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the BOmbay report (2016): 01st Jan-07th Jan

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I’ve admittedly never been a Box Office kind of guy. While I’ve enjoyed the spirited Box Office debates and arguments looking from the outside in, rarely have I engaged with it as passionately as many members whom I admire and loathe do. Anyway, the idea for this weekly post (at least that’s the plan for now) came by way of a rather random exchange that I had with one of the esteemed members of this blog- Qalandar, an individual I am proud to have as a friend as well.

During his visit to my place during the Ganesh festival in September this past year; we were talking about Bahubali, and he casually remarked how he would like to see it on the big screen again. And I, just as casually, remarked that it was still playing at few cinemas, a long run at the cinemas which he was pleasantly surprised to learn of. That conversation stayed with me. Box Office figures tell you about opening days, first weekends, weekly nett and grosses and so on. But surely, the perception of a film and its acceptance cannot be arrived at only by how much it has made. Yes, the numbers matter… but there must be a meter to gauge a film’s continued ability to attract moviegoers and keep a steady flow coming in of those wanting to see it. In these times when new releases eat up all screen space, if a liked film from the previous weeks has come down to but a few screens, it will naturally have a ceiling on how much it can make with those amount of screens. But if it sustains those screens, and keeps churning out the numbers on the lower end consistently… surely that is a phenomenon in itself that cannot be ignored.

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Qalandar on Freedom

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I was recently asked to write a piece for an online journal called Pratilipi. The issue’s theme was “freedom”, and writers were free to define that term any way they wanted to. My take is at the link below:


Mysore’s Opera Cinema

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apparently this has an unusual ventilation system.. no windows for the air to travel through..

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Qalandar’s Movie Poster Yatra [UPDATED 9/29/09]

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[I had omitted the Eros cinema shots in the Mumbai section yesterday. In general, for all the Mumbai theaters I am deeply indebted to Abzee and his father for taking me there — Qalandar]

In honor of movie poster/theater day on Satyamshot, some shots from trips to India over the last 3-4 years…

In Delhi (February 2006) (“Suhaagan Banaa Das Sajnaa Hamaar”):
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Khote Sikkey at Naz Cinema, Lucknow

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Feroz Khan’s campy Magnificent Seven inspiration is a fit for the theater if ever there was one! this theater only screens classic films..
real ‘widescreen’ pic here

Sunset Drive-in.. Ahmedabad

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Firstly thnks to everyone who has started such a beautiful and romantic nostalgic discussion on theaters but in all post till now drive in was missing and without discussion or knowing it the whole discussion i assume not organic whole or complete.
(below image shows the gigantic screen)














The best movie experience one can have… under the natural enviorment ..observing sunset ..and slowly the screen lighting always magical for me.. Nowhere in India i suppose the same exist as of now (in mumabi it was there earlier but it was flop).. bringing the carpet and pillows and home made food and farsan and water and relaxing under the nature. The walks before the movie starts. its size and lenght always amazes it me. its located at prime place in ahmedabad where if u sell this plot it will be amonmg costliest place in ahmedabad i guess and i was always worried that one day it will be sold after emergence of multiplex culture but it survived and how.

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The heydays of Bangalore’s movie halls

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thanks to aajkaarjun…

If there was one city in the newly independent India that was a real moviegoer’s delight, it had to be Bangalore. In the early ‘50s, cinema theatres in Bangalore used to show films in many languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Few years later, Malayalam and Bengali movies could also be seen in morning shows. In that sense Bangalore was probably the most cosmopolitan town in the country. Such a varied taste in films was a reflection of tolerant and eclectic mindset of the natives. May be this was also the way the foundation for a pan-Indian city was being laid!
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A galaxy of releases at Jaipur’s legendary Raj Mandir

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thanks to Rocky for reminding me of this..
click to enlarge
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Golcha cinema in Delhi’s Daryaganj

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thanks to Rocky..

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Bombay’s landmark Minerva cinema & the Sholay history

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thanks to Aajkaarjun

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Bombay’s legendary Maratha Mandir

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