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  1. PK At 331 Crore Nett After Four Weeks
    Friday 16 January 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    PK grossed around 12.25 crore nett in its fourth week to take its lifetime total to a huge 331 crore nett. It is the second highest fourth week ever afer 3 Idiots which grossed 15.91 crore nett. The fourth week saw the first major drop in the run of PK as collections came down 70% from the previous week.

    The film should be able to add another 5-7 crore nett for a final total around the 337 crore nett mark. The business in Mumbai stands at a huge 103 crore nett while Delhi/UP is a record 65 crore nett.

    The film will beat the previous record in Mumbai by around 32% while in Delhi/UP it will set a record by a similar margin.


  2. Tevar Has Low First Week
    Friday 16 January 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Tevar grossed around 33.25 crore nett in its first week as it got a little help from the partial holidays in the weekdays. The best busienss has come in Delhi/UP where it has grossed around 7 crore nett as UP was tax free in the weekdays.

    Overall the performance is poor as multiplexes did not collect well and single screens are also not as good as they should be for this type of mass. Single screens in UP have average figures for the first week but that is due to the film being tax free, they were low on Friday and Saturday.

    There are no major releases this week but a few a films are releasing and that couple with a poor first week performance means a big drop of screen time and the film can’t expect to go much higher than the 40 crore nett mark for lifetime business.


  3. ‘I’ takes a gargantuan opening
    By Moviebuzz
    Source : SIFY
    Last Updated: Fri, Jan 16, 2015

    Shankar directed Vikram’s I has taken a gargantuan opening across the globe. As per sources worldwide gross collection is approximately Rs 35 crores.

    In Tamil Nadu, the film has grossed 10.5 crs (approx) on its first day and the nett collection is 8 crs, after 25 to 30% entertainment tax cut. Since the film is having a UA certificate, it is not tax free in TN. Though the film has been trashed by critics, the Pongal holiday audiences has lapped it up.

    In Kerala, I has grossed nearly 3.05 crores which is a new record for any language film on the opening day. No big Malayalam film has ever collected Rs 3.5 Cr on its first day. The number of screens (225) and the promotions enabled the film to get such an opening.

    In Karnataka, the first day gross collection of I is reportedly around 2.5 crores. Being a working day the film did not open big, but is expected to do better during the weekend.

    In the overseas market I is doing extremely well thanks to the Shankar brand. The film has collected half a million US dollars in its premiere show on January 14 which means in US alone the film has grossed Rs 3.2 crores.

    And I in Telugu has also taken a very good opening. The Andhra Pradesh and Telengana collection of I is almost equal to the film’s BO performance in Tamil Nadu. Yes, the first day gross collection of I is almost Rs 10.5 crs (approx), which is as good as a big hero Telugu film.

    In short I has taken a dream opening especially in southern states of India and overseas. I in Hindi is releasing today (Jan 16) in the Hindi heartland of North India.


    • Saw “I” in a Lucknow multiplex (they aren’t showing the Tamil version here so I had to watch the dubbed Hindi version- the dubbing here is worse than Robot which was quite alright in this regard, Vikram seemed to have dubbed for himself, it certainly sounded like him, but looking at the atrocious final result I wish he would have left this job for someone else. Apparently Shankar and party took more than a month for getting the Hindi version right and yet the final job is shoddy and unprofessional…and then these people wonder why Hindi audiences don’t warm up to Tamil films…incidentally getting the Hindi dubbing right isn’t rocket science, one just has to look towards the dubbed Hollywood films which are much better in this regard. Even Shankar’s own Indian and Endhiran were better on this front). I thought that the turnout will be very low, but it was pretty decent (I think the trailers have caught on)…I do recall Endhiran doing very well in the interiors of Maharashtra- Sangli etc (mainly due to Rajani though it had nothing to do with his Mahrashtra connection. Of course Sivaji did decently as well though certainly not as much as media was proclaiming) especially considering the fact that hardly anyone knows Vikram here in the North (though his “Aparachit”- the dubbed version of Anniyan- is regularly watched on TV… I know some of my younger cousins going crazy at the mention of “Kumbhipaak narak” in the film. They are like- “who uses these kind of chaste Hindi these days”)

      Can’t say I liked the film at all (one can sleep through the entire first half and one wouldn’t miss a thing. The “hunchback” is the only interesting character in the film and I think he deserves an entire film) and most importantly this is the first Shankar film which has felt so bloated and flabby, not something which you usually associate with him (188 minutes have never felt longer, I thought I aged while watching the film). At this point I don’t think it’s a better film than Sivaji (which I didn’t like at all)- in its best moments I (which really involves the few scenes with the hunchback) is better than anything in SIvaji or Mudhalavan, but when it’s bad it’s downright terrible (and I wouldn’t have been so pissed had Shankar not made such a misogynistic film. Some of the humour Santhanam indulges in, as well as a scene involving another actor and a woman’s undergarments, is really offensive. I mean this was supposed to be a family film, if you want to show all of this, why not get an A certificate..And I don’t see how it adds to the gross in anyway. That being said the Bombay media and critics are going to latch on to this and are going to pretend that no amount of misogyny is present in Bollywood)). For me the brightest spot in the film was the gait of the hunchback character (perhaps the most interesting “gait” I have seen by any actor in recent times, the last one I recall was Nic Cage’s in Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant)- Vikram knocks it out of the park there. At this point of time Indian and Endhiran remain my favourite works from the director followed by Anniyan.


      • BTW, K.V. Anand’s “Maatrraan” (the Suriya starrer in case you haven’t seen it) gets bad rep, but it handled its various pulpy elements better than “I” (and considering that both films are written by Subha, it’s no surprise that they have a lot of themes in common). For what it’s worth, Anand’s film is more entertaining than I (and was more ambitious than the latter as well, atleast in its writing) so I don’t even see “I” as some sort of ambitious project unlike Endhiran.

        The tentpole release I am waiting for is Rajamouli’s historical Tamil-Telugu bilingual “Baahubali” (which will be released in two parts)- it has been in the making for the past couple of years and the “most expensive Indian film ever” rumours have already started


  4. Saw 3/4 of tevar yesterday. couldn’t sit thru’. I think it reminded of much better Hasil (Dhulia’s first movie) in Bajpai parts. Arjun looks a bit over weight and not really hero material. Not even Tapori hero material like Anil Kapoor. quite disappointing. I don’t think he is going to last. Bajpai was great as usual but still couldn’t watch it due to all the insane, inane violence. Didn’t have patience for it.



    Within minutes of the announcement of Academy Award nominations on January 15, up popped a Twitter hashtag to frame a fresh debate about the lack of diversity in Hollywood: #OscarsSoWhite. Before long, it became the social network’s top US trending topic.

    The slate for the 87th Academy Awards was a reminder of the glacial pace of change in Hollywood’s film industry, even after what looked like progress for black actors and filmmakers last year stemming from the best picture winner, 12 Years a Slave.

    All 20 actors nominated in the four acting categories this year are white and no women are nominated for either best director or screenwriter. Award watchers called it “the whitest Oscars” in years.

    Read on.


    • I still can’t figure out how A Most Violent Year was snubbed completely by the Academy. And what’s up with Academy and Cooper, the guy gets a nomination every bloody year


      • they have their own favorites and they play politics too.. and despite all the glitz and all the perfect choreography it has also been for many years an incredibly boring ceremony to get through. Painfully so! In the past they at least had the decency to keep the best awards at the end and so one could just watch those 20 min. Now they mix it all up.


