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An Jo: ‘Veer’ Sooryavanshi

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Disclaimers Out of 15, I picked top 4:

1. Major Spoilers/Disappointments
2. No intent of comparison to Hollywood or ANY claim of superior intelligence or ‘taste’. I love Suppandi
3. No intent of bringing down the morale of the Hindi film industry
4. No claim over ‘masala’ and English ‘Grammar’

When Saibal Chatterjee from NDTV, who is utterly unfit to view or understand commercial Hindi cinema, rated it a 3 on 5, I was bowled over! This was like Ray giving ‘Gunda’ a thumbs-up! Then it is decided; this is going to be a full-on blast for me! And 2 shows were immediately added yesterday in DC [there were only 2 decided for the week – ‘Sone pe Suhaaga’; 2 more shows. Continue reading

Shivaay on Sooryavanshi

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Sooryavanshi Review : Ajay Devgn steals the show in this Akshay Kumar starrer

Shetty o Shetty, you’re the only one capable of transforming a crisp solid anti terrorism/sleeper cell plot into an outlandish over the top masala potboiler with larger than life hero’s, rain dancing queens and caricaturist baddies who induce more comic book relief than fear in the viewer.
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Well done Akshay Kumar

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First of the bat.
Akshay Kumar deserves massive kudos for having the guts and cajones to release not 1 but 2 of his films after Wave 2.
The opening of Sooryavanshi is 100% deserved for years of multiple releases and thoroughly hard work.
I do not think he is the #1 star in Bollywood but he is currently the only star in the running. The others have let Bollywood down through the pandemic.
Actually Akshay released 3 films – Laxmii too.
Bow down to the new King. Shame on Aamir (vanishing act, lack of movies in general), shame on Salman (crappiest movies for ages), shame on SRK (years of failures), shame on Hrithik and Ranbir (next big things toiling around doing less work in their prime).

Good on Akshay Kumar for doing films.

This one is for Naveen!