Jab Tak Hai Jaan & Son of Sardar (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    #SOS Tue 4.82 cr. Total: Rs 76.35 cr nett.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    #JTHJ Tuesday 4.66 Cr Total 90.75 Cr

    • ETC Bollywood(komal Nahta) has same numbers. BOI has gone silent.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      10 crores more needed for JTHJ to reach 100..hopefully in next three days…

      • thought you were following BOI! Taran has it at 90 through Tue, BOI are lower. It will take an extra day. Of course getting to 100 is not the issue here. The question is: how much more will it make than Ra One?!

        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          “thought you were following BOI”

          Obviously I am following BOI but if ppl are discussing Taran and Komal’s numbers then let me be happy with the exaggerated figure…

          Anyway as per BOI, JTHJ was higher than SOS till Monday…I am waiting for Tuesday figures…

  2. Madhuri and Juhi come together for Gulaab Gang
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network ,Nov 21, 2012 – 12:05 hrs IST

    Now this has to be the biggest casting coup in a long time. Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, who ruled the B.O. in the 90’s and were considered rivals then, are now coming together for the first time ever in Anubhav Sinha’s home production Gulaab Gang.

    While Anubhav had signed Madhuri a while ago, Juhi came on board recently taking this project a notch higher. Gulaab Gang is an action drama with the two women at loggerheads and hence Anubhav thought it would be best to have two power-house performers like Madhuri and Juhi sharing screen space. The film is named after a popular women’s group in U.P. that takes up the cause of women fighting against various injustice such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, dowry etc.

    Gulaab Gang is written and directed by debutant Soumik Sen who incidentally is also composing the music for this film.

  3. JTHJ fill finish around 120-130cr considering overseas total,maybe a bit more,is that 100cr less then ek tha tiger?

  4. Sanjana :

    The article on Bal T you were looking for is on thread “Barkhagate”

    • I went through it.
      No comments from my side.

      meanwhile I remember how BigB reacted when Kasab wanted to meet his favourite hero. Many say it is a political move on congress’s part. But Kasab was an expensive prisoner running into crores. Many are relieved as it will save some money for the exchequer.

      • Not expensive but Soft target.

        The problem and where congress hands go cold are rajiv gandhi killers, Beant singh and afzal guru.. All mired in politics, appeasment and vote bank.

        ps: I am personally against capital punishment.. taking life in response to life is revenge not justice, IMO. Not a time to rejoice as media is doing.

  5. OT
    Wanted to post this for Rockstar fans – The ‘original’ Kateya karoon.

    • nice find Old Gold….enjoyed it….

      • Thanks Rocky.
        It was only after I saw this clip that I realised what ‘Kateya’ means. The context of the song is clearly there to see, and it struck me that she is talking about ‘rooi katna’ – in punjabi, ‘kateya karoon teri roon’.

  6. The good thing is that this at least shows that if you’re considering making a documentary, all you have to do is badger someone at Discovery and they’ll hand you a camera worth many many lakhs and they will send you off to a high-risk zone all on your lonesome. You’re just an intern after all, so no sweat if you get blown to bits. We are then shown scenes of Anushka/Akira stepping on a bomb and triggering it, because she’s listening to her iPod while shooting in a bomb-strewn zone. She also repeatedly hits on the person she’s making a documentary about showing that our filmmakers knew about the Petraeus affair before Obama did.

    And when rebuffed, she dances in mini-shorts in front of the army soldiers and pours them drinks. The message I got is that if you work at Discovery, you also need to entertain the troops. If the subject of her documentary is not traumatised enough by now, she then seals the deal by ensuring he gets hit by a car while he tries to save her from becoming road-kill because she doesn’t know that you need to look before you cross the street

  7. Thanksgiving gift to Alex and OG and all SRK fans – though I am hardly interested in BO, here’s the news:


  8. This is the end
    Hold your BOI and count Overseas till when
    Feel the Box Office move and then
    Hear the BOI’s Silence again or “Witness the Stardom in Cocain”

    For this is the end
    King of Romance is drowned and dies in this moment
    So overdue, He owed them
    Swept away, His is stolen

    Let the Superstar fall, when it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    And laugh it all together

    Let the Superstar fall, when it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    And laugh it all together
    At Super Fall
    That’s a Superstar’s Fall!!

    • No offence to anyone.

      This is what came to my mind to reflect upon, the end of a superstar, one of the most iconic romantic hero’s journey into abyss of ocean’s darkness. Also reflecting upon is BOI’s silence on tuesday, disappointing nos of JTHJ, and clutching of overseas of many.

    • This sounds like humpty dumpty had a great fall.
      When one takes that superstar tag too seriously, this is bound to happen. NRIs and overseas. SRK should be awarded pardesi ratna. He is truly son of the nri soil.

      • “SRK should be awarded pardesi ratna. He is truly son of the nri soil.” Haha that’s an original one–(not one nicked off the net)
        Sanjana seems to get more ‘creative’ late nite :-)

      • @sanjana : actually skyfall has to be one the songs heard by me , for most no. of times, i like the sadness part in beginning too much…

      • >When one takes that superstar tag too seriously, this is bound to happen.

        …you mean when one is a super star one is a super star till eternity?

        • Agree Oldgold
          Sanjana should know that ‘Humptey dumptys’ do have a fall but they don’t stay at or ear the top for so long
          Also sanjana seems to have a deep seated resentment against overseas…
          Ps: but will commend sanjanas ‘creativity’ at night time –as we saw during the spoof ;-)

      • while some people failed trying for the oscars, hope SRK gets this award ;-)

        • No such danger Oldgold.. you need to act in sensible films first! But hope springs eternal..!

          • LOL! Trust satyam to confuse pronouns.
            ‘This’ was meant for ‘NRI Ratan’ award ;-) Oscar can be left for the one craving for it – for a ‘phoren’ award because Indian ones are no good.

        • Griffindor Says:

          so Srk isnt craving for a phoren award?? oops..they dont give those awards for hosting/dancing at the show!!

      • “SRK should be awarded pardesi ratna. He is truly son of the nri soil.”

        ROFL! Good one Sanjana :-D

  9. @ Ann-thanx for that link –I’m not a fan of srk but do appreciate the scale and longevity of his exceptional success
    But getting a great opening in e USA/UK Isn’t exactly a big deal for an srk vehicle
    Doesn’t change facts–
    The era of srk has ended with JTHJ & i had this to say earlier

    @ Oldgold- thanx for that link on the rockstar song–yeah that’s truly a rare find–cheers

    @ Rooney –can’t blame u for being so euphoric
    Have seen people writing poems on lovers, beauty, nature etc but for celebrating someone’s film not doing well? Hmm
    Anyhow– enjoy yourselves –it’s taken two decades nearly -savour it-seems it will surely make a difference in your life :-)

    Finally — a decline after nearly two decades at/ near the top in a lead heros career that anyways lasts nearly that duration (maximum)—well, uve done v well srk
    Hope the rest of your career treats u well..though for someone used to be the ‘best’ –things can get difficult –eg tiger woods

    • @Alex

      I guess by playing the card ( borrowing someone vacab, i guess is satyams? no idea ) that i am celebrating someone’s film not doing well, u are making it sound as if i committed a felony!

      Alex, in life humour is a big thing, one should have it, and one should be able to laugh back at life.

      No i am not celebrating it. Yes i wrote the poem, but it’s a spoof, or what one says in gujarati … its “kataksh” i dont know how to explain, the word, hope u know gujarati!!

      Remember in larger things of spectrum, it’s not failure of somone’s movie, its a failure of a script, a thought and an idea.

      I will also be first person to say box office doesnt matter, as it is the movies that i remember and not nos.

      I could have made a serious bland comment,

      – about the failure of JTHJ, romance, stupid script
      – failure of yashraj typical love story
      – success of SOS
      – boi not reporting tuesdays no.
      – king of romance doomed day!
      – etc

      And it wouldnt have invited the criticism, but by simply converting the same to lyrics of songs, in innovative manner, it draws criticism.

      So i rather feel, that buddy u the man with humour, and laughs, what is it that makes u feel so gutted with a poem instead of comment!!

      Just laugh and forget, it’s life! Learn to laugh at things!

      • it was a good poem Rooney — well done :-)
        Hope we get to see more of your similar literary skills -keep it up

      • == “kataksh” i dont know how to explain, the word, hope u know gujarati!! ==

        vyang in hindi/marathi/kannada, satire in English.

        • There is a sense of ‘relief’ even euphoria for some, who have been waiting for this juncture for ages –being a neutral have been watching this for sometimes
          Finally-after two decades–seems the time has come indeed .. But is it a Little late too little
          Reminds me of a joke-quote unquote
          “An elderly man lay dying in his bed. In death’s agony, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favorite chocolate chip cookies wafting up the stairs. He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning against the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and with even greater effort forced himself down the stairs, gripping the railing with both hands.
          With labored breath, he leaned against the door-frame, gazing into the kitchen. Were it not for death’s agony, he would have thought himself already in heaven: there, spread out upon newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of heroic love from his devoted wife, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man?
          Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself toward the table, landing on his knees in a rumpled posture. His parched lips parted; the wondrous taste of the cookie was already in his mouth; seemingly bringing him back to life. The aged and withered hand, shakingly made its way to a cookie at the edge of the table, when it was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife.”Stay out of those,” she said, “they’re for the funeral.”

          Rooney–that was just a joke and not intended for u and definitely not the ‘old man’ analogy for u -I know u have the good humour to understand it :-)
          And yeah– that’s no ‘kata ash’ but a plain joke –enjoy

          • LOL… alex.. that’s more like u…

            though didnt much thought of the joke…

            I guess Euphoria is a wrong choice of word, As Alex everything that begins has an End.

            We all knew this star and his romantic vehicles Ending.

            Remember, the director, writer and the actor had chances to improve, and make better cinema, but they got stuck in a single trick, like say in football a pacy player cant survive long, as eventually things get caught up, or a one trick pony winger….

            You need to have change, evolution, and adaptation.

            In the End, all that matters, how u stood, and what for u stood for.

          • Rooney, the right word is SCHADENFREUDE.

          • “Rooney, the right word is SCHADENFREUDE.”
            Egg jacktly Oldgold
            Thought the same and think we’ve discussed this before
            Didn’t wanna spoil romneys ‘euphoria’ oops –maybe ‘euphoria’ isn’t the right word..for what Romney feels as he has explained already

          • you are channeling our favorite ex-veteran anjali singh today. missing her/him?

          • “you are channeling our favorite ex-veteran anjali singh today. missing her/him?”
            haha well spotted anya–i do miss her
            Seems will have to also include anya into the dabang2 party now– So–dabang2 music in the background, and anya in one hand, oldgold in the other hand and bottle? has been snatched from me by anya & og :-)

            ps–let satyam continue his “delete-srk history” campaign
            satyam–lets rise above these biases–embrace the “truth’
            uve seen me going after srk and not his fan –but comparing his stardom to jeetendra is sheer dishonesty–cmon be a man

          • btw difficult to decide which hand to use more-oops
            and which perfume is better :-)

        • thats no gujrati, kataksh what is that ?

        • much obliged, Jo!!

        • satire is too intelligent sounding for something that is celebrating the fall of somebody.

          • i will give rooney the benefit of doubt and he has clarified already…have no reason to disbelieve poor rooney.
            as for other anti srk folks–dont blame em!
            The emotions/ impulses of many have been suppressed for too long–they have been hoping /praying/ plotting/ spining for ages—now when the time has finally come (srk nearing his fifties !!) finally they have got something to ‘rejoice’

            And not only this– this will come in phases and last long
            When after persistent suppression of feelings /impulses suddenly theres even a relative outlet–theres an ‘orgasm’ like ‘release’…
            ps–its just that for some this ‘euphoria’ may not be a little too late and too little (like the ‘old man’ in the joke above) :-)
            it only proves the phenomenon that srk was.

          • everything that goes up eventually falls. its a natural law.

            What oldgold sees as fall of something, is actually i believe rise of truth (referring to Bois Silence) is Punch of Masala ( Death of Romance )

            So everything can be given a spin, what is half glass empty for one is half full for other.

            And similiarly what is fun or laughter or light moment, is tensed one for other people.

          • Rooney, it must be nearing dawn in India. What are you doing up so late/so early, answering comments on a blog?

          • Thinking!!

            I have a date with History.

            I have one of the biggest matter of my life coming up for final hearing in my life, and it will directly affect the constitution. As My client has challenged the 97th Constitutional Amendment as unconstitutional, its being challenged only in gujarat, it’s probably gujarat’s first constitutional amendment challenge.

            If my case fails, amendment comes to effect automatically in Feb 2013, and my case is it alters the federal fabric.

            One of the greatest advocates i have heard, the legendary Daphtary Saheb ( former SG of India ) he used to say read ur briefs/matters and then think!!

            Am using my time this days just to think from various angles, and for part of the exercise i am spending more time in discussion on blogs…. as u get insane to technical to delightful interpretations and arguements here imo ;)

          • Wow, Rooney, I got quite excited about your “date with History” and did a bit of Googling. Now it was just as exciting to come across your name in an article in TOI, but after reading about the case, at least I’m reassured that it doesn’t threaten to disband the Union of India, which is the impression I got from your post. It seems like an interesting case, hinging on procedural issues, more than content issues. Am I interpreting it correctly? In any case, it was interesting to find out about the procedure for amending the Indian constitution, which I had wondered about before.

            But my word, 97 amendments in 65 years? Surely the original framers of the constitution were wiser than that, weren’t they. I wouldn’t expect that they made so many errors or omissions that needed rectifying. :)

  10. One can only take these stories with a pinch of salt ….but something for twilight fangirls like Amy —

    Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has expressed a desire to work in a Bollywood film with Hrithik Roshan.

    “If someone offers me a good script, I would love to work in a Bollywood film. I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan. He is such a wonderful actor and so good-looking,” Stewart said in a statement here.

    “In fact, if I have a boy, I would want him to look like Hrithik Roshan, but with Rob’s (her real-life boyfriend and on-screen husband) eyes,” she said.

    There was a buzz in B-town some two years back that filmmaker Shekhar Kapur wanted to cast ‘Twilight’ in his ambitious project ‘Paani’ opposite Hrithik.

    Kristen, who shot to fame playing Bella Swan in Twilight and its sequel ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ is looking forward to the release of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′.

    “Bella as a character has received a lot of criticism for being a throwback heroine, because she sacrifices so much for her man. I strongly disagree. In fact, you have someone who is stronger than the guy she is with, emotionally,” she said.

    • Ya Ya Ya..just like Second-hand jawani was supposed to act with Natalie Portman..just like Hashmi has been signed on to play the lead in NO MAN’S LAND director’s next film..

      Tell her he comes with an extra thumb. Maybe that will speed up the process of scripting and actually shooting…

  11. Haha Ann– sounds the mention of an ‘extra thumb’ made KS say this
    Perhaps she mistook the ‘extra thumb’ for an extra …
    Ps: I don’t mind Kirsten Stewart though haven’t seen twilight (& never will)–hope twilight fangirls like Amy don’t protest :-)

  12. @guys

    check this cracking new kind of poster!! not a fan of series, but it got my attention.. if thats the job of a poster!


  13. Amy has changed over to ‘twilight’ now
    And she is in the anushka/ JTHJ mental framework right now ;-)
    And seems to have ‘cut herself off’ from the ‘big bad world’ lol
    It’s no wonder that she doesn’t even visit the blog (probably to stay away from my comments ) haha

    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      Amazed at stupid jolers on crack who think SRK has been on top for two decades!! One can only smile at the stupidity, lack of any sense of history and the ignorance.

  14. “One can only smile ”
    yeah u said it !! thats all u can do
    [edited] and ‘inability to reconcile with a fact that refuses to stare u on your face!”
    cmon one doesnt have to be an srk fan for this
    if not srk–who has been on /near top–dont think of anyone else but aamir even comparable–so why this ‘denial”

    the social services should take this guy rajen off his methadone maintenance…lol

    • Alex.. every response doesn’t have to be laced with a sexual reference..

      On the SRK stuff let me repeat my comment from the other day:

      [But alex you’re playing loose with the facts. SRK wasn’t the top star the moment he stepped into the industry. And yeah check out his hit to flop ratio for the 90s. It will be eye-opening for you! a serious debate needs to be backed up with serious points and which ultimately means facts. I have listed all these movies many times before and you’ve seen the lists. and by the way the corrections begin with your ‘more than two decades’ claim. Actually he’s been in the industry for exactly two decades. Again one can have a debate on his career in all sorts of ways but it can’t begin by inventing facts. You need a firmer grasp on the history than you’re displaying. And just for the record I can pretty much recite from memory SRK’s successes and failures so I know what I’m talking about! Along the same lines when some of us have been counting how his films have performed over the last 8 years and you choose to keep saying ‘it’s just the last 2-3 years’ (incidentally something his supporters using to say at every point!) you’re either not reading or once again inventing things.]

      • Satyam –if not srk –who else ?
        Let’s hear it out –except aamir maybe but even if u consider aamir near srk (though aamir was absent for many years!) who else is in the picture at /near the top
        veer /yuvraaj Salman ? Tez Ajay!’? Abhiskrek?
        Now c’mon-was there a ‘vacuum’
        Not an srk fan but wake up to reality –just like the reality that srks era has now ended one can’t try to modify the reality of his history

        • Alex, you’ve asked me this question dozens of times (and I’m being conservative about it). I have responded very many times on all of this. Now you might have a Ghajini problem but regrettably I cannot go along every time you bring up the same question! I can’t even bothered to dig up the older comments! Because this has happened tons of times.

          On the rest and to be brutally honest about it I don’t think I’ll need to take lessons on Bollywood history from you on any period. Ever! If I did I would also probably be getting treatment for Alzheimer’s! Which would only mean that I caught it from people on blogs who evidently suffer from it! Then again my interlocutors can’t forget what they never knew in the first place! And on my side Alzheimer’s might not be too high a price to pay to forget the extraordinary lack of understanding and abundance of obtuseness that many bloggers display in these matters!

          Seriousness and sincerity… neither one is a crime.. yet people keep avoiding both!

          • Who was at/ near the top for two decades, Satyam !?
            Point blank!
            If u wanna say aamir for some of that duration –how many years did aamir NOT have a release!

            Ok even if we are blind to all that–who else?
            Lets hear it ..

          • I’m not giving u a lesson Satyam
            But trying to ‘take lessons’ from u
            All we are asking is the answer(s)
            Ok, the post Bacchan phase didn’t have one clear leader for the entire duration
            So who are the couple of guys who dominated/
            Anyhow –won’t spoil your jthj ‘party’ –wanna enjoy my dabang 2 party ;-)

      • similarly some older comments on longevity and so forth, since you bring up these points too..

        [just hanging around doesn’t mean very much in my books. Otherwise we would be forced to call Yash Chopra greater than Bimal Roy! Or even Satyajit Ray! Scorsese has done 40 or so years and shows no signs of stopping but in his case the longevity means something. It’s not just about cinema. In any of the other arts we don’t just measure the worth of an artist by his or her prolific output if beyond a point the latter doesn’t add to the oeuvre in any meaningful sense.

        Yash Chopra in my view would have been dead after the early 90s but he had the good fortune to have sired a son who reinvented Yashraj in a big way for a new age. He’s been piggy-backing on this since. The films (the few he’s ‘directed’) bear all the stamps of his son and his son’s vision in more ways than one.]

        [The same goes for longevity by the way (and I had a comment on this sometime back). There are lots of perhaps important human qualities revealed when one displays a certain longevity but this does not automatically mean that one has produced work of great quality. Otherwise we would have to consider Jeetendra one of Bollywood’s finest stars! Because one can survive even as a mediocrity for all sorts of reasons. One can even do so very prosperously. We don’t ask how long Guru dutt made films when we judge the quality of his work. No one, at least this side of sanity, would judge Yash Chopra to be greater than Guru Dutt just because he lasted so many decades and Guru didn’t last a fourth of that period!]

        All of this doesn’t mean that I am denying Yash Chopra’s significance or SRK’s for that matter but it’s important not to distort the facts or substitute mythology for facts.

