Trailers from all other movies – 4

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Bhavai, other minor releases and the rest of the box office

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Trailers from all other movies – 3 (Updated)

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An Jo’s note on Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

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Wish the writer had spent more time talking about the specifics of the film rather than the current climate yawn….

Shah, Kundan, not Naseer, was trying to mix up things: He was aiming for a marriage of black comedy and Marx brothers with the physical stuff [remember Satish Shah’s coffin being moved around as though it were a Premier Padmini car.] Continue reading

Trailers of non-Indian languages movies (Updated)

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tonymontana’s viewings (Updated)

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House of Secrets:

Didn’t follow the case of the Burari murders when the news came out and media followed the case for days (sensationalising it, as usual), but this turns out to be unexpectedly gripping,. Despite the furore it was making once it got released, this surpassed my expectations. This was genuinely unsettling and the last two episodes were rather chilling. One of the best crime docu dramas I’ve seen
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The Sports Thread 2021 (4)

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Rashmi Rocket, Venom: Let There be Carnage and the rest of the box office

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The incomparable Amitabh – My diary of a passionate engagement over two decades (Utkal) – Updated

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The year 1971. I am in the final year of school, right in the center of the Hindi heartland, in Raipur, eating, drinking and dreaming Hindi films. After a spate of super hits, the then heartthrob of Indian film lovers, Rajesh Khanna, has delivered some okey-dokey films. And then came Anand. We were all zapped. What a film! What a performance! And who won’t be touched by ‘ Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye’ or ‘ Zindagi kaise Yeh Paheli Hai’ ? The superstar had redeemed himself. But amidst all this, we also talked of the character called ‘ Babu Moshai’ and an actor called Amitabh Bachchan. His performance too was praiseworthy, we all agreed. Looking back, Little did anyone realize that like the slayer of Kamsa being born in the prison cell of the Mathura king, the man who would dethrone the superstar, had got his definitive break in the triumphant comeback film of the superstar himself. Come to think of it, the Angry Young Man was born in Anand itself. ” Bolte kuyn nahin ho? Pichhle ten mahinese bak bak karte mere sar kha gaye ho. Ab chup kyuon ho? ‘ The way Amitabh delivered those lines, the intensity, the total concentration, it was never done before in Indian films. But we quickly forgot him and looked at actors like Navin Nischal ( Sawan Bhadon, Prawana) and Anil Dhawan ( Chetna, Piya Ka ghar) as the big stars of the next generation. ( Dharmendra was already a big star rivalling Rajesh Khanna with hits like Mera Gaon Mera Desh and Seeta Aur Geeta. ) .
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No Time To Die Movie Review — Goodbye, Mr. Craig! You will be sorely missed…

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It’s not a perfect film and has its flaws, mainly an under-developed villain and some moments full of bloat towards the end, but overall, it’s a solid Bond film made with a specific purpose in mind — to bid farewell to Daniel Craig. And it serves its purpose well enough, despite not being a timeless classic like Casino Royale or Skyfall.

An Jo on ‘No Time to Die’

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Mild Spoilers

  • The irony of the title isn’t lost as one connects it to the finale in ‘No Time To Die’; the last movie in which Craig plays 007, ever since revolutionizing the Bond series with the best in Craig’s series, ‘Casino Royale,’  closely followed by ‘Skyfall.’ However, the rest of the movie would fall into the ‘trying-to-be’ mold and doesn’t spectacularly succeed. It has neither the smartness of ‘Casino Royale’ in balancing and fleshing out, bit-by-bit, Bond getting hooked onto emotions, nor the bold walk towards maternal feelings and the weird sibling rivalry that Bardem has with Craig. [“Orphans make the best spies,” says M to Craig in ‘Skyfall’ when he asks her why she selected him.]
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  • Manasvi, No Time to Die (continuing) and the rest of the box office

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    Legendary comedian Umer Sharif passes away in Germany

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    Legendary comedian Umer Sharif passes away in Germany

    Legendary comedian Umer Sharif passed away in Germany on Saturday after battling serious health problems. He was 66.

    No Time to Die and the rest of the box office

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    Images from movies (Updated)

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    Sanjana’s note on Annabelle Sethupathi

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    No one can take a film named Annabelle Sethupathy, Annabelle Rathore or Annabelle whatever seriously. This film is nothing but a spoof on ghosts. I wanted to watch it in tamil to listen to Yogi Babu’s funny tamil slapstick comedy. But there was only Hindi version available on hotstar yesterday And today also no tamil version and I had to watch the next half in chaste Kannada version.. Half hearted truly!
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    Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? and the rest of the box office

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    Shivaay on Shershaah

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    Perhaps the best thing the viewers would usually do while tuning in to watch Shershaah is to have minimalistic expectation, considering the fact that its a Siddharth Malhotra starrer from a Dharma Production. Even though you know this is a film that celebrates one of India’s bravest war heroes, you cannot really have much expectation from the Siddharth-Karan Jo pair. Or can you? This is where hiring a director like veteran Vishnuvardhan (a relative unknown in Bollywood circles) ends up being a blessing in disguise and a mini masterstroke.
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    Bhoot Police Movie Review: There’s a solid film in there, somewhere, but it’s ruined by bad acting!

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    In one of the film’s comic moments, a joke is cracked on nepotism and how it benefits the unworthy. All I can say is, full marks for self-awareness, but in doing so, the joke’s on the audience and it’s certainly not funny!