        • Completely agree. It also doesn’t help that the awards season itself has become a grotesquely protracted and overstuffed time of year. Soon they will have an award show for award shows.

          As far as I’m concerned Interstellar constitutes the biggest snub on the part of all the awards ceremonies and critics groups.


      • American Sniper earns 30 mn on Day 1 of full release and is likely to earn over 100 mn over the 4 day weekend. That’s a stunning figure for a January release when even the best forecasts were talking about a 40 mn weekend!!!


    • What’s with all the snubbing? A look at Selma’s problem – See more at:

      But Selma may have simply been too late. Despite having all the dressings of an awards-friendly film, the momentum never got going. “They needed all of that attention and they needed that spotlight. This is a little indie movie with a guy, David Oyelowo, who no one knows who he is,” said Thompson.

      Also, the overall whiteness of the nominations only exaggerated the minimal recognition for Selma, especially coming on the heels of last year’s wins for 12 Years a Slave and star Lupita Nyong’o.

      In November, DuVernay dismissed the suggestion that the previous year’s winner might impact Selma’s chances. “They are about American history through a black lens. And it could very well be that people feel like it’s repetitious. But it’s criminal. The two films are just completely different,” said DuVernay.


  6. Satyam, you post all movie threads but you are missing out the biggest film of the year and best debutante in decades(probably in history of bollywood). Here it comes..MSG

    God help us!!!! 🙂



    Written synopsis of Hirani’s clarifications.


  8. Saw “I” earlier today. I can understand the mixed reviews of it. I liked it a lot but didn’t love it like Robot/Sivaji. The movie starts with a bang and continues the momentum until the end of the first half. * Begin Mild Spoiler* – The nonlinear story line is excellent but that she-man in the first half was weird as was a lot of things in the second half. *End spoiler* In terms of story and message this is definitely one of the most ambitious Shankar films. The story is good too although the second half was weird. The mood of the second half oscillates way to rapidly. Also there’s just some flat out stupid moments which could’ve been avoided.

    But Vikram totally dominates in his multiple roles. I felt the emotional connect through all his characters. Amy Jackson is good too surprisingly as is Upen Patel. First Neil Nitin Mukesh in Kaththi and now Upen Patel- these flop bollywood actors for some reason are doing respectable work as villains in South Indian film. Probably due to the fact that their working with the country’s best directors, ARM and Shankar.

    AR Rahman’s music is fantastic as are the music videos. The budget is high although no where near Robot. From the trailer I thought this would be a bigger film than Robot in terms of action/sci-fi/budget but it isn’t close. Don’t really understand why it took 3 years to make this though- there didn’t seem to be any big vfx moments that would require that amount of time. Maybe it was because Vikram has 2 very drastic looks and he needed time transforming his body- I think he should’ve just let vfx handle that.


    • thanks for your take.. looking forward to this..


      • As you should!


      • Would like to know what you think of the film, Satyam. I found it to be utterly miserable.


        • I’m a bit unlucky as far as this film is concerned. I went for a screening Fri which was canceled due to a bizarre reason. Then I thought I’d go today but it’s been treacherous weather at my end, and I couldn’t do a later screening. But I’ll watch it tomorrow for sure. I’ll put up a note of some sort once I watch it.


          • Could have been better with shorter duration; it is better than many pseudo masala Bollywood movies. Some tracks were just not needed. China track was just too long along with some fight sequences.


  9. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    All our lives we have been told, true love is not about looks; you love a person and not his or her physical appearance. But how many of us have been put to test on this? Would your love be the same the same if your loved one’s face is scarred with an acid attack, or the body disfigured hideously with a debilitating disease? Not the kind of theme a faint-hearted film director would like to touch with a ten-foot boom mike.

    But you can accuse Shankar of many things, but not of not thinking big, or out of the box. Like Dostoevsky in fiction an Einstein in science, Shankar believes you can only get to the core of truth only by pushing the envelope. What if a poor student decides to kill his landlady because he thinks she is not doing one ounce of use to the society and he could make better use of her money? What if I chase a beam of light as it travels through space?
    So what happens if the man you love turns physically grotesque one day? Most of us would like to see the girl continuing to love him. But to live with him? Yes. But is it possible? How would it feel like? It is to Shankar’s credit that he SHOWS us and makes us believe.

    And he is not like Raj Kapoor in Satyam Shivam Sundaram who shows only fleeting glimpses of Zeenat Aman’s face burnt on one side. He walks the talk. We see Vikram’s face with multiple bee-bite boils and the ugly lump on his hunchback in closer-ups as he talks and interacts with different characters in the film. And it is to the considerable credit of both Shankar and Vikram that this person with all his grotesqueness comes off so totally human. ( The other welcome departure from Raj Kapoor is in avoiding the pitfall of being obsessed with the heroine’s sexuality. Shankar shows off the erotic charms of Amy Jackson /Diya at the start, but slowly tones it down , making her grow as a character, drawing us into the narrative.)

    Actually, Shankar has been pushing the envelope right from his first film, Gentleman. With every film we go looking for what he is going to come up with this time. And each time he comes up with a new idea. And new levels of excess. But after Robot , one thought how much farther can he go now? What more can he show us now? May be that is why he did the 3 Idiots remake after Robot. But then comes back and he pulls this out of his hat.

    Of course we know better than to expect any kind of psychological subtlety or controlled narration from Shankar. It is all sledge hammer and more of everything, never knowing where to stop. But I wasn’t complaining – except for the fight scenes which are choreographed unimaginatively and go on and on. But not so the songs. Each of Shankar’s songs is a well-scripted music video with a complete story and a definite concept. The fish ending in Mersalaayiten is so damn cute. And Ennodu Nee Irundhal makes you wonder why can’t Shankar make a full-length fairy tale. And it was such a brilliant idea to use Aila Aila to string together a series of ads for different ads. I like the way Shankar thinks songs. Lip-synced songs are not real any way. So why use them if you are not able to give your imagination a free run and show something that you can’t as a normal narration. Thankfully we have Rahman’s powerful score to partner Shankar’s extravagant imagination.

    I went for a 6 O’clock show instead of the usual late night one fearing its two-hour-plus length. But the minutes just passed by because Shankar tells an engaging tale. One trait Shankar shares with Raju Hirani apart from having a big idea at the core is peppering the narration with quirky observations from everyday life and using the with a dash of humour. Take the scene where Vikram / Lingasen goes to a old paper ( raddi) shop. He admires this model Diya ( Amy Jackson) no matter she is modelling for soap, face cream, or sanitary napkin. So he goes to this shop tears off all these pages featuring her ads…and hold your breath…places them on the scale to weigh! The other funny bit is how he demonstrates the humiliation that the villain Upen Patel feels on being worsted as a top model. Now he is down to endorsing third-grade products. And the last nail on his coffin is the ad he has to do for a local housing project, Arun Nagar, getting off his stud high-horse, putting white on his hair and putting on white dhoti and shirt, donning the role of a middle-class genial Tamilian uncle of sorts.

