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    • Through this rogue game of RNAs, its the age old tried and tested Astra Zeneca that seems to be working best against Delta as data from UK and India’s proving out to be in comparison to the US and Israel.

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  1. Jayshah from previous – “She has courage for sure. Sometimes a fine line between bravery and stupidity though. She’s erred on latter for some time.”

    Your views are now aligning with mine.

    I never had any other view on Kangana since beginning.


  2. On Monday, November 8, the United States government lifted travel restrictions for international travellers who are fully vaccinated against Covid.

    The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many countries including the US to close its borders to international travellers from many countries, including India, last year.

    Only passengers holding visas belonging to certain categories were permitted to travel to the States.


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  4. An ardent Prabhas fan from Andhra pens a suicide note over the makers not releasing updates of his favorite star’s upcoming film, ‘Radhe Shyam’. Accusing “the UV creations team and the director Radha Krishna for being responsible for his suicide”, the fan stated that he never wrote any letter in his life but for the first time he is penning a suicide note for a film.


  5. The Himmat Story, starring Kay Kay Menon, finally released today, November 12 on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans have loved the show as they have been pouring positive reviews on Twitter. The new series came after the successful run of the espionage thriller, Special Ops. With Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story, Neeraj Pandey brilliantly expanded the Special Ops universe. The series tells the gripping backstory of Kay Kay’s character.

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    • 120Cr will probably be 150Cr in pre pandemic. It’s not going to challenge War opening day, opening week all things considered.

      Things working against Sooryavanshi are easily figured out
      Pandemic and restrictions
      A dated film
      4 week window before OTT hurts it

      Things working for Sooryavanshi are clear
      Pent up demand

      The restrictions are definitely against it but I wouldn’t think they’ve hurt the film massively. If the film’s good it will make some up in run. If it’s not good I don’t think it’s worth quibbling about.

      It’s probably lost 20% of business maximum. The other point is it’s never like Hindi films run to 100% capacity anyway. I bet a film like War ran at all India capacity of max 70% on first day anyway. So the q is how many shows went housefull for Sooryavanshi – those are the only ones that get maximum impact. Otherwise the rest of the run can help reduce the 20% loss of business. But best to assume 20% overall as WoM seems average overall.

      Whatever the final total divide it by 0.8 and that’s my rough estimate at pre pandemic final total.

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    Neeraj Pandey serves up yet another taut & gripping espionage thriller in Special Ops 1.5, in the process of watching.

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  8. Brillaint Entry Scene of Akshay in Sooryavanshi.

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  9. I do crack up at getting excited about entry scenes. Lallu fans have done it for over a decade now. Hardly something to be so ‘gripped’ by, pardon the intended pun!


    • I’m a sucker for entry scene, old style masala types.

      Now you have movies where lead actor/actress will have like multiple entry types of scenes thru out the film.


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    EXCLUSIVE: #ArjunRampal to play a character on the lines of #Professor from #MoneyHeist in #AbbasMustan’s upcoming robbery thriller, #ThreeMonkeys. #Mustafa on board to play a thief.


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    SHAHID KAPOOR COLLABORATES WITH ALI ABBAS ZAFAR… #ShahidKapoor teams up with director #AliAbbasZafar for a new film project [not titled yet]… An action film… Filming commenced today in #UAE… #JioStudios presentation.


    • Ali Abbas Zafar of Sultan fame?


    • Ali Abbas in an action film will be at his best.
      Shahid Kapoor is making all the right movies now.

      Suddenly he is appearing to be in a comfortable zone. If Jersey can help consolidate his position after Kabir Singh…he is all set for next 10 years among the top stars.


  12. I thought 4 weeks gap of Sooryavanshi is too short before releasing on Netflix but I think movies looks passe in just 1 week and will become stale in 4 weeks and there will not be any chatter by then. This is not about this movie but every movie now. 1 week or 2 weeks is more than enough for the noise and then additional 2 weeks and we’ll have OTT. So overall, 4 weeks actually seems okay now!


    • Agree….and after 4 weeks its mostly the smaller centres who are able to get the prints at low price and run the movie. Not sure if OTT release would impact their shows. Maybe to some extent.


      • It’s coming on Netflix and I doubt small centers have Netflix subscription as it’s one of the highest paid subscription in India and also lowest members registered. So, shouldn’t impact small centers.. but cities will impact but then 4 weeks is more than enough for cities.


        • I also find watching new releases on OTT similar to eating stale food.

          Matlab saare log aaye, daawat ke maze liye, naach gaana hua, bhains – badri ne bhi masti kari…sab mast ghar gaye….aur phir agle din sabe ne yaad karke enjoy kiya.

          Aur aap teesre din aaye khaane par? Aisi bhi kya badnaseebi bhai?

          I am fine with watching direct OTT releases…but watching Sooryavanshi first time on Netflix when entire world celebrated your birthday and you get to do a week later. Its unfair. I would rather work hard, earn more money to get that time to not miss the party.


          • what really changes things for few was if they were planning to watch it second time…they might now wait as OTT release is coming sooner. Lekin big screen fun is irreplaceable.

