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  1. MSDhoni:

    Shaandaar Has Good Opening
    Thursday 22 October 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar had a good opening at the box office with collections of around 35%. The film has opened better than the other holiday release Singh Is Bling a few weeks back in Mumbai city and Pune which means it can do a better opening day in Mumbai circuit. Even in Delhi city where Singh Is Bling was strong the collections are better at some properties. The opening is less than Singh Is Bling in mass centres as Shahid Kapoor is not a Akshay Kumar.

    The opening has come as its a holiday for Dusshera and the day will also hold because of the holiday factor but it will be all about whether the holiday gives momentum and it comes through tomorrow as one good day is not enough.

    The film will have best performance in Mumbai city and Delhi city. It will also be the biggest opening day in the careers of Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. There was a major Punjabi release Shareek but Shaandaar has held its own against the film with similar occupancy in the major cities of Punjab.


  2. Shaandaar is a fun film that is infused with great charm, which in turn is enhanced by director Bahl’s panache for a light touch, an attribute that was on full show in Queen.


  3. Shaandaar First Day Early Estimate
    Thursday 22 October 22.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar will gross in the range of 12.50 crore nett range which is a good number on the face of it but as its a holiday it should have been higher. The real value of the opening is around 9 crore nett and collections are bound to trend from this level over the weekend.

    The film had a good start in Mumbai, Delhi and other big cities but in smaller cities it was an average start. The average start in mass centres was not a problem but the fact that it did not pick up over the day despite it being a holiday is a downer for the film because collections won’t get better in these centres after the holiday.

    The film has done well in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore on day one but eventually its not a 30 or 40 crore film where the 5-6 big cities are enough to take it through. There was a big cricket match which may have affected it by around 10% but even an extra 10% in mass centres hardly makes those centres good.


  4. That’s a good opening but public reviews seem very bad and this movie too is likely to tank.

    Apart from KRK and the usual suspects who have disliked the movie here are few more tweets:

    Salilacharya ‏@Salilacharya 10h10 hours ago
    I think ive come to wrng theatre .. This seems more like the #circus… Think i need those #shrooms just like these guys have had #film

    Salilacharya ‏@Salilacharya 4h4 hours ago
    Rgv had his #aag , anurag kashyap had his #bombayvelvet and now vikas behl has his #shandaar


  5. Rajeev MasandVerified account ‏@RajeevMasand 3h3 hours ago
    My review of #Shaandaar I’ll have what he’s smoking!

    ShaandaarRating: 2October 22, 2015Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Pankaj Kapoor, Sanah Kapoor, Vikas Verma, Sushma Seth, Sanjay Kapoor, Nikki AnejaDirector: Vikas Bahl

    There’s a scene in Shaandaar during which an entire wedding party, high on magic mushrooms and pot brownies, lose their minds temporarily and start doing strange things. It’s a fitting scene in a film that appears to have been made under similarly mind-altering influences. Yes, there’s no polite way to say this: Shandaar is a bizarre film.

    All sorts of madness and mayhem ensues when two families – one headed by coldhearted and kooky Mummyji (Sushma Seth), the other by garish Sindhi tycoon Harry Fundwani (Sanjay Kapoor) – descend upon a mansion in the English countryside for a week of festivities to celebrate the marriage of Isha (Sanah Kapoor), the rotund granddaughter of Mummyji and Robin (Vikas Verma), Harry’s beefy, boorish younger brother. Borrowing a page straight out of the Rajshri Productions handbook, the marriage also serves as the perfect backdrop for a blossoming romance…between the bride’s spirited sister Alia (Alia Bhatt), and charming wedding planner Jagjinger Joginder (Shahid Kapoor).Director Vikas Bahl creates a purposefully exaggerated world with mostly whacked out characters. Mummyji herself is a hell-raiser in a motorized wheelchair, barking orders and bullying her grown-up children. Her older son and father-of-the-bride Bipin (Pankaj Kapur) is a meek soul who pretends to be tough, thus prompting someone to describe him as: “Baahar Nana Patekar, andar Amol Palekar.” His adoptive daughter Alia is the sort of insomniac that goes skinny-dipping in the dead of the night. The Fundwanis take their love for bling a little too far, brandishing gold-plated guns and showing up in gold-painted limos. And the groom is a vain, self-worshipping beefcake with little interest in anything beyond his eight-and-a-half-pack abs.

    Some of this is funny, but Bahl’s script quickly runs out of both plot and wit. There’s a lot going on in this crowded film, but not a lot of it makes sense. Scenes like one in which Shahid and Pankaj Kapoor’s characters go paragliding for no reason at all, or the previously mentioned drug-haze, stick out in the narrative as do repeated animation and VFX-aided sequences. Karan Johar pops up for a cameo too, and while that scene sure evokes a laugh, it further adds to the “anything goes” attitude that hangs over this film. The feeling I got watching Shaandaar was that everyone on screen appeared to be doing exactly what they wanted, and not necessarily performing to a script.

    Still, buried somewhere beneath all the loony characters, the overstyled songs, and way too many indulgent, often incoherent scenes are some nice touches. Like the relationship between Alia and her father Pankaj Kapoor, whose one dream is to find a man who can introduce her to the comfort of sleep. There’s an easy chemistry also between Alia (refreshingly natural) and Shahid, who look good together and lift the film to some extent on the strength of their charm. Debutant Sanah Kapoor (who’s Pankaj Kapoor’s real-life daughter and Shahid’s half-sister) brings both grace and spunk to the part of the plus-sized bride whose marriage is really a business deal between the two families.

    These are small mercies in a wildly inconsistent film that seesaws unevenly between charming and WTF! It’s especially disappointing coming from the very writers and director that gave us last year’s terrific Queen. I’m going with a generous two out of five for Shaandaar. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  6. Komal’s diverse view.

    Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 2h2 hours ago
    #Shaandaar is a box-office winner for sure. Read my review at

    “……On the whole, Shaandaar is an entertaining film and will be loved by the youth, especially in the cities. It will emerge amply victorious at the box-office on the strength of youth patronage. Business in the good multiplexes will be excellent but that in the lesser multiplexes and less-maintained single-screen cinemas will be below the mark.”


  7. Salman Khan really made Aaimr Khan cry.
    Salman Khan and Aamir Khan friends no more!
    It’s an end to the Salman Khan-Aamir Khan friendship saga


    Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have been close friends for more than two decades now, since the time Andaz Apna Apna hit the screens in 1994. For over 20 years now, the two have been seen supporting each other in every endeavour whatsoever, be it promoting each other’s films on social media or being next to each other during tough times. However, if the grapevine is to be believed, that might all be in the past now. Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, following an ugly spat, seem to have called their friendship off.

    Even a few months back, one could spot Aamir at the screening of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, praising the latter to the heavens. However, chinks in the relationship began developing after the two apprently realised that their upcoming films – Salman’s Sultan and Aamir’s Dangal – were both based on wrestling, and that the stories had certain similarities.
    It all reached a peak at a certain party Aamir had thrown for his film fraternity colleagues about a month back. All was well, like Aamir and Salman would have wanted, but for Aamir’s decision to sit and speak career choices with Salman, reports So after praising Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Aamir apparently told Salman that had he shown the kind of maturity in the past that he has shown now, he would have had several films to be proud of. Aamir also added that Salman’s career choices had not had anything to do with story or content or hard work, and that his audience swallowed everything that they were offered.
    Salman, on his part, wasn’t really happy with the sermons Aamir was showering on him. So Salman’s retort was that he might not have been as hardworking as Aamir was, but at least he gave adequate credit to his writers and directors. And no, that wasn’t all. Salman dressed his words up with the best of expletives around and hurled them at friend Aamir.

    Before the Ek Tha Tiger star headed for the exit, he also called Aamir ‘fake’, suggest reports.
    Following the spat, while Aamir has been busy shooting for his Dangal in Ludhiana, Salman has been busy training for his role in Sultan. Aamir’s Dangal hits the screens in December next year, and Salman’s Sultan will be out on Eid 2016. While no one is sure about the relationship-trajectory of the two Khans from here, that this incident will be dissected for long is pretty certain.


  8. Have been hearing about shahid kapoor this n that
    In his whole career, I think his biggest solo grosser is about 60-70 crores or so
    That makes him a rich mans abhishrek bachchan at the best (& that’s obviously not a compliment)

    Haven’t seen shandaar but may catch it since I maybe forced

    But even Alia has added to this opening
    Which WITH a holiday and Alia and a family friendly theme is 12 crores !!

    Small stars
    Small openings


  9. Shandaar first day in kanpur is 40% of SIB first day, still BOI is claiming Shandaar first day is close to SIB, it is total bullshit.
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar Oct 2
    Friday Kanpur #SinghIsBliing 15.5lacs aprox
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h1 hour ago
    Thursday #Shandaar under 7lacs aprox Kanpur


    • BOI posts again producers numbers as they usually do for all except Akshay, Devgan and in some cases Bachchans movies.
      This is clearly communal site.


