Bobby Jasoos, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, Ek Villain (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. tonymontana Says:


    Extremely disgusted and shaking my head in disbelief at cricket crazy Indian fans’ trolling of Sharapova’s FB page. Amusing and pathetic. Ask these morons about the names of Indian hockey players or of other sports played in India and most wouldn’t know. Has Sharapova committed a crime? Cricket isn’t a very popular sport throughout the world. The country needs to understand this.


  2. sanjana Says:

    Indians have general knowledge. Others dont have. They dont care. Indians know so much about americans, hollywood, russians, their literature. But americans and other foreigners dont care about us unless we are snatching their jobs.


    • Bandra.NRI Says:

      Americans have knowledge that matters. The rest of the world, have too much trivial knowledge 🙂


    • Sanjana: not sure I would agree: we have knowledge of Americans because they dominate the world; but Indians’ general knowledge of OTHER countries is pretty pathetic (e.g. Iraq, Colmbia, Venezuela, Morocco, Turkey: most Indians that I have met sound no better informed on these than most Americans that one meets). Stated differently, we HAVE to know more about countries that have affected us or affect us in a profound way — and where people feel other countries don’t affect them, then one might indulge in the luxury of ignorance. Americans are no different, and we only think they are more ignorant because for most Americans, we are analogous to the way Colombia or Argentina is to us.


      • I don’t understand why Sachin should be part of international general knowledge; cricket might be watched by billions of people around the world but they all hail from either the UK or the Commonwealth countries.

        Why should a Russian from the USA be expected to know cricket legends? How absurd would it be if an Indian cricketer was derided abroad for not knowing about ice hockey, rugby or baseball?


        • I don’t think we cover ourselves with glory with this sort of childish behaviour. I feel bad for sachin to see all that is being done in his name!


          • jayshah Says:

            Sachin should request to meet Maria Sharapova in person to apologise on behalf of his fans 🙂


        • sanjana Says:

          My comment was sarcastic. Indians get very angry at many things. Even at non controversial figures like Maria Sharapova.
          I think many of us suffer from low self esteem.


  3. Came on the thread to find something about “bobby-jasoos”..but looks like one really needs service of bobby-jasoos to filter and find about him/her here!


  4. sanjana Says:

    Bobby Jasoos had a poor opening and picked up slightly in the evening to have an opening day around the 1.75 crore nett mark as per early estimates. It will need Saturday to be over 3 crore nett to have a chance of decent figures at the box office. Collections in many centres are down due to Ramadan.

    Lekar Hum Deewana Dil is a poor fare with very low collections all over. The first day collections may not even touch 50 lakhs nett which is very poor as the film had a fair amount spent on promotion but the audience did not just come. .

    Both films did face the competition of Ek Villain which still had more screenings but despite that both Bobby Jasoos and Lekar Hum Deewana Dil needed much better opening day collections..


    • sanjana Says:

      Fed up of too many Kapoors?


    • taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 4h
      #EkVillain [Week 2] Fri 4.30 cr. Grand total: ₹ 81.50 cr nett. India biz. FANTASTIC!

      taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 24h
      #Holiday Week 4 total: ₹ 2.15 cr. Grand total: ₹ 112.18 cr nett. HIT.


    • Ek Villain Is Second SUPER HIT Of 2014
      Saturday 05 July 2014 14.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Ek Villain is the second super hit film of the year of 2 States though it remains to be seen if it becomes the biggest hit of the year till date by crossing the business of 2 States. The top grosser of the first half will remain Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty as Ek Villain will not go towards the 110 crore nett mark.

      The film collected around 3.50 crore nett on its second Friday which is a fairly big drop of 75% from day one. The film benefited from two weak releases otherwise the drop could have been more.

      The film should have solid growth on Saturday and Sunday but is unlikely to challenge the second week figures of films like Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty and 2 States. The second week business of Jai Ho may also be out of reach for Ek Villain. The lifetime business of the film may hit 100 crore nett but that remains to be seen.


  5. I would’ve never bothered to watch this films promos forget the film, to be honest. I never really cared for Bourne Identity or it’s stars. But what made me watch Doug Limans latest on IMAX – that’s Tom Cruises enduring appeal !
    It’s a sci-fi action fantasy in near future, not only borrowing various tropes & plots but effectively UPcycling them, adding an intelligent spin to them. The pastiche of influences include Pacific Rim, Saving private Ryan & Vantage point. Just like Dennis Quaid, Charlie Hunnam, the protagonist has his share of conflicted vulnerabilities.

