Film Information verdicts over the years

Here is collection of Film Information verdicts over years. This is not complete. If you have for missing year then please share as comment and it will be added to post with credits.
Please note there is no intention of copyright infringement and it is for informational purposes only. It is collected from different users and websites (Facebook Sanity Group, Syed Abid,, Bollybusiness, koimoi, Rediff, twitter and other websites).





2012 Thanks to Marcus…


2010 Thanks to JC…

2009 Thanks to JC…



1999 Page 1

1999 Page 2


1997 – Incomplete

1996 – Page 1

1996 – Page2


1994 – Page1

1994 – Page2




1985 – Thanks to Shiva Prasad Shetty



108 Responses to “Film Information verdicts over the years”

  1. Marcus – here is the treasure 🙂

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  2. Worth its weight in gold. Thanks Munna 👍


  3. Big hits are pretty accurately captured here. But so are by most of the BO classifications by other sources. Issue comes with Hits/Superhit/SemiHit classifications.

    Can see many Akshay’s movies given one classification less compared to other similar hits like Welcome, Toilet, Rustom, AIrlift, HF4, Kesari, Bhul Bhulaiya, Heyy Babyy, …they all are inaccurately classified.

    There are few discrepancies in the ratings of others actors as well like Badla. It is surely one or two notches above.

    Again the transparency would not come unless the Distributor cost is shared. We now pretty much know the nett collection and classification method.

    This classification is not very popular among the trade experts, the way it used to be. The film distribution model has also changed every 5 years with several deals now included.


  4. My Classifications 2019


    Avengers End Game


    Kabir Singh
    Mission Mangal


    Good Newwz
    Dream Girl
    The Tashkent Files


    Total Dhamaal
    Super 30
    Pati Patni aur wok
    Lion King
    Captain Marvel
    Article 15
    Luka chippi
    Mardaani 2
    Bharat (absent in this classification)

    -Semi Hit

    Dede Pyaar de
    Batla House

    – Average to flop (in few sectors)



    • LOL! No need for every member of this forum to give his own classification based on their own bias. Munna has shared something very valuable. Will refer to that. Thanks Munna.


    • I see most here agreeing to my classification of 2019 movies over anything else.


    • War and Mission Mangal both are Blockbusters. My classification ties them together and correctly.


    • My Classification gives Bharat a HIT and so does Taran


      F1 doesn’t event classifies Bharat 🤣😜


  5. @Munna – Here is 2012:


    • Thanks and updated!
      if there are better scans of other years then please post.


    • Thanks Marcus. Was wondering about 2012.

      Oh My Good is a semi Hit?

      The ROI was over 200%. Again a clear case of devaluing it at least by one notch. here i would say couple of notches. And yes this is Akshay’s movie too.

      Quite a few Akshay movie are also correctly classified like Good Newwz, Gold, etc. it is not that it has been done for all his movies and….
      Also it is not that it is done only for his movies. Few movies of every star has been inconsistently mentioned few notches less.

      So i am not saying this is biased against any star. I am just saying that this is not as consistent as it used to be and carrying genuine mistakes.


      • Do you even know how FI classifications work? Its circuit wise distribution cost vs share ratio. For a hit, the Roi per circuit is gotta be >100%. OMG was sold at relatively high rates to circuit distributors which implied producers made handsome profits while distributor profit was comparatively less. Producer profits are not considered in FI classification, hence its a Semi Hit.


  6. Tag of commission earner suits Akshay Kumar most as he earns best yearly commission right Naveen?!? 🤔


    • his commission is earned by clashing with superstar movies (The Khans, Hrithik, Bansali, Ajay) and postponing for 10 cr each incident 🙂


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    1. Refrain from multiple small comments. A longer comment should be preferred.
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    • Can I be given right to edit? I often find myself unable to.merge small comments into one or do grammar/ spell corrections.

      Also little banter is fine I think. Little Provocation and replies are part of the blogging game. I wrote an award winning poetic reply to Jayshah and Yoddha. It is now moderated.


