Aamir to play a wrestler in Dangal


We were the first to break the news that Aamir Khan had finally agreed to play a wrestler in Nitesh Tiwari’s Dangal being produced by UTV Motion Pictures. In Hindi, ‘dangal’ means ‘wrestling competition’ and the actor will be going to Haryana to learn the Indian art of kushti.

A source close to the production house reveals, “Now that PK has released, Aamir will get busy with the post-release promotion to be followed by a small break. Once he’s back from his break, he will start training for the film. The leading man and director have decided to rein in the length of the film, which will be under two hours.”

The source adds that Khan wasn’t excited by the script initially, so he took his time to decide on whether to do the film. It was only after Tiwari reworked the script that the actor said ‘yes’ to doing the film. Since the film will be short and crisp, the source mentions that there’s a possibility that the film will release at the end of 2015. Don’t be surprised if, a few months from now, you hear Aamir Khan is back during Christmas with another film.


24 Responses to “Aamir to play a wrestler in Dangal”

  1. According to the article, the film will be short and crisp(under two hours ); plus there is a possibility that the film may relase by Christmas 2015.


  2. Dangal look?


  3. This salt and pepper look suits him.


    • Kangana might be in a double role – wife and daughter


      • Story is about 55-yr old father and how he trains his 2 daughters aged 21 and 22 to win medals in Common wealth games.. Nothing about her mom, so no need to deploy such tricks. Kangana can easily pass of as 22 yrs and infact the wrestlers do appear to look more aged than regular 22 yr girls.


        • This subject connects Aamir to the Lagaan format in certain ways. Should be an easy success for him.


          • Yes and I believe, underdog stories rarely fail when done with good actors and new subjects. Even TZP is similar to an extent i.e, Aamir turning the dyslexic kid into a super kid. With SMJ now, doing a movie about female brings lot to the table from failed wrestler turning coach and training girls, gender equality topics, supporting girls as father and finally audience rooting for them, the story appears to have everything, should be well made movie without a doubt.


          • and this is a point I often try to make. There is a certain continuity in Aamir’s choices or in the larger set of socio-political themes he takes on despite the subjects often being very different and so on.


          • Why on earth would kangana be in a double role as wife and daughter? :/ That’s quite twisted. I hope/expect that this will be a well made father-daughter story without any such gimmicks.


          • where does it talk about the double?

            why twisted though? Male stars have done this in the past.


          • I think it becomes twisted only when there is a Mausam/Lamhe like scenario which I doubt will be the case here.


          • Mausam is one of my all-time favorite Hindi films. I have a weakness for Lamhe too though Yash Chopra could have made a much better film than he did. Some of the commercial elements could have been tamed down a bit. The film wouldn’t have worked either way but it would have made for a more important film.


          • Idea mentioned it in his comment. Casting the same actor to play two different parts that depict a romantic relationship and a parent-child bond sounds pretty bizarre to me. Anyway, I think it is highly unlikely that this will be the case.


        • Kangana cannot pass off as a wrestler. They should go for Sonakshi Sinha..She anyways looks like a wrestler in some of her movies


  4. http://www.india-forums.com/bollywood/hot-n-happening/50611-aamir-learning-wrestling-haryanvi-for-dangal.htm

    For actor Aamir Khan, preparations are on in full swing for his next film “Dangal”. He is busy learning how to wrestle and how to speak Haryanvi, for his role.

    “I am learning wrestling and Haryanvi language for the film (‘Dangal’) and this preparation will continue for some months. Then we will start shooting for the film,” Aamir told reporters here on Wednesday at the DVD launch of his film “P.K.”.

    Aamir has started preparing for the film, but it is yet to go on the floors.

    “We are still doing the prep on it. I think in the next few months, it will go on the floors. We have not locked the date yet. Casting is being done,” said the 49-year-old, who now weighs 90 kg.

    In “Dangal”, Aamir’s role is said to be inspired by wrestler Mahavir Phogat.

    Talking about his diet for the film, Aamir, who has recently turned vegetarian for his role in the film, said: “At this time I can eat anything. I eat whatever I like. I have turned vegetarian now, so I’m not taking non-vegetarian and also eggs.

    “Except these two things, I am eating everything and that too in huge quantity.



    It’s not Kangana Ranaut or Tapsee Pannu but Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra who will star in Dangal.

    For weeks now, there has been plenty of speculation around who will play Aamir Khan’s daughters in his upcoming sports biopic Dangal. From Kangana Ranaut and Tapsee Pannu to Urvashi Rautela, several actresses were believed to be in the race. But Mirror can now reveal that Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra have bagged the much coveted roles after months of auditions.

    Fatima is a Mumbai girl, has acted in a few films and a TV serial and dabbled in photography. Sanya, born and brought up in Delhi, is a trained ballet dancer.

    Dangal directed by Nitesh Tiwari, is inspired by the story of former wrestler Mahavir Singh, from Haryana’s Balali village, who built an ‘akhara’ in his own house and coached his daughters to historic wins in what was primarily a man’s sport then. Geeta Phogat was India’s first female wrestler to win gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in the 55-kg free-style category. Her sister, Babita Kumari, bagged the silver. They became role models in the conservative Jat community and a ‘dangal’ pit was dug in Bhiwani’s Government College for local female grapplers to hone their skills.

    In an earlier interview to Mirror (March 4), Aamir Khan who plays an ageing ex-wrestler with four daughters, two of whom are young adults, had waved off the buzz, saying, “Casting is one of the biggest challenges. Work is in progress, no decision has been taken yet by Nitesh.”

    He had then pointed out: “Dangal is not just a film about wrestling but an emotional journey of a father and his two daughters, which teaches us to empower our girls.”

    After months of talent scouting, casting director Mukesh Chhabria finally decided on these two girls in consultation with the director and the film’s star producer.

    While the film will focus on the two girls who at the age of 20 and 22 made history, a search is still on for actors who will play their younger versions. Those two will also have to wrestle onscreen as the Phogat sisters started wrestling at the age of 10 and by 12 were travelling to neighbouring villages in Haryana to take part in dangals (competitions) in which they beat their male opponents.



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