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  1. Dishoom had a good to decent start on day one with some pockets seeing a good opening while others were on the lower side. The occupancy is around 30% which is lower than what Baaghi opened earlier this year. The film had real potential to open big considering the genre and Varun Dhawan coming off a career best ABCD 2 but with this masala genre and a young star a love story is a must and though there may be a love story in the film, the promos have not portrayed. The opening is better in mass centres due to the action but it could have been better even there, the metro multiplexes were generally pretty low.

    The film has been released on around 3000 screens so that should push it to a reasonable day one but it is going to be about the trajectory of growth at multiplexes on Saturday and they have a lot of scope to pick up if the content is there from this sort of start. Basically they will have to pick up, a Baaghi pulls through on single screens and multiplexes of B and C centres because the film opened strong in these places and was less costly. Here the opening in mass is not as strong and the film is also more costly so those big multiplexes have to show growth. The opening is best in UP, Gujarat and Rajasthan with the film being hit by Kabali in the South which has dropped but still retaining the best single screens so its mainly multiplexes for Dishoom.

    A plus for Dishoom is that both last week releases Kabali (Hindi) and Madaari are practically gone and Sultan is also down to 2-3 shows at most multiplexes. This does leave the field open for Dishoom but it will have to find appreciation. The other releases of the week like Love Ke Funday, Mission Tiger and Murder Madhuri have little hope at the box office.

    There will be competition in Punjab as the Punjabi film Bambukat has opened well there though the opening in Delhi was not good.


  2. Akshay Kumar will surprise the hell out of you in his cameo. Watch out for his hilarious act in the first half.

    Parineeti Chopra’s item number is already popular and ends the film with much glitz and glamour.
    Dishoom Review: Direction, Music

    Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom has almost all the perfect elements to make the film an out and out commercial drama. Two hot male leads, one sexy leading lady, decent music and good action. What essentially, the film also needed was a better script. Being high on style, this film seems silly when it comes to its content.

    Shot in Abu Dhabi, the swanky locales of middle east are impressive. Stereotyping the setting, Dhawan obviously shoots a market scene in the sandy terrain where arms are being openly sold.

    Of course, there are stupid scenes such as John’s character getting off a plane with a lit cigarette. Well, there’s a reason you don’t smoke near the planes, don’t want to blow up yourself do you?

    Action scenes are well captured and especially the final one with Varun and John hanging onto the helicopters. Also, a chase sequence in the mall is shot in a slick manner.



  3. Dishoom’s less than expected start is surprising specially considering Varun has developed quite a fan following among youth.


    • Due to external factors, after two back to back biggies audience don’t come out immediately for next ….


  4. Bangalore and gurgaon are facing tremendous waterlogging situations and Boi should take note of it!


  5. John Abraham and Varun Dhawan starrer Dishoom has received good response at box office. The film opened with around 40% occupancy in the morning shows.

    The film has opened extremely well in mass centres, but it’s slight low in the multiplexes and metro cities. The film has released in 3000 screens, so we can expect a decent numbers on its opening day.

    Dishoom has opened well in the markets of UP, Gujarat and Rajasthan but the film is affected in South due to Rajinikanth starrer Kabali.

    Though, there is a great advantage for Dishoom, since there is no big competition and the field is wide open for the field to perform well at the Box Office.


  6. MSDhoni Says:

    CNBC International ‏@CNBCi 6h6 hours ago
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    The scientist warned that “if we fail, then the forces that contributed to Brexit, the envy and isolationism not just in the U.K. but around the world that spring from not sharing, of cultures driven by a narrow definition of wealth and a failure to divide it more fairly, both within nations and across national borders, will strengthen.”

    “If that were to happen, I would not be optimistic about the long-term outlook for our species,” he added.

    Ending on a more positive note, Hawking said: “We can and will succeed. Humans are endlessly resourceful, optimistic and adaptable. We must broaden our definition of wealth to include knowledge, natural resources, and human capacity, and at the same time learn to share each of those more fairly. If we do this, then there is no limit to what humans can achieve together.”

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  7. MSDhoni Says:

    mid-day Infomedia ‏@mid_day Jul 28
    mid-day Infomedia Retweeted Anushka Sharma
    Female wrestlers endorse @AnushkaSharma’s performance in @SultanTheMovie #Sultanmid-day Infomedia added,

    Anushka SharmaVerified account
    ‏@I don’t normally do this, But this to me is the most touching feed back on my performance in #Sultan .🙏🏼Thank you 🙏🏼


  8. MSDhoni Says:

    taran adarshVerified account ‏@taran_adarsh 10h10 hours ago
    #Sultan collected ₹ 15.84 cr in Week 3, taking the 3-week total to ₹ 293.80 cr. Will have to remain steady in Week 4 to reach ₹ 300 cr mark.

    taran adarshVerified account ‏@taran_adarsh 3h3 hours ago
    #Sultan – OVERSEAS – after Week 3: $ 23.09 million [₹ 154.10 cr]… FAB!

    RAJ BANSAL ‏@rajbansal9 2h2 hours ago
    #Sultan – GBO Domestic:- ₹ 411 Cr. International:- ₹ 155 Cr. Worldwide:- ₹ 566 Cr.

    abina lamba ‏@SabinaLamba Jul 18
    Top ten all time Worldwide grossers.
    #Sultan -507 CR in just 12 days! #SULTANFastest500crWorldwide


  9. MSDhoni Says:

    After 3Idiots & Bajrangi Bhaijaan loving this setting and looking forward to this compassionate & humane story !!