    Shankar may not be subtle, but he is never off the mark when it comes to the core psychological truth. The obsessive love that the transgender stylist feels for Lee and the ensuing antics save the long Chinese portion from becoming a drag. The paedophilic obsession of the doctor uncle for Diya continuing through her adulthood is also shown convincingly, though wee bit more graphically that the more squeamish among us would like. The same goes for the gory revenge that Lingasen wrecks on each of the wrongdoers. Was it necessary to show all the physical degradation in that kind of graphic detail? In Shankar’s book of aesthetics, yes. He just does not believe in holding back anything. You want something to happen, and you want to see it happen …you better have the gumption to see it till the ned, and see what it is really like.

    But if this penchant for excess was limited only to the violent and the gory. , his films won’t have been worth visiting. But he can visualize the limits of sweet love or extreme kindness, again in all its mundane detail and take you where no other director usually takes you. Just the scene in the coda after the end – no it’s not real, it cannot be – where the hunchbacked Lee and a devoted Diya are cutting vegetables, both beaming with inner glow of happiness, makes you believe in true love…and movie magic. And makes you forgive all of Shankar’s excesses.



    Probably not the best source, but others are reporting a worldwide total clearing the $100mm mark for the first time.


  11. myselfaamir Says:

    An interesting interview of Amitabh Bachchan in Asian Age, here he discloses that they did try to take Shahrukh on board for Shamitabh, but somehow plan didn’t materialize, so Dhanush came in-


  12. Going to GOW-1 .. already seen twice in India ..


  13. Friday Report: ‘Sniper’ Earns Huge $30.5 Million on Opening Day
    by Ray Subers

    January 17, 2015

    After three excellent weeks in limited release, American Sniper expanded nationwide on Friday and earned a stunning $30.5 million.

    This the largest single day ever in January; the previous record belonged to Avatar, which took in $25.8 million on January 2nd, 2010. It’s also 77 percent higher than the previous opening day record, which belonged to Cloverfield ($17.2 million). Finally, American Sniper’s opening was over twice as big as last year’s Lone Survivor and Ride Along (both at $14.4 million).

    With great word-of-mouth (“A+” CinemaScore), Sniper should play well through the rest of the weekend. Even if it takes a big drop against tough competition from the NFL conference championship games on Sunday, it should still wind up over $80 million for the three-day weekend.

    If it plays like past Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend releases Contraband and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, it will reach $100 million on Monday.

    Weekend Projections
    1. American Sniper – $86 million ($101 million four-day)
    2. The Wedding Ringer – $21 million ($24 million four-day)
    3. Paddington – $18 million ($24 million four-day)
    4. Taken 3 – $14 million ($16.5 million four-day)
    5. Selma – $8 million ($10 million four-day)


    • this is surprising as hell…i mean you don’t see these types of numbers for a dramatic movie like this one. i saw the movie couple weekends ago and it has a lot of drama in it but also does have effective action scenes..but to expect it to open this huge is just insane.

      I can assure you the vets probably went in and supported this movie big time..also probably the entire southern belt did also. i didn’t agree with the politics of this movie..but eastwood does a great job in staying unbiased (given that he is a Republican). actually would want eastwood to do an ‘letters from iwo jima’ type of thing where we get to see the ‘other side’ and get more insight about the iraqi sniper they featured in the film. but that would require a lot of research and ‘genuinity’ which i don’t think the US producers are concerned with.

      to be honest i was hooked when i saw the initial trailer…it was a very effective trailer.


      • Didn’t like this at all, thought both Edgar (which deserved a better fate) and especially Hereafter were far better films. And this was a “sanitized” film, actually even “dishonest” at points.


        • AamirsFan Says:

          i totally get what you mean by ‘sanitized’. but recall the story is based off of Chris Kyle’s book…so most bio pics are ‘sanitized’ in that respect.

          to me at the core, this movie is about a soldier who is struggling to find purpose in his life. that’s the basic premise. it is not a war movie, it is not a action movie…to me it’s a drama and i loved some of the scenes that showed the distresses that this soldier went through. I liked the movie; but I may be a bit biased because I have served in those wars myself and have personally witnessed what struggles those soldiers have been through. have there been better ones about this subject? yes! (‘full metal jacket’ comes to mind for me) and i agree this is not eastwood’s greatest…i’ve been a fan of his movies especially during the past decade. my fav are gran tarino, letters from iwo jima and invictus. have not seen edgar movie..and didn’t really like Hereafter.


          • AF:

            “but I may be a bit biased because I have served in those wars myself and have personally witnessed what struggles those soldiers have been through.”-

            Thanks so much for sharing this personal bit. And you are certainly the right person to talk about all this, not me because I have no experience of wars (I haven’t read Kyle’s book). I can certainly see why it would work for you as a drama, but I don’t think it offers much of a “subtle commentary” (or atleast there is nothing really new here) which that Forbes article mentions (I liked both Fury and especially ’71 more than this if we are talking muscular war-films). That being said, I am happy that Eastwood will have success after quite sometime. And yes, Letters to Iwo Jima is far and away my favourite Eastwood, I have also enjoyed Changeling and Grand Torino as well.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      good comment here:

      Mr. “We shouldn’t have been over there in the first place!” liberal film critic may have issues with the film’s politics, tin-eared dialogue, and its massaging a true-life biopic into generic action movie cliches (it’s less jingoistic than Lone Survivor, although frankly less interesting than the intriguingly procedural Act of Valor), but it arguably wasn’t made for me. Diversity in the marketplace doesn’t just mean more films starring women and minorities. It also means more multiplex films that espouse a political or social viewpoint that I might not necessarily agree with and/or play to demographics that aren’t necessarily in my wheelhouse. It means Lionsgate distributing Fahrenheit 9/11 and America: Imagining Life Without Her. It means Warner Bros. distributing American Sniper and Three Kings. Keeping in mind that we are dealing with just one day of national release, the legs on this thing are going to be huge.

      For much of the country, it will play as an unapologetic nationalistic action movie that hits all the right buttons and does offer some subtle commentary for those looking for it. A multiplier like Lone Survivor gets the film well-above $200 million domestic, while an Act of Valor type run gets it to around $190m. And if it actually wins a major Oscar or two, well… American Sniper could end up one of the biggest domestic grossers of the year. We’ll see tomorrow and Monday where it falls in terms of the biggest non-fantasy/non-comic book action film debuts as well as the top R-rated debuts. For now, as always, anytime something that isn’t what you would consider a conventional blockbuster plays like a traditional blockbuster is cause for celebration.


    • As engrossing as American Sniper was, something was definitely missing for me. I found the marriage of a guy doing his job so relentlessly and patriotically yet being quite sympathetic at moments (e.g. his internal hesitance to shooting a child) a little uneasy. Also I found the tone of the American marines, snipers uneasy too – the early portions are more like I expected during the training camp sessions [that brash, confident arrogance in abundance) dampens through the film to a more subdued, hearty and sometimes reserved fella. Whether that is the turmoil the job undertakes on one or not I found it pandering to the audience or maybe this was more meant to be like this to show a more “anti-war” stance. Thinking about, if that was the intention than I am being a little too harsh on it.


      • It made a killing with the widening of release. 90 million USD over three days!


        • I’d recommend A Most Violent Year to everyone here. An excellent film at every level. Set in 1981 NY it offers a dark commentary on the idea of the ‘American Dream’.


          • JC Chandor is a brilliant director..Loved his Margin Call as well.


