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In Conversation with Quentin Tarantino

Posted in Refugee on August 25, 2015 by abzee2kin

An interesting candid interview of one of Hollywood’s most frustratingly inconsistent genius maverick! Even his responses are so meta… like he’s scripting how his ‘interview’ would be imagined were it to be a candid one.

‘Frankly, sophisticated audiences are not a problem. Dumb audiences are a problem. But I think audiences are getting more sophisticated — that’s just a product of time. In the ’50s, audiences accepted a level of artifice that the audiences in 1966 would chuckle at. And the audiences of 1978 would chuckle at what the audience of 1966 said was okay, too. The trick is to try to be way ahead of that curve, so they’re not chuckling at your movies 20 years down the line. With Pulp Fiction,people were like, “Wow, I have never seen a movie like that before. A movie can do that?” I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I’m not talking ridiculously over anyone’s head anymore. I think people watched Djangoand Inglourious Basterds and thought they were really out there, but they got it. They felt themselves on solid ground. It wasn’t just, “What the fuck was that?” And people understand what I’m doing with genre. They’re not befuddled. They don’t think I’m doing it wrong. They get it.’

Pynchon’s Blue Shadow (NYRB)

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[On Inherent Vice, I definitely agree with the fantastic piece below — one of the best I’ve ever read on an adaptation — that the film is not less than the book. It truly does illuminate aspects of the book for me (and vice versa!) such that I arrived at a deeper appreciation of both. Qalandar]

Excerpt: “Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice (2009)—his extravagantly convoluted version of the private eye novel, set amid the detritus of the end of the 1960s—is the kind of verbal construct that at first glance seems inherently unsuited for filming, certainly not as a widescreen spectacle with an all-star cast. To say that Paul Thomas Anderson has faithfully and successfully adapted it to the screen is another way of saying that he has changed it into something entirely different. Perhaps the novel really was crying out for such a cinematic transformation, for in its pages people watch movies, remember them, compare events in the “real world” to their plots, re-experience their soundtracks as auditory hallucinations, even work their technical components … into aspects of complex conspiratorial schemes.”


CBR Trashes Fantastic Four

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Excerpt: “The bad buzz around 20th Century Fox‘s “Fantastic Four” reboot has been brewing for months. Red flags included rumors of reshoots, negative fan reaction to what appeared to be significant deviation from the source material, and director Josh Trank‘s abrupt departure from his enviable “Star Wars” gig. Of course, reshoots don’t always spell doom (consider “World War Z”), and Trank says he chose to walk away from “Star Wars” to avoid being obligated to a second franchise. So, perhaps these news items have no bearing on the finished “Fantastic Four.” Regardless, it’s shocking a superhero movie can be this boring.




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Yawn…bears out the truth of Abzee’s comment


There’s also a “red band” trailer, with more violence and cursing:

Irrfan & AIB Destroy B’Wood Party Songs…Forever

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[Agyaat, you made my day.  “Kyunki, yeh gaana hai / censors will let it go” — Qalandar]


Rajeev Masand Interview with Rajamouli & Johar

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[Thanks to agyaat for pointing me to this interview.  I think it’s especially interesting because it pre-dates the film’s release — Qalandar]


A case of plagiarism.. an apology to Trisha Gupta..

Posted in Refugee on July 31, 2015 by Satyam

It was brought to my attention today that Saurabh’s piece on Masaan was plagiarized from Trisha Gupta’s original Mumbai Mirror piece. Naturally she is rather upset about this. I hadn’t read either piece but then I quickly did a comparison and her complaint is entirely justified. I am rather disappointed I must say. I still did not wish to go public with this because I did not wish to shame anyone this way. Therefore as soon as I learnt about this I deleted the post and tweeted Trisha Gupta about this (she’d registered her complaint on twitter as well) but then someone left a comment on Saurabh’s post highlighting the similarities and I felt it only fair to give the other side a chance. I certainly owed it to Trisha Gupta. Obviously Qalandar wasn’t aware of Trisha Gupta’s piece either when he posted Saurabh’s article. Anyway I am now referencing the comment that was left today by someone below. I have of course deleted Saurabh’s post but I can testify to the fact that the claims below are entirely accurate. To this end I am appending a paragraph (as example) from Saurabh’s piece at the end here and one can compare it to the opening one in Trisha Gupta’s piece. This is completely unacceptable. My apologies to Trisha Gupta..
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