Images from Laal Singh Chaddha (Updated)

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  2. Looks like they are going to be very close to Forest Gump. I can see the box of chocolates replaced by laddoo ka dabba or something. Aamir even has one in the poster


    • It’s looking like that. Original writer is credited in poster here.


      • It should have been as

        Original Writer: Eric Roth
        Adapted Screenplay: Atul Kulkarni

        Instead Eric Roth as ‘Screenplay’. Hindi remake screenplay and situations will surely be different which is actually written by Kulkarni.

        As usual credit issue continues with Aamir Khan productions!


        • Original is based on book; so it would be readapted screenplay !


          • Yeah – They are just remaking the movie, nothing to do with the book. If Eric Roth was credited as ‘screenplay’ for Forrest gump movie, then Atul Kulkarni should be credited as ‘screenplay’ for Laal Singh Chaddha. As simple as that.


  3. Historic Mega Hit…loading!!


  4. nice look. This one will be another Dangal.


  5. No 3 loading. Blockbuster.


  6. Aamir has different looks in the film. A younger Laal :


  7. Second look from LSC:


    • I think even when Forrest Gump released in 1994, everyone said Aamir looks so close to Tom Hanks and he should do its remake. Finally its happening!

      This is very important sequence in the movie regarding running.


    • They are shooting the film backwards – it seems, at least Aamir’s portions. He has been shooting the middle-aged scenes first, going by the looks so far.

      Its been said that he will lose 20 kg before shooting the younger parts.


  8. This is great acting…


    • Lol. Great acting?
      Where do u see acting, it looks like Nautanki so far. With different getups borrowed from old copy paste job.


      • Unless I am mistaken, Z was actually insulting Aamir – and that’s fine. There’s not even a 60 second clip that’s been released so far. All you have are images. So it is a direct dig that all Aamir can do is only indulge in prosthetics. If I am wrong, then forgive me. But I am pretty confident that’s what the dig was. Guess ‘ZERO’ is out of question here.. though I am one of the biggest fans of SRK’s act in ZERO.

        And the less said about Kamal Hassan, the prosthetic king of South India, if not India, the better…


        • Sorry An Jo, I was being little sarcastic.

          I want to see aamir of old days (be it good or bad), that bare face, the innocent look.

          All of these getups in movie after movie reminds me of Gulshan grover and kamal hassan where it’s less about acting and more about props.

          Think of dilip/Amitabh, they really didn’t need mustach, long beard, short beard, long hair, short hair, etc to play out a role in every single movie.

          I come from old school where heros didn’t need to change their look that much. maybe i just miss those good old days and with time beginning to miss those days even more.

          Again, i want to see aamir in that plain innocent look (QSQT, Lagaan).


          • Between QSQT and Lagaan, Aamir spent the entire nineties looking more or less the same. That period covered diverse genres with varying degrees of success –

            Dil Hai Ki Manta Nehi,
            Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar,
            Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke,
            Andaz Apna Apna,
            Akele Hum Akele Tum,
            Raja Hindustani,

            Thats quite a body of work with consistent looks that one can revisit.


  9. Aamir had done 6 films under AKP which together has an average imdb rating of 7.8+. This consists of as diverse acting as Lagaan, TZP, Talaash and Dangal.

    Expectations are of a good film here with good acting that may work well at box office. The looks are just add-ons.


  10. The cross-country marathon sequence is being shot all over India.


  11. They are shooting this sequence at all outdoor locations. So this rugged look was expected to get ‘leaked’. Aamir can officially release a ‘second’ look poster, after completing the shoot of this sequence.


  12. Varanasi –


  13. Like

    • Hoping that there is a logical explanation in the film regarding why Laal is running without wearing a turban.


      • This WILL be a problem: Logic doesn’t work here. Nawab Saif faced issues in SACRED GAMES when he threw the KIRPAN in Arabian Sea for the ‘fear-less’ Kashyap’s Sacred Games. I am no expert on Sikhism, but they will have to tackle this right-now to avoid problems later.

        Note: My reference to NAWAB is on his royalty; not his religion. Thanks.


  14. Second look poster of LSC coming in new year1


    • Aamir has 4 different looks in the film. Will be interesting if he releases each look poster after shooting the respective portions.

      They are shooting the film over 100 outdoor locations all over India, so no look wud be a secret and pics will get leaked by fans visiting the outdoor sets during shoot …


  15. @munna – The latest image in the post is not an official one, just fan made.

    Btw, when do you plan to put up the FI scans?


