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  1. The original film was quite good. I found it quite intriguing the way they developed the theme of the good vs bad subjectively in perception initially, into a thin, blurred line when it becomes hard to demarcate one from the other in the end.

    Madhavan was very good, but Vijay Sethupathi absolutely rocked in his portrayal of Vedha.

    HR is looking good here. Glad too see doing films that masses may like. Fighter and Vikram Vedha look projects with good prospects.

    Yet another southern remake. After Arjun Reddy the previous year, a dubbed film, Pushpa, end of last year, in 2022 with RRR, Jersey, KGF2 and Vikram Vedha, like it or not, there will be a heavy southern influence around this year as well.


    • Hrithik is playing Vedha here. Looks promising indeed.

      Many bollywood movies are also remade which we dont know. Its a mutual society.

      I dont know but i think unless voices of stars are dubbed like in Baahubali or Pushpa, the chances of a star from South India has a ceiling.


      • Of course there have been some successful Bollywood remakes down there, the latest success story being Pink.

        I am sure you have more info on the following projects but are the likes of Bachan Pandey, Cinderella or Driving License southern films remakes? I think I read about them being so when these were announced.


        • There are almost 40+ remakes in Bollywood from South in different stages of making. I remember Mankad having a list and some of the films chosen were amusing.


        • Akshay’s Cindrella is remake of highest imdb rated (8.8) movie of South India.
          Bachchan Pandey is not but would have south indian masala in second half.
          But none of major stars are doing south remakes now.


  2. Isnt this similar to Allu Arjun’s look in Pushpa or Shahid’s in Kabir Singh?


  3. Bad wig, rest good.


  4. They missed a chance here IMO. Should have gone for a Telugu star as Vikram as Vikram Vedha is not known in the Telugu States, what opening power does Saif have exactly? At least they should try for this, a bilingual of sorts.


  5. Been ages..hope all are well and staying safe out here.

    Spent a few hours in a rabbit hole in Youtube, reading comments in Russian for Bobby, Disco Dancer, etc.. and translating them using google translate. I just had to express my thoughts here.

    Its amazing how Bwood of a bygone era (ie 50s-80s) influenced the lives of people in the USSR. Had read about this craze previously, but these comments on youtube truely bring it to life.
    take a sampling of this from a video of Mithun in Tblisi:

    “В Индии нет больше достоинств, кроме как то, что у них есть Митхун. Это звезда первой величины. Ему не было равных. Нет. И не будет. Обожаю тебя мой кумир мой любимый.

    India has no more merit except that they have Mithun. This is a star of the first magnitude. He had no equal. No. And it won’t. I adore you, my idol, my beloved.”

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    • This was in spam; probably because of characters used.


      • Thanks Munna!

        Continuing.. the humongous influence of Mithun on the entire 80s gen of erstwhile USSR is incredulous. So many performances on their live talent shows from him. eg:


      • Apparently, Disco Dancer was the biggest hit ever when it released in the USSR (perhaps even bigger than what Dangal did in China). DD was also a huge hit pan-Africa, Far-East etc. Its worldwide gross wouldve placed it at #1 over any other Indian film ever released. However, the usual BO shenanigans of the day never really elevated Mithun to the credit deserved. It doesn’t matter anyhow, coz his legacy lives on even in 2022, through such comments:

        “Вспоминается тот деревенский кино театр с переполненным залом , где естественно месть не было сидя в деревянном полу с аудитории более чем 1500 тысячи человек смотрели в первые этот шедевр . Я готов через огон и воду пройти , лишь бы вернут те времена . Конец 80-тых годов

        I recall that village cinema theater with a crowded hall, where naturally there was no revenge sitting in a wooden floor with an audience of more than 1,500 thousand people watching this masterpiece for the first time. I am ready to go through fire and water, if only those times will return. End of the 80s”

        “Помню это теплое время. Все были дружные, добрые,веселые. На индийских фильмах мы росли и стали людьми. Я счастлив, что жил в это время!!!!

