters settled internally.

    It is commendable that the Government of India and the celebrities that have chosen to tweet in support of solving the problem internally have done so. Lastly, no one, not a single person is saying/should hint, that the entire movement is comprised of external elements. If anyone, be it from the current government or anyone else that’s a public persona or any ordinary citizen has said so, I condemn them vociferously.

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  17. I watched Waiting on netflix. It is an interesting film but with some flaws.
    About quality of life and just living.
    Views change and nothing is predictable.
    Liked Rajat Kapoor as a top doctor who will not give up easily to pressures and pulls.
    It is a 2015 film.
    Naseer is good as usual and Kalki suits the role given to her.
    It is not dark and it has some light hearted touches.


  18. The Family Man Season 2 postponed, confirm Raj and DK
    The Family Man makers had previously released a teaser and announced that the trailer will drop at a later date. The trailer was never released which led to speculation that the series might get postponed.



  19. A bag of rice and a bottle of booze wasn’t enough for the excessively literate degenerated lungi kings I suppose 😂


  20. Posted it in the wrong thread. Correcting.

    The White Tiger makes it to BAFTA longlist in seven categories
    Lead actor Adarsh Gourav has made it to best actor longlist, while Priyanka Chopra is in fray for best supporting actress nod.



  21. Salman Khan is all set to release Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai in cinema halls on Eid. In an interaction with the media at the recently held opening ceremony of Indian Pro Music League in Mumbai, the Bollywood superstar revealed why he agreed to release Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai in cinema halls at a time when many are taking the OTT route.

    Salman said, “We have made three movies that are ready for release. Theatres are looking like graveyards right now. There are also so many theatre owners who have had to close down because of financial reasons. It is not a good thing that theatres are closing down. This is our business. Our work is to act and make movies. Where will we show our movies (if theatres close down)? It is like a catch 22 situation. They are incomplete without us, and we are incomplete without them.”

    He added, “They (exhibitors) had requested us to release Radhe in theatres, and now that things have eased down and we are seeing people roaming around normally, we can do it (release the film in cinema halls).



  22. Is anybody in the US facing an issue with seeing TIMESNOW? When I go to this site; none of the drop-down options are working and I get the message –


    The content you are trying to watch is not available in your region

    BTW, it was working fine just a week before and now suddenly I am seeing this message…I wonder if…


  23. Noted director SS Rajamouli’s upcoming movie Rise Roar Revolt (RRR), which has created a great deal of buzz among fans with its massy teasers, is set to create a record even before its release. The makers have received an offer of nearly Rs 348 crore…

    Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/ss-rajamoulis-rrr-theatrical-rights-to-be-sold-for-a-record-price-948170.html


  24. “The government should have stuck to folks like Akshay Kumar. Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar are Bharat Ratnas. They are simple people. The government asked them to tweet, so they did that and now they are being trolled,” Mr Thackeray said.



    • Both third rate scum like Pawar and Thackery need to be…well; use your imagination…Disgusting that there is hardly any national unity even against this…

      What a comedy of errors? So the disgusting corrupt Pawar who has 10k crore ill-gotten wealth can ask Tendlya not to comment on farmers since he doesn’t ‘understand’ the intricacies. But the intricacies of the laws are quite well understood by the great Greta, Rihanna, and Kahlifa, right????….Wow…


  25. Chamoli, Uttarakhand: Over 100 people are feared dead after a glacier break in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district triggered an avalanche and massive flooding of the Alaknanda and Dhauliganga rivers on Sunday morning, forcing the evacuation of thousands, and damaging both houses and the nearby Rishiganga and NTPC power projects. Disaster response teams have been deployed and the Army has committed four columns; three helicopters are already conducting aerial surveys.



