Prithviraj Teaser

Thanks to Aman…

8 Responses to “Prithviraj Teaser”

  1. More than Akshay Kumar or anyone else, I am more intrigued with director Chandra Prakash Dwivedi on this. The guy has been living and breathing this project for the last 20 years.

    Some time after Pinjar, in around 2002-2003 he announced this film with Sunny Deol. It was said to be Deol’s dream project since a long while and he had been working on it with Rajkumar Santoshi earlier before they fell out.

    Right after Dwivedi announced this project, Santoshi announced the same project immediately with Ajay Devgan. Dwivedi’s producers bscked out with fear of a Bhagat Singh kind of fiasco once again.

    In 2005, Dwivedi announced it again with Sunny Deol, but it was impossible but producers backed away once again and they could not find funds for such a project.

    Since then, Dwivedi has been waiting
    for producers to finance the project.

    It probably also shows the legacy of Bahubali. Thanks to that film, Bollywood are daring huge, historical epics mounted on huge scales more regularly now. A good change from rom-coms or small urban movies shot within a room. These films can be enjoyed on a smart phone and it makes no difference there.

    Films like Prithviraj and RRR are made to be experienced on the big screen. These are films made for theatres.


  2. This teaser looks absolutely terrific, Yash Raj’s vfx has considerably improved. Akshay also looks quite nice beside Manushi.


    • I have high expectations from Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. He has great master story teller in Chanakya series and also loved his movie effort in Pinjar and Mohalla Assi. Kudos for YRF for giving so much budget and platform for Dr. CD to make this movie. Akshay looks alright, not exceptional yet.


    • Looks good. Shud do v well, first 250+ cr grosser post pandemic.

      Akshay is on a roll – one high profile movie after another. Ram Setu is also highly anticipated.


  3. Yrf’s 2022 calendar looks terrific with biggies like Prithviraj, Pathan, Tiger 3 and a some other films. I think Yrf will have their biggest year yet in 2022.

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  4. For Naveen, shocking to see Akshay looking old here.


  5. Naveen Says:

    30 years of Akshay Kumar – unique gesture by YRF


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