Kanche trailer

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An Jo on Phantom

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I quite liked Phantom and am not sure what all the negativity is about. The BEST thing about it is it doesn’t have SALMAN KHAN [or actually any star; I mention Salman since Kabir works with him]. It then gives the makers some leeway into THINKING about other aspects of movie-making. With a below-average actor but a humongous star like Salman Khan, there is always the bait of ‘circling’ around the star. With Saif, there is none of the challenges! He is neither an above-average actor nor – obviously – a star. So Saif’s Daniyal Khan passes off quite well within the parameters of Phantom. It gels quite well with the basic plot – fetch an internet/face-book/twitter-dead Indian Army soldier cursed to anonymity and get him to join an outlandish plot – on paper at least – of bringing covert justice to the perpetrators of attacks on Bombay [there is a smart scene where even a terrorist like Hafeez Saeed’s character is shown twitter-feeding his rally! And in contrast, you have just one internet piece on a disgraced Indian soldier (quite liked the throw-back to Amitabh’s disgraced character in KAALA PATTHAR though). [By the way, this fellow with a moniker of ‘Harris’ Saeed is supposed to be some Professor in the eyes of ISI – you can quite well imagine where he got his ‘Professor’-ship from.]
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Katti-Batti trailers (updated)

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Singh Is Bliing trailers (updated)

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Salim’s Viewing! (updated)

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns
Watched this without having seen the original. Kangana is spectacular and the dialogues are a delight. I thought the concept of this film was very interesting and I loved how messy everything was left at the end.
Watched it a second time and because I didn’t need to focus on the plot I could enjoy how awesome the dialogues are.
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Macbeth trailer

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Phantom, the rest of the box office

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