  16. Third look from LSC?


  17. This second poster looks classy. Like it more than the first one. Wonder if Kareena’s character will be shown abused as a child, a failed singer and a hippie in her youth?


  18. tonymontana Says:

    Have high expectations from the film. I’m sure Aamir has learned well from the debacle of TOH.

    Btw it’s been almost 5 years since Dangal happened. Phew! Hurry up, dude. By the time one of your dream projects is announced, a decade goes by.

    This spending precious years of your life shooting a film to get the right final product gets on viewers’ nerves. HR, Ranbir, and Aamir are notorious for this. This is why fans lose interest in them.

    As much as I find most of Akki’s films mediocre, he is at least giving his fans what they want, multiple times a year.


    • HR and Ranbir don’t spend years trying to get a product right, they’re just undisciplined and disinterested in their careers. You’d have to be an idiot to waste time on the likes of films that these two do, of course Ranbir tops HR by still shooting for that lunacy called Brahmastra from god-knows-when.

      As for LSC, it’s still a gamble in some ways. AKP has a stellar track record, but Kulkarni is a total unknown and it’s just hard to imagine Forrest Gump in an Indian context being anything special. Especially worrying would be any contentious issue the film would touch (and boy, contentious issues are dime a dozen in this country).

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    • This is a nice look with a good innocent expression. But the pic seems to be heavily photoshopped – there is an unnatural contour of a shadow on the left side of his face.

      Yes Tony, its almost 5 years since Dangal. It wudnt seem so long if he had not spent 2 years on a film like TOH. That is the main problem underpinning the younger stars like Hrithik and Ranbir – spending years on films which have nothing much to offer in the first place (although i personally did not mind TOH, it was nothing exceptional even on paper).

      Anyways, Aamir had Secret Superstar in between, which was a small hit in India and a mammoth one overseas (China). Being an AKP film, he enjoyed the benefits of that labor (at least money wise). And LSC would have released last year if not for the pandemic which has caused all major films of 2020 to be delayed by one year, starting with Sooryavanshi.

      Spending 2 years (3 in this case) to get right a film like LSC is OK, i guess. Aamir is at a stage of his career where any film he does will be treated like an event film. So its better to get it right each time, even at the cost of low frequency.

      Dont think he loses any fan in the process. They still show up in theaters when the movies release. Its just that he does not enjoy the constant craze from his fans in the way Akshay does with his multiple films a year. But if Aamir is okay with that, then there is nothing much to complain. Recently he also announced that he will be staying away from social media for good.

      FG did not dig into any historical moment, it just touched upon historical incidents. I expect LSC to do the same. Even if some ‘controversial’ event is referred to, i dont think the movie will take any side of the controversy. The narrative is not like that – it mainly revolves around the main character.

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      • True.
        On the otherhand, this pandemic is a blessing. The rat race which took the life of SSR has gone for good. Or atleast slowed down.


        • Hi Sanjana, how r u?

          One thing i was hoping to hear on his bday was something on his next after LSC. But he hasnt decided anything yet it seems. Probably means Mogul isnt happening soon. The film by R Prasanna sounds good.


          • As good as the pandemic restrictions allow.
            I think that he will wait until LSC releases and the feedback he gets from the critics and audience.


          • Yes, we will perhaps get the announcement on his next bday. Thats fine as long as its not Mogul! Heard possibilities of biopics on V Anand and Guru Dutt also. Lots of options that sound good on paper.

            Lets see.


    • Laal Singh Chaddha is looking good so far.
      It should have released in mid of 2021as the movie is ready.

      Aamir is likely to slow down further as an actor/star as he is focussing on his son’s (Junaid) debut movie.

      A great star and actor is now set for his next innings. LSC may be a move towards that.


      • What Aamir is missing is script writing skills.
        He usually relied on someone else to offer him a script and very few gets him going. He should have got a pool of writers under his wings or developed his own writing the way Raj Kapoor or Guru Dutt used to do. This way like those greats he would have had more control over his career.

        Salman has his father who works on his movie’s scripts.
        Akshay has a team now who continuously come up with ideas or works with other writers.
        SRK has YRF who offers good projects.

        However Aamir has not associated or bult his team for himself. There are no lack of ideas. We are seeing world over new concepts are coming. No way Aamir needs to wait for 3 years for a new idea or a script.


      • How cud LSC have released in mid 2021 when the last shooting schedule in Ladakh is still pending and due to be completed in May-June? They are waiting for the ice to melt to start this remaining schedule.

        Btw, Naga Chaitanya will now do Vijay Setupathi’s cameo in Bubba’s role.

        The pandemic had delayed all films by a year. LSC is not the only one affected.


