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  1. Utkal:

    Can Dhoom 3 Succeed Where Others Failed?

    Thursday 19th December 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The biggest film of the year Dhoom 3 will release tomorrow and some records are sure to be smashed. If the daily or weekend does not come then it may get the week one, if the week one is not there then there will be some circuit records.

    But the key record for every event film is the second week record. The opening records come and go but the second week record has been standing for four years. We mention this time and time again before every event film but none of them have ever got close be it Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Chennai Express or Krrish 3.

    In fact it is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which has got closest and that film was not the event film along the likes of Ek Tha Tiger, Chennai Express etc.

    The second and third week figures are the difference between a great film and a good film.



    • BOI continue to squirm.. ha!


      • Firstly BOI’s definition of event film is rather “loose”. An “event” for a start does not occur as frequently as they claim! The definition they allude to is big film, big hype when talking about those films.
        An “event” can be gauged by advance. By all accounts and reports so far, D3 is the biggest advance around…again it has gone past Ek Ta Tiger on this one and is only accompanied by Ghajini in recent times and Gadar/K3G in the past 15 years
        They do raise a point on the second week record. And I fully expect (finally!) this record to go…in fact, if D3 lives up to the hype, it will simply be blown away.


        • will say that with D3 and Hirani back to back sometimes I even have sympathy for some of the rivals! I still recall some of those discussions years ago where even when Aamir had RDB/Fanaa in the same year the questions by some used to be ‘who has the biggest grosser’? Aamir has taken some real revenge beginning with Ghajini! to the point where he has even bypassed SRK in this ultimate Yashraj franchise. When Hrithik was cast for D2 there was certain generational sense with him and Abhishek. All these years later it’s Aamir. Now they won’t have another installment for at least some years even if they don’t take as long next time. It’s unlikely to be SRK at that point. Who would have expected this many years ago? Not dissing SRK here but he was their blue-eyed boy for so long. In the long run a lot of things get ‘clarified’. Aamir’s evolution since Lagaan continues to be one of the most amazing stories whether one is a fan of his or not.


          • Those discussions were some wonderful memories!
            Having D3 and Peekay back to back is arguably the 2 most potent commercial combinations one could have I guess.
            On D4 – I seriously cannot see it happening if D3 is too big a monster. Much of this is ego! With such a brand, you have to have the confidence that the previous one can be out done and by a distance. And the likelihood is the script is better here. I can’t see Aamir taking a “D2” like script. It’s possible another star can be attached, but legitimately YRF would want it to be bigger in every sense.
            The first one came out in 2004 and did ~ 30 crores. 2 years later they come back and make 80 crores. Here we have the first “legit” opportunity at 300 crores with arguably the best script reader of the main stars. They would have to feel confident they could do business 500 crores in 2017 or more depending on how the market moves…otherwise the franchise loses steam!


          • yes it’s true that D3 looks to be so big that it won’t be easily bettered. They’ll have to wait for a number of years and moreover also wait till they have the right star who can excite the audience enough as a villain at that point. But you’re right in that if this film has the strong script everyone’s promising there might not be anywhere to go after this. Of course when a producer has such a cash cow it is rarely the case that the franchise just ends but it will be truly hard after this one.

            On D3/Peekay don’t think it is possible to imagine a better one two punch at present in every sense.


          • Well said Satyam. You don’t have to be a fan of Aamir to understand and acknowledge his evolution from chocolate hero to somebody you can take seriously.But I think his evoution started with Ghulam, 1974Earth and Sarfarosh. And then he did this risky Lagaan; it worked and Aamir pobably realized that his hunches were working out. But Aamir acknbowledges that he has been incredibly lucky, that his calculated risks have mostly paid off. Well, here’s hoping the luck continues.


          • yes it’s true, it began much earlier but Lagaan was the even that really put him on a different footing.


        • PLus they have this rather hilarious tone. almost a ‘yeah it will do 500 crores in week 1 but let’s wait for week 2’! LOL!


        • I do agree that not every movie is an event movie but I honestly do not see anything wrong in this commentary too. Its true that D3 will take all first week records and not many movies have matched the second week record of 3I. So that is definitely something to look forward to.

          BTW I am surprised why there are no reviews out yet. Its almost Thursday night now…


          • there’s nothing wrong in the literal sense.. but I’ve read enough BOI (actually from day 1) to see the contextual shades they provide to these things. If this had been a Salman or SRK release you wouldn’t see this talk of ‘let’s see what it does in week 2’. Plus they’ve had far more orgasmic commentary on lesser stuff. On its own a lot of these reports are not necessarily wrong but it’s about what data one highlights, the narrative one creates and so forth. For instance you can point to say Kanpur to prove that x film did a lot more than y film. But this only holds if Kanpur is a typical example for both films. often this isn’t the case. All of the box office reporting follows a similar principle. The favored films or stars might be somewhat different but the modus operandi is the same. And to repeat an old point even the truth is false if it is placed in false contexts.


          • It is simply what they right for “certain” stars vs. others. As some have mentioned, if this was SRK in D3, they would be quite orgasmic by now.


          • on the reviews they’re probably just keeping a tight lid on things till the actual day of release.


          • thecooldude Says:

            There is nothing wrong with BOI commentary here. The most orgasmic I have seen them since they are around is when Ghajini came out. So the idea is that their word play favors an SRK or a Salman movie over an Aamir movie is simply wrong. Even when 3I came out, they went nuts on it. And they are absolutely right about the 2nd week record. It probably would have mattered more when the movies were doing 90-100 CR in their first week. Even if Dhoom 3 breaks the record now, it wouldn’t mean the same if let’s say a Dabbang or Bodyguard had broken it. Also, they are probably not as excited about Dhoom 3 as they were about Ghajini is because everyone and their mother knew that this movie would be historic the day it was announced. Ghajini was not expected to be THAT big. It just shocked everyone when the advance numbers start pouring in…..and then the actual numbers just blew everyone away.


          • Would have expected UAE reviews to pour out. On BOI they are usually very positive on Aamir releases. Specially on Fanaa and Ghajini I remember posts which I have never seen for any other stars. On Salman it is expected as he has been on a spree recently. On SRK , for CE they were very low key until it started giving good numbers…So all in all I dont see any issues with this particular BOI piece. They have had some wierd commentaries before but I think they get their numbers pretty close to the actual and are probably the only site which will not quote producer numbers


      • yes,if it was a srk starrer (D3),those words would have completely different..what a bogus site.


  2. Aamir to remake old Kamal Haasan flick!

    Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who was recently in Chennai to inaugurate a film festival, caught up with the the legendary film director K Balachander. Sharing various things with the director, the Dhoom 3 star also expressed his wish to remake yesteryear hit ‘Unnal Mudiyum Thambi’, of the director which had Kamal Haasan in the lead.


    With Aamir, one can never be sure if it is just something that he will commission work to begin on. One hears that he has also asked John Mathan to finally work on the Sarfarosh sequel. Btw, tickets booked for Saturday night show of D3. I always expected, but am still amazed, that shows as far as Monday are already housefull at some places!


    • wouldn’t be a bad subject for him at all. the original here, also made by Balachander was Chiranjeevi’s Rudraveena.

      Didn’t realize the Sarfarosh sequel was actually happening. Thought it was a rumor. It continues to be one of my favorite Aamir films and one of the rare ones over the last 20 years that has strong characters in very sense.


      • Love every character in Sarfarosh, especially Mirchi Seth (Akhilendra Mishra, appeared in Lagaan too)! When Mirchi Seth is finally cornered in his room in small town Rajasthan , he is aware that now he has to make a run for it. Before escaping ,the holy astrologer-crook does a deep bow to nagdevta on the wall, says his prayer and flees. Hilarious classic moment. This film will never age for me and every scene and piece of dialogue is imprinted in my mind. A crook growls to a helper –‘kam bolo’ — don’t talk unnecessarily. Good rule in life for all. And Aamir to Mirchi Seth in climax — Jis thali mein khaya usi mein thookte ho — meaning, bloody traitor.


    • abzee – your not responding to my emails!!!


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      vow abzee – me too goin on sat night 🙂 Will await ur review


  3. new version of dhoom machale song to be released on the 24th which will feature images from all the films. They’re really pulling out all the stops for this one!


    • some interesting stuff on the ‘hero’ in part 2… Aamir also chimes in at one point..

      in part 3 Aamir says he hasn’t seen any actor work as hard as Bachchan Sr and now Katrina.


  4. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 18 Dec
    20 December is not a holiday,it’s not a sunday,it’s DHOOM day.Indeed!The advance bkg. is earth-shattering in spite of being a working day!


    • Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 6h
      Tonight 8 o’clock is when cast & crew members of D:3 will watch the film at YRF,alongwith their families. 12 hours before it opens to public


    • Wow people are really turning up despite Hrithik not being physically in the film!


      • LOL..


      • that’s because once they turned up for d2 they’re now turning up for this one out of loyalty. On that note I’m in talks with Yashraj. Because if I’m the villain even I’ll get the same initial thanks to Hrithik.

        Of course we all know Aamir’s dirty old trick of trying to fool people by doing good films. Real stars do garbage. Otherwise there are lots of loser stars like De Niro who stuck to Scorcese or Di Caprio these days who works with all the top directors. The real star is Vin Diesel. He doesn’t need Scorsese or Nolan to make Fast and Furious work.


  5. “Cinepolis Pune wl become the first cinema in the history of India to host maximum no. of shows (54) for a movie (Dhoom 3) in a single day”


  6. Wow people are really jumping the gun here !

    What really interests me at this point is the test of market capacities and limits. Hope the product is good so will have a fair idea otherwise we will never know and will go into could have been territory… Will be keenly watching day one, weekend, week 1, week 2 and ultimately the total gross.

    Definitely Ghajini and 3I were game changers when they released, but I have my doubts on this one due to market exhaustion.

    Unless this is a repeat watch and something out of the box on humor quotient, I doubt this will put up numbers way beyond CE and K3


  7. surprised they haven’t released the love song yet. Thought there would be a teaser on this in the final week.


  8. This article sounds true but there is a typo – the name Aamir should be replaced with Hrithik Roshan..

    in fact beginning now, they should do a ctrl+f (Aamir Khan) ctrl+h ( Hrithik Roshan) for ALL articles regarding D3 provided it is a success; if it tanks, you can do the reverse..



  9. Aamir Khan Rubbishes Rumours On Dhoom 3 Ticket Prices
    by Soumita Sengupta (December 19, 2013)

    As per the buzz in the trade about Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Dhoom 3 and its increased ticket rates, Khan, on Thursday afternoon (today) took a stand and decided to clear the air about it. At a media gathering, here is what the actor had to say:

    On the increase in ticket prices

    There is no truth to the rumor that we have increased the ticket rates for Dhoom 3. They cost just the same as the tickets of this year’s last big release, Chennai Express. None of the multiplexes or single-screens have raised their rates for Dhoom 3, not even by 1 per cent.

    On IMAX charging Rs 900

    Dhoom 3 will be the first Indian film to release at IMAX. If I am not wrong, in India, we have only four IMAX cinemas, two in Mumbai, and one each in Hyderabad and Bangalore. We are releasing Dhoom 3 in more than 4,000 screens all over India. So apart from those four IMAX screens, none of the other cinemas have increased their rates.

    For example, at Gaiety Galaxy, tickets are Rs 70 apiece, and, as you all know, morning shows are cheap at multiplexes. So the rates for Dhoom 3 are unchanged. Yash Raj Films too has clarified, many times, that we haven’t raised our ticket prices.

    On advance booking

    Advance booking for the film opened on Sunday, so I am sure audiences are aware of the prices. This is one big mis-communication.

    Worried about the rumor

    I have been reading about the rumoured increase in ticket prices for the last few days. I was very worried because if people believe the prices are very high, they may not go to cinemas to watch the film and this would affect our film. That’s why I decided to hold a press conference and inform everyone that the Dhoom 3 ticket rates have not been increased. They cost the same as tickets for any other big film.

    On special screening

    I usually show my films to close friends before their release but Adi (Aditya Chopra) believed that audiences should be the first to see our film. So even my friends will be watching it tomorrow along with the audience.

    Box office numbers don’t matter

    I don’t know whether the film will break records because that’s not my priority. I want my film to be liked by the audience. I feel nervous before a film of mine releases and was also feeling pressurised due to the rumor about ticket prices.


    • There goes one excuse apex can use!
      Unless of course he wants people to believe everyone will congregate to the 4 IMAX theatres and be watching it there!


  10. OK guys – here’s the first review – don’t know if indyatv can be trusted – but this is very +ve



  11. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
    #Dhoom3 will have the biggest release ever in Pakistan tomorrow: 56 screens.


    • Seeing how the conditions are in the country, hopefully the only DHOOM will be on-screen; and none off-screen..


  12. Just booked my tickets for Saturday night. For Dhoom 3 I am going to do something that I haven’t done for any movie in the last 7-8 years-disconnect myself from all forms of media (Especially the internet) until after I’ve seen the movie. I don’t want anything or anyone to increase or decrease the expectation and excitement I have for this movie. See you all Saturday night!


    • Great Expectations.

      Well, by tomorrow by this time wom will be allover.
      Many will not sleep. Gobbling every bit of news and views.
      I have never seen this level of anticipation for any other movie.


    • Well said, same here. Not going to read a single review till i’ve seen the film. Not booked tickets yet, though. A couple of family members and friends have to co-ordinate.


    • though they seem to be having a lot of fun.. Abhishek more than anyone else (!) followed by Katrina.. this is such silly stuff. This happens quite frequently in India with stars asked to play games.


      • i dont know…i’ve seen it happen with stars in hollywood also (i.e on jimmy fallon show, conan etc…). Kjo has a similar game in ‘rapid fire round’.

        this kind of stuff works for a certain demographic.


        • “this kind of stuff works for a certain demographic.”

          Hey ‘butt-plug’: Which ‘demographic’ do u belong to ‘butt-plug’??
          Guess we all know…
          Be careful b4 I play the ‘rapid-fire round’ with u 🙂


  13. Relax folks—don’t lose your sleep like this…
    If there’s so much jitteriness over somethign like dhoom3, well….
    Pas I had said earlier–
    100 crores should be breached before Sunday evening show starts!
    And 200 crores before the second weekend starts!!

    Anyhow if one peeps here, people seek to be eating sleeping drinking and praying for dhoom3!!

    In sure your prayers shall be answered folks
    Plz exhale now …

    Oh lest I disturb the chants of hey aamir and dhoom3 worship—

    Unsure if I’m the correct mood for it

    But lets see–
    Seems maybe watching something ‘proper’ now

    ….. gravity– 🙂


  14. Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan 33m
    T 1328 -It is SPELLBINDING !! Yes .. just out of DHOOM 3 !! Still searching for the right words to describe it ..

    Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan 30m
    T 1328 -DHOOM 3 is SPECTACULAR .. bas bol diya na .. !!


    • lol, that’s a surprise that Amitabh is praising it(!)

      well, the hype has done it’s job – I’m gonna catch it tmw evening. my friends are interested cos of Aamir. he is insanely popular amongst my friends and family. whereas I don’t actually know even one person (offline) who likes Salman or would ever consider seeig a movie of his, and very few like SRK anymore (though many used to be fans) but they will still show up for his big films. Hrithik is generally liked but nobody is interested in the Krish films, But everybody, without exception thinks Aamir is a legend.


      • aamir’s prestige has for a very long time been singular. there’s a difference between a star who’s loved and one who’s really respected. With Aamir it’s the latter.


  15. the IMAX version might just be playing in Tallahassee, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal. Hard to believe but I can’t find another theater in the US:


    might be relatively easy to access this format in the UK. Again not that I’m big on this for D3 because something tells me this ain’t Nolan!

    Related Hollywood Reporter article:



  16. All eyes (and wallets) on Dhoom: 3 this Friday
    Aamir Khan-starrer Dhoom: 3 is attracting more-than-healthy prior interest at major cinemas despite jaw-dropping ticket rates

    Nandini Ramnath

    Mumbai: Advance booking figures and ticket rates for the Friday release Dhoom: 3 look all set to defy gravity, much like lead actor Aamir Khan’s circus artist character.
    Khan plays a trapeze artist and a thief in the latest edition of the money-spinning franchise from Yash Raj Films (YRF), which is attracting more than healthy prior interest at major cinemas and multiplex chains despite jaw-dropping ticket rates. The 175-minute-long movie is being released in 2D and IMAX formats, and ticket prices for the IMAX version range between Rs.700 and Rs.900, or up to $15, in places. For the normal 2D shows, tickets cost anything between Rs.100 and Rs.400, the de rigueur price slab for the average A-list production. The prices will go up or down depending on show timings, with weekend evening and night slots holdings costing more. “All tent-pole films releasing during a festive period have been differently priced and Dhoom: 3 is really no different from this,” pointed out Rafiq Gangjee, vice-president, marketing and communications, at YRF.
    “The advance business looks very good, and we also have a lot of block bookings from corporate groups, from the banking sector, from dealers who want to treat their clients,” said Devang Sampat, chief strategy officer at the Cinepolis India chain. “Most of our prime shows on Saturday and Sunday have been taken by bulk bookings.” Moviegoers who might want to skip Dhoom: 3 this weekend won’t have much of a choice, with multiplexes and single screen cinemas devoting the bulk of their shows to the action movie. No other movie is opening this week, and the Hollywood movie The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has shifted its release date to 3 January. If Dhoom: 3 takes in a spectacular opening, as is expected, it might put a question mark over next week’s scheduled release, the 3D animated movie Mahabharata. “At the 15-screen Cinepolis Megaplex in Pune, we will be playing Dhoom: 3 on 57 shows in one day,” Sampat added. “As far as I know, that is the highest number of shows for any recent movie. We are clearly set for the biggest opening ever on a non-holiday Friday.”
    Dhoom: 3 will open on upwards of 4,500 screens in India and about 1,000 in overseas territories, Gangjee said. Apart from Hindi, Dhoom: 3 is also opening in Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions. “Twenty percent of the five IMAX shows on Friday in Mumbai have already gone (been booked out) as of Tuesday,” said an employee of Big Cinemas, which operates one of two IMAX screens in the city. (Dhoom: 3 is also opening at a third IMAX screen in Bangalore.) The employee, who is not authorized to speak to the media, added that the advance booking is better than for Chennai Express, the Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer that opened on 9 August. The prices might not dip after the first week, as is often the practice.
    “Wednesday is a holiday because of Christmas, and this is also vacation time, so why would you reduce the prices?” asked this person. “Not unless business drastically dips, which is highly unlikely.”
    There are three reasons for the surge of interest in Dhoom: 3, which has been directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and also stars Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Jackie Shroff: the quality and prestige associated with YRF, the curiosity surrounding Aamir Khan’s role in the movie, and the overall popularity of the franchise, said Prakhar Joshi, head of programming at PVR Cinemas. Going by the advance booking, Dhoom: 3 has taken in net box office revenue of Rs.1 crore even before revealing itself, he added.
    YRF has also negotiated a release in Pakistan, where a recent court order banned the release of Indian films. “Pakistan is a very important and special market for us and we are delighted that Dhoom: 3 will release as planned to coincide with its global release date Friday 20th,” said Avtar Singh Panesar, vice-president, international operations, at YRF in a press release. “We wish to extend our gratitude to the authorities for their support to ensure that business for producers as well as the local Pakistani distributors and exhibitors is protected.”


    • again Aamir had a special press event (scroll up) to say prices hadn’t been jacked up for the film, that the rates were what they were for every other significant release where prices fluctuated anyway depending on showtimes, weekends/weekdays etc.


  17. Gravity

    saw gravity today.. Was thinking of jotting down some random points but will ‘restrain’ myself –don’t wanna be a ‘spoilsport’ & divert from the orgasm here. Maybe sometimes later…
    Where even the ‘jacked’ ‘ non-jacked’ ticket prices is being used
    In the same post(s) BOI is being dissed and discredited -remember k3 where it was the ‘gold standard’?
    Anyhow these things happen and nothing wrong with it

    I sincerely hope d3 crosses the 350 crores target (& nope this is not a naughty number thrown in–it’s def attainable here!)
    Hope abhishrek finally gets a biggie as a ‘hero’-can’t blame his fan’s exuberance here –it’s taken a long long time (& may not recur)
    And Aamirs fans have something finally to laugh about (in 6 years)

    But there’s someI will be really cheering for —
    Who I ‘support’ (with both hands) 🙂


  18. OK lemme jump onto the gossipy bandwagon for a while..people here were quite confident and outright judgmental that Suzanne, ‘a mom of 2, snorting and sticking needles’ (BTW the ‘proof’ of her doing drugs is in bollywood forums online!)was the prime reason behind HR’s divorce while HR was the ‘mature’ and ‘restrained’ person even-though he went onto face-book of all places and placed the blame squarely on his wife, publicly. He resorted to the 1st world solution to all problems – pour everything on facebook or social networking – right from why your dog couldn’t be a father to euthanasia to how depressed one gets when their nail polish color doesn’t match the hair-clip color..

    He could have simply said ‘we are just not getting along together a’ and moved on instead of saying it is ONLY his wife who wants to separate implying he is not to blame. Such matter is private and between 2 individuals. Why say in public who wants what and how? And that too publicly. Such talks are for private settings when you are with with your trusted ones.; not for face-book consumption and a cruel media that is ready to put in new interpretations into everything you say and twist.

    This is what she says here – makes one wonder whose was the right approach..


    • Hmm it’s good for Suzanne for doing something in life (finally) & also for others for ‘supporting’ her efforts -some seem genuine.
      But what the heck are srk and Salman doing there!? There seems more than a hint of ‘mischief’ here…were they ‘concerned’ bout hritik after his brain surgery or recent illness ( specially srk!).
      As for Suzanne’s actions–will try to reserve my comments!


      • Salman was there due to his sister in law Seema Khan who is part owner of this store. The guy is above most of the bull.. politics of bollywood.

        Suzzane does sound a bit tipsy…

        However both seem to be decent people and I am sure they will be back together. Hope this separation will work for both of them as the saying goes distances / absence makes the heart grow fonder


  19. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh
    And the morning shows of #Dhoom3 begin on a fantabulous note. Packed houses. The hurricane called #Dhoom3 arrives!

    Kamaal R Khan – KRK @kamaalrkhan
    #Dhoom3’s 8AM shows are opened 90% opening all over India. It’s just terrific n mind blowing. It’s biggest film of 2013.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
      It’s a 90% to 95% to 100% start in the morning shows.

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 35m
      #Dhoom3 opens to a mind boggling response in the international markets. Expecting new records to be set!


  20. As per @bobbytalkcinema Dhoom-3 is tribute to Amitabh starrer Akayla !!


  21. http://www.bollymoviereviewz.com/2013/12/dhoom-3-movie-review.html

    All positive reviews. No one compared it with Akayla.


  22. Haha the real star seems YAKUZA
    in one stroke, he has collectively doused all the orgasms, and given away the majority storyline !!

    On a related note—shockingly (for most) AKAYLA is perhaps amongst my all time FAVORITE bachchan films & performances …
    aamir did a take of that performance in Talaash (I loved that performance!) and there seem elements are taken in D3 as well!
    My interest in dhoom3 has actually gone UP after thigs ‘akayla’ news and

    “Katrina looks beautiful in every frame of the film”
    Oh well, my ‘support’ will always be for katrina —what a journey–from boom to dhoom –the v ‘top’

    As for the box office, as I said weeks ago–this is ‘review proof’
    ‘Records will be broken’ is passé. The minimum target should be 350 cr(wh)ores plus 🙂
    will be watching D3 now this weekend to cheer up and contribute…


    • “My interest in dhoom3 has actually gone UP after thigs ‘akayla’ news”

      Exactly .. I am charged after hearing this, though anycase was going to see tomorrow morning.


      • 🙂 yakuza– you we must push this film closer and close to 350cr(wh)ores–Atleast for katrina
        As for aamir—think the first post review is too harsh on him.
        From ‘memento’ to ‘bhagats novel in 3I’ to ‘akayla’…

        Let the originality and ‘intellectuality’ rule
        Now hear the sounds of box office unleash …

        The record books will be rewritten ….


  23. Not terribly excited for the film, but definitely am pumped enough to check it out either tomorrow or day after. I don’t care what anyone says, I think Aamir is one of those actors who goes all out for his roles, which is something that should be greatly appreciated! (also just saw his Koffee With Karan episode. Pretty damn awesome!)

    I haven’t heard a single completely negative review of the film. The first reviews aren’t exactly the most trustworthy, but if they are anything to go by, I must say that this seems like a film I would enjoy.


    • the early reviews are from very suspect sources. check out the public reaction on twitter. d3 is tending, and positively so.


    • You haven’t read firstpost review? IE is negative.


      • the firstpost review is also suspect. there is no actual review and only dissing of aamir- his torso aping hrithik, his having starined expressions screaming he’s the greatest actor on earth, etc. the critic also goes on to claim that the imax chain is charging 900 bucks for exhibiting the film in 3d, when in fact d3 is a 2d imax film, it has no 3d version.


        • Yes. Twitter is on positive side. But read 3-4 comments from non-aamir fans and all were below average.

          Of course the suspense has been out 🙂 But I don’t think it will harm this one like Talaash.


          • Haha munna–let’s be naughty–folks here will be get anxious !!
            Btw it’s NOT illegal to post that firstpost review here (like others)
            Folks–these reviews will NOT impact on box office–don’t lose sleep…
            –some fun bits …

            “Aamir Khan’s abdomen is not happy being his, it now wants to belong to Hrithik Roshan and hence tries to look like the latter’s. And here is the cue to develop goosebumps from admiring Yashraj Films’ gut. Suspension of common sense is a must for this film
            They got these four together in what they call a film and asked you to pay up to Rs 900 to watch them in 3D. Okay, to be fair to them, they kept Katrina Kaif’s wardrobe limited to sports bras, gymming shorts and leotards with so many gold chains that you’d think they are the swimsuit alter egos of Bappi Lahiri.

            . For those who haven’t had the fortune of watching Kung Fu Panda, Aamir Khan in Dhoom:3 seems to have acquired all the expressions immortalised by Ajay-then-Devgan in Phool aur Kaante. ”

            I’m now getting more convinced my target of 350 crores will be achieved –this seems to have the ‘right’ ingredients 🙂


          • Yes, I don’t believe that those going to see D3 are going to see a mystery or whodunnit. So the suspense being out should not affect in the least. Also, the twist here apparently happens around the intermission point I believe, and it only adds a layer to the story. So no worries there.


          • Abzee – whats the word on the ground?


  24. Hmm thanx munna –just checked out that review–(though as I said earleir, this should be ‘review proof’ –just like most of these films are. It’s the sudden gushing by intellectuals here which is the novelty. Change an actor or two –& the entire discourse will change

    Dhoom:3 review: Aamir Khan fronts a mind numbingly bad film by Piyasree Dasgupta Dec 20, 2013 #Aamir Khan #Abhishek Bachchan #Bollywood #Dhoom 3 #Dhoom 3 Review #Entertainment #Film Review #Jackie Shroff #Katrina Kaif #Movie review #MovieReview inShare 98 CommentsEmailPrint Joy to the world, ye people, Dhoom: 3 has come. Abhishek Bachchan and his leather jacket continue to share the same number of expressions they did nine years ago, when the Dhoom franchise was launched. Uday Chopra hasn’t possibly watched any of his own films still so is yet to retire. Aamir Khan’s abdomen is not happy being his, it now wants to belong to Hrithik Roshan and hence tries to look like the latter’s. Katrina Kaif’s hotness remain unharmed, especially given that her face remains untouched by too many emotions. And here is the cue to develop goosebumps from admiring Yashraj Films’ gut. Suspension of common sense is a must for this film They got these four together in what they call a film and asked you to pay up to Rs 900 to watch them in 3D. Okay, to be fair to them, they kept Katrina Kaif’s wardrobe limited to sports bras, gymming shorts and leotards with so many gold chains that you’d think they are the swimsuit alter egos of Bappi Lahiri. But they also decided against requisitioning shirts for Aamir Khan, who by the way, seems to have stolen Tai Lung’s expression from Kung Fu Panda. Well, through most parts of the film, he does look like this. For those who haven’t had the fortune of watching Kung Fu Panda, Aamir Khan in Dhoom:3 seems to have acquired all the expressions immortalised by Ajay-then-Devgan in Phool aur Kaante. And these are as delightful to watch as political posters in subways. Now for the storyline of the film. But before that a caveat. To watch Dhoom:3, you have to get rid of the expectations that are raised in most average human beings suffering from an illness called common sense. Once that is out of the way, Dhoom:3 is rather easy to appetise. It’s easy to believe that Abhishekh Bachchan, who looks as fit and flexible as a pillow, can do a somersault in mid-air, punch a man and get back to his seat on a bike. It’s also easy to believe that Uday Chopra has great degrees of self respect, yet he agrees to appear in Dhoom films. Back to the storyline. The film has Aamir Khan playing Saahir Khan, a magician, in a circus imaginatively named the Great Indian Circus. He is out to avenge his father’s death. The said magician-joker is the son of a character played by Jackie Shroff who killed himself when he failed to pay back a bank loan and lost almost all he had. The villains are a bank called the Western Bank of Chicago, headed by a man who we think was chosen by Yashraj because he was the most expressionless foreigner. Now, how did Saahir Khan’s father acquire a house the size of the White House while running an Indian Circus bang in the middle of Chicago is a question that should not be asked. Likewise, you shouldn’t ask how after being orphaned and having his property confiscated, the son is able to return and avenge his father. Given that Saahir with the said Roshan-like pecs wakes up in an all-glass apartment overlooking the sea, you either have to revise your understanding of the economic output of circuses, or just curse yourself to have not born in Bollywood. Back to the story. So Saahir not only breaks vaults, leading to money showering down from the bank on the road below like confetti, he also welds ‘teri aisi ki taisi’ on the said locker room and leaves a pretty big, weird looking clown mask behind like all the other Dhoom thieves. Since, the last time any police force in the US were confronted with such a mindboggling phenomenon was when Godzilla splashed out of the Atlantic Ocean, they call the Mumbai Police to help them catch the thief. Mumbai Police, by the way, is ACP Jai Dixit and his lackey Ali, who make as much noise as two newsroom debates put together. The Chicago Police now entrust them to find the thief. Now go and quietly pray that the Chicago Police never have the misfortune of watching Dhoom:3 which might lead the US to outlaw Indians altogether. In fact, that might not be a the only legal hazard Dhoom:3 might incur. Consider the following exchange: Cop: Tumhe kaise pata ki yeh chor Chup Chaap Charlie hai? Thief: Kitne aise joker hai jo ‘teri aisi ki taisi’ bolte hai? (After a while) Thief (now feeling proud): Chup Chaap Charlie is a genius! No, I didn’t make this up. But had I been the makers of CID, I would have sued these guys for blatant copyright infringement! Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3 does what Ranbir Kapoor ads do to a viewer watching a Ramdev interview. Okay, I’m a little biased towards the Kapoor boy. But yeah, Katrina decked mostly in absurd pieces of leather and other kinds of fabric most human beings don’t recognise, does great service to Dhoom:3. Add to that, actually moves her limbs in a way that represents dance pretty convincingly. That is when she is not relegated to a place in the film that is very similar to the one that a stapler has in my workstation. Come to think of it, really hard, that could be the best decision the Dhoom:3 director ever took!

    Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/bollywood/dhoom3-review-aamir-khan-fronts-a-mind-numbingly-bad-film-1298385.html?utm_source=ref_article

    Ps: reviews don’t/won’t change these films (hopefully!)
    Will be watching it this weekend–folks -contribute to katrinas d3 …


  25. The reviews are middling. Shbhra Gupta has also thrashed it. It also seems that the good guys do not have much to do. Interesting to see how this goes. We were expecting more of a face off but this looks like more of the same.


  26. Sorry satyam that was me. Krish. That went as krosh.


  27. BO update: ‘Dhoom-3’ takes a historic start!
    By Taran Adarsh, December 20, 2013 – 13:15 IST

    Every once in a while there comes a film that defies conventional laws of audience reaction, becoming one of the biggest films ever to have released. This is exactly the case with DHOOM-3. In fact, the film, which is the third instalment in the DHOOM franchise, starring Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Uday Chopra, has got off to a fabulous start with morning shows featuring 95-100% occupancy across the country.

    While some other successful films too have had a great start this year, reports suggest that DHOOM-3 has managed a never seen before advance booking rate in almost all territories, with even Sunday shows being sold to a 90% occupancy. If all goes well for the film, as suggested by reports that DHOOM-3 is expected to reach the Rs. 100 crore mark over the weekend, the film might just be able to break the records established earlier this year by CHENNAI EXPRESS and KRRISH-3.

    Released across approximately 4500 plus screens (inclusive of Tamil and Telugu versions), it’s safe to say that the hurricane called DHOOM-3 has finally arrived.


  28. Dhoom 3 Takes Bumper Initial

    Friday 20th December 2013 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 has taken bumper initial all over. The opening is the best of the year with multiplexes opening to housefull collections and a similar story at single screens which have opened as yet. The plus for the film is that it has recorded fantastic collections at multiplexes which tend to open slowly and hardly ever record high occupancies.

    The fog in parts of North India has affected but even here the trend is excellent as the theatres located in the city centre of the affected cities are housefull where as the ones which are a bit of town have opened less.

    The film has opened on a non holiday so there will be a bit of cooling down of collections in the afternoon period or at least that has been the trend on non holidays. Even taking this into account it will record a huge first day and despite it being a non holiday the film can put up a very big opening day number.


    • well i guess the opening day record will be broken…question is by how much? and also the single day record should be broken.


      • The non holiday record is 100% gone. I don’t even no what that record is, but I presume it is low 20’s.
        ETT is in danger. 30 crore is a possibility here, again I would think likely. Biggest day ever, might be tough today, but will definitely go at some point in the films run.

        Reading some of the reviews it looks as though this might be falling into the trap of D2. I’d be disappointed if this were the case.


        • if you believe the opening day figure of CE (33-34cr) and single day figure of K3 (36cr) then D3 has a chance to break all of them if these early reports are to go by. IMO, 30cr is a given.

          have not read any reviews, will watch the movie tomorrow, again I have low expectations for the film.


  29. Taran says that “Abhishek holds his own especially when in face-offs with Aamir. And that, truthfully, is an immensely flattering remark for his admirable effort.”

    So, there is hope for a better balance in this venture. And this balance is essential to make the film really efficient.


  30. Dhoom 3 is being panned and thrashed by critics ( incl aamir fan critics) 😀


  31. Jay, on twitter the wom is very positive. Of the mainstream reviews, Indian Express has come out with a negative review, but Zee News has a positive one. HT also has a positive one. There are negative ones from other sources as mentioned above in some posts, but they read like obvious hatchet jobs.

    I shall be seeing it tomorrow night. Based on reports of those who have seen it, this is indeed The Prestige delivered masala style, kinda like Nolan’s own Memento vis-a-vis Ghajini. The film, like Acharya’s earlier Tashan, is unabashedly and unapologetically masala in its roots. So as a viewer you either love such kinda treatment or you don’t. The Express review for example has an issue with father-son rona-dhona, but I know that this is precisely something that will work for me.

    Aamir’s act has divided opinion to be honest. But almost everybody is calling it the best of the 3 Dhooms in terms of content, some say even so at the expense of less thrills and chases.


  32. Dhoom 3 takes near-house full opening
    by Soumita Sengupta (December 20, 2013)

    Closing the year with a big bang is Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3, which has taken an outstanding opening of 95 to 100 per cent, all-India. The film, which also features Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif and is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, has already sold 80 per cent tickets via advance booking for the entire weekend. Releasing on a non-holiday and getting such a gigantic opening, Dhoom 3 is all set to break and make records. The movie has released at more than 4,000 screens across India.

    Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, Mumbai

    Dhoom 3 has taken a mind-blowing opening. The buzz around the film was so strong that even though today is not a holiday, the film opened to 95 per cent all over India and 90 per cent in Mumbai. Shows are already seeing 100-per cent occupancy from the second show onwards. The film has released in more than 4,000 screens in India. During the weekend, the film will net Rs 100 crore all-India.

    Brijesh Tandon, H K Tandon and Company, Delhi-UP

    As expected, the film has taken an outstanding opening in Delhi-UP. The morning shows opened with 90 per cent but from the second show, occupancy is almost 100 per cent. The film has got maximum screens, and despite the rumor about ticket rates, it’s no different from any other big film. Expect a huge day one today from the makers of Dhoom 3.

    Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaksar Enterprises, East Punjab

    The film took an opening of 90 per cent for the morning show and 100 per cent for the noon show. The film could have easily had a 100 per cent opening but the cold weather here has played spoilsport. We have high expectations from Dhoom 3 as its first day and weekend numbers will be record-breaking.

    Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez, West Bengal

    Aamir Khan has proved once again that whatever he touches turns to gold. Dhoom 3 has taken an outstanding opening and is 100-per cent packed from the very first show. The film is getting mind-blowing reviews from the audience. The weekend shows are already booked.

    Ravi Machhar, Sahyog Films, Nizam

    The film is a super-duper blockbuster and, mark my words, no other film will be able to break its record for the next few years. The response to the first show itself is mind-blowing. In the history of Aurangabad, I have never seen such advance booking, where 4,000 tickets were sold. The opening was 100 per cent in the Nizam circuit.

    B H Basha, Basha Enterprises, Mysore

    Down South, Dhoom 3 has taken an outstanding opening. The first show witnessed 90-per cent occupancy in all cinemas including multiplexes and single-screens. Over the weekend, the film will grow further. Once again, Aamir Khan has proved that he the real king of Bollywood!

    Vijay Kher, NR Multimedia, CP

    In CP, the film opened at 90 per cent and has been allotted maximum shows and maximum screens. So expect a big number by the end of the day. In CP, the film has been assigned 240 screens.

    Jeetu Khandelwal, Pioneer Movies, Orissa

    Dhoom 3 took a bumper opening as was expected as it is an Aamir Khan film. Tuesday is a holiday so expect a long weekend for this film.


    • Dhoom 3 Challenges For Opening Day Record

      Friday 20th December 2013 16.30 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Dhoom 3 (Hindi) is challenging for the opening day record despite releasing on a non holiday. Only two films have got to 30 crore nett on day one and they are Ek The Tiger and Chennai express. Krissh 3 managed a 31 crore nett on its fourth day but all these figures were recorded on national holidays be it Independence Day, Eid or Diwali.

      The film can top the 30 crore nett mark or stay below a by a couple od crore depending how the evening shapes. There will be a drop at some multiplexes in cities where it is cold and the last show at single screens will be lower as is always the case in December in parts of UP, Haryana and Punjab.

      It is a bit irrelevant whether the record comes or not as just to be up there with films which broke records on holidays is outstanding. No film has yet crossed 20 crore nett on a non holiday and Dhoom 3 is on target for 30 crore nett. Factoring in the holiday factor, the growth in ticket rates and growth in screen counts it is probably the biggest opening in recent times.


  33. IdeaUnique Says:

    satyam pl. shove that javed akhtar post somewhere in oblivion and let the D3 thread be on the top 🙂


  34. DHOOM 3 Takes Unbelievable Start

    ”Dhoom 3” released with humongous expectations and phenomenal advance bookings worldwide today. Film kept the anticipation alive with minimal marketing but huge release all over. It is the biggest release ever in India across 4470 screens and reportedly 820 screens overseas.

    Filmis simply mind blowing in multiplexes and the opening all over is around 90%. Film has such a response on working day which means it is certain to break day one record with out any doubt. Film is big in overseas too and as per ealry reports. it seems that we might have close to 45 cr nett worldwide or even close to 50 cr worldwide figure.

    Even smaller towns and single screens look to establish few new records and at least 6-7 territories will have best one day collection at box office unless word of mouth effects it.

    We will be back with next report at 11:30 PM.



  35. omrocky786 Says:

    On the whole Dhoom:3 is an outstanding blockbuster and will set the box-office on fire. It will break old records and create new ones. It has the potential to be the biggest box-office bonanza ever.


      • Raja sen and mihir padnavis have thrashed it but that’s usually a good sign. The critics doesn’t matter anyways, the audience response is very positive. So 300 crores is very much on. But it does look like the movie is only about aamir and the cops doesn’t have much to do, so this is basically dhoom 2 on a bigger scale.


        • I don’t get the D2 sense from the reviews. Some of the positive reviews have been positive on Abhishek as well. No one has really criticized him for his look, the opposite was true for d2. The mixed reviews or the negative ones are negative on a lot of it. Aamir’s prestige is enough for him to get the benefit of the doubt in most of the reviews but I don’t sense the Hrithik-like response to him in the same. Not surprisingly perhaps given the terrain. I think it’s a no harm no foul kind of deal for Abhishek which given the structural imbalance that the franchise now represents is perhaps the best he can hope for. But to even have some of these reviews (Taran, dna, a few others) have him ‘matching’ Aamir is a very far cry from the almost overwhelmingly negative response he got for D2.

          I’d also make this larger point. Many people tend to be irritated by the Abhishek serious act. The problem is that in contemporary Bollywood the serious hero in that restrained sense is not a popular mode of performance. You either have the garrulous, ethnically codes types from RGV to Kashyap or even in something like Yuva the character has a lot to do. But you can’t think of a single star who has that kind of mood performance (unlike the 70s there are hardly ever the scripts to back up that kind of mood) in the contemporary age and gets a success out of it. Most recently we saw Aamir do this sort of thing in Talaash. The thing again is Abhishek is looking sharp here and clearly even the negative reviewers haven’t said anything about his look. But one can’t pretending Jai/Ali are Munnabhai/Circuit. There the script is built around those characters. Abhishek’s Batman analogy doesn’t hold either. Yes there are often show-stealing villains here but Batman is still the center of that world. Even in the Dark Knight when the Joker got such prominence there is still the film structurally is still Batman’s. The joker interrupts this world. In Dhoom beginning with the last film the opposite happens. The same for Bond where the villains sometimes even get the title. Because Bond has the girls, the cool stunts and he always wins decisively.Finally Abhishek has never invested in that iconic image enough to just trade off it in a film like Dhoom which is why if he did a solo with this kind of look and the variations he would necessarily have as a character he’d be fantastic at it. So you need either this or the script on your side. Or at the very least you need the prestige as a star when the audience doesn’t ‘think’ this for certain stars even if they still don’t like the mode.

          After the first trailer I never expected anything more than this. My bar was really the d2 one, whether he’d do better than that or not. I suspect I’ll like him a lot here (relative to the terrain) but given the structural imbalance most of the audience is unlikely to see it any other way even if they like him in some of the face-offs or whatever. My hope earlier was that this would be a true-blue face-off but that doesn’t look to be the case here and again the first trailer made this quite clear. Going forward though (and this was the question after D2 as well) it’s Abhishek’s choice to do this stuff or not because the franchise has gone too far in this direction to ever return to the first Dhoom days. Even if Abhishek were a massive star they’d probably give him a song or two, some other stuff maybe but it would be hard to really privilege him without changing the arc of the franchise quite dramatically. I suppose with enough success anything is possible but it’s hard to see it.


          • “I don’t get the D2 sense from the reviews. Some of the positive reviews have been positive on Abhishek as well. No one has really criticized him for his look, the opposite was true for d2.” At least he was being mentioned, though negatively; in this one there’s, a line, a single line about him in the end of the reviews! I guess, being ignored is better than overt (constructive) criticism


          • check out Taran’s review on both films. The dnareviewer here actually prefers him in some of the face-offs. And unless one is anti-Abhishek one would hardly call the D2 review constructive criticism! And given the harsh media attention he’s often received including for D2 being ignored itself would be faint praise of sorts!


        • the negative reviews are simply not credible for the most part. It’s as if people have suddenly discovered what the genre of the film is with D3! I still expect it to be the best script of the franchise.


          • The negative reviews here smack of agenda. In a franchise such as Dhoom, like the superhero films of Hollywood, the antagonists keep changing. To suddenly start mentioning that Hrithik is missed, or that Aamir can’t match in physique or dance, is changing the rules of the game. Aamir’s is new villain for this installment, not a replacement for the Hrithik one from the earlier part. Most reviews have mentioned that this villain, in keeping with Aamir’s image, is one less given to chases but more with sleight-of-hands.

            I also agree that Abhishek seems to be getting more balanced reviews as compared to even Aamir who has either been liked or outright disliked. Sarita Tanwar in fact prefers Abhishek to Aamir in their scenes, and Srijana calls him an underrated actor whose restraint is often misunderstood.


          • agreed completely on your first paragraph. Plus the reverse point is never made. One can concede Hrithik has a certain advantage on this terrain but then they should also be saying when it’s ZNMD or JA or whatever that Hrithik isn’t as good here as Aamir in comparable films. That never happens. To be honest not completely surprised because Aamir has never had the media support that SRK certainly had or some other stars have had. In his case his sheer consistency and eventually magnitude of success forced everyone into submission but they still don’t love him. A few have even attacked him for his physique which is bizarre since they like this in every other star and they even praised Aamir in Ghajini for this.

            On a related note I think Katrina is coming in for less attention that Aishwarya in D2. She’s being praised in mundane ways but it’s not the same.

            Your earlier point though is the right one. It is precisely because this time the franchise has been made more masala and given more of an emotional arc that perhaps many reviewers are less pleased! Again I have little doubt that this will be the best one of the franchise. Admittedly the ideal film should have had more of a D1-like balance but it’s probably just too late in the day for that to ever happen.


          • I actually think in this franchise somebody like Hritik can be missed. Now I am just being pragmatist here. Aamir may be a better actor but maybe this movie doesnt need acting to be frank. All said and done the audience feedback is surely positive and there is no looking back for this movie in any case. But I would have been happier if this would not have been a Prestige Rip Off.


  36. Dont think this will be the 300 Crore film on merit . It was disappointing that it lifted its idea ( btw Nolan’s InterStellar teaser was shown before Dhoom 3) , and also the lifting was kind of poor. The hollywood style action is a bit of a drag, I did love the desi action sequence at the start.


  37. The suspense was out on twitter sometime back via the famous KRK twitter rants…..though he seems to have liked the movie after trashing it all along during the promotions.


    The issue here is aamir’s limitations and I do remember SRK pointing out correctly each one of our bollywood actors have limits and operate within their comfort zone for the most part …so delay in D3 for a year is basically a cover up with PeeKay which is the genra aamir will excel pushed by Hirani at the helm.

    On the other note market will be definitely tested but then not for a fantastically liked movie…..so upper limits will remain an unknown commodity.


  38. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
    This is UNBELIEVABLE! 3 am [late night] and 8 am shows at Cine Star, Lahore are sold out for weekend. #Dhoom3

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
    Highest ever advance booking [44 lacs] for first two days at Atrium, Karachi. Also, shows starting as early as 2.45 am. #Dhoom3


  39. “Admittedly the ideal film should have had more of a D1-like balance but it’s probably just too late in the day for that to ever happen” Don’t think that’s technically possible, unless they either go back to John Abraham or get someone like Shahid or Varun for the antagonist part! The other guys are just too big for Abhishek and Uday to have “balanced” roles/tricks/space type of narrative!


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      I guess this is going to cross CK by a mile and reduce K3’s BO performance to a joke. No wonder HR and SRK fans are behaving as if a searng hot rod jas been applied to their nether regions.
      It is laughable when SRK fans who regard Swades as pinnacle of film making start talking about scripts, quality and performances! Not just here but else on the interweb as well.


    • yes but that’s precisely the wrong way to go.. it depends on the director and the setup as well.. why did Abhishek have that deal in BB? Devgan was bigger too. The director had many hits behind him. He didn’t even need to make that film. in HNY in all probability he again looks to have a similar deal. Certainly both Farah Khan and SRK are making all the right noises in this sense. So this idea that because the villain is a bigger star he needs to have most of the film to himself doesn’t logically follow given the essential premise of the franchise. Much as once you take Heath Ledger for that part you don’t say he’s not the bigger star or whatever, you give him the part that the character demands. So it has to go by the script. Otherwise you get a huge grosser but not necessarily the most memorable film. RDB was better because all those other characters had important roles, Munnabhai is better because Warsi isn’t written out of the film! So one can play this ‘who’s the bigger star?’ game in many situations but that’s always best for the film, even in a box office sense. D2 would have grossed more with a proper balance not less. And the problem with Abhishek precisely is that no one thinks he’s Shahid Kapoor or Saif (which is why he’s in BB or HNY and not those guys) and so when this imbalance is created it becomes problematic in other ways too. Is a producer always going to be tempted to mostly give it to the bigger star? Sure! THis is how industries work. But again having said all this I am still expecting D3 to be best of the franchise even if it obviously does not have the D1-like balance.


  40. Dhoom:3 charms single-screen audience too
    by Soumita Sengupta (December 20, 2013)

    Not only is Dhoom:3 the third installment of a much-loved franchise, the latest sequel features hot favourites Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif along with Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. The film opened to a phenomenal response, not only at multiplexes but also in single-screens across India. However, exhibitors point out that the film could have earned more if it’s run time had been clipped.

    Manoj Desai, Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir, Mumbai

    In both my cinemas, Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir, the film took an extraordinary start. Advance booking was very strong because of which we have sold 70 per cent of the weekend shows. I have been running house-full shows since morning but the film is a little too long. Hence, we can run only four shows. If they had restricted it to two and a half hours, we could have run five shows.

    PS Arora, Natraj, Kota

    Aamir Khan has got a very different fan following than Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Whereas the latter Khans’ fans are massy, Aamir Khan is classy. Still, it seems everyone turned up to catch the first day-first show of Dhoom:3, even in single-screens. The film is running house full, and bookings for Saturday and Sunday are nearly house full. We have not increased ticket prices, which are similar to the other big releases of the year.

    Sandip Sarin, Chhavi Mahal, Varanasi

    In my cinema hall, shows have been going house full since this morning. The audience loves the film, especially the youth, as it has a Hollywood feel. Dhoom:3 is pretty long, so we are running only four shows.

    Kailash Chand Goyal, Kailash Cinema, Agra

    In Agra, audiences simply love the film. At Kailash Cinema, we are running four shows and both shows till now have witnessed 100-per cent occupancy. This film will make everyone happy with the kind of business it is poised to do. Ticket rates are the same as the prices of Chennai Express and Krrish 3.

    Ram Prasad Agrawal, Mayur Talkies, Morena (Madhya Pradesh)

    There are only three actors who work at our cinema – the three Khans. So it is not surprising that both shows of Dhoom:3 were house full. The film is a little long and we can run only four shows every day but audiences love the film.

    Harsh Jain, Silver Screen, Chhattisgarh

    We have been running house-full shows since the morning in our cinema hall and the response is outstanding. Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3 has a very strong hold at the ticket windows and the film will continue to hold strong over the mid-week holidays.

    Amit Rathi, Chitra Talkies, Amravati

    Dhoom:3 is doing extraordinary business at our cinema hall. Advance booking was great and since Aamir Khan has had no release for a year, and also because it is a Yash Raj film, expectation were very high. Thankfully, the film has lived up to these expectations. We are running four shows daily, and three shows witnessed 100-per cent occupancy today.

    Pradeep Damdale, Uday Talkies, Akola

    We have four shows, and for the next two days, 95 per cent of our shows are house full and we had to add seats for the second show. Day one will see a big number. Next week has a mid-week holiday for Christmas, which will greatly benefit the film.


  41. Few mixed/bad reports pouring in already due to emotional angle being out of place for this genre / film length and then finally aamir’s act which was a bit suspect from day one of the promo…

    Good luck Satyamites….! And look for some cover from Apex!!!


    • don’t think the film will have any box office issues..

      Apex has set the bar at 1200 crores.. that’s another matter!


      • “Apex has set the bar at 1200 crores”–
        Don’t mislead the public lol
        All i asked for was 350 cr(wh)ores not 1200–bare minimum…
        Obviously 400 cr is the ‘respectable’ target
        Don’t wanna repeat the multiple reasons …

        But for someone who has done memento in ghajini, bhagat in 3I and now akayla in dhoom3 (as per yakuza)–let’s leave the ‘repesctability’ bit for aamir …it’s N/A

        “DHOOM3 4% less than CE First Day(Holiday for CE) “– I mean wtf is this?
        It shoudl be a record breaking first day not a middling bit.

        OK Lemme help out aamir —
        Guys n gals —

        This is a UNIQUE opportunity to be part of HISTORY
        Plz help aamir and yrf
        Fill their coffers

        Go throng the cinemas …


  42. Just saw it! It’s nice to look at, but really ordinary and at times non-sensical writing (including the ‘twist’).

    Aamir is alright; Katrina is all legs; Uday is calling ‘mummy’ again, chasing goris; Abhi disappoints (he doesn’t get it, does he?!).

    Indians make it a world of their own in the US or the UK. It’s so annoying that it distracts from the ongoings. Hiring third rate American actors doesn’t help either.


  43. Am not getting any tickets for the weekend. Damn was too late & out of luck, willnpw book a ticket for the 25 th right away.

    Seems everyone wants to watch the movie in the first weekend itself. With the new plex in our township ( cinepolis) playing a record number of shows and another plex right next to it playing more than 25 shows, i am simply amazed that everything is almost booked to the T. Hats off to the love for movies in this part of the world. Even morning 8:30 shows are booked .

    Long live cinema.


  44. DHOOM3 4% less than CE First Day(Holiday for CE) in Kanpur
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 16m
    KANPUR (DHOOM 3) Friday Multiplexes-1422849 Single Screen-723194 TOTAL-2146043
    KANPUR (#Krrish3) Friday Multiplexes-715470 Single Screen-351661 TOTAL-1067131 1day TOTAL-1067131
    KANPUR (BESHARAM) wednesday Multiplexes-1461656 Single Screen-378904 TOTAL-1840560
    KANPUR (CHENNAI EXPRESS) Friday Multiplex-1552530.80 Single Screen-659733 TOTAL-2212263.80


    • Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 21m
      FRIDAY DHOOM3 Varanasi #Dhoom3 MPX 1343634 S S 246404 TOTAL1590038
      Krrish3 on monday was 10% ahead.
      Krrish3 Varanasi Mon #Krrish3 MPX 1561216 SS 264310 TOTAL 1825526…WOOW !!
      KANPUR (#Krrish3 ) Monday Multiplexes-1734741.08 Single Screen-694451 TOTAL-2429192.08 4days TOTAL-5128985.06


  45. Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya 10m
    #Dhoom3 celebrates technicians. Super stunts/ music/cinematography/ choreography. Producer #AdityaChopra lavishly mounts every frame

    Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya 3m
    #AbhishekBachchan plays ACP Jai for the third time in Dhoom series, does super stunts n endures #UdayChopra with poker face

    Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya 41s
    #katrinaKaif has a brief but effective role, shines on circus stage n dances like a dream!

    Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya 2m
    #AamirKhan is spectacular as the circus artiste. He rides bike on a rope n flies in a motor boat. Watch #Dhoom3 for AK stunts n sincerity


  46. DHOOM 3 Scores Mammoth Huge Day One

    ””Dhoom 3” took a mammoth opening and smashed Salman Khan starrer ”Ek Tha Tiger” records with some distance. Film took a phenomenal start all over as expected and on the way to to score some historic numbers.

    Film is simply mind blowing in multiplexes and the opening all over is around 90%. Film has such a response on working day which means it is certain to break day one record for non holiday with out any doubt. Film is big in overseas too and as per early reports. it seems that we might have close to 45 cr nett worldwide or even close to 50 cr worldwide figure.

    As per early trends, film is expected to collect 33.15 cr nett with few records in territories. Film will collect close to 2 cr nett in Rajasthan which is huge. Film is heading for few records for sure over the weekend and this looks like a certain blockbuster unless mixed word of mouth takes it down on Monday.

    We will be back with next report tomorrow morning with updated final numbers.


    take it for what its worth…


    • yup looks to be on course for 100 in 3 days..


    • Worst case scenario is 10% less than Krrish3 all over. Sofar Kanpur and Varanasi are 10% less than Krrish3 Monday numbers. THat spells 29 cr first day, krrish3 was 32 cr.
      If south performs better than Krrish3 and I think mumbai will also be better for Dhoom3, then we are looking at 33 cr First Day.


    • Very good…BOC is usually pretty close to the actuals. But i think this might be on the same figure as CE seeing the Kanpur and Varanasi numbers…But in any case this is fantastic numbers. They do talk about the mixed WOM here. A couple of good friends saw this and were not too enamoured by it…


  47. Katrina-Kaif-behind-Hrithik-Sussanne Split!


    Is this the reasons for delaying shoot of Bang – Bang?

    Interesting!!! Incidentally in one of the recent interviews, Aamir did talk about Kat playing chess with real life.


    • Hmm thanx for this update—after Suzanne’s objectionable behaviour, & her ‘stabbing hritik in the back’ —

      Guess this stuff now may happen –has to happen ….

      Bang Bang !!!


  48. this one has harrison ford, wesley snipes, antonio bandares and mel gibson to name a few…kinda enjoyed expendables 2. what i really enjoyed was ‘escape plan’ with arnold. it was good old fashioned hollywood 80’s masala!


  49. PJ ‏@Prakashjaaju 4m
    #Dhoom3 : Friday : Early Estimate : 30 cr … Extraordinary


  50. something different from johny depp!! interesting.

    [post created]


  51. An expectedly bumper opening but nothing trout landmark till now!!

    “yup looks to be on course for 100 in 3 days..”–c’mon Satyam–is THAT what one was hoping from dhoom3? I want more… Cr(wh)ores lol

    “THat spells 29 cr first day, krrish3 was 32 cr.”–
    There was the ‘pre-diwali day’ lull (that I’m not convinced does much) but is felt to be a dull time.

    Out here there’s no such excuse!!

    Man, this should be doing atleast 25%-35% more than k3 or CE!!

    What are these muppets trying to project ?
    That after all this ‘build up’ and hype and the best franchise /heroine/production etc etc and aamir —this is fine but not good enough!!

    To meet the bare minimum target of 350 cr(wh)ores–we want (much) more–what say MSDhoni 🙂


    Go flock the screens –‘pay’ a ‘price’

    Rescue and uplift dhoom 3

    We want a new 400 cr(wh)ore club film—and if there’s one–this is the one—go for it folks….


    • Apex today was not a holiday. 30 cr + for a non holiday is out of the world. Having said that it will be interesting to see if it shows any growth tomorrow. From the commentary everywhere it seems the movie has been runinng at 95% occupancy everywhere inspite of it being a holiday. So apart from the weekend price increase (which is usual for any cinema) not sure if there is any scope of occupancy increase. 3 day 100 cr will be on par with CE but it has achieved it inspite of a non holiday and with no preview shows so commendable nevertheless.