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          • Naveen you are over exaggerating by saying entire population is watching movies on big screen. It’s even less than 1% for Hindi movies. That’s why big movies report huge TRP for satellite premiere release where actual some sense of population might have watched it. Theatrical audience has been always lower and don’t go by media hype, the turn out for Sooryavanshi will be around 1 crore max; which is what percentage of 130 crores, you tell me…0.35%??


          • 0.65% …


        • Leave Netfix aside, please enlighten this fourm by sharing your plans of celebrating Aryan Khan’s birthday.. Also let us know how you celebrated when he got his bail order.. Everybody is waiting for your reply.


  13. I’m not sure of distribution costs but I guess they’d be in the 75-100 Cr range pan India for Sooryavanshi. A 180 Cr total would equate to an 85-90 Cr share implying a coverage fare for the distributors pan India. Exactly why BoxOfficeIndia is refraining from calling this a SUPER HIT despite all the hyperbole. This is more like a Prem Ratan Dhan Payo equation, hugely profitable for producers and just about recovery for circuit distributors.



    Gandhi wanted women to ‘resist’ sex for pleasure

    But differences quickly arose between the two.

    Mrs Sanger, who had opened the first US family planning centre in New York in 1916, believed that contraceptives were the safest route to emancipation.

    Gandhi demurred, saying women should resist their husbands, while men should try to curb “animal passion”. He told his visitor that sex should be only for procreation.

    Mrs Sanger soldiered on spiritedly.

    She told Gandhi that “women have feelings as deep as and as amorous as men. There are times when wives desire physical union as much as their husbands”.

    “Do you think that it is possible for two people who are in love, who are happy together, to regulate their sex act only once in two years, so that their relationship would only take place when they wanted a child?” she asked.

    This is where contraception came in handy, she insisted, and helped women prevent unwanted pregnancies and gain control over their bodies.

    Gandhi remained stubborn in his opposition.

    He told Sanger that he regarded all sex as “lust”. He told her of his own marriage, saying the relationship with his wife, Kasturba, had become “spiritual” after he “bade goodbye to a life of carnal pleasure”.

    Gandhi had married at 13, and taken a vow of celibacy when he was 38 and the father of four children. In doing so, he had been inspired by a Jain seer named Raychandbhai and Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, who became celibate in his later life. (Jainism is an ancient Indian religion of harmlessness and renunciation.) In his autobiography, Gandhi had written how guilt ridden he was by the thought that he was having sex with his wife when his father passed away.

    At the end of the conversation with Sanger, Gandhi relented a little.

    He said he didn’t mind “voluntary sterilisation in the case of man, since he is the aggressor”, and that instead of using contraceptives, couples could have sex during the “safe period” of the menstrual cycle.

    Mrs Sanger left the ashram unconvinced. Later, she wrote of Gandhi’s “appalling fear of licentiousness and over-indulgence”. She was deeply disappointed at his failure to endorse her campaign.

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  15. Sooryavanshi Holds Firm On Day Eight
    Saturday 12 November 2021 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Sooryavanshi held firm on day eight with collections set to be in the 6.75-7 crore nett region. The drop is looking to be in the 15-20% range which is very good and the film will have chances of a double digit number on Saturday.

    This will take the business of the film to around 127 crore nett and the 150 crore nett mark will have a chance to be crossed at the end of the second but it will depend on the growth over the weekend.

    The film continues its extraordinary run in Mumbai and collections will be around the 55 crore nett mark and it seems on course for a 75 crore nett plus figure which will be pretty much similar to what Housefull 4 did in 2019 in the circuit.

    The film also remains very strong in Rajasthan, CP Berar and the Marathawada side of Nizam / Andhra circuit. The other circuits also are also steady but the level of collections is not as high as Maharashtra or Gujarat.


    • Another holiday on weekdays would have surely helped the numbers.

      Each holiday adds upto additional 10-15 cr per day in its first ten days (esp non weekend days). A 10 cr first Tuesday become 20 cr first Tuesday and so on.

      For big budget mass accepted movies like Sooryavanshi, War, Tiger…the holiday factor is even more. TIGER 2 AND war got 4 national holidays in its first 10 days apart from weelend days helping their numbers considerably.

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    • will Akshay with help from Rohit Shetty breach the 200 cr domestic nett finally? Years after youngsters like Ranveer Singh(Simmba), Tiger Shroff(War), Shahid Kapur(Kabir Singh), Vicky Kaushal(Uri) have beaten him to it.

      On the way while getting some help from Singham and Simmba


  16. I think for Akshay Kumar, when you look at his pre-pandemic form, in a span of 13 months, he delivered the following:

    2.0- 185cr net
    Kesari- 155cr
    Mission Mangal- 195cr
    Housefull 4- 205cr
    Good News-195cr

    That’s in 13 months!

    There are things you can knock him for. He works in a different model compared to others. The day any of his peers work in a similar model, and then deliver numbers like these within a single year, then we can compare.