        • ‘copy pasting’ doesnt alter reality satyam
          face it & be a man!
          my counter question
          if srk hasnt been at/near the top (& if we assume aamir nearabouts to him) –who else ?? that u are so emphatically denying his credentials..anyhow–im off to enjoy the dabang2 songs (with a bottle in one hand & oldgold in the other ) :-)

      • I do not understand,why srk fans remember his hit films,he also has so many flops and tell you the truth he has more flops then hits…ashoka was monumental disaster and paheli turned out to be whimper,swades was another failure,this films reminding to lot of so callled fanatics srk fans that he was just as star as other,now yash chopra is gone let see how his film fare

  15. OT, Qalandar alerted me to this elsewhere but some stunning images of an extraordinary site..


  16. Bhalo_Manush Says:



    lol..what kind of response is this? Are you sore about Abhishek’s career?? then why should I ?? That too for another 100 crore movie by SRK…

    Now come to the main point. U r the one who was talking about Ajay’s BO power during Bol Bachchan..Now see the result.

    • you’ve not been able to get over the BB story evidently..! As for it being a Devgan movie and so on your quarrel ought to be with its director and the film industry which responded a certain way! LOL! On Devgan’s box office I stand by everything I said.. as for imaginary positions you and others attribute to me can’t say much about that!

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        I would have never discussed BB but if someone will put a question mark on future incident like “Let’s see Ajay’s BO power during SOS” then just to remind them it was necessary…
        Well since now it’s proved no need to discuss till we see a Abhishek Solo …

  17. What is definition of being on top Alex ?

    When did two decades start ? ( two decades means 20 years as far as i understand )

    My short take:

    – Definition of being on top differs to person to person, what may be the yardstick may be different for u.

    – Two Decades, Non Sense!! No one was uniformly at top by any criteria.

  18. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – Premiere Theatre

  19. keep fighting folks-im busy with dabang2 songs, the bottle & oldgold 4 company :-)
    this is like denying the reality that ett was a success just bcos of trending etc
    im not an srk fan -ask yourselves this simple question…
    if not srk–who else –lets have one valid answer (other than aamir–he also has some issues for some years)–anyhow–carry on

    ps–thanx qalander for those pics–amazing indeed –infact brilliant architecture

    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      It is pointless arguing with someone who is basically intellectually dishonest and is desperately seeking attention on a blog- to the point of making absurd claims and statements in hope of getting attention.
      Problem in arguing with fools is that you often have to descend to their level make them see reason. Best to ignore them and leave them to their bottle and their fantasies in drunken stupor. If they had a life, they wouldn’t be here 24/7 talking to themselves.

      • @ rajen

        It is only that i have been surprised by some of his questions lately, as if i feel he is asking/behaving not like he used to.

        And i am sure he has been witness to all that satyam has to offer on this point!


    • let me indulge for a post or two lol. just tell me in your own way how do you think srk dominated hindi films for two decades in india. for starters name few films of srk which grossed bigger than his films made in combination with yrf/kjo in 90’s (if he is the BIGGEST star you say he is then he must be having few, right?) tell me which film is his biggest solo opener and when did it happen? which was his first non romantic success and when did it happen? how many such successes does he have- just plain simple facts no BS

      for a star who dominated hindi films for two decades i would expect few films from the 90’s too.

      now personally i would accept his significance as a major star (always close to top but never always at the top, barring few years) but to accept he was dominant i need some facts, plain n simple.

      • ^^^^this is meant for alex/aa/aa95 :)

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        “for starters name few films of srk which grossed bigger than his films made in combination with yrf/kjo in 90′s ”

        I don’t want to get into other points but would like to argue the above point…

        Perhaps SRK and also his detractors never realized that he has been successful with new directors and he should try to work with new directors.

        DDLJ was Adi’s first film and if you research YRF was not doing that great before this period. They were having hits and misses.
        Adi and SRK’s association was the reason for YRF’s growth. Now tell me where is Man Mohan Desai/Ramesh Sippy/Prakash Mehra’s production house today after Amitabh’s era is over.
        Similarly what about RK banner? They are not making films any more.

        Do you have any idea where Dharma production was before KKHH? KKHH was Karan’s first movie. Farah was given chance by SRK in his own banner. OSO is one of his biggest hits.

        SRK worked with Anubhav Sinha and Ra one is his biggest grosser right now. Ppl can say that was for publicity but we can see a lot of films earned much less after heavy publicity like Tees Maar Khan.

        Ra one which is SRK’s worst movie is his highest grosser with a director like Anubhav Sinha. If the film was slightly better today the story would have been different.

        Don and Don 2 are the biggest grossers for Excel entertainment which generally produces smaller grossers barring ZNMD from last year.

        Ppl have this myth that in bollywood production houses makes stars which is wrong. If that was the case try to search for big production houses from 70’s.

        Filmkraft became big after Hrithik. Rakesh Roshan was earlier also directing movie. His biggest hit was Karan Arjun and then Hrithik came. Perhaps they will revive RK banner due to Ranbir’s star power.

        Look who are the successful producers today. SRK, Aamir, Akshay, Ajay Devgan, Salman etc

        The main point is that SRK never went and worked outside his friend circle. Try to google and you will see a lot of directors like Hirani/ Shankar etc wanted to work with him at some point of time.

        • pretty lame argument and actually it cn be used other way around with all the star

          what was the outcome with priyadarshan(billu) compared to what hari om bhatia did with him

          who discovered rohit shetty and this guys sos director etc ,,,, infact aamir salman even here way ahead in working with first time director and if talk is selectively on gross then tees mar khan is one the biggest gross of farha and her hubby not miles behind a production which required cameo of allmost all bollywood people and itself is remke of two cult clssic (karz and madhumti)as marketing tool that to when its rejected

          farhan before don made cult dch and acclaimed lakshay nd even anubhav sinha was explored first by abhishek(dus) and ajay(crash)….

          forget two decde there is not even 5 year of so called thing t top

          numero uno is one who film gets sold on biggest in distribution circle or is the one who gives biggest grossers

          • utv, eros , reliance , ashtvinayk etc turnover is much bigger than ny star running his production house which selectively focusses on his movie only

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            “what was the outcome with priyadarshan(billu) compared to what hari om bhatia did with him”

            The tamil version of Billu flopped with Rajnikanth.

            Priaydarshan has flops with Salman and a disaster with Ajay recently…

            DCH was not a big grosser like Don and Don 2..

            We know the collections of Anubhav Sinha films like Dus and Cash…

            I am not saying these were the first films of these directors…but when they worked with SRK they got their biggest grossers that too with weak films…

            “farha and her hubby not miles behind a production which required cameo of allmost all bollywood people and itself is remke of two cult clssic (karz and madhumti)as marketing tool that to when its rejected”

            LoL at this statement…Ajay Devgans’ latest three 100 crore movies are remakes (SOS among these three)..
            Salman’s 3 100 Cr movies are remakes
            Akshay’s Rwody rathore and numerous other successful movies are remakes…

            But SRK’s three 100 crore movies are original..DON 2 had original story…

            Ok tell me.. Naseeb had multiple stars with a song with so many stars. It was directed by Desai…But it could not break any records…In OSO they just used various stars in songs…Amitabh’s career is made up of Multi star cast films…
            We have seen BO result of films like LOC kagil…

            “utv, eros , reliance , ashtvinayk”

            These are all mainly distributors who buys films of big stars… They are nothing with out big stars..

            Today major stars work in profit sharing system. That’s why i told that they are the biggest producers. I mean i consider Salman as the producer of ETT. See the condition of YRF just before ETT.
            If there is a film with SRK or Ajay then Eros has to pay big price to get it. It is not like hollywood where u make spiderman with an unknwon star.

          • another absurd argument and boast

            for record hari om is akshay’s production and rajeev bhatia is his nick name…

            yes priyan has disaster recently but what has a great track record with certain akki and if he failed with ajay(which was not even promoted) recently then billu was a bigger blot

            dch was not a big grosser but far more impactful than a so called remake of certain classic ( atleast rock, znmd etc milked on its sucess)

            if ajay’s film are remakes so atleast he is giving credit rather than shameless ripping classics ….what was devdas, don , etc and who started this trend and here i am not even counting n number of classics lifted shamelessly in srk’s career

            ra one is original my foot … don 2 is original ( only if you have not seen ocean eleven)

            here you are briging naseeb which itself tells so called inspiration of john johnny janardhan… for your knowledge amitabh’s film was always sold mammothly on distribution scale and don’t go by shameless cover of subsidy or sometime even sos whose budget suddenly is bigger than jthj ( laddak, london, rahman and company take peanuts one guess)

            stars as producer are limited to their own films only and there to they share the pie with big production and distribution houses

            how many star’s production house are listed on sensex and nifty but ya check surely the name of those big production houses

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:


            another absurd argument from you

            I know Hari Om Bhatia production house belongs to Akshay and i know about his original name thing…

            So you are saying Akshay gave hits with Priyan but SRK couldn’t. but u couldn’t answered my first question on it. Tamil remake of Billu was also a flop with Rajnikanth. If you can find out the reason then u will understand why the malayalam version was hit but Hindi and Tamil version failed with major stars.

            Now based on your above logic

            1. Subhash Ghai used to give hits with Anil Kapoor and he even gave a hit film with SRK but he gave a disaster with Slaman.

            2. Farah khan gave hits with SRK but gave a disaster with Akki

            3. Farhan Akhtar gave a flop with Hrithik but gave has two hits with SRK

            It is just the fact that Priyan is now out of form like Subhash Ghai who gave Yuvvraaj with Salman…

            “don 2 is original ( only if you have not seen ocean eleven)”

            U don’t understand a remake and a original then..Rowdy Rathore, Ready, Singham, Ghajini, Son of Sardars are direct remakes… if u haven’t seen the original versions then watch them first then argue..I have seen them all in original version.

            And i have see Don 2 and ocean eleven…but i am sure u haven’t seen any of the south movies which were remade
            Don 2 and Ocean eleven is the lamest argument ever….lol.

            I am repeating again … I said REMAKE REMAKE REMAKE.. DON 2 was not a remake but the other films which i mentioned above were … difficult to argue with people who don’t understand what is the meaning of remake…

            “how many star’s production house are listed on sensex and nifty but ya check surely the name of those big production houses”

            Those companies which are listed in Sensex need these big stars other wise their company will be out …
            I think Mukhta arts is also listed in sensex..see it’s condition when no big star is working with Subhash Ghai..lol..Red chillies will be earning more than Mukta Arts now..

          • correction on Farhan Akhtar — actually the Lakshya initial to final number ratio is more or less that of the first Don. The second Don had a bigger opening number but trending was worse. Neither film got huge opening numbers like Lakshya did. In any case to call both Dons hits without qualification one has to be a SRK fan. which I guess you are!

            On the rest Don 2 wasn’t a remake, you are correct. It was just the sequel of a remake! Ha!

          • again things in circle with further addition of more xyz rather thn sticking to facts

            did billu accepted it in first place that its a remke of kuselan which itself takes its inspirtion from krishn-sudma stories

            these are not my logic but an extension of your boast on the invincibility of certin star which makes you look ridiculous…think deeply

            what is direct remake ….they are officially give credit rather than shmeless lifting which is a bigger sin and for a random case of mukta arts which is involved in political angle and land rows….there is a thing called per market share and it comes only when you are listed….

  20. yeah–they wouldnt be here but escorting u back to the madhouse u come out of intermittently in the ‘hunger’ for another ‘dose’ —
    & dont try to ‘spoil’ gentlemen like satyam, rooney
    this time we reject u –no more dose tonite-go tommy -im busy with anya& og–gud nite folks :-)

  21. https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/jab-tak-hain-jaan-son-of-sardar-ongoing-the-rest-of-the-box-office/#comment-195727
    thanks saurabh. i have some breathing room in my schedule right now, so catching up on sleep and movies, you know, the two most important things in life.
    heard good things about raid redemption, will try to catch it. i also haven’t caught the grey and looper, hopefully soon, but never had any interest in spiderman reboot.
    on your previous point about genre films, i agree. coen brothers make twisty genre films, not straight ones. but since i am not the usual audience for these genres, only the coen b/tarantino twists on these genres work for me. so the town is a pretty good genre film in itself but i find it hard to feel involved or engaged in any way. same for action. that’s why the regular bond films didn’t work for me. but these current films do. rangan had a whole discussion on his blog regarding skyfall and in that piece about argo. he wasn’t too happy about the ‘deepening’ of bond films so to speak. there is some validity to fan complaints about making these films serious. but you gotta expand your audience when you are making such expensive films and try to hook new audience members who wouldn’t otherwise watch these films, the regular bond bond audience will watch anyway. so it all comes down to catering to more people i think. straight genres work better for smaller films now. or twilight :)

    • I liked Amazing Spider-Man quite a bit since it was pretty true to the comics-

      but here is my ramblings on it which i had posted sometime earlier (this is just half of my entire piece, somehow i lost the other half)-

      Saw Spidey and before I comment on the film, here is a question which was continuously pestering my mind – Why is no one interested in this ‘reboot’? The easiest answer for this question is that the last Raimi film came just a few years back. But there is also another reason- Spider-man as a human being or an individual has not been presented on screen interestingly till now i.e. Peter Parker has never been a character you wanted to root for, in the previous films- his “origins” and the back-story have also not been impactful enough (and this is one of the areas where Nolan’s Caped Crusader always scored brownie points)- Thankfully the current film attempts to tread this slightly difficult path and somewhat succeeds- this is the major reason why the film worked for me (in this respect the film is similar to another splendid film of last year, Captain America). Also if one is a bit familiar with the comics like me, he/she will enjoy it more since this one, at some levels, is more faithful to the comics than the earlier films – In short this is the best Spidey film after the 2nd Dock-Ock one.

      Now coming to the film, one of the strengths of the film is that even though it does not have a particularly fresh storyline, – what happens in the 1st half of the film has more or less been seen before i.e. Parker losing his uncle Ben (Martin Sheen gives this cameo a lot of heft), getting bitten by a spider and so on- the director handles this otherwise predictable story arc deftly and tells it in a very different tone. When placing Parker in a high-school (Parker still has not started ‘bungling’ for the Daily Bugle), he essentially makes Parker a ‘believable character’- the emotional turmoil he goes through feels real because for the 1st time someone has decided to enter the psychological realm of the principal character. So when we see young Peter looking completely out-of-sorts after his dad’s study is broken into and he suddenly disappears leaving Pete into Uncle Ben’s care, we for a change are interested in knowing who Peter’s dad actually was. Also the best scenes happen after the predictable turning point in the film- after uncle Ben’s murder- Mark Webb allows this ‘nerdy Peter’ (he wears glasses for a change) to not only do some much some soul-searching but also gives those scenes a ‘kinetic energy’- So when he discovers his new found super-powers, Peter does not consider it a curse but relishes it. In a clever scene Peter gets the idea of the mask after seeing the poster of a Lucha wrestler- so it is as if the mask allows to unleash his ‘cockiness’, if he has realized that he can do the most bizarre things and get away with it. Under that ‘mask’, the nerd becomes ‘witty’ and in a quest to ‘find about his father’, the director makes Peter ‘discover himself’ yet never allowing his to alter-ego to become free of the palpable dangers surrounding him- just like before the ‘transformation’ when he used to get bullied by his class-mate Flash Thompson and was a misfit in the school, Peter, even after becoming Spidey, remains an ‘outsider’ to this world but in an invert sense. A really touching scene here is that after saving the day in his first encounter with our antagonist Lizard, Parker returns home with something Aunt May had asked him to bring- eggs! Garfield, in a very fine performance, not only looks the part (he is more similar to the comic book design) but pulls of a difficult act of being submissive and cocky simultaneously (he channels the ‘geek’ bit from his act in The Social Network). There is as much fun to be had in his uneasiness while dealing initially with Gwen Stacy’s dad (Cap. George Stacy) at her home as when he shows-off his superpowers to a thief and ridicules him. Garfield has reinterpreted this character in his own manner and completely owns the film. This actually could have made for a film solely about Peter Parker- wonder why no one thought in this direction because for once the man behind the mask made for an alluring character. At the risk of sounding clichéd I will say, this is one ‘coming-of-age’ story where someone actually comes-of-age without having any ‘Zen like experiences’ or ‘Eureka moments’.

      Secondly this film has some really charming romantic moments. Thankfully we have a younger and hotter sweetheart for Parker in the form of Gwen Stacy played nicely by Emma Stone. Stacy is not a cardboard character- she even gets a heroic moment in the climax. But the best part is that because just like Parker, she has love for ‘science’- so apart from having a physical attraction, they share an ‘intellectual relationship’ too. There is real chemistry between the two leads because they behave like ‘modern teenagers’ and not like grown-ups. And it helps that director here is the guy who made a fine rom-com “500 Days of Summer”. The romance, which never did it for me in the earlier Spidey films, is actually one of film’s cornerstones. Wish they would have done a zany adaptation on the lines of ‘Spidey in a High-School Musical’.

      Also Webb has paid great attention to detailing of the scenes which add to the experience. It clearly shows that he knows the original material. So again being true to the comics and, something which was missing in the earlier films, Parker designs wrist-mounted devices for firing webs. The web-swinging is deserves special mention- it is splendidly executed and thrilling but also looks real. Also the best part is that the character of Lizard is designed as close the comic-book original as possible. That Lizard looks utterly grotesque and less slick is because it is supposed to be that way (though he does away with the Lizard’s snout which was prominent in the books)- the character is a humanoid having layers of scales. Also Spidey himself here is lithe and acrobatic. Webb also smartly avoids those ‘big climactic action scenes where everything happens at once’- remember Avengers. The action pieces have a clarity to them though they lack in inventiveness and style. The best one is where Spidey rescues a boy from a burning car dangling from a bridge- he removes his mask and tells the kid to put it on, who then suddenly gets a boost of confidence and courage and is hence rescued by our hero- and the scene is done with such electric passion that it seems this mask does not belong to Spidey but to ‘The Mask’.

  22. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Abhishek and John in ‘Vettai’ remake?


    This will be interesting if true. Perhaps Abhishek in Madhavan’s role and John in Arya’s role.

  23. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/Sardaar-takes-over-SRKs-space/articleshow

    Sardaar takes over SRK’s space


    Reportedly, SOS has collected approximately Rs 76 crore net all over India despite having 500 screens lesser than JTHJ, which collected approximately Rs 90 crore.

    When contacted, Aditya Choksi, a leading distributor and exhibitor from Central India said, “Just like in other parts of India, in my circuit, SOS was screened in few theatres like Neel Kamal and Kusum (Indore) and Ganesh ( Pune). It was a success.”

    Trade expert Amod Mehra said, “JTHJ has failed miserably in single screens. Hence, theatres are ready to accommodate SOS now.”

    Owner of Maratha Mandir, Manoj Desai, who started with three shows of JTHJ on November 13 confirmed that now they have reduced the number of shows to two.

    • After being mauled by the hyped J with critics praising it to the skies and damning SOS, after getting lesser and unprofitable single screen, after biased reporting by BO experts, SOS is still breathing like a wounded soldier trying to get on.

  24. Jab Tak Hai Jaan And Son Of Sardaar Neck To Neck On Wednesday

    Thursday 22nd November 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan are now collecting neck to neck with both films collecting in the 3.75- 4 crore nett region on Wednesday.

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan started with a 4 crore approx lead on day one and on day nine that lead has been totally cut by Son Of Sardaar. Although Son Of Sardaar will not get close in terms of overall business it may cut the the 16 crore nett gap between them by a crore or two over the next few weeks.

    Both films are maintaining most of the screen space in week two with multiplexes just cutting a couple of shows and single screens practically same as week one.

    Two markets have seen a turnaround, Gujarat and CP Berar, in both these markets Jab Tak Hai Jaan was stronger on day one but now Son Of Sardaar has edged ahead.

    Both films have underperformed in some circuits. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is poor in Bihar and average in CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan while Son Of Sardaar is poor in West Bengal and Mysore and average in CP Berar and Nizam.

    The key major markets of Mumbai and North have scored well for both films. Its the first time since Dil and Ghayal in 1990 that two films released on the same day have both succeeded and the gap in business is small (will be around 15% here). Normally in clashes, one film has run away with the box office be it only one film succeeding or two films succeeding.

  25. JAB TAK HAI JAAN Drops Further On Wednesday

    “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” collected good numbers until Friday and was set for nice weekend but then sad events in Mumbai reduced that advantage. Film continues to drop on weekdays and due to more drops on weekdays in multiplexes film suffered.

    Film collected 4.00 cr nett on Wednesday taking film’s total collections to 94 cr nett plus. Film will finish extended week one of 10 days at 98 cr nett and this is good total but not what was expected out of the film. Film is showing drop day after day which is not good sign for next weekend.

