Bell Bottom Movie Review — It’s Masala 2.0… but for the lead actor!

5 Responses to “Bell Bottom Movie Review — It’s Masala 2.0… but for the lead actor!”

  1. Comparisons with Baby were inevitable but they are certainly not apt. Baby is a fictional story whereas Bell Bottom is based on real events and is much more realistic in its tone.

    For the most part, it’s a “tactical” thriller with espionage masterminds from both India and Pakistan playing chess with each other. Folks who love non-stop action might be disappointed but I found this change of milieu to be quite good.

    If people are really interested in espionage dramas, please do yourself a favour and check out Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It’s a magnificent film with Gary Oldman at his very best.

    Clearly, Bell Bottom isn’t a patch on Tinker Tailor but for a Bollywood masala film, it’s quite good. It ticks off all the major checkboxes as far as I’m concerned.

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    • An astute observation, Thanks for the review Saket, I felt the same thing,

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    • With these props of espionage & real events, its clearly not meant to be a masala film. At least the narration needed to be on the template of Tinker Tailor, Bridge of Spies or The Courier but adding masala elements is a mindless ploy. Airlift did a much better job in that sense.

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      • But Saket that meant it would be completely relegated to OTT I think. The stylistic flourishes, the shot-taking from Hilton Hotel in Muscat, the climax fight, catching the 4 terrorists on the India beat England in 1975 are good masala set-pieces.

        I would put it this way. This movie for me is 65% straight procedural espionage and 35% masala.

        It is a double-edged sword that Akshay played with; but someone had to take the plunge. Because if Shetty released SOORYAVANSHI and it met the same fate, then the industry would have been further demoralized…

        It is really a situation being caught between the devil and the deep sea.

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        • Realistically in the current scenario Sooyavanshi, 83 or Shershaah are the 3 best bets for the big screen. Either ways, a big screen entertainer doesn’t necessarily need to have masala props all through. The encounter on the India vs England matchday 1983 was very well shot and executed and so was the Dubai airport climax, however the movie needed to have much more of this than the never ending mataji and biwi-ji plotline in the first half, personalizing the entire event of evacuation to a RAW agent’s vengeance is where Bollywood always fumbles (an aspect that far better films like Baby & Airlift avoided for the better part and good reason, yet they both were excellent 35mm entertainers).


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