  8. So Airlift and Rustom were only Overflow? LMAO. Btw SRK fans would be pleased to see a clean hit to his credit in the last 5 years in DZ 😉


    • Always had both of them as Semi Hits in my books despite the media hyperbole. They’re nothing more than small time urban metropolitan successes.


  9. Meanwhile here’s the FI Classification for 2009:


    • Not sure if it went to spam. Let me try again.

      **Added to Post**


      • Still remember the controversy when certain orgasmic Salman fans could not accept a Commission verdict for the all time historic mega masterpiece of a movie called Wanted! Looking at Prabhu D(h)eva’s subsequent work, Wanted surely seems like a Titanic 🙂


  10. And here’s the original FI Scan for 2010 that was put up on NG 🙂

    **Added to Post**


  11. All that I want to see now are the verdicts Nahta had for:

    K3G (Remember him calling it an “Overflow film” in the media couple of weeks after it’s release)

    Everything else seems pretty clear for the major stars from 2000-2019.


  12. If someone says JTHJ was hit and OMG was semit hit and SOS verdict was less than jthj. Something is wrong with his verdicts. It seems like he is talking about money made by producers by various rights and through subsidies etc, not about the theatrical run.


    • I think most of his verdicts are from distributors point of view…

      I wish there was transparency in terms of how verdict was reached but typically it has been consistent and on stricter side.


      • If this is what you call strict, I wonder what you’d call my verdicts where I rate Kesari, Total Dhamaal & Super 30 as Average and War as a Hit, Badla being a Semi Hit 😛


  13. Kabir Singh should have been in the Block Buster category … I am sure that ROI was much higher than WAR.
    Surprises for me were- what I had in mind is in parenthesis .
    1.Ki and Ka ( Flop)
    2.Hum ( Superhit)
    3. Wanted ( Clean hit)

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    • Yash raj distribute their movies so they don’t incur much loss in any movie they make.

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    • Agree on Kabir Singh, Hum and Wanted.

      I am fine with strict classification as.long as they are consistently used. However just like all other sources. Here too we see few discrepencies in classification of movies. Of course it is less than what BOI gives. also does classification of movies which I think is worth a look.


  14. We are missing a few years here. Hoping that someone can fill in the gaps. Bit surprising that scans of 2013, 2014 and 2015 are not available given that its only a few years back. Its understandable that nineties or early noughties scans will be difficult to get.


  15. I guess people take offense mainly because they dont read these verdicts with proper perspective. Featuring in these lists means the movie has done good at the box office. Nahta’s ‘Coverage’ means Average at BO; his ‘Commission Earners’ are Above Average fares. Overflow means producer sharing profits beyond a point and these are basically ‘Hit’ films in common trade parlance. Nahta’s ‘A’ categories means the films have really done well, even though he starts by calling them Semi-Hits. That is why many commonly acknowledged superhit films are often found in this category.

    His Hits are actually Superhits in common knowledge and Superhits are Blockbusters and so on and so forth. His classifications are strict in this sense that his labels are one or two notches below whats generally accepted. Otherwise these are the best classifications available in the entire industry. Nothing comes close.

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    • Maybe Akshay fans will find solace if we reinterpret Nahta’s classification of his recent run into ‘common language’:

      1. Airlift – Hit
      2. Rustom – Hit
      3. Housefull 3 – Above Average
      4. Jolly LLB – Hit to Superhit
      5. Toilet Ek Prem Katha – Hit to Superhit
      6. 2.0 – Blockbuster
      7. Pad Man – Above Average
      8. Gold – Average
      9. Good Newwz – Blockbuster
      10. Mission Mangal – Blockbuster
      11. Kesari – Hit
      12. Housefull 4 – Above Average



      • By this logic War, KS & Uri are Mega BB’s while movie marvels like Ghajini are ATBB’s and 3I, Dangal etc are ATBB’s of historic proportions while HAHK, BB2 are ATBB’s to the power of infinity.