    Kabir Khan ‏@kabirkhankk Jul 24
    So here we are… It all begins on the 28th… #Tubelight 😊 @BeingSalmanKhan


  10. Dishoom had a fair opening day grossing around 11 crore nett as per early estimates on day one. The figures are around 1 crore nett less than Baaghi but did manage to score over that film in a few of circuits like East Punjab and possibly Delhi / UP and Mumbai but all others are coming out lower as Baaghi took a very good opening in mass circuits while this is just good. Varun Dhawan’s last film had ABCD 2 opened to 14.28 crore last year and this is much lower. We can compare with John Abraham’s last film Rocky Handsome which was just 5.19 crore nett but Dishoom is a Varun Dhawan driven film.

    The opening should have been better but its still not that bad giving the film some sort to platform from where it can build on. It will be about the growth over the weekend and Saturday and Sunday will have to grow well. It will be interesting to see what growth it can gather on Saturday as Gujarat, Rajasthan and CPCI have recorded pretty decent numbers on day one and these areas find it hard to grow especially for this genre. The growth is going to have to come from the big multiplexes of Delhi NCR, Punjab and Mumbai and it will have to be substantial to counteract the less growth in other areas. The East Punjab circuit probably lost around 20-25 lakhs nett as a Punjabi film Bambukat scored very well on its opening day..

    The new Hollywood releases today like The BFG and Ghostbusters have fared very poorly as they struggle for 50 lakhs nett on day one.


  11. Back from Dishoom! The movie’s story is pretty simple but good for a commercial movie. John is as wooden as he gets but he’s doing a role of a wooden cop so it actually helps the movie. Varun is good but albeit little too enthused for the movie but he’s done good job. Jaqueline is alright. Akshaye khanna is as usual.. nothing exception. Akshay Kumar’s cameo is simply too good and scene stealer. Songs are okay and overall the movie is very fast paced without getting bored for a moment. Lot of action could have been improved or added but I think they ran out of the budget and did corner cutting which showed. The movie doesn’t belong to anyone and if anyone gets credit it will be just Varun Dhawan. Even director, Rohit Dhawan is not going to get much credit. Overall.. this is 1 time watch and good movie but its not repeat watch or a great movie. Overall Recommended for 1 time watch. I think this will do average at boxoffice and should be profitable venture.


  12. Saw Jason Bourne. It is not bad but it is weakest movie in franchise including Bourne Legacy.


  13. Sultan is still on track for 300 crore nett as it has grossed around 60 lakhs on the first day of its fourth week which means collections are still there despite the new release Dishoom. If the film had gone below 50 lakh to say 40 or 45 lakhs nett then the 300 crore nett mark would have been out of reach. The fourth Friday keeps it on track though the numbers on Saturday will have to be 75-100% up but it has done this sort of growth on previous weekends with higher collections so you would expect the growth to come this weekend also. The business of Sultan till date is as follows.

    Week One (extended) – 2,29,37,00,000

    Week Two – 48,89,00,000

    Week Three – 15,75,00,000 apprx

    Week Four – 60,00,000 (1 Day)

    Grand TOTAL – 2,94,61,00,000 apprx

    The weekend should go to 2.50 crore nett on a worst case and you can’t rule out 3 crore nett if the growth really comes on Saturday and Sunday.



  14. Like


    Why Manohar Parrikar has suddenly started hitting aamir khan indirectly targetting him and snapdeal?

    Soon after the actor’s comments, Snapdeal also faced the wrath of the hate mongers. The company’s app was downrated and a few months later the company decided not to renew its advertising contract with the actor.

    The minister’s comments, however, clearly reveal that Snapdeal’s decision to not continue with the actor was a forced one. In all likelihood, referring to the online Hindutva brigade, who was in forefront in attacking the actor and the company, he has said there was team a who campaigned against Snapdeal urging customers to order a product and return it – a strategy that would hit the company where it hurts the most.

    Reverse logistics – a term that denotes such returning of products and the costs incurred on that count – has been one of the worst nightmares of the Indian e-commerce companies. This report in the BusinessWorld magazine points out that the courier companies sometimes charge up to 10 percent on the e-commerce companies for a product return.

    In 2015, when Snapdeal was under attack, the e-commerce space was witnessing fierce competition. As part of the customer acquisition attempts, the companies were giving discounts and also had extremely lenient product return policies. Such returns have had deeply negative impact on the costs these companies incur and their financial performances. (Faced with new government rules some of these companies have amended their style of functioning.)

    The strategy used by the online team, who Parrikar thinks were thoda jaste hoshar (very smart), to teach Snapdeal a lesson needs to be seen in this context. It is clearly a below-the-belt blow.

    It is also ironical that this happened at a time when prime minister Narendra Modi shouts at the top of his voice at all platforms available how his government has turned India into an investor’s safe haven. He has been consistent in saying that the NDA government has improved the ease of doing business in India.

    But what Parrikar’s comments show is that the ease in doing business comes with conditions. The first one of these is that businessmen should be careful not to hurt the “sentiments” of the majority community or of those who think are their protectors. It shows that even the business environment in the country is vitiated by hate and violence. It is all the more shocking that this happened in the high-technology-oriented e-commerce, one of the sectors key to Modi’s Digital India programme.

    This is not no-holds-barred business, which the BJP and Modi promised in the run-up to the elections. Businesses and, in turn, economy can thrive only in an environment of tolerance.


  16. Suddenly our defence minister is taking potshots at aamir khan indirectly and hitting snapdeal as well and feeling good the lessons were taught to them.
    And the trolls have taken the hint and want to keep the heat until Dangal’s release. And they are trolling endlessly.
    Well done Manohar Parrikar!
    Perhaps you think Salman Khan is the role model.

    We dont care if Dangal dont do well or not at all shown in the theatres.

    We know who is provoking. Hitting a soft target who cant retaliate.


