Bell Bottom is one heck of a ride

‘BELL BOTTOM’, the first Hindi film to be released in theaters since the lock-down, is quite an interesting film; which also includes the part the Akshay Kumar is the first actor to take the bullet for the suffering industry by releasing it in theaters knowing fully well that it could end up a very, very risky decision, and of course, I think it has ended up like that going by the BO results. However, I am glad that someone took the risk, and hopefully, it paves the path for further risky adventures.
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  1. Good Review An Jo as always. Wish it had a wider release and i could participate in this thread with my views after watching it.


  2. Thanks @Naveen. I am surprised you aren’t able to watch it. Where are you located? Australia right? I thought it got a release in Australia…


    • Quite surprising you liked it so much. Its the kind of khichdi that’s neither masala nor niche. An unholy mix of the two, something like a cross between Holiday & Baby which satisfies neither faction.


      • SPOILERS

        @Shivaay no, I clearly mentioned that if you are expecting a BABY or MUNICH, this is not for you. This is surely not at that level. But it kept me engaged. I did, however, feel the film dragged a bit in the 2nd half during the Dubai operation.

        The conversations with Indira in PMO I quite liked; in the sense you could make out how ‘careful’ the ministers are and how ‘careless but brave’ the agents are. It was nicely brought out.

        Also, there are some attentions to detail. Once the mission is successful, Lara’s Indira actually wants to pump her fist in the air but considering the position she hold, she just about lowers the victory fist. And then right at the end, they show the disgusting Zia-Ul-Haq enjoying– or drowning — in whiskey while dreaming about ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, just like the other retard Jinnah, and currently, playboy-turned-Mullah Imran Khan [yeah, the same arse-hole who showed a BBC interviewer his ‘bedroom’ of conquests…]

        To be truthful to myself, I didn’t quite anticipate HQ angle because there were already hawks in another room. You are definitely more discerning than me so you might have already guessed that. I do wish the action sequence between HQ and Akshay had more chutzpah, like in BABY with Tapsee with the other guy. That came as a bloody shocker to me; and quite a thrilling one.

        I don’t believe in stars; but this can be 3/5; definitely not 4 for sure.


        • “The conversations with Indira in PMO I quite liked; in the sense you could make out how ‘careful’ the ministers are and how ‘careless but brave’ the agents are. It was nicely brought out.” – frankly, such stuff is way too cliched now. Agreed Lara did a fabulous job portraying Indira but the ministers were caricatures who put up a poor performance (being liberal here). We watched a far better portrayal of similar moment by Dilip Tahil & Vipin Sharma in Family Man 2 (chilling & amusing at the same time). As for Zia & Jinnah, I’m sure these psycho power hungry jihadis were a lot more sophisticated than the clowns they’re made out to be in most Bollywood films. Full marks for Denzel Smith’s portrayal of Kao however. The upright posture and cold expression was near perfection (despite the lack of dialogue).

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  3. Thanks Munna for making this a post.


    • 2 biggest cities in Aus – Melb and Syd are under total lockdown. Everything is closed. Its like last year. Would continue till end of November.


      • Is it excessive or reasonable? I see less than 1000 cases per day and 3 deaths with 40+% 1 does and 25% fully vaccinated.


        • Oz’s Strategy of Covid Zero has proved to be tactical at best.

          Australia was following a simple process- get a case, do snap lockdown and get it to zero.

          Melbourne has had 7 lockdowns in last 14 months. Vaccination was at snail pace till everyone realised covid zero can sustain.

          If with Covid zero, vaccination had been done like any other developed nation, Aus would have been a remakable success story. Even now it has done better than UK or USA. Aussie healthcare was among the best in the world. So a little quicker decision making would have really changed the life and this current lockdown, which looks like going to be longest ever, would not have been needed.


      • My friend lives in Australia and works for Quantas. Says flying won’t return to pre pandemic levels till 2025 although the direct flight from Sydney to London in 2024 will be a big boost.


  4. “‘BELL BOTTOM’, the first Hindi film to be released in theaters since the lock-down,”

    This is incorrect. Roohi and Mumbai Saga also released before this.

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