  26. Bachchan on BLACK; a fantastic performance keeping in view the entire pitch of the film…


    • tonymontana Says:

      Black remains one of my favourite movie outings of all time. My view of the film is somewhat affected now, thanks to more exposure to world cinema, but hadn’t quite seen anything like it when I watched it for the first time.
      Loved everything about it. Most importantly, Bhansali’s vision.

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      • I have suggested in past; I have not seen The Miracle Worker, Black has strong resemblance to Manoj Kuamr’s Shor. You start with certain health/physical/mental condition(s) and in end conditions are reversed depicting the irony in their lives.

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    • The MAESTRO at one of his best….carefully see how he is trying to instill his inner-most emotions into the sign language….https://youtu.be/Z75iWLGGQzo


  27. https://www.hindustantimes.com/movie-reviews/review-hulla/story-6mUlFBZKeN6bKDLBr8yFML.html

    It is on Prime. Somewhat funny about cooperative society members’ quirky behaviour in mumbai.


  28. How Indian-Americans View US And Indian Policies: Report
    The report – a collaboration between the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Johns Hopkins-SAIS, and the University of Pennsylvania – draws on data from an online survey of 1,200 adult Indian-Americans.



  29. “The difference being that Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior was the biggest HIT and the biggest GROSSER while of 2020 Phool Aur Kaante was the biggest HIT but the second biggest grosser in 1991. Phool Aur Kaante was second to the Subhash Ghai magnum opus Saudagar but Phool Aur Kaante had far lower costs than Saudagar making it a bigger HIT.”



  30. Like

  31. Oscars 2021: India’s Official Entry Jallikattu Fails To Make International Film Shortlist
    Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, Jallikattu derives its name from the traditional Tamil Nadu festival ‘Jallikattu’, which is a sport of bull taming



  32. Meanwhile watched Master. too many choreographed fights and dances. Too much masala. A good story was buried under these fights, dances and songs. Hope hindi remake trims and make it better.
    Yes, Vijay can dance, fight and preach.
    Vijay sethupathi is a cool villain.
    The kids are more than supportive.

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  33. The more I watch it, the more I love it. One of the most well written and executed thrillers in Hindi cinematic history. Timeless classic that dates like good old wine!

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  34. tonymontana Says:


    I have rewatched very few films over and over. Yesterday was another evening where I had another go at Whiplash, a movie that still excites to this day. Fletcher’s methods may be extreme, but the character was played by a tour de performance from Simmons. Like fine wine, he’s become better with every film.
    Moves at breakneck speed, an adrenaline rush through n through


  35. “How long can we survive on leftovers?” a source from one of the leading multiplex chains bemoans. “We are running dubbed version of Master to empty theatres. It is a hopeless situation.”

    The greed of producers to grab quick bucks offered to them by OTT platforms has effectually shut off all possibilities of a revival in the movie business. As for hopes being raised after the success of two South Indian films Master and Krack in January is concerned, producer Sheetal Talwar says it was a false hope. “Vijay’s fan clubs in Tamil Nadu made Master a hit. And Ravi Tejaa’s fans in Andhra and Telangana made Krack a hit. The same audience won’t return for another actor’s release.”

    With no hope of revival in fortunes, movie theatres in India are looking at the despondent possibility of closing down again. Unless something completely unexpected happens



  36. Which film would be Aamir Khan’s next after Laal Singh Chaddha – Mogul, Spanish film remake, or mystery biopic?
    ByFenil SetaCreated: Feb 11, 2021 – 10:42 IST



  37. Dhakad hai bhai Dhakad hai !!!
    You go Kangana !!


  38. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tv/news/hindi/wagle-ki-duniya-first-episode-review-small-family-moments-in-the-sumeet-raghavan-and-anjan-srivastav-show-will-bring-a-smile-to-your-face/articleshow/80764268.cms

    Watched 3 episodes. Good to see the old couple and their squabbles. Sumit Raghavan tries his best to combine emotions and comedy. Though not matching upto the old one, the new series offers something good.

