Top 10 movie trilogies of all time

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Top 10 movie trilogies of all time: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Godfather and more

There are very few good movie trilogies out there. Sure, there are great individual movies in trilogies, but precious few that do not feel like superfluous cash grabs.
Here are 10 best movie trilogies of all time. I have also included movie series that may have more than three films, but should have been limited to just three.
1. The Lord of the Rings: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Peter Jackson’s sprawling adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s book of the same name, The Lord of the Rings remains a magnificent achievement to this day. These movies featured a story that has become an archetype for its genre. The archetype roughly goes like this: a farm boy (or a seemingly powerless person) becomes entangled in a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and in the end, he does so thanks to the skills he gains after being mentored by a wizard and/or a warrior. If not defeated, the Dark Lord will either destroy the world or enslave it. So, the stakes are as high as can be. There is a clearly delineated black and white mortality here.

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Choreographer Saroj Khan passes away

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Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan passed away in Mumbai on Friday following a cardiac arrest. She was 71.
Saroj’s daughter Sukaina Khan confirmed the news to
Saroj Khan was born as Nirmala Nagpal. She joined the Indian film industry as a child artiste, playing the younger Shyama in Nazarana. She eventually became a background dancer in 1950s films like Bimal Roy’s Madhumati under the guidance of dance director B. Sohanlal.

Top 10 music albums

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Please post your top 10 music albums(Any Time frame); you may post some songs from these albums.
You may change your choices in sub-comment.

Images from movies

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Trailers of all other Movies

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Bulbbul, Krishna and his Leela and the rest of the box office

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Trailers of non-Indian languages movies

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On GULABO SITABO and the battle between crumbling traditions and modernity

Beneath the comic musical-beats of GULABO SITABO, there carries a twang of pain for every beat. There’s a reasoning for everything here; why Amitabh was chosen? Why was he made to be a hunch-back? Why was he lisping on about his famous movie ‘Deewal’?

In perhaps one of his most unadulterated movies ever, coming close on the heels of October—that had a bad actor to begin with—Shoojit takes the finest actor-star the Hindi film industry has ever seen, and pits him against an actor who is known to own small-town-actor roles.
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Aarya and the rest of the box office

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Sushant Singh Rajput passes away at 34

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Bollywood has lost yet another actor as reports suggest that Sushant Singh Rajput has decided to end his life and committed suicide at his residence in Mumbai. While the industry is still reeling with the passing away of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor in April, Bollywood has to now deal with yet another loss. Sushant was 34 years old, more details about are awaited.

tonymontana’s random thoughts on Gulabo Sitabo

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Juhi and Shoojit try to keep things as subtle as possible, even in moments that could have exploded on the screen as those of sheer lunacy. There’s plenty of humour here, but not one that’s forced down your throat or that plays out to draw cheap laughs. There’s an event that sets things in motion: a wall that breaks down when a tenant is relieving himself, and that remains the only instance that might draw guffaws. GS plays otherwise unfolds at a leisurely pace, playing out like a social satire, but the joke’s on you if you do not understand the larger implications of it. This is a delicious take on the Gulabo Sitabo folk tale of two women fighting for the same man. The ‘man’ here is a decrepit old building owned by a woman well in her 90s, constantly flanked by vultures about who are waiting for her demise so they could get their hands on the massive (or not) fortune.
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Gulabo Sitabo and the rest of the box office

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An Jo on ‘A Death in the Gunj’

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– Spoilers ahead

The first scene of ‘A Death in the Gun’ itself kind of informs the audience as to how the movie might shape out. Gulshan Devaiah’s Nandu and Ranveer Shorey’s Vikram open up the trunk of a blue-colored Ambassador car and talk, as a matter-of-factly, about twirling the body in a fetal shape: You will know at the end the significance of that scene. What is a fetal position? It is just the stage/state before you are born from the womb; the child then born sees the out-side world, but it still is oblivious to the world’s and its human inhabitants’ machinations. Its brain is still not mapped with tricks. This is hardly a horror movie; well, in a way, yes, it does talk about the horrors of not being worldly-wise.
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Filmmaker Basu Chatterjee passes away

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Filmmaker-screenwriter Basu Chatterjee, best known for directing films like Choti Si Baat, Rajnigandha, Baaton Baaton Mein, Ek Ruka Hua Faisla and Chameli Ki Shaadi among more, passed away on Thursday in Mumbai, following age-related ailments. He was 93.


Music director Wajid Khan passses away

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Weekly box office thread

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Tarantino Says ‘The Social Network’ Is ‘Hands Down’ the Best Film of the 2010s

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“It crushes all the competition,” Tarantino said of David Fincher’s 2010 Facebook drama.

Quentin Tarantino revealed in January that he considered Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” to be the second best film of the 2010s. The announcement led fans to wonder what the “Django Unchained” and “Pulp Fiction” considered to be the best movie of the last decade, and now Tarantino has made his pick official: “The Social Network.” In a new interview with Premiere (via The Playlist), Tarantino says David Fincher’s 2010 Facebook drama crushes all of its competitors and calls screenwriter Aaron Sorkin “the greatest active dialogist.”

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An Jo’s take on Rangeela

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hat free-flowing spirit of Aamir aided with Ramu’s love/lust for the Bombay film industry& Amitabh…

Hardly has any-body been able to capture the spirit of the Bombay film industry likeSai Paranjapein the ‘80s and then, Ramu in the ‘90s. Ramu’s ‘Rangeela’ especially stood out to me; since in December 2019, I visited Columbia studios in LA for 3 hours spending 200$, and got to know where the hotel-lobby scenes of ‘PRETTY WOMAN’ were shot; and more so, TITANIC, where, a gradient parking lot was used to shoot the entire drowning scenes in the Atlantic Ocean. My initial reactions were, “Are you effing kidding me?’? This is where Jack drowned?? What the hell!” The lady-guide who took me to that 3 hour-tour was obviously noticing my increasing problems. After the 3-hour tour, she said, “Let’s have a pint of beer.” Still disappointed, I said, ‘ya whatever’; and mentioned to her, “You know, with your tour, you just took the life; whatever was left, out of me – while you educated me that the ‘TITANIC’ was never shot on the Atlantic, you also exposed me to the beauties of the studio-system in Hollywood, and in our own country, the salt of the Earth, and the smell of the studio.” And then, in 2020, we have our CV at the mercy of CV [Corona Virus] and nothing is going to be the same ever.Will I ever watch the US open again at the Arthur Ashe stadium? Will I take the D train on the sub-way again? Will I ever visit the free Shakespeare-plays again in Central Park? I don’t know: And there are far more important truths to life – our loved ones; the ones who are stuck alone. Here’s a brutal truth about loneliness; it will strike you at any age. And the so-called young are now being made to realize what the loneliness of parents mean. Don’t just deal with it; come out with solutions.
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Ghoomketu and the rest of the box office

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