    • As an Aamir fan I care, that his film may have a tough time during release. I hope this cowardly minister ( who has tried to divert attention from the news of missing IAF plane and its 29 unlucky souls) gets divine punishment for misusing a platform ( book release in Goa), and indulging in political gundagiri. I hope Aamir, the idiot Indian — sincere, stupid, not savvy enough unlike his Being Human pal — gets a fair chance at the hustings this December. And I pray that this country somehow survives the next three years. God help us all.

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  17. omrocky786 Says:

    This is what he said- and it’s ironic that and the likes are all forever FOE but want to gag Arnab, want to gag Parikh. bloody hypocrites !!


  18. omrocky786 Says:

    This is from the man whose book he was launching- Kya selective reporting hai…SS par !! pathetic !!

    Nitin A. Gokhale
    Those who were there understood what @manoharparrikar said.Idiots who don’t understand nuances of language are prone to deliberately mislead


  19. The real problem to the Paki loving people here is with this remark –

    Nitin A. Gokhale ‏@nitingokhale · 8h8 hours ago

    For me the bigger headline was his remark that Army will shoot to kill not to wield lathis. Army men very happy


  20. P.K Talli Says:


    • Lage raho bhai, jitna distort karoge utna hee expose hogey !!
      Bharat key tukdey Naheen honey denge- Insha Allah , Insha Allaha !!!!


  21. Fucking Presstitutes – READ THIS- for what actually happened. disgusted at this award wapsi gangs constantly spinning and distorting !!


    • My Marathi speaking friend informs that Parrikar was not misquoted or misunderstood. The man brought in Aamir into his speech, equated the hapless actor’s hasty words with JNU talk, and proceeded to blacken the names of all , grouping them together as anti- nationals. What a diabolical plan to spread hate amongst mindless social media trolls and haters. Sadly, it seems to be working.


      • So the Marathi speaking author of the book is lying …wow
        and hapless Aamir ??? hai bechara !!, ..his wife is a commie and he probably was under her influence , whatever he said is his choice and his FOE. I personally think Aamir is a true patriot.
        But then why try to gag Parikh ???
        The commies and libtards are the worst people spreading hate with a diabolical plan in a polished and a better English.
        For some people ONLY englisss speaking people deserve to rule Bharat..baaki sab trolls hain !!
        That game is over now, live with it !!!!


  22. P.K Talli Says:


    • By that logic Aamir should be doing only acting?

      Unfortunately in India Freedom of expression comes with ifs and buts. Aamir had same rights to express. So does Parrikar, Kanahaiya Kumar, Dayashankar Singh or Barkha Dutt or Arnab Goswami or Irfan Khan or Kamlesh Tiwari or Owaisi.

      I couldn’t get the whole thing, as it is mostly in Marathi..

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      • This has some translation :


      • P.K Talli Says:

        Sure , the defence minister of the country who threatens fellow countrymen for speaking out !


      • I have listened to the speech in Marathi. He NEVER said ‘AAMCHA LOKA ‘ [our people]. He said ‘KAI LOKA JAASTA HOSHAR ASTAT. TYAANI..’ [Some people are very smart..They..]. And in the context of smart, he means technically-savvy people or who know better the e-commerce businesses..

        So this narrative that a team supposedly ‘put together’ by the ruling party went about doing this is hogwash. He clearly uses phrase ‘people power.’

        Having said that, what I feel should have been a controversy never became one!! He says ‘MALA MAHITI AAHE’ [I know that there were or was some team/s.]

        Now the team might not be his, but if he KNEW somebody was indulging in this, why didn’t he do something about it???? I know using ‘return policy’ is not against the law..So it’s a tricky ground..but SURE as hell he NEVER said ‘our’ people..


        • Again why should he do anything ?- It was legal form of boycott and protest !!
          Kamaal hai yaar- Saaley Stone Peltors – protestors ko sabko bada sympathy ho raha hai, and non violent, legal protest sey problem ho raha hai!!
          Wah !!!

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          • Rocky Saab;

            Am not saying he SHOULD have done anything. I am just saying that if one senses something ‘fishy’, shouldn’t one delve further?

            The point is, as far as everything is within the moral and legal boundaries, I have no problem with boycotting or any such stuff. But it should be WITHOUT violence or intimidation…i.e., if I decide NOT to watch SULTAN or DILWALE or DANGAL, it should be of my OWN volition..not just because I want to jump onto a bandwagon of folks wanting to boycott..I have to BELIEVE that the cause is justified..

            As is and has been my stance, I still believe Aamir jumped onto the bandwagon, but I DO not personally think or feel that it warrants a boycott..but that’s for me, personally speaking.

            What made matters troublesome for me was when Aamir came out and read that Tagore poem and tried to white-wash everything and made it as though he was not going to be ‘bow-down’ to diktats. He ‘honored’ the sentiments of folks who supposedly stood for FOE, but he totally ignored folks like me; i.e. I am someone who is NOT concerned that he spoke of intolerance [He can speak in HARSHER terms and I will stand by him, provided he gives us SOLID reasons..because after years of being his fan, I EXPECT that he will give me a solid reason to stand by him..In this case, it was just jumping on to an INTOLERANCE-ON-WHEELS luxury-leftist train…and sadly, he jumped onto it..]

            Anybody else feels strongly enough to ‘boycott’, they can do so. I just don’t feel that.

            And I have to agree with you, the irony is not lost. Aamir can endorse a letter in 2005 begging the US not to issue a visa to Modi; Nandita and her ilk can sign and circulate a letter asking people NOT to vote for Modi; Kashyap can call India a North Korea..but hey, a WHAT’S APP ‘forward’ is ‘bigotry’, ‘right-wing’!!