  10. Kabir Khan Retweeted ‏@Talkingmoviez 4h4 hours ago
    #BajrangiBhaijaan Shatters TRP Records – Highest Ever for Hindi Films – Breaks 3 Idiots Record by 40% @kabirkhankk

    Kabir Khan ‏@kabirkhankk 3h3 hours ago
    #Bajrangi Bhaijaan breaks all TRP Records with 15.5 TRP – highest rated premiere ever for a Bollywood Film


    • “highest rated premiere ever for a Bollywood Film ”

      100% Wrong …. Sholay TRP was 60 when premiered .. I am very much sure there would be many movies rated over 15 on premier. May be we can say highest TRP in last few years.


      • Like

        • So highest in last 3 years only. Then why they call it highest ever bs


        • P.K Talli Says:

          shaileshkapoor @ DM FAV RT ? 7 hours ago
          Bajrangi Bhaijaan premiere has done exceptionally well. Can’t compare to PK/ others directly, as more markets have been added (1/2)

          shaileshkapoor @ DM FAV RT ? 7 hours ago
          (2/2) In the closest available comparison (urban to urban, albeit with a change of markets), Bajrangi Bhaijaan has rated 8% higher than PK.

          shaileshkapoor @ REPLY ALL DM FAV RT ? 4 hours ago
          Best apples-to-apples ratings comparison is in HSM 1mn+ markets: (Rat’ 000) Bajrangi Bhaijaan 9026 & PK 8099.


  11. This TRP record, inspite of Bad timing and #IndvSA match.
    HUGE #BajrangiBhaijaan
    Kudos @kabirkhankk @StarGoldIndia


  12. Anubhav Sinha ‏@anubhavsinha 32m32 minutes ago
    Super news @_SanjayGupta I know you will redefine swag with @iHrithik . Rock it mate!!!

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 29m29 minutes ago
    Kamaal R Khan-KRK Retweeted Anubhav Sinha
    Definitely it will be one of the best action film in the history of Bollywood. @anubhavsinha @_SanjayGupta @iHrithik


    • Hrithik Roshan: When I wanted to feel love, I became love myself
      Pure stuff..

      BTW there’s a new announcement every week on behalf of hrithik-let’s see..
      Who’s this ‘intense love story’ with btw

      Anyhow I’m fed up of ‘stars’ like shahid abhishrek ajay with sub 20 crores opening day

      Bring on real stars like HR, Salman, srk


  13. Nahta changes tune after yesterday’s tweet !

    Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 31m31 minutes ago
    Big drop in collections of #Shaandaar on day 2. Rejected by the public.


    • @Miss dhoni
      When apex has rejected shandaar (albeit without even seeing- ref my comment yesterday) who the heck is nahata to not change tune and conform


  14. Shaandaar Crashes On Day Two
    Friday 23 October 2015 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar crashed on the second day which looked inevitable as the metros could not push collections in the evening shows yesterday and other centres were not with the film. The film has seen a huge crash of 45% where the film did open well and the drop is less at places where it did not open as collections were low to begin with. The drop in the metros is also more as these are working centres but still even if it was 10% better its still a crash.

    The second day business will come in at around 7.25 crore nett giving the film a two day total of 19 crore nett. There is little hope for the film with it going into the weekend at such low levels

    The collections could be a little better on Saturday and Sunday and get to around 35 crore nett for the four days but that that is probably a best case scenario for the film now. Its a sorry state of affairs when its light out for a big film before the weekend in real actually begins on Saturday morning.


  15. Spicy ‘Guess Who’ esp. the comments below which show aam junta knows a bit much than we think….

    Dining woes of a film family

    ‘Speculations about the alleged rift between the saas-bahu jodi has been doing the round for quite some time now. Apparently, they share cold vibes and don’t see eye-to-eye on many things; the disagreements between them have increased rapidly, say the insiders. Though earlier they made it appear that everything’s fine whenever they stepped out together and posed for happy pictures, but some time back they chose to ignore each other even on a social occasion. And now it’s heard that the Cold War has reached another level altogether. Apparently, the family has this tradition of all members having their evening meal together…the family head has always maintained this. Well, they aren’t breaking that tradition…but it’s heard that separate food arrives for both at the table, prepared by their individual cooks and served by their individual staff !’




    By Avinash Pandian | Oct 22, 2015

    10 Endrathukulla has grossed 6.5 crores on day 1 in Tamil Nadu/Kerala/Karnataka
    Chiyaan Vikram’s 10 Endrathukulla released yesterday, October 21st in a good number of screens across the world. The film has opened to packed shows, thanks to Vikram’s fan base and festival weekend.

    Reportedly 10 Endrathukulla has grossed 6.5 crores on day 1 in South India alone that too excluding Andhra Pradesh/Telangana region’s collections. This figure is said to be highest ever for a Vikram starrer after I.

    The film has met with mixed reviews. Being a 5 day weekend, the film is likely to sustain its good run for the next few days, but let’s wait and see how the film performs over this weekend.

    When Behindwoods spoke to director Vijay Milton, this is what the energetic director had to say “The film is doing really well, I am very happy with the response, I have got good feedback from the production side too, what else do I want?”


    • Vijay Sethupathi’s Naanum Rowdy Dhaan (NRD) has grossed 2.16 crores on day one. Apparently, this is the highest number for a Vijay Sethupathi film in Tamil Nadu and the team is overwhelmed by the audience response.It is hat trick success for Nayanthara after Thani Oruvan and Maya.

      Not only general public, even critics have given big thumbs up to the film and theaters have increased the number of screens and by end of the week NRD will be shifted to bigger screens in cities. Anirudh’s music along with the content of the film has apparently drawn the initial crowd and as the word of mouth is really good.

      NRD is sure to be a profitable venture for all parties concerned. Director Vignesh Sivan tweeted: God is great! u people are even more greater:-) thank u for accepting the film n all our hardwork”


    • As per trade tracker Sreedhar Pillai, this is Vikram’s second best opening after “I”. He tweeted,” #10Endrathukkula takes a grand opening – 6.5 Cr gross on day 1 across India. Strong nearly Rs 5Cr from TN. #Vikram’s best ever after #I.” The Shankar directorial had minted close to Rs 7.4 crore (gross Rs 9.6 crore) on the opening day.


  17. Krishna Shroff in what it means to be ‘topless’

    In a recent interview with the DNA, Krishna opened up about the entire media attention and how she disagrees with her photos on Instagram being called “topless”.

    “I just have one issue. With the word ‘topless’. I think that’s ridiculous because to be topless, you have to show nipple. I just think that it’s a little backward when it comes to things like this. No offence to anyone but people today can’t really be free or express themselves however they want to because of the amount of judgement that happens these days. I just feel the society is a little backwards,” said Krishna when asked if she was offended by media’s attention.

    Ps: have to agree with her…


    • I tend to agree on her definition of topless but society is not backwards (at least not what she is trying to infer); In this era of internet, you get love and brickbats in good amount. Deal with it. Who knew here before that; it gave her some exposure.


  18. She definitely has her point of view….well explained !

    Oh my ! so finally I get the context of that that comment on Deepika’s Bajirao Mastani / Tamasha being cherries / twin peaks on piku’s cake…

    This is such fascinating stuff…Thinking man’s/woman’s crumpet !!


  19. EXCLUSIVE: Abhishek Bachchan approached for Milap Zaveri’s ‘Mubarakan’!
    October 23, 2015 Urvi Parikh

    Rumour has it that actor Abhishek Bachchan has been approached for Milap Zaveri’s next directorial venture ‘Mubarakan’. While there is nothing official about it yet, sources close to the project confirmed this development to us.

    “Yes, Abhishek Bachchan has been approached for the film. But he hasn’t signed the dotted line yet. The film is titled ‘Mubarakan’. Things are in process and it is too early to talk to talk about it,” reveals a source.

    When we probed our source further about the film’s leading lady, the source revealed, “No actress has been signed yet.”

    Well, it seems, if all works well, then AB junior will be signing up the project! We shall have to wait and watch!


  20. It’s almost 2 am and I am just back from seeing Pyaar Ka Punchanama 2. I have made myself a large cup of black coffee in the new coffee maker as I said to myself I must keep myself awake to put down my thoughts on the film before the excitement wears off. (I must add listening to Rahman’s absolutely rocking ‘ Wat Wat Wat’ in the car on the way has added to my excitement.)

    Well to put it quite simply I think it’s a great film. By now everyone knows it has some very funny one liners, many well-staged gags and one stand-out monologue delivered by a very impressive Kartik Aaryan. They are all so good I will not even try to quote them. Go buy a ticket if you want a real good laugh. But if the film was just about good one-liners and great gags, I won’t be staying awake at 2 trying to articulate what it is about the film I like so much.
    And I think I have it – it is one of the best take on contemporary man-woman relationship I have seen in Hindi films …beating the likes of Dil Chahta Hai, Saat Khoon Maaf and Cocktail. It doesn’t try to be a love story and thank god for that. It is much more real. I remember when I first learnt about social realism in novels when a friend in college introduced me to the works of Balzac. My eyes just opened wide. One could actually write about relationships with so much truth! And what does the social realism tradition entail when dealing with man-woman relationship? That you talk about sex, and money…which are more crucial to any relationship than moony filmy romances care to admit. You get to see very little of these two crucial elements in films dealing with relationships, especially money, even in Hollywood films, let alone Bollywood films. But not so in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2.

