Ravi [Bombay Ravi] passes away..


Renowned yesteryear music director Ravi Shankar Sharma aka Ravi breathed his last late Wednesday night. He was 86 and had been ailing since some time. Often called the ‘King of Soft Melodies’, Ravi was known not only for his mellifluous tunes but also as a great human being among friends and colleagues.

Fondly remembering him, legendary singer Asha Bhosle said, “I sang for Raviji for his first film Vachan and for all his films since. He had called me a few days ago asking to meet but I couldn’t see him as I was abroad shooting. I will always regret not having met him before his demise. My condolences to his family.”

Close friend Manoj Kumar said, “Ravi and I worked together for four films. He was a producer’s composer, which is very important. The last I met him was when Shakti Samanta passed away and he told me that very soon I would be saying for him as well, ‘Bichde sabhi baari baari’. Now all I can say is the Chaudhvin Ka Chand has gone.”


22 Responses to “Ravi [Bombay Ravi] passes away..”

  1. Wow never knew he had such a prolific career in Malayalam cinema as well!



  2. chipguy Says:

    He had some truly sublime soundtracks in Malayalam in the 80s in association with Hariharan and Bharathan. Some of my favorites below:


  3. oldgold Says:

    RIP Raviji.

    I have been checking here since morning to see if you’d mention anything.
    The newspapers were silent for so long.
    His malayalam songs are as soulful and as melodious as his hindi film songs.

    His lovely tune for ‘Chaudvin Ka chaand Ho’ is unforgettable with Guru Dutt looking his romantic best.


  4. salimjakhra Says:

    If he had composed nothing other than Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se, he would still be a legend.

    So many great soundtracks…just posting a couple of my absolute favourites:

    Rest in peace


  5. Shalini Says:

    Some lesser known songs by Ravi that I rather like:

    Aap ki inayaten aap ke karam from Vandana

    Raat raat bhar jag jag kar from Pyar Ka Sagar

    Raat chup hai from Ustadon ke Ustad


    • salimjakhra Says:

      I love the Pyar Ka Saagar songs. And the one you’ve picked is particularly beautiful. Asha in top-form.


  6. RIP..
    I like these very much


  7. Wow! That was really a moment, a moment when I discovered that my favourite songs in malayalam were composed by the same man who also composed one of my old Hindi favourites which was a regular in Rangoli – Chalo Ek Baar Phir se… Amazing.. May God Bless his Soul!


  8. oldgold Says:

    OH NO!!
    Now it^s Joy Mukherji.

    I guess it’s the lot of us classic cinema lovers to find the people who have given so much pleasure with their films are passing away.

    I loved his Ek Musafir Ek Haseena especially because of the songs.


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