Memory Palaces

List of theaters..

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Chandni Chowk to China at Bombay’s New Empire
Naya Daur at Bombay’s Nishat theater
Bombay’s Paradise cinema
Patiala’s Phul theater
The ‘box office’ in ruin at Delhi’s defunct Chanderlok cinema
Bombay’s derelict Imperial Cinema
Bombay’s Alfred cinema
An MGR retro at Madurai’s Meenatchi theater
Pune’s landmark Prabhat Talkies
Regal Talkies in Amritsar’s old city
The ‘new’ Dostana at Chandigarh’s Kiran cinema
Mysore’s Lido cinema
The remains of Bombay’s Diana Talkies
Guntur’s Krishna Mahal
Calcutta’s Lighthouse cinema
Bombay’s Dreamland cinema
Bangalore’s Majestic
Delhi’s Chanakya theater and its ‘demise’ two years ago
Magadheera at Hyderabad’s Sudarshan theater
Coimbatore’s Royal theater
Devgan at the New Royal, Bombay
Bombay’s historic Capitol
The Rajni festival at Bangalore’s Natraj theater!
The ‘ruins’ of the Strand theater in Bombay
Dhoom 2 & Fanaa at the Delite in Delhi
Mysore’s Woodlands Cinema
Allahabad’s Palace theater
Bombay’s Plaza
The landmark Shenoys theater in Ernakulum, Kochi
Surat’s Shital cinema
Keshari Talkies in Bhubaneswar
Bombay’s first art deco Regal cinema
Mughal-e-Azam at Bombay’s art deco Eros theater
Saudagar (Ghai) at Bombay’s fabled Metro cinema
Rajni’s Mard remake ‘Maveeran’ at the Anandha theater in Pondicherry
Indias First Silent Movie Theater, Churchgate Mumbai
The Rajni bang at the Shanthi theater in Madras
Ghajini & Delhi 6 at Calcutta’s Paradise Cinema
Bangalore’s ‘ancient’ Elgin Talkies.. as old as the Luimeres in India (1896)
Welcome to the last show — the view from Calcutta
Mysore’s Opera Cinema
Khote Sikkey at Naz Cinema, Lucknow
Sunset Drive-in.. Ahmedabad
The heydays of Bangalore’s movie halls
Jaipur’s famous Raj Mandir screening Rang De Basanti
Golcha cinema in Delhi’s Daryaganj
Bombay’s landmark Minerva cinema & the Sholay history
Bombay’s legendary Maratha Mandir


20 Responses to “Memory Palaces”

  1. majestic cinema – Delhi

    Plaza in Delhi


  2. Varanasi

    Shahu Palace Cinema Hall is located at godowlia,Varanasi.Shahu Palace Cinema Hall is now closed.

    Shilpi Cinema Hall is located in Khojwa Bazar, Varanasi.Shilpi Theater is now closed.

    Ruins of Prakash Cinema. Most single screen theatres in the city met similar fate.

    Anand Mandir is one of the very few single screen theatres in Varanasi that have survived the onslaughts. The cinema hall now screens only Bhojpuri language films.


  3. Taksal Cinema Hall is located at Nadesar Varanasi.Cinema Hall is closed now.

    Chhavi Mahal Cinema Hall is located at Chowka Ghat Varanasi.

    Lalita Cinema Hall is located at Bhelupura, Varanasi.Lalita Cinema Hall is now closed.


  4. Prakash Theater is located in Lahurabir Varanasi and is closed now.


  5. Laxmi Palace, Cinema Hall,is located at Mahmoorganj, Varanasi

    Ganga Palace Cinema Hall is located at Lohamandi, Chetganj, Varanasi

    Sushil Cinema Hall is located at Godowlia, Varanasi.Hall is closed now.

    Yamuna Picture Palace is located in Bisheshwarganj, Varanasi and is closed now.


  6. Mazda Cinema Hall is located at godowlia on the way to Luxa Road.Now the cinema hall is demolished by owner and the land is used as Taxi Stand.

    Located in an ace spot along the lively Bidyapith Road, one cannot possibly miss the Sajan Cinema Hall with its flaming red entrance. Screening a number of popular Bollywood blockbusters as well as some Bhojpuri (a language spoken mostly in eastern and north-central India) films, this cinema is as unpretentious as they come. Don’t expect plush amenities; this one guarantees you a true cinematic experience complete with audience hoots, cat-calls and wolf-whistles when the ‘heroine’ makes her steamy entry on screen for the first time. Ticket rates are cheaper than those at the mall cinemas. Try Sajan when the spirituality of Varanasi has done its time.

    Pushpraj Cinema Hall is located in Shivpur, Varanasi.Pushpraj Theater is now closed.

    Abhay Cinema Hall is located in Assi, Varanasi.Abhay Theater is now closed.


  7. Shah, Agra…Saw Darr in second week..If I remember correctly Balcony was Rs. 16.

    Manjushree, Kanpur…Saw HAHK in 4-5th week..


  8. The Harchand cinema in Bathinda.

    Batra Theatre Chandigarh

    Bassi Theatre, Mohali

    Kiran Cinema in Chandigarh

    Kiran Cinema in Chandigarh

    Phul Cinema in Patiala


  9. Sangeet cinema, Ludhiana

    Deepak cinema located near Bhadaur House, Ludhiana

    Kailash cinema, Ludhiana


  10. Neelam Theatre, Chandigarh

    Piccadily Cinemas (Chandigarh)

    Bassi Theatre, Mohali

    Batra Theatre


    Nirman Theatre(Chandigarh)


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