    Okay, at this point I should tell you that the films is about three friends trying to build relationships with their three girl-friends who are manipulating them to their breaking points in their own ways. And one of them makes the pretense of believing in the principle of going Dutch only to ensure that he, who earns way more than his other two, doesn’t end up picking up the tabs for his two friends. She wangle her way into letting her boyfriend give her an add-on credit card. And she doesn’t want him to leave his soul-sapping job under an intolerable boss to start his own business because it will affect her cushy life style that she is enjoying now. The second girl thinks nothing of inviting her ‘best friend’ to live with her when her two female room-mates have gone home for a few days. She thinks nothing of sleeping on the same bed with this ‘best friend’, and later, texting messages to him while actually lying next to her actual boyfriend in bed. The most heartrending case of manipulation is saved for the third friend played so convincingly by Sunny Singh. He plays along being just her friend while meeting her parents because, as she says, she needs the right time to tell her father about him since he is very old-fashioned. So he goes on doing all kinds of errands for the family – from repairing the printer to changing light bulbs to preparing her profile – only to be told by her one day that she was getting married to Pankaj who has a job in the US. As Kartik Aaryan explains in his monologue, she would say no to all rishtas until the parents find her a groom who is actually doing better than him. What the monologue doesn’t explain is why she comes back to him after he has accepted her marriage to Pankaj, offering herself for sex. Simple. She wants him as a stand-by. Having invested so much in the relationship she doesn’t want it to be a no-returns deal. She refuses him sex in their holiday in Pattaya, saying she knows it is a foreign holiday and all that but there are limits she doesn’t want to cross before marriage. But now that Pankaj is in her bag she wants to make sure our Chauka ( Sunny Singh) remembers her as someone special. Who knows when he can come handy? Maybe someday Chauka will end up doing better in life than Pankaj. Or maybe Pankaj will turn out to be total arsehole after marriage. Then she can always try and come back. We know of such cases. The girlfriend of a struggling actor gets married to a businessman. Once the actor makes it big in Bollywood she leaves her husband and returns to the welcoming, pining arms of her first love. We know of women who tie their husband down to their life as a money-making machine to finance their cushy lifestyles. We know of women who play the game of platonic relationship denying their husband the emotional intimacy their husbands deserve and desire. So, as character studies of the three meant-to-be-hated women characters the film is spot on.

    But I won’t call the film misogynist as some critics have done. Yes, the three women characters have been shown as mean and manipulative. But they have been shown to be full of feminine charms – the kind of charms any young man, who hasn’t learnt from experience, will fall for. Especially if they are the kind of mama’s boys that we see them as at the end – as they call up their moms like cry-babies that they are. That last scene shows how sensitive the director is in not showing up their getting free of their girl-friends as some kinds of a macho victory. No. These guys are mama’s boys, far from macho, and were punching above their weight in trying to date these sexy, street-smart girls.
    Does the film imply that all women are this manipulative and mean? No. But these three are. And they are for real. Are all boys so goody-goody. But these three guys are. And they are for real.

    Aren’t there as many cases of manipulative, insensitive men treating their girlfriends and wives as bad? Actually there are probably more such cases and the men perhaps treat the women even worse. But that’s for other films to deal with. I don’t believe in this balancing business – you know if you show some women as bad you must show some women as good too. Otherwise you are being biased and motivated. Bullshit. This film is not about all the women in the world. It is about these three particular women and as long as they are true, and real, we should be grateful.

    Take a bow Luv Ranjan. And I hope you do not play safe and to the gallery, but pick up the dare to present some kaminey men being shown their place by some spunky women in your next film. You have the talent, I hope you have the courage too.


    • Excellent review utkal!!! I’m simply amazed by your passion for cinema. I completely agree with your point that cinema should not be a balancing act. It is a story about manipulative female characters and should be presented that way.


    • tonymontana Says:

      I might not agree 100% with your opinions every time, but I respect your unpretentious approach to reviewing every film. Dil se likhte ho aap


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Utkal sir the Black coffee in the new coffee maker – did you add sugar? was the sugar organic?, was the coffee Arabica or Robusta ?
      The nation wants to know !!


    • Couldn’t agree more, most entertaining movie this year for me and at least the women I watched it with did not find it offensive at all. You just gotta know how to take a joke.

      Also I found all three young lads more talented than the star sons that are cropping up these days. Hope they get noticed.


  21. Bob Cristo Says:

    Utkal Dada As always unbised and excellent review. I too liked this film but for me PKP 1 is better then this. I have seen PKP 1 many times so i knew what is going to come in PKP 2. Even monolouge was better then this. Here it is going on and on and on..Nevertheless its a good film that is why it is punching way above shandaar.

    As far as shandaar is concerned when 1st trailer came i told it is going to flop. Whenever Shahid Kapoor Try to Play that a am cool..i am hot the resuly was a big flop. Case in point..Dil Bole Hadippa!..Chance Pe Dance..Paathshaala..Teri Meri Kahaani


    • Thanks for the review Utkal and it was a decent DVD watch for me and excellent for the genre it was attempting. It is an update on mindset of younger minds in a funny way. But like Bob I too liked part one a bit better and may be it was due to presence of Divyendu Sharma whose street smart character had more punch. I have liked Kartik Aaryan before too and hope he has decent outings in main stream with bigger directors as i find him much more acceptable than the younger lots who have popped up all over the place.

      On Shahid and his Shaandar performance lesser said the better. The guy was obnoxious and he should stick to Haider type roles.


      • Agree with this tweet in terms of realistic cinema

        Akshaye Rathi ‏@akshayerathi 2h2 hours ago
        #PyaarKaPunchnama2 has finally been watched & thoroughly enjoyed! This is the kind of stuff they should call ‘realistic’ cinema! ;-p


  22. Meanwhile, there is a big buzz about Baahubali Part 3 as well, and SSR himself clarified regarding this in his Twitter space,

    “Baahubali-3 is on cards … But the story that’s written for the two parts will not be dragged for the sake of it. This story will conclude with the second part itself. Baahubali-3 will be done in a way that audience have never experienced films before. Hope that clarifies.”


  23. A bit weird tweet !

    Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 4h4 hours ago
    Saw trailer, songs, scenes of #Dilwale. It promises to be a road roller of entertainment. Everybody needs to watch out lest they be crushed.


    • I don’t like when there are tweets praising SRK movies released well in advanced before the film comes out because in the past it has meant that the film is just all hype and actually terrible. Ex: Ra.1 where Komal and Taran were comparing it to Hollywood films months in advanced after they saw some action scenes and songs and even HNY.

      It’s better for SRK to have the CE type pre-release hype in the sense that release a couple of pics, don’t release the trailer and months in advance, don’t over hype crappy music albums like HNY, and then build up to a bang the week before the film comes out.

      Also what the hell is Komal exactly seeing given that they are filming the climax of the movie as we speak (just saw pics on the internet) and also they have a couple of songs left to film with the entire cast in them.


      • “Also what the hell is Komal exactly seeing given that they are filming the climax of the movie as we speak”

        Komal saw “Saw trailer, songs, scenes” not climax or whole movie 🙂

        Agree, on the promotion thing but SRK is doing it right Dilwale. The movie is less than 2 months away and we have seen no teaser, trailer, songs, etc yet. They’re definitely going the CE way for the promotion.


        • There was 35 mins footage shown to Dilwale distributors and some industry folks. Komal was also part of that group which was invited for this preview.


      • @ ” Ex: Ra.1 where Komal and Taran were comparing it to Hollywood films months in advanced after they saw some action scenes and songs and even HNY.”

        I don’t feel Komal and Taran may necessarily been lying as such because short clips can always be misleading and these bursts of footage can be appealing / electrifying whatever the case may be unless one sees the movie in totality and puts them in context. There is no doubting Ra1 production values and the vfx was first rate & could be compared to some of the sci-fi of Hollywood and was done well. What they may not have seen is SRK’s 2Rs. act with rice and curd in the name of comedy and some of the other meh stuff like fondling with Kareena’s boobs…

        Similarly if one shows us just the clips of the mud fight of srk in the initial reels of HNY (impressive by any standard the way it was shot), one is bound to get absorbed but unfortunately in the movie it had no meaning and that’s why no one talked about if once the movie was done.

        The show of footage may have been an exercise to get the distributors / exhibitors excited esp since there is a big tussle for screen share between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani clash. BM is being distributed by Eros so SRK has to step up his game here to go to the locals directly…….

        “Shah Rukh Khan’s DILWALE has been acquired by Rahul Haksar and August Entertainment for Mumbai territory which is excluding Karnataka. According to sources the deal has been signed for a handsome price! Also Rahul Aksar and his company has confirmed his 200 cinemas in Mumbai and Maharashtra for this Rohit Shetty directed venture.”


        • Excellent points Dhoni.

          I remember saying to myself when I was watching Ra.1, WTF is this? However the promos and songs on it’s own looked awesome.