        • Yes, the likes of Uri, KS or Sanju are mega blockbusters. However, komal puts hahk, bb2 in the same category as ghajini, 3I and dangal – he calls them movie marvels or wonders. It means historic grossers.


          • Because Nahta has run short of vocabulary for HAHK, BB2, Sholay etc. Any novice would know these 3 along with Mughal e Azam are the greatest Hindi BB’s ever, well ahead of 3I & Dangal and surely ahead of Ghajini which is nothing more than a Super Hit in my books (So are KS and Uri while War is just a Hit).


      • Marcus/Shivaay
        By picking only Akshay’s movies you are.trying to make the wrong look right by suggesting I am picking Akshay’s movies differently. This kind of logic to score a silly point is quite common in social media space.

        Please look at my 2019 classification. One can use any classification but the movies that are clubbed together should have same classification.


        • Good Newwz is superhit and is widely accepted. Noone cares about other classifications.


    • And tracking Aamir’s career with the lens of FI:

      1. QSQT – Superhit to Blockbuster
      2. Dil – Superhit to Blockbuster
      3. DHKMN – Hit
      4. JJWS – Average to Above Average
      5. HHRPK – Hit to Superhit
      6. AAA – Average to Above Average
      7. Rangeela – Blockbuster
      8. AHAT – Average
      9. RH – Blockbuster to All Time Blockbuster
      10.Ishq – Hit to Superhit
      11.Ghulam – Hit
      12.Sarfarosh – Hit
      13.Lagaan – Hit to Superhit
      14.DCH – Average to Above Average
      15.RDB – Hit to Superhit
      16.Fanaa – Superhit
      17.TZP – Superhit
      18.Ghajini – All Time Blockbuster
      19.3I – All Time Blockbuster
      20.DG – Above Average
      21.Talaash – Hit to Superhit
      22.D3 – All Time Blockbuster
      23.PK – All Time Blockbuster
      24.Dangal – All Time Blockbuster
      25.SS – Superhit


  16. The Hum box office was a hoax by Nahta. It was widely known back then that he was filrmly in Anil kapoor’s camp, probably being bribed by Boney Kapoor. He was making claims that Bachan had bought most of the tickets for Hum to bolster the collections. His BO classification merely reflects that claim, and not the collections reported.

    At the end of the day, the figures on Trade Guide and Film Information told another story. The film had a % occupancy of 100% almost all over in its first week. I had seen the collections of the film with my own eyes back then and they were humongous during its few weeks.

    Just goes on to show that Indian BO reporting never ever really was reliable. There were hidden agendas and camps.

    In the whole history of Bollywood, nothing has been more scandalous than the BO reporting of Devdas. There were unbelievable stunts to hide the truth and the classification given could beat any Papa Roshan calculator.

    Those who were following it back then would know about it. Is there any scan for 2002 in there? I would be intrigued to see that.

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    • BOI themselves had Devdas at BB (Overflow) or A (SemiHit) for a looong time. Unsurprisingly that was changed to Hit. It’s Net Total went from around 28-29 Cr initially to 41+ Cr currently 🙂


      • Kal Ho na Ho too is Semi hit. Still stands for me. Devdas upon release was nothing more than Commission for distributors (loser for few). Nahta elevated it to Overflow just like he elevated Ghajini to Super Duper despite Ghajini barely hitting overflow in some circuits, thanks to its record fetching price. War & S30 bo performance as well as audience acceptance proves HR would be much better off without Papa Roshan (whose anyways neither directed, nor produced a worthwhile film with him after KNPH & KMG). Comscore or Boxofficemojo is the kinda stuff Bollywood needs.


        • So Kal No Na No (a bona fide superhit) and Talaash (god knows what it was but definitely not a hit) both have same classification?
          Were ROI same?
          Please prove.