    • let’s be serious..!


  52. IdeaUnique Says:

    My review of D3:

    Ok just back from film: Since I guess most of u r yet to see the film – I won’t put any spoiler here. But I really found the first half a drag and kinda boring and was puzzled a bit. Second half was extremely entertaining and joined all the loose threads. However this could have been such a gripping movie only if the director had let gone of “slo-mo” for far too many scenes in first half (okay this is one spoiler here) – idiotic.

    For Satyam – Abhi has a super and very meaty role and he delivers. Aamir scores 5/10 in first half and in second half 15/10 🙂

    Katrina looks divenly beautiful and dances like a dream. She looks bewitchingly beautiful.

    Uday has same kinda role….
    Jackie leaves an impact in a brief role.

    Overall – 3/5 from me. The movie had so much going for it. We have seen superlative stunts in Bond films / MI series and other films – no director tries to slo-mo those scenes and hence insulting the audiences’ senses. Only if VKA had not resorted to this silly idea – this movie had all the making of a superbly crafted entertainer…….but lavishly mounted songs and scenes make this a good watch.

    No repeat value. Sad but true 😦


    • thanks Idea.. good to hear your views..


    • wow…3 outta 5 from probably the biggest Aamir fan here. my expectations are going down further…will probably watch it tomorrow.


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        go for it – worth a one-time watch. I expected much more honestly. These guys need to learn from Bond/MI franchise that action sequences have to be very sharply done and they can’t be slo-moéd – Abhi actually has imbibed Jai Dixit’s character very well and it was nice to see Big B’s calm-composed demeanour while mouthing some dialogue. Unfortunately he is also given some fight sequences with slo-mo 😦


      • don’t think you’ll be disappointed.. we all have different expectations from a film..


    • Slo-mo in Hindi films ruins action scenes….rest of the world has graduated to faster and more realistic-looking action, but HIndi cinema seems to be regressing even lower with the advent of those southie actioners.

      Best action I have seen in a Hindi film is definitely Commando, courtesy of Vidyut Jamwal, but even that had too much slow motion.


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        fully agree Henry – unless they stop falling in love with themselves – Indian directors will find it very difficult to match to the HW counterparts. I also wanted to see a PUNCH kinda scene at the beginning like we see in Bond and MI films – that would set the tone. Not there 😦


        • Bourne Ultimatum – that should be the benchmark for cool action. And I loved Casino Royale too.

          And if you want to do ridiculous and OTT, then check out Fast Five. The climatic car chase scene was wild, irreverent, thrilling – everything one can ask for in an action scene.

          And yes, you are totally correct about Bollywood directors being too self-congratulatory. Just looking at the trailers of Dhoom 3, one can tell that the action doesn’t come close to even the most B-grade Van Damme action films.


      • And speaking of boring action, does anyone find Rohit Shetty’s style of action even remotely entertaining and thrilling?


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          never Henry- his action sequences are downright silly and Indian audiences award him a 200 cr and 300 cr BO result. What stupidity. I avoid RS’s films – haven’t seen CE.


        • Tigmanshu Dhulia (though he’s apparently messed up Bullet Raja royally) made a worthwhile point on the whole Southern masala (Telugu specifically but it’s wider than this) brand of action that Bollywood has now imported in spades. He said that this sort of action only focuses on the effect and not the cause. If I might expand his point a bit more it is that the action is presented only in purely aesthetic terms, as a stylistic effect, without having any real ‘violence’ to it. Hence in the Shetty film a guy punches someone and before the punch even lands you cut to a different shot with those guys flying in all directions. There is of course the Crouching Tiger kind of genealogy here. We see so many films out of China (mainland and HK) where violence is essentially choreographed like a ballet. The difference though is that this move was original to them and the effect here is often remarkable and the physical setting is often part and parcel of the overall aesthetic of the scene. We saw of course something similar in the Matrix as well. It’s absolutely true that slo-mo is done to death in Bollywood sometimes but I think the reason here is that without this the artifice cannot be rendered as successfully given the state of Bollywood technology. Leaving this aside thee action choices are very much in keeping with the larger Bollywood contemporary masala fabric where masala itself contrary to its earlier manifestations (and excepting rare counter-examples like Ghajini or Khakee) works simply as surface effect. You enjoy it, you consume it, the whole cathartic experience is always missing and the films are largely ‘comedies’ with no real stakes in any sense. And so within this universe those action choices become completely understandable. So yes all Rohit Shetty action sequences are really the same one. Getting back to Dhulia he’s absolutely right but the reason for the insistence only on ‘effect’ and not the violence or visceral nature of the action is that audiences are mostly in the consumption mode when it comes to Bollywood and are not really looking for action but simply its video game simulation. In some sense this is also a global problem. But in those instances there are often other kinds of cinema to balance it out. For that matter even in the RGV inspired brand of cinema, the supposedly ‘dark’ film, you have the ultimate fetishization of the gun (to even say phallic here sounds too easy!) and once again a brand of aesthetics where people simply shoot every time they utter a couple of sentences. Now again some of this discussion could be expanded to include aspects of Tarantino and so on, i.e. if one wishes to examine how violence is portrayed and how ‘responsible’ these representations are. I am not always against the aesthetic approach provided it is justified by the overall film (as I think RGV did with Rakta Charitra). But this is rarely the case in Bollywood.


      • That is why I find Ghajini action much more raw and realistic. I intense dislike for Slow Motion. Only slow Motion I have liked is Pehla Nasha song.

        ps – I saw a French movie “sleepless night” sometime back and liked the raw violence.


  53. “No repeat value. Sad but true ”

    This heartfelt review coming from a die-hard aamir fan!!
    It’s significant really …

    @ krish–
    “will be on par with CE “—
    Don’t give me a holiday /non-holiday crap plz

    When u are chasing a 350 in 30 overs, u don’t celebrate a run rate of 6 an over…
    U should realise what the opportunity was here–
    To create REAL history –not to ‘equal’ numbers barely…

    I’m a bit disappointed really …

    Let’s hope it picks up further


  54. Apex comments aside the reviews now seem decidely mixed. My sister just came out and absolutely hated it..and she is quite a neutral.


    • the key is to figure out whether the people who disliked this also disliked a number of other blockbuster type films. In any case when it’s universally positive the film is either 1)Sholay (though even Sholay didn’t get universally positive reviews!) 2)the kind of popcorn stuff that offends no one even when they don’t think it’s fantastic (D2, OSO and most other big films that work) 3)popcorn entertainment that is more ambitious and hence decidedly divided the audience and even invites strong reactions from some. I suspect D3 is in this last category (there’s a fourth category of smaller films or middle cinema types that get superlative reviews but this group is not relevant here). But that was always the promise of having Aamir on board. You weren’t going to purely silly stuff, i.e. relative to the terrain.

      I think though that many of the reviewers who aren’t kind on the film or even Aamir might be missing the point in certain ways. If you go into the film expecting Aamir to be a stud like John or Hrithik you’re going with the wrong expectations. When you take a more serious actor even in the most popcorn genres the texture of the film is altered by way of obvious script changes but even otherwise. Because Aamir can never be eye candy on this terrain. Perhaps some of the reviewers miss this aspect but Aamir’s prestige being such they cannot quite frame it in the right way and so they decide he’s doing something wrong. Aamir has never been the most flamboyant guy around, he’s never had the fluidity that this genre requires, again one should know this. I put up a comment several weeks ago talking about this. This in a sense is always the Abhishek problem here too. He’s always too ‘real’ for the world of this film. But in any case it’s natural that such a huge film comes with enormous expectations and some people end up disappointed for one reason or another. I’ve always maintained that D2 was a rather ordinary film. Enjoyable but quite inferior to the first one (which itself was no classic!). But Hrithik fulfills the eye candy requirement on this sort of terrain.

      I don’t disagree that the reviews have definitely been mixed, perhaps surprisingly so. But I don’t really think it means much for the film’s box office outcome, for more reasons than one. Look at it this way — the film is review-proof. Not even most big films have this advantage. So no one’s not going to watch the film because of negative WOM from a friend or relative. Everyone will show up here. And then if you just get a decent holdover you’re looking at strong trending. Which is why I said Ghajini. The latter had a historic start, lots of buzz and so forth, it doubled its initial which was once common but rare by the time this film came around and has since been almost non-existent. But not everyone loved Ghajini by any means. And few saw it more than once. It certainly didn’t do a 3I or LRM kind of thing on trending. Admittedly D3 isn’t exactly a serious action-drama like Ghajini but it probably is more of a hybrid in some ways whereas the earlier films were simply ‘stupid’ entertainers.


  55. “My sister just came out and absolutely hated it..and she is quite a neutral.”

    What did she hate– –it’s ‘vague’–Plz elaborate
    And how did she find ‘k3’ and ‘raam leela’ btw

    Typo @ rajen–it was a ‘hot’ rod lol


    • Well she hated K3 and Ram Leela too. She hated CE too…Well Satyam the point I was trying to make it is that at this moment this movie doesnt look like it is an upgrade on the earlier 2 installments. It might break some records on the way but I am now not so sure it is going to have a great trending..Also I am not sure this movie is review proof. Yes the first day is review proof maybe even the first weekend after that no movie is really review proof…


      • yes but the first two trended very well despite not being great. I’ll concede that relative to its contexts and since it came with not many expectations the first one was fine. The second still trended very well. On the rest we’ll have to see what happens going forward. I’d just be surprised if it wasn’t record-setting in every sense possible.

        will say on the upgrade bit, and I’m just hazarding a guess here, but you can only go so far with this genre. You can’t convert it into Ghajini. It has to be a marriage of the silly popcorn stuff it’s always been and something more substantial. Of course the mix has to be optimal and it;s tricky to get this right. Will ultimately have to see the film and decide. Overall I just haven’t seen anything in the response so far that I’d be concerned about.


  56. Bollywood’s ‘Dhoom 3’ Gets Imax Release in 13 Territories
    7:41 AM PST 12/20/2013 by Etan Vlessing

    TORONTO – Bollywood’s first film is headed to Imax screens this weekend, as the giant screen exhibitor debuts Dhoom 3 in 13 territories.

    Imax and Bollywood banner Yash Raj Films last year announced the action thriller Dhoom 3 would be the first Indian local language production to be released in the big screen format.

    Produced by YRF’s creative head Aditya Chopra and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, the third installment of the buddy cop franchise stars Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra alongside new cast members Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan. Imax reports that, for its opening weekend, Dhoom 3 has sold out all advanced tickets for its Indian Imax screens.

    The film will bow on Friday on Imax screens in the U.S., U.K., India, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Kuwait, Netherlands and Qatar.

    The rollout will continue Christmas Day in New Zealand, Dec. 27 in South Africa and January 2 in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    “Our global network has grown to the point to where a highly anticipated Bollywood blockbuster like Dhoom 3 isn’t just confined to local audiences, but can be enjoyed by Imax moviegoers around the world,” said Greg Foster, CEO of Imax Entertainment and senior executive vice president of Imax.

    Imax and Yash Raj unveiled a multi-picture agreement in March 2013 to release three films on super-sized screens, including Dhoom 3 and Paani.


  57. Just got home from Dhoom 3. I honestly wasn’t expecting a great movie but I thought it would be at least a lot of fun (I managed to enjoy Dhoom 2), and with Aamir there I hoped for something extra too. It was a full house but the reactions were not positive – I could hear people beside me saying ‘Okay I want my money back’ and ‘What was Aamir thinking’. I’m for once disappointed in his script choice, especially given how much he’s been praising it in every interview. His acting was decent but how can that lift a shit film. Abhishek was fine (my friend was drooling over him throughout). Uday was standardly pointless. And Katrina had a pretty tiny role but was okay. Anyways, it’s 1am and I’m not a reviewer so I’ll leave it there, but I gotta say I agree with Raja Sen’s review. Interested to read what you guys think. I’m just left feeling disappointed with Aamir.


    • salim, could not AGREE with you more with this Dhoom mini analysis. TOTAL CRAPFEST! just returning from possibly the worst Aamir Khan starrer in 13 years. the script, the screenplay and most of all, the direction was atrocious. you know, when it was first announced that Aamir had chosen to be in Dhoom 3, i was not very enthused about the news. then i saw the first trailer and the expectations went down the drain. but then going by the interviews, aamir praised how strong the script was and blah blah. just like his character in this movie…he conned his audience. no wonder he was so damn nervous before the release…the guy knew this was poorly made movie. like you i at least thought D2 was entertaining, but this was a total bore.

      there were some moments in this movie (with aamir and then with aamir and abhishek) that were passable but overall as a movie it was poorly executed.

      almost all of the blame has to go to aditya chopra. the guy takes the audience for granted. he thinks he can just get the biggest names in the industry and put them in a movie and thats all it takes. every big Yash Raj Film in the past decade has disappointed because the film was just lazy. ill be very surprised if there isn’t a crash in the next few days. aamir, you have disappointed your fans with this movie, but thank God raju hirani’s is his next movie. he just needs to stick with good directors and most of all, good scripts! and i’ve said this before…stay away from YashRaj Films.


  58. “I could hear people beside me saying ‘Okay I want my money back’ and ‘What was Aamir thinking’. I’m for once disappointed in his script choice, especially given how much he’s been praising it in every interview.”– hmmm
    Well, (as Satyam says) we know aamir can’t be a ‘stud’ like hritik but ‘script selection’ is his forte–what happened ? Guess Satyam has answers….


  59. omrocky786 Says:

    Saw Dhoom, and liked the second half much much more than the first half, the first 20 minutes ( except with the Junior Sahir ) were so WTF and had the standard boring and mandatory entry scenes for the two heroes….but things really get emotional and interesting in the second half…has many gaps in the screenplay but chalta hai..
    ( Parker , Hollywood bolta hai, and The American”, haan Clooney hai ussmey, maloom hai . had much much more glaring gaps and convenient coincidences than in Dhoom-3, take that Hollywood lovers )

    overall great fun , going again tomorrow with family !!!


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Aamir was great after the twist, the tap dance was oh so embarrassing , they should have had Deepika or Priyanka join him.. Abhishek has a good role, he however has a moment of absolute defeat which I don’t think he had in the previous Dhooms, Katrina looks Hot with the toned up body.
      The BGM is very loud and may go against the repeat viewing,
      PS – Bankrupt ho gaye , usskey baad kisney likhaya padhaya, itna hoshiyar banaya ??


      • agreed on the aamir tap dance. totally unnecessary and awkward. actually this entire movie was unnecessary. i can’t believe i wasted money watching D3.

        the entire time i was thinking to myself…’this cannot be it, there HAS to be something more…ok now it’s coming…ok here we go…NOPE! total crap.


        • omrocky786 Says:

          It’s not total crap AF, has its moments, agree with NYKavi, when it comes to Indian Movies people start having great expectations ..I am going again in 4 hours.


  60. @apex – I for one enjoy your comments. To be more specific I appreciate your fairness towards all films and stars. (Yes with HR you go a little overboard but so does everyone else in regards to their fav star).

    Dhoom 3 has started off with a bang (Amir and Kat factor) now I’m particularly interested to see how it trends. I do think it will challenge CE final total of 208 (according to BOI). No way is it reaching 250 as a few reliable people have informed me it’s a strictly 1 time watch and the length is a real problem. I hope to catch this next Wednesday 🙂


  61. “@apex – I for one enjoy your comments. To be more specific I appreciate your fairness towards all films and stars.”

    Thanx naveed– not only u but hopefully many others do (but don’t wanna admit it lol)
    As for dhoom3–change an actor or two–the entire discourse of the same film will get changed here lol

    “No way is it reaching 250 as a few reliable people have informed me it’s a strictly 1 time watch “— well, as I’ve said earlier–in my book, the needs atleast 350 cr to justify.
    Less than 250–well, aamir should be spanked in public 🙂


  62. Like

  63. Dhoom 2 Has Extraordinary Opening R… Rajkumar Holds Well

    Saturday 21st December 2013 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 had an extraordinary opening all over. The film recorded 75% plus occupancies at multiplexes on day one and single screens were 90-100%. The multiplex figures were outstanding for a non holiday. It is the first time that a film managed such high occupancies on high volume when its not a national holiday.

    Jackpot had a poor first collecting in the 4.50 crore nett region. The film was poor from day one.

    R… Rajkumar held well collecting over 16 crore nett in its second week taking its total to over 60 crore nett though it will not add much more due to release of Dhoom 3 as its sceeen time is limited a to a show or two. The film is a HIT in Mumbai, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan and other circuits are average or below average.

    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela will finish with business around the 113 crore nett mark. HIT


  64. #Dhoom3 creates History in New Zealand. Collects NZ$ 69,162 on Fri… #ChennaiExpress *opng wknd* NZ$ 123,478, #YJHD *opng wknd* NZ$ 80,648.



  65. #Dhoom3 takes a typhoonic start in Australia. Collects A$ 157,207 on Fri. #ChennaiExpress *opng wknd* A$385,262, #YJHD *opng wknd* A$267,920



  66. Without doubt this will be the biggest opening ever. With a big marging and all over the world.
    Saturday & Sunday will be stronger.

    Now this is a genuine blockbuster in the making, without the normal excuses. Diwali, non holiday, cold wave, heat wave, only india collections matter etc etc.


  67. Rajasthan Opening Days: DHOOM 3 Sets New Record
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 set a new record in Rajasthan with the highest opening day collections ever beating Ek Tha Tiger by a few lakhs. Below are the top ten opening days of all time in Rajasthan.

    1. Dhoom 3 – 1,87,00,000 approx
    2. Ek Tha Tiger – 1,79,00,000
    3. Chennai Express – 1,75,00,000
    4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 1,31,00,000
    5. Dabangg 2 – 1,26,00,000
    6. Agneepath – 1,20,00,000
    7. Bodyguard – 1,17,00,000
    8. Krrish 3 – 1,14,00,000
    9. Besharam – 1,12,00,000
    10. Boss – 1,10,00,000



    • Many exhibitors say 3 hr length has restricted number of shows. With 2 hr length, they could have given more number of shows to enhance first day by at least 20%. Still, first day is set for 31-35 cr+ on non holiday.
      Taking dubbed versions into account, it should be biggest day ever at BO.


  68. Dhoom 3 Has Outstanding Day One

    Saturday 21st December 2013 10.30 IST

    Dhoom 3 (Hindi) had an outstanding day one collecting around 30 crore nett on day one as per early estimates. The film set opening day records in some circuits while in others it was below either Chennai Express or Ek That Tiger. It has to be noted these films released on Eid and Independence Day respectively while Dhoom 3 released on a normal working day. The film smashed the non holiday opening record by a distance.

    The film set new highs in Delhi/UP and East Punjab despite the cold weather though the collections for the Hindi version were lower than Chennai Express in the southern markets due to that film having more local appeal for that region. The film also had a release in Tamil and Telugu and that version would have added around 3.25-3.50 crore nett with the Telugu version doing well.

    The film should record the highest opening weekend collection ever by beating the 87 crore nett three day figure of Chennai Express.



  69. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 7m

    #Dhoom3 emerges the BIGGEST non-holiday opener ever. Collects ₹ 30 cr+ [early est] on Friday. Hindi version only. Dhoom macha diya indeed!


    • honestly speaking, this won’t get to 300cr…not even 250cr. it just doesn’t have that ‘it’ in it. i love masala just as much as the next guy or gal, but i prefer my masala to be spicy and chatpata! this masala was tasteless and bland. maybe this film could’ve worked in the 80’s but not today. the script has flaws of epic proportions. total failure.


      • haha…I have to check to comment but most of Aamir fans haven’t liked it. Makes me curious. Most Aamir fans don’t like Mela, Raja Hindustani and to some degree Fanaa.


        • yes hated mela and RH. Fanaa was bearable because of the kajol/aamir scenes. i feel violated after watching D3. uff!


        • Fanaa was one of my favourite movies. RH was fun and overblown melodrama like Dil. Only Mela was bad.

          I am not getting tickets for D 3. I will judge it after seeing.
          I did not like CE or YJHD while liked Ashiqui 2 and also Rockstar.


          • “I am not getting tickets for D 3”– sanju tell them my name–they will give u the ticket(s) lol
            Go and ‘support’ aamir–he needs it now
            If getting ripped apart left right n centre by his own die-hards is not enuf, atleast this should break box office records by a big big margin–help aamir & then tell me his the film was.
            Even I’m having double minds now whether to skip this one …

            Ps: share your liking for fanaa & rockstar…
            Y u didn’t like Yjhd and CE–seems u are anti deepika –why ? 😉


          • Exactly Sanjana. I loved Fanaa despite its filminess — there was something sweet about the film, the music, the pairing. And Raja Hindustani was a fun musical melodrama. Mela was the one bad film Aamir did . And I liked Mangal Pandey too.

            Am not sure when I will be watching Dhoom3; perhaps sometime next week. Not got my tickets yet. There have been mixed reports about the film, mostly negative, a few positives; same with Aamir’s own performance. A friend on fb feels that Aamir was the best thing in a poor film. Well, will form my own opinion and not get swayed by net reports.


  70. I do now know how many gallons of alcohol I should drown myself in after watching this film – this is really a horrendous movie of epic proportions. I might sound hyperbolic but I better be because this film fails at the MOST basic level when you have an artiste like Aamir on board – the script. There are amateurs in 7th grade that can write a better story. Man, Aamir’s line in the film – Audience ko lagta hain ki jeethte woh hain lekin jeethte hamesha hum hain – is so freaking true. If this film makes huge money like that KRISSHIT, then really, the joke is on us. This is really a hemorrhoid of a movie.I will try to write something substantial about this most insubstantial movie EVER to come out of Aamir’s repertoire post-Lagaan when my brain gets to some sort of normalcy..

    I might have gotten this movie totally wrong – but I can only change my mind if I watch it a 2nd time and if I read something really masala-centric about this movie that changes the ‘way’ I should view these type of movies..

    Until then, stay away from this one – and if you value Aamir as an artiste, this will disappoint you truckloads..


    • lol looks like we agree on almost EVERYTHING about this poor excuse of a film…



    • “I might have gotten this movie totally wrong – but I can only change my mind if I watch it a 2nd time and if I read something really masala-centric about this movie that changes the ‘way’ I should view these type of movies.”

      i must say there were some scenes that were ‘masala’ worthy, especially with abhishek and aamir. and aamir by himself. but there is no way in hell i could go almost 3 hrs watching that shit again. was there even potential for the script to be good?? hell no!! and that’s the thing that is frustrating the most…what was aamir thinking signing this??? this is really on ‘mela’ level bad. not even exaggerating here.


    • You call Krrish3 shitttt, and no world about CE? CE was shitt hole then imo. Srkian in disguise?


      • Haha ROFLOL —
        (And hope its not ‘doom3’ lol)

        People being uncovered /stripped
        Masks being removed from aamir, aamirsfan, Sally
        And Satyam totally ‘cornered’ —

        Don’t worry Satyam–I won’t rub it in anymore 🙂


      • agree.


  71. The best shot of D3 remains the way Aamir’s character as an adult is introduced. He wakes up perturbed from a night-mare and the camera only focuses on his bare-essentials. This is the most unheroic, uncharacteristic, but really exhilarating introduction of an arch-villain in a full-blown, frivolous ‘franchise’ of a movie. This introduction soars one’s expectations – especially of one who is an admirer of the way an artiste like Aamir places emphasis on the entire movie-making process rather than the parts of the whole sum. And then a reel later, one sees the introduction of the cop-duo, with a wonderful intro of Ali first and then Jai in a rick-shaw! What a wonderful proceeding, one thinks – Aamir all subdued running down the walls of a bank in Chicago and Abhishek’s Jai all ‘desi’ in a rickshaw in a slum-colony! This is going to be one great, multiple time-pass viewing, one thinks! Little did one realize that Aamir’s Saahir running down the bank’s building would turn out to be the one and only grand metaphorical shot in the film – of the film only going downhill!

    One never had any grand-standing illusions from D3. All one expected was for the film to be coherent inasmuch as masala universe would allow and offer the usual thrills and frills. The coherence part would be taken care of Aamir Khan’s keen and native story-telling sense while the frills would be taken care of by the inherent nature of the product itself. Unfortunately, nobody takes care of anything in this movie!

    So you have the masala-element of a son taking revenge because of a perceived wrong-doing on his father by a certain financial entity. The son grows up in his father’s foot-steps profession-wise, but has ulterior motives to seek revenge for the death of his father. How he goes about it with cops from Mumbai and cops that look like they got rented by Aditya Chopra for 4.00$/hour cash (get ready for a cavity search Adi if you ever cross the Atlantic) from a studio apartment from Schaumburg, Illinois, chasing him forms the remainder of this over-drawn bloat of a film. I will stop talking about the ‘story’, since talking about the story of a Hollywood-borrowed term and business-concept ‘franchise’ is as befuddling as talking about Shoaib Akhtar’s prowess in boatmanship.

    The major problem is, the writer/director ‘adds’ the element of a back-story to the acts of the ‘villain’ but does absolutely NOTHING to under-score or enhance it. The back-story is there just for the sake of it. At the end of the day, even if one takes out the back-story, one misses nothing in the film! It seems the back-story is added merely to ‘justify’ Aamir’s presence in the film. One cannot, after all, have Aamir in the film and have absolutely no ‘thought’ behind having Aamir in the film! That’s the ‘be-all’ and ‘end-all’ of the back-story. It is essential that the back-story energizes the film further. It should take the audience with it and raise the film on an emotional-graph. It doesn’t. In the over-all course of the film, the motive turns out to be just a red-herring to play safe since every flea on this Earth knows that Aamir can never beat the glamour-quotient of ‘actors’ like Abraham Sir and Roshan Jr. It simply doesn’t add ‘layers’ to this movie – to the extent that a word like ‘layers’ could be used to experience this movie.

    Coming to the very, very few good things in the movie, one TRULY has to talk of Abhishek Bachchan. In a role that is obviously subservient to the off-screen legacy and on-screen demands of the product, he really holds his own. And he NEVER lets Aamir walk-away with the wolf-whistles. Watch him in the Six Flags scenes with Aamir and you realize some fine potential this actor has. He has some of the most ordinarily-written lines but he does deliver them with fine conviction. Chopra is the standard joke that he is. He is like the pepper you add onto the tomato soup. You have it, it is fine. You don’t have it, you won’t miss it. Katrina is energetic and she has been roped in only to display her physical agility and she does it remarkably well. Coming to the songs, they are ‘choreographed’ well and are eye-catching.

    **Spoiler alert begins**
    Aamir is fine as a serious ‘joker’ but he takes the advice of Robert Downey Jr too seriously and goes half ‘retard’ and messes up. He converts SRK’s act in MNIK to a gold-standard with this performance of his. He should truly be embarrassed. He also makes it clear why actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan are miles, miles ahead. And why it is a freaking MIRACLE for others but a cake-walk for actors like Amitabh when he could walk from the sets of Mukherjee to Desai’s and enact an omlette-cooking scene with as much panache and conviction as singing ‘Mein Tera Naam Loonga.’. People keep saying. ‘stop living in the past.’ But what they don’t realize is when middle-aged people like me have been spoilt with talent like that of Bachchan’s, it becomes freaking difficult to sing hyper-bole to actors post-90s, who with most difficultly, stick to one mould and are unable to get themselves out of that mould. While I understand and appreciate that Aamir has not allowed himself to get stuck to a sponge, in this movie, he himself is a fine example of an artiste that knows his ‘limitations’ and understands his strengths better.’ But I doubt whether he filtered that understanding into this movie. And really, God really, did he not realize that this was a pathetic rehash of Amitabh’s Akayla? Seriously, Aamir, you should have gotten this in your sleep.
    **Spoiler alert ends**

    It is really not opportune to comment about the ‘stunts’ in this movie. It is not really important, and thankfully, like the Krisshit team, these guys haven’t gone bombastic on the car chases and what have you. But they sometimes appear so disjointed – not so much in execution but in continuity. In one chase sequence, cars simply keep banging on each other on Chi-town’s streets just for the heck of it. The execution alarmingly follows an insert-execute mode. Cars banged? Done. Bikes smashed? Done. White cops made to look like fools? Or in the words of Sunny Deol, made to look like FBI (fully bewakoof insaan?) Done.
    **Spoiler alert ends**

    It really doesn’t matter – at least for some – how much this film makes or does not make. What matters is Aamir’s keen sense of story-telling and script-sense. For a man who had the confidence in a script that commanded him not to show his face till the interval to a script that has him hogging lime-light from beginning to end, understandably in a different genre, but failing majorly, is truly a let-down. One just hopes AK hasn’t started losing touch with his obvious gift/s..


  72. Looks like people walked into theatres expecting to watch SMJ on the big screen. The theatrical trailer did indeed make it clear that this was gonna be Dhoom 3!
    I’m in Dubai at the moment, and it seems as though people here know exactly what this movie ought to be, and its certainly not going to be a derivative of Scarface/Godfather/TDK. It’s full-on timepass entertainment, meant to bring the year to a close. Did D1 and D2 not make that clear already? I can’t even get tickets for the next 3 days here, seems like people are jumping over themselves to watch it on the big screen.


  73. “i feel violated after watching D3. uff!”

    Hmm I think those comments coming from die-hard aamir fans say it all really and this comment being the standout!!

    As I’ve said, d3 should do atleast 350cr to justify the franchise/aamir/initial/trending etc etc which it still may collect (read the nykavi comment above !)

    But such EXTREMELY NEGATIVE comments from Aamirs onw die-hard fans can’t be ignored.

