Downey vs. Inarittu (New Yorker)

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Excerpt: “Actually, both Iñárritu and Downey have recently delivered great caricatures, not on screen but in speech. Iñárritu, in the interview last fall that featured the “cultural genocide” charge, caricatured superhero movies even better than he did in “Birdman.” Then, last week, Downey caricatured independent films. Like all good caricatures, these interviews capture something of the truth, even if with exaggeration, and, as in all good interviews, the subjects speak freely, as if they were riffing unguardedly among friends.”

The Jazz Age of Bombay

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Kashyap says that BV is dedicated to Lorna Cordeiro..


You couldn’t miss the poster as you sauntered down Jamshetji Tata Road in downtown Bombay. It hung outside the Astoria Hotel, across the street from the octagonal Art Deco turret of Eros cinema, inviting the city to Chris and Lorna’s daily shows at the Venice nightclub. It was 1971. India was savouring its newfound place on the world’s stage. The country’s armed forces had decisively liberated Bangladesh and the idealism of Independence had welled up again. India’s middle classes were capturing their polyester memories on Agfa Click IIIs that cost 46.50 rupees (taxes extra), aspiring to the lifestyles of “The Jet Set Air Hostesses” described in The Illustrated Weekly of India (price: 85 paise), and being encouraged by newspaper ads to “Go gay with Gaylord fine filter cigarettes”.
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Bombay Velvet, Piku (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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last week’s thread

Images from Shivaay (updated)

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns trailers (updated)

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Walking Manto’s Bombay

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Excerpt: “This spring I went on a journey in search of Manto’s city with the journalist Rafique Baghdadi, flaneur par excellence of Bombay. Rafique himself could have stepped out of one of Manto’s tales. He lives in a tiny single room near Mazagon docks, surrounded by canyon walls of books stacked floor to ceiling. A narrow passage of floor leads to a table and chair by the window. Rafique not only has an encyclopedic knowledge of Bombay and its history, he has also walked all of its streets. He seems to know every shopkeeper in every quarter of the city, and he is steeped in the world of cinema.”


Priyanka Chopra in ABC’s Quantico

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thanks to Aamirsfan…

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is heading to American television with a lead role in the ABC drama “Quantico.”

“Wow. I’m still reeling,” she said Monday night at a party to celebrate the presentations in New York this week where networks unveil new programming to advertisers.
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