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  39. Earlier today we had reported that the Akshay Kumar – Katrina Kaif starrer Sooryavanshi was heading for a theatrical release on April 2. In fact, we had reported that the Rohit Shetty directorial was being readied to release in single screens and non-national multiplexes across the country. Now we hear that the talks between the producers of Sooryavanshi and exhibitors have reached a stalemate. In light of the discussion breaking down the makers of film have now begun talks with OTT streaming giant Netflix to release the film.



  40. https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2018/09/09/an-jo-on-c-o-kancharapalem/

    Just now watched this telugu film and then went back to An Jo’s review of the same in 2018 before the dread of Corona started ruling us.
    I did not like the beginning and so postponed watching it for more than 2 years.
    Then I fast forwarded to the Orissa lady’s and raju’s story and then the story picked up nicely. The ending really caught me unawares.
    I felt for Gaddam and his act left me asking for more. The man who makes idols with speaking disability.
    Overall a different film with a different treatment which every cinema lover should watch.
    Every story was good and the side stories were also good.

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  41. tonymontana Says:

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Uproarious fun. Does a much better job than our good old Bollywood in coming up with a movie about culture shocks when two families come together for a wedding. This is an idea that would have been ideal for a filmmaker back home. Yet why are there so few (and good) movies made on the subject?

    Should have watched this one much earlier. It’s hilarious and funny and brings good vibes.


  42. Atlast watching Selection Day on netflix. Good to see a well made sports film as a web series. Produced by Jhakaas Anil Kapoor.


  43. Hope aur Hum on netflix. Nice performances except for the story of the second son which dragged the film.


  44. Recently I had a very interesting back-and-forth with Noam Chomsky (yes, the Noam Chomsky) over email about Kashmir. It was mostly my little attempt to have him admit that the recently held local elections and removal of Internet restriction was a good choice made by Modi, but instead to my surprise, he totally went on the offensive, attacking not just Modi as being totally authoritarian but also the previous Indian history in Kashmir as far worse than anything Modi had done. I tried weakly to counter with the “who’s better, India or Pak” argument but then he simply dismissed with asking, who’s the occupied power. At last when I tried to argue that there is no moral equivalence between India and Pakistan, given the covert ISI support to the Kashmiri pandit exodus, he pulled out an ace and simply said that the rigged election of 1987 made the Kashmiris complete cynics and set the stage for extremists to blow up everything in sight. Although I wanted to ask if the Kashmir exodus constituted a crime against humanity, he already dismissed by citing his lack of patience with explaining history.

    Have to admit, I’m quite impressed with Chomsky


    • It is a very myopic reading that things became what they are, only because of rigged elections;It was one of the the reasons. Elections were rigged in past as well. But this time, Pakistan was winding down it support in Afghanistan..and mercenaries and resources were diverted by Zia and ISI toward Kashmir.


      Kashmir – is a Sanskrit name!

      This is pretty unbiased for most part…

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      • What he’s essentially saying is that the rigged election in 1987 in particular left Kashmiris heavily disillusioned. Also important is the fact that Indira unwisely decided to kick out Farooq Abdullah and appoint “Curfew” Shah. It’s a pretty common truth that disillusionment and cynicism with institutions lead people to extremism. The Kashmiris in the ’70s were actually becoming more welcome to India, but the ISI operations and extremism became very easy to spread there. A Sufi muslim state like Kashmir became a Wahhabist jihadi hotbed.

        Even in terms of strategy, we must always expect our opponents to be up to the worst and make counter plans. Dissident views help broaden the perspective, though we might completely disagree with the conclusion.