    If not for this film, Aamirs ‘reputation’ has been dented…

    The claims of being the script master and discerning actor lies SHATTERED.

    As I’ve said before, by taking the LONG UNNATURAL BREAK after 3I, aamir kept this MYTH alive
    If he had done films normally like any other star, this would have come earlier

    U can blame others for agenda or mischief
    But not his die hard FANATICS and those whose very name has been dedicated to aamir!

    I repeat –the box office may still come (including 350cr)

    But Aamir STANDS EXPOSED by his OWN FANS !!

    Remarkable …


  74. “What matters is Aamir’s keen sense of story-telling and script-sense. For a man who had the confidence in a script that commanded him not to show his face till the interval to a script that has him hogging lime-light from beginning to end, understandably in a different genre, but failing majorly, is truly a let-down. One just hopes AK hasn’t started losing touch with his obvious gift/s..”

    Another heartfelt disappointed fan!!

    One can make out true ‘disappointment’ from agenda /mischief…

    This is what I’ve been ranting about aamir–I’ve got nothin against him. But the CASTLE OF MYTHS created around him by unnatural LONG BREAKS , COPYING TESTED SUCCESSFUL FILMS ETC

    Has come crashing down…

    For me it’s just a vindication..

    But for those on the fence /ignorant/innocent—this is an ‘eye opener’ of sorts

    I still MAINTAIN–

    This film is REVIEW-PROOF & should do 350 cr(wh)ores +

    But aamir has lost somethign big

    Aamir has been RIPPED APART not by his haters, not by mischief makers

    Not by one or two –but by ALL his fans…

    And don’t hide Satyam–come out !! 🙂


  75. Too long, too many chases, too predictable, too much of Jai and Ali, and too little of Katrina.

    These were some random janta cribs I overheard exiting a first-day, first show of Dhoom 3, and it is apt I stack them first before bringing in a critic’s viewpoint. Oh, the film made them gush, too – about its stunning visuals and about Aamir Khan, the sole reason it clicks.

    Dhoom 3, touted as Bollywood’s most expensive and commercial film ever, should suffer and benefit owing to all of the above. Take the glitzy wrap off the packet and you realise the real stuff within is more of a smart marketing trick than an engaging entertainer.

    In a line, the film is strictly a one-time watch. The problem is it drowns under its very zeal to be ‘different’ commercial fare. This is Aamir Khan’s big bang bonanza.

    Aditya Chopra and Vijay Krishna Acharya have scripted a film to wholly tap the superstar actor’s saleability. Glamour, charisma, screen presence, mojo – call it what you will. Aamir has tons of it (we never doubted that), and he is flaunting it as never before in Dhoom 3. It works for the film at the hardsell level, more so in hero-centric mainstream Bollywood. It struggles to work once the show starts. The overt focus on packaging Aamir eats into everything and everyone else in the film. Dhoom 3 was built around a singular idea.

    Take the basic Dhoom template – a cop and his sidekick chasing a clever thief – and put it in a new (more extravagant) situation.

    The action/naach-gaana quotient has to be bumped up vividly. It would all seem enjoyable if the film was crisp. Dhoom 3 drags at a runtime of just below three hours.

    The script imagines Aamir as Sahir, circus performer who is actually man on a mission. His motive in life is to use a special circus trick to get back at the man responsible for his father’s death. The plan of revenge involves robbing a high-profile bank.

    The barely-there plotline lets you understand the true intention of this film. Dhoom 3, unlike the prequels, is not about antiheroes driven by sheer lust for money. There is old-fangled revenge drama at work here.

    Baap ka maut and bete ka badla have been integral to Bollywood themes forever.

    Dhoom 3 is just about reimagining that hackneyed plot on a spectacular scale. Everything is naturally tuned to fit that rhythm. The setting is Chicago, although it could have been Chinchpokli. For impact, Sahir leaves graffiti clues in Hindi, although he is taunting gora bankers. Jay Dixit and his sidekick Ali (Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra) are thrown into the mix because a desi antihero in foreign land needs to be chased by desi policewallahs, so what if they seem to have no business being there (honestly, the pair has started irritating now). The songs, like the film’s heroine, are forced into the screenplay.

    Which brings us to Katrina Kaif – at her sexiest, scorchiest best, ironically in a film that did not need her. Watch her go full steam in the Kamli number, she is a killer. Her paycheque must have been worth for the producers just for that one song.

    It’s monster madness, manufactured to leave you in a daze. It’s mammoth dumbness guaranteed to be out of your mind no sooner you hit the exit door. In the end of it, if you still like Dhoom 3, it is because of Aamir. There is a vital twist about his role in the film that bars any discussion on his performance. All we’ll say is go watch Dhoom 3 for Aamir.

    Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/aamir-khan-dhoom-3-katrina-kaif-abhishek-bachchan-uday-chopra-movie-review/1/332262.html


  76. Hehe sanju–even u have joined other aamir die-hards in bashing up the poor beleaguered Aamir by posting such links lol

    “It struggles to work once the show starts. The overt focus on packaging Aamir eats into everything and everyone else in the film”

    I’m feeling sorry for aamir now somewhat..
    My hope so still that the box office will remain unaffected and the 350 cr+ moolah shall diluted the damage done to Aamirs credibility!

    “Which brings us to Katrina Kaif – at her sexiest, scorchiest best, ironically in a film that did not need her. Watch her go full steam in the Kamli number, she is a killer. Her paycheque must have been worth for the producers just for that one song.”

    Hate to say this but can’t resist it—THIS was what I had said ages ago seeing the first d3 song promo..

    Katrina is the best thing about this sorry film…
    Not without reason, I had said that this katrinas film
    Hope katrina saves the day (& nite)

    Katrina as always has my full ‘support’ 🙂


    • actually Katrina is not saving the film. It is the franchise and aamir’s starpower.
      Katrina is just an item girl here.

      It has broken 2 records.
      Highest online booking and highest non holiday earner.

      Aamir will be riding high.


    • If you are really unbiased, you have to support aamir and hold fort for him. Spread the positive word.


  77. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
    #Dhoom3 crosses $ 1 million on Fri in USA-Canada. Fabulous!


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h
      #Dhoom3 takes a fab start in UK. Collects £ 247,783 on Fri… #ChennaiExpress *opng wknd* £ 934,118, #YJHD *opng wknd* £ 405,784.


  78. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 46m
    #Dhoom 3- All Languages
    Hindi Rs 33.42 Cr
    Tamil & Telugu Rs 2.80 Cr
    Total Rs 36.22 Cr


  79. Haha Satyam returns to post multiple updates from the very taran adarsh (!!) he was dissing and discrediting during k3…
    On a related note–box office is/will not be affected by these negative reports from his fans-
    >350 cr is still on
    -but his credibility has suffered big time.

    “If you are really unbiased, you have to support aamir and hold fort for him.”– ha sanju–I’m unbiased yet–but my ‘support’ is never easy –it is based on facts n perfomance (& I’m not getting that sense about aamir here!)

    Ps sanju–u didn’t answer –u hated CE and Yjhd
    Y do u hate deepika
    Has it got somethign to do with the ‘feminist’ of the blog 🙂


    • I’ve been dissing all these sources for years, I still post everything. BOI was already posted by someone earlier.


      • Haha was pulling your leg since three taran posts in a row (!)
        Suddenly taran seems the ‘blue eyed boy’…

        Btw Satyam –what do u feel about the multiple scathing reviews on d3/aamir by some of his biggest fans here–are they also suddenly biased ? 🙂


  80. Have been reading the reviews people have here (Rocky, Idea, Salim, An Jo, Aamirsfans). Must say that barring Rocky (who liked it) I’ve been quite surprised by some of the intense negativity, or at least great disappointment on the part of Aamir fans. I think the hybrid effort here, the attempt to make more masala out of Dhoom or make the genre more substantial in certain ways has clearly not worked for some people. It could also be that the marriage here is simply not seamless enough. Also a bit puzzled by the reaction to Aamir. I know the reviews have been very mixed for him and the film but I tend not to take these very seriously beyond a point. But some of it I think should have been expected. Aamir was never going to be the ‘stud’ on this terrain. Moreover he’s never had the natural flamboyance in huge commercial genres. I’ve made this point several times in the past, surprised that people expected more on this score. Which is why the whole attempt was made to have a more substantial script. And though I also gleaned this from the reviews (for reasons I pointed out yesterday) everyone here seems to agree that Abhishek has a substantial role. He’s either been liked a lot or if not this certainly not disliked.

    I must certainly commend specially the big Aamir fans here for not going down the Apex route and loving anything with their favorite star in it (I’m sure it’s now a surprise to be celebrated by him for dissing Aamir.. don’t remember him being as generous when some of the same folks were dissing K3!) but I’ll say this — I’d be very surprised if I didn’t like this one a lot (I didn’t much care for D2, thought it was enjoyable, saw it a couple of times but found it a letdown after the first one). I also don’t think I’d have too many issues with Aamir for the reasons I’ve already stated (incidentally in all the public response videos people have been going quite crazy over Aamir). But beyond this I find so many actors completely out of place doing serious stuff in Bollywood that I can’t say I’d have greater problems with a serious actor doing the non-serious (relatively) even assuming I did share some of these opinions on Aamir (which I doubt). It’s also good to know as an ABhishek fan that he has enough to do here and specially that he has some good moments with Aamir.

    Apex, I wouldn’t start celebrating just yet. I still think some of those highest benchmarks are on. Far lesser films make big numbers these days. This film has the kind of scale in terms of release and audience participation that even relatively high negativity from a fair percentage of the audience will still get it very high numbers. In any case I never lower the bar. I won’t be celebrating it at 200! Of course you continue to amuse everyone here. The bar for Aaamir is ‘at least 350’. But Hrithik achieved a great deal at a little more than 50% of that in K3! Of course you then pretend to believe the highest numbers that most of the industry has been mocking! All of this would still be ok but this then proves to you that Hrithik is bigger than Aamir! Your sense of reality and mine are equally warped. Yours needs no explanation, mine for trying to have a rational discussion with you!


    • Hah, love the last line, and I too wonder at your tireless efforts to knock sense into him 😉

      It seems you are determined to like this film :p

      For me the issue was not Aamir doing this type of movie, or his performance not being ‘flamboyant enough’ or any other deficit. It’s simply that I (we) expect high quality films from Aamir (regardless of the type of movie – Ghajini being a great example of a genre I don’t like but Aamir ensured I loved it). Dhoom 3 was just a shit film. I (we) trust him to deliver and this time he has not done so, hence the disappointment. So many interviews about what an amazing film this is has also knocked our trust – sure, all stars do this, but somehow when it comes to Aamir we have higher standards.

      That said, I haven’t ‘lost’ faith in him – his last ‘Mela’ was a long time ago so hopefully the next one won’t be until Aamir is in his sixties 😉


      • The question though is: would you have liked D2 or D1 with Aamir in it?

        Will also say that I never thought D3 would be anything like Ghajini. The latter was narrative-driven masala. With D3 the promise always was for a more substantial script. But this is essentially a ‘stupid’ genre with stunts and bikes and babes! Now I’m not disputing your response to the film. Just amazed you could even bring up Mela in this context!


        • I would like to change my name srkfan taking inspiration. It works wonderfully for some time but afterwards the mask will be off.


        • I haven’t seen Mela – my point was just that even Aamir is allowed a bad film every 15 years!

          Hmm, regarding the earlier Dhooms, I think people here have been excessively harsh on Hrithik. He was fun to watch and did what was required – which was to look good and dance well. He and Aish were a fine pair to watch, be it for superficial reasons. If Aamir was in the film I don’t know if I would have still enjoyed it, but it was a fun film so I’m guessing yes.

          But let me add, what if in this new film Aamir was replaced with Hrithik? Would I enjoy it any more? Hell no! Aamir was fine. But yes I would certainly be less disappointed.

          I have to say, I am very much looking forward to reading your views. You have been pretty honest about being determined to like it so I’m intrigued to see how that works out 😉


          • Ha, I can’t win now. If I now like it you’ll say it was pre-planned!

            On Hrithik though no one was harsh on him in D2. The media universally loved him as did the fans. The debates surrounding D2 here have been about other stuff and On Hrithik in general a lot of it is just countering Apex who admittedly isn’t very objective in this love affair of his!

            On your D2 response that’s the point I was making. That in a certain kind of film a certain kind of star works better. You might not have thought it as much fun if Aamir had been in it. And thats fair. All I’m saying is that’s different from the script otherwise being problematic. Perhaps you had this issue too with D3. that’s fair too.


  81. I think Satyam finds him ‘cornered’ here totally … This is another ‘key’ point …

    “Have been reading the reviews people have here (Rocky, Idea, Salim, An Jo, Aamirsfans). ”

    It’s not one,
    Not a hater
    But true blue orgasmic fans and attacking aamir for the very basics he has been celebrated for so long —
    THATS the issue here

    If u READ my comments,
    I’m not talking about box office bcos I’ve said myslef that this will/should not affect its box office and 350 (not 200) is still on!!–

    “I still think some of those highest benchmarks are on”
    U ‘still think’ and I ‘know’ for months and still believe the same..

    The plus point is that the box office should be great (atleast for the weekend)
    Hope it breaks records
    Was planning to skip it after reading the ultra negative reviews …

    But I don’t wanna ‘abandon’ this film right now
    And will be seeing it today —

    To see first hand what the fuss is about..

    Finally —

    Anyhow I’m NOT one to rub it in

    Aamir is on the mat here and with him Satyam…

    But let’s not get carried away –I will not indulge in doing the easy thing of ‘hitting a man when he is down’

    Get up :Satyam–
    Don’t worry–this film will do well on the box office …(@ least that should minimise the damage to credibility)


  82. Dhoom 3 First Day Territorial Breakdown

    Saturday 21st December 2013 16.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 collected 31 crore nett approx on its first day. The first day approx territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 9.62 crore

    Delhi/UP – 6.03 crore

    East Punjab – 2.83 crore

    West Bengal – 1.64 crore

    Bihar – 62 lakhs

    CP Berar – 1.64 crore

    CI – 1.17 crore

    Rajasthan – 1.88 crore

    Nizam/Andhra – 1.90 crore

    Mysore – 1.89 crore

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 98 lakhs

    Assam/Orissa – 70 lakhs

    TOTAL – 30.90 crore

    Telugu – 2.00 crore

    Tamil – 60 lakhs


  83. Finally a good post from Sally aka salim—

    “For me the issue was not Aamir doing this type of movie, or his performance not being ‘flamboyant enough’ or any other deficit. It’s simply that I (we) expect high quality films from Aamir (regardless of the type of movie – Ghajini being a great example of a genre I don’t like but Aamir ensured I loved it). Dhoom 3 was just a shit film. ”

    @ Satyam –THIS is the crux of the objection most aamir fan/atics are having. Don’t confuse this with box office or tarans updates (which I’ve said is unaffected and should do 350+!!)

    Let’s address the issue @ hand (no pun intended) 🙂


  84. “I (we) trust him to deliver and this time he has not done so, hence the disappointment. So many interviews about what an amazing film this is has also knocked our trust – sure, all stars do this, but somehow when it comes to Aamir we have higher standards.”

    This is again well articulated Sally

    Would add –that this ‘disappointment ‘ would have come much much earlier for aamir fans had he done films at a ‘normal’ rate and not done just two films after 3i (in 6 years!!)
    For aamir it was surely a ‘calculated move’ but adding ‘sheen’ and ‘prestige’ to what’s clearly a ‘strategic move’ to hide weaknesses was what was the problem…

    Anyhow Satyam–do enjoy the great taran nbox office updates which shall continue (atleast) till Monday

    But time for some soul searching for u -Satyam 🙂


    • yes but there’s a crazy slippage in your argument..

      Aamir fans are disappointed by D3. This is true on the blog, don’t think this is so everywhere, but for the moment let’s stick to the blog. So Aamir fans don’t like it. this means something.

      On the other hand Hrithik fans like K3 (assuming this to be the case), you certainly did, and hence this is a better scenario than the D3 one because there even his fans are dissing him. A similar example would be Salman fans liking most of his films.

      here’s the problem though — Aamir fans are just working with a much higher bar precisely because of his history. What do those same Aamir fans think about the average Salman release or many Hrithik films?! It’s like if you’re a fan of De Niro you expect Scorcese and feel terribly let down even in a an average film he does whereas that same film might be fantastically good for a Stallone fan!

      Also how often did you give Aamir fans this much weight when they loved so much else he did?!

      Speaking for myself it’s not that I’m not taking their opinions seriously. I am. But I just have a sense of these things based on where I think everyone is coming from. I might end up agreeing with them. that’s certainly a possibility. But I doubt it. This is not a position of faith by any means. It’s based on a whole host of factors which does not nonetheless mean that I am not taking them seriously. In fact I’ve already commended them for not going the way of many other fans and liking everything blindly that their favorite star does.


      • I;ll say this again — a serious actor can sometimes be too ‘real’ for popcorn genres. It’s not just a question of the star being convincing or not but the fact that the very texture of the film is altered. In many ways this is always Abhishek’s issue as well. That he is never comfortably part of the film’s world. But this isn’t a problem necessarily with the star as people often assume in a knee-jerk way but also the world that is (or isn’t) created. We never saw Amitabh bachchan do Dhoom! Now the serious actor can nonetheless work well if the writing accounts for this difference. In fact the counter-intuitive choice is often a very effective one. But this doesn’t happen if one pretends that Aamir and Hrithik are completely substitutable and has both doing the very same things. Again all of this doesn’t mean this ‘is’ the problem with the film. Just making a larger point.

        But I might not be the best ‘voice’ on this stuff anyway since I find SRK patently absurd doing Don or Hrithik equally so in Agneepath or some other stuff, so on and so forth. It’s a sign of Bollywood’s bankruptcy that people are harder on serious actors doing Dhoom-like stuff and less so on Hrithik doing a Bardem!

        Must say that the reviewers never cease to disappoint me when it comes to Abhishek. There were certainly some like Taran who praised him or thought he matched Aamir (a couple even preferred him) but by and large though no one dissed him for his looks (a dramatic turnaround from D2) and didn’t necessarily attack the performance they mostly had a ‘he doesn’t have much to do’ sense here which is a bit bizarre because the footage or the nature of it ought not to be completely debatable. And Aamir fan or not no response on the blog seems to agree with that perception.


        • Aamir fans, SRK fans, HR fans, Akshay fans…that’s all I see on Bollywood forums these days. Don’t want to sound condescending, but It’s kind of embarrassing lol.

          Honestly I think a grown up person cannot be really a fan, especially of movie stars….beyond a certain age, you have to open your eyes and realize that they are just movies.

          And most Bollywood actors are either dishonest or just plain crazy. Amitabh, being one of the leading examples, – is anything less than extraordinary for him? He is like the Utkal of Bollywood lol. Everything from posters of Bol Bachchan (yes!!!), Ram Leela and Dhoom 3 is ‘spellbinding’.

          I do like reading analysis of great movies, exceptional actors like Pawan Malhotra, Irfan Khan, Boman Irani, Amitabh Bachchan etc. but in the end we are all too devoted to stars – Aamir, SRK, Salman, Abhishek (??) etc.


          • i wouldn’t call myself a ‘die hard’ fan of anyone…i just love watching good movies. yes i am a fan of Aamir Khan, not only because of his movies, but because of what he stands for and he always goes against the grain. thats one thing i can relate to!


          • Excellently said Henry. Amitabh is doing discredit to himself with his constant hyperbole. And now tweeting box office figures! Paternal love is wonderful, but somethings are simply unnecessary and unexpected of such a respected figure.


  85. Ok, here’s a tarot prediction ( from one Shruti Chopra) for Aamir in 2014. Don’t know how much one can believe.

    Dhoom:3 has been released and Aamir Khan as the anti-hero will be tested out
    How will Dhoom:3 fare at the box office? Will Aamir’s work be appreciated? Does the rest of his career as a producer, presenter and actor continue to blossom in 2014? This week Tarot looks into all of this and more…


    There is a stark contrast between the box office results and the way in which Aamir will be received. The Nine and Ten of Pentacles reflect success and profits but it’s the Nine of Swords and the Five of Cups that lead me to believe a sense of disappointment on the Aamir front. Dhoom:3 will feel stale in parts and may drag too. Despite this, the film will do well.


    On the other hand, Peekay will go through some trials and tribulations but once it releases, it will carry mass appeal. The King of Swords and the Wheel of Fortune show this film to be well planned and presented in a unique manner. Aamir’s acting will be enchanting, hence garnering a larger fan following and support for his work.

    The Producer

    Balance is key, but it’s very likely that Aamir is planning on more than humanly possible. It’s not like him to not focus on one project at a time, yet the Ten of Swords indicates additional strains and stresses from multiple projects.

    Priya: The Charming Girl of India

    This film by Ken Ghosh will be quite a success story for Aamir Khan Productions. Although there are some issues, these will clear out making the film profitable and may even be the start of more such associations with Ghosh.

    Satyamev Jayate

    It will be this show, that will engage the audiences like never before. The research will be impeccable with some new twists and turns. But there’s a warning too, controversies will trouble the producers and may even cause some unnecessary obstacles in broadcasting certain episodes. This is where the Hierophant advises – legalities must be clarified before airing certain stories.

    With Salman Khan

    On an interesting note, the combination of Aamir and Salman Khan working together will be lauded with praise. Their chemistry will be received very well, but when will this happen? Are their such possibilities? Yes certainly, the Devil and the Judgement card make it seem inevitable. We should see this materialise towards the end of 2014/early 2015.

    Tarot Advice 2014

    Be careful of getting involved in unnecessary arguments and losing balance in communication. Clarity will be key.



  86. “In fact I’ve already commended them for not going the way of many other fans and liking everything blindly that their favorite star does.”– it’s commendable but MOST Humans do that anyways
    As for krrish3–I was the first one to say that all the Diwali lull excuse was bs and was ready to diss the film
    But it’s not my fault that I liked the film and Hritiks work in it (which was v good for that film/genre)
    In the case of aamir -it seems it’s not that case here..won’t repeat what I’ve said above

    I know Satyam– u are (again) on the mat right now …

    Don’t wanna rub it in anymore

    Will be seeing dhoom3 shortly –watch out for some unbiased views!

    As of now–
    Will leave u to recollect/recover from this onslaught & regroup …

    Dete kisi ko dard jo hum
    Hum hi lagaate hain marham


    • Just impossible to have a serious exchange with you no matter how hard one tries..! I am the one running the fool’s errand here..


      • Satyam, you might have already provided but what is your weekend, 1st week, lifetime prediction for D3?


      • on D3, i’ve always had a low expectation for it. never once was i expecting to go seeing a ‘rang de basanti’ or even a ‘ghajini’. however, i was planning on being entertained for 3 hours from the biggest banner in india, biggest franchise, and one of the biggest stars. my mindset was exactly right for this film, just enjoy the show. but it’s hard to enjoy it when the script and execution of the film is so miserable. i enjoyed YJHD because it was entertainment and for the most part i enjoyed CE. have not seen K3 because i thought Krishh was so damn awful. really that genre in India does not work for me so i passed.

        the problem is NOT aamir khan. his acting is fine. the problem, as i pointed out, is the script. there is no potential there. i prefer D2 because this is just a rehash of D2. i’ll compare to a hollywood movie, like transformer. the first one i enjoyed and loved. the second one was bearable. the third one was just plain stupid.

        the producers of both Dhoom and Transformers got lazy. in Dhoom 3 you can sense that they just used the stars marketability and did not even care about what they put on screen. the blame goes solely to mr. aditya chopra. you can sense his stamp was all over this one. that’s why i had my doubts to begin with when Aamir signed onto do another YashRaj Film.

        on aamir dissapointing me, well like i said i went into the movie without having high expectations. i didn’t read any reviews nor did i read the comments here on the blog before watching it. the only thing i watched were the interviews where Aamir was praising the damn script. like salim mentioned, every star praises the script, but with aamir, you really do trust him because of what he has done the past 17 years (barring Mela).

        i don’t think this will hurt Aamir at all, because his follow up is with raju hirani! and the film will be coming out in june, so not even a long wait is required! Abhishek will be fine too, but really had no scope in this movie. the writing is so bad, the guy is just trying to make due with what he has been given (pile of crap character).

        people can judge this film on their own, but this blog is about opinions and i have given mine without any agenda or motives.


  87. Relax Satyam –I know u r feeling beleaguered & isolated right now
    But this has not happened for the first time (or the last!)
    Esp in your interactions with me lol

    Suggest u take these reverses in the right spirit
    Let’s forget Aamirs ‘discretion’ or script sense or the beating Aamirs getting from his own fans
    Just enjoy the good box office collections (over the weekend)

    & suggest that (like me) u also check the film today —all the best…


  88. @apex

    “Would add –that this ‘disappointment ‘ would have come much much earlier for aamir fans had he done films at a ‘normal’ rate and not done just two films after 3i (in 6 years!!)
    For aamir it was surely a ‘calculated move’ but adding ‘sheen’ and ‘prestige’ to what’s clearly a ‘strategic move’ to hide weaknesses was what was the problem…”

    Most people won’t understand this. Aamir in general is a very calculated person. Everything he does is very caculative.

    On D3, I’m not sure why so many people are surprised by the final product. I have not seen it so can’t comment on it but for the people who have seen it, does it not work like D1 and D2?


  89. Absolutely love the first half, I was totally glued and charged till interval. Post interval was Drag for most parts till climax which again was fantastic. This is Aamir show all the way and this installment of Dhoom has taken the series to totally different level all together. I don’t see Dhoom4 coming till 2024 now. This will be high level of tough job to match the standards of this latest one .. leave alone surpassing it. After Milkha Singh, this performance from Aamir is best of year .. in fact best performance since Lagaan.

    There was absolutely nothing for Abhishek, he should straight away refuse such roles. First Dhoom had Abhishek better role and performance than John .. but he completely sidelined in next two.


    • i respectfully disagree with your comment on Aamir Khan. his acting was fine in D3, but this was not his best since Lagaan. IMO, his best acting since Lagaan was in fact a couple months after Lagaan and that was in DCH! he was better in Talaash, Ghajini, Fanaa, RDB, and even MP than in D3.


  90. Rating : 2.5
    Relative rating : CE > D3 > K3

    Boy in the box. Twists that come out of nowhere. A bike that would put 007’s gadgets to shame. An attempt to put all kinds of masala in one movie.

    dhoom 3 proved beyond doubt that i for sure do not understand the sensibilities of the common movie going junta anymore.

    Half the movie i simply could not understand any dialogues as people were whistling and howling over bike chase scenes & katrina & even aamir. And people crying at the end. ( almost wanted to pull my hair ).

    The rest of the movie was not upto the mark. I had high expectations. But this one just dragged.

    The best part was abhi & udays entry in an auto that could fly. I’m sure Salman would be crying hoarse as to why he did not get to do this.

    Not sure & dont care about BO. But this one is a dissapointment as far as i am concerned.


  91. So here’s the Friday total of #Dhoom3… India ₹ 36.22 cr + Overseas ₹ 20.20 cr. Worldwide *Friday* total: ₹ 56.42 cr. MONSTROUS START!



  92. Definitely a little underwhelming.But lets say this movie was named anything else except ‘Dhoom3’ , the reviews may have been something else. The first two Dhoom movies were fun if not anything else and by taking the fun element out of it, this movie becomes a slight drag. Pritam’s music is a huge letdown .
    But this is definitely worth a watch and the second half more than makes up for the luggish first half.
    this is however Aamir’s show all the way and every paisa that this movie will earn say after the third day will be because of Aamir.
    Do not see this movie having long legs though as repeat viewing seems unlikely .


  93. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
    #Dhoom3 shatters all previous records in Pakistan. Collects $ 210,000 [₹ 1.30 cr; PKR 2.23 cr] on Friday.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
    #Dhoom3 is the BIGGEST opener in UAE-GCC. Collects $ 1,279,000 [₹ 7.93 cr]. AWESOME!

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
    So here’s the Friday total of #Dhoom3… India ₹ 36.22 cr + Overseas ₹ 20.20 cr. Worldwide *Friday* total: ₹ 56.42 cr. MONSTROUS START!


    • BO wise, the thunderous response was expected and the expectations are met IMO. now the question is, will this film be accepted or will their be more opinions that are similar to Salim, Anjo’s and mine and make the film come crashing down. hope everyone recovers their money, but YashRaj films should not profit on this film.


      • “…but YashRaj films should not profit on this film.”

        – Unfortunately, it’s the third Khan film which will give them a
        net minimum of 100cr after ETT and JTHJ.

        But that’s beside the point. The audience should be more aware and not lap up substandard stuff to help fill their loot bag. It’s such star-starved that good small films have 1.5 cr in revenue which is probably a star’s costume design!

        Even on this site as said below rarely do we see a dialogue of a smaller, better film. Look at the number of responses on the BO of big films which should actually have no discussion point as it’s a number!


  94. Kareena sends best wishes to Abhishek for Dhoom: 3

    Back in the year 2000, two fresh new faces were launched in Bollywood amidst much fanfare. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Abhishek Bachchan — both from extremely influential Bollywood families — made their debut in Refugee that year and since then the two have conquered new heights of success. However, due to a personal reason — Abhishek was engaged to Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor, but the engagement didn’t work out — the two weren’t seen together on the big screen again. However, we’ve now been informed that Kareena wished Abhishek good luck prior to the release of his latest film, Dhoom:3, which hit the screens on Friday (December 20).