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          • Very well said AnJo…
            and notice how their poster boy keeps instigating the tards saying that Modi will kill him, he is psychopath , and the keeps going for Vipasana for days , while Delhi is getting ruined.
            But NOT a peep from these people here on SS or in the MSM.


          • Problem lies in the tactics being employed by the big-wigs of ruling party against one individual as if he was involved in some heinous crime or caught red-handed scheming nefarious anti-national activities!! They can’t tolerate a single dissenting voice as if the sky has fallen!! And even if i concede he committed a blunder by speaking out, it doesn’t warrant nor justify continuous harking back to an event which happened more than 8 months back!! And here it’s not some insignificant second rung leader but one of the most high-profile cabinet minister, that too holding a very symbolic “defence ministry”!! And he talks of teaching a lesson to an actor for speaking ill about the country as being the defence minister, he has the wherewithal to “Teach this actor a lesson of his life-time”!! One could sense the simmering angst against this amongst most of the BJP leaders which gets manifested in comments and remarks of their leaders such as our defence minister expressed. I could sense the strategy of BJP not allowing this issue to die down by keeping it fresh in public memory through continuous reminders in the form of statements given by its leaders and creating roadblocks in the way of Dangal’s smooth release!!

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          • I seriously do not feel Dangal will suffer because of this. Especially if the film is good & liked – it will benefit from any roadblocks.

            Fanaa nor RDB suffered much…if anything such things perk the interest more for audiences.

            Udta Punjab & GMM are classic examples, both suffered piracy issues though it seems the former prospered & latter suffered purely because of the reception for the films.

            As long as Dangal is well made & liked it will be fine…if its a dud it will suffer big time.

            A scandal in India = excitement! (for whatever reason)

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          • Agree with Jay…do think Dangal will do well. Indicine have predicted a final total of 290 crores for Dangal.

            If that happens then there would hardly be any doubt as to who’s the #1 star in Bollywood.



            They are possibly the best site for box office IMO. Of course they only follow producer totals but they predict quite logically on a rejection/mixed/positive WOM basis & are pretty accurate.

            Addatoday is so robotic & permanent ejaculation & “hope” film does well on replay…

            Taran is just a fool.

            BOI is aligning numbers with producers but commentary sucks. To be fair on them they do release numbers before producers & are close so it is a source of better numbers than 10 years ago.

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      • omrocky786 Says:

        Well said Munna…


  23. P.K Talli Says:

    I know he never said ‘our’ team would be silly to think he would say ever that but what is this


    • I am not sure what you are implying. Firstly, when I search for snapdeal India in that web-site, nothing’s coming up. Has it been taken down?

      Secondly, that’s what he mentioned in the speech, no? That there were teams doing that? But how does it tie back to Parikkar or his party?


  24. P.K Talli Says:

    I was talking about Arvind Gupta BJ SM head . Please read this


  25. P.K Talli Says:

    Many BJP ministers attacked Aamir after he expressed his views now i am not saying Parikkar or his party were behind all this but i wouldn’t be surprised if they were .

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  26. Nobody is denying the right to FOE of our esteemed defence minister, but what was the need to rake up this “died down” issue and again being the judge & jury to declare someone a national or anti-national!! At the very least he should have kept the sanctity of his office in mind while speaking in such intimidating language. It becomes irrelevant whether he used “OUR” during that speech, but insinuated much more through his words than this non-issue warranted. I hope BJP could get rid of its Aamir-mania and focus on real issues.

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    • Bhai neechey padho- presstitutes combined his two statements – the anti nationals was for Umar Khalids of JNU !!
      Please don’t spin !!!


  27. Superb piece –
    Here, two interesting things need to be pointed out.
    First, the report does not mention the fact that the minister’s remark “such people who speak against the country need to be taught a lesson by the people of this country” was in context of the sloganeering at JNU, not Aamir Khan’s statement. This is an important omission.
    Second, according to author Nitin Gokhale, at whose event Parrikar was speaking, the defence minister’s statements were misconstrued. He never said “our people” had run a campaign to return Snapdeal’s good
    The hair-splitting is important because the devil lies in the details. In absence of the qualifiers, it does appear as if a senior minister in the Union cabinet had deliberately set the mob upon an e-commerce company and pressurised it to drop the Bollywood actor as brand ambassador

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  28. For the Libtards and presstitutes-
    Nitin A. Gokhale ‏@nitingokhale · 36m36 minutes ago

    Are boycotts illegal? India’s freedom was won on boycotts and satyagrah. If teams worked on it legally, why not?

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    • Rocky bhai jaroorat hi kya thi Aamir ko indirectly nishana banane ki aur ye bolna ki Aamir ko sabak sikhaya gaya snapdeal ko target karke. Yahan Pak, Kashmir se lekar apna IAF plane missing hai aur Chinese army’s entry into Indian land jaise gambheer mudde sulajh nahi rahe aur aap Aamir Aamir jap rahe ho!! Kam se kam apna kaam poora karo phir aur baaten karo.

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    • So Nitin Gokhale is equating India’s freedom movement with the online lynching of a citizen-actor who chose to speak carelessly, in a politically incorrect manner? Boycott is not illegal, but mobilising a call to boycott somebody just to teach him a lesson for his supposed unpatriotic statements — NOT the same thing.

      @ AnJo — I am not surprised that Aamir chose the Tagore poem , Where the mind is without fear’, used it in his rebuttal statement. Aamir has said so many times, that is one of his favourite poems. In fact it features as one of the 50 poems collected together in a book, by Penguin and CRY,year 2006. The book is a compilation of poems that are chosen favourites of well- known Indians. Aamir chose this Tagore poem. It is a delightful book that features some non- English poetry too.

