Shershaah Movie Review — Yeh Dil Maange More!

Shershaah movie review and analysis…in 7 mins!

10 Responses to “Shershaah Movie Review — Yeh Dil Maange More!”

  1. After watching, I will go through the review.


  2. I also gave it 3.5
    Nice review but your rating seems a little out of sync with your overall view of the movie
    Honestly, I quite enjoyed it. Particularly after disastrous Mimi.
    Sid Malhotra has done an excellent job.
    I don’t think Indian audiences are ready for more nuanced war films- not as long as they cherish and lionise crap like Luka Chhupi, Mimi or TWMR. This is a Dharma production after all. You have to dial down your expectations:-)
    On a serious note, I enjoyed it a bit more than you seemed to have. Would have preferred for it
    to have a proper release and decent BO success as I think it deserves it.


  3. Well balanced review! Sidharth did well, especially during war scenes. War scenes are the highlights. One can skip the lovestory, head straight to Kargil war which depicted soldier’s life realistically as far as possible. The camaraderie, the sacrifices, the unpredictable situations and the ultimate peace achieved at great cost.His last goodbye to his sweatheart makes us sad as we know the ending.


  4. A spot-on review!
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