    “Kareena and Abhishek were supposed to attend an art exhibition together, but Abhishek couldn’t make it because of his schedule and since he was in the middle of shooting for Happy New Year. However, he conveyed his apologies to Kareena for not having been able to attend,” says a source close to the actor.

    Kareena, in her reply to the message, promptly sent good wishes to Abhishek ahead of his newest film’s release. “Kareena has always kept in touch with Abhishek and they share a special bond because they made their debut together. She wished him the best of luck for his film as she loved him in the promos. She genuinely feels that he will be great in it,” adds the source.

    In September, in her Big Interview with HT Café, Kareena had expressed the desire to team up “with Abhishek again”. She had said, “I really want to work with Abhishek again. I gave the first shot of my career with him when we were shooting for Refugee in Bhuj. I have no idea why nobody has approached us for another movie together.”
    Ask Abhishek about this recent interaction between the two and he says, “As an actor, I love her work. I think she is very talented. Kareena has been special to me as she was my first co- star. I’m grateful for her for having said that (wishing him good luck).”


  95. Very disappointed with Abhishek footage in D3 .. Except his entry scene action .. there was simply nothing for him. Even Dhoom2 had better role for him.


    • Agree with the Abhi points.

      However, couldn’t disagree more with the most ludicrous climax ever of a big film. I won’t spoil it for others, so let it be…


  96. I don’t know why this site is becoming so BO oriented!

    Com’on it should be a discussion on cinema or the truth of it – shouldn’t it? Even if it crosses 300 cr (which it won’t) it won’t do an iota of good to Abhishek when ‘his’ much better acted Bol Bachchan couldn’t!


    • good comment. agree. but this specific thread is on BO, so thats why we are discussing BO.

      on the whole though, i agree it should be cinema or the truth. and members like An Jo and Salim have spoken the truth WITHOUT any agenda. some people on here might have an ulterior motive of why they think the film is good or bad…but after watching the movie last night…and then reading those reviews by them…i knew they were being sincere and that’s what this blog should be known for.


  97. thecooldude Says:

    Dhoom 3 cross 1M on Friday in North America…debuts at number 9



  98. Today 24 hours tele series by anil kapoor ended on a somewhat sad note. They are different from the american version but they maintained tempo and suspense nicely. It was a good watch during fridays and saturdays. Neil Bhoopalam who essayed the role of aditya did a splendid job sometimes even overshadowing anil kapoor. Must appreciate anil kapoor for showcasing Neil.


  99. I plan to see the film mid-week when spouse is free — but till then i’ve been following the reactions online–and of course it’s mostly been negative, with some positive reactions too, say 25%. The funny thing is that offline, I’m getting the occasional rousingly positive reaction for Dhoom 3. My niece ( we have watched The Lunchbox together recently and loved it) told me a while back that the film may be illogical but except for that it was a fun ride, big and beautiful and best of all she loved Aamir in it, was falling for him all over again, found him excellent. She says that it is a film made from the heart, watch it without getting too picky and cerebral, just go with the flow. And she tells me that the Chennai audience seemed to be enjoying the film as much as her and kids. Another friend terms the film magnificent though illogical and total paisa vasool, especially with Aamir being tops. I value these opinions as much as the voices here, so…will watch and form my own opinion.


    • exactly…watch it and form your own opinion. everyone has their own taste. but IMO this Aamir Khan film will not be remembered down the line (or maybe it will but for the wrong reasons). i did like his negative shades of acting and wish it had more dark moments. i think he should do an all out negative role, he will be awesome in it.


    • Thanks for the feedback LS. Aamir gave a beautiful film like Talaash which was criticised for not catering to the masses and when he gives a massy film like Dhoom 3, he is criticised for not catering to the classes. Either way he is damned. But I am happy that people are flocking to see an aamir khan movie. inspite of agenda driven critics.
      Many years ago, Raj Kapoor spent his entire fortune to produce Mera Naam Joker and it flopped and broke his heart. Yashraj knows business and the results are there to see.


      • if looking strictly from a business point of view, yeah this was a good decision. but what do i care about the business aspect of it?? i only care about the film aspect. i loved Aamir in Talaash, and loved the movie itself. Aamir has proven he can provide a movie for both masses and classes (3 idiots and Ghajini). D3 was just a poor script and all of the actors had nothing to work with. This is not about Aamir Khan, this is about the crappy script.


        • I’m hopefully going to watch it tomorrow…unsure about it now, as it seems to have ruffled a few feathers!


          • lol…watch it, and you can thank An Jo, salim and myself for totally giving you zero expectations. ill be surprised if you, satyam or GF will like it or even enjoy it (forming this opinion by following this blog since the start and following your guys’ views on particular big movies).


        • I did not enjoy Talaash at all. As for Dhoom 3, seems not such a good script but is doing mammoth business everywhere. I guess the masses are liking it a lot. Time will tell if it sustains. But if the script is bad here, that makes it 2 poor films in a row for Aamir.

          Not that other stars are doing any better. Didn’t think very highly of CE either, but one has some to expect quality work from Aamir.


  100. T 1329 – #Dhoom3 .. DAY 1 (Friday) worldwide figure 56 cr ! That’s just ONE DAY !! Gobsmacked !!



    • Shows the love AB senior has for his son. Dhoom is the only time was AB junior gets to be part of sumthing real big.

      Otherwise i would’nt really think this that box office collections matter to him, i mean this guy owned the box for a couple of decades. In wont be wrong to say that he defined the box office for a long time, but all those years this never really mattered to him. It was the obvious outcome of his stature in bollywood.


  101. Dhoom3 in US at no 9 top 10 chart and no 4 in UK.

    3,507 $8,700,000

    +69.9% / $2,481
    $21,924,000 / 3
    Warner Bros.

    3,928 $8,605,000

    +70.5% / $2,191
    $104,650,000 / 8
    Sony / Columbia

    2,507 $6,300,000

    +8417.8% / $2,513
    $7,413,000 / 8
    4 FROZEN (2013)
    Buena Vista

    3,540 $5,115,000

    +132.7% / $1,445
    $177,507,000 / 29
    Buena Vista

    2,110 $2,963,000

    +5734.2% / $1,404
    $3,588,000 / 8

    2,949 $2,450,000

    +79.6% / $831
    $365,404,000 / 29

    2,194 $2,410,000

    +164.4% / $1,098
    $22,180,000 / 8

    3,231 $2,125,000

    — / $658
    $2,125,000 / 1
    9 DHOOM 3
    Yash Raj

    236 $1,075,000

    — / $4,555
    $1,075,000 / 1
    Buena Vista

    1,116 $360,000

    +31.2% / $323
    $199,798,000 / 43


  102. Deepika breaks down after receiving the CNN IBN Award from her father: I was skeptical when I read the headline, but this is such a lovely, genuine father-daughter moment. And her parents are so refreshingly different from the usual obnoxiously pushy star parents.



  103. 10% fall in kanpur on Saturday.
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 30m
    KANPUR (DHOOM 3) saturday Multiplexes-1322529 Single Screen-484931.50 TOTAL-1807460.50 2days total-3953503.50


  104. Just back from D3. Intend to do a proper piece on it later. But this is such a misunderstood, and erroneously read, film. Leaving aside the best VFX and CGI that Bollywood has seen, the stunning cinematography and international production values; the emotional wallop that this film packs was something that I did not expect, despite knowing beforehand that this installment was more content oriented. But most importantly, this movie, like the director’s earlier misunderstood Tashan, is a movie about masala movies. The Great Indian Circus that lies at the heart of the film’s narrative which Aamir’s antagonist resolves to resuscitate is what the film itself is trying to do with masala films. Jackie’s parting message to his son is to never let go of the circus and his pride to be associated with it- a circus that the ‘firang’ deems laughable, much like the derision that our masala films face in the West. And Abhishek plays a very important role here, in acknowledging the ‘innocence’ and ‘sincerity’ at the heart of the conceit of the thief. This is his best written role of the series, and this is undoubtedly the best film of the series. Mean to do a much longer write-up, but for now, I am still letting the film sink in. Surely did not expect something as frothy as a Dhoom film to end up being elevated to something so clever, riveting and poignant, all at once. And I guess it is this that has left so many critics criticizing the film… I don’t think they, or anybody, expected this film to be more than bikes, babes and a cool villain.


    • This has gone some way to giving me some much needed hope!


    • i have no problem with masala. like i stated above, i love a good spicy masala film. this masala was bland and poorly made. as far as the VFX and CGI, they were on par with most hindi film’s…it was mediocre. you can see this from the trailers themselves. i didn’t like this film but obviously it wasn’t the worst film i’ve ever seen. yes it is the worst Aamir Khan film i’ve seen since Mela, no doubt about that.

      nonetheless, looking forward to reading proper reviews from you guys.


    • Thank goodness..someone sensible enough to endorse Aamir’s repeated hints about strong and emotional script. Will eagerly wait for proper piece (without spoiler before Sunday 6:00 PM and after it doesn’t matter!).


    • thanks much Abzee.. your piece is the most heartening thing I’ve come across on the film (positive or negative). And certainly look forward to a proper piece here.


  105. Dhoom 3 Set For Huge Saturday

    Saturday 22nd December 2013 20.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 is set for another huge day on Saturday with fantastic collections all over. There will be a drop as the first day collections were so high that inevitably Saturday morning could not compare to Friday morning but thereafter collections have been on par with Friday. The big multiplexes held collections very strongly on Saturday.

    The drop on Saturday will be around 10-15% so the collections should come in at around the 27-28 crore nett region which is a huge number.

    The trends on Saturday suggest the film is looking set for a fantastic run with the weekend set to close at record levels for all India collections and with a big midweek holiday on Wednesday the film will close the week with all records totally shattered.


    • DHOOM 3 Crosses 100 Cr Nett Worldwide In Two Days

      ”Dhoom 3” took box office by storm and managed to shatter almost every record in town. Film met expectations in big way and now film has some real big opportunity to smash few more records.

      Film has collected huge 33 cr nett plus on day one in Hindi and 36 cr nett plus inclusive all languages. Film also collected humongous 20 cr in overseas markets and it is certain that film will go to great heights in overseas markets.

      Film was good on day two but as expected there was slim drop in morning and noon shows at places like Nizam, NCR and East. Film was super strong in UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Mumbai. Film held well throughout the day overall and performed well despite mixed response.

      As per early trends on Saturday, film should collect 28 cr nett which is a usual 15- 20% drop after such a huge opening. Film might collect a bit more on day two depending on night shows. Film is heading for some real mind boggling numbers. Blockbuster sure shot!



      • IMO, aamir khan’s stardom remains untouched. the top tier remains, Salman, Aamir, SRK and Hrithik.

        abhishek needs to prove he can have a huge hit without having huge stars. BB had Ajay at his peak. his stardom remains the same after D3.

        as for uday, well unfortunately he is retiring from acting. at least he went out on top!


        • for katrina, this film should’ve presented her has a ‘special guest’. the role was atrocious but she was probably there in the movie for 20-30mins for a movie that was almost 3 hours long. Ash had a very significant role and screen time in D2. this goes to show you how much of a ‘star’ katrina really is…or isn’t.


        • thecooldude Says:

          Aamir has now been doing this one ‘my type of movie’ followed by one ‘a total massy movie’ deal for a while now. Mangal Pandey was followed by a more commerical Fanaa which was followed by a more serious TZP with Ghajini, 3I, Talaash, and now D3. Next up is PK which will obviously be a lot less massy.


          • thecooldude Says:

            sorry…forgot RDB after MP which was both risky and commercial in some sense.


          • Aamir has now been doing this one ‘my type of movie’ followed by one ‘a total massy movie’ deal for a while now.


            Not for a while, Aamir has been doing one for box office and one that is not regularly made for its time,right from the beginning of his career, OSQT was followed by Raakh. Now keep the 90’s filmography of the current 40+ stars in mind Aamir was doing a variety of romantic movies -loud old school masala (Dil, RH), classy (DHKMN), sports movie (JJWS), family entertainer (HHRPK), a comedy (AAA), Rangeela, Ghulam, Sarfarosh, 1947 Earth – each completely different from one another. He even had a sci fi (Time Machine) on sets which unfortunately got shelved. Then there was Darr which he had accepted but later removed. So, Aamir isn’t doing anything new now but Lagaan (June release) followed by Dil Chahtha Hai (August release) followed by Oscar moment (December) in the same year gave all that previous work (which was already good), what some call here ‘prestige’ and this put him in a different pedal all together, the fruits of which he is enjoying today.

            I have a different theory on his choices though :), Aamir does one out and out masala venture that is loud and old school, he then does the same in modern avatar that is with its times, and finally a out of box venture. The idea being that one of the two variations of masala ventures keeps him commercially salable so that there are takers for his out of box or the different film.


        • thecooldude Says:

          But none of your top tier stars barrig Aamir have done a risky movie like Talaash which made almost 100 CR. Let me see if Hrithik or SRK can do something completely different..otherwise, Aamir is on top. Wouldn’t even mention Salman since he has no chance of doing anything huge outside his masala stuff. The movie with Barjatya will prove it.


          • for hrithik, agneepath would be considered something ‘different’ from his usual films. but even agneepath was glossed over so much by Kjo that it became same old candy floss product that comes out of dharma productions. for SRK, he has tried something different and has failed (see swades, see paheli, see asoka). sallu is not capable of trying something different. even barjatya is within his territory. i just put all of them in the top tier because of the sheer magnitude of their BO prowess, can’t deny that.


    • I did make this point that the Friday seemed so high that it might not grow so much over the weekend. I think this might get close to 100 crs over the weekend which means it will have matched CE without any holiday or prescreenings. Great numbers surely but when CE made around 96 crs or more over 3 days the next best was 62 crores. This woud probably beat CE but want annihilate the 3 day record. It still looks set to go past 300 crores which is fantastic but I will really feel sorry if this movie does that much. But then I felt the same for ETT and CE too.


  106. tonymontana Says:

    I believe this deserves a watch. In this era of social networking it seems to be the “in thing” to be the first one to report an exaggerated disappointment with a film. Happened with Besharam earlier and also Ra.One and Tees Maar Khan. Dhoom 3 is the latest target. Word of mouth for a half-bad/ordinary/below-average film is blown out of proportions to such cases that it appears reasonable to believe that the film under question is possibly one of the biggest disasters in the history of cinema!


    • Agreed, today a movie which is liked is the best movie ever and movie which is not is the worst movie ever.


      • Agreed. I liked Tashan (don’t remember much) and didn’t mind wackiness of TMK. We just don’t have stomach for such humor.

        Besharam could have been better but not bad. I was on positive side of R..Rajkumar.


    • looking at my comments from last night, i guess i got carried away with my ‘tone’. but i still maintain that this is the worst Aamir Khan starrer since Mela. never said that this is the worst movie in history. i would say D3 is a below average film at best. i found D2 to be more of an entertainer. ill never deter people from watching any movie, but i can disagree with them about how good/bad the movie is. nothing wrong with that. Ironically, i thought Besharam and TMK were OK films and at least average films. Never saw RaOne because that genre in hindi cinema does not entice me at all (same goes for K3).


      • Sorry, that wasn’t about you or anyone here, it was just a general observation. For example on imdb we can find fair amount of threads on each movie board claiming those films to be best and worst movie ever at the same time.


        • i can agree with that. not this is anything new, it’s just more in focus today because as TM said, with all the social networking, its much easier being ‘heard’. i still concede that my tone last night was a bit much (i was passionately disappointed because it was the first hindi movie that i’ve seen in the theater after Dabanng), the movie is not the worst in the world.


  107. my best/worst hindi movies this year:


    1. Raanjhaana
    2. Lootera
    huge gap

    3. YJHD
    4. Chennai Express
    5. R…Raj Kumar


    1. OUTIM Dobara
    2. Boss
    3. Special 26
    4. Phata Poster Nikla Hero
    5. Dhoom 3

    hollywood (popular) so far…

    1. 12 years a slave
    2. captain phillips
    3. WW Z
    4. hunger games: catching fire
    5. Gravity

    1. Hangover 3
    2. The Lone Ranger
    3. Man of Steel
    4. Gangster Squad
    5. Oblivion


  108. Caught this movie today morning and there is only one word for this movie. Disappointing. I actually came back home and saw the interview of aamir where he talked about the great emphasis to script this movie had. All I can say that he has taken every single person on a royal ride. The script is to amateurish it’s hard to believe that aamir acted in it fr anything other than the moolah and the instant gratification of getting some weekend records. I don’t think it’s even worth for me to talk more about this movie. The earlier dhooms were classics compared to this in the sense that they didn’t promise to be casablancas and at least delivered what they intended. Also I seriously don’t know why Abhi is continuing to act in this series.



    Got back from watching Dhoom 3 about two hours ago. The expectations and hype were at an unheard level for me (and probably everyone else) even though I’m a die hard Aamir fan. The film starts off excellently with the establishing the backdrop masala story. Then Aamir comes in with his “Dhoom” entry. Him walking to the window of his apartment was awesome and I believe that he equalled HR and John Abraham in style/appeal/hottness in that one scene. His entire entry action scene was great, I can only imagine the single screen reaction back in India. It would have been great to see that action sequence in a single screen. Then comes the Dhoom tap song. This was very bad. Just flat out embarrassing. Satyam says that people shouldn’t have gone into the movie expecting Aamir to do a HR in terms of style/dancing etc but then why does Aamir try to do a HR? After this embarrassing song comes the brilliant and very masala entry sequence of Jai-Ali. This whole sequence was great. However Uday Chopra (if possible) seemed to be more over the top than usual. Abhishek Bachchan killed it in his entry scene with the auto rickshaw and subsequent punches/kicks. The scene where he jumps 20 feet into the air of the motorcycle to kick the bad guy once again reminded me that this was Dhoom I was watching and to expect the unexpected in terms of action scenes. The rest of the first half was good but it could have been more fun. Fun doesn’t mean necessarily mean that it has to be like Dhoom 2 but it needed more fun. The other 2 song were great-Kamli and Malang. Kamli is probably Katrina’s top 3 best performances ever along with Chikni Chameli and Sheila. The first half concludes with an interesting twist, something which based off of the audience reaction of those around me was very unpredictable.

    The second half was more entertaining and emotional than the first half which I thought the first half needed badly. I really enjoyed the Tu Hi Junoon song and its visuals.

    In terms of script and story this was definitely the best and strongest of the three. But it could have had more fun and been entertaining. The action sequences/special effects were/production quality were excellent. Although the action sequences were very unbelievable (even for a Hindi movie!) they worked well for me since this is after all DHOOM. Actually the film could have used 1 more action scene. Songs were good although it could have had 1 more in the second half. I don’t like having 3 songs in one half and 1 love song in the second half. The end credits with Aamir(s) was cute and Katrina killed it in the title song IMO.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Pritam’s music although I know the reaction of others has been mixed. Background music was good BUT they could have used the Dhoom Theme more! I don’t know why they didn’t use the theme enough.

    For Performances-Aamir was top class as Sahir but not good as Samar at all. In some scenes as Sahir he equals SRK in hamminess. And I have know idea what he was doing as Samar. It was at times cringeworthy. Abhishek is nails it as the angry cop, but the problem is that at times his excellent acting seemed out of place in the movie and meant for another (more serious) cop movie. Uday Chopra is Uday Chopra. He was funny and efficient. Katrina literally was only in the songs. Whatever little screen time she had, she lit up the screen. Her dancing/performance in the songs were beautiful and applause worthy. All the white people in the movie do a terrible job in this movie. The kid is good as was Jackie Shroff.

    Overall it’s a 3.5-4/5 for me. Compared to the other 2 big movies this year, I’d say it is much more entertaining that K3 but not as entertaining as CE. Story wise it’s better than both.

    The opening is huge which is because of BOTH the Dhoom Franchise and Aamir. It should make it to 200 crores because of the hype but 300 and probably even 250 is out of the question. It just isn’t entertaining enough.


    • ****Major Correction I meant to say Die hard SRK Fan. I’m a SRK fan.


    • Also the movie could have been 20 minutes shorter if they just put the slow motion scenes at normal time.


    • A good unbiased review. After watching the movie, I will try to write a short review.


      • Thank you. I’m interested to know your view of the movie as well. Although to be honest to this day I haven’t been able to figure out which actor’s fan you are. I think Aamir?


        • Even I cant decide. Sometimes Aamir, sometimes Salman and SRK and all times Bachchan.
          I am really glad to know that as an SRK fan, you have some good words for this movie. Which is a rarity nowadays.


    • exactly. Had there been a little more fun in this film, this would have been a real good watch. They really should have edited the movie by a good 20 mins. But Aamir really holds the movie together. He really should do an all out negative role. Here he is the wronged hero with AB jr playing Iftekhar!


  110. LAHORE: Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Dhoom 3’ ran to packed theatres across Pakistan after the movie was finally released on Friday, crossing over many legal hurdles.

    The breakthrough came after two rival media groups reached a settlement under which it was agreed that a part of the revenue generated from Bollywood films would be invested for revival of local films. The opponents of Indians films argue they would sound the death knell for the struggling Pakistani movie industry.

    “It was a win-win formula which eventually led to Dhoom 3’s release on Friday,” said producer Sarah Tarin. She said the legal hurdles were result of a petition that a media group had filed to stop screening of Indian movies, citing the threats to local filmmakers.

    “An association of producers and distributors agreed to provide screens for screening Pakistani films at the multiplexes as part of the settlement as well,” Tarin told TOI at a special ‘Dhoon 3’ premiere at plush Super Cinema on Lahore’s upscale MM Alam Road.

    The premiere attracted the who’s who of Pakistan’s cultural capital on Friday. Swanky cars, including a Limousine, ferried film buffs to the theatre and caused traffic snarls till late in the night. People waited for hours at the ticket counters under frosty weather and poor visibility due to fog that has blanketed Lahore over the last few days.

    It turned out to be an out-and-out entertainer for the cine-goers, which included couples as well as families and kids. Katrina Kaif’s mesmerising dance performance on the ‘kamli, kamli’ song drew thunderous applause along with improbable stunts and superior cinematography.

    Leading distributor Nadeem Mandviwala, who owns multiplexes as well, said the popularity of the film reflected in the collections on day one and makes the film the biggest Bollywood release ever. “It collected Rs I.90 crore on the first day and we expect above Rs 15 crore in revenue. Chennai Express earned Rs 90 lakh on the first day while the biggest Pakistani film in recent times – Waar – earned Rs 1.10 crore on the opening day.”

    Tarin said the film was the talk of the town and there were over 1,000 advanced bookings for one show at the multiplex in the heart of Lahore alone. “It is running back to back in Lahore and there is only Dhoom 3. It is dominating all multiplex timings. There are no tickets before Monday.”

    A lot of effort went behind the scenes to pave the way for Dhoom 3’s release, as Bollywood films have turned out to be the backbone for the fledgling multiplex and 3D cinema industry in Pakistan. Multiplexes have come up across Pakistan’s big cities in the last few years and they depend entirely on Indian films for their business.


    “The Indian films got permission for screening in 2007 as part of then government’s policy to improve relations. This led to multiplex boom,” said film journalist Usman Ghafoor. He said the Indian films have also led to the revival of cinema culture in Pakistan.

    The stakes involved with the Bollywood films have gone up and these generate lot of revenue for distributors, cinema owners and even the government. As such, creating hurdles for them are unlikely to succeed in such circumstances,” said Ghafoor.


  111. Incidentally , in dubai where I watched the film, all the ushers and the multiplex staff were sporting the bowler hat. The katrina song in the end credits was in Arabic as well. But doesn’t look like they released the dubbed Arabic version of the movie.


  112. Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 is set emerge a huge blockbuster as it showed a phenomenal trend on Saturday. The second day today has become the key as business is now just about the first 20-25 days even for the films which sustain. The film is now sure to have extraordinary collections over the weekdays.

    Dhoom 3 has hardly dropped on Saturday with early estimates in the 29.50 crore nett range. The trend is phenomenal as multiplexes had collections matching Friday with some places even better. After such a bumper start a 15-20% drop would have been a good trend but the drop here is much less.

    North India has seen phenomenal collections despite the weather which is leaving morning and night shows lower at places but still the film is putting up never seen before numbers.

    The film is easily the biggest hit of the year and its all about where does it end now.



    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 11m
      #Dhoom3 had a super-strong Saturday in India. Less than normal drop at few places, but gained further in several pockets.

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 11m
      Sunday should be massive for #Dhoom3, with opening weekend closing at record levels. Also, Christmas holidays will make Week 1 ROCK-SOLID.


      • The trend of the first two days clearly suggest that today will surely be a big day for Dhoom 3. The biggest day ever is a foregone conclusion, but how big we need to see.

        I would say that the hindi version should make between 35 – 37Cr, on an occupancy of around 95 %.

        Having seen the movie , i can safely say that all credit goes to Aamir. Anyone else but him in this movie & this would’nt have gone anywhere close to these numbers, this happens to be a fairly ordinary movie, which does not stick to the Dhoom series heist formula but tries to be a drama.

        Aamir back in the number game as the No UNO.


    • as I told Apex earlier he shouldn’t start celebrating just yet!


  113. Hello. I check this blog every now and then, so basically I have a fair idea about the tastes, preferences, and attitudes, of most of the active members here. I have also been following the reactions to Dhoom 3 with much interest (it is an event film after all). Saw the film yesterday, and thought I would comment here. First, I am quite amused, but not entirely surprised, that many of the members here who try to project themselves as very clever and refined, and are very condescending towards their non-favorite stars in general, have completely misread the film. Completely misread. These people include some fans of Aamir as well. Intelligence is a virtue, yes, but it can also be a trapping. Especially, intelligence that is assumed and projected.

    Anyway, my take on the film as follows.

    It is certainly not what I was expecting from a Dhoom film. It is not at all entertaining in the conventional sense. In fact the usual elements were what brought the film down, right from the cringe-worthy intros (entry sequences) of all leads, to the action sequences which were laughable and completely over the top. There was something deeply unsettling about the film though. Right from the pre-interval sequence to the very end, it became a different film altogether, slightly disturbing, and suffused with a stark sadness which completely overwhelmed the routine police-thief cat and mouse game. Aamir looked bad initially, but later his act grew on me. In fact, till more than half way into the film, I could not believe how bad Aamir was acting. But towards the latter portions of the film, the same mannerisms, that looked like all hamming initially, seemed quite all right.

    All in all, I won’t say it was a great film, or a bad film. But it was certainly an unique experience, and for that Aamir wins brownie points yet again. Certainly not a feel good entertainer, but if you ignore the badly done usual trappings of a big budget commercial film, there is a burning visceral soul in the film, that left me feeling a bit uncomfortable.

    Aamir was the film. As good or bad as you would end up finding the film. Abhishek had a decent role, better than what I expected. Uday was terribly irritating and spoiled the mood of the film. Katrina was superb in her extended special appearance. But it should be said that despite her limited screen time, hers’ was a crucial role indeed, and led to some of the most dramatic moments in the film.

    Do watch.

    PS: I am a die-hard Salman Khan fan. And I think he is quite a good actor. Thought I would add this to my intro here. As all people active on such forums are die-hard fans of some or the other actor. And Salman Khan is usually an eyesore for most of the people I hinted at a the beginning of the comment.

    The Jai Ho promo during the film received a thunderous response. It was a multiplex. Personally I found the promo disappointing in the sense that it promised nothing else but routine action and bhai-giri. But the multiplex audience started roaring at the sight of that bracelet, even before the man himself rounded up the promo with a cringe-worthy roar.


    • A very fair assessment. I myself did not expect the film to be as emotional an experience as it turned out be, or as dark and bleak an ending that it had. This is surely no feel good bikes n’ babes film. And this is what you get for having Aamir be a part of even such a ‘trivial’ franchise.

      Now its weird that the negative reactions seem to be at odds against themselves-

      So the film is criticized for not being as fun as the earlier Dhooms, and also criticized for having outlandish action set pieces… cuz we all go to the Dhoom films for realism! But when you have ‘reality’ infused into the narrative as the best of masala films do, where the stakes are high and the loss real, the film isn’t as frothy as you’d have liked it to be.

      So Aamir is criticized for being very serious and all clenched up, and maybe too ‘real’ for this terrain, and then also criticized for not having the ‘it’ factor of a Hrithik or John.

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I admit the film is getting mixed reactions, but I believe most of it is because the audience has been unable to process the film for what it is. And for this very reason, this film will enjoy a great shelf life and a post-hype acclaim once you see the film for what it is. For me, being at a packed single screen and seeing an entire audience go pin-drop just out of shock as to how the film ends (whether they liked or disliked it is separate, but just the sheer audacity of the bleak ending that they did not bargain for in a Dhoom film) was worth everything that a true masala fan lives for. That, and welled up eyes.


      • Thank you. You know, I will not exactly go against who are finding the film terrible. Simply because it was the case of goods being delivered in a packaging that was simply not meant for them. The first half (especially the first hour) is all gloss, and is not at all a just build-up for what is to follow. It can be described as a feeble (and what the makers found to be necessary) attempt to get the franchise elements out of the way before the actual movie starts. So in that sense, it did a terrible job of setting up expectations for the rest of the film. The background music was loud (I just about cracked up when Uday was delivering flat lines one after another in his introduction scene, and the background music wanted us to believe that these are the cleverest lines ever being said.). And that ‘Dhoom Machale’…. the song was not suited for this film at all. Aamir tap dancing to it was so very out of sync with the mood of his character. And the song was not used just there, it was a part of the BGM constantly. Messed up the film in my view.