    Film needs to put up good numbers in 2nd week in the range of 25-28 cr nett in order to touch 125 cr nett. Then only film can at least fulfill its true potential and justify the stardom associated with it. Overseas filmlooking to make further killing in 2nd weekend which will take film in all time top 4 or 5 films of Bollywood.


  26. SON OF SARDAAR Stable In Few Territories

    “Son Of Sardaar” collected almost similar numbers as JTHJ on Monday and on Tuesday film lead by 40 lakhs or so. Film is leading the pack but with a very slim margin. This might set film for a good 2nd weekend. Film in a way made makers happy in terms of taking on competition on Diwali but distributors have different story to tell which we will deiscuss in separate column.

    Film collected 4.05 cr nett on Wednesday which is further drop of 15-18%. The drop is significant considering film’s release date, buzz and star cast but considering competition this is not bad. The main culprit is weekdays which are always bad after Diwali.

    Film is now dependent on 2nd weekend whichight have surprise in store for few who have written off film after poor weekdays. For that lets wait for the weekend.


  27. @sm- ( no reply button above )

    i dont think this place would be good to discuss, or we will have to bear to ire of Satyam! And also the matter is subjudice, so wont like to speak more on it on open public forum. Hope u understand that. But i had typed a long comment, which i have saved and i can send in a private mail.

    ( as u need to get the basics on how this country was founded, its constitutional guarrantees, constitutional promise that people of this country have and why and what is at danger )

    please mail me here masoom.6288@gmail.com.

    – btw which link u read, shared that so i know u read the correct one!!

    “but after reading about the case, at least I’m reassured that it doesn’t threaten to disband the Union of India,”

    Well everything devastating has but a small beginning, from whose prism we cannot to see the anarchy which it might bring.

    • Is this the PASA that you are talking about?

      • NOPE that is different, but another important case.

        That should be good for final hearing within 2-3 months, tough job.

        Abzee, this is the 97th constitutional amendment which was passed by Parliament. It is regarding “co-operative societies”

    • @rooney (responding to your comment here)

      >And similiarly what is fun or laughter or light moment, is tensed one for other people.

      That’s what is called *schadenfreude* – a situation that is tense for some causing laughter to others.
      A good joke makes most people laugh, with no tension involved.

      • I guess there is no such thing as good joke, as it doesnt depend on quality of joke rather on classes and category of people involved.

        Every Joke or laughter can offensive or tensed one for some class.

        Only a true blue guy can be cool… and laugh of life.. olle its funs Goldie..

    • I’ve sent you an email, Rooney. :)

  28. Has Pran passed away??

    • who told you???

      • a friend on fb said there are tweets RIP Pran

        People are too hasty.

        • Yes… some ppl confirmed on twitter that he is doing fine..

        • I hope he is well. May god bless him!

          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            Finally caught the yawn fest JTHJ in big screen. An absolute fraud of a movie. Even with lowered expectations, this was a sore disappointment . STK sans stubble looks very haggard. The best part of the movie is with introduction of Anushka’s character till the second crash.SRK has a career left if he acts his age. As Major Anand, he was pretty effective. Story, script,direction andusic disappoint majorly.

          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            Very little in movie is spontaneous or fun. All engineered to a predetermined formula designed to incorporate elements that ado thought work with overseas audience and those of similar ilk in India. Down to the Pakistani roomie. Ado just doesn’t get it that you cannot make a decent movie this way. Even in a Yash Raj film, a movie needs a heart.

          • Don’t know what’s happened to Aditya chopra. It was shocking to see him return after so many years with RNBDJ. It’s one thing to misfire with a film and quite another set the bar so low. It’s like he just had one or two films in him.

            In any case Aamir will save the day with Talaash. The only major production that I’ve really looked forward to this year. Don’t think I’m forgetting anything.

          • I don’t know whether the subdued promotion of Talaash is a) a lack of confidence in the film or b) a light touch as the film and promotion cannot reveal too much before hand due to it being a suspense film.
            Aamir seems to be visibly promoting it unlike MP when he kind of rubbed his hands off the film…maybe quiet confidence?

            Either way…Barfi has shown that a not so massive opening and good trending can get past 100 crores so a clear opening weekend and good opening + good film could still be a huge one.

          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            Sorry, adi and not Ado. Damn auto correct!

          • Rajen – how sweet of you to call him ‘ado’. It really sounds cute.

          • Rajenmaniar Says:


          • aditya only had one film in him. now it seems ddlj was a fluke. i mean, why the surprise at rnbdj, mohabbatein was even worse, what a terrible film. personally i feel even ddlj hasn’t aged all that well. and with most of the films he has produced and all he has directed since then, it is crystal clear that his script sense is poor and his sensibilities outdated.

  29. and the irony is between these 2 mediocre movie a nice movie like luv shuv tey chicken khurana was completely ignored

    its a much better production from anurag kashyp compared to aiyya and even gow2 with the better part being authentic representtion of rural punjab compared to exaggerted thing being shown in today’s bollywood ….take out an innocent kiss and its a clean movie which can be watched with family

    • Yes, a friend in India told me she liked it very much and I trust her taste. Too bad it went unnoticed.

  30. Aamir Khan Interview Part 2

    “”I’m Surprised, No Film Has Broken The Record Of 3 Idiots…”: Aamir”

    • What an arrogant *ç%&?+ç

      • yes, how horrible to speak the truth that even with more screens and higher ticket prices, surprisingly the record hasn’t been broken yet. something, btw, that everybody has been talking about ad nauseam. he should be down to earth like srk and claim himself to be no. 1 and badshah in all his interviews at the height of his success (all in good humor of course) and perform at and compere all the silly meaningless award shows in town giving him awards for his scintillating performances in crap like dtph where he can take the opportunity to pull down all his competitors and seniors, again in the name of good humored satire. so much to learn.

        • It is not arrogance but surprise. Aamir never expected 3I to do that well though he was sure of its success. Even if the record is beaten, 3I will remain a historical success for years to come. Did Sholay lose its shine because of 3I?
          Bobby,HAKHK, QSQT,MPK, Deewar,Sholay,Aradhana,Baazigar all these movies are landmark movies some more and some less for the last 3 to 4 decades or so.
          It is like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin, Dravid, Saurav, dhoni in the cricket field.

      • LOL Oldgold….
        Sach Kadwa hota hai………..

    • very glad he said this! LOL!

      • And I’m glad that satyam is not above fandom like some lowly folks ;-)

        • there’s a difference between being even a very passionate fan and being one who denies reality as a day job. So one can for example believe that any SRK film that touches 100 crores has done very well and is a blockbuster with the overseas factored in and what or one can live in reality and see the obvious which is that many of these films have underperformed greatly or have been downright failures or have done well with less than spectacular initials. Meanwhile some other stars are putting up crazy numbers. Similarly with just this Diwali clash if both films are ending up at 100 (with JTHJ doing 15 or so more or whatever) there is absolutely no doubt SOS has done vastly better than JTHJ. Because it’s a single/double screen film it’s gross means even more and JTHJ being a multiplex deal is doing badly to be in the same range and is clearly doing worse on WOM which is why SOS caught up with it. Like Republicans in the US one can however keep living in la-la land and enjoy the missives that keep coming in from reality or pretend it’s only about the next release! I didn’t think SOS would do much but even with some disadvantages it’s done well. Much as I expected JTHJ to do a RNBDJ but it’s currently in Ra One territory on trending and even if it does better than now looks to be the case it won’t do a RNBDJ. Ultimately one has to deal with reality. One can keep attacking Aamir or call him whatever. All of this still doesn’t change the reality. Perhaps one thinks many people unfairly attack SRK and what not but that too doesn’t change the reality of the film. In the end this is what one either does or does not accept. I might find many things people say about Bachchan unpalatable but that does not stop me from saying a film of his is bad or certain positions of his are questionable when that is indeed my view. My point here is that one either lives in denial of reality in an obvious sense or one does so covertly by telling oneself one is only not accepting things because other mean people are being unfair! This allows one to never utter truths that are unpalatable. The rest is just tactical stuff.

          • but denying reality or creating an alternate one and being a passionate fan is one and the same for most internet fandom these days i think. that’s why it makes me sick. being a fan is something i don’t relate to but find sometimes sweet and sometimes amusing. but being illogical gets my goat. and since most of these fans are not just illogical but almost incoherent these days, they give a bad name to all fandom in general. maybe it’s just the internet.

          • Sorry. You are above fandom, not like some lowly folks.

          • cmon oldgold–u r not ‘lowly’
            and nobody is ‘above’ anyone
            both og & anya are cute –smile :-)

  31. “What an arrogant *ç%&?+ç”
    Oldgold –ROFL :-)
    Btw seems yesterday’s ‘hangover’ is still affecting og and anya
    May have another ‘session’ v soon og/anya
    At the mo–payin for some sins & snowed under some work aargh ..

    • ‘Candid confessions by srk & Kat’
      Haven’t opened the link
      Though must admit that had their been a film of that name would’ve seen it b4 JTHJ
      Ps: Oldgold- do carry on the entertainment
      “a friend on fb said there are tweets RIP Pran”–haaww
      Though I thought he was already …ooops sorry anyhow

  32. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    As for SRK’s remuneration in #JTHJ, that’s between Aditya Chopra and him. His fee is *not* included in the cost of the film [60 cr].

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    Yash Raj will make a minimum profit of 80 crores + from #JTHJ. Includes revenue from theatrical + Overseas + Satellite, Music, Home Video.

    • yeah we know, SRK grosses less than everyone else and makes more profit than everyone else. This pixie dust has been sprinkled before!

      as for SRK’s fee not being included that’s because he has a profit sharing agreement with Yashraj as he did on RNBDJ as well. Just saying his fee isn’t included doesn’t mean he’s doing it for free. This just means lower profits for Yashraj!

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        “yeah we know, SRK grosses less than everyone else and makes more profit than everyone else.”

        Did u forget overseas??? SRK’s movies worldwide gross is quite high. Since Yashraj themselves are the world wide distributors them will get very good profit.

        • And produce JTHJ 2. With the profits collected overseas.

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            Yashraj don’t need to produce JTHJ 2… they have the biggest franchise of BW that is Dhoom series…They already have earned enough with ETT and JTHJ..Dhoom 3 coming next year…don’t forget to watch it at a theater near u…

          • I have doubts about Dhoom 3 too. It may also fizzle out.

        • This time SRK will forget how to diffuse bombs, Katrina will forget her Jesus and Anushka will forget her adventures on discovery channel. SRK will produce boxoffice bombs, Katrina will turn atheist and anushka will be in mental asylum interviewing the inmates.

        • yes that’s part of the pixie dust argument..

  33. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan Grosses 91 Crore Nett In Ten Days

    Friday 23rd November 2012 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan has grossed 91 crore nett in ten days. The business at mass centres fell from Monday onwards while the premium multiplexes have held up better. The film performed best in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. The film lost around 4 crore nett due to Maharashtra being shut for some time over the weekend.

    Overall the film will do around 115 crore nett lifetime business. The approx ten day business in some circuits was as follows.

    Delhi/UP – 18 crore

    East Punjab – 7 crore

    CI – 2.90 crore

    Rajasthan – 4.75 crore


    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      “The film lost around 4 crore nett due to Maharashtra being shut for some time over the weekend.”

    • 115 crore lifetime business is very poor given this film and the expectations associated with it. It’s basically going to match Ghajini’s final number 4 years after Ghajini. And it’s going to barely do as much as Ready. This isn’t just an underwhelming performance. It’s a poor performance.

      • its poor considering this was SRK’s “home turf”, its poor because its a YashRaj product with supposedly the biggest superstar. its poor because it had katrina as one of the main leads. its poor because it was Yash Chopra’s last directional venture. its poor because the music was by India’s premiere music director. I’d say this is one of the biggest disappointing results ever…but I feel like i’ve been saying that for most SRK films in the past 5 years…meanwhile Salman just keeps breaking his own records and keeps setting the bar high for himself. its a one man race right now and SRK is losing ground with every release. lets see what happens next week when Aamir delivers his movie. i think it will end up around 70-80cr…but above all, i hope the movie itself will be good.

  34. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Son Of Sardaar Grosses 75 Crore Nett In Ten Days

    Friday 23rd November 2012 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Son Of Sardaar has grossed 75 crore nett in ten days. The business at multiplexes in the big cities did start to drop towards the end of the week while single screens are holding well. The out performance has surprisingly come in Rajasthan and CI and not Delhi or East Punjab where the last sardaar film Singh is Kinng out performed. The film lost around 3 crore nett due to the Maharashtra being shut for some time over the weekend.

    Overall the film will do around 100 crore nett lifetime business. The approx ten day business in some circuits was as follows.

    Delhi/UP – 16 crore

    East Punjab – 7.75 crore

    CI – 4 crore

    Rajasthan – 6 crore


    • 100 crores is extremely creditable for a film basically depending on single/double screens. It’s 100 crores are easily worth more than the 115 of JTHJ. They didn’t even have some of the best single screens starting out.

      • And add to it, the less no. of screens by almost 600 to 900, so if distribution and exhibition costs is taken in to account, the difference between 2 films is zilch.

        • SOS has added about 300-350 single screen theaters starting from today. It has also lost some multiplex screens due to the release of Life of Pi, I believe. However, I wonder if, because of its presence at single screens, it can continue to make a steady, if low, collection even after Talaash releases? Much as Singham continued to roll up the collections after Bodyguard released, to ultimately reach 100cr?

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        I agree completely. Golmaal series, BB, Singham & SOS has proved that Ajay Devgan is one of the biggest stars of the country today….

  35. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta

    @iam4RNAB JTHJ already blockbuster. In India,it is close to 100 crore, Overseas nearly 55.It wil make profit of 70-75 crore!

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Ab toh Komal Nahata ne bhi bol diya. I am not sure how much SRK will get but Yashraj will have a minimum profit of 50 crores (considering SRK will get 20 Cr at Max) on an investment of 60 crores..

      • Only 20cr maximum for SRK? When people like Akshay are rumored to charge 25 cr per film, and even Ranbir is supposed to charge 15cr? That’s not much of a remuneration for someone of his stature, don’t you think?

        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          SRK doesn’t charge much to YRF. Same is the case with many other stars…Big stars like Aamir/Salman/Akshay’s case will different with Yashraj.

          • Are you saying stars like Aamir/Salman/Akshay charge less for YRF? I’m pretty sure that’s not the case with Salman. Supposedly one of the reasons he didn’t do CDI was that he didn’t want to lower his usual fee for YRF. If you meant that stars like Aamir/Salman/Akshay don’t lower their price for YRF, like SRK does, then OK.

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            No, I am saying stars like Aamir/Salman/Akshay charge their normal fee with Yashraj..Stars like Saif/Kareena/Rani/Abhishek etc who charge less than their normal fee..This might be true for the likes of Katrina also..I am not sure right now. I had read it somewhere few years ago…

            This is because Aamir/Salman/Akshay works on the basis of profit sharing and this must be same for all producers including YRF…

          • that is no longer the case beginning with RNBDJ. And Aamir charges Yashraj a very great deal! Very much doubt Salman was giving them a big discount either!

        • On previous films with YRF, there were rumors that SRK keeps the overseas collections for himself, which makes more sense in terms of his total remuneration.

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            ” there were rumors that SRK keeps the overseas collections for himself”


          • Well, I can’t give sources, because these came up in discussions on Bollywood forums. Even if they gave sources then, I can’t recall them. That’s why I said there were “rumors.”

          • Anyway, it’s not so unbelievable, is it, that the profit sharing agreement with YRF should be that they keep all the domestic profits, and SRK gets the overseas ones, in lieu of any upfront acting fee? Seems like a reasonable arrangement to me (of course I’m not Adi Chopra :) )

          • Thanks much SM…greatly appreciated. Actually I don’t think Nag is some great actor or anything but he does have a striking screen presence IMO. I recently saw his Rajanna and liked it a lot. And I especially liked him in RGV’s Shiva/Siva (just to inform inace u don’t know that he also acted alongside Bachchan and Sridevi in Khudagawah)

            Amongst the new Telugu stars the ones I like are Mahesh, Rana and Prabhas to some extent. Can’t stand the likes of Ravi Teja and Pawan Kalyan

        • OT SM but I thought u are the right person to answer this- Have you seen the trailer of Nagarjuna’s upcoming film Damarukam which releases today (its supposed to be having a lot of CGI). Also since I am a big fan of Nag (sadly I have seen hardly 10-15 films of his as most of them aren’t available in either dubbed or in subtitled form) I wanted to know how is he rated as an ‘actor’ vis-a-vis his contemporaries down south? Also is he still a big box-office force even now? Finally how would you compare him to Venkatesh and Chiranjeevi (whom I believe was the numero one amongst the 3. Of course from the little I have seen of them I will easily prefer Nag over the 3)

          • Ha, ha, actually Saurabh, I’m very much the wrong person to ask, because I can’t stand Nagarjuna! :) I’ve only seen a few of his films, on the basis of which I’ve come to this conclusion. I could never understand why he was so popular, which he certainly was. I personally think Venkatesh is a much better actor than him, and Chiranjeevi better still. In any case age has pretty much caught up with them all, and, though they have some following, it’s not what it used to be. From what little I know, they can still draw audiences, though not necessarily as many as the current crop of heroes. Incidentally, if you don’t know, Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja has established himself as a top star, while Nagarjuna’s son Nag Chaitanya is still to make it, and Venkatesh’s nephew Rana Daggubati has had respectable notices in the few films he has done so far, in Telugu and Hindi. Ram Charan is going to make his Hindi debut in the remake of Zanzeer.

            There, that covers just about all of my knowledge of Tollywood to date! :)

          • OK, just for you I checked out the Damarukam trailer, and I didn’t think much of the CGI. My first reaction was that it seemed like Nag was trying to replicate the Magadheera success with a much poorer product. As the trailer developed, though, I was reminded of several other films, so maybe it’ll just be a mishmash of them all. Nothing really struck me as original or innovative.

          • Your reply went to the wrong place, Saurabh, but I found it.

            OK, here’s director S. S. Rajamouli talking about the film at its audio launch, and he has high praise for the visual effects, so maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure Rajamouli knows better than me, plus he has seen the whole film, he says. It’s mostly in Telugu, but in case you want to see it, here’s the link:

            I know about Nag’s Shiva, didn’t know he was in Khuda Gawah. He was certainly attractive (to look at) in his younger days. I think now he looks too old for the romantic hero, but if audiences are willing to accept him, my opinion is of no importance. If you see the comments on the youtube trailers, he certainly still has some diehard fans.

          • I saw the video.. And i agree that from the trailers the sfx do not inspire much confidence but i will be checking it out as soon as the dubbed/subtitled version comes on the net.

            Btw have u seen Eeega…I loved it

    • Another scoundrel, who wants us to believe his STALE LIES movie after movie. These bunch of jesters are never going to be honest in specific cases!!

    • its a shame that a term like “block buster” is used to loosely in today’s times for a movie…just like the word “great”, it has lost its true panache.

  36. Looks interesting! Trailer of Rajeev Khandelwal and Paresh Rawal starrer Table No. 21

  37. http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?231648

    20 best film songs.

    This is what happens when you start choosing 20 best songs from celebrity jury rather than ordinary people.

    • The choices are certainly interesting. Would have been better if the jury had elaborated on why they chose these songs.
      I personally like all these songs except the duet from Taj Mahal(I personally find the song quite boring)

      • But limiting such a vast repertoire of songs to 20 does injustice to many brilliant songs. They could have just named 20 choices of each jury member instead of just ranking the songs.

        • Any list on Indian film songs which does not have a Rahman number is a ridiculous one

        • Agree, Sanjana. Also interesting is that there are very few Kishore songs as compared to Rafi whereas in a normal public poll, Kishore songs would have topped. The jury should have elaborated why they feel these are the top songs. Looking at the choices it looks like the jury took the lyrics, music and singing into consideration.

    • the title is kind of mis leading. title suggest “best songs” and the sub texts states “jury’s favorite”, which is a huge huge difference. anyway the list is weak IMO. for example title song for KHNH is a very good song but certainly not “best ever” material. agreed with Saurabh on Rahman. his songs should occupy at least 10 of the 20 best all-time songs IMO.

      • All Time Favourite itself is ridiculous.
        Of a decade would still be acceptable – or best songs based on genre, classical music/ best fusion songs (Rehman could score there) etc etc
        All Time is not doable – selecting from such a rich, almost endless treasure.