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    • all this is in Kangana’s now very famous words “bheek and chillar”


    • You could say the same the other way round. The day he delivers opening records and lifetime records, we can compare too 😜


      • There is no competition to Akshay Kumar.
        He is running his race where others are forced to do remakes or sequels and do lesser movies to get that exclusive tag to compete.

        Younger lots are competing, no doubt.
        Shahid , Ranveer and Ranbir are doing better than Khans now. They will overtake Akshay this decade for sure. But till then ek Khiladi sab pe bhaari. 😇


        • +Hrithik, +Tiger…..all doing better than Khans now.


          • I think Hrithik, Tiger, Ranbir and Ranveer have the potential to be very big this decade.. if a couple of them start working a bit more. Hrithik, especially, has to capitalise on the momentum gained from War.

            Shahid keeps defying the odds to stay in the race. Ajay Devgan, from the old guard, has been doing the same since much longer.

            The 3 Khans are less predictable. Huge stars with very little volume of work (Aamir and SRK) and/or on decline (Salman). They can still strike very big when they get it right, but I am not sure they can re-capture their former days of glory.

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  17. 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥👌👌💥👌💥👌👌



    Sooryavanshi dropped just 10% from Thursday on Friday as it collected 7.25 crore nett. The collections coming from Maharashtra are rock steady and it may turn out that collections in thi state show no drop from Thursday.

    This has taken the collections for the film to 127.50 crore nett and it is probably targeting a 45 crore nett plus second weekend although this depends on the growth on Saturday. There is sometimes holiday fatigue after a holiday week which could curtail some Saturday growth. North India has huge potential to grow on Saturday though.

    The central India markets of Rajasthan, CP Berar and CI are also doing fantastic business especially the first two named. Basically the film is a BLOCKBUSTER in Gujarat, SUPER HIT in Maharashtra, CP Berar and Rajasthan while HIT to AVERAGE in other parts. Overall the film is a HIT and the first one in almost two years

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    • Its now all about how close Sooryavanshi will it go to 200 cr or 210 cr.

      The real sense of industry will be seen from how much Satyamev Jayate 2 does. Its a sequel to a superhit and usually sequels of a hit movie does better. SJ1 had clashed with Gold and SJ2 is also clashing with Antim.

      From the trailer, SJ2 is looking as good or bad (depending on your POV) as SJ 1.
      SJ 1 had done 80 cr+ Nett in pre pandemic 3 years ago.
      The nett collection of SJ2, considering its a sequel to a super hit film and massy in content, now should be around 120 cr if we take how much it could have had a pre pandemic business.


    • They are reporting numbers higher than Taran Adarsh and the producers! Pathetic.

      The producers are quoting 6.83 crores whereas BOI are quoting 7.25 crores.



    SUPER HIT in Gujarat/Maharashtra & Rajasthan. SEMI HIT elsewhere. Overall a HIT. 180 Cr net with 80% market capacity would be about 220 Cr in pre covid scenario (max). Performance is lower than Simmbaa & Singham (inflation adjusted).

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  20. Times Now, which aired the interview, distanced itself from the controversy.

    “#KanganaRanaut may think India got Independence in 2014 but this cannot be endorsed by any true Indian. This is an insult to millions of freedom fighters who gave up their lives so that present generations can live a life of self-respect & dignity as free citizens of a democracy,” the channel said on Twitter on Friday.


      • Referring to her 2019 period movie “Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi”, in which she played the role of freedom fighter Rani Lakshmi Bai, the actor said she had done extensive research on the 1857 struggle.

        “… nationalism rose so did right wing… but why it died a sudden death? And why Gandhi let Bhagat Singh die… why Neta Bose was killed and never got Gandhi ji’s support? why line of partition was drawn by a white man… ?instead of celebrating freedom why Indians killed each other some of the answers I am seeking please help me find answers (sic),” she asked, doubling down on her charge.


        • i think the loss of lives during partition is what she is referring as her focal point of argument. Still very convoluted and unacceptable stance. Government, opposition and now even Times Now has comdemned it.


  21. Schools shut, WFH for govt staff: Kejriwal’s 1-week action plan after SC prod


  22. Manipur terrorist group People’s Liberation Army is suspected to be behind the attack on the 46 Assam Rifles convoy. However, no one has officially claimed responsibility.


  23. Sooryavanshi Looking At Double Digit Second Saturday

    Saturday 13 November 2021 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Sooryavanshi is looking at a double digit second Saturday with collections set to be around 10-10.50 crore nett. This will take the nine day total to 138 crore nett and it will comfortably cross the 150 crore nett mark by the end of the weekend.

    Gujarat / Saurashtra looks set to go over 2 crore nett again and this will mean only one day the state would have fallen under 2 crore nett over the first ten days and that is the second Frida

    The way Gujarat / Saurashtra is going the Sooryavanshi will probably be the top grossing film outside Bahubali – The Conclusion by the end of the second week and the first outright Hindi film to cross 40 crore nett in the circuit.

