tonymontana’s viewings (Updated)

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Another solid Malayalam film that is extremely telling of the political nexus of India and how the police department is a mere pawn in the larger scheme of things. The lives are gambled with, and even deaths are ‘used’ to gain a political upper hand. A clichéd statement this might be, but its relevance in the India of today, with a blind public (what an astonishing final frame!) that can be so finicky based on its own bias and caste preferences while casting their vote, and a media acting jury and executioner, show how deep we have landed in a muck of social chaos.
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Images from movies (Updated)

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Radhe and the rest of the box office

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Trailers of non-Indian languages movies (Updated)

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Radhe Trailer

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Trailers from all other movies – 3 (Updated)

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Vanraj Bhatia dies at 93

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Legendary music composer and National Award winner Vanraj Bhatia, 93, passed away on Friday. The Padma Shree awardee was facing old age issues and was mostly bedridden. He is best known for composing music for films such as Ankur, 36 Chowringhee Lane and TV show Tamas.

The Disciple and the rest of the box office

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Abzee’s Oscar predix for 2020-21

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There you have it. The longest Oscar season of our lifetime yet. And it just feels wrong. The ongoing pandemic threw the whole Oscar season in disarray… we now have a 14 month long eligibility window to make up for the months lost, which means that this year’s Oscar will honour the ‘best’ of 2020 and the first couple of months of this new year too. Several rules, at the Oscars, BAFTAs and Golden Globes were changed. Some were due to the pandemic, some as a natural response to the various civil and societal upheavals that the world and especially the United States experienced this last year… and these bodies wanted to make the right noises thusly. Were these changes hasty as the odd BAFTA nominations have revealed? Were they mere tokenism as the audacious Golden Globes revealed? Or will they strike some balance of hope and resurrection as the Oscars intend to do?

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Off The Cuff with Rakesh Anand Bakshi

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One of the most successful lyricist of Hindi Films, Anand Bakshi Sahab. His son has written a book on him ‘Nagme, Kisse, Baatein, Yaadein’. The Life & Lyrics of Anand Bakshi’

Composer Shravan Rathod of Nadeem-Shravan fame dies due to Covid-19 complications

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Composer Shravan Rathod of Nadeem-Shravan fame dies due to Covid-19 complications

Music composer Shravan Rathod of Nadeem-Shravan fame died on Thursday evening of Covid-19 related complications at the age of 66. Shravan’s son Sanjeev Rathod confirmed the news to
Sanjeev said, “He passed away tonight. He was not responding to treatment at all.
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Radhe Stills (Updated)

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Vakeel Saab and the rest of the box office

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Z’s Viewings

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1) Mirzapur 1 and 2: Loved 1st season, 2nd season dragged little bit. The guy playing Munna is a hoot, loved him in every scene. Tripathi and Faisal does very well in their role too. Many may not like Anurag Kashyap but his GOW has paved ways for many films/shows in the same line.
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tonymontana note on Joji

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I don’t know if it was Fahaad Faasil’s character arc that was more effective or his portrayal, but he is spectacular and gives a performance for the history books. Dileesh Pothan not just exploits the actor’s gift of reactions and effectively utilising his expressions and body language to show dilemma, shock, impatience, helplessness, and frustration, he builds up a character that is at once loathsome and pathetic, pitiful and scary in a rather demeaning way. The actor is a gift for contemporary Malayalam cinema, and I can’t imagine what the film would really ‘look and feel’ like were it not elevated by the protagonist’s bravura act, for he, along with some stunning frames, lends much of the film its soul.
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An Jo on Pagglait

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On ‘Pagglait’ and the existential duty of life surrounded by death…
(Spoilers ahead)

‘Pagglait’, in a crude way, is a North Indian slang and stands for a ‘different’ level of crazy. In a way, it is the equivalent of the English language’s ‘bat-shit’ crazy: Mere ‘crazy’ is not enough to define the wide gap; like the difference between a Ranveer Singh and Mika Singh. It can be inverted and used or misused in any which way one wants. In a colloquial sense, it is used to define or stereotype someone going against the grain. Sanya Malhotra’s Sandhya Giri, then finds herself labeled the same, at least in her subconscious being, when she observes, and inadvertently, forced to see the behavior of distant-relatives/friends/blood-relatives and, well, the ‘other’ woman.

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Steven Spielberg’s 20 favourite movies

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Steven Spielberg’s 20 favourite movies

It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra (1946)
The Godfather – Francis Ford Coppola (1972)
Fantasia -Walt Disney (1940)
A Guy Named Joe – Victor Fleming (1943)
Guardians of the Galaxy – James Gunn (2014)
War of the Worlds – Byron Haskin (1953)
Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock (1960)
2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick (1968)
Lawrence of Arabia – David Lean (1962)
Untouchable – Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano (2011)
The Dark Knight – Christopher Nolan (2008)
The 400 Blows – François Truffaut (1959)
Day for Night – François Truffaut (1973)
Citizen Kane – Orson Welles (1941)
Captains Courageous – Victor Fleming (1937)
The Best Years of Our Lives – William Wyler (1946)
The Searchers – John Ford (1956)
Tootsie – Sydney Pollack (1982)
Seven Samurai – Akira Kurosawa (1954)
Dumbo – Walt Disney (1941)

Rajinikanth to Be Honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke

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Rajinikanth to Be Honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke
AAfter Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar announced that megastar Rajinikanth will be presented with the Dadasaheb Phalke honour, congratulatory messages filled up Twitter. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the first to congratulate the 70-year-old actor.

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Happy Holi 2021! (Updated)

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to one and all!