Naveen’s note on Drishyam 2

Finished watching Drishyam 2 (D2) on Prime.

Knowing that it is the continuation, i watched the Mohanlal’s classic part 1 once again.

The characters, setting and mood of Drishyam 2 is same. So watching Drishyam 1 (D1) immediately before its resumption was a good decision at the end. Mohanlal’s Drishyam 1 (dubbed in Hindi) is available on Youtube for free.

Drishyam’s resumption is about George Kitty’s family’s quest for survival despite suffering from severe anxiety. The best thing about Drishyam is that it is relatable. I mean if there are very few situations when one can take law in her/his hand is, then one of those was the reason for the murder in D1. Vaastav is the last movie which comes to my mind where one felt one needed to take law into his hands.

But D2 is not about redemption. D2 is about cinematic strategy and survival instinct of a man Vs masterful strategy, power and might of the police force.

While the viewer roots for the underdog throughout, what is commendable is the writer’s attempt to make the situation the villain rather than the person. Who is the villain and who is the hero doesn’t matter.

When you get convinced that a crime as wrong as homicide is still justified then it is a writer and director’s success. He is the real star.

Mohanlal is extraordinary. His character George Kutty is one of Indian cinema’s iconic character. Mohanlal speaks with his eyes and has the most sincere concerning face that can give even a Harrison Ford a run for his money.

However it is Meena, George Kutty’s wife who has the best role of the movie. She in fact matches Mohanlal, dominates the first half of the movie and emerges as the most relatable character in the movie. Usually in unbaked stories, one would say why she has to do what she does or say…but not here. Her vulnerability and uneasiness when not knowing everything what Mohanlal has done, carries a sympathy rather than an air of foolishness. This is where D2 scores.

Sometimes when life demands and puts you in a corner, then the common man can take on the system. Movies like D1, D2, The Wednesday, etc belongs to the category where one can really believe that system is not bigger than the cause of a common man. Here the common man used his love and knowledge of cinema to take the system.

It’s unfortunate i did not get to watch D2 on big screen. This is not to be missed even by a day.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 The perfect sequel to a perfect classic.

8 Responses to “Naveen’s note on Drishyam 2”

  1. Awesome review Naveen. Planning to watch this soon.
    I may also watch with fast forwarding the Malyalam version of D-1 first.

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    • A friend who had seen Hindi version of D-1 , watched D-2 and he said that A) it was too much effort to read and focus on the subtitles and B) although he was able to identify the principal characters as to who is who in the Malyalam D-2 from the Hindi D-1, however he would identified with them better had he seen the Malyalam D-1 first.


      • I am used to reading to subtitles…I find the Korean one somewhat difficult..Especially their names and how they pronounce, are slightly different..


      • Yes, watching D1 first in Hindi would surely help.
        Subtitles are fine. You can change the font as per your linking. For those not used to watching a foreign laguage then pls have the font as big as possible and then reduce.

        Its more like reading the news at the bottom and watching the visuals. 🙂

        5 minutes into the movie and one gets adjusted.


  2. Finally watched it, what a superb movie , Mohanlal is phenomenal , the last one hour ney phaad ket rakh dee !!!

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  3. Saw The little things, matlab talk about pointless movie with such talent.
    Boring too.


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