    • to include my favorite (ill narrow it down to 5):
      in no order

      1. Chayyian Chayyian (Dil Se..)
      2. Kya Hua Tera Wada (HKSKN)
      3. Pehla Nasha (JJWS)
      4. Mitwa (Lagaan)
      5. Teri Bindiya Re (Abhimaan)

  38. I agree with Sanjana, they should have had each jury member pick their top 20.

    Saurabh, This is a rather good list. Rahman is a great composer but we have a lot many beautiful songs in the first four decades (of Hindi Films) itself, that surpass Rahman’s music. Besides music is a part of the song (a rather important one) but its music, lyrics and singing that make the final output.

    • I love those old film songs which were simple, had lovely lyrics and sung by stalwarts like Rafi, Lata, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mehmood, Mukesh, Mahendra Kapoor, Dey, Asha, Kishore Kumar Geeta dutt and the rest . They are evergreen. Most of the stars of that era owed half their success to those famous songs.

    • Ok to be truthful I liked the list but was disappointed not to see a single Rahman song since he is by far the greatest Indian composer. Anyway I think Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui deserved to be there. My fav from the list will be Aayega Aanewala and Waqt Ne Kiya Haseen Sitam. And Geeta Dutt is my all time fav female singer though Lata and Asha are greater than her

  39. First official stills from Rajkumar Santoshi’s Shahid and Ileana starrer “PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO”-

  40. Since you mentioned Geeta Dutt, here’s a beautiful song by her. Its one of her best.

    • ..It’s Geeta Dutt’s birthday.
      I loved her voice in lively songs.
      To celebrate her birthday;

      • yeah like geeta dutts voice as well–though cant remember any song of her rite now
        what are her top 5 ones og

        • My top 5 will be- Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui (Baazi), Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam (Kaagaz Ke Phool), Babooji Dhire Chalna (Aar Paar), Aye Dil Hai Mushkil (CID) and Kaise Roko Gey Is Toofan Ko (Anandmath)

          • what about the sbag songs? piya aiso jiya mein, na jao saiyan will make the top list too. waqt ne kiya is amongst top 5 obviously. and the pyaasa tracks are amongst top ones too – jaane kya tune kahi and aaj sajan mujhe ang laga lo (the only love song which is almost devotional i think)

          • Antya, agreed with U on Baazi. imo it’s the finest noir film of that age alongwith Raj Khosla’s CID. Not a fan of Mr and Mrs 55 but like Aar Paar a lot. Agreed on Jaal as well, Dev was effective here but I also liked K.N.Singh as well. I am even a fan of Dutt’s action-adventure Baaz

          • saurabh, since you like baaz, i think you’ll enjoy reading this :)

        • I wouldn’t even start listing great songs of Geeta Dutt, AA. I like a lot of her non- filmi songs like this one, which makes the list very long.
          This will definitely not be of your taste ;-)

          Fabulous voice here.

          • I would rate the song from Sujata as probably the best ‘lori’ songs ever-much better than any of the ones that Lata sang!

      • Love her duets with Rafi esp the one from Pyaasa. A very distinctive voice and style which hasn’t been replicated yet

        • Yes, there were some great geeta-rafi songs, and that pyaasa song is great.
          Another lively song with Geeta -Rafi, though Rafi comes in towards the end

          • Thanx Oldgold for those tracks
            Just heard this one properly
            Not for Freya dutt but in general a nice track and noted some good lyrics since my ‘grip’ is improving -courtesy google
            “hum aapako khwaabon me, laa laa ke sataayenge
            hum aapakee aakhon se ninde hee udaa de to
            hum aapake kadamon par gir jaayenge rash khaa kar
            Ispar bhee naa hum apane aanchal kee hawaa de to”
            Will check out the others later -but a nice melody
            Hum aapki aankhon mein..
            When one gets the movie time cut-all one can do is -Enjoy song tracks ha
            What Dya think of this old track Oldgold

          • I think very well of it, as I do of all songs from Pyaasa – after all it is Sahir Ludhianvi. You can go to this site and read the discussion of the lyrics of Pyaasa songs.


          • Didn’t get your joke (or whatever) about Freya Dutt. Not that I would have been amused.

          • thanx oldgold for that wonderful site –unfortunately i can fit in only one film site/blog–have a few drab profession-related ones also to tackle (necessarily)—but u showed me a high quality site dustedoff–is it yours?
            thanx anya–nice choices there…
            as for guru dutt–
            have an uncomfortable confession-have neve watched a single film of his !! five years ago tried a few but wasnt for me then
            but now it seems im finally ready to enter the world of guru dutts films–esp readin the dicussion bout his cradft

            og & anya—this particular song “hum aapki aankhon mein’ stood out in a cursory glance since it is a rare non-sad guru dutt song!
            also v interesting the way they have incorporated waltz and other elements here
            as for the lyircs—theres something simple yet classy succinct here
            HUm aapki aankhon mein is dil ko ….enjoy folks :-)

          • gurudutt didn’t make all serious films. his lighter films are pretty good too. you can start with those and ease into it with baazi, aar paar etc.. mr and mrs 55 is a film i am biased towards, it’s a cute romantic comedy. another favorite of mine is a lesser known film jaal with dev anand and geeta bali, dev in a very well done negative role and i love geeta bali, very good movie (it has the famous song ye raat ye chandni phir kahan).

          • wow anya–so theres an ‘oldgold’ within u—impressed to see your vintage hindi film knowledge.. :-)
            Have watched random bits n bobs/scenes here n there but not properly
            Yeah that order of film viewing seems the correct progression but the two films which i will watch with interest & ‘respect’ is pyaasa and finally kaagaz ke phool (i have a feeling i will love KKP)

          • “Didn’t get your joke (or whatever) about Freya Dutt. ” haha oldgold your keen eye didnt miss that.
            Dont think need to tell u about the freya lingerie/bra range –anyhow thats unrelated here..
            as u know an ‘autocomplete” phone typo :-)

          • yes, guru dutt was the producer for cid too, it has his ‘stamp’. he did ‘noir’ really well. in a way jaal is a ‘noir’ film too. mr & mrs 55 is certainly not some great movie. i thought the chemistry b/w dutt & madhubala was very good and it has some more of those good fun songs that dutt had fewer of later in his career. so i have a soft spot for this film which is essentially just a frivolous little romantic comedy :)

          • savour this: anya & oldgold–
            its easier to enjoy a song that gettting stuck for two hours in a movie—nowadays i get stuck on one song or one scene !! & then get the satiety of watching a film lol

            Borrowing from the wonderful piece sent by og–
            “Hum aapki aankhon mein: This song comes about in a roundabout way. On his way out of the publisher Mr Ghosh’s office, Vijay accidentally runs into Meena, Mr Ghosh’s wife and once Vijay’s sweetheart. As they descend in the lift, the reflection of her face in the glass takes Vijay back in time to a college party, where he and Meena wandered off by themselves while their classmates waltzed and twirled – and the two lovers ended up dreaming of what it would be like to be forever in love, forever carefree and without anything to keep them apart. This is a waltz too, but in dreamland – with balloons, lamps, clouds of billowing mist, floating wisps of curtain – and the two lovers, all by themselves. Cocooned from the harsh reality of real life, in a world that is so obviously make-believe.
            Prophetically, the song ends with Meena going, rushing back through the hanging curtains, up the staircase down which she had first come… leaving Vijay puzzled and bereft. A woman who knows she belongs in the heights, and had descended only for those few moments to fill his life with joy, before she goes back to those heights.”
            Can alrready imagine the mastery of guru dutt!

          • @AA
            >(i have a feeling i will love KKP

            If you can get a fairly good print to watch. What has been available till now is a dark badly cut print. Much of the pleasure is lost. To follow the story gets difficult too.
            What is his son doing?

          • thanx goldie–btw where do u get these good prints in switzerland…havent seen any bollywood films/cds etc there..
            “What is his son doing”–whose son goldie…

          • ok oldgold–can I come along to see the clear print u have—4 free ..
            and I will bring along anya–gud nite folks ..

      • Great pick. So many awesome songs. I’m gonna post a couple with Hemantda. Though very different styles they worked well together!

        (one of the funniest songs ever)

  41. The REAL reason behind Kajol’s absence at JTHJ premiere


    Apparently, the problem isn’t new at all. We’d think it would have something to do with the Jab Tak Hai Jaan-Son of Sardaar date clash, but were we in for a surprise! The problem started way back during the shooting of Ajay and Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan. The filmmakers wanted to use a sequence from the hit song Kajra Re in the film. When they approached Yash Raj, which owns the rights, YRF stated that it would cost Rs. 5 lac. While this was shocking to Kajol, who has done numerous appearances in YRF films free of cost, Yash Raj didn’t back down. After Ajay agreed to pay the amount, Yashraj increased it to Rs. 25 lac, five times the amount.

    While they let bygones be bygones, the battle for the release date recently acted as a further catalyst. Moreover, while Kajol and Ajay were discussing their appearance at the Jab Tak Hai Jaan premiere, it turned out they weren’t even invited, a source disclosed to Mid Day.

    Ajay has finally disclosed this to be the reason for Kajol’s absence, not being invited to it at all, to an entertainment news channel. He went on to say that Kajol has nothing to do with the tussle, and not inviting her has turned the grapes sour.

  42. Thats a bit petty from the chopras
    i actually didnt understand this throwing parties as a ‘tribute’ to uncle yashs films within a couple of weeks of the oldmans death
    Then we see a smiling, laughing (&apparently pregnant looking) rani in the party !! and aditya missing as always..
    NOw apparently udya chopra is tweeting and trying to ‘woo’ nargis fakhri !!

    What the hecks goin on–cant they wait a bit for their lustful deeds –or atleast be a bit more discreet in their dads memory
    and now read —this kajols ‘grapes’ turning sore or something like that…anyhow
    whats with this metaphor here anyway

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      And then there is a family angle to it also. As per media reports Rani has a relationship with Aditya and Uday and Tanisha had a relationship as well. Rani is the cousin of Kajol and Tanisha…

      As far as charging royalty for using Kajrare song in BB is concenred, that’s fine. YRF always does that. Not inviting Kajol is also fine. When they are fighting a legal battle and Ajay is going everywhere blaming YRF, why should they invite Kajol?

      Kajol never got a chance to be directed by Yash Chopra. She has only done DDLJ and Fanaa under YRF.

  43. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    As per Boxofficecapsule (allegedly another BO site run by SRK like BOI)

    AB TAK HAI JAAN Crosses 100 Cr Nett At Domestic Box Office

    “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” collected 98 cr nett in extended week one of 10 days and thus film also crossed 150 cr nett worldwide with fantastic box office collections in overseas. Film is heading for good total worldwide. Today film also crossed 100 cr at dometic box office.

    As per early trends, film collected 4.90 cr nett on 2nd Friday taking film’s total collections to 102.95 cr nett in 11 days. Film registered a jump of 30%. This is 3rd consecutive 100 cr nett film from Shahrukh Khan after “Ra.One” and “Don 2″. He is 2nd actor to do so after reigning box office champ Salman Khan.

    Film is heading for 17-18 cr nett 2nd weekend and 25 cr nett 2nd week which means film will finish at 120 cr nett plus after 2nd week. Film should also touch 70-75 cr nett lifetie collections at least overseas.


    • It’s not run by SRK but SRK could not have written a kinder set of reports for himself!

      • History and discourse is not written/altered/ dictated by counting pounds and pennies ( in this context counting or omitting the few odd crores difference between the various sites) but by the bigger picture !
        Just like none of these ‘friendly’ sites could make ETT a failure or JTHJ a big success or a ‘game/players’ anything but a disaster!
        they make marginal difference that usually gets stripped off when the dust settles
        so its an exercise of futility beyond a ppint imo

  44. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    SON OF SARDAAR Starts Well In 2nd Week

    “Son Of Sardaar” collected good 82 cr nett in 1st week and film’s collections are now poised to cross 100 cr nett in 2nd week. Film is already accepted by audience and now to what extent audience can endorse it remained to be seen in next few days.

    As per early estimates, film should collect 4.75 cr nett on 2nd Friday taking film’s total collections to 87 cr nett. Film is now heading for 16-18 cr nett 2nd weekend and that means 100 cr nett should be touched in next 2 days.

    Film lost significant anount to new Hollywood releases in metros and that means 2nd weekend or 2nd week is totally dependent on repeat value and film should score on this count over JTHJ. After all comedy is genre which rules the roost.


  45. “JAB TAK HAI JAAN Crosses 100 Cr Nett At Domestic Box Office”–thanx for that news bhaalu (if true)
    Now this tells us something
    Even SRK fans are admitting that srk is on a decline
    SRK haters on the other hand and some ‘commentators’ are vehement that it is not a decline but a ‘disaster’ for srk

    but lets put it into perspective
    SRK has given three minimum 100 crore films (domestically) in a row–overseas they are worth more than other films
    Other than salman now (who is having a sort of freak show right now) who else will be called a disaster in this scenario
    so there are two possibilities–
    a) either SRK was such a big star that even three consecutive 100 crore gorssers is considered beyond disaster
    b) and if he wasnt ‘that big a star’ why is this that big a disaster
    by claiming that this third 100 cr+ grosser is the biggest disaster imaginable on earth for srk, those detractors have subconsciously agreed to the former hypothesis—at the extent and level of his former stardom
    that even their best efforts couldnt erase from their own subconscious
    im NOT an srk fan but have a weakness for figures who people dream/plot/conspire to deconstruct (without much success)
    the above oxymoron reminds me of plato and socrates paradoxes
    “i know nothing”—–
    “BUt i how can i know nothing when i know that i know nothing”
    anyhow let some deny and enjoy this…

    • The relatively strong numbers for a declining star flatter to deceive. Let me just take the example of the greatest one. bachchan between 1988 and 1992 unlike SRK actually still had by far the biggest initials. A lot of times even his disappointing grosses were still among the biggest ones of a given year if not the biggest. And as late as Hum in 1991 he could create true hysteria. However he was still in decline. There were various reasons but this fact couldn’t be altered. So SRK doing 100 crores or these failures doesn’t mean much. Obviously any major star who’s been around for a while, let alone one as iconic as him, isn’t suddenly going to produce 50 crores on a final number! That’s a straw man argument. Simply not plausible in any sense. The other thing here is that his 100 crores aren’t worth the same as BB’s 100 crores or Barfi;s 100 crores or what have you. Many such examples. because in one instance the 100 crores came about because either some segment was genuinely interested in the film and/or genuinely liked it while in the other instance it was a star still having enough of a base to produce solid numbers which led to the same total without any segment of the audience really liking it. If SRK appears in a major Yashraj film and it does 10-15% more than Barfi that is just not a reasonable result by any stretch of the imagination. With Barfi you say that 100 crores is a great result given the subject. With certain other stars in more commercial subjects it might be good because they’re not the topmost stars. But if you are either a topmost star or have been in that bracket in the past you can’t suddenly get away with these lower numbers. And it’s not just about the numbers. One can see it around one if one has eyes and ears. there is simply no buzz for JTHJ, never was, and even the media/trade hasn’t really been excited by this despite all their usual complicity. Even the most pro-SRK sources are completely subdued. Even the overseas numbers are not among the strongest for SRK.

      It’s not a disaster because it didn’t cost what Ra One did. Of course many were not calling Ra One a disaster either! But this too is specious argument. If the claim is that it’s not a disaster unless a SRK film folds up at 65 crores then the problem is with the claim itself.

      You’re right in that a few crores here and there don’t make a difference to the larger picture. However it is also important to be honest about what this kind of gross means for a film like JTHJ. This kind of claim that it’s a disappointment but hey it still got to 100 is a desperate and bankrupt one. Still don’t think everyone hated it or anything, many liked it, many found it decent, the WOM wasn’t like Ra One. But it wasn’t enough to do much better either looking at the totality of factors here.

      • Haha look how automatically commenting in his decline u instinctively compared to Bachchan..
        Nobody is contesting srks ‘decline’.
        Infact I pointed it out before most!
        The question is decline from where?
        Infact I somehow can point the actual scene after why srk lost it !
        There’s a relatively endearing scene where srk gets mugged with his son & a scen after that probably-that was his last scene as the super megastar
        there’s a small scene (maybe folks dodnt notice) where a ‘young’ srk was clearing the snow etc b4 meeting Katrina
        Srk may have 1000 issues and irritants but he gets his timing right .
        This was the FIRST time in his entire career, where he and not only missing the ball but swinging the bat before the ball was being bowled!
        He came back in the second half though ..in a different persona
        The question is -from what level is this decline happening ..

        • what level is srk happening,its been 10 days since the release of this crap,diwali release are most important,even SOS is beating this crap supposely being an under dog,surely ajay films doing just as good as srk film.there is first decline,secondly salman has 4 back to back blockbusters,srk cannot give 1 blockbusting film.

          ha,ha, srk fans are getting sick & annoyed with his latest dingie film ,cannot even beat SOS

          • after reading my comment,all srk fanatics throwing bricks in every corner try to defend this latest venture,if the film just do around 100cr,plus another 20cr here and there,srk fans thinks is a blockbuster,barfi did 100cr plus and was not srk in it,thats just pure luck.

          • Barfi made 100cr because people liked the film, and not because of any actor in it.

            SRK’s films make 100 + because of him and not the film which it seems are not that likeable.
            That’s the difference.
            A popular film of popular genre making a 100+ is not surprising. BUt unpopular films like Ra.one, not that popular or likeable film like JTHJ making 100+ only proves SRK is very relevant.

            If only he would make a massy entertaining film. But it seems he doesn’t want to lose his foreign fans.

          • That’s quite false actually. Without a popular star you can’t get a subject like Barfi to 100 crores. There’s simply no way.

            On the rest I’ve already pointed out the fallacy in that argument many times before. Won’t get into it yet again. All I’ll say is good luck with the wait.

          • The success of some movies surprises me. I liked Barfi but I was waiting for the end and wanted to talk and talk. It was confusing and looked like cartoon and Charlie Chaplin combined.
            I am glad that it captured so many hearts. All the 3 did their jobs convincingly.

          • whatever happens ,srk is on decline and his movies are spiraling and diving like Amitabh films post shahensha,his films are no longer great,only initials ,I think people find his film same as before,romantic is the role he can do and action is not connecting with him.I saw the movie last night after wonderful review by Arsh,dissapointing with the film and he looked out of place where as katrina looked she has no option but to go along with last action hero…

            Amitabhs Mard did brilliant business at the boxoffice but the film was dissapointing,his later films were affected and onwards it was doom to failed. srk films going that way,even yash chopra is not there to revive his decline.sorry guys film was crap and so was srk.

            watching SOS on wednesday ,orange day @ old-trafford,manchester.hopefully this film will not dissapoint me & my family.

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        “bachchan between 1988 and 1992 unlike SRK actually still had by far the biggest initials. ”

        I am glad u keep clarifying these things. Wikipedia says otherwise

        “Slump and retirement: 1988–1992″


  46. btw credit also goes to amy/ anushka who seems to have withdrawn into her shell-the topmost pic of anushka with srk seems interesting lol
    btw coming back to the old songs–just came across this–now ive never been a fan of waheeda rahman –but here i think shes quite good –the singer/md is ace–though the ‘hero’ sticks like a sore thumb here( the moustache is a joke)
    for anya and oldgold-check this out

  47. srk always get excited when his film does 100cr,which i think is major failure,none of friends who are srk fans said that his latest venture is any good then his previous disaster Ra One,the film was not earth shattering, like pre -release srk fans were claiming to beat ek tha tiger record,salman is unstoppable & srk knows this while back,in his desperation he was very eger to to jtjh and by now it should have done atleast 150cr but its towing and shuving at 100cr.

    srk is definately in decline and worse thing for him is now Talaash is just around the corner and when it the theaters,srk filmwill be forgotten.The film has proper buzz about it.

    amir khan & salman khan are hot and has been for a while unless otherwise srk fans thinks differently.

  48. JTHJ is getting fantastic response worldwide and in prestigious film festivals it is getting standing ovation.

  49. The above one is from Dhoa film festival…at other places also the response is same.

    • Yes after Doha it’s going to win the Golden Lion at Venice..

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      This seems to be fake video @Kingkhan..

      First it is not clear if this is Doha film festival…second check the uploader name.. It is Yahoohumor ;)

      • LOL!!
        Let it be Bhalo- Manush. Let not the truth come in the way of the anti SRK brigade spilling their bile.

        Though it’s very interesting that film after film they have to emphasise on the downfall of SRK to convince themselves. Perhaps if they repeat the same thing thread after thread, film after film they’ll finally come to believe in what they write.

        There is hardly anyone supporting SRK here with comments, but the dispropotionate barrage of anti comments against a couple of comments, is in itself a cause of amusement.