        • Ohh did not know that filming is still incomplete. I remember reading Kareena’s instagram where she told the shooting is complete. Maybe she meant her portions. I am
          currently watching Forrest Gump today to reignite the wait for LSC.


          • Finished Forrest gump. It is a good movie.

            Forrest Gump reminded me of Bharat which had same trajectory. Was Bharat inspired from FG ?

            I however think the concept of FG would need dramatic localisation to connect with Indians. As of now LSC is a risky project. The trailer will help to know more.


          • Bharat was a remake of korean film Ode To My Father. Salman messed it up badly as a movie. Box office was ok though.


  19. Some great news. Mogul is shelved … Director has moved on with an Akshay film.


  20. If LSC now releases sometime in 2022, it will be 4 years after TOH (2018). Last time their was a 4 year gap between Aamir’s films was between DCH and Mangal Pandey.

    It’s not good news since longer gaps mean higher anticipation and expectations, which are always difficult to fulfill.


  21. 3 Decades of Aamir Khan

    FIRST DECADE (1988 – 1997):

    Total Films – 22

    Hits (7) – QSQT, Dil, DHKMN, HHRPK, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani, Ishq

    Averages (3) – JJWS, AAA, AHAT

    Classics (2) – JJWS, AAA

    SECOND DECADE (1998 – 2007):

    Total Films – 11

    Hits (6) – Ghulam, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, RDB, Fanaa, TZP

    Averages (1) – DCH

    Classics (5) – Sarfarosh, Lagaan, DCH, RDB, TZP

    THIRD DECADE (2008 – 2017):

    Total Films – 9

    Hits (7) – Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Talaash, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal, Secret Superstar

    Averages (1) – Dhobi Ghat

    Classics (3) – 3 Idiots, PK, Dangal

    FOURTH DECADE (2018 – 2027): Started with the big disappointment in TOH. The next release LSC is expected sometime in 2022. Total film releases in this decade is likely to be around 5 only. ATBs are unlikely in this decade as it will take a long time to get to pre-Covid levels of box-office. Hopefully, Aamir will deliver a couple of classics in this decade.

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    • If i were to select one film each from each phase it will be JJWS from the chocolate boy phase, TZP from the middle years and Dangal from his recent years.

      Wud also pick the middle phase over the other two as overall it has been his most creative and trendsetter phase in a traditionally regressive industry.


      • I will pick some feel good films like QSQT, JJWS, DHKMN, Rangeela, AAA, HHRPK.
        Then comes Dangal, Lagaan, Sarfarosh, Secret Superstar.
        Talaash will be my special choice.
        I might have missed some.


        • Yes, the films from the first decade are a lot of fun and Aamir was so sincere and innocent looking back then as the romantic hero.

          Overall, a stellar journey over 3 decades (with more to come imo).


  22. Like

    • Looks like LSC will get postponed to mid-2022. Pathan and Tiger 3 will probably be Diwali and Christmas releases of 2022. Adipurush on I-day.


      • I wish LSC well because i know it will be a good movie. However, the subject of LSC needs it to be a non festival solo release. Festival solo is now a pipe dream and LSC clashing with a pure commercial entertainer would be wrong positioning.
        This is more in TZP and secret superstar mode rather Dangal or D3.


        • Dont worry Naveen, as things stand today – LSC will not get a festival release and will release sometime in the middle of next year. Whether its a good film or not, we shall see.

          Btw, before release Dangal was not being together with D3 …


  23. Some data i collected on early releases of Aamir:

    1. QSQT (1988):
    Budget – 1 cr
    Nett Collection – 3 cr

    2. Dil (1990):
    Budget – 1.75 cr
    Nett Collection – 10 cr

    3. DHKMN (1991):
    Budget – 2 cr
    Nett Collection – 4 cr

    4. JJWS (1992):
    Budget – 2.5 cr
    Nett Collection – 4 cr

    5. HHRPK (1993):
    Budget – 2.5 cr
    Nett Collection – 5 cr

    6. AAA (1994):
    Budget – 3 cr
    Nett Collection – 5 cr

    7. Baazi (1995):
    Budget – 3.5 cr
    Nett Collection – 5 cr

    8. AHAT (1995):
    Budget – 4.5 cr
    Nett Collection – 7 cr


    • Today (Apr 29th) is the 33rd anniversary of QSQT (1988). While searching for QSQT box office figures, I came across 2 figures floating across sites. One is the 3 cr nett figure mentioned in the above post and another is 4.5+ cr nett figure. Similarly, the budget varied between 1-1.5 cr depending on whom you believe. But no doubt it was a Superhit and a trendsetter for romantic movies in that era.