        • @Aman – By that logic every militant struggle against a country is justified! Be it Naxalbari, insurgency in the North east – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurgency_in_Northeast_India

          Punjab terrorism/Khalistan movement … A state fails, it is not as if ALL states in India or movements had it free! Maharashtra fought to separate itself from Saurashtra – since they selfishly wanted Bombay for themselves, with vested interests like the Thackerays shouting for it. So much so, that Raj is still threatening to form Maharashtra as a separate country from time to time when he is not drinking whiskey! So are they going take up arms? I am not trying to be flippant about these matters but Mr. Chomsky — whom I greatly admire — needs to be enlightened all things internal to India …

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          • Kashmir is a rather unique problem we haven’t been able to solve, like all problems India faces today, thanks to Maa Indira and her court of sycophants. Even Khalistan became a thing only after her encouragement of Bhindirwale against the Akalis. The violence of state extremists is always to the advantage of hostile border states, and so we must be very careful in handling such a situation.

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        • Like

    • I just don’t understand..


      • Actor Sandeep Nahar was found dead at his Mumbai home on Monday, the police said, adding they are investigating whether it was a case of death by suicide.
        The police said the actor posted a video on his official Facebook profile page before he was found dead.

        Nahar, who was in his 30s and starred in films like Akshay Kumar’s “Kesari” and Sushant Singh Rajput starrer “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story”, was found unconscious at his flat in suburban Goregaon by his wife Kanchan and friends, who took him to SVR Hospital, news agency PTI reported quoting an unnamed police officer. Doctors at the hospital declared him dead on arrival, the police said.

        More here.



      • RIP.

        Sad, if his post is true (which sounds like it is), he should have just left wife. Sometimes its easier said than done.


  45. Like

  46. Gullak on sony liv is much more earthy and less glossy. The stories are more touching and heartwarming. Some of the characters are half caricaturish but endearing. Especially Bittu ki maa!


  47. # TOOLKIT !!

    Recently I had a very interesting charcha with Naam Shabana (yes, the Naam Shabana) over Chai about Bharat. I was mostly my little attempt to say that Taimur and Aurangzeb were real heroes and that the concept of Bharat as we know came in existence in 1947. but instead to my surprise, she totally went on the offensive, attacking not just Taimur but Auranzeb, Akbar, Babar and also Tipu. She said they were cruel Mongols .

    Then, when I tried to argue that there is no moral equivalence between the great Tanha Ji and Aurangzeb, given the Ghar waley and Bahar waley , he pulled out an ace and simply said that Bharat Vasis believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Sanskrit: वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम )and therefore it was kosher for the Mongols to invade, loot and convert Bharat vasis by force.

    Have to admit, I’m quite impressed with the Naam Shabri, Sheela, Shanti ….ya phir Shabana !!!
    …to be continued !!

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    • You’d have to be a bit daft to think that Noam Chomsky is your conventional leftist or a loony like Arundhati Roy.

      I’d be willing to extrapolate on the points but you’re an admiringly partisan person and nothing on earth would change our views, so let me leave it at that. I agree with some and I disagree with some other.

      PS: Taimur was a unparalleled military genius, but also a total monster, given the famous pyramid of skulls he built. He also attacked both the Ottomans with the support of France and England but also the Tughlaqs in Delhi. I don’t know any country that would look at him positively. There was this fun story about some curse on his grave and the Soviets.


    • Daft ? ab yeh kya naya toolkit hai ?
      where did I mention that Naam Ch$$$$ is left or right wing? I dont really care .
      I admit I am partisan, problem is with the hidden toolkit partisan people who pretend to be liberals but are primarily anti Bharat.


  48. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/mumbai-parents-crowdfund-rs-16-crore-to-treat-5-month-old-daughter-thank-donors-2372008?pfrom=home-ndtv_topscroll

    No explanation is given about the injection, company and the reason for it being so costly that only very rich can afford. ?Why cant it be produced like any generic drug which can be accessible to all?

    No useful information given except sensationalising it to get more comments.


    • Sanajana,

      This happens thru out the world. Many cases in USA where parents start “GO Fund” me page because the meds or treatment is just not affordable.

