Images from Kochadaiyaan (updated)

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  1. more on the film for anyone who’s interested:


  2. alex adams Says:

    not cleas here—but does rajnikant have a six pack
    or is it an 8-pack
    computer generated?
    and whos the director/actress here
    Will this have a hindi release and is the music by ARR


  3. Rajnikant…. with abs?! This film should be charged with 200% entertainment tax! (100% for Rajni and 100% for his abs!)

    The guys who do this kind of CGI could well open a side business of making fake matrimonial profiles. A vast majority of males will apply!


  4. alex adams Says:

    oops rajni kAnt in 3D!!

    wow–amy has come to my party…
    where were thou–studyin hard??
    your updates were sorely missed πŸ˜‰


  5. what does kochadaiyaan mean?


  6. Rajini turns 30 again in Kochadaiyyan

    The film, to be made in four languages including Hindi is a rip-off of director Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 action adventure Beowulf

    Subhash K Jha

    Posted On Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 08:41:20 AM

    We can reveal that Rajnikanth’s much-hyped Kochadaiyyan, to be made in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Japanese, is a replica of director Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 adventure flick Beowulf.

    In Beowulf, Ray Winstone played an ancient warrior who travels across the globe to slay a monster. In Kochadaiyyan too, Rajini plays an ancient warrior out for vengeance. Both films use the same performance-capturing technique to amplify and heighten the hero’s shenanigans.

    Quizzed about the uncanny similarities between the two films, one of the actors revealed, β€œI have to admit there are clear similarities between our film and Beowulf. I believe the technique applied is the same in both. Even the action scenes are similar. But it isn’t a straight copy.”

    Rajini is leaving no stone unturned to take his film to an altogether different cinematic level. The veteran actor recently shot three songs with Deepika Padukone, who will be accompanying him to Japan in October for the release of the film’s Japanese version.

    What’s more, using wigs and other props, Rajini will look at least 30 years younger in the film. And while this isn’t the first time he will portray a character younger than his age, this time around, he promises to look like a 30-year-old epic hero.

    Producer Dr Murli Manohar said, β€œIt isn’t as if we’re changing Rajini’s appearance to look younger. The photo-realistic performance-capturing technique is by its very nature designed to make the action and the performer look many times slicker and more agile. I don’t know about any other film. But the technique we’ve used has never been applied in Indian cinema. Rajini’s fans are going to be very happy.”


  7. Deepika, Rajinikanth to visit Japan
    By Subhash K. Jha ,Aug 3, 2012 – 10:38 hrs IST

    While an appropriate date in December for the release of Rajinikanth’s eagerly-awaited post-illness opus Kochadaiyyan is being worked out, what emerges with absolute clarity is that this would be no run-of-the-mill release for a Rajinikanth starrer.

    All stops are being pulled out to ensure Kochadaiyyan is a historical event for Rajinikanth’s fans. Even as a date in December for a simultaneous worldwide release is being worked out, we now hear a 4-city ‘world’ wind premiere tour is being planned for Rajinikanth.

    While the mega-star would personally be present in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, it would be his visit to Tokyo that is of optimum interest. Rajinikanth has a huge fan-following in Japan. He has been planning a visit to the country since the Tsunami earthquake earlier this year.

    Says a source close to the project, “All the dynamics of a Japanese premiere for Kochadaiyyan are now being worked out. Deepika and Rajini Sir are expected to be in Tokyo in December for the premiere.”

    The actor’s health issues are now sorted and he has been declared fit to travel by his doctors.

    When contacted, the film’s producer Dr Murli Manohar said, “We’re certainly looking at a gigantic release. The film will be released in separate languages in different parts. We’re planning to give Rajiniji’s fans a treat.”

    Apparently, Rajinikanth is brushing up his Japanese for the December visit to the country. “He won’t be able to dub his own lines in the Japanese version of Kochadaiyyan. But he’d be able to converse with his fans,” says our source.


  8. i havent seen much of him and cant get the rajni kant appeal..
    But will use this rajni thread to promote this ash track
    just skimmed thru it–think ash was pregnant here/-not sure though…
    But theres something bout her (as usual)

    @ satyam—did u check out ‘to the wonder’—after all the films n fun c, am again inundated/ clogged up with pending work–as usual, feeling ‘sweaty’ with deadlines now—-waiting 4 your review on it….


  9. Thought Rehmans music will help kick-start my work!! arrghh
    but Ash is proving distracting….

    some1 help poor me “concentrate” …. πŸ™‚


  10. thanx 2 ash for that ‘inspiration’–am finally getting some stuff (work) to flow…(and she is past her prime here!)


  11. Yet another prasadam from the Gawd of small (centre) things


  12. Satyam ji, Love to saw new image of Rajani Sir , Its amazing 3D work.
    Have a nice week ahead.


  13. Kochadaiyaan teaser to be released on September 9 Indo-Asian News Service | September 01, 2013 14:28 IST (Chennai)

    Kochadaiyaan will feature Rajinikanth in dual role. The first teaser of superstar Rajinikanth’s Tamil period-drama Kochadaiyaan will be released on the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on September 9, announced the director of the film Soundarya Ashwin.

    “(I’m) excited to announce Kochadaiyaan teaser will release this September 9,” posted Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya on her Twitter page.

    The film will feature Rajinikanth in dual role, while Sarath Kumar, Shobana, Aadi Pinisetty and Nassar will be seen in important roles.

    Also feauring Deepika Padukone and Jackie Shroff, Kochadaiyaan is touted to be India’s first motion capture technology film being made along the lines of Hollywood films like Avatar and Tin Tin.

    Reportedly being made on a budget of over Rs.100 crore, Kochadaiyaan is jointly produced by Eros International and Media One Global Entertainment.

    The film will be dubbed in Telugu as Vikrama Simha. It will also dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam and foreign languages such as Japanese, Italian and Spanish.


  14. Love the tag line!


  15. They have very high hopes…with Dippsy now replacing Ash is their ace..or trump..I forget which is which..


  16. Haha–actually dippsy and ash with rajnikant are , err grotesque combo..


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