    The growth was solid in the North as well with cinemas in Chandigarh showing 80-100% growth and this is with 50% occupancy allowed. There was good news in Haryana as they will be allowing 100% as the notice finally came and all cinemas will play the film with 100% occupancy. Now its mainly about Maharashtra as when that goes to 100% then 90% of the market will be allowing full occupancy. The notice for Madhya Pradesh is still awaited and it should have come last week.


  24. boxofficeindia

    Sooryavanshi showed excellent growth on Saturday of around 50% as it collected 10.25 crore nett taking its nine day total to 138.50 crore nett. The collections in Mumbai circuit have now crossed 60 crore nett and Gujarat is over 30 crore nett as it looks to be the highest Hindi grosser in just two weeks excluding Bahubali – The Conclusion.

    This growth is excellent elsewhere as well with North showing the most growth with Saturday collections going up 60% in Delhi / UP and 65% in East Punjab. The latter is now holding best of all and will probably show a week on week drop of 55% which will be less than other major collecting areas. This week there is no major competition in East Punjab

    The film will cruise past the 150 crore nett mark in ten days as Maharashtra and Gujarat should show big growth again. The film is trending for a final number a little short of 200 crore nett but a strong second Monday can change that.

    TOTAL – 1,38,50,00,000


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  26. Clash with LSC?


  27. Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan first look: Taapsee Pannu is an intrepid cop as Pratik Gandhi searches for his missing bride
    In Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?, Taapsee Pannu dons the role of a plucky policewoman in the film, and Pratik Gandhi will essay the role of a newly wed young man belonging to a rich masala magnate family


  28. Special Ops 1.5, Family Man, Bard of Blood: All spy dramas ranked, from worst to best
    From Special Ops 1.5, The Family Man, Bard of Blood, here’s a definitive ranking of all the spy thrillers that we have seen on OTT in the last few years. Any guesses which show took the first spot?


  29. John Abraham to play a soldier with superhuman ability character in Attack; character on the lines of Hollywood’s Deadpool and G.I. Joe
    By -Bollywood Hungama News NetworkCreated: Nov 15, 2021 – 11:00 AM IST


  30. Box Office India Trade Network

    Sooryavanshi had a huge Sunday dropping just 50% from last Sunday which was in the Diwali period. The weekend is down 60% from last week but that is very strong trending as it was a holiday weekend. There were centres in CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan which were showing 60-70% growth on Sunday. The collections on Sunday will be around 13.50 crore nett which will give the film a second weekend of around 31 crore nett.

    Sooryavanshi has collected 151 crore nett so far in ten days. This growth was huge across mass markets on Sunday though the metro areas were not up much but this is the usual trend on Sunday. The business on Sunday means the film still has a shot at 200 crore nett but films to tend to drop after the second weekend after Diwali.

    The situation here maybe slightly different post pandemic as Maharashtra is doing great business for the film and it is restricted capacity so maybe it can still hold better than a Diwali period pre pandemic. Despite the restrictions in Maharashtra it is still heading to be the highest Akshay Kumar grosser in Mumbai circuit.

    Gujarat / Saurashtra posted another record weekend and now with 34 crore nett it has crossed Housefull 4 and is only behind Golmaal Again in the all time list for the circuit (Excluding Bahubali – The Conclusion). The apprx collections of Sooryavanshi are as follows.

    First Week – 1,20,36,00,000

    Friday – 7,00,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 10,25,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 13,50,00,000 apprx

    Second Weekend – 30,75,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,51,11,00,000 apprx


    • Second week looks like 45Cr. 3rd week will probably be 20Cr.
      15Cr rest
      Looking like 180Cr by end.


  31. I think it will be around 180cr in the end as well. Maybe a bit higher.

    But your Maths needs work, Jay. Your projected total would be at 200cr.


    • It will be touch and go 200 cr i think. Expecting same weekly numbers as jay.


    • Hahaha. Just noticed. Damn. Rookie mistake. Yes 200Cr then…

      I’m quite annoyed with myself that I can’t add to 200Cr 😂

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      • The 200Cr if it gets there is about 250Cr pre pandemic. But that could be plus or minus 10% minimum. Hard to know.

        I’ll leave the verdict to those that really care..for me the economics look excellent. Hit plus 100%. Throw in double whammy of Netflix (which was not a pre pandemic ‘thing’ or fad) it’s Akshay’s best lifetime result.


        • Considering everything its easily a Superhit or more. Hopefully Prithviraj will be bigger than this.


          • I bet on 83 to take the hgoty. It’s got the ingredients for sure. All things being equal.
            Next year entire outlook is more upbeat now. I still think the absolute records will only be possible from Aamir, Salman and possibly Hrithik…but Akshay is staking a claim if he gets a movie like Dhoom 4.

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  32. Raja Hindustani turns 25: Aamir Khan-Karisma Kapoor romance gave her career a makeover, went beyond ‘that kiss’
    Raja Hindustani clocks 25 years today. Here’s revising how Karisma Kapoor landed the film that changed the course of her career.