      I see nothing wrong with Aamir’s usage of the poem for his rebuttal statement. In fact it was apt.

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  29. Parrikkar must know that many hindus support aamir. They are libtards. What is wrong with being libtards? Omrocky is number one troll here trying to intimidate and shout down all those who even touch the hair of bjp people. As for legally boycotting and illegally forcing, there is little difference. Here we are not fighting against another country colonising us. We are fighting someone who expressed his views in some context and he still wants to live in this country instead of shifting to Canada or Switzerland.
    Why Parrikkar is not saying anything against Mehbooba Mufti who is hunting with the hounds and running with the hares? Why he is not bothered about Chinese transgressions? Because he seems to be more interested in employing the same boycott program against Dangal. Otherwise there is no necessity for him to bring snapdeal indirectly. Some big actors who are jealous of aamir’s success may also be behind this campaign and vilification. Unfortunately for them aamir does one film in once in two or three years and now his endorsements are nill. Only hope for them to teach him a lesson is Dangal. I wish them all the best.
    Bharat mata ki jai and also hindustan ki jai. The country which gave us Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore. The country which gave us Nobel laureates and Bharat Ratnas. The country where democracy in the true spirit made good things happen.

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    • Libtards is a deragatory term. Why not just say liberals.


      • Bhakts? Sanghis? Hindoos, [deliberately mis-spelt]; Hindu-Nazis; Fascists ?

        Just have used a couple of these on occasions..memory is a tricky affair..

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        • omrocky786 Says:

          Epic !!


        • libtard = liberal-retard. All the other names you’ve mentioned don’t count as personal insults, unless one is offended by being called a Bhakt or Sanghi etc…in which case, one should take a hard look at one’s own sensitivity index. Hindu-Nazi is another term that’s offensive because it sort of trivializes the holocaust.

          I know this isn’t addressed to me and I’m kind of butting in, but the process of calling someone a retard is an insult to people who are born with this affliction. One is not merely insulting another person, he/she is then laughing at a disability. How cool is that? It’s also not a coincidence that people who use terms like these are incapable of genuine, coherent arguments in the first place…

          Personally I’ve never used any term with the suffix ‘tard’ in it and even though I’ve used the term ‘Bhakt’ in the past, and continue to do so, I don’t think there’s any reasonable argument that can equate the two terms on an even keel.

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          • @ Saket — the only word I have used is Bhakt — more because it is convenient (though not exactly proper); rather like the term Bollywood — a word that was probably started by some smart alec journo. Bollywood is a convenient moniker, but not something I use willingly. There is more to Hindi cinema than Bollywood or what it connotes. I have occasionally spoken about the Hindi film industry, instead of the more convenient but inappropriate Bollywood.

            The word retard is an insult , no doubts there. Libtards, aaptards….Whatever …wrong.


          • And just to reiterate the value of liberalism – those who use the term libtards and thus deride liberals in a twisted way are themselves the biggest beneficiaries of Western liberalism. Had it not been for Western liberal values they wouldn’t have been granted the freedom to immigrate into greener pastures!

            My point is going to be lost on those poor souls but think about it – you enjoy the fruits of someone else’s liberalism and then you have the cheek to turn around and denounce liberals from your own country! Of course it’s another entirely different story about how they display patriotism towards India while sitting on foreign shores, but hey, anything goes as far as online trolling is concerned…

            P.S. Am not targeting An Jo. For some reason he always reads my posts as dissent against his voice, which I can confirm is not true….

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        • I honestly have no idea why I am your target now. Liberals are liberals, not Libtards. Sanjana wrote that ‘many Hindus support Aamir’. Yes, many liberal Hindus support Aamir and that is what I was trying to say — his Hindu supporters are liberals, not Libtards — a horrid term, much like aaptard, congitard or any other supposed retard. Bhakts is the only word I have used occasionally, , none of the others. Why on earth would I use the word Hindoos. What gives you the right to assume that I would mis- spell Hindus as Hindoos. Why so much of animosity?

          Rocky continuously writes disparagingly about ‘commies like Kiran Rao’.Why insult her in this manner? I don’t assume that she is a ‘commie’ , but I do assume that she is a liberal. Why speak disparagingly about anybody — left- leaning, right- leaning, centre, leaning either way. Why make assumptions about people one knows only through the filter of the media?

          Social media is a graceless place.

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      • ls820 ji,

        Aamir is starting Organic Cannabis manufacturing but some sanghis are labeling it as Libghaas. Can you please make sure that middle class is singing ‘all is well’

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    • I know LS since a long time. She is a very honest, sincere lady who I respect and admire. She is a better fan of AK than me. I feel sad when she is misunderstood. No offence to anybody.

      But the blog world is like this only. Nothing is sacrosanct here. There are ways to get along. Ignoring after a while. Developing a very thick skin and sometimes bursting out like a volcano.

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      • Speak out if you have to say something…anything that you feel passionate about. Listen to voices that are reasonable and respectful. Voices from the gutter shouldn’t be entertained!

        But if there’s something to be said, everyone should just say it without any fear of repercussions…assuming of course it is being said in good faith!

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        Do read this article. It mirrors my own view, that too much has been made out of a careless and foolish comment from the actor, made over 8 months back. Since then I have supported Aamir on this issue, since I felt he was being punished more than warranted. It is actually extraordinary, the amount of venom directed against Aamir from right wing politicians and right leaning film fans. Some genuine Aamir fans too are hurt…but ok, shouldn’t everybody just move on. When others get away despite worse talk, why this special treatment directed at Aamir? There is something fishy about this whole campaign against him. And he certainly does not deserve to be painted as this black deshdrohi villain, when in fact the reverse is true — he is very much a concerned citizen and we could do with more like him.

