Ghayal Once Again trailer

thanks to SAM..


2 Responses to “Ghayal Once Again trailer”

  1. I liked Sunny’s direction in Dillagi to an extent. He’s not a bad director but chances of this movie looks bleak. It’ll be great if he can surprise but doesn’t look so.


  2. The trailer packs a punch. Sunny is playing to his strength here. And the action scenes look very good. Saw an interview where he was saying that the action scenes will be larger than life but that he has made sure they won’t be over the top or look exaggerated, like kicking someone who then flies 50 yards back.

    Dan Bradley has directed the action scenes and these are looking better than what we have been seeing since a few years. Bradley was saying in an interview that he has designed an chase-action scene in the streets of Mumbai with all the cars, the crowd and the cars are bouncing around and vehicles stopping within inches of Deol’s head when he jumps into an overcrowded local train. He says it one of the best action scenes he has filmed and coming from a man who has has done stuff like Expendables, the Bourne series, Mission Impossible, Independance Day or Spiderman, it must be something to look forward to.

    I will go for this and maybe Wazir in January.


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