          • I had seen BO results of 2003 through both BOI and IBOS and Taran’s numbers. I had kept it as record for a long time just to prove to a friend how big a hit Baghban was.

            BOI have since the ‘manipulated’ the final numbers. If one has access to the original numbers, he may confirm. But there has been serious manipulation of final numbers since then!

            These were roughly as follows:

            1. KMG- 42cr (FI had it at 40cr)- Nahta claimed it had done half the business of Gadar (which was the benchmark back then).
            2. KHNH- 33cr
            3. The Hero- 25cr
            4. Munnabhai- 22cr
            5 Baghban-20cr (IBOS had it slightly higher than MBBS, but I think BOI were more accurate there)
            6. Chalte Chalte- 16cr

            KHNH was the 2nd highest grosser of the year. By contrast, Talaash was its year’s 9th or 10th (depending on SOS’s final figures where there was huge disagreement). That year’s highest grosser was ETT whose collections were twice that of Talaash.

            As good as Talaash was as a film and as much as I hate KHNH, it should not be in the same classification of Talaash. There is a lack of consistency somewhere, even if Nahta and FI in recent times have been quite reliable.


          • I think it is not as simple by just looking at final Nett or grosses…
            If my cost is X and revenue is Y then it simple deduction.
            I sell my movie to a distributor for Z which could be less than X or more than X.
            In old days exhibition was main source of revenue but nowadays you have other source of revenues.
            Additional complexity comes with Z being sold to different sub distributors..

            FI ratings are based on Z or subditributors cost and revenue..

            NETT cannot be used for classification because it contain exhibitors opportunity cost which is not part of cost anywhere.
            Distributor Share has to be used which flows back to people who have invested.

            LAK is classic example, movie has made more than cost of making for producers but it was sold high to distributors so it would be classified flop for distributors.

            Question is, is movie Hit or flop for distrutor, producer or target audience..


          • Target audience IMO. This is about expectations in long game. One can actually do both. An economic or business result plus a performance metric. Do I really care about former? The X, Y or Z doesn’t impact consumers at all.
            I would bet 95% of classifications can be determined by a trend. Take a multiple of sorts and it will work. The rest is so murky. In basic terms some kind of relationship between opening weekend to final nett is enough. Only in rare instances will it fail. X, Y and Z fails all the time it seems. Especially when those numbers are not known or disclosed. Netts are.


          • Economics and target audience are connected; I cannot invest 200 crore for a small audience.
            Also when I invest, I want to sell at certain price point. I think disconnect happens when buyer is buying based on factors like reputation, last movies, sequels which are no way related to quality of movie made. There are exceptions where bad movies could do well but extraneous factors decide distributor’s decisions.

            For audience, I think trending is a good metric. For producer, return of investment. For distributor, return of the invested money.


          • First sentence is so true. There will be a correlation.
            For controversial verdicts
            Dch- average
            Mangal Pandey- flop
            Talaash- average
            Khnh- Hit
            Ra.1- flop
            Devdas- Hit
            Gold- average
            Padman- average
            Tubelight, race3- flop
            Bharat- average

            Do we need many verdicts? Who picks up phone and says to aunty housefull 4 is overflow you should watch it? Utter nonsense.

            6 should cover everything, for common man to technical trade guy.


          • @Naveen : Talaash is Average in my books while KHNH which was nothing more than a metropolitan hit during release (a mega budget production at that) is a Semi Hit imo.