        I remember this warm time. All were friendly, kind, cheerful. In Indian films, we grew up and became human. I am happy that I lived at this time !!!!”

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        • I know of a former colleague from Armenia and he knew Jimmy Jimmy; he didn’t remember the movie name or the hero, but song he could sing.

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        • Mithun is also hugely popular in the Caribbean and Guyana. The whole Disco-Bappi Lahari music deal made him an icon, and the fact that he’s found some occasionally good films and classics to work in, like Gunda, will keep him relevant

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          • At the end of 80s and early 90s I had read in several quarters that Disco Dancer was extremely popular in Russia. It was also widely reported that ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ was a rage in Japan.

            A few years back I was watching one of the popular french tv shows and the opening music was a remade version of ‘come closer’ from Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki.

            I think during the making of Lucky, Salman referred to Mithun’s popularity in Russia a few times.

            Yes, the fact that Bollywood transcended borders dates from decades back.

            I have also lived those years in 80s as a kid when at a certain point of time Mithun was an icon for the youths, more than anyone.

            A bit like Hrithik Roshan was for a spell when he was the best dance dancer around and best at stunts. Mithun was the best dancer in Bollywood for quite a while and he was doing films like Boxer and Karate and these kind if things were a rage among youths back then. Could see most youths around aping him, dressing him, dancing like him.on the streets or at weddings.

            He was a rage among youths.

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          • Both Disco Dancer and Dance Dance had recorded over 60 million footfalls in USSR making Mithun the most popular Indian actor in Soviet since Raj Kapoor.

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      • Another comment has gone into spam, pls release it. Thanks.


        • that is multiple links in a comment; that is automatic moderation.


          • Perhaps its coz of the Russian language comment inserts.

            Anyhow, before I step down from my soapbox, for the sake of true Mithunda trivia, and to open a window into that era, I’ll only post the English translations of such heartfelt Russian comments posted for videos of DD:

            At one time, I was AWOL 60 km in a truck in the back in winter to watch this film and go back to the evening check !!! It was in March 1984 ..

            This is all our youth, which you will never return !!! Man is a legend

            I was 10 years old when I watched this film now, I’m 47, and I watch, and I love, the most interesting film in the entire industry of Indian cinema, thank you for such a masterpiece

            From the first seconds of this song you are carried away to childhood !!!! I listened a million times, I know every note, every word, I sing with them and cry … Nothing can be returned … The song is surprisingly melodic and beautiful.

            One of the best artists in the history of all cinema!

            You listen and understand ….. that you, this masterpiece, were taught to listen by your parents, who, unfortunately, are no longer alive, and you are watching and there are tears in your eyes ….. THANKS FOR THE GREAT FILMS !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            The Indians have a beautiful soul, since such films were shot that many generations of councils grew up on them, for me Mithun is cooler than all the Vandams and Rimbaud combined, and what songs … the soul flies and my eyes are watery from nostalgia, everyone is good

            I remember this warm time. All were friendly, kind, cheerful. In Indian films, we grew up and became human. I am happy that I lived at this time !!!!

            Bye all..

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  6. tonymontana Says:

    Too gruff and grotesque. Like Kabir Singh.


  7. An interesting fact is that Mandarin and Russian dubbed versions of a lot of Hindi films (including Sholay) have found a huge market in USSR and China (as huge as 50 million plus footfalls). And we’re all witnessing the response to the dubbed versions of Bahubali, Pushpa, Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I guess English dubbing of major Indian commercial films might be the way forward in order to penetrate the North American and UK markets in a major way going forward.


    • North America sensibilities don’t match with Indian sensibilities (precisely same reason why US attempt at imposing democracy in some of the countries doesn’t work)…Indian movies work wherever there is a match. There are exception here and there but you can figure reason; crouching tiger hidden dragon or my big fat greek wedding.



    Apparently the most watched Indian movie in the world thus far is Caravan which sold over 300 million tickets globally, almost twice the number of Sholay.


  9. Honestly speaking didn’t like this look. Enough of these South remakes/ look copies now.


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