Jayshah’s Box Office

All The Best Holds Steady; Blue Underperforms Massively
Mixed Response To Diwali Releases
Acid Factory Is A Disaster; Wake Up Sid Emerges A Success
Wake Up Sid Good In Multiplexes; Do Knot Disturb Weak
What’s Your Raashee? Opens To Weak Response; Wanted Emerges Hit
Wanted Takes Excellent Opening; Dil Bole Hadippa! Relatively Poor
New Releases Continue To Struggle
Dull Response To New Releases
Poor week for new releases; Kaminey/Life Partner hold firm
Sikander/Shadow woeful; Kaminey falls
Kaminey scores impressively in opening week
New releases stay afloat; Love Aaj Kal emerges a hit
Luck disappoints
Short Kut and short lived at box office…ditto Kambakkht Ishq
Kambakkht Ishq opens well; signs of slide
New York revitalizes business
Paying Guests poor opening week
Kal Kissne Dekha flatters to deceive
New releases poor, 99 continues good run
99 performing decently
8×10 Tasveer fails to impress
Aa Dekhen Zara latest to succumb to multiplex row
Gulaal disappoints at box office
Dhoondte Reh Jaoge and 13B decent
New releases poor; Delhi 6 flops
Delhi 6 garners mixed response

21 Responses to “Jayshah’s Box Office”

  1. Where is the report about ajab prem ki gazab kahan ? Is it the biggest hit of the year ?


  2. Unfortunately I am at the moment not writing these columns. Indiafm/bollywoodhungama has not populated any numbers for past 3 weeks 😦


    • Yeah it’s a pity.. but it also shows how much your voice was becoming subversive for the entrenched interests. Clearly a BOI or IBOS wasn’t bothering anyone. Your precise methodology was however.


  3. Kurbaan Grosses 4 Crore On First Day

    Saturday 21st November 2009 17.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Kurbaan grossed around 4 crore nett on day one. The film has average collections but overall has underperformed. the territory breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai – 1.55 crore

    Delhi/UP – 85 lakhs

    East Punjab – 35 lakhs

    West Bengal – 20 lakhs

    Bihar – 5 lakhs

    CP Berar – 15 lakhs

    CI – 12 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 20 lakhs

    Nizam – 20 lakhs

    Mysore – 22 lakhs

    Others – 15 lakhs


  4. I don’t know how subversive Jayshah was being, but I wish the Indian box office sites would get their terminology correct! What is the sense of writing that a film “grossed” so many crores “nett”? The number has to be either gross or net; it can’t be both. And while we’re at it, can someone please explain why they spell it as “nett”?


    • I can assure you he was getting noticed.. incidentally he also gets published in a newspaper with a circulation of a 100,000.


      • Oh, I wasn’t trying to denigrate Jay, but just pointing out that the Indian sites had more basic problems to deal with than a competing analyst. So, do you have any answers to my questions above?


  5. yup jay i also just read and it send a shock through me… but u know waht there are enough girls out there i think to watch this one.. but still a record for a small budget film..


  6. Ok I’m shifting here now since the older thread has become too unmanageable…

    DDD has grossed 577k over a 3 day weekend in the US and 742k over the longer 5 day weekend. Meanwhile it’s grossed 308k in the UK.

    And of course everyone’s talking about a big pickup in India. Just posted Taran’s link on the older thread.


  7. De Dana Dhan Steady On Monday

    Tuesday 1st December 2009 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan was steady on Monday thanks to very strong single screen business. Business in single screens at some centres in the North was even better than Friday while other single screens were similar or showed minimal drops. Multiplexes dropped in the 40-60% range compared to Friday depending on location. Multiplexes outside metroes were better while metro multiplexes showed larger falls.

    Overall business on Monday was around 3.50 crore nett taking the four day business of De Dana Dhan to around 26.50 crore nett. The next three days should be able to add another 8-9 crore nett which would enable the film to have a first week total in the 35 crore nett region. The second weekend will tell whether the film can do hit business.


  8. Here’s Taran:

    Dhan, dhan, more dhan

    December 2, 2009 – 08:29 IST

    DE DANA DAN has proved that the junta’s verdict is final, it’s the ultimate verdict.

    Ponder on this. Akshay + Suniel + Paresh + director Priyadarshan. That’s the ultimate combo for a laughathon. Naturally, the expectations were bound to be humungous. DE DANA DAN had to perform, especially for Akshay Kumar, whose last few films hadn’t lived up to the junta janardhan’s expectations.

    The opening weekend has been fantastic. According to industry estimates, the film has amassed approx. Rs. 24 crores nett, which easily ranks amongst the highest this year. Monday witnessed a decline in business, especially at plexes, but it held well at single screens of most centres. Also, let’s not overlook the fact that DE DANA DAN has had a really wide release. It has opened at 1,334 screens across India, which is a huge number.