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        • My harshest criticism of Aamir regarding this fiasco is not what he said per se as he has a right to saying it whether its true or not as its just a “feeling” he had, but how he used his wife almost as a pawn to convey the message. It was immature way to get a point across & I am sure she’s made him pay for it too. I think to speak out publicly and almost hide behind Kiran is quite cowardly when if I was betting man it was probably more his thoughts than his wife’s. She must have been like…. what the f*&k did he just say? Did he really mention me?

          Pow Pow at night in the face a few times & all the chores for a month.

          All I would say he was very very & utterly stupid on this one – firstly to say it & secondly not to recognize the backlash if he were to say it. For a man of his thoroughness he has been stupid a couple of times…a lot less than others.


          Is what I’d label him as.


          • here’s the thing, irrespective of whether Aamir should have accepted responsibility for those views or not (I agree that he should have though I wouldn’t be surprised if he really did quote his wife.. an actor in his position is never likely to ‘think’ he shouldn’t be living in India..even otherwise his wife strikes me as being much more liberated and ‘liberal’) this isn’t really the most important question. Could one imagine an actor saying anything in the UK or the US (to mention two examples) and then having a mob come after him (online and offline) much less politicians attacking him one way or the other? This to my mind is the crux of the matter. Even if one disagrees with everything Aamir says, even if one has questions about his integrity in saying it, so what? Mature democracies don’t behave this way. At least in the institutional sense. This is why Trump is such an anomaly. Or put differently all that seems shocking about Trump’s words is candidly par for the course for many Indian politicians. They’ve said far far worse and very publicly (even if many who are shocked by Trump do cartwheels do defend worse than this when it comes from the latter..). One could say the same about Farage vis-à-vis a number of Indian politicians. And again one can’t keep celebrating Indian democracy as the epitome of everything good only to turn around and say ‘hey this is India, not America’ when the same democracy faces tough questions. So sure, reject everything that Aamir says but it does not follow that there ought to be a storm surrounding him when he does say so. Or that govt ministers and what not ought to wade into these things more or less gloating over their success in muzzling people (the defenders of such folks sound about as convincing as Trump’s brigade who similarly think he’s saying nothing offensive or that he’s been misconstrued or what not). and I’m not just blaming the politicians or the online mobs. It’s ultimately about even an English-speaking ‘educated’ class that (and here I agree with Shekhar Gupta though he probably meant it more broadly) for all its pretense of loving democracy and liberalism tends to be quite ‘illiberal’ in many matters. This is why there’s even a ‘debate’. Whatever Aamir (or SRK) says and whether it’s defensible or not is one debate, whether it can then be confused with these other ‘reactions’ is quite another.


          • This is Farage & Trump type politics agreed. It’s dated & not modern thinking. An intelligent way to counter Aamir here would be stick him on a platform – discuss the topic ala P.K. – phone the Pakistan embassy & embrace thy neighbours & send him packing back to the planet he came from.

            In the US or UK this would be a headline for little while but not a heist or mob.

            But I would still say Aamir has the intelligence of knowing the behavior of his country & democracy – maybe should have seen the repercussions.


          • yes where I do agree is that if he did say it he should have stuck with it. No point in trying to get out of it later (SRK did the same). Knowing the atmosphere one should take it head on or not say anything. I will say that I am somewhat sympathetic to some of these guys because once you say those things all kinds of pressures are brought to bear on you and even stars in Aamir’s position can be touched in this sense. It’s not just about commercial contracts suddenly vanishing but things happening to your films (disruptions and what not). Again I believe a star in his position should be willing to take this on once he says these things (he was willing to accept the Fanaa ban in Gujarat all those years ago) but I am also somewhat sympathetic to the softening of position that occurs because again unlike the US or the UK there is a cost, even for people in powerful positions. You can run over people and get away with it (!) but you can’t make certain kinds of statement. Forget the politicians, even very ordinary people are more offended by the latter than the former. Again this is the ‘state’ of Indian democracy.


          • Eastwood unfortunately became (or perhaps always was) the Dirty Harry character. The true symbol of the Reagan coalition or the perfect ‘symptom’ of a certain cultural politics geared towards white America. I like some of the films but I find their ethos hard to take. This is of course not true of the Leone films. That’s a different universe altogether.


          • not referring to his directorial efforts which I like.


          • Saw Sully’s trailer in Jason Bourne.
            I don’t know how much plot is there for the incidence on Hudson.


          • Lack of diplomacy. And a belief that he is right. These led to his jumping into controversies whether it is intolerance issue or AIB roast or some of his personal decisions.

            And the leadership change at the centre made his life more difficult.

            We fans cant support them all the time if the persons involved dont exercise discretion or caution.

            We have our own lives, our own problems. And if we are in some terrible mess, they wont even know what we are undergoing. So why should we stick our necks out more than what is warranted?

            In my family our political leanings dont interfere with our emotional bondings. We know these things are secondary and family comes first.


        • LS all I would suggest, after a point you should let these stars / public figures be responsible for what they do and say. They should either keep their butt taped up or if they speak then have the guts to come out and defend and change public opinion. Why have an afterthought and indulge in firefighting later when the basis of your profession mandates goodwill and outcome depends on public support. Common sense dictates Bachchan like absolute diplomacy without ‘any’ deviations esp in a country like India which is still not fully matured and law and order is still suspect …

          However every story has two sides and sometimes what may seem bad can turn out good and the negative chatter may help as India remains a 50/50 nation both in terms of hardline and liberal thinking. What will ultimately matter is the product itself and if the movie is even a bit worthwhile, in a cinema hungry nation, the mob mentality may work in big way and people will leave everything aside to check out this movie no matter what their political affiliations.