        Your point about reality being infused in the narrative… see all big budget commercial entertainers are a world of make-believe. For that matter a film like ‘The Lunchbox’ as well. If you are equating the sombre mood and the gravity to being realistic, I would beg to disagree. Without giving away spoilers, I would say that anything Aamir does in the movie is hardly ever realistic. It is larger than life. But that is how it is always meant to be. What I do agree with is that Masala films that have a semblance of gravity, and a seriousness in treatment, always do end up winning more fans than the outright frothy stuff. But would I called Dhoom 3 a good masala film. I don’t know. Probably not. It is not a movie that would be ‘enjoyed’ by the audience. None of the people I saw it with liked it. The audience was constantly restive and hardly ever jumping up with joy or excitement (even during the moments that were ‘designed’ to evoke such reactions). So the movie, in my view, failed to maintain the right balance between the two worlds it attempted to merge. And the ‘Dhoom’ world pretty much kicked the ‘Doom’ world in the wrong places, while the latter was the one which should have been the overpowering one. The numbers were bound to come in the first week irrespective of content.

        “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I admit the film is getting mixed reactions, but I believe most of it is because the audience has been unable to process the film for what it is. And for this very reason, this film will enjoy a great shelf life and a post-hype acclaim once you see the film for what it is.”

        Spot on, couldn’t have put it better.


      • “So Aamir is criticized for being very serious and all clenched up, and maybe too ‘real’ for this terrain, and then also criticized for not having the ‘it’ factor of a Hrithik or John.”

        couldn’t have put it better..


  114. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
    Dhoom 3- All Languages
    Hindi Rs 31.25 Cr
    Tamil & Telugu Rs 2.11 Cr
    Total Rs 33.36 Cr

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
    #Dhoom3 – India consolidated total: Fri ₹ 36.22 cr, Sat ₹ 33.36 cr. Total: ₹ 69.58 cr nett. Inclusive of Tamil & Telugu versions.


  115. DHOOM 3 : the drama & the ‘victory’

    There’s a sequence in d3 where aamir has abhishrek all but rounded up lying on the ground and literally abhishreks existence is at his mercy. But he chooses to cause no harm to abhishrek and moves on..
    In a similar (but less dramatic) scene yesterday, I had Satyam lying down on all fours, beleaguered, isolated
    And left in the lurch even by the die-hard aamir fans who ripped apart Aamirs credibility, judgment and everything aamir has ever stood for. This barrage was also unprecendented from a stars OWN fans and perhaps the questions I and some others have been asking of aamir had a role in it (subconsciously though it won’t be admitted lol)

    Satyam had no answers to my onslaught
    And Satyam was left puzzled and bewildered …

    Although I could, I didn’t deliver the ‘deadly blow’ and moved on (to then watch the movie!)
    I still have Satyam and all those ‘intellectual’ aamir fans @ my mercy, but I will choose the difficult route
    Of being non-judgemental and unbiased

    And won’t deliver the ‘killer punch’
    KNOWING that it’s not about these ‘punches’ or ‘victory’
    But also with the belief that ‘realisation’ is most effective when it comes on its own accord and is not ‘rubbed in’

    As for box office —for the UMPTEENTH number of times –I stick to my stand–350 + is the APT ACHIEVABLE minimum target for D3 in my books (if there’s no underperformance!) –Satyam READ this –won’t repeat the reasons– have outlined many times ..

    Pardon for stating the obvious and not hiding behind fake modesty
    But have to accept for myself
    This is another one of my victories 🙂
    and Satyam u don’t have to admit it … I can understand admissiom can be difficult –so relax lol


    • funny how you think some of the negative reactions are definitive but also think the box office tells you nothing. Do films get to 300 or 350 crores or whatever by everyone hating the central star? Presumably the negative reactions either to the star or the film couldn’t be the majority? Because we saw MP not sustain its initial (though it would have been a big hit by today’s standards, its trending was way better than most big films exhibit today), the same with Talaash. The latter didn’t even have the kind of mixed reaction in the reviews nor did it excite strong negativity within any cross-section of Aamir’s fans. It still didn’t sustain. So it’s not as if Aamir shows up and people watch the movie even if they don’t like it or him. So your entire claim is a totally false one to begin with. But hey we’re used to it!


  116. Satyam–I’m trying not to ‘spoon feed’ u –learn to read between to he lines and beyond the ‘obvious’ –will give u the chance to do that spontaneously just like I’ve taken u thru this interesting ‘journey’ lol



    Can pre-emot unexpected angst against her ‘sexbomn cameo’
    Yup ash (I love her) had a longer more substantial role, but katrina delivered more than she was given.

    Think filmigirl has articulated my thoughts on this spot on–

    “And I’m really disappointed at the sexist dismissal of Katrina’s role as eye candy in a skimpy costume by the so-called professionals. Katrina’s character was written to show how much that “sexbomb” thing is just an act. She wears the skimpy costumes on stage but off stage is as fully covered and “real” as can be. I loved her character and found her to be a refreshing change from the dippy, miniskirted newscaster needing-to-be-saved heroines you always see in action films. She’s her own woman with her own dreams and–at least in my viewing of the film–was not defined by the hero’s interest in her.

    If you look back at both Dhoom 2 and Tashan, while neither film would pass the Bechdel Test, the heroines were both sharp women with characters and motivations of their own. Even if they did wear bikini tops, they didn’t lose their brains to do so and the men were at least as objectified in both cases.”

    Besides, it was a ‘proud moment’ to see katrina from boom to deliver this emphatically crisp n effective cameo

    And yeah–

    Like aamir, I observed and enjoyed Kat–she was WAS ‘liquid electricity’ in Kamli 🙂


  117. thecooldude Says:

    Dhoom 3 makes 3.3 M at the U.S box office…shatters Chennai Express’ record



  118. Dhoom 3 opens at number 9 with 3.3 mill in the US…


    these are producer numbers…so actuals will be a little lower tomorrow. still an amazing opening. although have to point out..here in the US most schools/colleges have been closed for winter break. it should do well the next couple weeks.


  119. DHOOM 3 Collects Huge 102 Cr Nett Over Weekend

    ”Dhoom 3” was so huge on day one that no growth on Saturday did not hurt it much. But film failed to grow in big way on Sunday too though still it posted mammoth numbers taking weekend total to over 100 cr nett.

    Film has collected huge 33 cr nett plus on day one in Hindi and 36 cr nett plus inclusive all languages. Film also collected humongous 20 cr in overseas markets on day one. Surprisingly film maintained its speed and collected close to 31.25 cr nett in Hindi on day two and 33.36 cr nett inclusive all languages in India. Film added roughly 20-22 cr more in overseas market taking 2 day total to 40 cr plus over there.

    Film was good on day three but as expected there was slim drop in evening and night shows at places like NCR, Bihar and UP. Film was super strong in Rajasthan and Mumbai. Film held well throughout the day overall and performed well despite mixed response.

    As per early trends on Sunday, film is running to full houses all over and that too despite having 14-15 shows in multiplexes. Film will easily collect 33 cr nett today inclusive all languages which means weekend will fall around 102-103 cr nett all India and 95-96 cr nett only in Hindi. Now next two days will give clear impressions about film and its acceptance.



    • i think the run time of almost 3 hours is hurting this movie. It means less shows per day. The occupancy rate still seems to be at an high level.


      • Think the first day occupancy gave this indication that growth will be difficult. And then the length of the movie was huge. 102 odd cr is great in any case but for some reason I was expecting this to shatter CE record by at least 10 odd crs. Not sure how satyam and the rest sees this but for some reason I feel it’s a little less than what could have been. Maybe the reason is the length because as such occupancies are high.


        • Actually if the Hindi total is 95 crs and 102 is the all language total, it means it has failed to beat CE total of around 100 cr considering taran as the source. I think that would be a little underwhelming. Maybe I am jus biased and done want such a pathetic piece of trash to succeed. Al things said and considered if it fails to beat CE 3 day total it will be a little underpar.


          • The earlier estimates on day 2 were 24-25, turned out to be much higher. I expect the same for day 3.


          • Aamir + good brand of dhoom + good supporting cast + Katrina + increased price + open run has to essentially make more than srk + Eid + prescreenings. We all agreed this was an event movie so no reasons for not breaking the 3 day CE is good enough.


          • On BOI CE made something like 86 crores for opening weekend and 92 crore including pre screenings. Its 100 crore record is with the other sites (92 crore without pre screenings)
            On BOI it looks like D3 will be 90 crore hindi only for the weekend. Other sites closer to 100 crore. I think it is ahead by 5-10% depending on what source and hindi only. BOI looks like having the smallest difference.
            Overall the main figure is Monday and Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be benefited by holidays, but the real trend will be shown by Thursdays figure. It will need to be much north of 12 crore, ideally to have a good second week.


          • Boc 2 nd day estimate was 29 crs. Actuals was 31 by taran.


          • before that there was 24-25 by NBOC or BoC, one of the two.Boi in fact came out with a number much later.


          • ill give you that CE was a far more entertaining film than D3. But i still take into account that D3 released on a non holiday and the run time is almost 3 hours. I believe CE was only 2 hours and 20 mins. that easily adds more 1-2 shows more per day. i am not sure why D3 needed to be almost 3 hours long. it could’ve been cut down 20-30 mins.


          • The whole event film thing should have overcomed the length limitation. It needs 36 cr in Hindi version on Sunday to go just match CE. Which means a growth of 10 percent on Friday. Don’t think that’s gonna happen.


          • Yeah jay BOI had it at 87 and 93 + with prescreenings. Basically I am just comparing the totals end of Sunday. In CE it will include prescreenings. But having prescreenings would have reduced its first day by a few crores. I know it’s not an apple to aple comparison but D3 has to go past CE end of Sunday total considering the hype and the event it was. The 3 day CE taran number is around 100.2 I think.


          • Think it will be ahead of CE comfortably. Whether it beats CE now is debatable considering the views on this forum which suggest WOM is going to be mixed.
            Being an event film, I’d expect it to have some legs not to suggest that it is review proof, but that people will more likely turn up at least to watch it once.
            Plus it has had no holiday benefit yet. That’s to come. You’d think it should get to 160-180 crore (depending on source) for the first week, which would put it ahead of everything by a distance. 200 crore for first week probably unlikely but it would not surprise that this type of film still holds up on weekdays better than people expect even with mixed reviews.


          • If you are saying the all language total wil beat CE total that I agree. But the Hindi version total at the end of Sunday will just about match or be behind or just ahead of CE Hindi total end of Sunday, which includes prescreenings.


          • ‘Actually if the Hindi total is 95 crs and 102 is the all language total, it means it has failed to beat CE total of around 100 cr considering taran as the source.’
            As per Taran, first day 33.65 cr(Hindi), 31.25 cr (Hindi).
            Total Hindi Version – 64.8 cr
            It just needs 35.2 cr on Sunday and looking only available figures of Kanpur figures, Sat to Sunday jump is 37% and Fri to Sun jump is 17%. At this rate, 38-39 cr hindi version total can be expected.
            36 Cr(Hindi) from Taran is least expected and all versions combined should make 40 cr.


    • make no mistake though, it is still an outstanding total. the week should provide proof how much the film is liked/loved. even if i didn’t like the film, still shows the true star power of Aamir Khan.


    • “The movie on page and the movie on screen seem to have little in common.”

      agreed 100% here. hence I blame aditya chopra and the director. if this would’ve been an Aamir Khan production, I would’ve blamed Aamir Khan.


      • here I’d disagree, if you are going to give credit to Aamir for all the scripts he’s selected and not produced then you have to blame him here by the same token.


        • i have blamed Aamir for this script selection. see my rant two days ago. i went overboard with it, but i did blame aamir. but IMO, most of the blame goes to the makers of his film. i guess i should correct myself on the last sentence, “I would’ve blamed Aamir Khan more.”


    • Why are you surprised satyam? I just get the feeling that u sometimes place aamir on too high a pedestal. The guy is a human too. Talaash a movie I liked immensely proved that he can go wrong on script too. And this one is no better than ur average ask hay or salman movie…


  120. Raking in an estimated $3.3 million in three days, “Dhoom 3,” the third installment in the successful Bollywood action franchise, scored the biggest-ever debut for an Indian film in North America, beating “Chennai Express” last August.



    • the IMAX line here is incorrect. There are only two screens showing IMAX in the entire US. Then three more in Canada. Just 5 in all of N America. Not even a negligible difference!

      CE opened to 2.2m in the US off 196 screens for an 11k average or a bit more. D3 has 3.3m on 236 screens for a 14k+ average. Those 5 IMAX screens aren’t the difference.


      • Satyam dhoom has released in 25 IMAX screens in US. Gt that info from girlish Johars tweet who is from the trade


        • Girish Johar took those figures from variety only.


          That means Dhoom 3 overseas weekend is $10M + which is more than lifetimes overseas collection of Krrish 3 ($8.5M)

          Also adding India and overseas Gross collection i.e. approx 140cr India(gross) and 62 crore overseas , Dhoom 3 has crossed 200 crore worldwide gross in first weekend.

          Tell me if something is wrong thr.


      • This is a massive number from the US, probably the most impressive one from anywhere.


  121. tonymontana Says:


    Just been checking out Friends’ seasons for the first time. Didnt know what I was missing. This is an addictive show


    • lol..It is fun. Direct humor.


    • the last couple seasons were awful…but it still ranks as one of my favorite sitcoms. i still watch it from time to time on cable television. ‘How I met your mother’ is a show I can’t stop watching lately (the first few seasons) and is quickly becoming one of my faves. The sitcoms in the US have been dying a slow death in the past decade. Modern Family, Parks and Rec and The Big Bang Theory are the only legit sitcoms left on network TV.


      • I just finished watching 9 seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, for those of you who has not seen it, watch it. Everybody can identify with it. It has plenty of Saas/Bahu drama in it. Of course not at trashy level of indian soaps..


        • Everybody Loves Raymond is a classic IMO. Clean yet immensely funny. Clever writing with awesome supporting actors. You are right, it has a universal theme, even my parents love the show to this day (they are in their mid 50’s).


          • Everyone Loves Raymond…

            I’ve been watching these episodes over the last few months. Unfortunately I have not followed it series by series – but I have to say this is hands down my favourite American comedy series by a mile. The characters and the situations created are so akin to reality. I find myself looking at my wife every so often and saying “we do that” or “our parents do that” or “you do that”.

            Was searching on the blog today to see if there were any fellow followers…

            Frank is hilarious. Mother in law / daughter in law relationship hilarious…the sibling rivalry. What I have so far appreciated – but not seen it in sequence is how the family has gotten older and the issues relate in sync with this…to carry this program on for 10 years and the feeling I get is it got BETTER and BETTER is quite something. Love it!


          • I loved Everybody Loves Raymond; The family is like Indian family than American.


        • It is my favourite sitcom on probably. So realistic yet funny. The family and in laws relationship is very say as you feel.


  122. OK..have been away from the internet but this is really something going on here..I am being called a SRK fan in disguise. Man, that’s a first. Anyone here who has been reading my comments knows which idiot among the 3 idiots I prefer. I am beyond the age of being a fan/atic as I am called here, but if that is what it is, I think they know whose ‘fan/atic’ I am.

    I re-iterate, this is a pathetic movie. And I HAVE to be and am being harsh on the movie NOT because of its technical standards or its ambitions; but because the writing is horrendous and it has failed at the most basic level – script.

    I DID not walk into the movie expecting SMJ as NyKavi mentioned. And I did not expect The Prestige either. Over years of movie-watching, I am assuming I at-least have that much of intelligence to understand the expectations relative to the genre. I expected good, time-pass ‘paisa-vasool’ entertainment with a LITTLE bit of ‘thinking’ put into the writing thanks to AK’s presence. And I am NO Hollywood-wannabe trying to run down all Indian movies. It is very easy to dismiss people like me as wannabes. I am AS much a fan of desi/masala-stuff as any other. So is Rangan a wannabe too now?

    Imagine an Aamir Khan movie having this: After the first robbery, the smashing gori-cop with an Australian accent comes into the bank and the bank-owner asks: What do you think? Any leads? And she replies – ” All I can say at this point he is thief!!!” Ya right, I think Ravi Shastri and Sunny should have a discussion in the commentary box about the 13 players on field – “You see those 13 guys wearing whites? They are cricketers.”

    This is the level of writing in the movie. What is so ‘Hollywoodian’ in expecting decent sentences? Does masala really mean anything goes? It was AK harping on and on about the script. And I am thwacking him because of the standards he has set. Let me re-iterate, I am bashing him ONLY on the standards he has set. If this pic were to have Abraham or Roshan, I wouldn’t even care to talk of something called ‘acting’ and ‘script.’ Acting and these two thespians are oxy-morons.

    On the alter-ego, part, he is fine as the serious guy, though he hams in the confrontational scene with his alter-ego. Watch him call Samar a bloody-idiot and you realize how unconvincing the scene and the act is. And as the semi-retard, he literally plays Daffy Duck. I mean literally. For God’s sake I am not expecting a Christie Brown performance here but you cannot give me an amateurish performance either!

    And when it comes to the script, I am not blaming Aamir as much for the script per se but that he has lost out on his most basic strength – that of telling a good story entertainingly. And remember, there is NO similarity with THE PRESTIGE except for the fact that THE GREAT INDIAN CIRCUS looks like a set from THE PRESTIGE and that Shroff plays a magician. Similarity starts and ends there. This is a LITERAL rip-off of Akayla. Never thought one of Amitabh’s most unliked film would be an inspiration for a block-buster!!

    The scenes are literally disjointed. In the climax, Abhi asks the Chicago cops to get him some chopper and a swat team the next morning. And lo behold, the next shot has Aamir on a bike on one of the most breath-taking dams ever!! Why did he get there? How did Abhi know that Aamir would be on that dam? Are these loop-holes or black-holes?

    This is a lethargic film. They could have cut it by at least 30 minutes. Except for MALANG, none of the songs are impressive. People were walking out to the loos when songs were being played. The better way would have been to keep Aamir’s character beyond romance and songs and make him a focused, single-aim guy. But no, they want him to be serious. They ALSO want him to sing and dance with girls’!

    Having said that, let me say that this is galaxies ahead of the Krisshit one saw. Because they have kept the chases a little sub-dued and haven’t gone over-board with it. But they DO carry the insert-execute mode with NO thoughts to continuity.

    See the experience of D2, for me at least, is as follows, in the most basal sense – you know the feeling when you take a dump and are simultaneously texting and LOL at some internet jokes. Then you get up, feel relieved, and go! That was D2. And that is what it promised! You have a below-average actor but a stunner in physical agility and looks – and you have the world’s most beautiful woman. And some bikes. You want story? Go fishing somewhere else.

    This is not what these guys promised with D3! And with Aamir on board, you BETTER not say now that is what you promised!

    Here’s the deal – my disappointment is multitude only because of the fact that this is a poor script with one of the industry’s BEST artists on board that has a knack for story-telling. And if I fall into maybe just 10 or 20 percent of the people who have dis-liked the movie, then it is clear that I am not in touch with the aam junta and I should stay away from these. I couldn’t stay away because this had Aamir in it. And I am willing to revise my view thoughts because I have in the past too when I simply hated KAMINEY the first time but after reading a couple of fine reviews, I saw it in a different light and liked it. So it is not that I have gone NOT gone wrong. But after reading Rangan’s thoughts, I am kind of convinced I am right.

    Victor should simply have watched THIRUDA THIRUDA once to understand how to build up suspense and chase in a movie. He really needn’t have crossed the Atlantic to understand this..


    • “I am being called a SRK fan in disguise. Man, that’s a first.”

      I can vouch that you’re not a SRK fan 🙂

      I wonder what’s wrong with Aditya Chopra, this is his 2nd big film wich is a trash.

      I’m a die hard SRK fan and I walked out of JTHJ. It was such a boring movie that I just could not sit thru it after 1.5 hours.

      “Aamir on a bike on one of the most breath-taking dams ever!”

      Is this in Chicago?


      • “Aamir on a bike on one of the most breath-taking dams ever!”

        Is this in Chicago?

        lol…no..not even in the US…


        btw, agree with you about Aditya Chopra. Past 13 years (ever since mohabatein, he has been lazy, presenting lame products). I only think this for his “big” event movies. ‘Smaller’ less hyped movies have been good to decent (Fanaa, CDI and B&B).


        • Agree somewhat. Some of the big event movies like Dhoom 2 and Veer Zaara are watchable and even would consider them very good in it’s own right, but JTHJ was a complete bore. Will catch Dhoom 3 in couple days.

          Dhoom 3 will benefit big time due to no other big release for few weeks, playing on 4500 screens, christmas, new year, etc…

          Aditya needs to stop thinking the movie has to be 3 hours for it to be a big movie.


    • i think this post (along with your entire D3 review) should create a separate thread as a ‘counter’ point to abzee’s review.


    • “And remember, there is NO similarity with THE PRESTIGE except for the fact that THE GREAT INDIAN CIRCUS looks like a set from THE PRESTIGE and that Shroff plays a magician. Similarity starts and ends there.”

      An Jo, admit it, you’ve not seen The Prestige beyond its trailers, have you? The greatest trick at the heart of Dhoom 3, the showstopper, which is not really a magical act of deception but instead the existence of a flesh-n-blood twin is what has been borrowed from The Prestige. It doesn’t start and end with the set or Jackie Shroff playing a magician. It borrows the main conceit and then uses it to weave a tale completely masala in texture.


      • Whoa Bandekar saheb – kai tumhi asa bolta?

        I saw THE PRESTIGE long, long back – been 6 years. And haven’t seen it again. I completely missed this one. My bad. I am out of internet at my place and cannot get online much. Otherwise I would have obviously refreshed my memory with this one..

        But there was no need to insinuate that I am commenting based on trailers!! I don’t believe in wasting my time and others’ too on frivolous comments and untruths..

        Already the HR fan/s are commenting that because of my inability to ‘grasp’ D3, aspersions should also be cast on what I wrote of K3 or YJHD etc etc..So if one couldn’t get D3, how could one get K3? Maybe there too — it is insinuated — I commented based on an agenda!!

        Anyway, thanks for your review. Yours and Utkal’s review have slightly made me want to check D3 out again..maybe I have missed the forest for the trees..

        Until then, I will stay out of D3. As I said before, I have absolutely NO problem in admitting I didn’t get it if I didn’t..but I doubt yours or Utkal’s thoughts will change on my basic complaint with the film – poor writing and lethargic pace..

        Till then, folks, enjoy the fiasco or success or whatever it is of D3 and its entry or exit into /outta the cr(wh)ore clubs!!

        By the way I have to disagree with Krissh on one thing. That AK did this movie for the numbers. I think that is truly harsh and untrue. At this stage does he really require the stamp of numbers? Admirers like me are not even concerned about how much D3 makes..if it is liked universally it will enjoy long legs else will crash..So really, I think it is unfair to say that he did it merely for the numbers..He didn’t even know 3I would cross 200 did he? He might have gone wrong at the script-discerning level but I am quite sure he didn’t do this for the numbers..It is not that he had massive failures before this one and he was held at gunpoint to show his strength with numbers!


  123. Raking in an estimated $3.3 million in three days, “Dhoom 3,” the third installment in the successful Bollywood action franchise, scored the biggest-ever debut for an Indian film in North America, beating “Chennai Express” last August.

    “Dhoom,” which benefited from being released in higher-priced Imax locations, set a number of other Stateside records this weekend, including being the only Bollywood film to gross more than $1 million on opening day. (The film also had the largest domestic footprint for an Indian release Stateside, at 236 locations.)


  124. ‘Dhoom 3’ takes the box-office by storm, earns Rs 69.58 cr in 2 days
    New Delhi: Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3’ has started doing wonders at the box-office. The film is doing a great business at the ticket window, and seems all set to emerge as one of the highest grossing ventures of 2013. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweets, “#Dhoom3 – India consolidated total: Fri ₹ 36.22 cr, Sat ₹ 33.36 cr. Total: ₹ 69.58 cr nett. Inclusive of Tamil & Telugu versions.”
    ‘Dhoom 3’ has already become the biggest non-holiday opener in Bollywood till date, a record which was previously with ‘Krrish 3’.
    ‘Chennai Express’ earlier held the record of biggest holiday opener as it was released on Eid. It had garnered rs 33.12 cr on the opening day.


  125. Dhoom 3 Shatters All Records

    Monday 23rd December 2013 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 has shattered all previous box office records to record a 95 crore nett approx weekend. The previous record holder Chennai express had grossed 87 crore nett over three days and 93.50 crore nett if paid previews are included.

    Dhoom 3 has grossed a further 7 crore nett approx in Tamil and Telugu which takes the all language figure to 102 crore. Every circuit in India with exception of Nizam/Andhra and Tamil Nadu/Kerala has seen records fall. These two circuits are short of Chennai Express with the Hindi versions but had regional versions also playing.

    Mysore had collections in the same range as Chennai Express. It is only South India where the weekend records have not come but the first week records should come in South.

    East Punjab has emerged the out performer beating the previous weekend record by 35-40% and this is despite the fog. Bihar has seen previous weekend record beaten by 30%.

    The first day and Sunday and Dhoom 3 (Hindi) are now the highest single days in history while collections on Saturday were the sixth highest of all time.


  126. I’m surprised (and happy) by how American websites such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter are reporting on Dhoom 3. Hollywood has had 3-4 articles on its box office success which I have never before for any other Bollywood movie. It’s a welcome change imo.


  127. omrocky786 Says:

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h
    #Dhoom3 (hindi) collects 95.5 crs aprox in its 1st 3 days at the BO !!!
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h
    Combined regional langs did 6.25crs aprox in its 1st 3 days #Dhoom3


  128. omrocky786 Says:


  129. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
    #Dhoom3 – Sunday: Hindi ₹ 36.09 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 1.94 cr. Sunday total: ₹ 38.03 cr. Grand total: ₹ 107.61 cr nett. FANTABULOUS!

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
    #Dhoom3 weekend breakup: Hindi ₹ 100.76 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 6.85 cr. Weekend total [India]: ₹ 107.61 cr nett. ALL TIME RECORD.


  130. Dhoom 3 Crosses 200 CRORE Worldwide In Three Days

    Monday 23rd December 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 has set a new benchmark as it has crossed the 200 crore mark for weekend collections worldwide. It is the first film to cross the enviable 200 crore mark. Chennai Express had grossed 160 crore approx in its first three days.

    The gross collections in India are around 130 crore and Sunday figures for some markets in overseas are not available yet it is sure to be over 70 crore and could even go over 75 crore. The total should come in the range of $12 million.

    The out performance in overseas is even bigger than in India. The India collections are just 9-10% bigger than Chennai Express but overseas collections are 60-65% higher with the film seeing records smashed by huge margins wherever released.

    To have box office receipts of 200 crore plus across the world is just extraordinary. The feat is difficult to explain in words but the fact that Dabangg 2 which released exactly one year ago was the first film to hit 100 crore wordwide tells the story as Dhoom 3 has doubled that figure in just 12 months and that too with a holiday in the domestic market.

    The unparalleled mark of 500 CRORE worldwide is on for Dhoom 3.


    • ‘Dhoom-3’ ne dhoom macha diya!
      By Taran Adarsh, December 23, 2013 – 07:58 IST

      GHAJINI, starring Aamir Khan, was the first Hindi film to touch Rs 100 cr nett in India… 3 IDIOTS, starring Aamir, was the first film to cross Rs 200 cr nett in India… Now everyone’s expecting DHOOM-3 to rewrite the rules of the game. The question is, will DHOOM-3 be the first Hindi film to touch/cross Rs 300 cr nett in India? The game of numbers can be very unpredictable and volatile, but that’s the beauty of this business. It can send shock waves. It can be a revelation too.

      DHOOM-3, which embarked on a historic start, is all set to smash previous records. By a margin. The 3-day opening weekend record already lies shattered and with Christmas and New Year around the corner, DHOOM-3 should pack a record-breaking, rock-solid total before Week 1 closes. After all, what’s Salman Khan to Eid, Aamir is to Christmas, with both actors giving their fans ample reasons to rejoice and celebrate during the respective periods and adding abundantly to the festivities.

      DHOOM is an established brand, a lucrative franchise and therefore, DHOOM-3 was one of the most awaited movies of the year. However, the stakes were higher since the project involves Mr. Perfectionist [Aamir], who is known for out of the box ideas and strategies. Additionally, YRF’s strategy of low-key promotions also ensured that moviegoers flocked to theatres since there was an aura of mystery surrounding the film.

      Now that DHOOM-3 has passed the weekend with flying colors — sorry, distinction marks — calculators are out to calculate if the movie will touch Rs 300 crore nett or will it be in the same league as 3 IDIOTS, CHENNAI EXPRESS and KRRISH 3. All said and done, YRF and Aamir have ended the year with a dhoom. Now let’s hope the positivity spills over to 2014 as well!


    • This seems to have overtaken CE’s 3 day numbers by 50 lacs using Taran as a source. It has not really annihiliated the CE record surely. It has just about matched it… Considering the hype and the number of things going for it I would have expected a number more around 110 crs , a 10 cr increase over CE. But this looks a little short on that
      But its really overseas where it has annihilated CE. The overseas number are stunning. And this is a long weekend of holidays too so the 3I US number is within reach.
      This still has some work to do to reach 300 cr India mark I think. It looked a done deal for me before release, now it needs some good numbers over weekdays and a strong second, third and maybe even fourth week.