    A section of the industry was predicting doomsday for the film on Saturday. Then Monday. But the slanderous talk fell flat on their face as the film continued to fetch robust figures.

    DE DANA DAN has a big price tag attached to it and with the domestic and international markets yielding good returns, a big chunk of the investment should be recovered. Of course, it also depends on how well it sustains in its second weekend.

    A film like DE DANA DAN should also fetch handsome returns from Satellite rights [clean comedies work big time] and also Home Video, which should make it a safe investment.


  9. BOI:

    2.75 Crore Nett Tuesday For De Dana Dhan

    Tuesday 2nd December 2009 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan had a fairly large drop on Tuesday of over 20% from Monday. The five day total is 29.25 crore nett approx and the film should another 4.50 crore nett for the next two days for a week total of nearly 34 crore nett.

    The film is suffering mainly due to business in multiplexes of metroes like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore. The business in Delhi is relatively better. Single screens are by far showing the steadier business.

    The best showing De Dana Dhan is coming in CI where it will do hit business and possible even Super Hit business but the fate of other circuits will be decided by the business in the second weekend.


  10. If the film is not doing well at Mumbai multiplexes it can’t have a very significant gross..


  11. BoC:

    De Dhana Dhan nets Rs 230 million in opening weekend

    MUMBAI: The Akshay Kumar – Katrina Kaif starrer De Dana Dhan has done a net business of approximately Rs 230 million (Rs 23 crore) in its opening weekend in India.

    The film did a gross business of Rs 470 million (Rs 47 crore) worldwide with the India gross at Rs 350 million (Rs 35 crore). Eros International released De Dana Dan across 1,700 screens worldwide. The movie is produced by Venus Films, directed by Priyadarshan and also stars Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal.

    On the other hand, Dharma Productions’ Kurbaan starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has done a net business of Rs 200 million (Rs 20 crore) in India in its first week run.


  12. Box Office: DDD fares well, best in the Hindi belt; PAA, RS, 3I; Dubai fallout
    Wednesday, December 02, 2009

    While the bulk of the Bollywood media gave more enthusiastic recommendation to Karan Johar’s Kurbaan which flopped from start itself, the bulk of the november Indian public actually opted for Priyadarshan’s De Dana Dan, which hasn’t.

    Now De Dana Dan has not had a spectacular weekend in Mumbai but the film has seen big turnouts in the Hindi circuits and Saurashtra. The collections all over Saturday were better than Friday. And Sunday was same or better than saturday.

    A fall was witnessed on Monday, followed by a stable Tuesday in single screens, which means the film so far is following a normal pattern of a successful film not of movies like Blue or Chandni Chowk to China which crashed all over after 2 days. The film is strong in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh etc, basically the territories Akshay Kumar hits have done well in the past. However the film is also expensively sold and so needs a bit more time. DDD would have been a much bigger grosser had it released earlier in the year, ahead of comedy hits like Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani and the Diwali winner hit All the Best.

    Releasing on December 4th is the Amitabh-Abhishek Bachchan 15 crore fare PAA. The paid screenings in Bombay Thursday for this film are sold out. For the weekend, the advance booking has opened well in parts of south and Bombay circuit. However it is not on par with Bunty aur Babli and Sarkar I. For the Indian public, it appears it is a wait and see situation on PAA.

    While it is clear the box office draw of Bachchans came down over the last 2-3 years, it is also relevant to note here that when in full featured roles, the Amitabh-Abhishek Bachchan 1-2 combo has never resulted in a flop.

    Releasing alongside PAA is the Himesh Reshammiya-Shenaz Treasurywala fare Radio. The advance bookings for this film are as expected, poor, though the film’s music has been appreciated.

    Next friday will have Rocket Singh on December 11, whose promos have failed to generate the buzz that Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani managed to, despite featuring the same lead actor (Ranbir Kapoor). While Ajab Prem is a superhit, in fact the top hit of 2009 so far, Rocket Singh is a Yash Raj production, which is coming off its most recent flop Dil Bole Hadippa, in September.

    Ending the year of 2009 will be Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. While the promos have not created a Ghajini type response, Aamir Khan has developed a Tom Hanks-like box office draw over the last few years, combining stardom and acting with quality cinema. Hollywood viewers will recall that in the mid-1990s, Tom Hanks gave a series of blockbusters in America in a similar approach. Hanks, who like Aamir Khan too has been an actor-producer-director, starred in some major box office moneymakers of the era like Forrest Gump.

    However broadly speaking, it appears recession in the west has affected box office collections overseas as well as in India this year. If the typical consumer may have gone to movie theater 4 times a year, he may only be attending once or twice. Overseas, the Dubai financial meltdown could further threaten to wipe out the Gulf factor for Bollywood overseas. So far about 70% of overseas market is US/UK. With Gulf making 20%, and rest of the world such as Mauritius and South Africa contributing 10%.


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