Saheb Biwi aur Gangster trailers (updated)


20 Responses to “Saheb Biwi aur Gangster trailers (updated)”

  1. This doesn’t look half bad.


    • Agreed — especially as it’s from the director of Haasil. The only comical thing is that the “Saheb” looks to be a bigger gangster than the “Gangster”! But despite the Maqbool’s Tabu-hangover on Mahir Gill, I definitely want to check this out (she’s sexy even when un-original).


  2. Agree.Will be worth checking out.
    And agree about Ms. Gill. Would defo take her over the other skank in Dev D who seems to be getting more oppurtunities.


  3. looks fucking brilliant!

    definately going to watch this

    Kudos to Jimmy Shergill for doing good roles and going for good scripts. Take note Abhishek


  4. alex adams Says:

    Always found Jimmy Shergill reasonable who somehow hasnt got his full due.
    Mahi Gill is talented and an instictive actress though her looks can be variable.
    HAte the third hoodlum —think his name is Hooda—one of a tribe who think that ego and attitude (alone) maketh a man!


  5. Mahi Gill goes bold

    Here’s a look at how far the actress has gone in ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster’

    Mahi Gill stunned everyone with her bold portrayal of Paro in Dev D. But in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster (the new-age adaptation of the old classic Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam), she goes a step further.

    Not only has she shed her clothes but also has a lengthy kissing scene as well.

    A source says, “The film has erotic scenes between Randeep Hooda and Mahi Gill. There is a love-making scene where she is dressed like a royal bahu and seduces Randeep’s character.

    Initially she had a few reservations, but once Tigmanshu assured her that it will be shot aesthetically she was game for it.”

    Says producer Sunil Bohra, “It’s a romantic scene in the film. Though people will find it very hot and sensuous,
    Tigmanshu has shot the sequence aesthetically.”


  6. Note how the more sexually liberated woman (not to mention the kind who uses sex as seduction) occurs most often and certain most boldly in either this kind of small town and/or ‘lower class’ setting or else in the Mahesh Bhatt inspired ‘bordering-on-soft-porn-with-pretense-of-noir’ world where certain kinds of ‘upscale’ people have sex more than they talk! Bit for everything else in between and seemingly normal the ‘kiss’ is still the transgression of choice! as we saw in ZNMD recently.

    Now I’d overall probably err on the side of having the Mahie Gill representation than not (because a space is nonetheless opened up which can then impact other kinds of cinema over time.. ) but mainstream Bollywood continues to be quite conservative in these matters.

    The guy who seems to be living most irresponsibly these days is Naseer. In every other film he impregnates a woman and runs away! Rajneeti… ZNMD!


  7. i wonder what “it has been shot aesthetically” really means..nowadays it’s as ghisa pita an expression as “meri film hatke hai” used to be a while ago 🙂


  8. I do not think that this is my type of movie. So going to give it a skip!


  9. iffrononfire Says:

    looks to be a real great tribute to saheb biwi aur ghulam whats next movie on radar……pyasa(a true tale of sexual lust ……a tribute to gurudutt)


  10. Another titillating film for males. LOL!


  11. “The guy who seems to be living most irresponsibly these days is Naseer. In every other film he impregnates a woman and runs away! Rajneeti… ZNMD!”—haha
    Guess, he is making up for all the lost time
    All that time as the impoversihed labourer in the ankurs etc
    Time to catch up some “action” for naseer..
    better late than never…lol

    btw this girl seems to be on a “mission” to outdo emraan hush-mi…
    Hope she wins the “race”


  12. I’m not totally giving up hope on this film yet. I usually like desi noir. I’ll wait for the reviews and hope that this does not descend to the levels of Mahesh Bhatt’s work.


  13. Like the term “desi noir”
    Btw can we have some examples of “true” desi noir films


    • Desi Noir is a non sequitur. Film Noir is a proper genre confined to a particular time period in Hollywood history, roughly coinciding with the great depression and extending beyond the second world war, after which the genre was dead. Noir itself was inspired by German expressionism among other sources.

      Speaking of the same time period, Guru Dutt was quite clearly inspired by Film Noir. His films like Jaal & Baazi were clearly inspired by Hollywood (and Film Noir). What Mahesh Bhatak produces these days has more in common with porn than Noir.


      • Ha! Meanwhile Bhatt in every other interview laments the state of his cinema. He sometimes makes some rather cogent points about what ails Hindi cinema but then he goes back to work producing some of the more vile works coming out of the industry.


        • When I said desi noir, I really meant what is commonly referred to as ‘Bombay noir’ which are all of Ram Gopal Varma’s Bombay gangster films and the ‘neo-noir’ stuff like the Vishal Baradwaj films.

          Sorry if I classified the genre incorrectly, I’m not very educated in film terminology, I’m just going by what these films are often called. 😛


        • iffrononfire Says:

          lol one of his recent movie was murder 2 and the most hillarious thing was villain’s character shamlessly lifted from silence of lamb’s villains charater (as if one shangharsh was not enough) with no research

          and things lifted as it is(the castration part to well to allmost everything)


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