      • not really:


        CE was at 100 through Sun but that included the Thu previews of about 7 crores. D3 has 100 without this (again using Taran’s numbers in each case). It’s 7 crores ahead of CE. Given the much greater length that is perhaps even more significant.


        • Are you taking into account the 4500 screen release, the “EVENT” film, sequal to super successful D2, etc???


        • Satyam the paid previews thing is a double edged sword. Without the paid preview the first day of CE would have been surely a couple of crores higher as the paid previews would have sated some pent up demand. All said and done if we go by the totals at End of day Sunday the two movies are pretty much the same. But honestly didnt you expect this to be atleast few crores more in India. In ROW it has shattered records by a distance but in India its just about ahead. Length is a factor but the event movie thing should have overcomed it. What say?


          • Agree, EVENT movie, 4500 screens, higher ticket prices, sequal to a blockbuster movie, etc… I was expecting about 10 to 13 crores more for D3. Paid preview means nothing for CE because than those audience would have seen it either friday, saturday or sunday.

            Overseas it has done amazing business. But like with all previous movies, overseas isn’t looked at much when declaring boxoffice status of a movie, otherwise all of SRK movies will be hit at minimum…


          • the single most impressive set of numbers on this film is from the US. On the rest I don’t know.. length I think is a significant factor.. hardly any Hindi film is 3 hrs.. in any case the bottom-line is 7 crores isn’t an insignificant difference. Would I have expected an even greater differential? Sure. But it’s not fair to say it’s the same number. On the paid previews it works both ways. If WOM is good then people who might have been sitting on the fence otherwise possibly showed up over the weekend. So that head-start might have helped. Had the WOM been negative it would have hurt too as we’ve seen for many films but that wasn’t clearly the case with CE. Also recall you didn’t think earlier that without the advantage of a holiday D3 would ever equal those biggest numbers. It seems to have exceeded those at this point even if not by a whole lot and with a 3 hr length.


          • Actually I didn’t expect it to match the 3 day because Friday was not a holiday. But Friday was fantastic. Once friday was good it should have showed growth but based on commentary i was getting e indications that there might be a sat drop which hapened. My prediction was a 1st week of 175 + for first week. It might still get there if it is remarkably stable. 175 cr for 1 st week would be at least 15 cr higher than CE which clearly meets expectation.


          • 170 – 175 in week one is on the cards. It has done the business on Monday and held well. Tuesday should be bigger and Wednesday will be huge. For me Thursday is key number to assess if the film has legs. Anything above 13 crore and going into the second weekend it could make 40 crore and a 60-65 crore second week is on offer. Maybe more or less depends on Wom. To stand a chance at 300 it needs to be 250 or more by end of second week.


          • 300 should be on the cards..


          • The film is ahead of everything without ANY holiday yet. 2 big holidays still to come its got a chance at 300 but its hard to know won especially on this blog as views have been polarised.


          • It’s true that many haven’t liked it. On the other hand many who have liked it (even if they didn’t love it) are going in for repeat viewings. I would count myself among the latter. So it evens out to some extent. How much precisely remains to be seen. But the holiday point is the important one. It hadn’t had the advantage of one yet.


      • if you go by BOI same thing:

        “Dhoom 3 has shattered all previous box office records to record a 95 crore nett approx weekend. The previous record holder Chennai express had grossed 87 crore nett over three days and 93.50 crore nett if paid previews are included.”

        here it’s behind even after paid previews are included.


  131. NY Times:
    December 22, 2013
    Combating Criminals With Flash

    The hero of “Dhoom 3” isn’t India’s top cop, Jai Dixit, who’s summoned to Chicago from Mumbai to catch a thief. Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) may be the series’s franchise player, but in each “Dhoom” film, a heroic guest villain has eclipsed him.

    In “Dhoom 3,” that’s Sahir (Aamir Khan), a daredevil hard body with a motorcycle and a principled grudge against the Chicago Western Bank. Sahir is also a showman: He runs something called the Great Indian Circus, housed in a lovely neo-Classical pile otherwise known as the Shedd Aquarium.

    Written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, “Dhoom 3” is very much the Aamir Khan show. Pushing 50 but playing 30 or so, Mr. Khan sounds only two notes here, glowering and goofy. But he holds the screen with his physicality, which is almost constantly on display, whether he’s dodging cops or dancing. (Mr. Bachchan, by contrast, has no songs.)

    He also crowds everyone else out of the story. (It would take a spoiler to say why.) The women get particularly short shrift.

    Katrina Kaif shows up to dance in Sahir’s circus, but her character is a nonstarter. Then there’s the blond Chicago cop — “intelligence division” — who is so pro forma that even the movie can’t sustain interest in her. She does, though, have this to say when the evil banker demands to know who’s been robbing him: “It’s a thief, sir.”

    “Dhoom 2” had fun with the mechanics of crime and crime fighting. This movie can’t be bothered. But true to its franchise, “Dhoom 3,” which opened in more North American theaters than any previous Hindi film, features lots of bang-for-your-buck action sequences. Too many — after the first motorcycle chase, you’ve seen all the director’s moves and most of Chicago.

    For all its New World-conquering bravura, “Dhoom 3,” in which tears are courted and destinies forged before the opening credits roll, can’t hide its Hindi-film heart.

    As circus master, Sahir creates a show that is pure Bollywood. Muscles bulging, he flies on a rope like Tarzan, before landing onstage in a glossy production number with trampolines, gyrating bodies and fire. Needless to say, the Great Indian Circus wows ’em in Chicago.


  132. Satyams ‘second’ piece will come out after some weekday figures are out–atleast mon net figures 😉

    I don’t remember what the k3 mon figures were –d3 should be getting 20% more than that in my book …let’s see….

    Also point to note folks
    1) Another observation–Tarans figures are back in favour and are the only/main ones being suddenly quoted now (unlike in k3)
    2) tAmil Telugu back in the mention and even being added onto some figures
    3) if one believes tarans figures, his k3 figures are back on his website –248 cr(wh)ores India only net

    That’s the first target before the minimum 350 and beyond 🙂


  133. Welcome back 🙂

    Hrithik Roshan’s first appearance as a single man
    Mumbai Mirror Dec 21, 2013, 10.35AM IST

    (Hrithik reached Mumbai…)
    Here is Hrithik Roshan’s first appearance as a single man.
    The actor, who announced his split from Sussanne after a 13-year-long marriage last week, while still in Los Angeles, reached Mumbai on Friday evening.

    READ: Arjun Rampal supports Suzanne

    Though the 39-year-old actor maintained a poker face while walking through the airport and the barrage of waiting cameras, Hrithik cut a dashing figure in a leather jacket and blue aviators.
    Heartbreak looks good on him.



  134. One of these ‘consequences’ was Kareena Kapoor dropping out of Ram-Leela. After Singh gushed about her during a garrulous session on the TV chat show Koffee With Karan, Kapoor didn’t want to be his co-star. “Now I don’t feel that rush of excitement [for her]. My feelings have waned. (laughs) I’ve grown up. I was effusive about my admiration, but I didn’t do anything wrong. It came and bit me in the face. People really judge you


  135. Oh My !!
    L]ast night was torture at the Academy — ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ – three hours of torture – same disgusting crap over and over again – after the film they had a discussion which a lot of us did not stay for – the elevator doors opened and Leonardo D. Martin S. and a few others got out then a screen writer ran over to them and started screaming – shame on you – disgusting –


  136. CNN-IBN’s Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand speaks to Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone, Kangna Ranaut, and Nimrat Kaur about what entices them in a script to choose a movie.


    • There is nothing in report about Monday. They are predicting . It is going to fall and it will decide eventually how much it will earn.

      ps – They are unreliable site. At best they are okay for indicators.


      • UPDATE: ‘Dhoom 3′ Sets New Worldwide Records For A Bollywood Film

        UPDATE, MONDAY AM: Indian actioner Dhoom 3 has set new benchmarks for a Bollywood movie at home and abroad. Distributor Yash Raj Films made a calculated decision not to release the movie with Thursday night previews and to instead go out day-and-date in key markets on Friday, increasing the frenzy surrounding the title. In India, it took $17.64M, breaking all previous records. On the international front, it took $3.435M in North America on 236 screens, outpacing the earlier estmate of $3.305M for the best Bollywood opening weekend ever. In the United Arab Emirates, it was at $2.801M; the UK was $1.451M, for the highest Bollywood non-holiday three-day weekend. In Australia the take was $765K and in Pakistan it was $630,500 for the biggest Bollywood openings of all time. Dhoom‘s total international weekend cume was $10.17M for a worldwide total of $28.11M. The next territories to release over the coming days are Morocco, the Maldives, Rwanda, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, Peru, Romania, Japan, Russia, CIS and Turkey, with others to follow.



    • This doesn’t mean anything. Most movies will drop after huge weekend. If it drops by let’s say like 70%, then it’s a concern but otherwise it shouldn’t matter much, specially for an EVENT movie which has christmas and new year holiday still coming up and no big movies to deal with in few weeks.

      If Jai Ho and D3 would have released together, than it would be a concern. For now, the audinece nothing else to watch during long holiday period so by default D3 will benefit.

      This is not CE type of deal where every week there was a new big to semi-big movie releasing. D3 has clear sailing for few weeks.


      • This is not CE type of deal where every week there was a new big to semi-big movie releasing. D3 has clear sailing for few weeks.

        Z,if the big film is about to release it will be a solo release,includes chennai express,ek tha tiger or ghazini..so Z do not bring any excuses and feel self-pity for srk starrer because as I explained non of the other film dare to release together with big boys.


        • Vijay, you’re showing your lower level. Did you read my post? CE had to deal with big or semi-big release every week. Which big movie is releasing this friday? or friday after that? or friday after that??? I wasn’t talking about releasing together, i was talking about subsequent weeks…


  137. Z, this movie is just started,xmas holidays will even boost the collection,its no stopping now…let it roll …..the film has no chance of dropping…this monady or next monaday…the reviews are good and so is the film…it will beat CE by miles


    • Vijay, CE which was a much smaller film than D3 made 225 crore dispite facing a new release every friday. D3 with 4500 screens, hiked up tickets, holiday season for next 10 days, sequal to a blockbuster D2 and everythign else going for it, should at minimum make 350 crore.

      OR I should ask what is your definiation of “it will beat CE by miles”?


      • **hiked up tickets**


        If the above is false, then YRF and AK are lying through their teeth..


        • Based on what I heard from one of the interviews of Aamir, It is decided by exhibitor not by producer or distributor. But it is more likely to happen if there is a bigger movie.
          Read the comments:


        • yes but Aamir in some of the interviews if you listen to him carefully provides a somewhat legalistic response. In one I saw he said that nothing was being done here that wasn’t the norm for many big films in terms of price differentials at various levels. The logic then follows that if prices are being hiked anyway for many big films d3 is just like those and not doing anything special.


        • Why do all the armchair geniuses simply ignore price elasticity? Are people being forced to buy hiked up tickets? A product might indeed be desirable if the manufacturer can preserve demand even with a price hike. It is a crime to shortsell a hot cake. If the makers of CE or K3 were confident, they too should’ve hiked prices. They must be truely dumb to forgo of the additional profit, and leave money on the table.
          Everytime we hear the same excuses: price hike, no competition, holiday factor, etc etc. Every other superstar has availed of the exact same factors, but with lower results. Why not just accept it, and move on.


      • The so called “smaller film” CE –
        -belongs to the “Blockbuster Guarantee” masala genre
        -directed by top masala director of this generation –
        -stars top lead actress of Today Deepika
        -released on Eid ( which forms a lethal combo with masala genre).
        Each of the above factor single handedly is capable of making this “small movie” Chennai Express a giant Blockbuster.

        D3 released with 4500 screens around 600 of which are less productive dubbed versions. Talk of Hindi version, the difference b/w CE and D3 screens is under 300.

        Hiked rates? You mean hiked rate in those 3 IMAX screens which has potential of contributing maximum 40-50lakhs to the final Total [?]

        Great points!
        D3 has really underperformed.


        • LOL! CE was a little film so threatened by the competition every single week! Now in fairness the film did have competition. But of course the same claim from Z is nonetheless false because he/she tends to be very partisan in this matter. And the remainder of the same logic is not followed. If indeed CE is a little film that was bravely struggling against competition and nonetheless getting to 225 crores (we’ll just choose Taran’s number because it is the highest.. by this token Apex is fully justified in hanging onto K3’s 230 or 240 or whatever) then Aamir must be a way bigger star than SRK where his benchmarks are so much higher. Of course this second bit is never really accepted by the same folks.

          Ultimately (and I’ve said this to Z before) any claim needs to have a modicum of honesty to it. You can’t discover competition for the first time in your life with CE!

          With Apex it’s something similar. Suddenly some of the folks who don’t like Aamir in D3 or who are disappointed with the film are definitive. The rest don’t count (never mind the numbers.. those still prove that 100% of people hated Aamir in the film and are nonetheless showing up!). Or D3 must minimally do 350 but Krrish (a sequel in the very same way) is ok almost half that number! Even accepting the producer totals which have in this case become a source of laughter for most that number is still more than 100 crores behind what is being called the minimal number for D3! What does all this prove? That Hrithik’s a bigger star!

          I understand partisanship. I just regret the lack of basic intelligence behind some of it!

          Getting back to CE admittedly no one expected it to do 200. That’s fair. This film over performed relative to expectations. But because a film does this one can’t expect a film which comes with great expectations to suddenly make 500 crores! It’s like Avatar made 750m or whatever. Doesn’t mean that Avengers than had to make a billion! Or that the last part of the Dark Knight trilogy had to do the same!

          On that note why wasn’t SRK in D3? Oh never mind…


          • Leave it to Satyam to turn and twist everything into agenda.

            Put Imran Khan in place SRK in CE and it’s a big film?

            D3 is big no matter if aamir is in it or not. It’s a brand name film, the last part was blockbuster in it’s own right. We’re not talking about Talaash here, this id Dhoom franchise. I guess it’s too complicated for you to understand.

            “On that note why wasn’t SRK in D3? Oh never mind…”
            LOL, so now dhoom franchise will dictate who the top star is? Wonder why than aamir wasnt’ there in D1 and D2. oh never mind…


          • yes they were in talks with me for D3 but somehow things didn’t work out.. now I’m not sure when I’ll be able to put up such numbers again.

            On D1 by the way it was a small film then. With D2 there was still the sense of having two stars of the very same generation together. Also Abhishek had been going through a strong box office period at the time. But this is the first time that the villain doesn’t belong to the same generation. They could have picked any star. I’m sure I don’t have to explain all of this to you but hey nice try!


  138. Dhoom 3 Runs Riot On Monday

    Monday 23rd December 2013 22.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 is running riot at the box office on Monday. The collections on Monday are simply unparalleled with huge unseen before numbers. The early collections coming in suggest an 18 crore nett figure and it could even go a little higher.

    The film on Monday is competing with the highest non holiday first day totals ever on its fourth day. Whatever the final number comes in at it will be phenomenal.

    The previous highest non holiday Monday’s ever were set this year with Chennai Express and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani both at 12.50 crore nett approx and this figure will be smashed by a distance. There have been huge huge Monday totals like Krrish 3 and Ek Tha Tiger but these films had benefit of huge national holidays.


  139. thecooldude Says:

    The Monday vedict is in…atleast 18 CR if not more…



  140. tonymontana Says:

    Bloody hell. Dhoom 3 has hit it out of the park!


  141. Going by Kanpur Figures,
    Calulating with drop from Friday – 23 cr Monday
    Calulating with drop from Saturday – 23 cr Monday
    Calulating with drop from Sunday – 19 cr Monday

    KANPUR (DHOOM 3) Monday Multiplexes-932766 Single Screen-442099 TOTAL-1374865 4days total-7837876

    KANPUR (DHOOM 3) sunday Multiplexes-1665321 Single Screen-844186.50 TOTAL-2509507.50

    KANPUR (DHOOM 3) saturday Multiplexes-1322529 Single Screen-484931.50 TOTAL-1807460.50

    KANPUR (DHOOM 3) Friday Multiplexes-1422849 Single Screen-723194 TOTAL-2146043


    • Correction*
      Calulating with drop from Friday – 21 cr Monday


    • Going by Varanasi Figures,
      Calulating with drop from Friday – 23 cr Monday
      Calulating with drop from Sunday – 20.7 cr Monday

      Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 34m
      VARANASI MONDAY #Dhoom3 MPX 995250 SS 191426 TOTAL 1186676

      DHOOM3 VARANASI SUNDAY MPX 1511778 SS 262129 TOTAL 1773907

      FRIDAY Varanasi #Dhoom3 MPX 1343634 S S 246404 TOTAL1590038


  142. So BOI is on YRF payroll now :p


    • 300crrs looks assured now with Christmas and new year holidays and without competition…worldwide 500crrs?


      • Apex has been saying, this movie is review, everythign else proof. 350 crore minimum… I think worldwide will be more then 500 crore if holiday season will play big role which it should. Let’s not forget, there’ no big movie coming out until Jai Ho.


    • No,

      BOI, Taran, Komal, producer are all now reliable sources…


      • i don’t think anyone is saying they are 100% reliable…but it is what it is…even with CE one had to accept its huge business.

        K3 was a different story because the manipulation of the numbers was greatly exaggerated. satyam and others have pointed out that every producer ‘ups’ their numbers..but Rakesh Roshan took it to another level.


        • Sasur ke lobh ne bahu ko ghar se nikal diya. Lekin phirbhi baat samajh mein nahi aayi. Haath jod ke bolna chahiya tha, “haan mainey sau crore ka jhooth bola tha bahu, mere pass tumhein extra pachaas crore deney ki liye hain hi nahi. Ab ghar vaapis laut aao bahu. D3 dekhney ke baad mera method-actor beta ab chaubees ghantey retard ki practice kar raha hai. Please, vaapis aaja to hum K4 mein woh methods istemaal karke real ke extra sau crore bana lenge”.


  143. LOL at Aamir’s disheveled appearance – looks like he has aged 2 years in 2 days of D3 release!!!

    Aamir Khan’s First Press Interaction Post Dhoom 3 Release


    • yeah you can see how stressed out he was. you can tell making films is his life. now onto P.K!!!! not expecting PK to break records…am expecting a great and very entertaining film.


      • every film even with Hirani/Aamir cannot be expected to match 3I (though since some films have been celebrated for getting close to that number or crossing it after a century (!) I’m sure Peekay will be record-breaking too!) and while Hirani never starts off with the biggest bang the film certainly would be in the running for one of the biggest grossers around. LRM had extraordinary trending (started off at 21 crores roughly and ended up around 70), 3I did as well (final gross was 2.5 times the initial). Not reasonable to expect this every single time but still on paper this looks to be a very big one (eventual total). And certainly Aamir has the greatest one-two punch lined up at the moment. Just at this very point it’s impossible to imagine a greater combo than D3 and Hirani and that too the latter on the heels of 3I with the very same star.


        • agreed…i just hope the movie doesn’t get delayed. his movies are always famously delayed for some reason or another. I think June 6 (the tentative release date) is a good one. Last few years movies have gone on to do huge business around that date (YJHD, RR, Ready and Rajneeti).


          • agreed.. on the delays I think he was at points unhappy with the Talaash script and they probably reworked portions. On d3 he’s said he wanted to be in a certain physical shape for the film. The producer didn’t think it was necessary but he insisted on it. Hopefully there won’t be any delays on Peekay but either June or July should be fine. There have been plenty of big grossers in these months. But I do agree June is better because Hirani’s movies are good on trending and therefore some breathing room even in weeks 3,4 or whatever would be good. If you release it in July usually other big films follow and certainly by Aug 15 there’s a big release.


        • Rajenmaniar Says:

          I think Mon figures should shut up the jokers and the court jester!


    • >looks like he has aged 2 years in 2 days of D3 release!!!

      I think this is his real look – without his make up and botox.


      • Aamir has never been afraid to come out in public with whatever he looks like, bat ears, changing hairline, everything. A year or so back he was actually photographed outside a bank, hairline definitely going northwards. And he seemed cheerful enough as the photo was being clicked. He seems comfortable enough with his age; in a recent interview when asked about nearing 50 (he turns 49,next March 14), he said that in his mind he was still 19. That’s the spirit, much like Dev Anand.

        And why do net commenters go on and on about botox and Aamir? He is certainly not the only one using cosmetic procedures to lengthen his ‘hero-shelf life’. Though to be frank I’d be happier if he and others would ease up and let the grey show gradually, much like Ajit in Tamil Nadu. But Aamir is to be lauded for keeping himself fit and lean over the past few years. Ajit is plump, but his height camouflages his weight. In Bollywood Amitabh uses a hair piece and nobody minds or mentions it –out of respect, I guess, which is all right by me. SRK –despite his smoking like a chimney, manages to have a headload of floppy hair and a face that’s still bringing in the crowds. Nobody talks about his secret, whatever it is. Salman has had hair-weaving done, something done to face ( a few years back his drinking told on his face). No shame there.

        Aamir still looks boyish occasionally, and at times the 40 plus years shows. Of late he has been seen in public on stage, looking tired after all the Dhoom marketing trips. But a couple of weeks back I saw him from a distance, at Chennai film fest –he looked so well groomed and bloody handsome in his all black ensemble; certainly not 48. Neat well-combed hair, black full sleeved tee, black pants, shoes, he looked peachy. Kamal Hasan the other chief guest at the opening, ten years older –he too did not look his years. On stage, Aamir spoke warmly about Chennai’s film-intelligent audience and how he was happy to be sitting next to Kamal through the evening. Suhasini Maniratnam interviewed Kamal on stage; the conversation mostly in Tamil with some English thrown in, absolutely riotous, had the audience laughing away. Aamir was obviously being briefed by his next seat neighbor occasionally, but after a time, I guess it went over his head; he started drinking from his water bottle, looked slightly fidgety … and Kamal joked that he would have to fill up Aamir later on, ‘our guest is in the dark now.’ Great evening.

        My point is — you need to look your part on screen; off screen you try to look ok, up to a point.


        • Interesting points.
          Actually I am enjoying this dhoom dham about dhoom 3. Whatever anyone says, ultimately boxoffice numbers will be remembered and others will be forgotten. Hit, superhit, blockbuster etc. It is like money speaking. A man or woman with money gets firstclass in a plane,buy whatever he or she wants whether he is a thief or business man or a filmstar.
          Dhoom’s success and even Talaash’s success proves, aamir is a crowd puller and social media can do nothing about it except providing more publicity.
          I saw Koffee with Karan. Kiran is so slim and she almost looked like a bag of sticks. With outsized glasses, looked nerdy. Both of them quarelled like students trying to score points. Somehow I always felt Reena is more composed and more woman like. Kiran still looks girlish. But I think it is too silly a program. Even Ranbir and Kareena looked so artificial and uncomfortable.


          • But somehow these 2 look like made for each other. Kiran compliments aamir beautifully. I think this is the only bollywood jodie who are truly a couple in spirit too. Surprisingly none of the more eye catching couples in BW have this kind of chemistry.


          • I agree. KWK is a silly show, but Aamir and Kiran really enlivened it with their endearing chemistry and childlike competitiveness. They seem to be a very sweet, very genuine couple.


          • does anyone know when they’re showing the Abhishek episode? I normally don’t check it out except when I’m interested in the guests. Have only seen the Aamir episode so far. Saw bits of Ranbir.


          • I don’t know when the Abhishek episode is, but Karan seems to be inviting the most random guests! Last week was Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor (promoting Gunday, presumably), and they have everybody from the SOTY stars to Ayan Mukherji coming up! And some of the guest combinations are bizarre: Abhishek/ Farah, or Rohit Shetty/ Zoya Akhtar for instance.


          • Abhishek and Farah because he’s in her film. But yeah Shetty and Zoya Akhtar is the oddest combination. LOL! On Ranveer and Arjun saw the theatrical trailer of Gunday before D3 and these guys look like such pornstars!


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          but where is ur review LS? Post it – NOW. 🙂


          • Thanks to a busy spouse( who wishes to watch film with me),I am yet to see Dhoom 3. We tried online tickets yesterday, but all major multiplexes fully booked till Thursday. Friday booking has not opened, should open tomorrow. Will HAVE to get tickets for Friday.


  144. If Jai Ho has a 30+ opening day then I’m done with this “which Khan is bigger” debate. The only valid conclusion is that whichever Khan had the most recent release is the biggest Box Office opener. And these Khans are miles ahead of the Kapoors/Akshay Kumars.


    • For me the ranking is:
      and everyone else.


    • Not sure who, but somebody on this blog had said, the more things change, the more they stay same. So after 20 years, it’s still srk/salman/aamir. I would even put hrithik in it too because he clicks big too. Ranbir would be in 2nd catagory and than it’s a huge margin to 3rd catagory.

      Jai Ho will open big unless it’s a complete garbage. For Salman, he doesn’t need chopra or johar or hirani.


  145. Haha the entertainment increases & we are entering a more fun-laden phase of the box office journey of d3

    The first question was at what stage of the first weekend will the 100 crores be breached–well more or less similar to CE–not much more really

    But the FIRST real signal is the first Monday?
    What’s the comparison with CE and k3 –are the figures in …Satyam?

    As for the overall box office of D3–
    My stand was the same before
    Didn’t change after viewing the film—

    “350 crores is the apt and achievable minimum target for D3 -if there’s no underperformance”

    Whilst many here (including Aamirs fans) are pleasantly surprised or ‘elated’ with these numbers–I’m not really surprised
    Bcos when I quote the 350 cr target, it’s neither a naughty target nor a deliberately inflated one –it is on the cards
    From the day this film was announced..

    The first Monday has just given an indicator to others who didn’t believe this number earlier


  146. Imagine if the whole india was just one language and one film industry. Is 200 crore weekend possible?


    • And if we had an adequate number of screens proportionate to our population. Forget 200 crores, 200 million dollars is possible!


  147. “I think this is his real look – without his make up and botox.”–
    Haha goldie–
    But if u actually see the movie—one has to admit, that aamir does whatever is in his control to play the ‘circus look’.

    Yeah the ‘tap dance’ was an embarrassment alright
    But one can’t be too severe on someone making ‘genuine effort’ (irrespective of the results)
    Be it wearing high heels around katrina or trying to ‘run down the building’ or trying to develop abs ala hritik
    At near 50, one can’t fault Aamirs ‘effort’
    Somewhat like Farhan in Bmb ..

    More than fandom or pro/anti d3 debate here—
    I’m more interested to see what’s the upper limit of the market and how closer/beyond 350 and beyond this…

    ‘Hiked tickets’, IMAX tickets etc don’t matter in this scenario beyond the point here —

    But what will help d3 is–
    Two big holidays coming up (besides the weekend)
    And no big release till 3weeks ?

    “yeah even if i didn’t enjoy the movie…can’t deny the business it is doing…not just in India..but worldwide”
    There’s no harm in ‘not liking a movie’ or ‘hating a movie’ which everyone /majority are enjoying at some level —
    But nitwit –@ least there’s no harm in trying to begin to understand what’s in all these ‘blockbusters’ that u are missing repeatedly —be it k3 or d3 or even CE …
    That’s the bigger question!
    The ‘business’ of these films won’t change by your ‘denying’ or ‘accepting’ (5-10% give n take either ways depending on source!)


  148. The first weekend was part of the deal with d3 and HAD to do 100 crores plus net domestic BEFORE the weekend ends —
    Which it perhaps didn’t quite do

    EVEN if all D3 had was remixed songs of d2 and a scene to scene remake of d2–people would have taken the weekend to realise it and give the ADVANCE booking, would have reflected on the numbers only after the weekend

    And some have pointed out, D3 Hasn’t done more than CE–forget trumping it by 20% (as could have been reasonably expected!)
    But anyhow–
    Won’t really get ‘hung up’ on the first weekend and not beating CE beyond a point just for faulting d3.

    It’s the first Monday onwards–that’s the real game begins —

    Can someone plz tell us the taran numbers (/since taran is suddenly the one being the most quoted here)–
    First Monday

    Ps: to reach 350, d3 needs atleast 20% lead in first monday numbers –bit it’s possible due to two big holidays coming up and no film like kaam-leela (with deepika simulating ‘porn’) or ouatimd in second week. Crucially there’s a whole extra third week .
    Besides that, are the multiple other reasons in ealready enumerated and many like krish and z are quoting v well 🙂


  149. @ oldgold –basically I have a weakness for ‘hard working people’–be it katrina here
    or the 50 year old aamir — 😉

    The guy has done ALL he can that his height, physique allowed and stretched it beyond the limit …
    When I see such stuff, my ‘negativity’ decreases

    Having said that–the aamir-katrina kiss was perhaps one of the most ‘hesitant’ and ‘distant’
    I won’t be surprised if even the kiss was done by VFX 🙂

    Ps: this is the second such ‘distant’ kiss by katrina after JTHJ with srk..
    Something ‘technically wrong’ there..
    Won’t mind helping out katrinas ‘ technique ‘ lol


  150. Rangan:

    He’s barely scribbled two paragraphs – don’t think this can even be called a review!


    • yeah a very surprising piece from him.. it’s one thing to dismiss the film (I do thunk he’s been way too harsh here) but quite another to write so little. The film clearly turned him off completely.


  151. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 10m
    #Dhoom3 passes the crucial ‘Monday test’ with flying colors… sorry, distinction marks. Setting new records everywhere!