    It’s just that he happens to be perhaps one of the biggest superstar ever. Brad Pitt comes close but even he falls short imo. Lt Col William Cage (Tom Cruise) is more into military spin & PR than actual combat; finds himself dropped unceremoniously into a suicide mission. In an attack alien attack (called ‘mimics’) he finds himself caught in a never ending time loop having to endlessly ‘live die repeat’. Although there are full chances of monotony and repetition setting in, the film stays engaging, smart, reasonably sharp & surprisingly imaginative.

    Cruise’s films allegedly don’t let the female costars share the glow. But Emily Blunt as Rita grabs her chance to shine in a role not typical of her and outside her comfort zone, giving this film an unexpected feminist angle as well.

    After Oblivion didn’t do much for him (reasons outlined below), Cruise shows hard-headedness & conviction enough to get right back on the genre that recoiled on him. He manages to show us why his species have lorded over cinema screens for ages, how he always gives his best and is reasonably competent in nearly every genre he has tried.

    The rise of the ‘socially aware’ (but mentally bankrupt!) paying viewer has had its impact. Being on the wrong side of the ageism graph doesn’t help either. Theres crowd (mostly female) who have negativity due to his Katie Holmes divorce. Some don’t want to pay money indirectly into his pocket since that will be tantamount to patronising Scientology (sic!). Instead these girls don’t mind watching the same flicks on DVD /Netflix etc, explaining good rerun life of even a jack reacher & oblivion.

    There’s also this school of thought that “this was cruises best in years” –don’t agree with that. The merits of the film /performance are not the only reasons for this belief! It’s just that he’s depicted here (initially) as vulnerable, scared & reluctant. Theres a big segment of those who obviously could never match such personalities in concrete terms, find solace in these moments seeing the ‘icons at their weakest’ –even if on celluloid if not possible in real life. And then there’s the omnipresent motley crew of underperformers & mediocres who converge from/in all spheres to discredit efforts.
    But as I always say–“let dogs bark….& move on”


    • Cruise did a Holiday with this one. Low initial, stable afterwards, still not a good enough performance overall all things considered (though the film had good WOM and a strong critical reception). The film will end its run around 95m, 100m if it’s lucky.

      Incidentally no other Cruise film in recent times (Oblivion or whatever) has received the reviews Edge.. did. Not even close.


  6. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 4h
    #BobbyJasoos Fri 1.78 cr, Sat 2.53 cr. Total: ₹ 4.31 cr nett. India biz.


  7. It was in 2008 that the two superstars of our country – Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan had fought. Cut to 2014, things are almost back to normal. It was during MLA Baba Siddique’s Iftaar Party where both the Khans had arrived at a different time. But they made it a point to meet, greet and then hug each other.
    Shah Rukh & Salman even posed for the shutterbugs later.

    This is what Salman told to India Today about the entire incident, “Yeh sab Baba hi kara sakta hai. Yeh sab Iftaar tak hi seemith nahin. Inshallah aap humein aage bhi saath dekh sakte ho! ”

    That definitely means good news for the entire industry.

    This isn’t the first time that these two Khans have been cordial with each other. Last year too, they had hugged each other at Baba Siddique’s Iftaar Party.


  8. NY Times:

    Sleuthing Her Way to the Top, Cloaked in Many Disguises
    Vidya Balan Stars in ‘Bobby Jasoos,’ a Bollywood Film

    Pluck, politics and occasional musical interludes collide in “Bobby Jasoos,” a jaunty, likable star vehicle for the Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. Ms. Balan plays the title character, an aspiring detective in Hyderabad who works to build a career from her formidable sleuthing abilities, her traditionalist family notwithstanding.

    Operating an investigative business out of an Internet cafe’s storage room, Bobby catches a break when a wealthy, enigmatic client (Kiran Kumar) hires her on several missing-persons cases. That’s a tall order in Moghalpura, a section of Hyderabad bustling with crowds and riots. The only clues Bobby has for each person are a name, an age and birthmark descriptions.

    A colleague at a rival agency scoffs that Bobby can’t become a detective just by watching James Bond films. But Bond isn’t really Bobby’s model. The comedy of “Bobby Jasoos” — and apparently part of its selling point in India — derives from watching this star slip into disguises, playing a bucktoothed palm reader in one sequence and a new student scouting out the city’s English courses in another (each class needs a separate disguise, it seems). At one point, Bobby stages an elaborate casting call to look for moles on women’s arms.

