Images from the original Deewar booklet (older post updated)

thanks again to Shetty..

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thanks to Shetty for making my day!

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16 Responses to “Images from the original Deewar booklet (older post updated)”

  1. Looks fake… Movie released on 15 August 1975… Ticket says 1st May 1975


  2. Looks crisper than a new Rs 500 note. Amitabh buddha ho gaya, lekin yeh ticket jawan ki jawan hi rah gayi. Kyun?


    • just rs 3 and look at inflation(100% increase)

      i guess rs3 was to costly compared to that time


      • a typo(should be one more zero):

        taking 300 as average price in multiplexes…its whopping …


        in dollar count today its 5 dollar and that time taking into base 8.39 not even 1 dollor


  3. Rajenmaniar Says:

    Super stuff, euther way!


  4. Oh wow, these images simply thrill me!


  5. This is just awesome…


  6. Aamitabh looks awesome.


  7. Wow this is so cool, Thanks Shetty , on my next trip to India I am going to search for the LP of Sholay!!




    The casting decision — of having Shashi assume the more ‘noble’ role, and Amitabh (Bachchan), the more passionate one — has made critics and audiences comment that Amitabh is the more memorable of the two in Deewaar. However, Ramesh Sippy, who would later direct the two actors in Shaan, points out that such comparisons fail to appreciate the conscious decisions Shashi had to make as an actor:

    “If Shashi had to play that role (in Deewaar) and be sincere to it, he had to underplay it… However, if he had tried to stand out as a performer and give the kind of performance that gives you stardom, he would not have done justice to the role…. He did it right.”

    …Later, at the premiere of Deewaar, Amitabh sat next to Shashi. Amitabh recalls: “We never said a word. But (at) the ‘Mere pass maa hai’ moment, I felt a gentle hand on mine. It was Shashiji’s. He never spoke, but the way he held my hand said everything.”

    “It was reassurance, it was affection, it was acknowledgement, it was complimentary, it was appreciation, it was everything that a struggling actor that had once played an extra in a film that starred this gentleman sitting next to him (in James Ivory’s Bombay Talkie) had never ever dreamt would happen.”


    • Obviously Amitabh’s performance in Deewar is my favorite of all time but very easily people overlook Shashi Kapoor’s performance. He was very effective and actually very sincere and managed to give great scenes along with Amitabh which is not an easy job. A lesser competent actor could have ruined that whole sequences. Shashi Kapoor is very gifted actor who has achieved everything to achieve in acting career without ever being a superstar or even a huge star!


      • Agreed. A very accomplished actor Shashi is. KALYUG remains a favorite of his performance for me — across decades.

        Amitabh is on record saying that NONE of the scenes are considered ‘effective’ if it DOESN’T involve equal weightage — not footage — in terms of the impact on the overall story.

        That’s why I can’t stop ROFL when Abhishek is mocked at in DHOOM 2. Why even have the character if one is not going to invest ANY time at all in his characterization? You want to show a ‘side’ cop who just sits there and SPEND all time on making the anti-hero, who, by the way, is ALREADY cool when it comes to metro-sexual stardom?



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