        • ROFL! hilarious pic

          • Its quite funny and it reminds me of the ageing south stars who are in their 60s act with girls who could have been their granddaughters.
            But it SRK case, it is sad. 47 or 48 is not old age nowadays. Infact many ordinary people look very good at this age without undergoing botox.
            Sadly this chainsmoking or whatever did him in and made him age early. Apart from it, these six pack craze which these stars indulge in is also a culprit.

          • I will try to provide balm for the benefit of the people needing it regarding their wishes of his downfall/mockery etc etc
            To do this good deed I searched with the help of dear google and came across this site.
            I came across sites making fun of Rajnikant, salman, the 3 khans, and a lot more. Quite an education.

            Hope this will provide balm to some souls. Quite a few jokes on similar lines. LOL!!


          • thanx oldgold
            my ‘soul’ (& body) also needs some ‘balm’ :-)
            oops–lemme stop there–im lately tryin to ‘behave’
            ps–btw it seems u hadnt heard/ liked the song i posted above –“yeh nayan dare dare” –caught ya–do check it though..
            Even waheeda rehman looks good here

  50. I stumbled upon this article which I thought was a balanced discussion of SRK’s career past and present.


    However, comments by SRK fans both at Koimoi and in the forum where I first found it are unanimous that it is biased and against SRK.

    I thought it might be of interest to people here. Even if they disagree, I am sure they will at least express themselves in a mature manner. :)

  51. Btw I have noticed that there has hardly been any discussion on Shyam Benegal’s films so her is a superb article by Jai Arjun SIngh on Benegal’s “Trikaal” (a film which I am not so fond of)–

    Candle-lit memories: time and light in Shyam Benegal’s Trikaal

    “If the most important subjects of film are light and time,” wrote Peter von Bagh in this excellent essay about one of my favourite movies, “I can’t think of a more poignant work than A Canterbury Tale.” I was reminded of these words while watching Shyam Benegal’s 1985 film Trikaal, especially its first half-hour. Time and light can be said to be central motifs of Benegal’s film too (though perhaps not in the exact sense as von Bagh meant in that essay). One of its main themes is the continuing hold of the past on the present, even as an old and tradition-bound world makes way for a newer, brasher one: set in the Goa of 1960, on the verge of being “liberated” from the Portuguese, it is the story of a family trapped between a grand history and an uncertain future. And at a formal level, its most striking quality – one that consistently enhances the narrative – is Ashok Mehta’s camerawork and use of lighting, among the best I’ve seen in a Hindi movie. (Even on the standard-issue DVD I watched, this is a splendid-looking film; I can imagine how much more satisfying it would be in a restored Cinemas of India print.)

    Mehta, who died just a few months ago, was a highly respected cinematographer, noted for his work on Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen, Girish Karnad’s Utsav and Aparna Sen’s 36 Chowringhee Lane (the last had a magnificently show-offish nightmare sequence shot in black-and-white and featuring three generations of the Kendal-Kapoor family). In Trikaal he composed some stunning interior shots using candlelight, which plays a big part in crafting the film’s dominant mood: that of an intimate chamber-drama in which groups of people play out their mini-tragedies and mini-comedies in an enclosed, isolated setting. The lighting brings a distinct character to an ancient house full of secrets, and creates a world that seems older than it actually is (offhand I can’t recall if there is a single scene in this film that even acknowledges the existence of electric lights).


    • Trikaal was a beautiful movie. It was like poetry.

      • Did not like it as much as you but loved Leena Naidu here. Also completely agreed that it was ‘beautiful’ (also in a literal sense)

        Ankur will be my fav Benegal film by a mile- a truly Great Film at all levels (and I think it is the original ‘art film’). Apart from that his other excellent works are Kalyug, Bhoomika, Nishant, Junoon and Kondura (which I saw some months back). Have not cared for rest like Suraj Ka Saatva Ghoda etc and also most of his later efforts like Bose, Zubeida etc. Did like Welcome To Sajjanpur a fair bit

    • >Btw I have noticed that there has hardly been any discussion on Shyam Benegal’s film

      SRK takes up all the time LOL!!

      • It seems that beyond Khans there is no world.

        Khan ke peeche kaun hai? aur Ek Khan. Khan ke aage kya hai? Khan baba Khan.

        akshay, ajay? they appear and disappear.

        • Once upon a time Bachchan carried the entire bollywood like atlas carried the earth. And now these 3 Khans are carrying BW. Thats why Bachchan is megastar and these 3 are only superstars.

          • well said sanjana,
            srk is brilliant in last 15 years and boost for bollywood,then they were anil kappo,jackie,sunny deol,akshay and out of blue srk enters,his baazigaar & darr was like bachans zanzeer & deewar.

            srk took bollywood to next level where even Amitabh cannot reach.

            bachan & srk are both similar intheir peak time,srk has advantage of cinemas where as amitabh films were wodely on vodeos and piracy,if it was not for piracy i am sire amitabh initials would have been just as good as srk films.

          • >these 3 are only superstars.

            …errrr…you mean ‘these 2′ (Salman + Amir), because SRK has lost it since 2001 (am I right satyam?).
            -he hasn’t had a success since 1997 (am I right satyam?)
            -films considered blockbusters – weren’t actually – media games
            -king? nah!! media games
            – everyone works towards his BO upliftment (media games) and against ABsr + ABjr – so no good collections at BO since 1990 (am I right satyam?)

          • old gold ,
            every dog has his days,no stars can light forever,every star has its “super nova” I think srk super nova has begun.

          • @vijay
            Not again.

          • old gold,
            whatever,end of days,enjoy while you can

          • Thank you, Vijay, though I have the DVDs of CDI, Swades, Ashoka, Paheli, etc and can always enjoy ;-)

          • og-can u lend me some of your dvds –esp the old ones ;-)

          • oldgold,
            they are too old,i reccommend you to watch amir khans DIL,salmans ,maine pyar kiya,Amitabhs Dostana,these are dvds to watch…swadesh,cdi are ok worth watching one time..

  52. Anti-SRKism & its unending ‘ghosts’ & denials!

    Im an innocent unbiased observer in this srk game –well , i was an srk hater during his prime.
    thanx sm for the link–also agree with oldgold here esp ” film after film they have to emphasise on the downfall of SRK to convince themselves. ”
    HAve made some points here already here–

    again it is the iconic plato-socrates dictum –“i know nothing “‘ dictum at play here at a subconscious level
    but then one can argue–
    “if i know nothing how do i know that i know nothing”–hence the initial presumption was false…
    Anyhow–lets take just a few of satyams own ‘pleas to his own subconsciousness’–have been seeing them since ages..

    but just a few for an example to dissect satyams mind–satyam as usual is very uptight about it and (tries to) give nothing away but find him a psychoanalysits delight and only sometimes point these out
    Check satyams own musings from above which give it away–
    “Obviously any major star who’s been around for a while, let alone one as iconic as him…”
    so the ‘iconic’ bit was conceded to srk albeit as a slip-up ha
    “relatively strong numbers for a declining star flatter to deceive. Let me just take the example of the greatest one. bachchan between 1988 and 1992 unlike SRK actually still had by far the biggest initials.”
    Now note how even to deconstruct srk, the model satyam conjures is (in his own words) bahchchans the ‘biggest of them all”
    i can go on and on….but dont bcos i dont wanna put satyam @ a spot all the time and also get bored after a while
    Basically there is denial, projeciton, counter transferrence galore
    Nobody is contesting srk is on a decline
    infact unlike most including satyam, I have even gone on record that with ra1, the “king” died and with JTHJ, “rahul/raj/aman” died “forever”!
    BUt this retrospective deletion/altering of history is something that one can attempt but not do it convincingly except after wars or total blockade of public opinion–Yeah public memory is short and there is ‘erosion’ but thats different from deliberate spin :-)

  53. btw just came across this “leadership summit” link
    though the discussion is anything about “leadership” etc form the bits ive seen
    Katrina like a nice girl keeps her cool and stays diplomatic
    srk as usual–doesnt lose an opportunity to give kat a peck on the cheek even if he has to walk many yards midway during an interview– some habits die hard haha
    may watchit properly later–does someone have a complete link of this

  54. in these dying stages of srks phase at the top, found one more link—
    SRK in his charming & spontaneous form as usual —but bugger–what happened to him in most of the first half–why the second gear there –anyhow…
    Am a bit scared at seeing anushkas ‘extreme’ makeup
    can anymore lipstick be ever applied on a pair of lips?
    wheres amy lol
    saw bits–wasnt bad

    must say this is more fun than the first half of jthj

  55. ^^lol @ forcing the girls to say “he is very macho”!!
    Kats ‘havin, movin, makin, crackin’ & the extreme lack of ‘g’ in her diction is cute but gets a bit too much..
    As for anushka–not sure how she managed to put in SOOO much
    ‘facial paint’–and that “lipstick”–even that is so Amy :-)

    oh and who do we have here so tired n all–cmon nf-do some films ( if u get any) !!

    Silly girl

    A photo posted by N (@nargilove) on

  56. AA stop being so cruel to your fellow beings!! Don’t post such videos.

  57. Just back from watching JTHJ. Movie was bearable till the retrograde amnesia thing after which the movie really went downhill. The songs seemed better in the movie and the BG score really made up for the lack of expressions on Katrina’s face. SRK-Anushka portion was the best part of the movie. Katrina really messed up big time in this movie- I feel this was more due to her awkardness with SRK rather than anything else

  58. Its one thing to defend a star and another thing to defend anything related to that star. What’s baffling is the nature and points raised for defending a pointless film like Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Srk is not going anywhere and he may come up with a good film sooner or later, but isn’t it absurdly funny that most people who defend such movies (goes out for all other fans too) won’t even bother to spend their 3 hours on ever daring to watch it again ; Its a different thing that they may spend 30 defending it.

    • Name ‘one’ person on this blog who has liked the film and is defending it.
      People who said they quite liked it, posted their review and are not part of any further discussion, let alone ‘defend’ it.
      So who do you mean?

  59. oldgold is in top form and has shut everyone up :-)
    ma’m, can i say something–
    plz check this link folks–found some ROFL
    Not sure if these are actual signboards or spoofs
    the various english billboards in india–some1 tweeted it 2 me–lets see which ones the best–1 to 15
    and the no 1 is only for guys :-)

  60. Jab Tak Hai Jaan And Son Of Sardaar Second Friday Business

    Saturday 24th November 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardaar collected similar amounts on there second Friday’s as both films grossed in the 2.50-2.75 crore nett range. Jab Tak Hai Jaan lost screens in week two but Friday has an increase in multiplex ticket prices and it has the bulk of collections coming from multiplexes now.

    Son Of Sardaar had a similar number of screens in week two and continued to score in mass areas. The approx figures from some circuits on second Friday are as follows.


    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 58 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 50 lakhs

    East Punjab

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 23 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 23 lakhs


    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 6.75 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 12.50 lakhs


    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 11 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 17 lakhs

  61. ^^ My earnest question to reporters like sanjana (bombay)& amy (madras) is–are these signboards for real ? i hope its a joke–but anyhow
    dont laugh at the natives
    chicken cock corner
    seem good photoshop job but the no1 is …err grotesque

  62. “Barfi made 100cr because people liked the film, and not because of any actor in it.”

    OMG with akshay and huge trending failed to get 100!

    and u are saying to believe otherwise!

  63. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta

    Reliance clear in its release strategy:it will not give TALAASH to single-screen cinemas unless they giv a commitment of minimum 2-week run

    Not it will be interesting to see whether the single screen owners will go for this deal or not, with Khiladi 786 releasing one week later. If they don’t go for it, what can they show while waiting for Khiladi? SOS will be better than nothing, but will it be better than the first week of Talaash? I’m curious to see how this plays out.

    • Sorry, I meant “now it will be interesting to see …” Seems like nowadays even when I try to proofread, my eyes are going screwy and I miss these kind of typos. :(

      • Sad.

        Now What Akshay’s Hari Om Filing a case against Reliance ;)

        I guess if this happens, Aamir shall have to all the explanation which was there for SRK. As aamir is also the producer here.

        I dont know facts. But there needs to be some corporate responsibility.

        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          Since Reliance is involved here, Akshay & Himesh can take the help of Arvind Kejriwal and Aam aadmi Party ;)

          • On a side note, is there not a Hindi expression equivalent to “aam aadmi” that is inclusive of both sexes? I was surprised that Kejriwal would pick such a limiting name for his party.

          • Isn’t “aam janata” such an expression, meaning “common people?” Perhaps he did not want any reminders of the Janata party? :)

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            Haha…valid point..

            Aam janata party (and Bhartiya Janata Party) would have made it more interesting….

          • I will suggest

            Jantar Mantar Party.

            Daal Chawal Party. DC Party.

            Jail Bharo Party.

            Netagiri nahi chalega party. NGNC Party.

            Aam Aadmi will be spurned by south india, especially tamil nadu.

            So it should be Corruption Free Party or CFP Party.

            NSEW Party. North South East West Party.

            India People’s Party. IPP.

          • Aam Aadmi Party will be spurned by tamil Nadu. and they will find it difficult to pronounce properly.

        • An interesting situation. Akshay can also milk publicity for his film like SOS did against JTHJ.

      • Akshay would only need to file a case if the theaters indeed sign this agreement, and it’s not clear so far that they have signed it. In YRF’s case, they were alleged to have used the bookings of a different film to get an exclusive agreement for JTHJ. At least Reliance is only asking for an agreement for one film, so I don’t think the cases are comparable (of course I’m not a lawyer, etc., etc. :) )

        It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the ADF case will be, since that will become the precedent for any future challenges.

  64. tonymontana Says:

    How’s Life of Pi doing at the BO? does anyone know?

  65. “I will suggest

    Jantar Mantar Party.

    Daal Chawal Party. DC Party.

    Jail Bharo Party.”

    You always write the wittiest comments Sanjana! :-D

    • Kejriwal is thinking only about people north of the vindhyas. If he really thought about south indians, he would not named his party like that. Thus samajwadi party has no relevance for most of the south and the dravidian parties by their very name are confined to tamil nadu. This proves that Kejriwal feels comfortable as a hindi party leader. A big regional leader of hindi heartland which may include Gujarat and Maharashtra.

      If he succeeds in winning elections, he can think of winning some hindi friendly states like Karnataka and andhra pradesh.

      It seems to be an extremely uphill task as of now.

    • Btw Ami ur fav Ms. Lawrence is the frontrunner in Oscar race for her work in Silver Linings Playbook

  66. Finally a lady says the truth. “Women ‘want’ to be ‘objectified’ “- Cameron Diaz


    • This is not “the” truth, merely “a” truth, a truth valid for Cameron Diaz. She is also misusing terms rather badly. What she is claiming for herself is that she controls her own sexuality, and therefore doesn’t feel exploited even if she does barely clothed photo shoots. By definition this is the opposite of objectification, since that term is used when a woman’s sexuality is defined and controlled by others, usually a male. So to claim on the one hand to be in charge of one’s own sexuality, and to cite that ownership as proof of a desire to be “objectified” is a huge contradiction, that unfortunately Ms. Diaz is oblivious to.

      • exactly! this is an area where men sometimes have trouble understanding very basic terms and meanings. you hit the nail on the head – what diaz is talking about is the opposite of objectification. this playing fast and loose with words can be a little risky when you are talking about something as confusing and controversial (in terms of public perception and debate) as female sexuality, but she has always been a little ditzy.

        • Good points sm & anya
          May comment on the heavy-duty moralistic/sociobehavioral sexual codes later
          But just wanna register my note of appreciation for miss Cameron Diaz
          She has a certain ‘presence’, ‘zing’
          Liked her in her usual hits –she can even carry average fare like ‘knight n day’ –hey even ‘bad teachers’ had some moments– :-)
          Just some thoughts on Cameron’s acting & ‘craft’ :-)

          • i have always liked diaz. she is not some great actress but has some comic timing and presence. and i like her public persona. she is easygoing, does not peddle around men or babies as part of her ‘complete woman’ image that actresses more successful than her feel compelled to do and mostly doesn’t give 2 hoots about what people think. but i also realize that she is a little bit of a ditz.

          • Anya–u said it all bout diaz
            I hav a weakness for diaz and so cant treat anything she says off screen with objectivity lol
            remember being forced to watch “what happens in vegas”–actually enjoyed it a lot–even ashton kutcher was good
            the other point is that some ‘intellectuals’ treat this genre as inferior!
            They dont get the point
            I watched SOTY recently –gave a lift to some school going folks–they LOVED it and could see some chemistry developing
            Now its par for the course–these segments of movie audience do exist and deserve to be catered to –doesnt make it inferior–it takes a certain maturity and magnanimity to appreciate this imo

            coming back to diaz—Its NOT easy to get the comic timing right and get the requisite spontaneity without looking a total fool
            Camerons got this persona that can switch between a buddy n a lover n an sexualised creature–and yeah-her overall off screen persona is also endearing

      • ^^hav already spoken about this hunch of Sm=Amy (esp with similar & good thoughts there)
        though this is unlikely–we will let amy clarify herself (when she returns from JL’s SLP which i pushed her into with two tickets and a toyboy that i found for her!!) :-)

        • hmm btw this ultrashort skirt/long jacket combo (with stockings) in intense cold that Im seeing around–is a bit impractical (though not unwelcome)!
          even the innocent japs hav mastered it ..yaiy…

  67. Ok so my 100 Cr prediction for looks to be spot-on.and now i will stick my neck out and say that Himmatwala will do 150 Cr. Also both Singh Sahab The Great (Sunny Deol- directed by Anil Sharma) and Saamy Remake (Samjay Dutt- helmed by K S Ravikumar) should do 100 Cr. I am also very confident of Jha’s Satyagraha being a big hit. But the film to look forward to is Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet

    • awww, your devotion is cute (unlike some other fans here). dutt and deol will be lucky if their films get made, released and do any business at all, anything beyond that is a bonus. jha had a flash in the pan in raajneeti. he started doing the bhandarkar but that’s not even working for bhandarkar any more. hopefully, if satyagraha flops, he’ll stop torturing people with any more issue films. but considering bhandarkar is still making movies, i guess it’s just wishful thinking. personally, i want bhandarkar, jha and rgv to just go away.

      • :-) anya
        even i feel that sunny and even dutt starrers will be lucky to get completed!
        Did i liked both atleast for some stage in their careers though…& wont mind seeing them (in less grotesque avataars though)
        ” i guess it’s just wishful thinking. personally, i want bhandarkar, jha and rgv to just go away.”haha–but guess they may create bigger social ills &

        problems wherever they go to (so they are safer doing films)

        “singh sahab the great”–i mean–thats a hilarious name !!
        but given the history of ‘singh’ films, they usually work–look @ sos!!
        but to work, they need to be funded & completed first –all the best though

  68. BOI haven’t updated Sat numbers for JTHJ and SOS. Nor has Taran. BOI meanwhile have decided to call JTHJ a superhit because of ‘low costs’ even though they’re accepting this isn’t the sort of gross expected from a SRK film. Meanwhile they’re calling SOS a hit. The issue here is of course JTHJ, not SOS. Amusing to see these silly games still being played by them. Too bad JTHJ is crossing a 100. Had it just done 80 it could have been a blockbuster! This is the Benjamin Button logic at work. The less you score the more profitable the film becomes. LOL!

    • Exactly my thoughts about Boi.

    • YRF must have asked them in the name of Yash Chopra.

      In the case of Heroine, they were reporting the crash with so much enthusiasm and glee. What happens to them when it comes to SRK?

      • “What happens to them when it comes to SRK?”
        theres this cunning plan by srk that involves kidnapping the wives/girlfriends of all these reviewers/ media people and hold them to ranson –if a negative review then ….
        Just like inspite of his third consecutive 100 cr grosser and inspite of even srk fans admitting its subpar for him–some folks continue to claim that its a disaster by srks ‘iconic’ standards

        But hey–the standards maybe ‘iconic’ but srk aint!
        ps-@ the risk of repetition–the socrates/plato definitive theorem
        Q “i dont know anything”
        A ” How can i know nothing when i know that i know nothing!”
        Hence Q is wrong :-)
        cmon folks–relax n have fun –satyam shun this anxiety–do say hello to your better half and your kids (are they named shivam and sundaram ….) :-)

      • I didn’t follow Heroine, but for Agneepath they reported a “crash” on the second day itself, and were putting out foregone conclusions about the film flopping. Of course it recovered in a big way within a day or two and became a roaring success.