    She eventually teams up with a TV personality (Ali Fazal), to whom — in a screwball twist — she becomes engaged, a mutually annoying arrangement that they have only days to rescind. The movie has a pronounced feminist slant, celebrating Bobby’s independent streak. The exuberant staging and Ms. Balan’s sly performance are the show here. The mystery’s resolution, which intriguingly foregrounds the city’s history in a manner perhaps best appreciated in India, quickly gives way to a closing-credits dance number.


  9. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 3h
    #BobbyJasoos Fri 1.78 cr, Sat 2.58 cr, Sun 3.22 cr, Mon 90 lacs. Total: ₹ 8.48 cr nett. India biz.


  10. Really enjoyed this one. Especially loved the bit about SRK’s parents-


  11. MSDhoni Says:

    Had watched and though Anupam Kher needs to sharpen his skills as an interviewer a bit more it was a fascinating watch and after a long time it was good to see the real, earthy srk back talking. Wish he could shift gears in his choice of movies too and we see some of the brilliance on screen before he bows out of the arena.


  12. sanjana Says:

    Saw Quick gun murugan on starplus. Dosa humour. Not bad.


  13. AamirsFan Says:

    there was a convo on Transformers 4 doing so well in China…boxofficemojo explains it well…

    ‘Transformers’ Becomes Highest-Grossing Movie Ever in China

    “The movie’s phenomenal success in China can be chalked up to three main factors. First, it’s important to remember that the franchise was already extremely popular in China. In Summer 2011, Transformers: Dark of the Moon earned over $165 million; in comparison, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides made around $70 million that Summer.

    Second, the market has expanded dramatically in recent years. Rapid growth in the middle class has increased the aggregate demand for movies, and new screens are being built at the rate of around a dozen per day. Through all of 2013, there were five movies that reached $100 million in China; 2014 matched that number by the end of June.

    A handful of movies have taken advantage of this expansion by customizing their content for Chinese audiences. For example, the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 and Looper had additional scenes set in the People’s Republic. Transformers: Age of Extinction took this to the next level: the lengthy third act is set in and around Hong Kong, and popular Chinese actress Li Bingbing is featured prominently throughout the movie.”


  14. sanjana Says:

    Latest buzz is that Ritesh Deshmukh is replacing Kapil sharma in Bank Chor, a YRF production.


  15. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 5h
    #EkVillain [Week 2] Mon 2.50 cr, Tue 2.20 cr, Wed 2 cr. Grand total: ₹ 99.58 cr nett. India biz. BLOCKBUSTER.

    taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 5h
    #EkVillain to cross ₹ 100 cr later in the day. The 4th ₹ 100 cr [nett] grosser of 2014 *so far* – #JaiHo, #2States, #Holiday.


    • taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 4h
      #BobbyJasoos Fri 1.79 cr, Sat 2.62 cr, Sun 3.27 cr, Mon 92 lacs, Tue 87 lacs, Wed 75 lacs. Total: ₹ 10.24 cr nett. India biz.


  16. Star Power Makes Little Impact In First Half Of 2014
    Thursday 10 July 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Starpower made little impact at the box office in the first half of the year as very few films managed to open well. The two that actually did open strongly were due to the music (Ek Villian, Ragini MMS2), both these films had the two biggest hits songs of the first half of 2014 in the form of Baby Doll and Galiyan.

    Gunday and 2 States also managed good openings but it was due to external factors with the latter opening on a holiday and the former on Valentines Day which meant both got a 20% boost .

    The two biggest grossers of the year till date Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty and Jai Ho did not open the way a Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar starrer should especially Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty.

    Holiday – A Soldier Is never Off Duty saw the most appreciation and strongest word of mouth of the first six months but the collections did not really reflect the appreciation of the film as the opening was not so strong and today a film can only go so far without a start.

    The second half of the year will need star power to come to the fore which coupled with good with the content can give some big numbers. The first half had to rely on content to get decent numbers for a handful of films and that is why that big grosser was missing.


    • That’s a very honest comment from BOI with no partiality shown. And they are right that you still need big stars with good content to get blockbusters.


  17. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania To Start Very Well In North
    Thursday 10 July 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is set to take a very good opening in the North. The figures in the Delhi city and East Punjab may be strong as bigger films like Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty and Humshakals. Other circuits will be affected by Ramadan but still should still manage good to decent collections.

    The film has young actors who are becoming popular with the youth and the music has also done fairly well which should bring in the youth audience at multiplexes.

    The week will also decide if Ek Villian reached the 100 crore nett which would be a big benchmark for Ek villain like it was for 2 States. If Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania sustains at the box office then it may make it tough for Ek Villian to hit 100 crore nett.


  18. omrocky786 Says:


  19. Tantalising image here. Kashyap might have made a truly excellent film here-


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