          • I am so glad that you liked this. To use a much abused word, it’s the most “intelligently” made film I have seen this year. And Oscar Isaac, to my mind, gives the star-performance of the year. Also really loved the director’s earlier “All is Lost” as well


          • Speaking of adaptations I thought Denis Villeneuve’s “Enemy” was an excellent one, it was a bold decision on the part of the director to completely change the ending with respect to Saramago’s novel. And to my mind that decision payed off in a big way.


  14. I All Inda Business
    Sunday 18 January 2015 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    I had the biggest opening ever in South India with the highest combined collections from Tamil Nadu /Kerala, Nizam Andhra and Karnataka of around 22 crore nett on day one. The collections of I are as follows.

    Tamil – 11,50,00,000
    Telugu – 9,58,00,000

    Tamil – 10,50,00,000
    Telugu – 8,48,00,000
    Hindi – 20,00,000.

    Tamil – 9,00,00,000
    Telugu – 4,61,00,000
    Hindi – 1,75,00,000

    Tamil – 31,00,00,000
    Telugu – 22,67,00,000
    Hindi – 1,95,00,000

    All India – 55,62,00,000


    • Awesome numbers although I think the trend is bad. I don’t think the WOM is positive unfortunately. Wed greater than Thurs is the normal but Friday should’ve been greater than Thurs. The Telugu version dropped almost 50% on Friday…idk why but getting Ra.1 box office vibes


      • Telugu dropped on Fri but not the Tamil.


      • Wed, Thu and Fri are all Pongal Holidays in TN so I dont think we can say anything about the movie yet. For Telugu Wed and Thursday was a holiday and not Friday so drop is explainable. The movie is very poor though, no 2 ways about it


  15. Tevar Day Eight PK Fifth Friday Business
    Saturday 17 January 2015 15.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Tevar grossed around 80-90 lakhs nett on its eight day which is an 85% drop on the first day. The collections have dropped badly all over apart from UP where the the fall is less due to the tax exemption. the film should have a 3 crore nett plus weekend.

    PK grossed around 60-65 lakhs nett on its fifth Friday which is a 6%% drop on last week. The fact that the film is still collecting on the fifth Friday is an achievement in itself. the only films that managed to run well into week five in the last few years have been the ones that did not open well.

    Although the collections of PK are less than Tevar at the start of the week it will cut into its lead over the week and it could be that fifth week of PK and second of Tevar are in the same range.


  16. myselfaamir Says:

    Alone And I Second Day Business
    Sunday 18 January 2015 15.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Alone had similar business on Saturday as compared to Friday. It needed growth to to do fair business but the plus was that it did not drop as many sex horror films go that way. The first two day business is as follows.

    Friday – 3,35,00,000
    Saturday 3,45,00,000.

    TOTAL – 6,80,00,000

    I (dubbed) managed to grow around 15% mainly with main growth coming in Delhi and Punjab as day one was low in these areas. The film grossed 1.75 crore nett on Friday and 2 crore nett on Sunday.


  17. myselfaamir Says:

    Trenchant remark by Delhi high court with regard to a PIL asking for deletion of certain scenes from the movie hurting Hindu sentiments –


  18. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Vikram – Shankar’s ‘I’ (original Tamil version) was given a massive release in Kerala on January 14th by Global United Media in around 232 screens. The film grossed a record amount on Day 1 and held on admirably on the second day too, a feat which is quite rare in Kerala, where drops are fast and big if the film doesn’t work with the audience.

    At the end of the first 2 days, the gross in Kerala is reported to be around 5.57 crores and Global United Media believes that the film has the public demand to gross the historical magical figure of 10 crores after the first 5 days.


  19. ‘I’ is Shankar’s worst film, IMO. This might not even do good business like the other 2 worst films for me(Aparachit and Shivaji). I don’t consider Boys as worst as not much was expected from it. There is practically nothing much to make it big scale film and waste 3 years shooting time with such a basic revenge drama. I laugh to think when Shankar said, this movie is in thriller format and with such long drawn sequences and over 3 hours length, its far away from thriller format. Vikram is as usual phenomenal but it is Shankar who disappoints. Songs are good and are shot great. I really loved the Beauty and Beast song.. very well shot. But overall, given its humongous expectations, ‘I’ falls short and by a long margin.


  20. If I is made in hindi, who can be the hero? Katrina can play the female lead.


    • anyone with real six-eight-ten packs..


    • ‘I’ is already dubbed in Hindi. Also, not many are dumb to spend 2-3 years of their career for a film like I. To think of it, no Bollywood actor is stupid enough to play such a role which fans can’t stand for a minute on screen. So, don’t see anyone doing such a role in Hindi movie actors unless he’s not the top actor, maybe like Irrfan or some upcoming actor without strong fan base.


  21. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Shankar – Vikram – Amy Jackson’s I (Hindi version) has collected 3 cr on Sunday (3rd Day) to take the 1st Weekend (3 Days) Collection to 7.9 cr. Officials Collections Day Wise Break Up at the Bottom of the post. The film is having a poor run at the box office in the Hindi version.

    Although the growth should have been more considering the low starting point but the growth is nevertheless good. The weekend collections of I are in similar range to Rajinikanth’s Robot ( 7.7 cr – 2010) and Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam ( 7.8 cr – 2013).

    Like Robot, the prime business of I too is coming from Mumbai city followed by Delhi and East Punjab where there is a decent following of the director. This is the first non-Rajini and non-Kamal which has performed at this level in the Hindi belt and the entire credits for that goes to Shankar and Vikram.


  22. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    “I’ is US Top 20 with 1.4 mn USD collected so far.


  23. PK At 334 Crore After 31 Days
    Monday 19 January 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    PK grossed 2.50-2.75 crore nett in its fifth weekend to take its lifetime total close to around 334 crore nett. The drop in business is a little less than last week. It is rare for a big release to go into the fifth week and be collecting in crores. The last time a wide release grossed over 1 crore nett in the fifth weekend was Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

    If the film trends the same way next week then it may reach 340 crore nett but Baby will be releasing so there is a possibility of a bigger fall.

    The Mumbai total for the film is over 103 crore nett and the Delhi/UP total has crossed 65 crore nett


    • In terms of value would this amount be more/less than 3 idiots?


      • hmmmm. Ignored comment or unanswerable comment?


      • Didn’t see this earlier. It’s certainly less than 3I. The latter in today’s money (assuming same sort of trending) would have easily crossed 400. However the important thing here (and to get back to another much repeated example of mine) is that PK more or less doubles its week 1 number or comes very close to this. It’s like Ghajini in this sense. But this doubling is essentially a benchmark that evades pretty much every other big film (including something as huge as Dabanng!). Ultimately without a film being truly liked at some deep level that sort of trending isn’t possible. Now of course not every film can do a 3I but on the evidence 99% of big films can’t do a Ghajini/PK either!


      • More people saw 3 Idiots. PK is liked but IMO less. Personally I find PK much more enjoyable than 3 Idiots .


  24. *** This looks like another attempt to defame Swamy. Anyhow, it does provide good laughs***

    Subramaniam Swamy has, for a very long time, been the champion of awesome conspiracy theories. The Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy page on Facebook manages to completely outdo that. From ancient Indian spacecrafts, to the Hindu origins of Bob Marley, this page brings to us the best revelations and conspiracy theories you can ever imagine. These look so very authentic; we just might need to set up a commission to look into them. Let’s have look at the top ten revelations that Swamy Ji has made us aware of.