          With Rohit Shetty, at least you know you will get a good entertainer.

          This Rahul Haksar deal is good for Dilwale. If BM doesn’t score over Dilwale in Mumbai/Gujarat, it’s a goner.


  24. “Oh my ! so finally I get the context of that that comment on Deepika’s Bajirao Mastani / Tamasha being cherries / twin peaks on piku’s cake…”
    Good that u got it–a bit delayed; but better than those who don’t get my comments for a long time ( or even a lifetime) lol

    As for pyaar ka punch nama2–haven’t seen it
    But from the reviews and the positive reactions, one can sense the ANGST & DEEPSEATED pain guys are feeling nowadays at the hands of such females …And let’s not pretend they don’t exist. We have seen these specimens around us haven’t we like this–

    “So he goes on doing all kinds of errands for the family – from repairing the printer to changing light bulbs to preparing her profile ”

    Now skimmed thru this–
    “What the monologue doesn’t explain is why she comes back to him after he has accepted her marriage to Pankaj, offering herself for sex. Simple. She wants him as a stand-by. Having invested so much in the relationship she doesn’t want it to be a no-returns deal.”

    ROFLOL @ the guy who was the ‘STANDBY’ or the ‘brother’


  25. Lights Out For Shaandaar Before Monday
    Monday 26 October 01.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar will not have to wait till Monday for the inevitable crash as its lights out for the film on Sunday as the film takes a hit. Sunday even for the worst films hardly drops but Shaandaar has managed to do the impossible by falling around 20% on Sunday. There was the cricket match but when collections are around 5 and 6 crore nett it makes little difference. Maybe higher numbers and the cricket can be an excuse.

    The film will do business around 5.25 crore nett on Sunday which will give it a weekend of for a weekend of just 30.50 crore. This is an extended weekend of four days.

    The weekday business will just be a formality and despite hardly any competition till Diwali its unlikely to remain in most of the theatres till Diwali. .


  26. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 At 45 Crore Nett In Ten Days
    Monday 26 October 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 has grossed 45 crore nett in ten days as the second weekend did business of 8.25 crore nett. The film benefited from the crash of Shaandaar as its the same target audience and with the reports of Shaandaar being bad it gave a Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 a good boost at the beginning of the second week. The film dropped just 30% on Friday coming off a holiday on Thursday as the audience switched back to Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 from Shaandaar which was a Thursday release

    The plus for the film is business in mass areas like CPCI Rajasthan and Bihar. Although business is not huge, its still pretty good for a content film because normally these areas give very low numbers for successful content films like a Badlapur or Queen.

    The film will be the dominating film till Diwali and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and should now do a minimum 55 crore nett business.


  27. Shaandaar Has Dull Extended Four Day Weekend
    Monday 26 October 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar has emerged a huge flop at the box office with collections of 30.50 crore nett in four days. There were cricket matches on day one and day four but that would have affected the film around 10-15% so even with 3-4 crore more it would hardly alter its fate. The business of Shaandaar over the extended four day weekend is as follows.

    Thursday – 11,75,00,000
    Friday – 7,00,00,000
    Saturday – 6,50,00,000
    Sunday – 5,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 30,50,00,000

    The only thing to be seen now is how bad Monday is and can Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 start beating Shaandaar daily figures by the end of the week or can Shaandaar at least make it wait till next week where Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is certain to be ahead,


    • I never expected Shandaar to do well.. it was just a vacation movie for everyone to earn movie – Shahid, Ali and Queen director, Vikas.


      • These so-called zany/OTT comedies never tend to do well. You have Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Kill Dill, and now Shaandaar. Not sure if even a well-made film in this genre will do well because Indian people don’t seem to have a taste for the bizarre.

        Instead, real, relatable but entertaining films with various subjects PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Taare Zameen Par, 3 idiots, Vicky Donor, OMG and the recent Pyar Ka Punchnama 2 have done exceedingly well over the last few years. With all this evidence I just can’t understand why Bollywood folks keep burning their hands on useless films that have no market whatsoever.


  28. Shaandaar is yet again another flop for FOX, and another flop for an Anurag-KJO collaboration. Neither group (Phantom nor Dharma) are doing themselves any good by continuing to collaborate, its just one flop after the other- its like one side wrote 1/2 of the story and then the other side wrote the 2nd half. If this was a full on Dharma RomCom, then it would’ve been a superhit and likewise.

    Also baffled to see Fox still here, they have a 100% Disaster record for 2015. Just to recap all their movies since 2013: Matru Ki Bijlee, Murde 3, Jolly LLB, Bullet Raja, City Lights, Humshakals, Finding Fanny, Bang Bang, Khamoshian, Mr. X, Bombay Velvet, Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Brothers and now Shaandaar. Only 1 small hit (Jolly LLB) and the rest have been losses.

    But then again, they are probably going to earn back all their losses in the last 3 years and more with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which looks like it’s going to obliterate all opening day, weekend, week, lifetime records right now imo.


  29. ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ on Star Gold sixth most watched movie premiere on TV

    MUMBAI: Even as Star Gold emerged as the number one channel in Hindi movie genre with the premiere of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the movie has popped up in the sixth spot on the elite list of the Top 10 world television premieres from 2010 – 2015 as per TAM Media Research.

    Going by the Top 10 world television premieres, it is clear that the Khans indeed rule the roost… be it on the big screen or the small. Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots with 10.88 TVR leads the top ten list followed by yet another Salman movie – Bodyguard with 9.95 TVR in the second spot. Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express with 9.50 TVR stands in the third spot, while Salman’sDabangg is on fourth spot with 9.19 TVR. In the fifth position is the Ajay Devgn starrer Singham with 8.72 TVR.

    As per TAM, Bajrangi Bhaijaan received 6.8 TVR, which is 0.2 TVR above the blockbuster hit movie – PK starring Aamir Khan, which premiered on Sony with 6.6 TVR and is in the eight spot, just behind Ra.One’s television premiere on Star Gold, which garnered 6.72 TVR. PKshone as the best world television premiere for 2015… up until this week before it was dethroned by Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Akshay Kumar’s Entertainment movie premiere raked in 5.49 TVR on Zee Cinema and was in the ninth spot. In tenth place was the premiere of R… Rajkumar on Colors with TVR of 5.45.

    For the rest follow the link:-


  30. Shaandaar Struggling For 40 Lifetime Finish
    Monday 26 October 2015 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar crashed further on Monday as expected with business in the 2 crore nett range. This is similar to what Bombay velvet grossed on its first Monday but that film did not come from a 11.75 crore nett day one. The daily collections of the film have come down 80% in a matter of five days,

    The total so far in five days is 32.50 crore nett and the way the film is going it may not even cross 40 crore nett. The first week business will be in the 36 crore nett range. The film will basically be doing 30% of its final business on day one which is similar to what happened with Besharam but even that film was at higher levels than Shaandaar.

    Its a similar picture across India with no territories having good numbers. East India is comparatively better that what would be normally for a film like this as it got advantage of Durga Pooja holidays. The business in Delhi and East Punjab which was potentially its best market is a disaster with Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 already going ahead at some theatres.


  31. Shaandaar First Monday Business
    Tuesday 27 October 2015 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Shaandaar had a huge drop in collections as it grossed just 1.75 crore nett. The Monday collections were lower than Pyaar Ja Ounchnama 2 at many centres across India. The business of Shaandaar till dare is as follows.

    Thursday – 11,75,00,000
    Friday – 7,00,00,000
    Saturday – 6,50,00,000
    Sunday – 5,25,00,000
    Monday – 1,75,00,000

    TOTAL – 32,25,00,000

    The week will hardly gross 36 crore nett and may well fall short of 40 crore nett for lifetime business.


  32. Singh Is Bling Box Office Update
    Tuesday 27 October 2015 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Singh Is Bling will finish with 71 crore nett business and is a loser. the losses are not as big as Brothers but still will be in the 10-15 crore region. The business of Singh Is Bling till date is as follows.

    Week One – 59,41,00,000
    Week Two – 9,82,00,000
    Week Three – 1,48,00,000
    Weekend Four – 12,00,000

    TOTAL – 70,83,00,000

    The film is the biggest grosser of Akshay Kumar in East Punjab with business of 12 crore nett but even that is not good as Singh Is Kinng grossed 9.50 crore nett plus seven years back and business has grown multi fold since then. the overseas business of $4.25 million is the highest for an Akshay Kumar film since Housefull 2 which did $6 million


  33. Henry: “Not sure if even a well-made film in this genre will do well because Indian people don’t seem to have a taste for the bizarre.” Not true entirely. Our people dont take to the genre particularly. But any genre if done well will work. The films you mentied are all badly done. Delhi Belly did well. Aamkhein, Welcome Back , Singh is King…are all as zany as they come, and they did very well. Even Go Goa Gone didnt do too badly.


  34. There is something inherently sexy about flipping the bird !!!
    Kajol may be turning old , but she is still seems spunky and oozing vigor and vitality in this clip.


