Thugs of Hindostan posters (updated)

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Thinking through Manmarziyaan…

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In what is possibly Manmarziyaan’s most splendidly elliptical moment the two rivals for Rumi’s affections meet and the encounter has already taken place. We never really learn about their exchange though Vicky has apparently mentioned ‘everything’. Rumi is everywhere in the story but somehow absent when this important sequence unfolds. Robbie is the reliable observer or witness of this world but we cannot gain access to his perspective at this crucial time. This tantalizingly elided scene contains the key to the film’s architecture as well as Anurag Kashyap’s sly purposes.

Manmarziyaan is in a literal sense the reinvigoration of the love triangle genre through a feminist lens but more profoundly it is a meta-fiction in conversation with an entire archive of commercial Indian cinema. A dual film therefore that not only offers contrasting love stories but also serves as commentary on the paradoxical relation between the untamed social energies of erotic love and the domestication of the same in marriage. In a different register one might think of it as the tension between revolutionary fervor and institutional politics. Kashyap’s elliptical instincts serve his ambitions well as his film is very much about the impossible and yet necessary passage from one to the other. His two very differently constructed visual halves index this dichotomy along with Vicky and Robbie who in turn represent each set of values. Rumi appropriately is forever transitioning between these two worlds.
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Qalandar Reviews MANMARZIYAN (Hindi; 2018)

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Manmarziyan opens with a shot of the Golden Temple, the sort of thing that in recent times has been one of the lazier clichés in Hindi cinema: if Sikhs are involved (and sometimes even when they aren’t), Amritsar’s sacred shrine is a given.  However, the vantage point here is a bit different, enabling the viewer to take in not only the iconic building, but also an incongruous neon sign perched on top.  One is almost tempted to say it doesn’t belong, except that in India, it sort of does.

That opening shot, if re-visited after the end credits have rolled, tells you a lot about director Anurag Kashyap’s aims in taking up one of the most hackneyed Bolly-genres of all – The Love Triangle – and in trying to give it his own twist.  That is, Kashyap scrupulously adheres to the genre’s conventions in several respects Continue reading

Chekka Chivantha Vaanam trailers (updated)

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Saket on Manmarziyaan

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In Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyan love, passion and practical wisdom collide to create a heady cocktail.

The world seen through Anurag Kashyap’s glasses has always been a bit murky – he’s a filmmaker who’s more interested in portraying angst-ridden characters who are typically engulfed in bleak surroundings – it’s no wonder very little sunshine (in his films) filters through. In that respect, Manmarziyan (and previously Mukkabaaz) offers a good counterpoint. Kashyap is still not interested in conventional characters but he has moved up the ladder as far as Maslow’s pyramid is concerned. In Manmarziyan, subsistence has been taken care off and we officially move towards first-world-ish problems: the Dil-Vil-Pyaar-Fyaar kind.
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Mom Calling (Short Film)

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Ha, this one is hilarious! — Qalandar

AndhaDhun trailers (updated)

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