Javed Akhtar in Shatranj Ke Khiladi

5 Responses to “Javed Akhtar in Shatranj Ke Khiladi”

  1. Offside Says:

    Not a fan of interviews where the host is a relative lightweight compared to the guest.

    And he aint no Bobby Fischer, either!


  2. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Loved the interview…thanks for sharing this..

    Javed Saab should write more scripts…l liked Lakshya..don’t know why he stopped writing after that…


  3. Here is a powerful Nazm by Javed Akhtar,recited in his own voice. Written during his struggling years in Bombay. He was penniless and for 3 days he had not had a bite of food.
    Swallowing his pride he went to his father for a bite to eat (his father by then, had disowned his 1st wife…and was married to another woman….. and was rather a famous lyricist in Bollywood).
    Javed Akhtar was insulted there by his step mom… who called him a “hungry beggar” and was asked to leave….
    In a state of agony and hunger he wrote these immortal lines…..
    The title of the poem is Bhookh (Hunger)


  4. Alex adams Says:

    ^ heard this..thanx anjali
    Yes: powerful writing by javed Akhtar -brilliant …


  5. Bachchan1 to 10 Says:


    Almost two decades after penning the evergreen Ek ladki ko dekha…, writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar has revealed the melodious hit song was originally penned with Madhuri Dixit in mind.

    “No one knows that the song Ek ladki ko dekha toh, which became so popular… I wrote it keeping Madhuri in mind. When I was asked to write the song, she was doing the film, but later she left it and Manisha Koirala came in,” Akhtar told a gathering here on Friday.

    Akhtar spoke at the Agenda Aaj Tak, held in the capital. Madhuri was the guest speaker at a session during the event, where Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar and singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan were present too.

    Besotted by Madhuri’s beauty, Ali put his talent to good use and sang Ek ladki ko dekha toh…. Of course, Madhuri, dressed to kill in black, was flattered, but it is this moment that enthused Akhtar into sharing the interesting anecdote.

    The song, from the film 1942: A Love Story, was picturised on Manisha Koirala and Anil Kapoor.

    Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, known for numbers like Mitwa, Mora saiyan and Phir le aaya dil, sang Tumse milke aisa lagaa tumse milke for Madhuri.


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