    When Karisma Kapoor did “Pucho Zara Pucho” in Raja Hindustani, there was something new about her Aarti. No, it wasn’t that she was romancing or singing onscreen for the first time. It was how she carried off the role — in straight hair, solid coloured sarees and a persona laced with confident and elegance.

    Raja Hindustani released in 1996, when Juhi Chawla ruled the charts. The plan was to catch her sizzling chemistry with Aamir Khan. But Juhi declined the role. In her own words, it was because of her “silly attitude”. She was among the top and had all the right to pick the best, but letting go of Raja Hindustani was something unexpected. The film was later offered to Pooja Bhatt and Aishwarya Rai too.

    And not just her acting prowess, what changed the game for Karisma was her remarkable make-over. It was her first collaboration with ace designer Manish Malhotra, who was starting out too. His ideas about changing Karisma’s looks were deemed risky.

    “Karisma was initially worried about giving up the trademark Kapoor family blue eyes for hazel contacts, but I told her that her character needed warmth. Her look in Raja Hindustani eventually became iconic,” Manish Malhotra told HT.

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  33. Fallout between Aditya Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan lead to the latter’s exit from Bunty Aur Babli franchise; Abhishek not to be a part of Dhoom franchise again


    • I dont believe this. Aamir accepts bound script with no changes.
      And senior Bachchan acting in Toh would not have been possible if this story is true.
      The true story must have been the cold vibes between Rani and Ash since Rani replaced her in chalte Chalte. And also the alleged proximity between rani and abhishek.


    • There were certainly cold vibes between YRF and Abhishek back then.

      There were promotional campaigns and Abhishek was not even invited to join in most of them. Rarely does he speak out publicly on those matters, but he did make an exception and voice out his hurt back then. He was hurt they kept him away.

      I don’t think they changed too many things during the shoot but little details count. You can see Jai and Ali get completely humiliated time and time again in the pre-climax and climax. Probably they didn’t tell him about those small details.

      I revisited both D2 and D3 recently and I think D2 was much more of a fun ride. D2 had everything about the franchise and Hrithik absolutely rocked in there. D3 was a mixed affair. They tried to add in some content in the second half and these parts looked like a misfit and it ended up being a very uneven film. And even the ‘content’ was as dumb as Dhoom 2. It was hardly Nolan or ‘The Prestige’ in there!

      As for Abhishek, I think even if Hrithik owned D2, Jai Dixit still had something respectable. Yes, there was more talk about HR waliking away with the film back then, but it was becasue their parts were still comparable. He has a grand entry, had 2 songs, had the best one-liners, had 3 confrontations with HR in which he held his own very well and owned the final scene before walking away. It was Ali being humiliated by Mr A most of the times and when Jai comes into the scene, the character still commands respect and had personality.

      In D3, there was no comparison with the ani-hero. He had nothing baring 1 good pre-interval scene. Jai Dixit has always been a no-nonsense, tough cop who uses his brain. In D2, he is ahead of the game most of the time. He plants a mule in there and is ahead on the next move until she falls for the thief. In D3 he was as much as a fool as Ali and he wins nothing. There is practically no Jai-Ali moment.

      When the forces are equal, it makes a better movie. A formidable anti-hero needs to be matched by a formidable hero. When you undermine a hero, you undermine the anti-hero and the rest.

      I think D2 delivered what it promised. It had a hero tailor-made for it, pace, fun, adventure, stunts, dances, Bipasha, Rio de Janeiro and the Carnival. It was youthful. D3 looks half baked in comparison. Pretentious, but as dumb.

      I am glad Abhishek walks out of it.

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      • Agreed. D3 on paper could have been something good script wise but film is awful IMO.
        The hero villain construct in D2 was too villain focused but it’s a way better, fluid watch.

        But I couldn’t spend my time watching Dhoom films ever again so I’m going on memory here.


      • tonymontana Says:

        All Dhoom movies are rather poor. It’s just that one stinks more than the other. YRF just serve us glossy trash in the name of entertainment. They minted millions out of serving us shockingly hollow stories.

        I can’t recount a single scene from all three films combined that can even be called convincing or well directed. The first film was passable, and this is not even a compliment.

        The only reason people remember them is because of the box office figures. Pretty sad really


  34. I think when I watched D2 again, I felt that the hero-villain construct was, agreed, a bit too villain focused but it is not nearly as bad as in D3. In fact that balance did not look as bad on a second watch. The hero still had moments of heroism, displays personality and wits, has songs and he owns the climax. The anti-hero was perfect.

    In D3, the hero had absolutely nothing to work on!

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    • The bigger issue with D2 was looks wise, Abhishek looked very unkempt and slightly overweight besides Hrithik who was at his physical peak. The whole film was just made to drool at him.


    • By D3 it was clear the franchise was villain focused. The casting of Aamir was good but not in a stunt oriented get up, riding motorcycles etc. The film needed to be more a psychological cat and mouse film IMO but that would have been a detour.

      Unfortunately Dhoom franchise is not really a flexible set up.

      There is no defence on D3. It’s a poor movie.

      The director is awful and he proved it again in TOH.


