Khubsoorat remake in the works


The original Hrishikesh Mukherjee film Khoobsurat was a family drama starring Rekha and Rakesh Roshan. Produced by Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor, the remake of the same, will star Sonam who will be playing a physiotherapist.

While the male lead is yet to be finalized, news is that Prosenjit Chatterjee who became popular in Bollywood with Shanghai will be reprising the role of Ashok Kumar. Confirming the same, Prosenjit said, “Yes, I have been offered the role. I loved the script. It’s Ashok Kumar’s role but in contemporary context. I play a young dad. If everything falls in place I would be happy to take this up.”

The movie will be directed by Shashank Ghosh and is set to go on floor by the end of this year.


8 Responses to “Khubsoorat remake in the works”

  1. Sonam and for that matter, no actress is a match to Rekha whether it concerns beauty, talent and that X factor. Why dont they leave good old movies? The day is not far off when Guide will be remade with Emraan Hashmi.


  2. Dharn Raj Dharn Says:

    Rakesh Roshan looked like joker with Rekha in this move.There was only actorwho looked dashing with Rekha and that was Bachchan..


  3. Never was a fan of Khubsoorat (same applies for Rekha, as an actress). Definitely one of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s lesser enjoyable movies.


  4. Dharn Raj Dharn Says:

    Arsh..I am surprised by reading your comment about Rekha as an actress.If anybody knows acting after Bachchan in Bollywood then it is only Rekha.If you consider Rekha as a non actor then which heroine of bollywood do gou think is an actress?


  5. Dharn, you seem to be bent upon entertaining us by default..Is Bachchan the only actor in bollywood?Grow up man and try to be sensible.Bachchan is one of the good actors that this industry has produced but he is not only good actor in tinseltown.There are others around as well.


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