  25. American Sniper has stunned everyone with a monster $105 mn in 4 Days…unbelievable. Trade pundits were predicting 40 mil.


    • It’s a total shocker.


      • Particularly since other Oscar hopefuls like The Imitation Game,Selma and Theory of Everything have under performed with The IMitation game doing better. But, in BO it is not a KIng’s speech. Somebody had said that the combined BO of the nominated films was one of the lowest in history but this changes that. Haven’t seen the movie but still wonder what made it resonate so with the public.


  26. I’ – Tamil Nadu opening weekend box-office collections
    Jan 19, 2015
    Shankar’s latest magnum opus ‘I’ opened on January 14th, a day ahead of Pongal, and witnessed jam-packed halls all over the state till Sunday, January 18th. The film had all the best screens in the state and was given record number of shows in all the leading multiplexes. In Chennai city, the 5-day opening weekend gross was estimated at around 3.84 crores by us at Behindwoods.

    From across Tamil Nadu, from trusted trade sources, we hear that ‘I’ has grossed close to 40 crores after its first 5 days. This is among the best ever first weekend performances by a Tamil film in the state. The official press release is still awaited.

    With rave reviews for Vikram’s performance and a big curiosity surrounding the film, ‘I’ is expected to continue the momentum in the coming days and weeks too.


    • Box-office – ‘I’ sweeps the Kerala market
      Jan 19, 2015
      The film ‘I’ is breaking many records at the box-office as expected. The Shankar – Vikram – ARR collaboration was enough to sweep the screens in all the Southern states across India, in both Tamil and Telugu. As reported earlier, the Kerala box-office report of ‘I’ is simply staggering, after the first 2 days’ gross of 5.57 crores.

      An official spokesperson from Global United Media Company Private Limited, who distributed the film in Kerala, confirmed that the film has grossed over 10.7 crores in the first 5 days (14th to 18th January). A Tamil film crossing the 10 crores gross mark in Kerala is huge indeed.

      Global United Media has just ventured into film production and distribution, and ‘I’ was their first Tamil distribution venture in Kerala. They are all set to do more business in the Kerala and Tamil Nadu markets in the coming days.


      • ‘I’ First (5 Days Opening) Weekend Box Office Collection: Vikram Starrer Set to Beat ‘Lingaa’ Records in US
        By Prakash Upadhyaya January 19, 2015 10:54 IST

        Vikram starrer “I” aka “Ai”, which has reportedly grossed over ₹100 crore in India from three languages in five days, has opened to fantastic collections at US Box Office in the first weekend. The movie is now just a little short of beating Rajinikanth’s “Lingaa” records in its five-day opening weekend.

        The combined estimated three language (Tamil, Telugu & Hindi) collections of “I” stand at $1.4 million (₹8.61 crore) and has surpassed the business of Rajini’s “Sivaji”, which had collected $1.3 (₹8.1 crore)million. It is now set to break Rajinikanth’s “Lingaa” record of $1.5 million (₹9.33 crore) from two languages (Tamil and Telugu).
        As per Andhra Box Office, “I” has raked in $294,478 (₹1.81 crore) on Tuesday, $231,583 (₹1.42 crore) on Wednesday, $91,193 (₹56.20 lakh) on Thursday and $781,000 (₹4.81 crore) in the weekend (Friday to Sunday) to take its tally to $1.4 million in the opening weekend.
        The response has been good in the US so far for “I” even though there have been mixed reviews for Vikram’s movie. It is now the third top most grossing Tamil film in the US after “Endhiran – The Robot” and “Lingaa”.
        While “I” is expected to easily beat “Lingaa” records, we have to wait and watch whether it can surpass the collection of “Endhiran – The Robot”, which had earned $2.4 (₹14.84 crore) million from three languages in 2010.
        This is the best-ever performance by Vikram, whose previous movie “Thaandavam” earned ₹1.13 crore from Tamil and Telugu versions.

        Meanwhile, “I” has continued to rock at domestic box office. Its performance in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Bengaluru has been brilliant in the first weekend. The Sankrathi five-day long weekend helped the multilingual movie do good business. The early reports emerging from trade indicates that it has grossed ₹100 crore from India.


        • Vikram’s I(Ai) 3rd, 4th And 5th Day Box Office: Reaches The 100 Crore Mark!
          Posted by: Avinash Gopinath Updated: Monday, January 19, 2015, 16:53 [IST]

          According to reports, the movie, after its first three days has collected a whopping 55.6 crore rupees only in India. At the end of fourth day(Saturday) the worldwide box office collections stands at a record 85 crore rupees. With the 100 crore mark not far away, I is on the verge of becoming the second fastest Tamil film to 100 crores only behind Rajinikanth’s Enthiran. On Sunday, which is also the fifth and crucial day at the box office for I(Ai), the movie’s performance was more than decent. In Andhra Pradesh, the movie is growing from strength to strength. On its fifth day, the movie has managed to amass 65 lakhs only in Ceded so far taking its overall tally to an impressive 3.87 crore rupees in Ceded alone. In districts like East Godavari and Krishna, the Vikram starrer had collected 1.4 crores and 1.1 crores respectively at the end of its fourth day(Saturday) Experts feel that Monday(6th day) will be a crucial day for I as it is the beginning of a new week. Despite all these factors, the movie has managed to gather more than 100 crore rupees at the box office in India alone.



    Sachin has been sending messages to Aamir saying I told you so with a smile every time he hears someone saying that the film is Aamir’s best performance. He even called Aamir when the PK hit 300 cr club (336.53cr till Sunday) ​talking​ about how the film would be his best ever. To this the actor had to agree to Sachin’s judgment.


  28. ‘I’ enters the 100 crores club – A first for Chiyaan Vikram
    Jan 20, 2015

    Shankar – Vikram’s ‘I’ made it count at the box-office big time in its opening weekend, not just all over India but also in the overseas space, in all the 3 versions – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

    After gathering data from many authentic sources, we have come to know with a degree of certainty that the film has crossed the 100 crores gross mark in India, after its first 5 days’ opening weekend. Adding the overseas gross, the total worldwide gross of ‘I’ from all its versions goes way above 100 crores. A remarkable achievement indeed.

    A split up of the Indian gross of ‘I’ in its opening weekend follows

    Tamil Nadu – 40 crores
    Kerala – 10.7 crores
    Telugu version in Andhra / Nizam – 30 crores plus
    Karnataka – around 10 crores
    Hindi version in the rest of India – around 10 crores

    Total Indian gross – 100+ crores

    This is Vikram’s first movie to enter the 100 crores club for Indian gross as well as worldwide gross, whereas Shankar is a past master at such century milestones with his movies like Enthiran and Sivaji.


    • How does ‘I’ compare with Kaththi, Lingaa etc.
      Jan 20, 2015

      We have been reporting about I’s box-office exploits regularly. The film has many accolades, records and milestones to its credit and Chennai city is one of the centers where it is performing at the very best, along with nearby Chengalpet. There has been great pressure for tickets in all theaters and theater owners are reported to be very happy at the opening response, aided by the Pongal holidays too.

      After a jam-packed opening weekend, it is heard that the film is holding on well yesterday (first Monday) too, with occupancies around the 60% mark.