      • “The director is awful and he proved it again in TOH.”

        True. Its a bit sad that Aamir didnt realize it with D3 itself. Then ToH embarrassment wont have happened. Sometimes i feel he gives too much importance o O results of his films.

        Same thing happened with RH too, otherwise Mela wudnt have happened either. He surely isnt as smart as many makes him out to be.

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        • *to box office results of his films*


        • wish he had repeated Sarfarosh director for part Sarfarosh 2


        • It’s almost karmic that the combined results of RH and Mela: one an ATBB and the other a disaster or the combined results of D3 and TOH: one an ATBB and the other a flop are poetic justice at the Box office 🙂


        • 1 bad choice in 20 years doesn’t make him poor in choices. LSC will do well and that will be because he is right behind it. Not because of Advait Chandan or anyone else. The latter is no Bob Zemeckis, far from that, but Aamir is as creative as you can get in Bollywood.

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          • Out of the 6 films he has done in last ten years (2012-2021), 2 have been bad films – D3 and ToH. Thats 33% of his choices! As i said, Aamir isnt as smart or intelligent as he is often made out to be. Its just that Bollywood’s standard of quality is pretty awful.

            Btw, LSC release date is going to be changed soon.


  35. I did not watch the first 2 dhoom films fully. D3 I watched just for aamir. I liked the twins prestige part somewhat. And then it is a rollercoaster or motorcycle ride! Climax was shot well.
    Inspite of all the criticism, D3 was the highest earning film for some time until some other film broke that record. It maybe due to franchise factor, or aamir’s twin prestige thing or Katrina’s popularity with her famous Kamli song and dance. Or all the 3 things combined together.
    As for Abhishek not acting in B and B, the main reason seems to be the cold vibes between the two heroines.
    Dhoom 4 will have a top hero playing the villain but finding a top hero to play the hero role will be a problem as all the heroes know which is the better role to shine and grab eyeballs!
    The same Hrithik and abhishek jodi failed in MPKDH.
    Abhishek gets serious roles most of the time than fun roles.


    • I don’t think Dhoom 4 will be ever made. Even if it gets made after 5 years or in future, there is no way Abhishek or Uday Chopra will be part of it. It has to be refreshed with new cast completely for it to stand a chance at working at boxoffice.


  36. Rohit Shetty on ‘Cirkus’ hero Ranveer Singh: He is a fabulous actor who can do a ‘Lootere’ can also play Simmba and Bajirao


  37. Amazon Officials Summoned Over Madhya Pradesh Marijuana Bust: Report
    The police arrested two men in Madhya Pradesh with 20 kg of marijuana and found they were using Amazon’s India shopping website to order and smuggle.


  38. Smugglers used the Amazon India platform to order and deliver the drug, which was listed under the guise of dry stevia leaves, a natural food sweetener. The Amazon platform was allegedly used for 1,000 kilograms of such marijuana sales so far, worth $148,000, police alleged in its statement.

    “The international company has the power of artificial intelligence, so it’s a big thing happening on their platform,” Mr Singh said. “There is involvement of Amazon at many levels in this marijuana delivery – from providing logistical support to delivery.”

    “The lawyers from Amazon will probably visit us tomorrow.”


  39. Tamil Film Annaatthe Shows Huge Falls In Second Weekend


  40. Like

  41. Sooryavanshi Second Monday Early Estimate
    Monday 15 November 2021 23.45 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Sooryavanshi maintained its good run on the second Monday with collections around the 4.50 crore nett as per early estimates. The drop is normally bigger on the second Monday when a film releases on the big Diwali holiday but its pretty solid here with a 35% drop when on a normal period you would expect 25-30% with a good film.

    The film is now looking at a second week total of around 46 crore nett which is an excellent second week number even if the film was released before the pandemic. Maharashtra is maintaining a super strong pace with 50% occupancy and this looks like holding well for another few weeks.

    The total collections of the film have now hit 156 crore nett and the 200 crore nett mark is still possible for the film though a lot will depend on where the third Friday lands. It will have to stay above the 3 crore nett mark on Friday to stay in the race for 200 crore nett.


  42. The South African government has withdrawn its support for Miss South Africa after the organisation refused to pull out of the Miss Universe contest in Israel, amid calls for a boycott to show support for the Palestinian people.
    Pro-Palestine organisations have called on Lalela Mswane, crowned Miss South Africa in October, and pageant organiser Miss SA to boycott the December event to condemn Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

    The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture said in a statement on Sunday it had tried to persuade Miss SA to withdraw from the event and still hopes to convince Mswane.

    South Africa has a long history supporting the Palestinian people, and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians reminds many in the country of apartheid crimes against its Black population. Israel denies it maintains an apartheid policy against Palestinians.

    Political parties including the ruling African National Congress and some of the country’s biggest trade unions also support the boycott.


  43. The next year’s Valentine’s Day weekend will not be so romantic anymore! has exclusively learned that Aamir Khan’s much-anticipated Laal Singh Chaddha has been postponed again and will now release only around mid-2022. The Valentine’s Day slot is now believed to have been booked by a leading production banner for its yet-untitled upcoming relationship drama starring a top actress, and the announcement of that could arrive anytime soon.