    • BOI verdict on Robot: Below Average (or might even have been “flop”), because they considered only the collections from the Hindi dubbed version, and not the all -India or world wide collections, explaining that, since they were a Hindi film website, they only consider collections in Hindi and not in any other languages.

      BOI on Ra.One: Consistently reported total collections for Hindi and dubbed versions in other languages as the collections for Ra.One.

      BOI on Ra.One: gave a verdict of “Hit”, explaining that, even though it collected a little over 100cr while its budget was 150 cr, they do not give verdicts based on profit over budget, but only based on theatrical collections, and calculating a per screen average collection.

      BOI on JTHJ: gave a verdict of “Super Hit” based on the fact that the theatrical collections exceeds the budget of 60 cr (without SRK’s remuneration)

      BOI on SOS: gave a verdict of “Hit” because supposedly its budget is 90 cr, even though its per screen average collection is greater than JTHJ’s.

      During a previous discussion about BOI, when Satyam was complaining/commenting about their biased commentary, I asked why not ignore their commentary and just look at their numbers for collections, which can then be analyzed independently? That was, obviously, before the last two years where all the above reported incidents happened. Now, in tracking films that I am interested in, I find gaps even in their reports of collections, that are never really corrected later. Added to which, they have started the practice of radically revising the verdicts given to films in the past.

      So, given all this, I just want to say to Satyam that I officially withdraw my previous statement about BOI. :) We are back to looking at multiple sources (including Taran and Komal) and interpolating or extrapolating the data without any means of verifying any of the reported or interpolated numbers. So at least we can all believe what pleases us most. :)

      • open prostitution and here the source for prostitution is numbers…fixed it fudge it ….manipulate budget and verdict

        • hahaha ROFL
          btw the ‘killer’ for many here is that the ‘verdict” itself has already been fixed–
          a superhit for jthj and a hit for sos!
          while i care a damn for it either ways, it seems this has caused a lot of heartburn here (readin the long dissections above now)… so lets expect more of “revealing” and “expose-laden commentary daily” on ss.
          imo an ‘expose’ is not even needed here
          even ‘prostitution’ doesnt survive without active patrons..

          by responding to these every day and trying to prove em wrong, many on ss are encouraging this indirectly… :-)

  69. @ satyam–“BOI haven’t updated Sat numbers for JTHJ and SOS. ”
    let them take a sunday break satyam like most normal people..
    “Amusing to see these silly games still being played by them. Too bad JTHJ is crossing a 100.”–relax satyam–the situation wont change must even with/without the games-so relax

    @ Amy–hiya–nice to hear from u. Hope u have recovered from the jthj-anushka phase ha. OK, no more spoofs as of now. And will give u a break from those and yeah–no more anushka roles for u after jthj (may find some other role)
    Suggest u check out SLP or even twilight–cheer up n smile- :-)

    Richard Marx cd set
    While clearing up some mess, found my essential complete marx cd set –was missing for more than an year or so
    Now Ive learnt my musical appreciation from–the vibe/sensibility/ taste
    may come up with random pieces of marx as i revisit them–one of the musicians closest to my sense of music n things in general

  70. @satyam

    this is because of yakuza’s comment elsewhere that i read this, and why it shows dubious nature of verdicts and spin which is visible for JTHJ

    “All verdicts at BoxOfficeIndia.Com are given for the theatrical business judged against the release size which we believe is the best way to judge a success of a film. There is a verdict for Indian theatrical and International theatrical but no Worldwide verdict as it is difficult to judge two markets. A blockbuster in India and Overseas is easy to call but a Blockbuster in India and flop overseas or vice versa is near impossible to call correctly. All films are judged using this system.

    The profit/loss system is hugely against films purchased at a premium and hugely in favour of films which are not sold to anyone and so therefore gives a completely incorrect picture of box office success/failure if followed strictly. An example of this is below.

    Film A – Budget 40 crore. Producer releases himself with 50 crore investment including P&A. The film brings in 60 crore and the film is called a success.

    Film B – Budget 40 crore. Worldwide rights purchased by third party for 90 crore giving third party investment of 100 crore including P&A. The film brings in 85 crore but will be called loser.

    As can be seen the more successful film has the lower verdict because one was sold and one was not.”


    • “The size of the release basically decides how big a film is, if a film releases on 1000 plus cinemas with 18-20-22 shows at multiplexes then it is regarded as a big film and the mark today (Sept 2010) for blockbuster business is nearly 50 crore distributor share. This does not mean that a film release on 500 cinemas with 9-10-11 shows per multiplex will be a a blockbuster at 25 crore as when a film goes over 500 cinemas then the cinemas become lower earning single screens. A film has to achieve a certain amount per print/cinema it is released on to do Average Hit, Super Hit, etc business. As the releases get bigger the lifetime share marks get bigger. Also some releases get big releases but limited shows at multiplexes and they have to judget accordingly

      If we get into prices and budgets against total revenue it allows for what is called a manufactured hit. Many films in India are made at low budgets at 2-3 crore and do bad theatrical business (sometimes zero) but with satellite and DVD rights they sometimes manage to make money which would mean they are success using the profit system.”

    • Thus Box Office India itself says profit loss method is false, incorrect and wrong.

      While if i am not wrong for JTHJ they are themselves leading to the same formula! to make it SUPER HIT!

      • BOX OFFICE INDIA are a site belongs to srk fanatics,

        paheli & jeete hain is superhit so is sholay ,now how can sholay be superhit when it ran for 8 years in grant road ,minerva.

        bunty aur babli was average,amazing stats from this nonsence site.

        they say Amitabh never had solo blockbuster,i recond his zanzeer was superhit while deewar was a blockbuster.


  72. “BOI on JTHJ: gave a verdict of “Super Hit”
    oh my–what was poised to be an eagerly awaited ‘bonanza’ for some, already seems to have been nipped in the bud, it seems!
    my commiserations…..
    the fact is that films i spoof are destined to work..
    if not this way–the other way

    Its like–heads i win, tales u lose
    Theres only one verdict!
    just kidding –take it easy folks :-)
    ps–high five to the spoof cast–anya, amy, oldgold, sanjana– may plan a naughty online party soon once all the moolah comes in–anyhow our ‘job’ was already done–we enjoyed the making a lot lol

  73. The same tired old tricks. Because the numbers are weak over the second weekend they haven’t updated after Fri night and it’s Sun night! They’ll just present these as a total now.

    • They can rename it as boxofficeofsrk.

      Taran Adarsh can buy a flat in Adarsh housing society.

      Na ha ta ko ha ta na.

    • boxofficeindia is a super joke of India.

      Komal and Taran must stay in bigboss house for a change. Forever if possible. Bigboss will give them task to dance to all srk songs every morning.

  74. Latest update from BOI:

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan Week One Territorial Breakdown

    Monday 19th November 2011 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan collected 82.25 approx in its extended ten day first week. The first week distributor share is 46 crore approx. Below is the first week territorial breakdown.

    Mumbai Circuit – 27.85 crore

    Delhi/UP – 15.73 crore

    East Punjab – 7.05 crore

    West Bengal – 5.39 crore

    Bihar – 1.60 crore

    CP Berar – 3.35 crore

    CI – 2.88 crore

    Rajasthan – 4.90 crore

    Nizam/Andhra – 4.63 crore

    Mysore – 5.65 crore

    Others – 3.21 crore

    TOTAL – 82.24 crore
    Note – The actual collections have come in 9-10% lower than estimates given throughout the first week.


  75. Jab Tak Hai Jaan Second Weeeknd Business

    Monday 26th November 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan grossed 9.50 crore nett over its second weekend. Due to the extended first week the film did not show the second weekend Saturday and Sunday growth like some of the other big films of the year. The film has held up better in the bigger cities and the total for the film after its second weekend is 92 crore nett approx.

    The film has turned the tables on Son Of Sardaar in East Punjab as it had lower collections in the first ten days but managed better collections in the next three days although by just a couple of lakhs.

    The collections have come off heavily in places like West Bengal, Nizam and Mysore where it opened to very strong collections.

    • terrible number. It already had 2.5 crores or something on Fri. So it averaged about 3.5 crores on Sat and Sun! As for the spin BOI are putting on this one minds the shamelessness less than the sheer idiocy. Just going by BOI’s numbers it’s unlikely to do more than a 100. Taran will have it at 10 or so higher. This is a total tank and very much puts it in Ra One’s company. By the way even to get to 100 (going by BOI, since some love the site so much!) it will have to add 8 crores which hardly seems likely during the weekdays given the film did 9.5 over the weekend! Next week there’s a big release so one can safely assume it’s not adding much more.

      • ra,one was a bit of a risk, at least in terms of genre and sheer costs involved. you’d think this kind of a film will be a no-brainer. this is actually a disaster.

        • of course Ra One had massive costs involved which isn’t the same here but the numbers are nonetheless in the same range.

          • yes, i meant being a much ‘safer’ project, this is actually a bigger disaster, although not a loss-maker money-wise (a distinction lost on people without grey matter)

    • The film has turned the tables on Son Of Sardaar in East Punjab as it had lower collections in the first ten days but managed better collections in the next three days although by just a couple of lakhs

      They never used such words and phrases when SOS was winning some territories.HYPOCRITES.

    • Son Of Sardaar Second Weekend Business

      Monday 26th November 2012 11.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Son Of Sardaar collected around 9.5-10 crore nett over its second weekend. The film like Jab Tak Hai Jaan did not show the second weekend Saturday and Sunday growth like some big films of the year due to extended first week.

      The film has very done well in Rajasthan, CI and the Gujarat/Saurashtra belt while business in North and Bihar is good and the total after its second weekend is around 80 crore nett.

      The performance of the film is very dull in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The Nizam circuit managed decent collections as collections in the Marathwada belt were pretty good but business in West Bengal and Mysore has been dull from day one and second weekend fell further.

      • LOL, BOI keep pretending SOS and JTHJ are the same kind of film running on the same kind of screen! Again just going by the BOI numbers this film might not add another 20 crores. But it’s done well given where it started out. There’s little doubt about that. Whether it does 90 or 95 or 100 is more academic at this point. With all the disadvantages in the world it’s still done better than JTHJ. Again Taran will have a 10% higher number or something. so if JTHJ is 110 crores or more there this will be close to 100 or so.

        • I guess there’s also the possibility that some single screens in the Hindi belt may elect to run SOS for a week longer and then replace it with Khiladi 786, rather than sign up for a two week exclusive deal with Talaash. So SOS might squeeze out a few more crores that way.

        • Now, it is obvious JTHJ is more than an underperformer ( or less!). One cannot call a film that gets close to 100 crores domestically a disaster but this has fared worse than the even the most hopeless of all estimates. Before the fools jump in SRK still remains a force and still has some career left in him but obviously, he is not the top star anymore. Not that it wasnt obvious for a couple of years now. This was a perfect storm for him to really have a monstrous hit – strength genre, Katrina, ARR,YR and Yash Chopra’s demise. If that can only get him to a l00 crores, it should be obvious even the fans that the career arc is headed southwards.Not that itis something to rejoice but should be a lesson for all successful people. Time at the top is transitory and all the arrogance and bombastic claims come back to bite you as they will in SRK’s case. Plus, the same media that built him up will soon be trying to end his career prematurely and be predicting dooms day for him.

          • its time srk takes couple of years break,maybe this will help him,time is up

          • Agreed with everything and ur last line is especially on the money Sir. And it’s funny that Srk is doing a massy Shetty film to reclaim the lost glory (thruout his career he has considered these film and genres beneath his dignity). Amazingly many Srk fans were lampooning both Abhishek and Devgn during BB release. Sherry has come back to haunt them

          • I’ve seen one or two articles of the ilk “SRK needs to change/rethink his strategy.” However, I’m curious: When Amitabh Bachchan was still trying to play the “hero” in the early nineties (or whenever Suryavansham and the like released), were there similar articles for him? Or for, say, Rishi Kapoor? What I’m wondering is, do the media ever explicitly tell a “hero” actor that it’s time to switch to character roles?

          • it happens with every big star. rishi was in his early to mid-forties only when he was being mocked for being paired with madhuri, sri, juhi etc. (younger than khans are today) but it’s because he had put on a lot of weight and looked older. and since these were mostly romances, that didn’t go down well. i remember watching the promos and songs for these films in 90’s and kids in school going ‘yuck’ about how old/fat these people were. i mean they were already feeling distracted by shiny new objects like the khans. the media knows it and such articles are there about everyone when they are in decline; the media was hardly kind to ab or others. but the point is, stars themselves know it too, or should. but they like to cling to status quo as long as they can. it is worse when not taking care of yourself physically forces things sooner rather than later. or the rise of younger stars. it hasn’t really happened with this generation. i mean there are younger stars around but they haven’t had big level success and a big enough fan following to carry things forward on their own. the older stars consistently continue to be bigger box office draws here, making it difficult for everyone to move on. it does not even have to be about suddenly switching to character roles, even picking the right movies and roles can probably help the transition.

          • @Antya — you’re right that all stars know (in theory, at any rate) that their days playing hero are numbered, but I was wondering if there were any specific articles about previous generation stars saying their time was up. I read an interview of Amitabh’s around 1991 or 1992, where he says, “I can’t try to be like Salman!” Similarly, I read the review of Deewana when it first released in Screen Weekly, where they praise “the brilliant newcomer Shahrukh Khan”, but they don’t say anything about Rishi’s time being over. Deewana is a very interesting film from that point of view, because it directly pitted the older generation (Rishi) against the younger (SRK) in a romantic contest for the heroine.

            It’s unfortunate that there is such a hierarchy between “hero” and “character” roles in Indian films. I think though that the bigger problem is the focus on romance for the leading role in a film. If the scriptwriters can come up with stories with the focus on issues other than romance (especially in the “young love”, “falling in love for the first time” type of romance), then the aging stars can easily continue playing leading roles. In this respect, something like CDI for SRK, or TZP (or Talaash, judging from the promos) for Aamir were good “transition” roles. Even something like YPD for Sunny Deol is a good transition role, because the focus was on the family relationships, not “romance.” In this respect I find Anil Kapoor’s career interesting to watch, though of course he hasn’t really done anything in Hindi films for a while now, but has parlayed his Slumdog success into some interesting roles in Hollywood, that don’t rely on “romance.”

      • Wasn’t SOS completely shut out from single screens in Mysore and Hyderabad? (and only one theater in the whole Nizam territory, I think)

  76. I’m just watching the People’s Choice Awards in India. Now these awards are silly enough in the U.S., but in India they seem to have become even more senseless in terms of the categories. Right now they’re giving an award for “Best Non-Fiction TV Show”. The nominees are Satyameva Jayate, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Crime Patrol, and Bog Boss 5!! How can anyone put these four shows in the same category? From what I can judge from the clip, SMJ and Crime Patrol at least seem to be the same kind of show, in the sense of being hard-hitting issue oriented shows (though Crime Patrol is more limited in the range of issues addressed). KBC is a game show, and BB5 is a reality show. What commonality is there among all these? (KBC won).

    • I watched part of it and then left it. It is really difficult to guess how they arrive at the list of nominations. On Star Plus, there was ITA awards being telecast at the same time and one couldn’t really diiferentiate between the two

    • Fortunately electricity played truant for the duration of the show.
      Except for Bharti singh nothing was watchable.

  77. This is a SUPERB interview. Screen- The Big Picture- Govind Nihalani, Abhinav Kashyap, Rishi Kapoor, Anurag Basu, Habib Faisal, Ramesh SIppy and Sriram Raghavan


    I saw the climax of two films being re-scripted. In the original ending of Bobby, Dimple and I commit suicide. And when Raj Kapoor saw the climax of Ram Teri Ganga Maili, where Ganga dies in the end, he felt it would not work and changed it

    — Rishi Kapoor

    There were film-makers who were embarrassed because the West was criticising us (song and dance routine)… Let us not forget that Amar Bhopali and V. Shantaram got the top award in Cannes and the film was a musical

    — Govind Nihalani

    Q) Mr Nihalani, with the blend of cinemas, do you think that the audience for art cinema is now called the multiplex audience? For example, do you think a film like Barfi! balances the two sensibilities?

    A) Govind Nihalani: Art cinema movement, as I see it, is not about making a different kind of movie because the movement started as a very strong reaction against every mainstream cinema. Every element that was part of the mainstream cinema was rejected. We never wanted big stars, big sets, lavish songs in a film. We did not want the element of fantasy. Every mainstream cinema has a happy ending, but we were never bothered with happy endings. So the pendulum swung on the extreme. You had film-makers sourcing their stories from literature or real life, but, every film did not turn out to be great because most film-makers were not very good with their craft. For example, in Kannada, films were based on outstanding novels but they did not work at box-office. Post Independence, the effort was to make films which were critical of government policies, social institutions like marriage, family, feudalism, corruption etc because our dreams had not been realised.

    In the multiplex era, Rang De Basanti was instrumental in bringing that kind of mindset back where we have to act and be responsible for our own actions. And that was a very healthy sign. Before that, art cinema was confined to very small films funded mostly by National Film Development Corporation (NFDC). For me, in any story, not just content but the character is the king. In my films, I look forward to characters who take positions in various situations and are prepared to face the consequences.

    – Govind Nihalani

    As one amongst the post liberalisation film-makers, what is it that you find fascinating about cinema today?

    Habib Faisal-: I like to find drama in the everyday life of everyday people — they can be regular men and women, but their concerns are huge. I like exploring different textures, cinematically in terms of language and characters.

    The portrayal of common man is not new. They were present in Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films, but got lost somewhere in between; they are now being rediscovered all over again.

    Yes, there has been a spurt of subjects set in India’s heartland recently.

    Rishi Kapoor: Film-makers are being diverse today. Abhinav Kashyap was the first man in recent years to make a village-based film like Dabangg!

    Abhinav Kashyap: I am a great believer of diversity. I realised that it’s much better to work on an idea that people have abandoned. In the last decade or so, Indian villages and small towns had fallen off the maps and nobody was talking about them. For me, a good story is essentially about characters. You can choose to place those characters in small towns or large cities, but diversity is essential! What worked for Dabangg was that a large chunk of audience from big cities, was interested in a watching a film based in a village as they hardly got to see it otherwise.

    Now, a lot of film-makers are moving to villages, so I am moving away from them. Again, love is fast vanishing and being replaced by lust. So, now, my next is a love story.

    Musical notes

    Rishi Kapoor recalled the time Naushad Saab rued the fact that the art of recording live music with Indian instruments was dying with the introduction of synthesizers. Anurag Basu was quick to point out that he had used Esraj, an old Indian musical instrument in Barfi!

  78. now this is probably a first, Taran’s number on JTHJ 17 crores ahead of BOI’s! With SOS the difference is 15 crores!


    For this weekend though there is just the usual 2 crore differential. The gap was created earlier!

    But you read his commentary and you can see that even his heart’s not in the spin.

  79. November 25, 2012, 12:40 pm
    An Unfestive Start for ‘Rise of the Guardians’

    It was conceived as a no-brainer blockbuster and a franchise starter for DreamWorks Animation: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (among other childhood fantasy figures) united against a bad guy. But Thanksgiving moviegoers did not cooperate: “Rise of the Guardians” took in a weak $32.6 million at North American theaters over the five-day holiday period.

    That opening total, the lowest for a DreamWorks Animation movie since “Flushed Away” flopped in 2006, is likely to dent the company’s stock price on Monday. What happened? Either ticket buyers were repelled by the characters, who appeared more scowly than cuddly in ads, or they figured there was plenty of time before Christmas to take the kids. “It’s not where you start; it’s where you finish,” said Anne Globe, DreamWorks Animation’s chief marketing officer. “We’re the only holiday choice for families, and we feel like word of mouth will be very positive.”

    The No. 1 movie at the five-day Thanksgiving box office was “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2″ (Lionsgate), which took in an estimated $64 million, for a two-week total of about $227 million, according to Hollywood.com. “Skyfall” (Sony) was second, with about $51 million in ticket sales, for a three-week total of $221.7 million. Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” (Disney) was third, taking in $34.1 million, for a three-week total of $62.2 million. “Rise of the Guardians” was fourth, while “Life of Pi” (20th Century Fox) finished fifth in its first few days in theaters, with estimated ticket sales of $30.2 million.

  80. Be Fair!!! says Ajay Devgn..

    Hilarious! ‘Trade Pundits’ tweet collections at 7:30 AM while actual figures haven’t arrived till 1:30 in the afternoon many a time!!!


