The Rajni bang at the Shanthi theater in Madras

Madras is the name I grew up with much like ‘Bombay’ and hence I have always offered my own private (or not so private here!) resistance to these name changes..

14 Responses to “The Rajni bang at the Shanthi theater in Madras”

  1. Thanks for this Satyam. Not having stayed in Chennai for long , cannot contribute much. But yes, I did watch Sivaji in a suburban multiplex in the first week of its release. Needless to say, I could not hear a single bit of the dialogues throughout the movie coz of the incessant cheering and whistling!


  2. These have been a lovely collection of cinema pictures and stories – very colourful 🙂


  3. Here’s something on the TN state awards:

    Looks like they were really going in for over the top stuff this time!


  4. Satyam,
    The TN state awards are meaningless and nobody cares about it. They usually tend to simply pick the biggest films (in terms of prestige of the lead actor, box office etc.) of the year. For the past 4 years, the best actor award has been tossed between Rajini and Kamal!


  5. those posters are gigantic and godly..


  6. Wow that’s how you do It !!!
    great bill boards !!


  7. A well shot video would perhaps be the best way to capture the sheer frenzy of this sort of event. I just searched on YouTube and happened to find this one!

    Note that this is the advanced booking queue, much before the FD*S time frame.


  8. Check this out:


  9. I saw Sivaji in a suburban New Jersey theater and there were guys dancing in the aisles when the Baleilakka song came on!


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