  35. omrocky786 Says:

    They- especially artists – have their hearts in the right place but can often be misled by clever propaganda. Scientists and writers are rational but sections of them – and I stress the word sections – can be moulded into pawns by political machinations


  36. omrocky786 Says:

    Anupam Kher ‏@AnupamPkher · 2h2 hours ago
    This #AwardWapsiGang has not insulted the Govt. but The Jury, The Chairman of the Jury and the audience who watched their films. #Agenda

    Ashoke Pandit ‏@ashokepandit · 3h3 hours ago
    Those filmmakers who signed a memorandum against @narendramodi becoming the PM have returned their #NationalAwards. Motive is clear.

    Anupam Kher ‏@AnupamPkher · 2h2 hours ago
    Some of these usual suspects of #AwardWapsiGang were instrumental in getting me out of Censor Board d moment Congress came in Power. #Agenda

    Ashoke Pandit ‏@ashokepandit · 32m32 minutes ago
    All these #AwardWapsi people are frustrated as their shops are shut.#AwardWapsi.

    Ashoke Pandit ‏@ashokepandit · 46m46 minutes ago
    Anand Patwardhan & his gang are the white collared Mafia who survive on the funding of communists & the Cong.#FilmmakersAfterWriters

    Ashoke Pandit ‏@ashokepandit · 2h2 hours ago
    Filmmakers like @anandverite have lost their identities, their foreign trips, their fundings & hence the frustration. #NationalAwards


  37. omrocky786 Says:

    LOL, so Adoor is well qualified to say that Gajendra is not qualified !
    Kya snobbery hai !!


  38. Meanwhile on another planet, Abhishek fighting with twitterati!


  39. Prashant Poojary is NOT Akhlaq and Moodbiodri is NOT Dadri. Only an imbeciles can le, any whichw ay. fail to see that. The two are not comparable, any which way.


  40. Talvar Emerges Top Art House Film
    Thursday 29 October 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Talvar has emerged the highest grossing art house film in recent years. Art house is basically films without the stars and music and don’t conform to the normal genres of action, comedy and romance. The top five are as follows.

    1. Talvar – 30 crore apprx (4 weeks)
    2. Peepli Live – 29,23,00,000
    3. The Lunchbox – 20,85,00,000
    4. Paan Singh Tomar – 14,61,00,000
    5. Manjhi – The Mountain Man – 13,53,00,000

    Peepli Live had the support of Aamir Khan’s name attched to it so Talvar’s 30 crore figure becomes a big number. The best of the other art type releases have managed just about 20 crore nett.


    • Pray when did Peepli Live release??
      BOI has not embarked upon a PL “downsizing” initiative. Wherever possible, include PL in the narrative and denigrate its performance.


  41. Who Are The Top Ten Male Stars In Order Of Popularity In India Today?
    Thursday 29 October 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Q. What will be the realistic postion of three khans in the coming 3-5 years. Where do you think they are in that time. Still the 3 hottest stars of Hindi film industry?
    Ans.They may well remain at the top if talented young stars like Ranbir and Shahid continue with films like Haider, Bombay Velvet and Shaandaar. Also the Khans dominate the three holiday periods of Eid, Diwali and Christmas and a changing of power will only occur when they are challenged in these periods. Actually more than challenge the competition has to come out on top.
    Shehzad Ghafoor

    Q. After the disastrous fate of Shaandaar can Queen be called a fluke hit?
    Ans. Its not a fluke hit but what happens in media and industry some films get overrated a lot which builds expectations on that makers next films. Queen did well but it was not a huge hit, a small segment of the audience appreciated the film a lot but that was it. When films appeal to a certain big city audience they tend get overrated and Queen was not first and won’t be last.
    M. Verma

    Q. Who are the top ten male stars in order of popularity in India today?
    Ans. 1. Salman Khan, 2. Shahrukh Khan 3. Aamir Khan 4. Hrithik Roshan 5. Akshay Kumar, 6. Ranbir Kapoor, 7. Ajay Devgn, 8. Varun Dhawan, 9. Ranveer Singh, 10. Shahid Kapoor.
    Rashid Ali

    Q. What is the business of Rudhramadevi and Puli in hindi?
    Ans. Both are disasters.Rudhramadevi grossed around 2.50 crore nett while Puli was around 1.50 crore nett.
    S. Karuna


  42. I find this award wapsi a big joke as these are 2 very different things where one is dismayed with policies and ideologies of the current government, but by returning awards, which were given to them not under this government , is ludicrous step to say the least as they were in slumber while Muzaffarnagar Riots continued for more than a month and “SECULAR SP GOVERNMENT” was busy in the successful organization of “Saifai Mahotsav”! and inviting bollywood stars and paying them crores for their generosity, yet i didn’t see any sane voice returning Yash Bharti Award, Vigyan Gaurav Award, Eklavya Award or any other major award. I didn’t see any one opposing all major schemes or awards being given in the name of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Nehru as if India is only these 3 names to be “worthy” of being given this honour! After 84 riots, how many had returned their awards in their protest against “butchering and genocide”?? Problem is this selective “cherry-picking” secularism where one opts to see only one side which doesn’t suit one’s ideology or narrative. I didn’t see any one protesting Rahul Gandhi making mockery of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by tearing his approved policies and decreeing them null and void and it was when our PM was on foreign tour or attending some summit!! So all this hullabaloo over where one is hellbent upon proving one’s”SECULAR CREDENTIALS” for some bizarre reasons is stupidity of highest order.


  43. Myselfaamir: Who says just because I protest against one wrong in society, I have to proest agaunst all? Have I taken a contract for protesting aguanst every single wrong that happens in society? Some causes night be more dear to me than others, I might have had other peoccuoations at one time, and right now I might be more ready for a public engagement. There can bea hundred reasons, and you are nobody to ask me why I DID NOT protest against something. I can quote Govinbda and say ‘ MERI MARZI’. THe moot point is , hee I am protsting against this. Yiou are either with me or or niot with me or this. Just say which. The rest is irrelevant to the issue at hand, just as the sexual history of a rape victim is irrelevant to the invesytigation of a particular rape.


    • Fair Enough. I stand with you for your protests against Dadri, against Beef-bans, against hate-mongering by overzealous nuts.

      But then please also announce your stand on ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pundits, denial of Durga Puja in Bengal, Banning of mid-day meals in Kerala schools during the holy month of a particular group, etc.
      If I support you, I too should know whether you support me. Sounds fair?


    • You see, there has only been one community which has been repeatedly ethnically cleansed from various parts of the subcontinent since 1947. But I have never heard any of these Upholders of Human Rights even let out a slight whimper. None of these 50+ award returnees ever protested. Zilch, Nada, a BIG ZERO for upholding the human rights of the ethnically cleansed. Selective Protestation cannot be just shoved under a “I might have had other peoccuoations at one time” excuse. That my friend is called HYPOCRISY!


    • And you see, I too have had my fair share of dining at prime Kansas/Texas Steakhouses, and relish every trip to Five Guys or SmashBurger (or even the less appealing MacD/Wendys sometimes). I am a proud Beef Eating HIndu. And I can announce that with two middle fingers to every other Hindu who dares to castigate me.
      But even then, I will not cast my vote for all these HYPOCRITE AWARD RETURNEE DRAMABAAZs. Freaking HYPOCRITES of the FIRST ORDER. Where were they when 200k good folks were being slaughtered and ethnically cleansed out of Kashmir? Oh I c, one of them even made a tear-jerking Haider that TOTALLY swiped the ethnic cleansing under the celluloid carpet. And he even got AWARDED for that. He shouldve been the first one to Return his Award for protesting against his own oversight.


      • Hats off and kudos to you for that honesty. It takes a lot of courage to say what you just said. But do have some vegetarian days and do please watch this video. Madhavan is super cute but all else will turn you into a vegan person!


        • “.. do have some vegetarian days..”
          Mondays-Tuesdays usually..unless I am traveling, in which case I would substitute another day of the week.LOL.
          Thx btw. Usually, I do get incredulous looks when I confess my culinary tastes to other Hindus. TBH, there are tons of Hindus following an arms-length approach to the faith, ie, just to derive the spiritual peace, but not get too bogged down by the dogma. I think there is enough space for all free-thinkers here. So therefore, a Dadri is indeed sad. But I cannot expect rural-dwellers to overnight become broad-minded.


          • I like mark Zuckerberg’s approach..he kills his own meat. So yes there is ahimsa involved but at least the animals are spared of unnecessary cruelty. Another american friend has license and she hunts/kills deers during season, deepfreezes and eats it for rest of the year. I would be “ok” with these approaches after seeing many videos of how animals are handled…while eating them I don’t want to eat their pain and torture too. On Dadri: there is more to the story than reported. There is ofcourse village politics but one also has to think about stolen calfs and a person being relatively “rich” in the village. Do read other takes that were not in MSM’s popular narrative. etc. Every news that comes needs to be taken with grain of salt. Also Modi needs to do something on media and narrative going around! curtail it because its sole purpose is to bring him down.
            P.S. I am hardcore vegetarian who has never had meat and is trying hard and failing to be a vegan. So I “know” how hard it is to give up a food group you grew up with (be it milk, be it beef). no judgements therefore.