  152. Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    There is no letting up in the collections of Dhoom 3 as it has collected around 19.50 crore as per early estimates taking the four day total to nearly 115 crore for its Hindi version.

    The film was rock steady all over with CI showing the lowest fall on Monday but that circuit had under performed the rest of India over the weekend. The collections on Tuesday should be higher than Monday as it will get benefit in evening as next day is a holiday.

    Its hard to put a exact number on how much the week can gross as Tuesday should be up and Wednesday cab even go towards the 30 crore nett mark though with such huge business the growth on the national holiday may not be the regular 50%. The range for the week should be 170-180 crore nett which is phenomenal.



  153. tonymontana Says:


    nailed it! especially loved the last line by Nolan..


    • I think the hero’s part is acting in the script given. so Nolan should question the intelligence of the producer director than the hero who merely enacts. So who is the fool here?
      And JTHJ, ashiqui2 and Ranjhaana spoofs were much more fun.
      And this fellow did not have guts to spoof movies like BMB and Lootera.
      And commenting on someone’s height is in extreme bad taste. Only Indians enjoy jokes like that. Commenting on physical attributes, age etc. Reading the comments is ample proof of who are being entertained.
      And inspite of all this negativism, this film is minting money and grabbing headlines. Case for more heartburn.


      • Commenting on age and height is par for the course here in India. It’s unseemly and wrong and yet people continue to do it, especially with regard to Bollywood. You don’t find so much meanness in Chennai, as far as I can see. Kamal and Aamir are same height, but never have I heard any Tamilian non-fan of Kamal make a remark against his short height. Nobody says , oh Rajnikant is taller. And never have I heard any Kamal fan say, oh Rajnikant is dark and balding. It is accepted that Rajnikant is 63 (if I’m not mistaken he turned 63 on his b’day a few days back); and is in fact admired for being open about his real look — no wig, weaving, face-work, whatever.

        Kamalahasan ( I prefer his original name and spelling) turned 59 last month. He still looks gora, fairly trim, with ahead of black (obviously dyed) hair; fine he is accepted as he is. His wit and intelligence is appreciated. Ditto with other actors, their looks. It is only the Bollywood-centric media and social that care to spill their pettiness into blogs and ‘funny’ posts. Pah.

        Aamir, SRK, Salman — all 1965 born , a few months part. So? You grow older, and you continue to act and deliver till you can.


      • Some more *heartburn* comments from me.

        >so Nolan should question the intelligence of the producer director than the hero who merely enacts.

        I thought the mere presence of Amir in a film changed all that.

        >And commenting on someone’s height is in extreme bad taste. Only Indians enjoy jokes like that.

        I’m a true Indian and really enjoyed the cartoons there. After all if the said person with height problems is so self assured as to do roles where the height (or lack of it) becomes so obvious then why complain.
        That it doesn’t make any difference to people who are flocking to see this film, also shows “extreme bad taste” IMO 😉


        • Sanjana: this is a hilariously inaccurate assessment of the Indian attitude towards height. India is probably the MOST forgiving society when it comes to lack of height amongst leading men; can you name one other film industry that is completely dominated by a few short men, who are several inches shorter than their tall, leggy model female co-stars, in the way that Bollywood is dominated by the Khans?

          And whatever flack Aamir faces for his height is not even a fraction of the ridicule that Tom Cruise gets for being short! Also, I’ve seen you make the most cutting comments about Shraddha KApoor’s appearance, amongst others. So it’s OK for you to call a starlet ugly, but it’s disgraceful for others to call an actor short?


          • P.S. I personally like Aamir and his lack of height doesn’t boher me in the least. I also do not understand why he gets singled out for his height, when both Salman and SRK are short as well (espcially compared to Deepika, Sonam, Katrina etc).

            But it’s inaccurate and hypocritical of you to make this look like a uniquely Indian serious moral failing of some sort.


          • yes it’s often amusing to see fans of those other stars attack Aamir for his height. It’s not as if one is a Bachchan fan or something and then has that position!


          • You are forgetting that I was very unkind towards his elephant ears which distracted me while watching Talaash! One can call a person ugly or beautiful. But calling a person dwarf, midget, fat, old, balding is somewhat different.
            I dont support goodlooking bimbos like Katrina just because they look good and dance well.
            After watching ashiqui 2, I changed my opinion about Shraddha and she looked charming.
            Yes, I said something about rat faced heroines too. But make up will make even an ugly duckling into a swan just the way a hero with botox looks amazingly unnaturally young!
            I never disown my statements and I remember them well.


          • Recently I also criticised him indirectly for dumping his first wife though it is his personal issue. So I am not selective in criticising even persons whom I like.


          • Just as makeup can make anybody beautiful, exercise and diet can make most people thin, wigs hide the recedingbhairlines of several actors and clever camera shots and high-heeled shoes conceal the lack of height! 😛 I personally think that all of this is acceptable in a spoof, as long as it does cross the line and become too vulgar, or become an agenda against just one actor.


          • P.S. I personally like Aamir and his lack of height doesn’t boher me in the least. I also do not understand why he gets singled out for his height, when both Salman and SRK are short as well (espcially compared to Deepika, Sonam, Katrina etc).

            But it’s inaccurate and hypocritical of you to make this look like a uniquely Indian serious moral failing of some sort.

            Yes, indians like to mock more than others. A heroine who is on the wrong side of 30s is called budiya. Even in films, the villains call goodlooking middleaged women budiya and it is tasteless. In US, indians used to call black in IT firms as Shyam to escape scrutiny and then the americans caught up with them. The funny thing is the Indians who call the black as shyams are themselves very dark! Indians dont respect age either. For them old is ridiculous . See those stupid comedy shows that are aired on channels.


          • and I also see how Indians gape at foreigners whether they are white, black, chinese and mock, laugh at them, Sometimes even follow them as if they are from some other planet. Even educated are not free from this attitude. It happens in highly reputed educational institutions, offices and anywhere.


          • I agree completely regarding the mannerless gaping at foreigners, the racist attitude toward blacks (and even dark-skinned South Indians!) and the ageist ridicule of women over the age of 25-30. But I don’t think that Indians are as particular/ demanding about height amongst men as many other cultures.


  154. Dhoom 3 has managed to show unprecedented growth even on its weekdays. The film witnessed barely any drop on its first Monday as its still managed to rake in approx 21 crores at the box office. Koimoi takes the cue of the film’s box office success and compiles for you the records set by the film, yet again.

    1) The film beat its own record of ‘Highest Single Day’ by escalating an income of 37.75 crores on its 1st Sunday at the box office.

    2) Dhoom 3 beat Chennai Express‘ record, by making it straight into the coveted 100 crore club in merely 3 days. Dhoom 3 now holds the record of ‘Fastest 100 Crore Club Entrant’.

    3) The film also recorded the ‘Highest Opening Weekend Collections’ at the Domestic Box Office. Making off to a whopping 107 crores in 3 days, the film put up a phenomenal show at the ticket counters everywhere.

    4) Dhoom 3 recorded the ‘Highest Sunday Collections’ at the domestic box office.

    5) The film created history in New Zealand by beating the lifetime collections of 3 Idiots, Chennai Express and Housefull 2 in the circuit. Making a hefty 1.32 crores in 4 days, the film performed phenomenally in the circuit.

    6) The film surpassed the worldwide opening weekend collections of Chennai Express by collecting over 200 crores in merely 3 days.

    7) The film is also the ‘First Commercial Bollywood Film’ to fare marvelously in Pakistan with an enormous amount of $630,500 which is the highest in the circuit.

    8) Similarly, in Australia the film recorded the Highest Opening Weekend amount for any film with a gigantic collection of USD 765,360.

    9) The film recorded the highest cumulative overseas collections by grossing 61 crores in its opening weekend.

    10) In U.S.A and Canada, the film made a praiseworthy record of earning USD 3,435,000 which is the highest opening ever for a Bollywood film beating the previous record by a margin of 1 million USD.



    • IdeaUnique Says:

      vow – that is really strong going!


      • LAID BARE

        @ Satyam & Sally aka salim
        “eah a very surprising piece from him.. it’s one thing to dismiss the film (I do thunk he’s been way too harsh here)”

        Satyam there’s nothing ‘surprising’ here about Rangan. He’s been doing the same incomplete irrelevant ‘reviews’ since time immemorial.
        U are ‘seeing’ it correctly only because it’s your BELOVED aamir and abhishrek at his receiving end here…

        Rangans right here about some of the D3 problems here.
        I e always maintained Rangan writes v well and it’s funny

        but Rangan totally MISSES what is GOOD about d3 and aamir here.

        It’s this INCOMPLETENESS that’s the problem here

        Also it’s one thing to be totally unaware of some important facets of this film and life in general

        And another to PROUDLY boast about this ignorance from the roof tops whenever a film like D3, K3, CE, Yjhd does well..

        Another BREACH down the middle if
        The ‘intellectual fan’ vs ‘the besotted aamir/abhishrek fan’
        The first hates D3 and is proud of that ‘hate’
        The second group sees ‘darkness’ (as Goldie said) and ‘deeper designs’ where none exist

        All this has been LAID BARE here–for all to see 🙂


        • No actually I’ve disagreed with Rangan many times before. It hasn’t changed my regard for him by an iota. Not does this piece. I nonetheless maintain that it’s too brief and too harsh. But he’s been very negative about other films in the past that I’ve liked or vice versa. The thing is that when there’s an intelligence voice out there you learn from it even when you disagree. And interesting voices are not so only on the condition that they agree with me all the time! I find this particular review surprising. So what?


          • “So what?”
            Most except u and a couple or so others know–‘so what ‘ 🙂

            Rangan just totally missed what’s good about d3he did the same about CE, Yjhd and k3
            And he’s a reviewer -a professional one!!
            Damn .. 🙂


          • Rangans reviews are always brief if we doesn’t like a movie more importantly if he has nothing to say more about a movie. He didn’t like D3 hence the brevity. He might not like a movie but still have lots to say and even then he will give a longer piece. The brief thing is pretty standard when it comes to reviewing tamil movies too.


    • Top Ten Highest Monday Collections All Time DHOOM 3 Second

      Tuesday 24th December 2013 22.00 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Dhoom 3 had the second biggest Monday of all time and the biggest non holiday Monday ever by a distance. The top all time highest grossers on the first Monday are as follows.

      1. Krrish 3 – 30.94 crore (Holiday)
      2. Dhoom 3 – 20 crore approx
      3. Ek Tha Tiger – 18.93 crore (Holiday)
      4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 12.91 crore
      5. Chennai Express – 12.78 crore
      6. Dabangg 2 – 11.43 crore
      7. Dabangg – 10.68 crore
      8. 3 Idiots – 10.51 crore
      9. Rowdy Rathore – 9.22 crore
      10. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram – Leela – 8.17 crore


      • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 38m
        So here’s *Fri to Mon* total of #Dhoom3… India ₹ 129.32 cr + Overseas ₹ 73.17 cr. Worldwide total: ₹ 202.49 cr. MIND-BOGGLING!

        taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
        #Dhoom3 – Monday: Hindi ₹ 20.81 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 90 lacs. Monday total: ₹ 21.71 cr. Grand total: ₹ 129.32 cr nett. AWESOME!

        taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
        At the rate it is racing ahead, #Dhoom3 should cross ₹ 150 cr today [Tue] and cross ₹ 200 cr nett by Fri/Sat. All languages. India biz.


        • Apex should take note here. Taran and BOI now have the same number for MOn. Even earlier when there was a differential it wasn’t that much. In fact it was less than most big films let alone K3! The point? It’s not about relying on Taran or BOI or anyone else. One has to see with every film what’s going on. More importantly when a film is putting up absolutely massive numbers a lot of times producers don’t inflate as much. Because they don’t need to. With Yashraj I’ve seen in the past too that even on more regular grosses they don’t have that kind of spread by and large. Now going by K3 standards D3 would be at 175 just through Mon. LOL!


          • These are sensational numbers. The movie has just took off now. I was hoping it will fail but now 350 is on the cards. I guess I will live with it but really would have been happier if the movie was any good.


        • the best case scenarios for the film are certainly materializing at this point. Of course the latter part of the week is still crucial but I don;t sense any weakness in the numbers so far, even at a relative level. If it does 200 by Fri that would be astonishing and even beat some best case scenarios. At that point 350 would certainly be on the cards. Hate to rub it in (actually I don’t!) but while others try to catch up with Aamir’s highest grosses 4-5 years later he moves on to the next big benchmark!

          Apex, this proves Hrithik is bigger than him.


          • and again the point once again is that there were other films off to huge starts that simply didn’t sustain. There has to be substance to a film. Clearly D3 had enough negative reactions. However these obviously weren’t the majority but perhaps as importantly this was too big a film to be affected by negative WOM (within reason). And clearly there are enough repeat viewers here. I suspect some who don’t like it are also viewing it again! But in any case every other big film has been in the 175-190 range in the best case scenario. CE touched 3I’s total or maybe exceeded it slightly (I don’t buy the 225 number here), K3 had those totally dubious numbers, it was in that same 175-190 range as well. So 4 years after 3I there’s been one film that’s touched that number in absolute terms let alone anything else! But what D3 also proves is what some of us have argued all along. this same cycle repeats itself each time. Poor trending or lower numbers are considered to be the only thing possible, ‘the way things work these days’, and then Ghajini comes along or 3I comes along or now D3. For that matter even ETT showed (and I said this at the time) what the potential was. It just fizzled out. Almost all of these big films should have been doing 250 minimally. They just weren’t good enough films. And here note how relatively few people are calling D3 sensational. Most are in the decent to good camp. It’s hardly like 3I or LRM. Now it’s the sort of event film that probably overrides some of this reception gap but one has to assume that wherever those final numbers end up perhaps another 50 crores or so would have been possible with an even stronger or more universally positive reception.


          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            But,want D3 sipposed to do 200 crores in 3 days and 500 on first week if it was supposed to be proof of Aamir’s star power? The numbers so far are just because of brand, holidays, Katrina,YRFetc!
            So,HR is stll a bigger star!


          • yes.. it’s underperforming..!

            And of course the dirtiest trick Aamir usually pulls is acting in a good film!


          • Yes the film is maximising. Tuesday is setting up to be huge judging by some reports. And tomorrow could be absolutely massive. Its now looking more like around 180 for first week which is way ahead of CE and that film had two big holidays in week 1. The second week should now beat 3 idiots…no excuses as the film is simply on a high trajectory. 300 is probable now.


          • People comparing CE and D3 for first weekend are missing the point. Having no holiday edge so far D3 has taken 3 of the top 6 days and that included first and second. The Monday is ridiculous it is ahead by 50% of any non holiday. Does that trajectory on Monday not prove how big the weekend was? Its absolutely hammering records everywhere. Its unlikely to keep this pace up for long but its Monday number is simply the best ever non holiday by a distance. I maintain Thursday is key as it will reveal the lean into the second week.


  155. “t that point 350 would certainly be on the cards”
    There’s a difference between Saying that 4-5 days after release tentatively and
    Saying it boldly month before release (as I did !) 🙂

    Admit it Satyam !!!


    • no there’s a difference between just throwing out numbers without knowing anything about them and more reasoned analysis!

      also everyone who gets a boundary isn’t Sachin!


  156. Muppets follow the leader !!

    Also it’s easy to resort of ‘datamining’ and choose the inference from results
    And ignoring the glaring ones facing u
    Eg about Rangan , my predictions

    Grow up Satyam 🙂


  157. Thank God Krrish 3 didn’t release after Dhoom 3 else Roshans would have doubled the actuals.


    • Yes unfortunately for the roshans, d3 is going past there ‘real’ number in week 1 itself. The fake one will be difficult as it is still rising…think its reached 350 by now?


    • LOL, this is going too far but hey if it happens I’m all for it!


      • Judi dench and another actor won best supporting award for their 8 mins and 6 mins roles consecutively. Nomination for minuscule doesn’t seem to be problem. Lets hope it happens.
        Though here screen presence is no more than 3-4 mins as far i remember.


        • role was small but pretty important in terms of narrative ….

          leonardo in end and his power was just the face and was remote controlled by same man who appeared for few minute in narrative

          though big regret should be he rejected mark strong’s role and alon abutbul in body of lies with another political compulsion reason being al-saleem’s(much like osama) role done by hindu would create controversies


  158. Prashant Solanki ‏@soulucky 2m
    Crazy biz @Dhoom3TheMovie will be highest ever grosser at @CineParkValsad in first week itself beating life time collections of all biggies.


  159. Dhoom 3 is all set for 25 cr Tuesday followed by 30+ cr Wednesday.

    Or in Rakesh Roshan’s words , 35 cr Tuesday and 50 cr Wednesday.


    • Lol


    • 25 cr looks confirmed now. This is amazing. In delhi winter, 11:45 pm night shows on tuesday are 70-100% booked. Same for all NCR region wherever i checked for bookings.


    • Inspite of aamir Khan’s serious and pretentious acting.
      Inspite of a bad script.
      Inspite of critics’ displeasure with the movie, with the hero.
      Inspite of hero lacking HR’s drop dead good looks and physique.
      Inspite of logicless story.
      Inspite of allegedly borrowing from HW films randomely.
      Inspite of not having sufficient comic relief.

      How outrageous!


      • But what about emotional connection dipped in pseudo intellectualism?


        • The same audience rejected a much better film like Talaash.
          Seems the audience taste is really weird. If we see all the blockbusters of 2013, one cannot but feel that something has changed drastically.


          • Talaash wasn’t really rejected. this sort of film never does hugely well in any age. Even in Hollywood this kind of thing is never a very big grosser. Shutter ISland with Scorsese/Di Caprio did half of Inception which itself was nowhere in the massive grosser range. Aamir took Talaash as far as he could. Got a good initial, follow-through was weak, specially for Aamir, might have done a bit more possibly assuming some tweaks in the script but it couldn’t have done a whole lot more without changing the essential mood of the film.


          • really simply a propaganda:

            shutter island was for a festival and award acclaim which never meant to be huge grosser and same year leo has inception much more commercial friendly

            how talaash can be compared to that… look here boss in bollywood first

            dilip had madhumati, sunil dutt to various ghost supernatural theme on which it was inspired ..hillarious


          • but that’s a problem with the Bollywood system where every film is judged the same way or using the same metrics. And in any case Shutter Island was certainly not meant just for the festival circuit!

            It’s not just about ghost stories. You can make very commercial films using ghosts too! That’s like saying Raaz and Talaash are alike because both have ghosts!


          • Madhumati was a simple ghost story while Talaash is a complicated one. so the comparison does not sustain. All ghost stories are not alike. and Madhumati was also inspired from some folk tale. Just like all love stories are not the same.


          • the real deal with Madhumati was of course the reincarnation angle. It wasn’t just a ghost story.


          • Even Karz for that matter.


          • @mr cinema

            real deal was ghost taking revenge and the original inspiration

            guys like Martin Scorsese(shutter island) and anurag kashyap don’t make huge grosser till date but had there films for festival consumption and first try to look at there budget , comeercial angle and number of theatre release(to jack first week) before comparing it with talaash


          • It is now 12 and I dont want to go ahead with the topic for obvious reasons.


    • And if you leave late night shows, Wednesday bookings are on par with friday.


  160. what about fran


  161. what about franchise

    dhoom originally was one of the biggest grosser of the year

    dhoom 2 was the highest grosser of its time much like dhoom 3…its the brand name


    • Yes Only two things common in all the films since the first one. Jr b and Uday chopra. They kept brand name intact. They deserve more credit than anyone else.


      • Dhoom 4 will answer many questions. I think they will go for either SRK or Salman or even HR once again.


        • don’t think it will be SRK, if they wanted to they would have done it for this film. They go for something bigger each time and SRK isn’t bigger than Aamir. Plus given that the next one won’t come out any time soon it will be much harder to cast either of them for it. It will probably be whoever the hottest choice seems at that point though the Aamir deal will be hard to beat.


          • IdeaUnique Says:

            agree satyam. I think they shd again with aamir with D4. I realize now that that Childhood-angle and sibling thing in D3 was a masterstroke at script level in D3. Because it seems most of the children have taken to the film esp the ending. That Bande he hum uske….and also “Haath na Chhodna Saath na Chhodna” – such little gems were a planned thing so even a masala film like D3 would leave u with a small message. So despite all the holes in script – public took to the masala entertainment which was any day better than other mindless stuff like K3 or CE or Dabaang?? wud like to know ur views on this.


    • This is where intellectual dishonesty needs to be pointed out. D2 was barely ahead of K2 in that same year. And it’s record got broken very soon by OSO.
      D3 will end at least 50crs ahead of the numerical biggest grosser, and might in fact touch 3I adjusted totals. It may in fact beat 3I worldwide collections.
      To all those who say that the 3Khans are equal, this performance just proves how much star power Aamir has. Everyone talked about Sallu’s starpower, but Aamir with D3 has beaten him fairly convincingly. And I will be a betting man that Sallu will not match this with Jai Ho. Heck, he has not even touched the old 3I record yet!
      And SRK, basking in the glory of a numerical beat of 3I, will now see this D3 bullet train pass by and put him back in his place that he occupied for the past several years.
      All armchair gurus have been given an appropriate facepalm. This BO verdict speaks volumes about the faith which Indian junta has in Aamir Khan. The very website (ie BOI) which ridiculously claimed a few months ago that he is not even in top 3 is singing paeans with orgasmic reporting of this BO performance.


      • D2 wasn’t barely ahead. It was 15 crores ahead in the final gross, about 7-9 on the initial.

        don’t disagree with the rest.


      • D2 was 20% ahead of krrish. D3 has to be 42 cr ahead of CE for same 20%.


        • Its a weird coincidence that both D2 and K2 had the same hero. So it becomes double dose of HR.
          D3 and CE have rival lead actors. So the taste of victory will be sweeter.


          • D2 made 80 and krrish 70. 15% more with hrithik in both. K3 makes 180 odd and lets see how much more aamir adds to d3


      • I still maintain that the Khans are equal in terms of opening. If people put Aamir Khan at #1 overall because his totals are bigger than everyone else’s and he has stronger movies, that’s fine and justified. But he isn’t number 1 in openings, it depends on which Khan’s movie releases.


        • 3 Idiots had an opening weekend of 38 crore, 1st week-79.
          Dabangg (9 months later) crushed it with a weekend of 49 crores and 1st week of 82 crores.
          Even Tees Maar Khan equalled 3 Idiot’s opening weekend a year later.
          Then Bodyguard came and had an opening day 1.5 times greater than the previous. A few months later Ra.1 beat Bodyguard by 4 crores, taking it to 25. Then ETT came and had a 33 crore opening day and 140 week. Dabangg 2 had an unbelievable 60 crore weekend. This seemed impossible to beat until CE had a 100 crore weekend 7-8 months later. Now Dhoom 3 has a 107 crore opening weekend.


          • yes but you;re adding inflation into the mix. The question is: what were the biggest films openings at or grossing around the time Ghajini released or 3I released? Plus one can’t narrow things down so much and just talk about the opening day! Finally the final gross cannot be held against the movie. The judgments of a star matter in every sense. Is the distributor happier with a star who just opens big or one who opens big and sustains big? This isn’t just an academic argument when 95% of Aamir films have great trending and 95% of Salman films don’t! The star is made on the basis of such judgments. Clearly if it was that easy to have the sort of judgment that always led to higher trending and higher totals every star would be in his position. Getting back to the 3I until recently we did not even have a film get to that total in absolute terms. Isn’t that all we need to know? It’s a bit unfair to juxtapose a star who provides the whole deal most days than not versus someone who just gets half of it right (Salman) versus someone who since OSO has never got either end right barring with CE. Only in Bollywodo online forums are good films actually held against a star! This is not to deny Salman’s extraordinary current appeal. One can possibly make the case Salman in terms of pure box office appeal has been right up there since Dabanng (though still the rest of it counts.. if you’re a distributor would you invest more in Aamir’s masala or Salman’s.. even if you assume similar initials you know both films won’t get to the same place) this case can’t be made for SRK. Even CE did the 3I total (or higher if you want to take the producer total) in a year when a pure multiplex film with Ranbir did 180 crores or more! How much credit can one possibly give the ‘top’ star in these circumstances?!


          • but if you nonetheless want to base it on initials and this sort of thing you can’t just restrict it to the ‘Khans’. On a good day Hrithik can match most topline numbers. Just recently Ranbir did extraordinarily well with YJHD. It’s safe to say that another film in the very same genre and with comparable entertainment value would do 200 or more. So then we have a top bracket. It’s not just about the three ‘Khans’ if we’re not going to be comprehensive about these things. As I see it there’s a case for Aamir. I can even see a case for Aamir and Salman and then a top bracket with some others below them. Finally you could talk about a top bracket where no one is really over anyone else though again it’s very hard to say that Salman and hrithik are exactly at the same level currently or Aamir and SRK are and so on. But however you slice and dice it the ‘Khans’ has never made much sense to me. These three actors have had iconic value for a long time but they’ve never been in the same box office places at every point. And certainly in the case of Salman he was pretty much out of any serious running for years. Was barely getting A grade projects at that point. If all three didn’t have the same last name most wouldn’t even talk about them as co-equals. Much as if Hrithik were a Khan he would have automatically joined this list too!


          • “The question is: what were the biggest films openings at or grossing around the time Ghajini released or 3I released? ”

            RNBDJ had a 45 crore 1st week, Ghajini had a 65 crore 1st week opening.
            YJHD had a 100 crore opening week, CE had a 150 opening week.

            Agreed the final total can’t be held against a film, but at the same time you can’t ignore the fact that Aamir’s openings have always been matched or beaten.


          • Even more than ticket price inflation, the steady increase in # of release screens (due to the multiplex boom) obviously accounts for the increase in opening weekend totals. The entire first week audience gets compressed in the first weekend itself. If the movie is not liked, the results show up in the second weekend. If 3I had released with the same screen size, it might have done 100crs as well in its opening weekend. But then, you had all these other films crashing spectacularly in their second weeks, ETT/Dabangg2/RaOne etc being the biggest crashers. They crashed so much that they could not even reach the 3I total! One can give all sorts of excuses about genre, franchise, holiday week, director track record etc. etc., but none of it can explain the almost 4 yrs it took to beat 3I actual (not even its adjusted inflated total), Even then, CE could not match 3I figures in its third week! In fact SRK fans argued that there was no inflation between 2009 and 2013!! They shudve all campaigned for the Congress, their ‘scientific’ methods to downplay inflation wudve defntly convinced voters to not kick Cong out of all those 4 states!
            Lets see how D3 fares in its second week, to truely test trending.


        • He gets the biggest openings relative to genre. It’s not just the totals. If you go genre by genre no one gets bigger initials than him.


    • true which is why you have to make it bigger each time and at this point in time they felt it would be ‘biggest’ with Aamir. Unlike some other partisan fans who refuse to reflect on this stuff when a film works I’m not going to say the enormous history of the franchise doesn’t count. But one has to complete this logic. They felt Aamir was the biggest they could get at this time. It’s safe to say that SRK or Salman weren’t going to reject this part!


      • I’m willing to bet money that one of the future Dhoom movies will have SRK. Now will it be when he’s at the top of his game or when he’s completely down an almost out is another question.


        • Rajenmaniar Says:

          I can bet D3. Opening/ gross is not going to be beaten for while! Not by Jai Ho or HNY


          • I don’t know about overseas but Weekend gross will definitely be beaten by at the latest HNY. Kick has a chance (if I may) to kick it. Jai Ho looks worse than all of Sallu’s recent movies so I’m not sure about that one.


          • if it’s a regular weekend and inflation isn’t a serious factor I doubt even the weekend will be beaten. HNY though will release almost a year after D3. Also remember this isn’t regular SRK fare. farah khan designs circuses that have lots of other stuff attached to them. The question is: is OSO a better index of SRK’s opening or both Dons, RNBDJ, JTHJ, MNIK and so on? Consider this: Talaash opened more or less at the same level as don 2, a sequel of a remake (which had the whole Christmas/new year period to itself). Who’s the bigger star?
            Nonetheless I can still see the ‘point’ with Salman. At least post-dabanngg he keeps throwing up these crazy initials. But that’s hardly the SRK track record.


          • If HNY isn’t the regular SRK fillm, then neither is D3 for Aamir! Then let’s take that out of the discussion. And Raju Hirani had 2 hits before 3 Idiots, so let’s take that out too! RNBDJ at the time had the biggest 1st week. Even Don 1 had a huge opening. And what about Ra.1’s opening? Even at SRK’s weakest phase, he’s given good openings. And this “CE is an exception” argument is faulty. He’s had no movies since CE to see if this is true or not.


        • There is no way SRK will be in another Dhoom series. Fact is, all the Khans will be too old (assuming the next one starts at least 4-5 years from now). I can see Ranbir Kapoor being casted…he seems to be the new Dharma/YashRaj fave. Or maybe they go low key with Ranvir Singh (another YRF fave). The big question is…who can fill those huge shoes of Uday Chopra??


          • **who can fill those huge shoes of Uday Chopra??**

            Hredaan/Hrehaan Roshan


          • Ranbir has not worked with Yashraj for the longest time, think there was a fallout between him and Adi because he refused BBB


          • here is futuristic cast for DHOOM 4,

            shahid kapoor will replace amir khan

            abhi will replace rabhir kapoor

            uday chopra will replace SRK

            katrina kaif will replace sonakshi.

            film to be released on 24th december 2017.

            boxoffice outcome: DISASTER…biggest boxoffice flop