    • LOL, some of us have been making this point for years, it’s all a game and as they say the ‘fix is usually in’ with respect to a certain total or range and the kind of commentary that’s going to be provided.

  81. nothin new here which wasnt obvious after the first weekend gross of jthj/sos–has been mentined ad nauseum—ha move on folks..
    2 actors i like–though an unlikely atypical collaboration
    hmm interestin 2 see mr kings speech here though

    • you are asking people to not make the same point ad nauseam and move on? irony just dug its own grave, lied down in it and started turning over and over.

      • irony just dug its own grave, lied down in it and started turning over and over..
        and ‘making out’ n having fun all the while :-)

    • The interesting thing here is that the screenplay is by Coens. liked the original quite a bit.

      • yes, this does look interesting. and things become better just by adding colin firth to them.

        • lol when will our taste match on anything. While I do see that Firth is a fine actor I do not enjoy watching him. Wish Cage would have been here

          • comparing firth to cage is like comparing quality wine to cider (of the supermarket) variety imo :-)
            i somehow cant get over the ‘constipated’ look on cages face thats somewhat perennial
            i really like colin firth–guess these things are personal taste though

          • i have adored firth for almost 20 years (he was my first pre-teen foreign actor crush. yes, i am weird). such a fascinating mix of comic timing, subtle wit, vulnerability, intensity; and he can under or over play any of those depending on the scene or the moment just by moving a facial muscle or two or with a flicker of his eyes.
            i have decided not to utter a word on dutt or cage. but it’s fun to discover each other’s weird preferences.

          • “such a fascinating mix of comic timing, subtle wit, vulnerability, intensity; and he can under or over play any of those depending on the scene or the moment just by moving a facial muscle or two or with a flicker of his eyes.” well said anya
            obviously im not seeing from the female pov, but yeah — those are exactly the points that make firth such a class actor–infact find a personal liking towards his overall demeanour irrespective of his film roles…
            dont think he has many fans here though besides me..

  82. does seem a bit wierdish but may work given the sheer ‘talent’ on display

  83. Very Interesting Trailer of a movie based of First British Monarch’s visit to America (president FDR)

  84. JAB TAK HAI JAAN Collections Stays On lower Levels On 2nd Monday

    “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” collected decent numbers over 2nd weekend but absence of any big jump indicated that weekdays will be lower. As per early estimates, film collected 1.40 cr nett which is drop of almost 40-45% from 2nd Friday.

    Film has collected almost 111 cr nett in 14 days and week two looks to finish at 116 cr nett. It means with limited screens in week 3, film can maximum reach 120-122 cr nett. This makes 3rd consecutive 100 cr nett at domestic box office for Shahrukh Khan and 3rd consecutive 200 cr nett worldwide too.

    Film will finish with some huge numbers in overseas and 16 million looks certain now and that will make film 3rd biggest hit ever from Bollywood in overseas.


  85. SON OF SARDAAR Manages To Stay Afloat On 2nd Monday

    “Son Of Sardaar” collected good numbers over 2nd weekend and collected 11.75 cr nett. Film has collected 94 cr nett plus in 13 days. Film will cross 100 cr nett by the end of this week. Lifetime collections will be in range of 101-103 cr nett.

    As per early estimates, film collected 1.60 cr nett on 2nd Monday taking film’s total to 95 cr nett plus. Film was hit hard by low collections in south and east otherwise film would had collected at least 6-8 cr nett more. Film also struggling in metros and that was the case throughout.

    Film is a success in its own way and will end up as Hit status in India and average one in overseas at box office. A better release date would have made it the biggest hit of Ajay Devgn beating “Golmaal 3″. Film will lose major screen space in smaller centers to”Talaash” on Friday.


  86. Jab Tak Hai Jaan Second Weekend Business

    Monday 26th November 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan grossed 9.50 crore nett over its second weekend. Due to the extended first week the film did not show the second weekend Saturday and Sunday growth like some of the other big films of the year. The film has held up better in the bigger cities and the total for the film after its second weekend is 92 crore nett approx.

    The film has turned the tables on Son Of Sardaar in East Punjab as it had lower collections in the first ten days but managed better collections in the next three days although by just a couple of lakhs.

    The collections have come off heavily in places like West Bengal, Nizam and Mysore where it opened to very strong collections.

  87. Son Of Sardaar Second Weekend Business

    Monday 26th November 2012 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Son Of Sardaar collected around 9.5-10 crore nett over its second weekend. The film like Jab Tak Hai Jaan did not show the second weekend Saturday and Sunday growth like some big films of the year due to extended first week.

    The film has very done well in Rajasthan, CI and the Gujarat/Saurashtra belt while business in North and Bihar is good and the total after its second weekend is around 80 crore nett.

    The performance of the film is very dull in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The Nizam circuit managed decent collections as collections in the Marathwada belt were pretty good but business in West Bengal and Mysore has been dull from day one and second weekend fell further.

  88. myselfaamir Says:

    Diwali Gives Par Results:-
    There were huge expectations this Diwali with two big films coming and business set to go a notch higher but it was not be as both films were not quite up to the huge expectations of the public and also dented each others business.

    The combined domestic business of both films leaves a lot to be desired despite both likely to be in the black financially. In fact Jab Tak Hai Jaan will have huge profits, may be in the excess of 70 crore but that is because the most costly talent for a film, the superstar and director are on profit sharing and in-house respectively. A superstar like Shahrukh Khan and an A grade director can cost 50 crore in the market today which then also puts the profits into perspective.

    Profits aside when you have two big hyped films releasing on Diwali week with close to 4500 screens and an open 17 day run for both films, the combined total should be at least more than any other single film in the past and pretty comfortably but this will not be the case this Diwali. Here the best case scenario is that the combined total of both films may just touch 200 crore nett although it looks unlikely.

    The fact remains that when a holiday release featuring a star like Shahrukh Khan who has one or two releases a year trudges along to 100 crore nett business and takes 19 or 20 days to get there if it does get there then something somewhere has gone amiss.

    • Finally a report that makes sense! It’s taken about 6 years…but at least some ackowledgment on performance of SRK films!
      Don’t talk about profits when you don’t talk about profits for other films! Countless times BOI go through a process of “using” a “tool” to assess success and failure. If distribution share fails, use overseas collections, if this fails use cost of film, if this fails use worldwide gross, if this fails use net collections, if this fails use this and use that.
      The combined net of SOS and JTJH is nowhere near Ek Ta Tiger or 3 Idiots. The print count is bigger! The share “should” be bigger as some of the audience even watches both films! The coverage is huge as single screens and multiplexes have something for them. In all both films cover a lot of the audience, but reality is both are incredibly underachieving. And yes JTHJ even more so, with the better screen quality wise and more plusses (rahman, srk-katrina, yash bla bla bla) yet its going to net less then Ra.one and Don2.
      SOS has scored somewhat of a moral victory. 10 years ago an SRK film of this scale would have wiped the floor on an Ajay Devgn starrer, now even he is giving SRK a run for his money on his home turf!
      BOI asks “something has gone amiss”…erm….duh….the writing has been on the wall since 2009. It’s as if they have suddenly had a miracle moment in realising the obvious.

    • >Here the best case scenario is that the combined total of both films may just touch 200 crore nett although it looks unlikely.

      My belief is that the market saturation point has been reached at 200+/- and any increase in prints etc is not going to help, unless the price of the tickets rises considerably, and lasts throughout the run of the film, or most people watch the film several times (as with 3i).

      >The print count is bigger! The share “should” be bigger as some of the audience even watches both films!

      This is what I call a spin. People want to spin on the spindle of “all else remaining constant” increase in prints should lead to increase in income.
      It only hastens the collection.

      The ONLY reason as far as I see for this crasy increase in print number is so that more people can see it in the first few days – NOT FOR INCREASE IN INCOIME OVERALL!!!!!! THopugh if that happens then it would be even better. But it is the first few days which they are all aiming at.

      I’m not very fond of predicting/commenting on BO stuff, but to me it was always clear.

      The comment which one here is interpreting and twisting to fit their views;
      >if it does get there then something somewhere has gone amiss.

      What is amiss here is the undeucated view of how economy works. It has nothing to do with SRK or Amir or Devgn.
      If the writer would take into view the market interactions he would know.

      This is the reason I hate the economic system in the world as well.
      Produce more and more and more – so that people buy and consume more and more and more till one day all falls flat, because there is only so much that is sustainable.

      More prints – more income is a spin being adopted to make it look like how awful it has been for the diwali period.
      In my view both films together took what I would put as a limit. 50 more for very well liked films is as high as it can get.

      • Correction:

        “if it does get there” wasn’t supposed to be copied and pasted there, only something has gone amiss.

      • The reality is a section of this audience does watch both films. It’s pure statistics.
        If 2 films release A person is more likely to watch both then is likely to watch 1 film twice if all are liked equally.
        All your assumptions are based on a theoretical assumption that films plateau at 200 crore as this is some hypothetical mythological untouchable number! Just because a film has not got there does not mean it cannot be reached.
        The reality is, both films opened well enough…the clash has eaten into each other but the truth is both have not been liked!
        Before Gadar released the magic figure may have been 60 crore…but on that day Lagaan released too and they combined to net close to 100 crores!

        It’s economics but also boils down to the audience and how much they like the film!
        Also more screens, theatres etc can also mean “better” access to cinema, or more frequent and affordable trips, shorter trips etc! Otherwise why build more theatres! What’s the point?

        Indeed films look to maximise income in first few days…the good ones carry on for a few weeks (3 Idiots), the bad ones don’t (Ra.One)… its economics…demand and supply…there is no demand for Ra.One after 2 weeks…because the consumer does not want to pay and watch the film! SO yes your right…its economics. D and S…and the theory of diminishing returns, for which Ra.One and now JTHJ have gone thru. Shame.

        • No, demand and supply don’t work so mathematically. There is a thing called Law of Diminising Returns.

          No 200 is not a magical number, just a study of the way market seems to be working.
          I did say that in addition to an increase in price audience has to watch a film several times as in 3I

          What makes ‘you’ so certain that people tend to watch both films etc.

          I’m sure a vast majority can’t afford it.

          • I did not say everyone does. I said a section does. There are examples on the web itself! Also critics :-)
            I myself watched Gadar and Lagaan…Mohabbatein and Mission Kashmir etc….if the films “work” then there are many who would watch both.
            How many I don’t know…I deliberately did not put a number on it, but even if it is 5% it is still serving its purpose. I have not yet started to count.
            The market is a function of the players that operate in it. If the players in the market are not up to scratch obviously the market will look bad!
            Records are there to be broken…no one would have given Dabangg a chance to make 80 crore in one week but it did.
            200 is not a magical number…it is the current record that other films have not reached as they have not been liked as much!
            Economics is not mathematics. Clearly. But its not a foolish statement to say both these films have underperformed. Together if they were nice, watchable films…they could have easily made 140 crore and 110 crore respectively. Easily.

          • actually if you compare the grosses of ETT and 3I, roughly in the same range, you have a set of facts that contradict the idea that 200 crores is some sort of saturation point. First off Jay is right, these kinds of things were said about 75 crores and 100 crores and week 1 initials at 40 crores and so on. This is old hat. But leaving this aside 3I got to 200 crores by doing 2.5 times its week 1 number. ETT got there by not even repeating the trending patterns of other under-performing 100-140 crore grossers. An ‘under-performer’ by the way by any professional standard available anywhere in the world from the US/UK to Japan. ETT wasn’t even close to doubling its initial. Let’s throw in Dabanng. The film opened exactly the way 3I did but it grossed 55-60 crores less than the latter. had 3I never released you would have said Dabanng’s 140 crores or whatever were an example of market saturation and no film could do more. And of course the others would all have fallen under that number (the other Salman grossers etc). 3I however got to 200 crores because of repeat viewing. This has always been the key to the box office. Most of the time (I’ll expand on this in a second).

            You can either have a film which has strong WOM and therefore convinces a larger cross-section of the potential movie-going audience to show up or one which has strong WOM within certain segments which then show up for repeat viewing. The latter situation is easy to explain. These are either smaller niche films or larger productions that don’t necessarily have very wide appeal. The former position though is a somewhat imaginary one. Let’s take the example of the Dark Knight (the second one). Here you have a film that opened massively, hitting some historical benchmark or the other, and trended remarkably well. What you got here was very strong WOM. So many casual viewers who might not necessarily have seen other films in this genre watched this one. I personally know many people for whom this was true. But then you also have the repeat viewers. I was one (!) but I also know many who saw it more times than I did. With very strong WOM anywhere you’re unlikely not to get some important segment that repeats.

            In Hollywood you have lots of ‘blockbuster’ films that perform predictably. This is to say they open big, trend decently enough and get to that big total. These are not films that are loved or hugely liked. What happens is that even with decent WOM in the target demographic there are enough people willing to show up for the film. But you don’t expand the base and you don’t get repeats. Now if such a film doesn’t even display minimal trending then in Hollywood terms it’s an under-performer or a failure. Why? Because they have a sophisticated understanding of the market and know that (for instance) a Pirates installment should get to say 300-350m even if it just does ok. If it’s however 275 m that for them is a disappointing number even using their lower end estimates. On the opposite side a film like Titanic or Avatar got to historic numbers in each case (well beyond even the already extraordinary trending displayed by TDK) by also getting a historic number of repeat viewers. Now this is always an unusual occurrence. The same holds for HAHK for example. But the point is that either way you need the repeats to get it done.

            There is simply no business model anywhere in the world where these things are handled professionally and transparently to have the sort of trending that Bollywood has on many of its major grossers and have these called successes and hits and superhits and what not. All of Bollywood’s 100 crore grossers, let me repeat that.. ALL.. are underperformers with the exceptions of those two Aamir films (by the way years ago when D2 released I felt that even though it had doubled its initial and then added some and therefore done ‘well’ it could have done a 100 crores in 2006 had it been a better film). It’s not a question of insisting on trending where the initial number is double eventually. Most of these films have 65-70% of their final numbers come through in the first 5-7 days. This by any sane standard is terrible. But because no one in Bollywood is doing any better this becomes the norm. Any number in isolation doesn’t mean anything even if it’s 200 crores. It’s also a question of how you get there, leaving aside issues like scale of the production, expectations and so on. And so as I’ve said before ETT is actually a big under-performer. Simply dependent on the draw of the star and some other factors in this case rather than anything in the film. Had this film been liked as much as Dabanng 225-250 would have been a done deal for it. By the way this holds even for films that do somewhat less than 100 crores. ZNMD started out well though not exceptionally so but it got to a pretty big number (90 or something). It trended very well. Rajneeti doubled its week 1. Most films for years had not been doing this starting out at the same level. In fact doing 40-45 initially and ending at 65-70 was much more common, sometimes lower than this and everyone would say the same thing — that more wasn’t possible.

            What happens is that most people who talk about this stuff simply don’t know anything about the way Bollywood works (including the functioning of the film media and so on) but also don’t know anything about how film industries work. And so these imaginary positions are thrown out that have absolutely no basis in anything. So with all due respect one can’t just ‘imagine’ that 200 crores is the saturation point. As I’ve just shown the numbers we do have argue against this (there’s internal evidence here!). But even if one thinks this is the case what is one basing this claim on?!

            To repeat this once again a different way had 3I released today it would have had an ETT like total for the first seven days if not more and it would have easily doubled that number. We would have been looking at a 275 crore grosser at the very least. Ghajini itself would have easily done well in excess of 200 on good trending. the 100 crore barrier today is one that is easily breached with just a good enough initial let alone a spectacular one. It doesn’t mean as much as it did some years ago. It’s simply a function of the size of the market. But it’s strange to argue that the market keeps growing only when it comes to producing big initials but somehow starts shrinking at the other end because saturation has been reached. This simply does not make sense. As for the other related idea that perhaps everyone’s just showing up in week 1 that too does not make sense. Why? Well if the market has been growing (screen counts etc) then more people are not showing up in week 1. And if it hasn’t been growing why have people suddenly started showing up in week 1? This would be quite a mysterious event. So let’s say there are 10 people potentially willing to watch a big release. For years 4 or 5 of those watched it in the first week, now suddenly 7 or so are doing this for no apparent reason! In fact those 7 are even watching it in the first 3-5 days or release forget a week!

            One can throw out all sorts of claims that are sadly easily deconstructed. And leaving aside agendas there is simply a lack of understanding of the subject that leads to certain statements. It’s not one’s fault completely because the entire Bollywood reporting system routinely practices this scam and people just don’t know any better.

          • @jayshah
            >I did not say everyone does. I said a section does

            And this is the section already included in the audience contributing to the BO

            >Records are there to be broken…no one would have given Dabangg a chance to make 80 crore in one week but it did.

            Of course it did – the first week syndrome which we have already mentioned in our comments.

            >200 is not a magical number…it is the current record that other films have not reached a

            It is a number which has been reached by maximum number of audience participation.
            This record will break when the economic structure undergoes a further change.

            >Together if they were nice, watchable films…they could have easily made 140 crore and 110 crore respectively. Easily.

            Which makes the total 250 – and I have already said that – if you’d like to go back and read my comment.

            I wish you’d all stop offering these Spins and patting each other’s backs.

          • @satyam
            Though you write well, and I do have a great respect for your views – when it comes to BO, and pulling down films where you want to, or building up where you want to , you are master the master spinner.

          • “when it comes to BO, and pulling down films where you want to, or building up where you want to , you are master the master spinner.”

            I have a confession to make. I indeed have a disgusting habit of using facts in an argument. And trying to be as comprehensive as possible. Both are dirty tricks and you have certainly exposed me today.

            And now we can get back to a reality where Ra One is a better film than Inception…

          • @satyam
            What is your proof that these are facts?
            Everybody claims there figures/theories/spins to be facts.

            What you do is quote these facts (from sources you reject in the first place) – and lend your comment some kind of artificial authenticity, AND THEN you spin around weaving theories with these facts. You weave a personal theory satisfying your points around these ‘facts’
            I’ll take only one example (and Jayshah is NOT right);

            ETT and 3i – you talk of 3i doubling its initial, but you conveniently ignore the massive initial of ETT. Most people have seen it after the first few days because of increased number of screens and multiplexes plus the popularity of the star.
            You like to stick to your trending theory (which has been working only to a limited extent in the present structure of things)
            It’s like me saying that none of the films today are successful because they don’t have a SILVER/GOLDEN jubilee.
            Don’t be like the wicked witch spinning away at her spindle with the only purpose of sticking the needle to harm.

          • I think you conveninetly forget…3 Idiots was a massive initial in its time also. It was not as if the film opened decently…it amassed as higher occupancy it could in the first week and continued that trend thereafter…

            Reality is 3 Idiots is a superior film to Ek Ta Tiger. It was more liked much much more by audiences. That drove its stupendous collections post week 1.

            It’s not spin…the only spin here is the “interest” in keeping the “bar” at 200 crore as when it is broken people can jump in the air as if its a humungous achievement.

          • @jaysha
            >I did not say everyone does. I said a section does.
            so you agree not everyone watches two films, therefore reducing numbers.

            >There are examples on the web itself! Also critics
            I myself watched Gadar and Lagaan…Mohabbatein and Mission Kashmir etc….if the films “work” then there are many who would watch both.

            ..but this doesn’t count, does it? Foreign collections are taboo on this blog. Strictly domestic.

            …and…isn’t all this also JUST THEORY!!!

          • The bar *is* at 200 as we have seen. It is as good a theory as what you all are spinning.

            3I ‘was’ a film the audience related too and saw it several times too, and that is why it managed to reach this number. ETT wasn’t far off though. For all purposes they are in the same bracket.

            My bar isn’t just 200. It’s 200 +/-
            Unlike you all I’m not spinning that ONLY and ONLY if a film;
            -doubles its initial
            -trends like 3i
            -makes 200+

            …it’s a success otherwise not.

        • Demand and supply don’t work so methodically otherwose economies would go on and on.
          Sorry I have to go now.

          • In no way has Indian paying audience tapered or plateaued off at some number. There are 20 million new entrants to adulthood each year in India. The per capita screen count in India is way way way behind that in the Western world. If only Indian infrastructure was better, there would be more investment in cinema construction. Unless one lives within a metro or at the commercial hearts of most B-C-D centers, it is a huge drag to go to a cinema. People succumb to the ease of seeing pirated DVDs, rather than endure a 1 hr scooter ride through pot-holed streets. If hwood movies in the US can make $300million, why should we be satisfied with just $50million in India with 4 times the population?

          • >In no way has Indian paying audience tapered or plateaued off at some number. There are 20 million new entrants to adulthood each year in India.

