Salim’s Viewing! (updated)

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns
Watched this without having seen the original. Kangana is spectacular and the dialogues are a delight. I thought the concept of this film was very interesting and I loved how messy everything was left at the end.
Watched it a second time and because I didn’t need to focus on the plot I could enjoy how awesome the dialogues are.
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Macbeth trailer

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Phantom, the rest of the box office

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last week’s thread

In Conversation with Quentin Tarantino

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An interesting candid interview of one of Hollywood’s most frustratingly inconsistent genius maverick! Even his responses are so meta… like he’s scripting how his ‘interview’ would be imagined were it to be a candid one.

‘Frankly, sophisticated audiences are not a problem. Dumb audiences are a problem. But I think audiences are getting more sophisticated — that’s just a product of time. In the ’50s, audiences accepted a level of artifice that the audiences in 1966 would chuckle at. And the audiences of 1978 would chuckle at what the audience of 1966 said was okay, too. The trick is to try to be way ahead of that curve, so they’re not chuckling at your movies 20 years down the line. With Pulp Fiction,people were like, “Wow, I have never seen a movie like that before. A movie can do that?” I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I’m not talking ridiculously over anyone’s head anymore. I think people watched Djangoand Inglourious Basterds and thought they were really out there, but they got it. They felt themselves on solid ground. It wasn’t just, “What the fuck was that?” And people understand what I’m doing with genre. They’re not befuddled. They don’t think I’m doing it wrong. They get it.’

Salt ‘N Pepper

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Talvar trailer

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Puli trailers (updated)

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