Shivaay on The Empire

In one line, its the kind of show that oscillates between the engaging to the boring in equal measure.

The show begins with Emperor Babur narrating his rise to fame and the event preceding the first battle of Panipat. For a show that marketed itself as an adaptation of the great 1526 AD battle, it takes far too much of time and too many episodes to get down to the battle. Babur’s character lacks depth (doesn’t help that Kunal Kapoor plays it half heartedly with mediocre dialogue delivery). If the show is anything to go by, the beginning of the Mughal Era in Hindustan was by sheer fate and there’s almost nothing about Babur that appears brave or smart enough for him to have conquered Hindustan. Where the show excels however is the character development of its leading ladies. Shabana Azmi is excellent as the ruthless manipulative yet iron willed Esan Dawlat (Babur’s maternal grand mom) while Drishti Dhami sheds her soap opera image to give a graceful performance as Babur’s sword wielding shrewd & brave sister Khanzada.

The cat and mouse game between Babur & Shaibani Khan (Dino Morea trying his level best but yet another replica of Ranveer’s stunning Khilji act doesn’t help the cause) is intriguing to begin with but consumes far too much of the screenplay and ultimately tests the viewers patience. The scale is magnificent, the visuals are grand (despite the odd tacky instance of a CGI), the cinematography is top notch, the performances are passable (the ladies lead the show while the 2 male leads Kunal & Dino eventually end up being the weak links, Rahul Dev holds his own) while the narration is slow, tedious and painstaking at times. This show could surely have done with some better editing. The dialogues are well written but their delivery by the protagonist and lead antagonist left much to be desired. The sets & costumes are acceptable and par for the course.

All in all a reasonably decent mini web show that could have been much better & a superior product with better and more competent male leads. Do not watch it as a history lesson, watch it as a fantasy epic program and you might appreciate it that tad bit more.

Rating : 3/5 (One Time Watch).

3 Responses to “Shivaay on The Empire”

  1. Very glad Shivaay, Sanjana are writing detailed reviews and Aman on BR’s blog. Please keep writing.

    I would love to watch this one. But don’t have subscription!

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  2. I can’t gather enough courage to watch this one. Maybe some day I will. Btw, Dino Moreo has been great reviews more than Kunal Kapoor!


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