Spectre trailers (updated)

Updated October 3, 2015:

Earlier trailers:

thanks to Idea…


20 Responses to “Spectre trailers (updated)”

  1. Great teaser.


  2. Bond films being reduced to Liam Neeson vehicle these days..


  3. Must watch


  4. Daniel Craig is best Bond ever..


  5. James Bond is not a hero who is defined by a troubling past with added doses of childhood trauma. May be he had those, but the James Bond we see onscreen is simply a man of action, sorted out in a way that needs no emotional needing. I could not quite digest Bond’s character revelations in Skyfall precisely because it did not belong to him. He is just the present, whatever his past has been.


    • Fair enough.. But there’s a line in SKYFALL that, pretty much for me, sums up WHY the back-story was needed/presented, in a way, when M says: ‘I have often wondered why, but orphans ALMOST ALWAYS make the best spies.’


  6. Looks good with the usual dose of stunts.


  7. a note I sent to someone separately…

    not an unfair take on the film (below). I did like it a lot more than Skyfall but it’s not greater than the sum of its parts and it’s true that this is perhaps the most somber bond ever. But the other reason I liked it is that I was quite partial to its visual choices as an overall matter. In a weird way the last two films are almost James Bond-as-the-Dark-Knight, which is to say the autobiographical is linked to that sort of repression. The moodiness though worked for me much more here than in Skyfall but it’s certainly the case that for all the set pieces, many of theme superb, the film doesn’t quite have those normal highs and lows. It moves along at the same tonal level. But still it should be checked out in a theater.



    • I felt Skyfall was more a surprise of a good film whereas Spectre went back to an older Bond formula which worked too. Daniel Craig deserves his due as a magnificent Bond overall though I do think another film with him is one too many. He has rejuvenated an ailing franchise with the last two Bond films being quite superb.

      I also tried to watch Shandaar but walked out after 10mins!


      • yes I do agree.. he’s probably done with this franchise. There were stories earlier about him wanting to quit. But certainly given the ending here it might not be a bad time to do it.


      • Incidentally reviews of the film were quite strong in the UK, at least the ones I saw, while they were the opposite in the US. Here Skyfall made 300m or so while Spectre is around 95m at the end of the week and it will have to really surprise in the second weekend to have a chance for even 200m. Even with a relatively stable second weekend don’t think it will do more than 175m at best. And this would in fact be a worse result than either Casino Royale or quantum of solace which each did close to 170m in ’06 and ’08 respectively.


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