An Jo’s Viewings (Updated)

A fantastic movie, that really shows the mirror to a so-called American citizen that claims that these United States have the ‘best’ facilities in health care. You see, a basic criterion that decides how great a country is with regard to its health program is the way the benefits percolate to the lowest strata in the pyramid. Alas, it is not so in the ‘greatest’ country, these United States.

What’s the point of having the most-advanced health-machinery in this world when it doesn’t reach the deserving; the most needed? And more dangerously, it is used for nefarious purposes!

A delectable Rosamund Pike’s Marla Grayson has an under-ground business going on where she is in cohorts with ‘Doctors’ to identify older folks and shove them into a senior-center and then usurp their properties to be sold to the sharks. Unwittingly, she encounters a so-called ‘old-woman’ that turns out to be more than she bargained for. The rest of the film follows the egoistic clashes between her and Dianne Fienstein.

A fine watch; with Pike and Dianne delivering fine performances.

A ‘must-watch’ especially for those that ridicule the India system of medicine and taking care of one’s parents and claim ‘America is the best’, when it comes to health …


Watched SIR; a charming, superb slice-of-Bombay-life film. I am still marinating over it. If possible, will write on it. But an absolute brilliant piece of film-making with no condescending attitude whatsoever while addressing the class-differences. Highly recommended.



**Note in comment

Middle-Class Melodies01/25/2021
A beautiful, beautiful, movie about the intricacies of the parent-child relationship; the familial burdens; and of the child yearning to get out of the nest to build its own nest and fly on its own and reach greater heights. The ever-conflicting, ever-contrasting relationship between parents and the kid who wants to venture on his or her own, accompanied by the rush of youthful blood,
to make a name for oneself.

I do not want to reveal much about the story, but this is a fine, fine movie on the lines of the slice-of-life Malayalam movies that we are getting accustomed to and truly, salivating on. This isn’t as stabbing as C/O Kancharapalem but in the mode of a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film, only not as subtle as Mukherjee’s films on the middle-class but it sure does a great job.

Anand Deverakonda is a clone of his brother but can see why he is suited to this kind of genre and not his brother who women and probably some men lust on. [Better to include both, else, who knows what moniker one would be labeled with?] All the characters are extremely relatable and one can pick and choose the one amongst one’s relatives! You know, that lusty neighbor, that cunning mama or kaka all a part of the framework of an Indian family … A charming, charming film that has NO ending.

What a sigh of relief it is to see a film that’s so simple, but hardly simplistic, yet conveys the essence of life in India without resorting to using abuses just for the heck of it.

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  1. I watched it long back and enjoyed it. It is a nice take and the hero does a good job. He does not have the burden his brother carries and so he can experiment.

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  2. Not been able to watch Maara yet, ab teh wali bhee line mein aa gai ..

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    A fantastic, slow film that captures the emotional graph of a war-burned soldier in 1892, it features his reluctance and his journey when he is forced by his captain to escort ‘Yellow Hawk’, the Indian who is known to cut his enemies stem-to-stern, and their family to Montana from Fort Berringer, New Mexico. An absolute terrific piece of film-making, with outstanding captures of the New Mexico landscape, stoned to art by an outstanding performance by Christian Bale. It is a remarkable performance that has at its core, the understanding of the character, and its arc. From utter contempt to understanding a rival’s stand-point, Bale is brilliant as the soldier that has seen his friends die. The external performance challenged with an inner angst, is something very few actors can capture, and this is right up there. The last I have seen this kind of remarkable surrendering to a character is Amitabh in ‘Akayla.’ Highly recommended.


  4. Thanks for posting about ‘I CARE A LOT.’

    I found the foundation of the story itself very disturbing. I am stunned that somebody can show up at your door because of Doctor’s certification regarding dementia and signs of aging with cops no-less, and snatch you like a culprit. Is that even possible? Or whatever the movie shows is stretching of imagination at its worst? Are these things possible? How is it that Dianne is not able to represent herself? How the hell did the Doctor get a free pass? Did Dianne have accidents? Did she leave her stove on? Did she forget to turn the lights off? Did she wander off onto the streets in the night? So a mere certification from a Doctor that she’s ‘showing’ signs of dementia the Bible now?

    I didn’t find the shifting of genres from a societal-plague to a thriller very discomfiting as Tony mentions in his comment. I am ok with that. But it is the philosophical question that’s burning my mind … Why the hell is the state taking over individuals??


    • tonymontana Says:

      Haven’t researched about how the law allows any such thing to happen, and for this reason alone the movie was a difficult watch for me. Also the judge, unless he was a part of the ‘gang’, seemed amazingly stupid. Surely Dianne was fighting a lot of cases like these, and couldn’t he see through the leech, psychotic nature of hers and the scam that her organisation was?


      • That’s what I am wondering about! This is draconian. But, but, even if this happens say 2 percent of the times, it means there is a still a loop-hole that can be utilized!!

        Also, I have seen a case where the primary care doctor ascertained and put in a number – i think some medical clause – where he declared a person ‘alcoholic’ and that stuck with the poor guy forever!! When it came to him getting his green card, that s@#$ was held against him!! He told me that ‘I believed my doctor when he said he cared about him and opened up and told him that I drink 4 times or more a week’, and immediately, he was branded a certified alcoholic!!


        • tonymontana Says:

          When you have a medical examiner ‘declare’ you as alcoholic or mental, nothing that you do or say in court holds any value. Applicable in india too, I suppose. They should be doing a background check on the examiner too, and also on the person levying these charges. Otherwise anyone with malicious intentions or wanting to settle scores can get away with anything. Yes, it might be proved otherwise in court later (number of years, even) but the emotional and mental trauma remains forever.


  5. Apologize, my bad; it is Dianne Wiest as Jennifer Peterson.


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