          • “just to derive the spiritual peace, but not get too bogged down by the dogma.” HA! THAT is hypocrisy no? I want my sandwich but with no bread (ok bad analogy). Ahimsa is cornerstone of hindu dharma. Not just in not killing animals (or human beings) but in speech, action….you cannot call that a “dogma”. But one can at least try, like you are..have two day of vegatarianism..graduate to only chicken or only fish…it can be done. Otherwise there is no faith or change or self-growth. If there is no self-growth than there is really no need for religion even!


  44. NyKavi: “But I have never heard any of these Upholders of Human Rights even let out a slight whimper. None of these 50+ award returnees ever protested.” But what were you doing? Instead of asking others why they DID NOT DO something why didnt YOU do something? Who is the bigger hypocrite. I am told in India the liberal, human right activist tyoes are a small minority. So the vast majority who pretends to be so worked up about the plight of the Kashmiri pundits and the hindus in Pakistan…waht were tey doing. If they were as worked uo as they pretend to be we would have witnessed a tsunami of protests, right?


    • Buddy, I am not a Public figure. And I don’t need to advertize that my family donates to refugee shelters in Rajasthan/Gujarat. We even entice families to leave the hellhole west of us and come settle in India. Do you even know that our past govts never volunteered to give proper paperwork to such refugees. We have even had to pay officials to get these folks settled. Only since the last 15 months, these refugees have been actively supported by the govt. Im sure you dont need a prize to guess why this seachange in attitude towards refugees. We know how it works, case we TOO were refugees who just were fortunate to escape in 1948, rather than endure 6 decades of torture.
      But that was the past. 1990-2000 is not the PAST by any stretch. Where were the liberals in that decade?


  45. NyKavi: I am agsindst the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pundits, denial of Durga Puja in Bengal, Banning of mid-day meals in Kerala schools during the holy month of a particular group. Let someone protest aginst these and I wsould support. My question is why no one is protesting aginst these instead of asking othe questions. These people , I have neve seen them asking you or anyone why they are not protsting agaunst Dari or the killing of Kalburzi. They just protest. Necer ask you why you are not protestig.


    • Dadri is a kalank on India. I totally agree with you. And Modi is a fool for not immediately stamping this madness. We (as in my immediate circle of friends/families) absolutely abhor this violence, and have argued at every event where we participate. Our circles are aghast at this and believe me, Modi will pay for it. Lots of people are pissed off.
      But this whole DRAMABAAZI of Award Returning is too damn FAKE. Precisely because these people who own the soapbox/podium/medium to broadcast their views DID NOT even raise a finger at all the other injustices that happened in the past. And that is Hypocrisy.


      • And with regard to Dadri, Why is Modi being targeted where our Samajwadis are ruling who are secular and Muslim well wisher, yet Modi needs to answer questions which come under state subject ( Law and Order). So what was Manmohan Singh doing when Muzaffarnagar was stoked in to communal riots and was he asked any question then?? Its sad to see intellectuals falling upon one another to prove their secular credentials and making them a laughing stock as their conscience woke too late with the wrong cause.


        • Modi does not need to answer about state “law and order”, but he indeed needs to comment on the incident. Why does Obama speak out against every incident of gun violence or other egregious criminal acts? He too can just claim its a state law and order problem. But he does so because he has been handed the Pulpit to make his views clear and to empathize and to Reassure. Modi needs to understand that he has a similar role. After all, his party was not elected based on any other credentials, but the trust people placed in Him. He has to empathize and reassure. Even if MSM is selectively reporting Dadri and not Moodbidri. Or even if they shout about Kerala House but not about Kerala mid-day meals. Perhaps, he should actually stand on that Bully Pulpit and talk about both, and the need to introspect in both cases. But he CANNOT just keep quiet. The prevailing vulnerable psyche of people in India, which has been devoid of a Statesman Leader for 4 decades, requires that Modi assume that role of the Reassuring Statesman. He does not seem to get this simple logic. His silence becomes irritatingly deafening.


          • This is a very fair and balanced point NyKavi. Sometimes even a token stand makes a difference. Obama’s one small tweet on Ahmed and his ‘cool’ clock and bringing it to White House must have anesthetized a lot of torn hearts watching that young kid in handcuffs……a site which any human can repulsed at.


          • “But he CANNOT just keep quiet.” I agree and yet…the poor man is trying hard to do things…make in india…We all need one man messiah in india…that is our problem. One man to redeem us and one man to pin blame on. If the party has to go down and not be in power, so be it. But I don’t want him to change!


    • Utkal Problem is with cherry-picking as your stance insinuates the kind of apathy and reluctance has crept in in masses with regard to ” being busy, being involved in more important things than this at that point of time” which gives further rise to cynicism of idea of secularism in India, which keeps changing its definitions every now and then. So when you were busy when you were needed, i and millions of others can be busy at very vital junctures when our presence can add a spark against the wrongdoings, so its these myopic thoughts which act like an impediment to the harmonious state of our country. So don’t BE BUSY WHEN YOUR PRESENCE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE UNTIL THEN BE PREPARED TO SWALLOW THE BITTER PILL.


  46. NyKavi: “And I don’t need to advertize that my family donates to refugee shelters in Rajasthan/Gujarat. ” Maybe the others are doing te same instead of protesting. Maybe there is nonthing to protest here, but the need to help the refugees. You are not a public figure. But there are others who are. Waht have they ben doing? You have the Thackeryas whose followers are blackening people’s faces abd atacking an MLA for serving beef in a state where it is legal to do so. Waht kind of protests have they mounted in support of the Kashmiri pundits? Waht kind of protests did the RSS organize nationwide when this displacement was happening?


    • Sena is a gunda force, everyone knows that, and thus its poor showing in consecutive elections. I predict it will be wiped out in max 2 more election cycles. All this face blackening is also a sign of desperation to stay relevant.
      And the RSS has been harping about abolishing 370 since the 50s. Their argument to do so was to precisely avoid the situation which the KPs found themselves in later. Did any govt from 1947-1990 do anything about the looming crisis undercurrent? I remember as a kid, visiting Kashmir in 1982 when my family was being told by Pandit hotel owners by Dal Lake of the tensions that they face on a daily basis, of their insecurities and fears. Years of tension boiled over, and in 1990, within a few days the situation became so fluid that the KPs had to leave en masse in fear for their lives. The army was not even sent in. The Central Govt under VP Singh/Chandrashekhar and later PVN just let it happen. What could the RSS do in any case? Shud they have invaded Kashmir? We had a weak central govt that preferred to look the other way when the mass cleansing took place. The BJP/RSS were a 60-70 seat party, with no central power or structure to do anything. Even then, there were protests by many during that era. DId MSM even bother to cover those protests? Do you know that the protestors in Delhi were routinely harrassed/evicted by police under those central govts? After repeated lathi-charges their own passion to protest died down.
      Why do you think the BJP arose from a 80 seat party to 200 seat party by end of that decade? It was in response to such injustices. When the liberals/MSM/Cong Govts did not care a damn about all these incidents, the people got fed up and went for the BJP. The same thing happened in 2014. Unfortunately, the liberals gave up their own space to the Rightwing fringe elements. Had they done something concrete to address those grievances in the 90s, they would not be out of power today. And they would not have to resort to the DRAMABAAZI of returning Awards now.


      • “Sena is a gunda force, everyone knows that, and thus its poor showing in consecutive elections.” Sena is kareena kapoor of politics. No one takes them seriously. I have been in mumbai and they would come up with all kinds of ridiculous statements. one day against gujarati. one day against bihari. one day against muslims. anyhow, they do entertain us!


  47. omrocky786 Says:

    Good points NY Kavi and Aamir.
    Aside – Breaking News- Utkal returns his new Coffee Maker !!


  48. NyKavi: “What could the RSS do in any case? Shud they have invaded Kashmir?” And waht could Dinakar Bnaerjee and Anand Patwardhan do? You talk of governments of 1947-1990. What did the the govt of Vajpayee do? What is the point of talkng about abrogation of Article 370 when everyone knows it cannot be done? Dont you think the actions of RSS hace led to the treatment of Kashmiri Pundits? The BJP talks of Aryicle 370 and Uniuform Civil Code to pander to its vote bank but does nothing when it comes to power. They have a majority now. Why dont they bring in a fair legislation on Uniform Civil Code instead of an unfair legislation on beef ban? It is all vote bank politics.


    • Boss, Vajpayee govt came to power in the end of 1998, a full 8 years after the cleansing had already been completed. The horse had already exited the barn by then. What could he do??
      What actions of RSS led to the treatment of KPs? The RSS wasn’t even in the news before 1992 (ie the Rath Yatra). The ethnic cleansing of KPs pre-dates Rath Yatra/Babri etc. It was a pre-planned event, after years of training given to JKLF by Pak in the 80s. It happened precisely bcoz India was caught sleeping, with no security apparatus/infrastructure existing inside the state. The PVN govt was forced to send in 500k troops after 1991, just so that the state would not secede. By the time Vajpyayee came to power, the deed had already been done. Please go refer to history.

