Ittefaq (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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Images from Shankar’s 2.0 (updated)

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Ittefaq, the rest of the box office

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The Disguised Mode of Secret Superstar

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In the romantic comedies of the 60s a fairly quintessential sequence would involve the male protagonist sneaking into his lover’s residence dressed in a burqa and therefore able to avoid the watchful gaze of her stern father. Sometimes traffic would also flow in the other direction. In these instances the female would borrow the very same attire from a friend (who would in turn stay hidden in the room for the duration of the assignation) and similarly exit her home, once again with the father’s semi-authoritarian gaze shadowing her. The subversive potential of the burqa was charmingly revealed with such moves. An article of clothing meant to sequester the woman from public eyes would in effect enable this sort of commerce between the lovers. This kind of moment was a negotiation where the minority was affectionately represented in somewhat cliched fashion and then in turn the very same cliches were normalized and became useful for even the majority toolkit. For the longest time Bombay cinema, reflecting contemporary political cross-currents, has moved away from such playful representations in the service of a more anthropologically oriented or ghettoized notion of identities. In these cases the minority becomes simply a set of fetishes to be examined or cured. There have been exceptions to the rule every now and then but Secret Superstar strikes one as being perhaps the most significant such effort in recent times. Not least because this film is not really ‘about’ minorities. The family at its center is simply an ‘Indian’ example and the true heart of the film’s critique is directed at the edifice of patriarchal tyranny or that which transcends various identity fault-lines. And so after a long time the burqa is dusted off and brought out of the closet of Hindi cinematic history and becomes once more the instrument of delightful subversion. Continue reading

Images from Tiger Zinda Hai (updated)

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Secret Superstar, Golmaal Again, the rest of the box office (2)

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Ittefaq trailers (updated)

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