            This is what I call – spin. Misleading statistics.

            Taking for granted that this number adds directly to the film watching audience.
            Takes for granted that this number directly spends money on film watching.
            No allowance for many of those who wouldn’t be able to afford, or have no access to cinema halls unless living in a city (majority does not live in a city). Above all not taking into consideration that many among these might want to spend on other choices of materialism now available like fashion, holidays. electronic stuff etc.

            >If only Indian infrastructure was better, there would be more investment in cinema construction. ….

            I’m talking about the present situation and not what could be.

          • good points oldgold
            though i can see that u are ‘copying’ my (patented) ideas somewhat–but its ok–will let u (u will be ‘charged’ for them later on–carry on :-)

          • Sorry AA, these are my own thoughts….or lets say stating the obvious which more than one can see. It’s the spin which requires art and may be copied.

          • No probs Oldgold -don’t say sorry..
            let’s allow Satyam to regroup n introspect –c’mon b4 a ‘long one’ comes from Satyam -let’s run n enjoy

          • @AA
            Stop misquoting me AA.
            I wasn’t saying sorry to you. If you have expressed similar thoughts then that is because of them being ‘obvious’.

            I don’t read all comments. I have no idea when and where you wrote what.

            I also have a suspicion that you always arrive in time to sabotage my comments with your frivolity and lead the thread astray.
            It’s very annoying, and it takes a lot to annoy me. This isn’t the first time.

          • Okie OG- good we both had the same thoughts :-)
            “This isn’t the first time.”–nor will it be the last..lol
            Btw am enjoying OG as the ‘angry young girl/woman’ on the blog–enjoy

    • Where is this article from? There is no link or attribution given.

    • Yes, where *is* the link? Just curious.

  89. Oh dear, people are still wallowing in BOI woes and the mire of bitterness over a star (who isn’t super), passing 100cr mark regardless of competition from another star (who is greater – he’s proved it), not such a popular genre, not well liked film, and the total not being enough (nothing, NOTHING compared to his previous unaccepted totals), and his standing as a star (actually he’s no longer standing – sitting or fallen perhaps).

    This isn’t good for ones soul. Tell you what. In a few days the film all have declared as their most awaited film of the year (Bollywood) will be released. Actually I’m looking forward to the genre myself and will watch it the usual way ;-)

    Then you can all relax, and be happy because you’ll not be stressed out in proving your beliefs by quoting like minded people and providing various links of like minded people, and giving spins.

    You can sit back and see the BO soar to 200 + because that is what the super star’s standing is, (and he’s definitely standing tall at present – pun not intended), and this is what is expected – regardless of genre etc

    But please please don’t go euphoric on us poor folks when this happens.

    • to expect a ‘talaash’ like film to do anywhere near 200cr is ridiculous. i don’t know about others but im certainly not bitter about SRK’s fading stardom, its the sad truth.

      personally i liked his movies up until 2004ish. ill still watch a SRK movie because he still has great screen presence…but barring CDI most of his movies post 04 have been horrrrrrrible.

      • So why were you all expecting JTHJ to do a lot?
        Isn’t that a genre not so very popular today?
        Didn’t it have competition from another big film, with the more popular genre that seems to click with the audience today?
        More than the film its the music that has disappointed me terribly.

        I never expected it to do wonders at the BO, and my expectations went lower with the release of SOS, which was a sure shot winner in the North.
        My prediction of Ra.one’s BO went wrong, but this one hit the nail on the head (and I’m no BO predictor).

        >i don’t know about others but im certainly not bitter about SRK’s fading stardom, its the sad truth.

        Neither am I Amirsfan.
        I’ve never gone on a mission of trying to defend his fading stardom. Why should I? The actual ‘sad’ truth (if sad at all) is that in the near future quite a few stars are going to fade away – as stars.
        But to make things look worse than they are by spinning theories is unacceptable – which too I ignore most of the time.
        Only now and then I set about expressing my views about it – when I have the time or something catches my attention.

        • The fault lies with Yash’s vision and his selection of a music director and the heroine. Of course SOS gave a stiff competition.

          Chennai Express will undo the damage and it may turn out to be a big hit.

  90. Oh dear, people are still wallowing in BOI woes and the mire of bitterness over a star (who isn’t super), passing 100cr mark regardless of competition from another star (who is greater – he’s proved it), not such a popular genre, not well liked film, and the total not being enough (nothing, NOTHING compared to his previous unaccepted totals), and his standing as a star (actually he’s no longer standing – sitting or fallen perhaps).

    boi is not trustworthy,all srk films boxoffice are over rated,sholay was superhit for them and so was paheli which was removed from cinemas for monumental disaster,boi thinks otherwise

  91. btw, if T releases in 3500/4000 screens – chances of 150 cr increases as it is a solo release?

  92. Rooney;

    @satyam dont know where to place this, but it is hilarious… scorsese’s film Silence and its agreement being amended 5 times… do read!

    If Martin Scorsese ever directs Silence, based on an award-winning Japanese novel by Shusaku Endo about the persecution of a Jesuit missionary in 17th Century Japan, it will happen after an almost epic amount of litigation and dealmaking.

    Martin Scorsese Sued by Producer Cecchi Gori Over Alleged Deal to Direct ‘Silence’

    Matthew McConaughey Joins Martin Scorsese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’
    Read the Complaint Here
    In August, Cecchi Gori Pictures sued Scorsese for failure to live up to an agreement to direct Silence. The famed director agreed way back in 1990 that it would be on his to-do list. For various reasons, the project was delayed, and after seeing press reports that Scorsese’s next film would be Wolf of Wall Street, Cecchi Gori decided to bring Scorsese to court.
    In reaction, Scorsese’s reps called the lawsuit “shocking” and the claims “absurd,” but Scorsese’s lawyers have now filed court papers that confirm much of the complicated back story with some additional information. In the last two decades, there’s been two prior lawsuits and five deal amendments over this film. Scorsese says he has already given the plaintiffs $3.5 million to wait on Silence.

    Now, the biggest questions are (1) his contractual obligation on the movie and (2) whether he’ll have to pay more money for further delay.

    So why has it taken 22 years and counting for Scorsese to direct Silence?

    The director confirms that in 1990, he entered into a written agreement to provide his services on the film. In 1998, there was an amendment to the agreement where Scorsese agreed it would be his third picture after Kundin.


  93. Arturo Belano Says:

    Satyam: Just a random request: Do you keep a log of all movies you watch- the ones you put up in the Auteur’s corner? If you do, could you share it somewhere on this site?

    • I don’t… to be honest I’m not as prolific as I used to be but even I was and would get through more than one movie in a 24 hr period I’d usually just put up one here. So unfortunately can’t put up a list. Having said that not sure how worthwhile the list would be since I watch anything half-decent in most genres (or at least skim through it) and in some the standards are even lower (have Expendables 2 in my queue and I didn’t even like the first one!). The only genre where I watch relatively little is the rom-com.

      • thecooldude Says:

        I just started watching expendables 2 with some really low expectations

        • It is timepass. 2/5 for me.
          ps – Saw Brave, Conception, Jennifer Eight, Black Rain. All of them decent one time watch.

  94. “not surprised.. expect a strong opening here..”
    satyam– i agree there with the ‘strong’ opening
    what are your predictions though for talaash–first day, first weekend, total gross btw….

    • ^ satyam–unlike JTHJ and other films (post barfi, ETT) -i will be hopeful of getting a prediction on talaash box office BEFORE the films release and preview reports-(like we used to get in the good-ole days before ETT200 & Barfi100 happened)-many thanx ;-)

  95. Box-office ‘myths’, spins and agendaic convolutions-Contd–Vol 2

    Satyam–I just read another of your enlightening (not joking) posts above–the one taking us to the realms of dabang doing 275 or ETT doing 400 (if trending like 3I) and so on
    I only aim to ‘learn’ from u on this bcos these unlimited and extrapolated numbers happen only in imagination, i thought, not real market situations/ economies

    The 3I ‘gold standard”
    its good to have a gold standard but also important to use it correctly imo
    I hope we all appreciate just how much superior a product 3I was compared to these other comparaitive films .like ready, bodyguard, even ETT
    Do u think the difference in gross is proprtional to the overall difference in quality –no
    By that token–3I shouldve been much higher than these even taking into account inflation, higher tivket prices, expanding markets–but this socalled “limitless market’ has an unseen boundary–atleast relative to a particular time-though one can see d3 & krish3 breaking it–but its not that simple

    ..But before, we proceed its important to do away with the oft-repeated ‘hollywood model” of pirates, avatar, et al since not only the market, scale, accountability, verifiability are different, audience profiles and behaviours are different –so lets keep that separate

    Would like your comments on my random thoughts below —

    Box-office ‘myths’, spins and agendaic convolutions

    Unlike the US box office, where thingz are ‘regularised’ and standardised and overall tallies can be googled or wiki-ed till the last dollar, even pound and penny–indian box office is a different kettle of fish–
    bcos apparently things arent computerised, regularised and streamlined but also–

    bcos for income tax liability, underhand dealings and financing, it suits directors, producers, exhibitors to keep things ‘misty’—so while it suits to get your movie declared a superduper hit, the actual production costs and hence the profit and hence the tax liabiility etc remains a mystery

    this creates a fertile environment for spins and deviances of all sorts to develop
    Some such inconsistencies in box office reporting are well known –the types helmed by messrs nahata, adarsh et al.
    Now we come to the other tpyes of inconsistencies that are not necessarily intentional or ‘corruption” but a comniation of bias, hatred, supreme fandom and even ignorance..
    Some such theories that float around that need to be debunked–
    we see these trending graphs imploring us to believe that if
    1st day is x
    2nd day should be 2x and 1st week should be 7x and so on
    and so on till well beyond 200 or even 225 or even hypothetical totals of 250, 300, have heard someone here going upto 400 (to bring down ETT)
    B) Well, on the face of it, it looks basic maths
    but basic maths cant be applied to actual markets
    its just not done –in any field forget films
    C) Had it been so easy, u wont need the harvards business school, but a basic calcualtor on your iphone would suffice !!
    its simple–the difference between first 25 to 50 crores is not the same as between 125 – 150 and 175- 200 and so on. After 200, it becomes a different sort of graph
    E) Other Factors
    1) Fatigue
    2) erosion
    3) attrition
    4) distration of clientelle and patrons
    5) piracy
    6) new releases
    7) extraneous influences–IPL, bomb blasts etc
    F) The longer is the duration from release, the more vulnerable to E1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    G) As a producer, to minimise E), and with the big production costs, it pays to get the investment back asap
    Suddenly trending sounds a risky word
    if and when it happens it is welcome but retrospectively
    H)limitless markets -the myth
    there is a difference between an expanding market (which this surely is ) from a limitless market (which this or any market is surely not)
    1) many folks wont wathc a movie no matter what
    2) some wont go to the big screen no matter what
    3) some are either underage or over age or deaf dumb, mentally retarded
    4) some will watch it any which way (like some here)
    5) the ‘undecided lot”-thats the ones wherein there is some ‘play’
    6) those into repeat viewings ie those who dont have a life–are also crucial here
    7) those who dont have paying capacity
    so when one teases it out–its mostly about 5, 6
    that is not as big a number that many think
    Still, a 3 idiots now should do much more
    But how much more? can only be defined once some such film does that –till then, it is a hypothetical conundrum which has no place in real life markets–only on fandom blogs/ agendaic forums ….

    • To brutally honest Alex it’s rather hard to follow your very chaotic comment. But to the extent I can it’s hard to argue because a) you’re debating with an imaginary figure called ‘ Satyam’, an impostor of some sort, and since I have never been in the Don business (as with SRK’s film!) I cannot really respond but b) I have addressed some of these issues at length at many points in the past. The problem is you don’t respond to what has already been said. You just keep repeating the same things ad infinitum. I’m afraid I can’t keep up!

      • Haha Satyam -this was not to ‘catch u out’ (lol) but get some ‘education’ on box office from u
        In the name of ‘repetition’ u haven’t tackled most of these increasing bugbears in this list–though u have replied to some IMO
        Ok won’t put u in a spot lol
        Ps : what are your talaash predictions though
        Like other ‘innocent’ aamir fans y not belt out a number as u usually did (b4 barfi, ETT ) we can all go wrong–we aren’t into astrology u know
        So go 4 it Satyam :-)

  96. Talaash Has Solid Advance At Multiplexes

    Wednesday 28th November 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Talaash had a solid advance at multiplexes which opened advance sales over the weekend especially for a film which has has not had huge hype and heavy promotion. The advance was similar or better than some heavily promoted big films. The brisk pace of advance ticket sales at multiplexes like E Square UR, Pune and Cinemax Central, Bangalore actually beats all 2012 releases apart from Ek Tha Tiger.

    Obviously the power and goodwill of brand Aamir Khan amongst the multiplex audience is the reason as this audience awaits his film like no one else’s promotion or no promotion.

    The first day collections at multiplexes of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore are set to be huge going by early advance indications. The advance at the big single screens of Delhi is more muted which suggests opening outside metros will be lower.

    The metro multiplex business will ensure a big first day and how big it becomes will depend on how business outside the metros goes through the day. Aamir Khan’s last big release Three Idiots released three years ago netted close to 13 crore and was released on a national holiday.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      It will easily cross 150 Cr as per my prediction.

      • total? my prediction is (just out of the blue):

        opening day: 15-17cr
        week 1: 75cr
        total: 95-100cr

        ive upped my total from last couple of days.

        • honestly think khiladi 786 will hurt and cut into talaash’s business. though it looks like another crap fest from akki…K786-like films are clearly the flavor of the season…

        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          Are u saying after 75 Cr first week it will only add 25 crores???

  97. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Not sure it is already posted here. Aamir’s view on the ADF V/s YRF fight

    ‘There is nothing wrong in booking theatres in advance’

    Recently, Ajay Devgn was forced to take legal recourse against Yash Raj Films, producers of Jab Tak Hai Jaan, for unfairly using their dominant position in the industry to manipulate exhibitors and distributors to release their film in more theatres than Son Of Sardaar. What is your take on this?

    If a producer has planned his release well in advance and has come to some agreement with the theatre owners, there is nothing wrong in booking the theatres. If my judgement tells me that I need two weeks for a film and if the theatre gives it to me, there is nothing wrong. I am not commenting on any one film, I am talking in general. As a producer, it is my right to book the theatre and my stance will remain the same.


    • keep in mind Aamir is currently shooting for YRF Dhoom 3…

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        Do u think if Aamir will support ADF then YRF can throw him out of Dhoom 3 or will not pay him his amount?

        • what i think is Aamir has a brilliant mind and that was a very calculated answer from him. Aditya Chopra isn’t foolish enough to throw him out of a potential guaranteed box office hit.

      • The charge against YRF was not that they booked their theaters ahead of time (which everyone does), but that they used the desire of theaters to get ETT to demand that they give “exclusive” screen space to their next two products, JTHJ, and Dhoom 3. So Aamir is misrepresenting the issue here, either out of ignorance or out of calculation (since his Dhoom 3 release is also a part of this deal under question), as AamirsFan says.

  98. Aamir is being sane n street smart here-if devgun ever reaches the position of yrf, aamir he would do the same
    That’s the law of the market & human psyche

  99. Jab Tak Hai Jaan still ahead of SOS


    Ultimately, content dictates. After the euphoria around ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and ‘Son Of Sardaar’ settled, courtesy the hype and hoopla that these films used to promote themselves, the box office collections prove that both films have nothing to crow about. Even our earlier estimates of 73.30 cr for JTHJ proved to be higher and the collections have actually settled at 68 cr; and SOS’s six-day collection estimate that was 60 cr came down to 57.55 cr.

    You can see that the official claims made by both production houses (JTHJ — 80.73 cr) and (SOS — 66.02 cr) are far from what the ground reality is.

    Distributor Girish Johar maintains, “Both films dropped after the Diwali season. Now collections have become slow.” Till November 25, JTHJ now stands at around 93.40 cr and SOS stands at 80.90 cr. So the difference is around 13 cr. Revenues earned from India theatrical after deducting tax from Nov 13-25 No. of screens: JTHJ (2500), SOS (1950).

  100. “You can see that the official claims made by both production houses (JTHJ — 80.73 cr) and (SOS — 66.02 cr) are far from what the ground reality is.”

    This was pretty much evident right from the beginning !!!

    Both YRF & ADF will definitely not be happy with mainstream media now quoting BOI figures !!!

  101. Good point shubh
    Now hopefully aamir should /will teach yrf/ adf the right way
    Satyam continues to be mum on the talaash predictions
    What are yours folks …

  102. Off the topic. SFO family swept off by sneaker waves.

  103. Sneaker wave –ROFL
    First sandy hits NYC –now SFO
    some folks are livin dangerously -or is it karma ? Haha

    • Actually, it is a tragedy. which may encompass any of the people who enjoy going too close to the waves. To save a dog and then his father a young boy lost his life. the father, mother and the boy all drowned and the dog survived.
      I cant understand how one can laugh at a tragedy.
      Only indians are capable of this.

      There are so many accidents happening and the people should see the warnings. Even aksa beach in mumbai has a long history of drownings due to huge waves.

  104. sanjana –was amused at the name not the ‘tragedy’
    your post didnt say someone had got injured/ died
    i thought this is expected
    do find it a bit irritating that 5 humans lost their life saving a dog –with all due respects to dogs!
    ps–hope anya doesnt come running after me with her cute dog with her now :-)

  105. folks–check this Shocking statement–
    Salman is my elder brother -Katrina !http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/celebs/Salman-is-like-my-big-brother-says-Katrina/videoshow/17402292.cms
    well, what should i say…
    katrina takes the cake in using, abusing, manipulating and now dumping salman after the jobs done

    and as in the audio–bringing ‘disrepute’ to the ‘solemn’ bro-sis relatioinship

    must say–salman fans must be smarting at this

    ps–one cant help but admire the way katrina has ‘haldled’ salman here–wow–think now i have to become katrinas fan :-)

    • didn’t see the video but yeah that statement’s pretty sick..

    • They never show the video where she actually said that. These newspapers are really sick….its timesofindia which actually started this rumour on twitter and some other channels picked this up. No one has the video clip or any proof of it but they keep on saying that she said it in a press conf. I am no fan of Katrina or Salman (in fact I cant even stand them), but these media ppl are stooping so low for sensationalism. I also feel Kat is too clever to make any controversial statements about Salman..think she still can use him for furthering her career.

    • She didn’t say any such thing. Only idiots will believe this.

      • @ naveed–i can understand your sentiments and agree that it MAYbe false–but how can u be SO confident it is false esp when there are reports of it in the papers
        now theres a reason i said it will be difficult for salman fans–since they are a bit emotive and liable to denial etc
        having said that naveed is one of the most stable sane salman fan
        hope this is false for the sake of salman (& his fans)

        it might be a perfect ‘get rid of’ tactic from katrina :-)

        • @Alex – what Salman does in his private life I couldn’t give a flying f%^*+ who he wishes to date etc is entirely upto him.

          However, I know many who saw this conference in Kolkota and SRK referred to Ganguly as his elder brother. Some retarded SRK fans on twitter started spreading these rumours and lo behold TOI (only paper) decided to make a story out of it.

          • Thanx 4 that info naveed
            But if u r F€#*!*|!ing not bothered by what Salmans private life-why this ‘touchiness’ lol
            Have rarely seen u get animated like this
            It’s not a verbal rumour but an actual newspaper report that was put up -may/may not be correct –we all know it.
            & katrina is a free woman( she’s not Salmans slave) –even if she has said what she has –she has the right to ..
            Have heard about this ‘possessiveness’ earlier -a die hard Salman fan actually started swearing at srk when he was kissing katrina in JTHJ apparently
            C’mon folks- relax n gud nite :-)
            Ps: since u are a sane Salman fan–I’m taking the care to go into detail–these things are not ‘personal’—sleep easy lol

  106. yeah satyam–agree on that one
    feel sorry for poor salman
    all this ‘screen machismo’ and ‘heroism’ etc and salman got totally outfoxed by katrina–
    and what sort of bro/sis are these? :-)
    anyhow –a standing ovation to katrina is due–( i rarely so that)

  107. haha ROFL
    but still… the sheer ‘about turn’ was expected but the ‘bro/sis’ is totally a new angle…
    must be hard for hardcore salman fans like sm
    ps-anyhow enuf of laughing 2 others–need to catch up some work on the other window now….

  108. OT,

    Tribute to tom hanks

  109. Good one there bliss — really like hanks

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