An Jo note on KBC 13

A note on KBC 13

In the last 2 weeks of KBC 13 that I have seen, the host rocks, as is the flow, but it is—and as it ought to be—the participants from the width and breadth of the nation who rock the show even better and shine brighter.

Himani Bundela from Agra, a visually impaired contestant, in fact, the first one on KBC as far as I know, truly brought tears in the audiences’ eyes – but of joy—on facing life head-on and with joy and determination and a complete lack of self-pity:  A bundle of joy, she even goes to the extent of whatchamacallit; Uncle-teasing? a ‘gol-gappa’ vendor while riding pillion with her sister. She lost her eyesight due to retina displacement in an accident when she was studying 11th grade: Her eye-sight problem was diagnosed after-the-fact. She started and continued teaching Mental Math to children with disabilities and has developed self-taught unique techniques. It was hilarious to see her explaining to Amitabh the MAM technique. And what was even more hilarious was her asking him at every point whether he understood. And it was fun seeing her completely uninhibited and acknowledging her student’s ‘intelligence’ when he answered, with much difficulty, correctly! [Guess she knew that Amitabh had failed his BSc exams and wasn’t made for Math and Science! Those 3 minutes of ‘coaching’ already taxed his brain much!] What one finds refreshing is her effervescence; her not considering herself as an ‘other’ in this societally-defined ‘normalcy.’ And the way she asked Amitabh to repeat the choices [what’s option A? what’s option B?] without any hesitation. She played the game as competitively as one plays out a spelling bee contest. She used memory, reasoning, the chronology of historically recorded events, timelines and applied them per the question posed. And more importantly, she knew what lifeline to use and at what juncture, depending not only on the topic but also co-relating it with the difficulty level of the question. This is where most of the contestants go wrong; mainly when choosing between the options of ‘flip-the-question’ option and ‘expert advice.’ [Amitabh righty let the limelight shine on her brighter; but by now, he’s an expert on that and he knows, who are the true heroes of the show; and he’s more than glad, or rather, revels in the fact that he is not the star of the show.] Himani is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a shield or wearing underwear over your pants to be called a superhero. Despite all these difficulties, she wants to work for children with disabilities and visually challenged, while also maintaining the simplicity of a ‘common’ person, that R.K. Laxman’s signature work, goes through so much more and fights with some meager gifts God has/had in all his infinite wisdom, decided to ration to him or her. I for one, know, I truly do not have that kind of an outlook, that kind of spice or spirit to deal with what life offers you or curses you with: But to maintain that kind of positivity, that kind of energy and finding joy in what for the so-called normal person might be a minutia in life – like just trying to pick a flower from the ground on a beautiful day in spring or fall— is something of a chore for Himani; but she shows more spirit and spreads more positive vibes. ‘Very Good.’

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  1. Thanks for posting this Munna.


  2. Lost interest last year and haven’t seen since.

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  3. KBC has been going on far too relentlessly for people to keep interest. There was barely a gap of 6 months between 12 and 13 this time, which explains why the TRPs have dropped so badly this time and it’s barely in the top 20. They should give it a break for a while.

    Also, after 2020 and his Covid treatment, Big B looks quite emaciated and the makeup/wig look very odd on him. Just look at the picture above, there’s something odd with his cheekbones and jowls.


  4. Like

  5. This Friday, we have 2 olympic winners…! It will be a great watch


  6. KBC 13: Here’s how a young scientist Gyaan Raj found inspiration from Aamir Khan’s iconic character Rancho from 3 Idiots

    Gyaan said that he was inspired by Aamir Khan’s iconic character of Rancho from 3 Idiots. He said, “When I was in Class 10, Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots came out and I watched. Aamir’s character in the film, Rancho impressed me a lot. I thought I should become an engineer, but also go back to my village. I thought of doing something so that the world comes searching for me, not the other way around. I did not want to run after jobs. You should do such things that success runs after you.”


  7. Liked how KALPANA DUTTA answered the questions/elimination and thinking through the process as to why ‘this’ cannot be right choice. She is called a ‘house-wife’ FYI….


  8. Loving the Olympians show so far…Can provide details later. LOL on Bachchan trying to speak Haryanvi…


  9. SHOULD be fun…today


  10. Meanwhile, this ‘old’ man is living in his own world….


  11. I will expand on this later when I find some time — which is short in my case…

    But here’s the deal:

    So many interesting things I learnt about MY country..

    1) a forest ranger: what are his or her duties? why do they wear the clothes they wear? how do you avoid a leech stuck up to your knee? how do you get rid of that?

    2) how does a brother maintain so much of positivity and comes back from the US with sterling ‘Data Analyst Director’ at his disposal and work toward fulfilling his brother’s dream of educating children?

    3) how does an abused woman; slapped and tormented by her husband – get her life back? How do the parents support them?

    4) How does an inter-faith marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim sustain 16 to 17 years of dating and waiting period? One waits 17 years to convince one’s families?

    These are far more interesting things to me than Aryan Khan or the religious debates on cricket and the BO… but each one has his or her own perspective and interest…just thinking about it..and please, kindly, don’t mention the ratings, i really am not interested in that…


  12. Finally, something positive about India from BBC!!


  13. Watching Kat, AK, and RS on KBC. Has she fallen pray to Botox or what? She looks so fresh in that NAAJA song and here something’s wrong. Face looks stretched out, unless she had a horrendous day with make-up. A good episode symbolizing the film.

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  14. ‘I had always told my children that if I got through the fastest finger round, the hot seat was not going to be tough for me.’

    Earlier this week, the popular Amitabh Bachchan hosted show, Kaun Banega Crorepati 13, found its third crorepati.

    Geeta Singh Gour, 53, is a homemaker from Gwalior.

    Married early into a conservative family, she found herself homebound and unable to complete her studies.

    Her husband supported her dreams and she got an LLB degree at 35. Gour has crossed a number of barriers in life to fulfil her dreams.

    She tells Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde, “This is the first time I have earned money in my entire life. Our entire family sits together to take even the smallest decisions; the decision about what to do with this money is not going to be different.

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  15. This show was hilarious. Kapil Sharma was a hoot….


  16. This week, Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 has invited children and young adults on the show. On Wednesday night, a contestant named Aradhy Gupta revealed he aspired to become a television journalist when he grows up and requested if he could interview Amitabh Bachchan.

    The actor obliged and the young contestant pulled out his question cards. He asked the actor a bunch of questions regarding his growing-up years, work and even his granddaughter Aaradhya Bachchan. While he responded to each one, he was put in a spot after Aradhy asked him a question about his tie-up with Amazon Alexa.

    “Your voice is been recorded for Alexa so, at your home, when Jaya aunty says ‘Alexa switch on the AC’, does Alexa answer or do you say ‘Yes, ma’am’?” the young contestant asked. This left Amitabh

    Amitabh was also asked if, owing to his height, he cleans the fans at his residence himself. After a good laugh, Amitabh replied that he doesn’t.


    • The 9 year old Himachali kid that’s become the talk of the town; if not country; fine command over Hindi at such an age. Usually I can make out the fakery of kids that are parents-propelled to act cuter and smarter than their age, but this kid really backed it up.

      And Bachchan is having a terrific time playing with kids. Gobble-worthy episodes…

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      • This kid’s episode is on today. He is one precocious kid. DON’T miss this one: For once, Bachchan is at a loss for words!!!

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        • I loved this week with the children, especially the Nu Nu kid and how he guessed Loktantra as Lok Sabha+Rajya Sabha. 🙂 Reminded me of how I used to guess Social answers I didn’t know.

          Arunodai is a show-stealer and loved his mom’s fashion choices.

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