      Aamir’s initial years were not as bad (wrt box-office), as he himself makes out to be. After QSQT, he had an average in Love Love Love (1989), which did around 2.5+ cr nett. This was followed by the highest grosser of 1990 – Dil, which did a solid 10 cr nett. He also had an average film at box office in the same year, in his father’s directorial and home production Tum Mere Ho (around 2 cr nett).

      In 1991, DHKMN was a city centric Hit film which did 4 cr nett wrt to his budget of 2 cr. He also had another average fare in Afsana Pyar Ka (2 cr nett). In 1992, there was JJWS which again did around 4 cr nett and was declared as a Hit or Average depending on the source. In 1993, he had a bigger hit in HHRPK which did 5+ cr nett and was again a home production. And finally in 1994 there was AAA, which inspite of being declared a flop initially, did average business (5 cr) wrt its budget of 3 cr.

      Rangeela was a blockbuster in 1995 (~20 cr nett). But he also had 2 other average films at box office that year – AHAT (7 cr nett) and Baazi (5 cr nett).

      Not a bad record to start with – despite all the flops (8 or so) that were intermittent in this period. Around 60% of his films were successful overall, before the one-film-a-year policy kicked in.


      • This period had light hearted movies while his later movies became somewhat serious. I enjoyed those movies more.
        Even Raja Hindustani was enjoyable as a timepass movie. I liked Fanaa for its songs and the odd pairing. Ishq was unwatchable and so was Mela. I did not like Dil. I did not watch some other movies like LLL, Baazi,TMH, Deewana Mujh se nahin, Parampara etc.
        DHKMN was good and so was Hum hai raahi Pyaar Ke.


        • My favs from this era are (in no particular order) – QSQT, JJWS, DHKMN, HHRPK and AHAT. I can revisit these anytime, not sure if i can revisit the others. 🙂


      • Up to certain point, movies were more of hit or flop; yes there was average too but for big stars, it’s either hit or flop. Things were not looked at much with scope of economics (budget, return, other revenue). Perception had a lot to do with it also. In perception sense JJWS, AAA, Baazi, AHAT were all flops.

        Just like many believes Shaan was a flop when in fact it was one of the biggest grosser of that year but since it didn’t do Sholay business, people perception is it’s a flop.

        Think about countless mithun films that he shot on his property, all were flops except couple yet he kept on making them, why Because at economic level, everyone were making money on it.

        Oh boy, i hope this doesn’t give Naveen an idea to start looking at akshay earlier films and start claiming every akshay film as a hit due to economics of it 🙂


        • LOL, “Perception” ke naam pe kuch bhi !

          Anyways, many mistake their personal biases (often negatives) as ‘public perception’.


        • JJWS was definitely a hit.


          • No Aman, JJWS was not a clean hit. It was more like DCH of the nineties – v well received by the youth but not that big a grosser. It was Average. It takes a radical fundamentalist point of view to think perception of a star-film can only be hit or flop. Life is not binary and more often than not, things lie in the middle.

            You can dust out Komal Nahta’s FI verdicts in the 90s or Taran Adarsh’s commentary, and you will find that these films are classified as ‘Coverage’ or ‘Commission Earner’ etc.

            Here is what Taran had to say about AAA during its 25th Anniversary:

            Trade analyst Taran Adarsh however states that Andaz Apna Apna was neither a hit nor a big flop and was somewhere in between. He explains, “It did well in select cities. Over the years, it became a cult classic and is today a much loved film.”



          • Best to my knowledge JJWS was not a hit. I’m not saying it was a flop but it was not a hit.

            Now think of common man at that time, for him, JJWS didn’t live up to or exceeded expectation set by QSQT.

            Same thing with AAA, you have coming together of two big stars at that time and movie didn’t live up to expectation. Compare that to Karan-Arjun where it became a clear cut hit (you can call it super hit or any other tags but in end it was clean hit). On other hand, think of movie like Hum tumhara Hain Sanam (SRK, Salman, Madhuri, Aish), at economic level it’s average or above average or whatever tag one wants to use, but for common man, it was a flop.


          • So you are talking about public perception and comparing AAA with KA and HTHS? Public perceptions of those two 2 srk starrers are that both are forgettable films with zero shelf life. Who cares if KA was a blockbuster or not? No one cares to watch it or discuss it now, it was one of Rakesh Roshan’s shameful attempts at cinema. Less said about HTSH the better.