      BJP started discussing 370 again, but they cant do anything without full power of LS/RS. Even then, as a practical matter, it would be very difficult, without a full blown counter-revolution from that state. At least they can implement it in Jammu and Ladakh. As for UCC, again, nothing can be done without full majority. Given that the opposition panders to votebank politics, it will require absolute power to enforce it.


  49. omrocky786 Says:

    Swapan Dasgupta ‏@swapan55 · 21h21 hours ago
    Taking liberties with their favourite Brecht: “Wouldn’t it/ Be simpler…if the intellectuals/ Dissolved the people and/ Elected another?”

    GAURAV C SAWANT ‏@gauravcsawant · 2h2 hours ago

    GAURAV C SAWANT Retweeted sushant sareen
    #adarshliberals rattled they no longer control narrative? Selective secularism & outrage exposed? So #awardswapasi ?

    This is what Patwardhan said in May 2014-
    Anand Pathwardhan’s contempt for democracy comes through. “I’m in a huge state of shock at what Indians have done in voting for this man”.


  50. omrocky786 Says:

    কাঞ্চন গুপ্ত ‏@KanchanGupta · 3h3 hours ago
    There can be no democracy without dissent. But when you reduce dissent to a farce, a nautanki, you betray your contempt for democracy.

    This is a superb letter to Sharmila Tagore-


  51. NyKavi: “As for UCC, again, nothing can be done without full majority.” But what stops them from tablinga bill? THey brought in the Land Acquistion Bill and even passed an ordinance. If they feel so strongly about is why dont they introduce it at lest? Will the other parties oppose? How do they kbow? Why dont they expose them? No. No. They are not serious about it. They just talk about it as vote bank politics. And you knwo one more reason why tey wont introduce it? Because it will help the Muslim society and do nothing for their lumoen right-wing supporters. So they will go on talking about it.


  52. I guess its time for Surila to enter this debate since his fav is quoted in the article below –

    “NEW DELHI: Arun Shourie, who had launched a stinging attack on the Modi government on Monday, is no longer a member of the BJP, the party said as it sought to dismiss the criticism of its one-time influential leader who was also a minister in the previous NDA government…..”


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Two people I can not and will not criticize are Arun Shourie and Gulzar sahib .


      • That is admiring and a great principled stand of not doing a volte face at any given opportunity.


      • I like these comments:
        As a journalist Mr shourie made politicians suffer with his headlines in Indian express and as a minister he himself suffered the headlines created by others…Now,here he is wearing the hat of economist and forgot that creating headlines is the job journalists not minister or Prime minister…..Will any PM want that Dadri,Lalitgate or stone thrown on church remain in headlines for days together.
        Arun Shourie was expecting a minister post, He did not get it, Media also tried to lift his spirit. He is also not consulted, These kind of people, especially their older years are looking for some post – probably he can be given a Governor post. Once you are in the limelight and suddenly getting neglected, you get irritated., He can perhaps, join another party, or ask for an appointment with Modi to convey his wish list Once In a while he blows it up. I also heard his wife is sick and got in some legal case. he may need help. Also, the fad nowadays is if you criticise Modi and make fun of him, you get media space, Any one criticising Modi is a big media news, Arvind, Nitish, Lallu, Rahul and congress spokespersons do this all the time and they get ample space in media


        • omrocky786 Says:

          Comparing Shourie to Keju and Lalu !! really ??
          if Shourie wants he can get all the media space he wants without naming Modi.
          I think it is personal animosity between Jaitley and Shourie that is what kept him out of the ministry. , and that is Modi’s loss !!!


      • Ditto for Gulzar saheb!


        • People say similar things about a mahatma or Amitabh. lol. They are above everything.


          • Of course it is a personal stance. I will not comment against people who criticize them (celebrity).
            For many Sachin/Salman/SRK/Amitabh/ARR/Modi/Kejriwal is god and any criticism will invite good amount of trolling.


  53. I think that is a wrong reading of Arun Shourie and his concerns are more on the economic out turn and direction than the Rightist agenda. Like the core conservatives, he is pro business & growth and proposes far more radical views on opening up our clogged system. That is why the Manmohan Singh reference of more of the same….

    He may be an ideologue, but one cannot blame him for greed or power.


    • I am no admirer of Modi or BJP, but just making some very general observations with regard to influential media’s (read English media) anti-Modi tirade at every given opportunity, but remainIing mum when Congress, SP, JDU, BSP, TMK, Left parties,National Conference and others are found neck deep in the similar kind of incidents. Their acts become anomalies and aberrations but Modi needs to justify and explain even if a bomb is found in Kerala or West Bengal!! These double standards are isolating a very large population from being a loud voice against such acts in to either becoming neutral or mute spectator. I find the appeasement politics of all these parties horrendous as that is the supreme reason for current state of affairs being what they are. If Diggi raja had all the liberty and temerity to come up with “Osama Ji” kind of adjectives and countless other instances and yet keeping the post of general secretary intact and remaining the chief mentor of Rahul Gandhi, then Congress is the biggest culprit for turning India in to Gandhi families fiefdom. Modi is no saint either as his reign of 1 and 1/2 years has made it amply clear where he is busy just tom-tomming about his foreign trip for foreign investment at a time when Dal (Pulses) have crossed Rs. 200 barrier for the very 1st time and farmers suicide rate has soared, yet he is busy hosting one-day African Nations and on other days being hosted!! His volte-face in relation to Aadhar when NDA was in opposition and while he was campaigning for the 2014 elections and today pushing Aadhar as a game-changer for the perfect mechanism to reduce leakage of public welfare schemes is another opportunistic measure. So nobody is “Doodh Ka Dhula” when it comes to politicking, its our propensity and ideology to veer towards one or the other party.


      • Myselfaamir, Bihar elections will pretty much decide which way the political stream will flow. Both results can have far reaching consequences to future turn of events in India. What PM Modi still benefits at the moment is lack of creditable opposition leader/candidate. If pappu Rahul was half good the tide would already start to churn and turn by now. Other political outfits consist of bunch of jokers including BJP which was out in the wilderness just a few years back without Modi. As NyKavi pointed out in current age people are looking for that messiah to sort out their issues and until a new one emerges, situation will remain same and PM Modi will continue to be lackadaisical economically and socially suicidal.


  54. omrocky786 Says:

    LMAO- Band Baja dee !!
    ANI ‏@ANI_news · 27m27 minutes ago

    Anupam Kher

    Dibakar Banerjee got national award for ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, alongwith me Ranvir Shorey & many others gave our blood to that film:, he (Dibakar Banerjee) has no business to return that award without asking us because he got that award also because of us:


  55. Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan to complete shooting in Dubai

    With a further embargo by a political party being imposed on the presence of Pakistani artistes in Mumbai at least two major producers in the thick of their latest projects, find themselves in a major dilemma.

    The political party has specifically mentioned two major Pakistani stars Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan who are working in films produced by Karan Johar and Farhan Akhtar.

    The two Pakistani artistes have been pointedly pulled up for their presence in Bollywood.

    What would the solution be?

    Apparently Karan Johar who has already shot one film Kapoor & Sons with Fawad in India is now shooting a second Ae Dil Hai Muskil with Fawad in London won’t invite Fawad to Mumbai.

    “He won’t take the risk of bringing Fawad into Mumbai for any shooting or promotional activities. Karan has already been in trouble with the same political outfit earlier for referring to ‘Mumbai’ as ‘Bombay’. He can’t take the risk again,” says a source in the know.

    As for Mahira Khan, she has already shot some scenes with Shah Rukh for director Rahul Dholakia

    According to a source, “Chances are the producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani may shoot Mahira’s portions in Dubai or some other location away from Mumbai where most of Raees has been shot.”


    • Shivsena will do this only when SRK or Karan Johar is involved. If it was someone else like Salman, Aamir they wouldn’t bother to bring up this issue.

      So, looks like no promotion on TV shows and anything for Mahira Khan or Fawad khan as he did during Khoobsurat’s release.


      • My question from other thread, why isn’t Shivsena protesting Bollywood films releasing in Pakistan?

        Most of Bollywood production houses are in Maharshtra. If they don’t want Pakistani to do anything in Maharashtra then they shouldn’t want anybody/business of Maharashtra doing business in Pakistan.

        All the talk about democracy goes down the toilet with things like this.

        I still want to know how SRK got away with this during My Name is Khan release since there was a huge protest. I remember that govt/police did their job like they should, so why can’t same be applied all the time.


        • Z, why should Shiv Sena bother about movie releasing in Pakistan? It’s not in their domain and if one thinks rationally, the release brings money to the country and logically it does not make sense.

          Now if there is one political outfit I cannot stand, it is the Shiv Sena and their vandalism. But even then I support their stand on this issue barring when it comes to throwing ink etc. This casting etc is so wrong at so many levels and I just hate when bollywood is engaged in such activities not only from the nationalistic point of view that why should we allow them on our soil when they are out to kill us and our soldiers.