      Looking at it from pharma points of view, they spend millions of dollars on research to come up with meds like this. If they sell it for pennies, how will they recover/make money? Also, the world is stock market driven. Invested people will cry about meds price but will also cry if the invested stock isn’t doing well. How do you win?

      If it’s something simple like headache med where you have billions of potential consumer, you can sell it cheap but if the demand is very limited, the price will be high.

      I guess only way to get around is if it’s gvmt sponsored program where gvmt puts in the money.

      My parents take some meds and injection for controlling diabetes and it’s crazy how much they cost. Januvia being an example where the retail price is close to $2,000 for 3 months supply. Same med in India (Januvia is made in India) is about $15 for 3 months supply.


      • Some of the drug cost dynamics in US are ridiculous…Apart from Free market and recoup cost of research, there are regulations which artificially increase the price of a drug..I have been saying people want to tackle healthcare from demand side (healthcare for everyone) but no one wants to touch the supply side (doctors, med school, regulation, competition). One simple 15 minute visit to a doctor shouldn’t cost ridiculous amount.

        For gofundme page…Anyone can setup ..I think there are regulations in US regarding who can get the money..I have seen charges filed if the money is not used for stated purpose..An Indian couple lost their son in sea tides..to recover his body, friends setup a fund..



      • “Also, the world is stock market driven”=half the problems in the world is due to Friedman’s hypothesis of shareholder maximization. In fact, especially when it comes to the US, I’m sure that restrictions on stock buybacks would crash the market immediately. So much for free market and deregulation when China outpaced the US in patents and journal filings by a huge margin in 2019 and Cuba developed a vaccine (that’s a healthcare system worth serious study, they have done some incredible things there)

        Health care is simply something that shouldn’t be left completely to the free market. Although the NHS model is wildly popular, I believe there are some problems with cancer survival. A mandate system with a public option for catastrophic and basic coverage would solve a lot of the problems. I believe Modi had a similar scheme recently?

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  49. There is a lot of medical tourism happening from USA and other countries to India. Medicines in India are reasonably priced. Many try to get cheap medicines from India but the customs in USA are very strict in releasing them. They will rather dump and destroy them than allow you to use them. Remember that scene in The Terminal where Tom Hanks saves the medicines for the hapless man?
    Canada is somewhat better in this respect.

    Americans(or a strong lobby there) worship capitalism and this business lobby will not allow any concessions whether it is drugs or guns.

    The average poor american need some relief from this strong lobby.

    Compared ,India always has some sort of safeguard like kinder allopathic system, alternate systems like ayurveda , homeopathy etc. or grandmother’s tips.

    Most of us dont run to doctors immediately. And dental visits were not known a few years back whereas in USA dental visits are religiously followed from birth to death which cost a bomb though covered by insurance and copay. Whereas even now we, middleclass Indians visit dentists only when the pain is unbearable and sensitivity becomes intolerable. And then fillling cavities, root canal etc. follow. And the neighbourhood dentist understands and does not ask too many questions.

    16 crore for one injection? Do they fill it with amrit?

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    • Good set of comments Sanjana.

      That is true, USA has strong lobby for everything from cars, to meds to anything you name it.

      India is very corrupt because corruption is just about every micro level (I had to pay bribe to get my own marriage certificate, I still don’t get why we had to pay bribe for it).

      In USA, the corruption is mostly at very high level and at many times the cost of it trickle down to consumers. I remember Cigerrette costing $1 a pack (even lower at some places) and now it’s around $15 a pack, this jump in about 40 years.

      Healthcare is just crazy in usa but you can’t deny that the care provided is amazing (I’m sure not all state and not hospitals in all states are same but for most part, it’s amazing service)

      Poor in USA gets enough where it makes them not look for a job. Tax payers are basically paying for it.


