De De Pyar De Trailer

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Saket on Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota

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Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota – A Kung-Fu spectacle and a loving tribute to the 80s that’s marred by misplaced existentialism.

Ever since I saw the trailer of MKDNH, I just had to watch this film. It looked so cool; the film even won the Midnight Madness award at TIFF, and its quirky vibe had me hooked from the get go. This is why trailers can be so, so deceptive. MKDNH’s trailer aroused certain expectations that I thought were reasonable. But, as it turned out, the overall experience was similar to ordering a Vanilla ice-cream… only to get a Mint version, with a bit of coconut chutney on the side. A part of me felt like screaming out loud – this is not what I had ordered! I was expecting a desi Kill Bill, but what I got was Tarantino mixed with Ingmar Bergman! How does one go about digesting that?
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Kabir Singh Teaser

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Romeo Walter Akbar, the rest of the box office

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NYT on Super-Deluxe (Tamil; 2019)

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“Got porn, Madam?” That’s what the high school boy known variously as Milk Carton and Egg Muffin asks a DVD store clerk after some stammering feints in the Tamil movie “Super Deluxe.”

And, yes, Madam has porn. But, surprise: When Egg Muffin and his pals start to watch it, one of them becomes enraged. That’s his mother onscreen.

This sets off a chain of mostly comic events that are, by turns, ominous, bloody and cosmic. And that’s just one plot strand. In another, a married woman’s ex-boyfriend dies in her bed, setting off a chain of comic, ominous events. In a third, a little boy pines for his father to return, and the father does — but now transformed into a woman. (Another chain ensues.)…”


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Images from Kalank (updated)

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Junglee, Kesari (Ongoing), other minor releases and the rest of the box office

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