    “Laal Singh Chaddha’s post-production will take a lot of time. There’s so much work pending in its post-production and it can no way be ready for a February release. It’s a film made on a big canvas and requires at least six months of post-production work. Aamir and the makers don’t want to compromise on the quality of the film and hence have collectively decided to postpone it again by 2-3 months to make it as envisioned. A new release date, however, is not locked yet,” a source close to the project informed us.

    This is the third time Laal Singh Chaddha has been delayed. The film was originally supposed to hit cinemas on Christmas 2020 but was postponed by a year due to a production halt owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The second wave of the coronavirus this year further delayed the shooting plan, advancing the release to February 11, 2022.

    Laal Singh Chaddha is the official remake of Tom Hanks’ 1994 Hollywood classic ‘Forrest Gump’ and chronicles the life story of a slow-witted but kind-hearted man from his childhood days (in 1968) to 2018. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, Viacom18 Studios, and Paramount Pictures, the film that also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan, Naga Chaitanya and Mona Singh has reportedly been shot across 100 locations in India.


    • May to July window is relatively less cluttered this year. Shud be a good time to release LSC.


    • BREAKING: Aamir Khan postpones Laal Singh Chaddha April/May 2022; will clash either with KGF 2 or release on Eid

      Aamir Khan and his team of Laal Singh Chaddha have decided to postpone their much awaited social drama, Laal Singh Chaddha yet again. The Advait Chandan directed biggie, according to industry sources is targeting an April 14, 2022 release now.

      “Laal Singh Chaddha is a high on VFX film, as the team is using ageing and de-ageing technology for Aamir Khan’s character. The process is taking longer than expected as they are looking for nothing but perfection. There are multiple films which have used this trick, but Aamir is clear on providing a world class big screen experience. And hence, he has decided to move the film to April 14, 2022,” a source from industry told Bollywood Hungama

      Interestingly, this release would mean a clash with the much awaited KGF 2 at the box office. “They are figuring on multiple dates in April – May window and April 14 is just one of the many in consideration. Another date in consideration is the Eid weekend – 28th April, 2022. Aamir is speaking to his friends, Sajid Nadiadwala (Heropanti 2) and Ajay Devgn (MayDay), to see if something can be worked upon. A final decision will be taken in a day or two. But yes, Laal Singh Chaddha is no longer releasing on February 11,” the source added.

      The movie is official remake of Forest Gump and stars Kareena Kapoor Khan as the female lead. It also marks Hindi debut of Nag Chaitanya.


    • Eid will be a better date. The holiday fsctor can push the film to another level. But, it will depend upon the other films to make way.

      Releasing against KGF 2 on April.14 may not be a good idea. It is a film that can work and there are high expections in a lot of quarters. The first part has triggered interest and expect the 2nd part to do quite well


  44. “The interest acquired for the FD will be given to Parvati Ammal every month. It will be ensured that the amount is given to her children after her death,” Suriya announced in a statement. Jai Bhim is based on a pro-bono legal case fought by retired Madras High Court judge Justice K Chandru in 1993 when he was an advocate. Justice K Chandru has disposed of over 96,000 cases and is known for some of his landmark judgements.

    Prior to the release of the film, Suriya donated Rs 1 crore to the Tamil Nadu government for the education and welfare of Irular students. Irulas are classified as a particularly vulnerable tribal group (PVTG). The amount was donated to the Pazhankudi Irular Educational Trust, which works towards the education and welfare of the Irular students. The cheque was handed over to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on November 1.

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  45. Sooryavanshi Second Monday Box Office Collections
    Sooryavanshi collected a 4.25 crore nett on its second Monday dropping almost 40% from the second Friday. This takes the second week total of the film to 35 crore nett in four days and an overall total of 155 crore nett.. The business in the second week should be around 46 crore nett..


  46. Welcome to the happy world of celebrities and their happy moments!

    For the last one month or so I am going through about Patralekha and Rao’s marriage news. What she is going to wear and other details which I skipped. Now they seem to be happily married, what news we will be reading? Honeymoon details in Maldives or whatever.

    All the minor and major celebrities are either engaged, going to get married or holidaying in Maldives or breaking up. Interested in their films but not interested in Maldives and marriage details!

    And the words and phrases they use. Every actress looks smashing, heavenly and showstopping! Yes, setting internet on fire! No firefighters?

    Taimur, Kapoor sisters, Ash and Abhi,Meera rajput to Hina Khan!

    Marriage is the occasion where they will only wear and flaunt Sabyasach’is or Manish Malhotra’s creations, not anything less!
    Rajkumarr rao who portrays downtoearth characters to go this way? Wealth and fame makes people to compete with the most famous. And the most famous also come from middleclass families.

    Nothing wrong in aspiring and enjoying with their hard earned money. My problem is that this daily dose of celebrity news which almost obscures the main news.