          Lastly a bit of philosophical take to all the back and forth on social media on Aamir….do you understand Hindi well ?…..there is a term called ‘Brahmaand ki Uttpatti’ something on the lines of ‘Shristi ka niyam hai”…. All of nature is based upon two opposing forces, or desires, which govern and operate all progress and evolution. The functioning of societies, everything in the universe is driven by the interplay of these two forces. Unfortunately at this stage of our evolution, the development of the human ego has tipped the scales and society now takes pleasure from the domination and torture of his own kind.


          • I do understand Hindi very well, having grown up in Jharkhand ( when it was Bihar) and spent a decade in Delhi, before striking root in my ‘native place’ ( ☺️) , a southern metro.


          • @having grown up in Jharkhand ( when it was Bihar) and spent a decade in Delhi, before striking root in my ‘native place’ ( ☺️) , a southern metro”

            ….aah ! somewhat on the lines of Madhavan who was born in Jamshedpur, Bihar (now in Jharkhand) before moving to southern metros.

            Having lived in Bihar don’t you think Aamir who is known to be such a method actor could have done a better job in PK with his Bhojpuri than those OTT accent / expressions.

            Do you watch Kapil Sharma show ? Look how Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda inspite of not being from Bihar do such a great job as Rinku Devi and Santosh…… the delivery and tone is simply A-1.


          • Having lived in Bihar don’t you think Aamir who is known to be such a method actor could have done a better job in PK with his Bhojpuri than those OTT accent / expressions.

            There is no singular Bihari accent that needs to be mimicked in order to pass muster as a method actor. You should probably worry about Salman’s Haryanvi accent in Sultan before casting doubts on Aamir…

            Just another stick to beat Aamir with! Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda? Damn, even Johnny Lever will beat Aamir in acting chops next…


          • Salman is known to be a quick fix actor but I thought he did reasonably well with that one tone accent in Sultan and remained in character throughout the movie……plus no one gives him a chance anyway since the verdict on salman on being a non-actor is already out.

            It’s not the acting chops I was comparing , but I had serious issues with mish mash portrayal of that alien character….and to put in bihari lingo in first half ‘hum confusia gaye thay’. Thankfully the emotional quotient towards the end esp in that song ‘Bhagwan hai kahan re tu’ had some redeeming factor and I could connect somewhere….

            may be it was sonu nigam’s voice after a long time which did the trick here –


          • Actually, I am a Jamshedpurian, like Madhavan, our respective fathers being Tata Steel employees, now retired, mine no more. A few years back in Chennai at an annual Tata Steel retirees dinner, Madhavan’s dad Mr. Ranganathan joked that he was now recognised through his son and that it made him happy too.Mrs. Ranganathan was a bank employee in Jamshedpur. Madhavan moved to Kolhapur for Engineering studies, then Mumbai, Chennai.

            Anyway to get back to Aamir — yes, his Bhojpuri was not perfect, but so what ? He was ok, he made a decent effort. And his performance in PK was as drawn, a wide-eyed alien. Even picky Raja Sen was impressed enough to say ‘ Maan Gaye Khan saab’. If Aamir had downplayed the role, he would have been criticised for being ineffective and wishy washy. He never wins , right?

            Raj Kapoor and Waheeda were pretty good with their boli in Teesri Kasam’

            Aamir is the first to admit if his dialogue prep is insufficient. He has spoken about Lagaan, how his first time producer duties left him with little time to practice his Lagaan lines , how he had to rush through his practice. But he surely practiced much more for PK.And he was ok enough IMO.

            If audiences expect perfect Bhojpuri dialogue…why not watch a Bhojpuri film?

            And next he is going to be picked on for his Haryanvi dialogue in Dangal. I expect a decent performance. His critics can’t wait to dissect his Haryanvi, I guess.

            As I said, he won’t win with any group, except his fans.

            I don’t watch the Kapil Sharma shows. Nothing against them.Have heard that they are a tad regressive.


          • @If audiences expect perfect Bhojpuri dialogue…why not watch a Bhojpuri film?”

            I do watch Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan on TV and Ravi is an absolute riot when esp his bihari laugh is famous.

            May it was 15 years back and we were much less picky but Aamir did really well with Avadhi in Lagaan. That is one movie with not even a single blemish. He did tapoori perfectly in Rangeela and does Panju well in RDB…..may be my expectation for PK were too high !!

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        • Ok let’s take stock of some things:

          Since 2014:

          1) Gajendra Chauhan, a BJP supporter, has been appointed as FTII chairman

          2) Pahlaj Nihalani, a self-proclaimed Modi chamcha, has become the Censor Board chief

          3) Anupam Kher, whose wife is a BJP MP, has received Padma Bhushan (let’s even forget the fact that he once called the Padma awards political under the UPA regime)

          4) Aamir Khan has been attacked for voicing his concerns about the state of the nation

          5) Aamir Khan has been removed as ambassador for the Incredible India campaign

          6) There was an attempt by the censor board to ban Udta Punjab

          7) A cabinet minister in the Modi government, no less, talks about teaching (albeit indirectly) Aamir Khan a lesson through the BJP’s own dirty tricks department.

          8) Aamir has been blamed and shamed on social media for ‘making’ PK, which apparently is against Hindus — nevermind the fact that Raju Hirani directed the film and Abhijat Joshi wrote the script.

          I’ll stop here, but can go on.

          Basically, with regards to Aamir, it’s payback time for the stand that he took on Fanaa. The entire BJP troll army has been unleashed on him — and if the sordid BJP trolls can’t spare Arun Shourie (and his disabled son!) who served as a minister in Vajpayee’s government — then what chance does poor Aamir have?

