Bollywood, Gavaskar pay tribute to Sachin (updated)

thanks to Rocky..



32 Responses to “Bollywood, Gavaskar pay tribute to Sachin (updated)”

  1. Great video Rocky! LOL, Salman didn’t stop the SRK digs even here!


  2. His humility is just incredible. One can’t say this enough times.


  3. Hrithik’s also there, the guy up front (I think!) when Virat Kohli starts speaking.


  4. that humility accounts for the passion in sachin’s game, the fact that even at this age he never refuses to field in the ‘out-field’ and is ever-ready to carry drinks even for a younger player, after spending more than 2 decades. “they just don’t make them like him anymore.”


  5. Aamir Khan is the only one whos is laughing whole heartedly at everyone’s jokes and seems to be paying full attention to the speakers.
    when Abhishek is speaking – the look on Shatrughan is priceless…


    • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

      Hahaha, agreed I noticed that as well. Also, not that anyone cares, but noticed that Aishwarya was clapping when salman was done with this speech and you do see her smiling at his jokes as well.


  6. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Here is the longer version of Abhishek’s Speech, He got the crowd Starts around 10:45


  7. I saw the entire half an hour show, and salman was at his best.. and Abhishek also kept audiences engaged with his repartee… Main speakers were Nita Ambani, Aamir, Lata Mageshkar( public event aftr long time and on sachin’s request sung song Mera saya saath hooga, Salman, Gavaskar and Mukesh.. In audiences few reactions were sought from Jr B and Kohli…


  8. A lot of nice things being said about Sachin and quite deservedly.
    Gavvy flubbed the anecdote he was recounting about Sachin signing a Thank You card for him but he said the most important thing – ‘It is the balance on and off the field which is responsible for Sachin being where he is’. Thats on the money from the cricketing view point as well as what makes sportsmen succeed consistently at high level and have an enduring career and legacy.


  9. and here r sum lines from the poem ‘invictus'(william ernest henley), i poem i greatly like like, which is a tribute to sachin’s courage and longevity- “in the fell clutch of circumstance, i have not cried nor winced aloud. under the bludgeonings of chance, my head is bloody but unbowed.”


  10. alex adams Says:

    just saw bits of this—
    Somehow, as always got distracted…
    Couldnt help noticing aamir throughout
    Only one word to describe Aamir–
    “Conscientious”–an element of careful deliberation


  11. alex adams Says:

    few more random thoughts–
    Sachins hair-weave is not only v good but surprisingly NOT been talked about somehow

    Mrs 10dulkar’s ageing well–is also sensible dignified

    Abhishrek spoke well—one is stumped to think —where does all this go BEFORE the camera and when choosing scripts–whayts wrong with this guy
    Its as if EVERYTHING is conspiring to make him a success—his personality, genes, connections, privileged position, reasonable acting skills and presence
    BUT somehow this guy over rides everything –not sure how he achieves all this

    SRK was conspicuos by his absence. he usually likes bossing around in thiese sort of things—is he sulking somehwere (now tih saif)

    and is that hritik sitting quietly there–did he say something? If so, like how he doesnt mind taking a back seat–not easy ……


  12. I did not know the word flubbing, but rajen’s use of it made me look up the meaning, and I think it was Amir flubbing away with the ‘chchota ladka’ or was it bachcha, and then hiding it with hand gestures.

    Abhishek was the best. What a natural wit he has. Lataji’s presence added a lot of grace and honour to the occasion.


  13. just added the youtube with Abhishek’s complete response.. superb stuff!



    Lot of crap in the media on Sachin’s absence at Dravid’s felicitation the next day. This settles it & hope people shut up now !!!


  15. Priyanka wrong sort of host for this event imo….too loud & trashy. I guess SRK rubbed off on her in the wrong way

    I watched the whole of Aamir’s speech and it was v.down to earth and with a nice touch of emotion.


  16. salimjakhra Says:

    Really awesome stuff


    • one way to figure out who the true geniuses in cricket is to ask the critics and the players. There are some names that keep figuring in any list and mostly near the top. Suffice it to say Sachin makes it to every conceivable list at this point. There are sometimes idiosyncratic ones that don’t feature some ‘obvious’ players. Nonetheless Sachin makes it. Because while one can slice and dice stats and one can have preferences about individual players (many did not like Bradman stylistically for example.. he wasn’t considered a great example of style to begin with) and so on in some instances the numbers are just so overwhelming in their totality that it’s hard to ignore the cricketer.

      Of players who were considered the greatest in their time but don’t necessarily have the overwhelming numbers Viv Richards tops the list. He’s on just about every list, sometimes loses out to Sachin when there’s no choice. And Barry Richards of course is one of the ‘what if’ moments of cricket. But there’s no doubt that he is regarded as a titan by very many experts.


      • Satyam, with Barry Richards most of his great moments come in First Class cricket. Obviously Apartheid ended his career prematurely. Also something interesting in the article here is that no English batsman features here(not even Jack Hobbs)- i am saying only because Austrailians usually omit the Englishmen from their lists of greats


  17. Well, Ashley Mallett has been writing quite a lot on cricinfo in these days. Barry Richards is an interesting choice here but I will take Graeme Pollock any day over him in every department. One of the players who is often ignored in these discussions is the great Carribean batsman “George Haedley”, called as the Black Bradman


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