      In comparison to other recent biggies in Chennai city, let’s see how ‘I’ has fared. The below data are all opening weekend gross collections estimated by Behindwoods

      1. ‘I’ – 3.84 crores (5 day opening weekend)
      2. Kaththi – 3.01 crores (5 day opening weekend)
      3. Lingaa – 2.60 crores (3 day opening weekend)
      4. Anjaan – 2.36 crores (3 day opening weekend)
      5. Kochadaiiyaan – 1.81 crores (3 day opening weekend)


      • both these stories from behind woods.


        • Very happy for Vikram, but still think it still needs to do a lot more to be a considered a proper commercial hit (considering the budget and extraordinary expectations involved)…of course had it been a Bollywood film the “success party” invitations would have already been sent.


      • All said and considered the 3 day Anjaan opening is quite outstanding for such a hopeless movie.


  29. ‘Experts and critics from the Tamil film industry, as well as other Indian language movies, are of the unanimous opinion that roles and scripts befitting Rajinikanth’s acting talent are not being written’

    ‘For repositioning, analysts suggest, he go to the next level — and take up character roles, rather than play the hero.’

    In the wake of lukewarm response to his last two films Lingaa and Kochadaiyaan, T E Narasimhan and Urvi Malvania examine ways in which Rajinikanth can reclaim past glory.

    Rajinikanth says, in his latest flick, Lingaa, “I have not failed; I have only postponed success.”

    His fans and business partners are now hoping this reel line proves to be a punchy real-life mantra for the Tamil super-star, especially after Lingaa’s disappointing show at the box office.

    This was not the beginning of the rough patch for him.

    Earlier in 2014, the much-anticipated animation film, Kochadaiiayaan, his first release since the 2010-hit Enthiran (Robot in Hindi), had also failed to enthral the audience, and had been criticised on technical and creative grounds.

    Lingaa, his second release of the year, met with a worse fate — so much so that the distributors who earlier swore by Rajinikanth’s box-office charisma, were now seeking a refund of their money.

    Some of them recently sat on a day-long fast to demand compensation from Rajinikanth and the film’s producers.

    Has the actor lost his pull and popularity among the masses?

    Experts do not think so.

    They believe it is the need for reinvention, and not loss of popularity.

    Experts and critics from the Tamil film industry, as well as other Indian language movies, are of the unanimous opinion that roles and scripts befitting Rajinikanth’s acting talent are not being written.

    “He is stuck, like Amitabh Bachchan was from the late-1980s to 2000,” says a trade analyst.

    Analysts say that it is time the actor repositioned and reinvented himself.

    For repositioning, they suggest, he go to the next level — and take up character roles, rather than play the hero.

    “One must accept that he is getting old. The current generation might not like to see Rajini flying in a balloon, fighting and romancing young actresses,” a distributor says.

    He cites the examples of Bollywood stars of yore, Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Rakhee, who went on to play character or supporting roles in the later part of their career, and met with success.

    In Lingaa, 65-year-old Rajini is seen romancing Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha — neither of them more than half his age — and in the climax of the film, he has a fight in a hot-air balloon.

    Both Lingaa and Kochadaiiayaan were co-produced by Eros International, which was responsible for their distribution in India and abroad.

    The Sunil Lulla-led studio’s combined investment in these movies was close to Rs 200 crore.

    The studio refused to divulge the loss it might have incurred on the ventures; it did not even make the movies’ final collections public.

    In a statement, the studio clarifies: “We have no direct arrangements with any distributor claiming refund… that is why MG (minimum guarantee) deals and refundable advance deals exist in the market and everyone entering into these, across the value chain, makes business choices based on the perception of a film before release. In this case we had an MG deal consistent with our pre-sales strategy.”

    In the minimum guarantee model, a studio or producer provides the prints for the movie after a distributor or exhibitor furnishes a minimum guarantee amount. This means the exhibitor or distributor cannot hope to make any money till box-office collections (the net amount, after tax) match the MG amount.

    This model is generally used for movies featuring top actors, in anticipation of a windfall at the box office.

    For many years, Rajinikanth’s movies had seen some of the biggest box-office collections and people were ready to invest in his films; he was also India’s highest-paid actor.

    There were a few failures since 2002 — Baba (2002), Kuselan (2008), besides the more recent Kochadaiiayaan and Lingaa, which fared poorly.

    But there were also movies such as Chandramukhi (2005), Enthiran (2010) and Sivaji (2007) that lived up to Rajini’s name.

    Sivaji, directed by Shankar and distributed by Sun Pictures, part of the Kalanithi Maran-promoted Sun Network, holds the record for collecting a little over Rs 300 crore in gross revenues globally, the highest by a Tamil film.

    So far as Lingaa is concerned, it is a different story.

    A distributor of the film says: “We have suffered huge losses; roughly 70 per cent of our investment. We seek Rajinikanth’s intervention. There is nothing against him but we feel cheated and he should know this.”

    Smaller distributors, who are said to have been hit the most, usually invest Rs 4-8 crore on an average on a film.

    T E Narasimhan and Urvi Malvania in Mumbai/Chennai


    • AamirsFan Says:

      60th year..should be very nostalgic..i hope at least. Shame that Sonu Nigam didn’t get nominated for his song (Bhagwan kahan hai tu) in PK. Also the ultimate snub is Rahman not getting nominated. Also…was 2 states really that good?? Or is that the KJo effect…


  30. Chennai Box-Office: Pongal weekend – January 14 to 18

    Wednesday, 21 January , 2015, 12:36

    The Chennai Pongal weekend box-office is booming. Shankar’s big budget Vikram-Amy Jackson fantasy romantic revenge story I took a gargantuan opening. Footfalls across mall multiplexes and single screens were very high during Pongal holidays.

    Riding on I, Sundar C’s Vishal starrer Aambala and GV Prakash’s Darling which got the spill-over audiences too rocked. Al the three films are winners in their own way, and are profitable for their producers.

    The clear winner by miles and miles is I, the undisputed number one at CBO. The film had a occupancy of 95% across the screens and has grossed a mind blowing Rs 4.07 Cr during the five-day weekend. Even though the film was torn apart by the critics, the audiences thronged the screens.

    At number two is Vishal’s Aambala, which was not liked by critics and majority of the audiences. But thanks to Vishal’s strategy of releasing it for the festival season and pitting it against I, paid off. The spill-over audiences and tax free status helped it to generate decent numbers in Chennai city, around 70 lakhs.

    In the third place is GV Prakash’s Darling, a horror comedy, which was surprisingly liked by audiences and critics. The film generated Rs 20 lakhs in Chennai city with from limited screens and shows. And thanks to its shoe-string budget will make money for all concerned.

    Aamir Khan’s PK in the fourth place continues to attract audiences in multiplexes, though the number of shows and screens has been cut down due to Pongal releases. In the fifth position is Kappal.


  31. PK Hits 600 Crore Worldwide
    Wednesday 21 January 2015 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    PK has finally hit the 600 crore mark worldwide after 32 days. It had looked the film will go past the 600 gross mark easily but the business slowed acrossed the globe in the last ten days or so.