    Anyways all the best to the newly weds. Happy that people find jannat, swarg, heaven in Maldives! Happy that their precious kids do things like doing artworks or homework or attending birthday parties or eating which ordinary kids dont do.

    And poor celebrity kids dont understand all the fanfare surrounding them!

    Not to forget the celebrities’s airport looks! Or their watching sunsets with full makeup! Tour of their homes with a dog running happily with all the attention it is getting! Their instagram stories which will put to shame R.K.Narayan!

    And last but not least is their breakups with typical statements, And their newfound loves or interests!


    • Marriage is the occasion where they will only wear and flaunt Sabyasachi’s or Manish Malhotra’s creations, not anything less!


  47. Patriotic films, patriotic songs are the flavour the times!
    Tomorrow full song


  48. Five members of Sushant Singh Rajput’s family die in a road accident, four critical
    Five members of Sushant Singh Rajput’s family killed in a road accident in Bihar, as per reports.
    Extended family members.


  49. **Added to Post- Vir Das**


  50. Sooryavanshi Remains Steady On Second Tuesday
    Tuesday 16 November 2021 23.45 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Sooryavanshi remained steady on its second Tuesday with collections in the 4 crore nett range and took its second week total to around 39 crore nett. and it should go to 46 crore nett for the week.

    The overall total for the film is 159 crore nett apprx with Mumbai circuit now around the 70 crore nett mark which is 44% of the all India business. The best numbers for the film are coming in Mumbai circuit, CP Berar and Nizam / Andhra.

    There are many cities from Maharashtra which fall in the CP Berar and Nizam / Andhra circuits like Nagpur, Amravati, Aurangabad, Latur etc and these are recording excellent collections. All are screening on 50% occupancy allowed.

    The other places where the weekdays in second week are strong are West Bengal and Bihar. These areas are recording daily figures which are in the same range as East Punjab which is a bigger circuit. Bihar is also collecting more than Rajasthan and CI which are bigger than circuits than Bihar in terms of collections.


  51. Vaccine hesitancy seen in Muslim areas, Maha govt to rope in Salman to promote inoculation: Minister
    Over 10.25 crore vaccine doses have been administered in the state so far, and by the end of November all eligible persons will have received at least the first dose, Rajesh Tope said.


  52. **Banaras (Motion Poster) – added to post**


  53. Since the movie’s launch in early November, it has garnered critical acclaim for telling the story of the Irular tribe, a Scheduled Tribe clan suffering unspeakable hardships in the Tamil society. The movie itself traces the life of an Irular tribal who was beaten to death in a police station because he wouldn’t confess to a crime that he didn’t commit.

    The Jai Bhim controversy has also brought out signs of solidarity among Tamil filmmakers. Vetri Maaran, whose made the national award winning Asuran, said in a tweet, “…It’s only natural that these films cause angst among those who don’t want the status quo to change…” Lokesh Kanakaraj, a young director working with Kamal Haasan on the movie Vikram, also sent out words of support.

    Other film personalities, too, have come out in support of actor Suriya. The hashtag #IstandwithSuriya has been trending on Twitter with over thousands of tweets supporting the hashtag.


  54. **Jann Gann Mann (Song) Satyameva Jayate 2 – Added to post**


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  56. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:
    The First post-pandemic $1 billion grosser

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  57. According to the police, most of the citizens targeted were of Indian origin. The accused also had data of people who had been involved in some form of drug dealing earlier, the police said. Each person had a different American name and would introduce themselves as callers from Clara Santa, California.


  58. Sooryavanshi collected well again on its second Wednesday with 3.50 crore nett apprx. The film is maintaining normal drops over the weekdays in the second week with 10-15% drops. This has taken the film to a total of 162.50 crore nett.

    This trend will probably continue on Thursday as well and then it will be whether Friday can hold at similar levels to Thursday for a shot at 200 crore nett. Sooryavanshi was short of films like Housefull 4 and Golmaal Again in week one while week two will be similar and the gains have to come week 3 onward if the film is to get similar numbers to those films..


  59. **Chhorii – Official Trailer – Added to post**


  60. In an interview with, Rani opened up about her journey from not wanting to be an actor initially and to how actor Kamal Haasan helped her to break ‘stereotypical conventions’ in Bollywood.

    She said, “Strangely, I never wanted to be an actor. My mother realised my dream before I could. She was the one who insisted I do my first film. But I never thought I fit into the heroine category in the typical sense. I am actually the opposite of a heroine. I am quite short in height, my voice is not heroine-friendly, the complexion of my skin is wheatish. I think when I started, I never believed I could be an actor. I grew up watching Sridevi, Juhi, Madhuri and Rekha ji, who were these screen goddesses and I never imagined myself up there with them.”

    She further added, “As my journey began, I spoke to many stalwarts with whom I had the opportunity to work. One of them was Mr Kamal Haasan and actors like him told me that you can’t measure your success by the height of your physical standing, but by the heights of how much you can grow professionally. So I sort of broke all those stereotypical conventions that an actress was put into in my initial days of Bollywood journey.”


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