            On the other hand, JJWS/AAA still has a shelf life and gets debated on their 25th anniversary about their box office status. That itself says everything about perception. Check the Imdb ratings of these films to know the real perception.

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          • JJWS was average to below average. Same for AAA. AHAT did not perform.well. Baazi was a flop. A clear one. DHKMN’s collections were in the same range as Henna and Narsimha that year. It was a hit. I never saw net totals during those times. I saw circuit collections from a number of screens and % occupancy. Those were verdicts of those times.

            But AAA became a cult movie. JJWS was a film ahead of its time. These films are beyond BO figures. I watched DHKMN again last week. If only half of today’s films had that innocence and spontaneity. These days, they are mere marketing products made for select audiences.


          • Marcus Says:

            Hi Rahul, good to see you back.

            AHAT actually did Ok. Even Nahta had it as ‘Coverage to Commission Earner’ in his annual verdicts. But yes, it was a Mansoor-Aamir film and was expected to do more. Baazi on the other hand was a much lower profile release and comparative to its budget did average business, it was hardly a washout. Even BOI had it as Average or Below Average at some point, when it had systematically downgraded the numbers and the verdicts of Aamir films in the nineties.


  24. I’m one of those who wants to see Aamir without any getups and in hair style he had. Just like the good old days.


  25. Looks like Aamir has escped the Maharashtra lockdown.


  26. Marcus Says:

    Action in Ladakh.


  27. Marcus Says:

    Is Naga Chaitanya a popular star?

    Naga Chaitanya Akkineni is currently in Italy, for the shoot of ‘Thank You’. The actor might return to India sometime later as there are restrictions on travel to India. We hear that he will head to Ladakh as soon as he lands in the country, for the shoot of his Hindi debut film titled, Lal Singh Chaddha. Lal Singh Chaddha is the official remake of Hollywood classic Forrest Gump. Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are playing the lead roles in the movie.

    The latest reports in the film nagar reveal to us that the makers planned a new schedule in Ladakh which will begin soon. They planned it for a non-stop 45 days where the battle sequence will be shot. Naga Chaitanya will reprise the role played by Mykelti Williamson in the original and his role is based on Benjamin Buford Blue aka Bubba. Chay will be seen as Aamir’s close friend in the military. The schedule will comprise of scenes on both the actors.


    • Abhishek Bachchan of Tollywood, famous father, famous wife but without the talent.


      • My friend was depressed that this talentless nepo gets Samantha and now a chance to be famous in Hindi and China.


      • Marcus Says:

        LOL … Anyways, one never knows when this movie will complete its shooting. Such a long schedule will be extremely difficult to complete smoothly in such times. And if there is a national lockdown in between, the schedule will go for a toss. In that case the movie will surely be postponed to 2022.


      • Abishek is better than what you think. He has vastly underperformed, I agree with that. But talentless, he is not. Watch Refugee, Bunty Aur Babli, Sarkar, Bluffmaster, Phir Milenge, LOC, Yuvaa, Guru, DMD and Dostana and you will see the talent.


  28. Marcus Says:

    Rest of Aamir’s films in the nineties:

    RH (1996):
    Budget – 6 cr
    Nett Collection – 43-50 cr
    Verdict – Blockbuster

    Ishq (1997):
    Budget – 11 cr
    Nett Collection – 25 cr
    Verdict – Superhit

    Ghulam (1998):
    Budget – 7 cr
    Nett Collection – 13 cr
    Verdict – Hit

    Mann (1999):
    Budget – 14 cr
    Nett Collection – 16.5 cr
    Verdict – Average

    Sarfarosh (1999):
    Budget – 8 cr
    Nett Collection – 18.5 cr
    Verdict – Hit


  29. How old and haggard is Aamir looking these days? His days of playing young lead is over it seems. Shud graduate into senior roles like Dangal now.


  30. LSC’s Ladakh/Kargil schedule that was supposed to be shot in June/July has been postponed again. Unlikely that this film will release in 2021.


    • Kargil schedule from next month. LSC will probably wrap up its shooting by August.


      • So Kargil 1999 would be Vietnam 1967, possibly the Bubba equivalent gets killed by the first infiltrators and Aamir’s character is the first to inform the Indian Army. I’m guessing the Hurricane would the 2004 Tsunami, still have no clue how Naga Chaitanya is supposed to be a viable replacement for Vijay Sethupathi. Also LSC the character might take up the pagdi after he runs around the country with his hair and beard grown long.


  31. Shooting for this film has been going on for almost 2 years now (had plans to wrap up by now last year if not for the pandemic). Its almost time for a wrap-up now (next month).


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