    Still it has become the first film to cross 600 crore wordwide and beats the Dhoom 3 figure of 540 crore. The gross (GBOC) in India is 442 crore and Overseas the film has grossed 159 crore for a total of 601 crore. It is looking at a 610 crore Worldwide finish and could add more in Overseas later if it goes to other markets in the second phase.

    The top five worldwide grossers now are PK, Dhoom 3, Chennai Express, 3 Idiots and Kick.


    • once again 3 out of the top 5 are Aamir’s.


    • “…It had looked the film will go past the 600 gross mark easily but the business slowed acrossed the globe in the last ten days or so. Still it has …”
      In Hindi: Phillum chali lekin itna tezi se nahi chali. Theek hai, phirbhi sabse bada collection kiya hai. Haan, theek hai..

      And the jibes continue. The biggest worldwide grosser gets dissed because it did not gross all that moolah in lesser days than it took. I mean really WTF!?!


  32. Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan 2h2 hours ago
    T 1745 – 40 years ! 40 years ago, this day, DEEWAR was released !! 21st Jan 1975 .. Thank you Salim-Javed Saheb for the most perfect script.


  33. First BABY review- Bollywood Hungama (Faridoon)


    • One can’t say the reviewer is restrained (one of the ‘best films in Indian history’, ‘on par technically with the best in the world’ etc) but I expect here a very gripping film with a very problematic set of politics (all of which are apparent in the reviewer’s description). I’d certainly be happy for Akshay to get a success. It sounds more like A Wednesday than Special 26 in terms of the narrative and the formal registers (though I enjoyed Special Chabbis too). The Gujarat reference should ruffle some feathers! Even if they don’t show anything and just show the riots and if they then talk about the alienation of Muslims in India the ‘logic’ might be obvious. Or enough for some vandalism to occur! It might well be that a certain brand of muscular liberal nationalism is represented in the movie. In fact this is quite likely given Akshay’s part of it. It’s a brand of nationalism that isn’t normally a very prominent part of the Indian discourse (as opposed to say in the West). On the other hand it might be enough to rile those who are practitioners of right-wing nationalism on the contemporary scene. If Neeraj Pandey is smart here (and not problematic as I fear) he might thread the needle. Which is to say insist on that muscular nationalism but have a ‘liberal heart’ at the bottom of it all. Again if this is so it won’t pass the right-wing smell test! The thing with the ‘Indian’ sign is that it’s not as neutral in the context of the present where many wish to read it precisely in the light of the ‘Hindu’ sign. In other words if you insist on the former you already concede a great deal to the Nehruvian ideal. If you insist on the majoritarianism implied by the latter (soft or otherwise) you also lay yourself open to certain kinds of questioning. The BJP has itself oscillated between these two positions post-election. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes the other, sometimes one in the guise of the other. But either way this oscillation suggests that what they would like to have as the default position cannot be easily asserted in all quarters (running as a technocrat was perhaps already conceding this point). We see for instance how hard the media has gone after any suggestion of communalism much less the ugly examples available every week. We see how many supportive industrialists also don’t seem to be very happy with this stuff (though they ought to have known better!). In any case it will be interesting to see what Baby comes up with given all these contexts. Perhaps I might not find it so problematic after all!

      And now to paraphrase Rocky I am only responding ‘politically’ to a related cinematic topic!


      • I expect a very gritty, well put together film with good performances. Definitely one I want to watch and hoping to catch it this weekend if I can get tickets as they are all fully booked and film is set to take a historic opening where I am.


    • Somehow the high praise in the review is not matching with just the 4 stars given…..4 stars are given to Dhoom3 types of trash…then this is a 6 star with that parameter.
      Happy for Akshay once again. 🙂


  34. Another power-packed outing for Chiyaan Vikram
    Jan 21, 2015

    The whole nation is going gaga over the recently released movie ‘I’ directed by Shankar and featuring Vikram. The audiences and critics have been unanimous in appreciating the hero who has given his heart and soul for the project.

    Vikram is currently busy with the promotions of ‘I’ and is expected to join 10 Enradhukulla sets very soon. 10 Enradhukulla starring Chiyaan Vikram and Samantha in the lead roles, directed by Vijay Milton is almost 80% over with 2 montage songs shot already. The last schedule took place in Coimbatore and they are likely to resume shoot from next month.

    The makers are planning to can the power packed climax portion, which would include some daring stunts and chasing sequences, in either Nepal or Indonesia. One of the songs is expected to be shot in Pondicherry soon after.


  35. Bymokesh Bakshi trailer



  36. SRK says that Rohit Shetty’s movie will start filming in March. And so is Raees. I think he’s aiming for a Xmas release with the RS film then…


    • Just finished watching- He said he wants the RS movie to release this year at Xmas and Raees to release next year.


  37. Baby working would give the industry a much needed lift, more than a Happy New Year or PK working as those type of films are totally different kettle of fish at the box office today. The worry for Baby will be the initial which is all important today. The film is an action thriller but story telling style and presentation looks very niche from the promos for a film with a high cost. A film of this cost needs to put in a 12 plus opening day to pull through on average trending but on the promos it will be a big surprise if it pulls that sort of number.

    The key for the film seems to be get some sort of reasonable number in on Friday which means the film will have to grow on Friday and fast. If the Friday number comes in low it will send shock waves in the trade because of what has happened in the last few months putting aside PK.


    • ‘Baby working would give the industry a much needed lift, more than a Happy New Year or PK working… ”

      There was a brilliant commentary as to why an Akshay Kumar, who does 4-5 films, who delivers even 1 hit while doing average business in others (though he gives one solid hit and one semi hit with every set of 5-6 films) is more imp for Hindi film industry. It ensures that capital remains invested in the industry and circulates.
      In big hits produced by 3-4 large studios, money goes into the hands of few like the Reliance and Tatas do in India.
      Akshay Kumar democratizes the industry more.


  38. Will Baby Be The Much Needed Hit?
    Thursday 22 January 2015 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baby will release tomorrow and is the biggest film of the first quarter and amongst the top three of the first half in terms of costs. The industry is in much need of a hit and will be hoping Baby does the trick.

    The last normal film to be a hit was Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania which was six months back. The only films that have worked since have been the event films be it Kick, Happy New Year, Singham Returns and PK. Singham Returns may not have been as big as the others in terms of hype but was aided hugely by the successful Singham brand.

    Baby working would give the industry a much needed lift, more than a Happy New Year or PK working as those type of films are totally different kettle of fish at the box office today. The worry for Baby will be the initial which is all important today. The film is an action thriller but story telling style and presentation looks very niche from the promos for a film with a high cost. A film of this cost needs to put in a 12 plus opening day to pull through on average trending but on the promos it will be a big surprise if it pulls that sort of number.

    The key for the film seems to be get some sort of reasonable number in on Friday which means the film will have to grow on Friday and fast. If the Friday number comes in low it will send shock waves in the trade because of what has happened in the last few months putting aside PK.


    • “The only films that have worked since have been the event films be it Kick, Happy New Year, Singham Returns and PK. Singham Returns may not have been as big as the others in terms of hype but was aided hugely by the successful Singham brand.”

      yeah the others are in the PK league..! Kick are HNY are much further away from PK than Singham Returns is from them!

      On the heels of PK it’s in any case odd to raise this question. Did they raise such questions after other big releases? Think I know the answer.