            @Munna : Audience verdict is the ultimate factor imo. Every movie has a production cost (market value) the the ratio of final nett : market value coupled with bo trending is good enough indication for an audience verdict. FI & Boi ratings are irrelevant for the audience at large. Based on nett : market value ratio & bo trend, my classifications for 2019 are as follows :

            SUPER HIT :

            1. Kabir Singh :

            All India nett : ₹ 276 Cr (Budget : ₹ 60 Cr)
            All India footfall : 2 Cr+

            2. Uri The Surgical Strike :

            All India nett : ₹ 244 Cr (Budget : ₹ 40 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1.8 Cr+

            HIT :

            1. War :

            All India nett : ₹ 306 Cr including dubbed (₹ 294 Cr Hindi) (Budget : ₹ 180 Cr)
            All India footfall : 2 – 2.5 Cr

            2. Good Newz :

            All India nett : ₹ – Cr
            All India footfall : – Cr+

            3. Mission Mangal :

            All India nett : ₹ 195 Cr (Budget : ₹ 75 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1.4 Cr+

            4. Chhichhore :

            All India nett : ₹ 148 Cr (Budget : ₹ 40 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1 Cr+

            5. Dream Girl :

            All India nett : ₹ 138 Cr (Budget : ₹ 32 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1 Cr+

            6. Bala :

            All India nett : ₹ 112 Cr (Budget : ₹ 35 Cr)
            All India footfall : 80 Lakh+

            SEMI HIT :

            1. Housefull 4 :

            All India nett : ₹ 203 Cr (Budget : ₹ 140 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1.5 Cr+

            2. Badla :

            All India nett : ₹ 87 Cr (Budget : ₹ 30 Cr)
            All India footfall : 60 Lakh+

            3. Luka Chuppi :

            All India nett : ₹ 87 Cr (Budget : ₹ 30 Cr)
            All India footfall : 60 Lakh+

            4. Pati Patni Aur Woh :

            All India nett : ₹ 81 Cr (Budget : ₹ 36 Cr)
            All India footfall : 50 Lakh+

            AVERAGE :

            1. Saaho :

            All India nett : ₹ 303 Cr All Versions (₹ 150 Cr Hindi) (Budget : ₹ 300 Cr)
            All India footfall : 2 – 2.5 Cr

            2. Kesari :

            All India nett : ₹ 152 Cr (Budget : ₹ 100 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1 – 1.25 Cr

            3. Total Dhamaal :

            All India nett : ₹ 150 Cr (Budget : ₹ 100 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1 – 1.25 Cr

            4. Super 30 :

            All India nett : ₹ 147 Cr (Budget : ₹ 100 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1 Cr+

            5. Gully Boy :

            All India nett : ₹ 134 Cr (Budget : ₹ 80 Cr)
            All India footfall : 90 Lakh+

            6. Batla House :

            All India nett : ₹ 88 Cr (Budget : ₹ 50 Cr)
            All India footfall : 60 Lakh+

            7. Article 15 :

            All India nett : ₹ 63 Cr (Budget : ₹ 30 Cr)
            All India footfall : 40 Lakh+

            8. Mardaani 2 :

            All India nett : ₹ 45 Cr (Budget : ₹ 25 Cr)
            All India footfall : 30 Lakh+

            9. The Tashkent Files :

            All India nett : ₹ 16 Cr (Budget : ₹ 8 Cr)
            All India footfall : 10 Lakh+

            BELOW AVERAGE :

            1. Bharat :

            All India nett : ₹ 196 Cr (Budget : ₹ 175 Cr)
            All India footfall : 1.4 Cr+

            2. De De Pyaar De :

            All India nett : ₹ 93 Cr (Budget : ₹ 75 Cr)
            All India footfall : 60 lakh+

            3. Marjaavan :

            All India nett : ₹ 46 Cr (Budget : ₹ 32 Cr)
            All India footfall : 30 Lakh+

            4. Commando 3 :

            All India nett : ₹ 33 Cr (Budget : ₹ 25 Cr)
            All India footfall : 20 Lakh+

            Footfalls are vague estimates. No attempt to manipulate to the last decimal like BOI.


    • Nahta’s dumbed down media commentary is another joke. But FI classifications make more sense than anything else out there. Devdas was overflow or commission earner.