  50. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/a35491797/can-you-get-covid-twice/

    Covid reinfection is a reality, just like its cousin variants that cause the common cold. Viral mutations with capability of escape mutations is a reality too, no rocket science there. That being said, T cell and B cell immune response is a reality that most of the vaccine addicts seem to ignore entirely. 99% of the reinfections cases (within 12 months of the first round of infection) are either mild or asymptomatic. So what do we do? Mask up in crowded areas and when indoors, get your Vitamin Ds and C/Zinc levels in place, make sure you quite immuno compromising habits like tobacco & nicotine and live a normal life till if and when you get the vaccine. Once you’re vaccinated you continue the same practices since neither are pathogens a 100% comprehensible and nor is our immune system. Either ways regular appropriate usage of masks can prevent high loads of other deadly pathogens like Tuberculosis and Influenza too. Time to enter a post pandemic world with precaution, immune health and loads of common sense.

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  51. “Rising fuel prices has hit common people’s homes. During the Manmohan Singh government people like Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar used to tweet (about fuel prices). Today they are silent,” Nana Patole, the state Congress chief, said today in Bhandara. Don’t they have the courage to speak against “the dictatorial Modi government” he further asked, before meting out a threat.

    The prices of branded or additive-laced petrol, which attracts higher taxes, have crossed the ₹ 100-mark in some places, including Maharashtra, PTI reported today. In Mumbai, petrol now costs ₹ 96.32 a litre and diesel ₹ 87.32, the report said.

    “In Maharashtra, we will not allow the shooting of films involving Amitabh Bachchan or Akshay Kumar. Either you speak up against the anti-national policies of the Narendra Modi government or we will stop your movies’ shooting,” he said.



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  53. Like

  54. The Zolgensma gene therapy is a one-time injection that replaces the defective gene with normal gene and rectifies the disorder. In 2019, US FDA approved this therapy for children aged less than two years. Desai said just one injection is enough to replace the defective gene.

    Desai said every year Novartis conducts a lottery and provides the injection free to 100 children. From India 10 children were fortunate to have got it free of cost in this way. Teera was two months old when she was diagnosed with SMA. Four months ago after they could not make it through the lottery, her parents started collecting funds on ImpactGuru portal where over 87,000 people donated money. Currently she suffers from muscle and limb weakness.

    “We didn’t believe we could ever gather such huge funds. But after seeing their case, we began a crowdfunding campaign this month,” said Hyderabad-based Yogesh Gupta, whose son Ayaansh, aged two, also suffers from SMA.



  55. It’s So Cold In US That Calves’ Ears Are Falling Off
    Across the American Plains, South and Southwest, the unprecedented cold of this past week has been brutal on millions of residents.



    • There are many parts in USA where it’s colder than this but the issue is south isn’t equipped to deal with this type of cold. most house don’t have a heating system since it’s really not needed. Most don’t have Jackets/blankets for this type of cold weather.

      Add to that losing electricity and water and you have a recipe for disaster. One of my cousin who is in Texas moved into a hotel and day later, the hotel had water problem. So no water but has heat.

      Where i am, we can deal with 2 foot of snow easily, texas can’t deal with 1/2 inch because they’re not used to it and the Department of Transportation don’t have salt/chemical for it.

      Today is the last day for cold weather down there, it will start getting back to normal starting tomorrow.


    • I stayed in Minneapolis for 10 years. This kind of weather is like taking a daily shower for us.

      When I was getting my car towed one day, the tow-truck driver mentioned to: There are only 2 seasons in Minnesota – Winter and Construction [since it is one of the states that has a horribly managed and maintained inter-state; construction goes on non-stop 12 months a year.]


  56. Kangana Rocksssss !!

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  57. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/maharashtra-sees-sharpest-jump-in-covid-19-tally-in-two-months-6-112-new-cases-11613744927591.html

    At least now can we be back to 50% occupancy for all commercial and business establishments before we’re gonna have to lock down again? This all or nothing formula will not work for the next couple of years. Caution and crowd dispersion & limitation is the only way to handle the pandemic as well as job losses to a certain degree!

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