          Further what baffles me is the role these Pakistanis play in these movies which could be done by anyone. All this cultural exchange / art has no boundary is a whole bunch of crap. I mean look at the core relations there is hardly any point in time where the two sides look at each other with an iota of respect. Why can’t these two as jilted lovers forget about each other and get on with their own lives and their own destinies….haven’t we heard “out of sight is out of mind”. I think this cultural exchange etc is foul play on both sides to meddle into each other’s affairs.

          Further why do these Pakistanis beg to play Cricket with India and these actors work in these minuscule roles…….have they no dignity of their own and find their own market or atleast demand equal footage as the bollywood stars in these movies??
          And if they think India is their Big Brother / Bigg Boss , why the fuck don’t they just ‘Straighten Up And Fly Right’ in real life too and stop meddling in the Indian affairs and Internationally behave maturedly the way Canadians / Mexicans do with respect to US.

          The fact of that matter is the dna of the sub continent is flawed and they cannot live in peace and think logically or for want of better words there are simply too many minds at work and we like to enjoy khichdi in real life.

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          • I don’t agree with you Surila.. oops I mean MSDhoni 🙂

            Firstly, the concept you are judging someone based on their country, caste, religion is wrong. Once you start doing that there is no limit to it. Then you’ll end up supporting the caste system as well and inter religious marriage propaganda too. There is no end to it. Majority of the folks judge people based on their individual capability or not. If its an Indian law that non-Indian actors are not allowed to work in India then producers/directors will not cast them. If there are not breaking any law, they are free to work with anyone be it Pakistani artists, hollywood actors or even Jackie Chan, Stallone or some Australian actor.

            Just coz some 5%(that’s still lot) folks in Pakistan did something against India, you can’t start hating 95% of the folks and ban them from everything like sports, arts, cultural, meetings, so on.


          • Dhoni,

            I’m applying the logic of if I don’t want a particular person on my doorstep, than it’s only logical that I don’t go to his doorstep.

            If you don’t want any pakistani coming to India or earning anything in india, then I think you wouldn’t want same other way around. By releasing the movie there, aren’t you helping their economy in some ways?

            Using that same logic, it not okay for Pakistani to play cricket in india but it’s okay if india goes and play in Pakistan?

            Maybe I’m making it too simple.


          • omrocky786 Says:

            Great comment Dhoni,
            Even their former Army chief and President has admitted that they sponsor terror camps .
            Let these Pakistan Actors/ Singers denounce that usskey baad they can come here and earn money . Enough of this Aman kee aasha crap.
            And I agree Hindi movies should not be released there.
            I was talking to a Pakistani gentlemen and he was really against the Saudis – he goes- bada dukh hota hai kee ‘who log bhee musalmaan hain lekin fir bhee Pakistanio key saath badee badsalukee kartey hain !!!


          • omrocky786 Says:

            Also when Amit Shah says that Pakis will be really happy if BJP loses in Bihar – the Sickularists say that it is religious polarization.

            Kyon Bhai- are you equating Bhart key muslims as Pakistani supporters ??


  56. It seems you are missing Surila…….lol ! Chances are he is going to pop up any moment now since the theme of the day on this blog today is political !

    Master I agree to your point of view for a very idealistic situation but one can’t be idealistic in this world and not be crazy. The real world is completely out of sync with this positive, optimistic and idealistic message. There is simply too much distrust between the two nations and their people and it’s not as if it is short-lived but has gone on for ages / generations / pre-independence era and explodes on drop of a hat.

    On top of that with the advent of social media, it is so easy to develop mob mentality and biases. Have you noticed , we as a society are regressing on matters of personal beliefs and if these things are fueling it why not restrain them lest we will continue to hurt innocents. Why would you want to cater to that anger which spills over to your own nationals and to a family which has been living in a village for 70 years and whose son is working for the Indian Air Force be pulled out attacked and killed in the middle of night for supposedly something which was proven to be untrue?

    When the system is still not in place to make the culprits accountable for such acts, what needs to be done is to minimize such engagements where unruly elements gain upper hand. I do agree in principle to what you are saying but the sub continent is too complicated to have such simplistic approach. I don’t blame the Pakis but the populace is controlled by such short sighted individuals who don’t see beyond core hatred for anything India and if that weren’t the case Pakistanis wouldn’t have wanted a nation based solely on the basis of religion and divide a nation.


    • ” Why would you want to cater to that anger which spills over to your own nationals…”

      Who is instigating? You are trying to portray very minority political party agenda as majority opinion. Where was the folks when Fawad Khan was doing all India promotions for Khoobsurat? General public don’t care.. and only political parties do. They don’t find opposing Sonam Kapoor and its too small a issue for them but they get gung-ho when its SRK or Karan Johar… don’t say you don’t get that drift.

      Shiv Sena forgives everything Salman does(be it the interview he gave to Pakistani channel about bomb blasts or recent Yakub Memon tweets) coz he’s their bandra boy and they know going against them will damage their own popularity.


  57. On that note here is tweet of the day –

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 1m1 minute ago
    Just watching #Manthan on @aajtak n Raj Thakre is rocking there. He said Salman Khan will bring back Modi from abroad in #BajrangiBhaijan2


  58. Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 24m24 minutes ago
    Everybody must read it to understand why are ppl returning their awards? My 5* to @anubhavsinha for writing this.


  59. This is essentially the difference between the intellectuals of Indian and Pakistan –

    from the blog –

    “मित्रों, आसान है ये कह देना कि ये साज़िश है, या ये कह देना की वो कांग्रेसी है या नक्सली है। ज़्यादा मुश्किल है अपने आप से ये पूछना कि देश का हर बुद्धिजीवी वर्ग इस ज़रिये कुछ कह रहा है, वो क्या है ? सम्मान तो वो पा ही चुका था अब क्यों अपने आप को इन लांछनों का शिकार बना रहा है। सोचिये शायद कुछ सुनाई दे, कुछ समझ आये, कुछ नतीजा निकले। आरोप प्रत्यारोप से सिर्फ शोर होता है नतीजे सोच से निकलते हैं उद्यम से निकलते हैं। वो लोग कुछ कह रहे हैं, ग़ौर से सुनिए और समझिए।
    जब भी समझदारी की बात करो ग़ालिब का कोई न कोई शेर याद आ ही जाता है।

    ऐसा आसां नहीं लहू रोना।
    दिल में ताक़त जिगर में हाल कहाँ। “


  60. omrocky786 Says:


  61. Some good comments by miss dhoni, nykavi and omrocky

    (And SHAMELESS irresponsible comments by utkal uncle!)

    Haven’t gone thru the discussion in detail, but wanna put up just one link that STRIPS the double standards of the likes of ‘sat yam/sanjanas’, utkal uncles and the army of ‘award returners’

    Some good points by anupam kher

    Not only that, the so called feminists stand exposed -nobody supported this poor woman who was kicked out from the apparent EPITOME OF TOLERANCE

    Unsurprisingly the same utkal uncle was too preoccupied or busy to react on that
    And the BIGGEST JOKE is utkal uncles argument about not having to explain what one protests again and even using a rape victim analogy to this!

    (Needs reader discretion below)
    Reminds of some ‘girls’ who will ‘do anything’ but won’t kiss since they wish to reserve that for their true lovers /husbands! (Just to clarify –have heard about this -no personal experience)

    Even tolerance and freedom of expression is relative
    Sometimes it’s default
    Whilst it’s FORCED on other occasions


    • Anupem Kher was right till all along till he brought up Tasleemi Nasreen example. That is not at all related in the point he’s trying to convey.


  62. Your first film Madhosh released five years after Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

    Actually, seven years. The shooting of Qayamat se Qayamat Tak started in 1987 and it released the year later. My first film released in 1994.

    In between, I assisted Mansoor Khan in Joh Jeeta Woh Sikandar, and then did a year-long acting course with Roshan Taneja.

    Then, I assisted my father in Tum Mere Ho.

    After that I decided to move to acting. It was a conscious decision to maintain a time gap (with Aamir’s launch) because I wanted his career to be set first.

    Madhosh was produced by my father and directed by Vikram Bhatt. It flopped at the box office. It was a bad film and I was a bad actor. I realised that.

    So I did theatre with Makarand Deshpande and started re-learning my craft.

    After four years of theatre, Mela came along. But that flopped as well. My acting career wasn’t going anywhere, so I stopped acting.

    Then, I went through that ‘mental phase’. There were rumours about me being a ‘mental person’.


  63. Wow..this film discussion forum is fast turning into a khakhee chaddi hangout..


  64. Though, this is filmy forum, still, as per me the media is hyping the stray incident out of proportion. If one watches the likes of NDTV, he will get an impression that some civil war is going on in this country. Fortunately, when I go out, I find everything normal. Yes, those incidents were unfortunate, but these are being propagated in a much bigger way. The V K Singh’s response was crude but it was right in a way that anything happens anywhere, blame center government. Whereas, the constitution says, law and order is responsibility of state.
    Regarding those who are returning awards, most of them are favored by previous government and have been given awards for their sycophancy. This awards returning drama is giving them some limelight, otherwise, no one recognize these outside their houses. They don’t have any answer why they have not returned awards when much bigger things happened. In TV debates, they are blank on this question or giving lame justifications.

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