  39. ‘I’ in the all-time Top 5 after just 6 days
    Jan 22, 2015

    It’s time now to look at the overseas performance of ‘I’ in the key markets of US and UK. The film is doing rousing business here too just like back home, and the stakeholders are much-pleased with the opening.

    USA gross after the first 6 days in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi – reported to be 1.17 million USD (7.19 crores) (all-time Number 5). Superstar’s movies like Enthiran, Lingaa, Sivaji and also Kamal’s Vishwaroopam are higher than ‘I’ currently.

    UK gross after the first 6 days in Tamil and Hindi – reported to be 275,576 pounds (2.56 crores). ‘I’ is currently at the all-time number 5 slot in UK, overtaking the likes of Lingaa already. It has higher spots in its sights indeed. Last year’s highest grosser was Kaththi with around 333,522 pounds in the UK.

    Stay tuned for more facts and figures.


  40. Obama to join Modi on ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio broadcast…

    Reflecting growing Indo-US ties, President Barack Obama will join Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly radio address to the people of India on January 27.

    Modi’s monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’ this time will be a special one with Obama, who will be the Chief Guest at this year’s Republic Day, also participating.

    The prime minister himself made the announcement in tweets on Thursday morning.

    “This month’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode will be a special one, where our Republic Day guest @BarackObama & I will share our thoughts together,” Modi tweeted.

    “I am eagerly looking forward to the special ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme with President @BarackObama, which will be aired on 27th January,” he added.

    Modi has been addressing the nation over radio every month since October last through the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme.

    Inviting questions from the public, he said, “‘Mann Ki Baat’ with President @BarackObama will not be complete without your participation! Send your Qs till the 25th, using #AskObamaModi,” the Prime Minister said.

    He said questions could also be posted on ‘MyGov’ website.

    “#AskObamaModi & be a part of this memorable ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme, illustrating a special bond between India &USA,” Modi wrote.

    Significantly, when Modi visited the US in September last year, he and Obama had written a joint Op-Ed in a major American daily.


  41. Abhishek Bachchan is my only friend in new gen stars: Waheeda Rehman
    Abhishek Saha, Hindustan Times, Jaipur | Updated: Jan 22, 2015 09:26 IST

    The face did not launch a thousand ships. But it did launch the career of one of the most accomplished actors in Bollywood, a beauty that ‘age cannot wither, nor custom stale her infinite variety’.

    When Waheeda Rehman took the stage at the Jaipur Literature Festival on a wet Thursday morning, it took sublime poetry to describe the grace and beauty of the 76-year-old actor.

    Hindi poet Yatindra Mishra recited a few lines from a famous Bollywood film song ‘Chaudvin ka chaand ho’ to welcome her to the session Mujhe Jeene Do: Conversations with Waheeda Rehman.

    Rehman delighted the cheering crowd with many anecdotes from her career spanning several decades, saying that the 1965 hit movie Guide is her best film till date.

    “Today, when someone watches Guide he may not find the role bold or unconventional. But 45 years ago, it definitely was,” she said of her role as Rosie.

    The winner of the national award for best actress in 1971, Rehman also spoke at length about her relationship with Dev Anand, Satyajit Ray and of course, Guru Dutt.

    “Guru Dutt was a person who never seemed to be satisfied with a shot. He could go on with retakes as long as he wasn’t happy,” she said.

    Rather surprisingly, she named Abhishek Bachchan among her friends.

    “He is the only friend I have among the new generation. We sit for hours talking about films, old and new,” Rehman said.

    And what role she would like to do as a swan song?

    “Something like Meryl Streep’s in The Bridges of Madison County.”


  42. Jagga Jasoos To Release On 27 November 2015
    Thursday 22 January 2015 20.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
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    Jagga Jasoos starring the hit pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif has will now release on 27th November 2015. The film was early planned for an August release.

    The film is produced by Disney UTV alongwith Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor and directed by Anurag Basu. The release is on a non holiday Friday.


    Ranbir’s films are all messed up- Bombay Velvet looks like a mess and latest news is they cut Raveena Tandon’s part. Jagga Jasoos has switched release dates 5 times and is now releasing Thanksgiving 2015. Who knows when Tamaasha will release- I thought there would be a clash between Tamaasha and BM but now with SRK coming on Xmas, either both films will move or BM will stay. But I don’t think Eros would want to clash with the SRK-RS film hence they’ll probably move BM to Republic Day 2016 since that’s free now. Tamaasha will probably release in 2016 now but there are no holidays. Diwali 2016 is occupied by Salman, hopefully Aamir’s next can release Xms 2016 and the Aditya Chopra-SRK film will probably release on Eid 2016. And he’ll want a good release date for Raees- maybe Oct 2? Independence Day there’s already a clash between Hrithik and Ajay D. And Satyam posted that HF3 is releasing June 3, 2016 which means a clash with the Karan Johar-Ranbir film.


    • The problem here is probably Bombay Velvet. If it’s being reshot partially it probably messes up his schedule. But yeah it was odd to hear the ‘official’ explanation that since Phantom and Jagga were releasing close by they’d decided to delay the latter! I suspect that after Besharam Ranbir also doesn’t want any sort of failure. Bombay Velvet is a dream film at one level. On the other hand Kashyap is nonetheless a risky director who’s never had a big league commercial success.


  43. “We sit for hours talking about films, old and new,” –what more can poor abhishrek possibly do? With no films in hand
    And with dad and even wife and heck even daughter busy with some shootings and work –what will this good-for-nothing chap do after playing sidekick to the whole industry (dhoom 2 to HR, dhoom3 to aamir and HNY to srk!)

    “Ranbir’s films are all messed up”— when somebody is BONING katrina kapoor all nite and then shooting with the ‘girl with the broken heart’ in tamasha, what will films do?

    “If you insist on the majoritarianism implied by the latter (soft or otherwise)…” — an eminently shameful write up by Satyam there in more ways than one….


  44. Amidst the distorted politics and twisted spin, it seems that there is somewhat of a ‘blackout’ here about the upcoming release ‘baby’ .

    Don’t care bout the box office of this one (& akshay anyhow has maxed out to the detriment of his box office)

    This won’t break records at all —

    But I can sense and smell a worthy film in Baby

    And the best akshay kumar perfomance along the lines of his career best rowdy rathore and holiday

    This one is for the silent and suporessed akshay fan

    Prabhudeva at his absolute best

    And a great exhibition of energetic dancing

    Esp the girl on girl and the ‘3 girl on one’ bit–lemme stop there…


  45. Vikram is hot property after ‘I’ success
    Source : SIFY
    Last Updated: Thu, Jan 22, 2015 16:59 hrs1 Comment

    After Shankar’s ‘I’, Vikram seems to be getting a lot of offers from many top directors in Kollywood.

    Sources close to Vikram say that the actor has agreed to do a project for Kalaipuli S Thanu and it will be directed by Anand Shankar of Arima Nambi fame. Vikram has also revealed that he has asked Vijay Milton to come up with yet another script after 10 Enrathukkula and recently the director is said to have narrated the outline.

    Mean time we also hear that Gautham Menon has narrated a script for Vikram which might be produced by Ayngaran International.

    Another buzz is that AR Murugadoss who is producing 10 Enrathukkulla will also be directing a film for Vikram but sources say that it is too early to confirm any such reports


  46. Please create a BO post for BABY….i wonder whats wrong with no discussion of that film. I see great reviews everywhere so far.


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