  17. DHKMN is an interesting one. I remember I had an argument once over Sunny Deol’s BO record in the 90s when I claimed that Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Narsimha and Henna’s box office were at par. I had seen the collections and Narsimha’s and DHKKN’s collections at the time of release were at par while Henna’s was slightly inferior in some circuits. Henna obtained Tax exemptions in some circuits. Narsimha had started off at 95% in Mumbai and Delhi-UP.

    But the perception in some quarters is that DHKMN and Henna were hits while Narsimha was less than that. Sunny Deol’s movies were quite strong in the 90s. Ziddi for e.g. was much bigger in reality than perception-wise right now. Nahta’s classification also shows that.

    When a star fades, his success looks lesser. One can also see many films with Aamir, Salman and Akshay or SRK were not as strong in the 90s as it looks perception-wise these days.


  18. The classification criteria is fine. in clubbing few movies in categories which are different from their box office performance.
    The search for a reasonable accurate BO source continues for classification.

    The course that give the numbers fairly correctly does the classification wrong.
    The one that get the numbers wrong, do the classifications right.


  19. I reject F1 classifications of recent years.

    As I have been saying we have different credible sources for Box office

    Box office numbers – BOI 95% right, Producers/Taran 90% right, Komal 85% right

    Classifications – Taran 90% right, Komal/F1 85% right, BOI 70% right

    Overall Taran remains the undisputed expert when it comes to what is most acceptable by industry, filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors.

    Till 90s Komal used to lead. But he lost way somewhere. He is getting back now.


  20. Here is the right classification for MM.


    • Have shared the classification by Taran for War and Bharat above where I have given my classification for 2019 movies. Makes my classification par excellence vis a vis F1.

      F1 can call War a Super Duper HIT but then have to classify all movies where ROI is same as Super Duper HIT. So Mission Mangal also becomes a Super Duper HIT. They have wrongly given it a notch lower. I am exposing the incorrectness here.

      Ignoring Bharat to not consider it to be even in average status is crime. It is HIT according to my classification and would qualify to be at least a Commission earner here though Semi Hit would be deserving.

      Kesari, Housefull 4 have also been given absurd classification.


    • Are these classifications from Film Information or Trade Guide? Never seen scans of TG classifications. I wish they were available too.


      • FI, TG and BOI, they all have changed methodology and classifications over years and decades. None of them are accurate or consistent and surely not reliable, although FI might be the closest to consistency despite discrepencies.


        • In India, there is lack of transparency in BO figures and Distributor Prices per territory. So just like BO numbers need to be taken with a pinch of salt, so do verdicts. I usually prefer Taran for numbers and Komal for verdicts. BOI is also serves as a reference.


  21. @Munna – Here is complete classification for 1999:


  22. This thread is now in sidebar for easy access.


  23. Like

  24. Added 1985 – Thanks to Shiv Shetty at Boxoffice Expert; He comments here with a different screen name.


    (Total 125 films, including 29 dubbed films)

    Movie Marvel Of The Year
    AA (Super Hit)

    A1 (Hit)
    AGNI SAKSHI (‘AAA‘ in Maharashtra)

    A (Semi-Hit)
    GHATAK (‘BB‘ in Eastern Circuit)
    JEET (‘B1‘ in Eastern Circuit)

    BB (Overflow)
    Hindustani (dubbed; ‘AAA‘ in Maharashtra, losing in Rajasthan)
    Jaan (‘A‘ in Delhi-U.P. & East Punjab)
    Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

    Commission To Overflow
    Masoom (‘A‘ in Maharashtra)
    Diljale (losing in some circuits)
    Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat (losing in some circuits; ‘BB‘ in Bihar & C.P. Berar)
    Tere Mere Sapne (‘A‘ in Bombay & losing in Eastern Circuit)
    Fareb (‘A‘ in Maharashtra)

    B1 (Commission Earner)
    Antim Yudh (dubbed; ‘BB‘ in South)

    Coverage To Commission
    Ek Bandar Hotel Ke Andar (dubbed)
    Mission: Impossible (dubbed)
    Mita Doonga Naam-O-Nishan (dubbed)

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