          Having said that, I’m extremely confident that come December, all this will not affect Dangal. The BJP bhakts will get some heartburn but people, in general, don’t care. If the film is good, it will do well!

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          • You sound so neutral.

            How do you even drive?


          • Not too difficult at all…just avoid turning ‘right’

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          • LOL!!! comment of the day!


          • Was shocked ( yesterday) to see a write up at a none too polite right wing site called Francois Gautier, a French ‘intellectual’ with tremendous knowledge and empathy for Hinduism, this India based Frenchie has been going hammer and tongs at people he perceives as anti- Hindu; has been especially vocal and vile on Twitter. Now he has has brought out his all time list of anti- Hindu people , dead and alive. After the first few names, I simply got off the site. The first names in the list include Babur, Aurangazeb, The Rajiv Gandhi family ( including Priyanka, if I am not mistaken , and of course Sonia and Rahul); Barkha Dutt, Aamir, SRK, …no Salman, but of course. Felt too sickened too go through the rest of this list by a non- Indian. What gives this frog the right to even make up such a list involving living Indians? Presumptuous so and so. And yes, he seems a favourite with the ruling establishment.


          • I guess there’s nothing ‘left’ to say

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          • I hope you are still with the ‘RIGHT’ despite all roads leading to ‘left’ 😉


          • My self in tolerant.


          • I hope ‘all is well’ after taking so many ‘right and left’ turns, as it can create in’tolerance’, Daddy ji!!



    Hrithik Roshan to reprise Amitabh Bachchan’s role in ‘Shahenshah’ remake?

    Buzz is that Amitabh Bachchan’s 1988 film Shahenshah might be remade with Hrithik Roshan reprising the role.

    Apparently, Duggu likes the idea of remaking Bachchan’s cult classic. Hrithik had also featured in the 2012 remake of Big B’s Agneepath (1990).


    • The jokes get funnier on the remake front..! And the audience often gets sadder..!

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      • Well I am hardly surprised with the prospective son in law decision if true. If the rumor mills are to be believed, this one will remain within the family if true. So Bachchanites should do well to reign in their criticism at this time –

        Top Actor asks Father for his Much-Married Daughter’s hand in Marriage

        Will this hush-hush affair reach the altar?

        “….A leading actor, who has been cosying up to Miss Much-Married for several months, wants to take their relationship to the next level. Yes, he wants to take the plunge into marriage – never mind that his last shaadi did not have a happily-ever-after.”


        • who’s being referred to here? Hrithik? Who’s the girl?


          • I don’t if you are setting up a trap question….its part of the big wild ‘web’ of deceit & denials.


            Is Shweta Bachchan the reason behind Hrithik Roshan’s legal battle with Kangana Ranaut?

            “…Though Kangana is standing strong in this tough hour, Hrithik, reportedly, took the legal course because of his current girlfriend Shweta Bachchan, say the media reports.

            According to a blind article published in an entertainment portal, “The actor, who is going steady with one of India’s biggest superstar’s daughter, was asked by his girlfriend’s father to put a lid on all the other dating rumours before romancing his precious daughter. The actor, fearing that his feisty ex may blurt out details of their relationship to the media, which in turn could damage his image and his new relationship, decided to legally intimidate her into silence.”




          • This is a wetdream for Aditya Chopra….he’s thinking he has the Dhoom 4 script now….

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          • Ha.. these jokes ought to at least be funnier..!


          • I am shocked…is this true? Isnt Shweta married to some Nanda family?


          • “I am shocked…is this true? Isnt Shweta married to some Nanda family? ”

            No need to be shocked for such news as no one knows the truth but actually this has been in the news from exactly 1 year.. you’ll find articles from Aug/Sep 2015. I don’t see how Big B will allow this but as per trade.. Hrithik is never smart about hiding affairs and everyone of his affairs has come out easily. From the Barbara mori to which Suzanne left house and stayed in hotel for months and he kept denying saying house repair and etc and then further more affairs and then finally divorce news. Even Kangana’s was out in the news before Kangana herself broke it to the media and now this Shweta Nanda’s is constant from a year. No one can know the truth as of now.


          • Hrithik – Shweta coming out watching Birdmad in Jan 2016 (though some other folks were there as well)


  31. If Sultan gets to 300 cr its trend is very similar to Ek Ta Tiger.
    Both released on a Wednesday (Sultan on Eid holidays, ETT on Independence Day), so both had extended 9 day first weeks. Whereas Sultan’s 1st/2nd/3rd days were all partial Eid holidays ETT 2nd & 3rd days were working days.
    So both had holidays but Eid is much more extended. Both had competition. One could say GGM really dented loss of screens for Sultan temporarily, but other than that it’s the only film out there to do a fair comparison with.

    Based on producer totals,
    Sultan made 229cr in 9 days & total looks like 300cr so those 9 days are 76% of total
    ETT made 154cr in 9 days & total was 199cr (I can’t remember what BOI had) so those 9 days are 77% of total.

    Not much to separate except Sultan maybe was heavily front loaded with more competition.

    Both films essentially crawling towards their respective 200cr & 300cr targets (based on producer totals) after monster starts.


    • The trend for Sultan is also very similar to Dhoom 3. Both films have shown similar trends when compared to their opening days. D3 made 97 odd crores after its opening week; Sultan will end up with 92 crores after its extended opening week.

      In terms of ratios, both films have finished at roughly 8 times their opening day total. The reason I give importance to the opening day total is because the opening is purely based on hype, and from as soon as the second day onwards, WOM comes into play.

      Ek Tha Tiger for instance only did about 6 times its opening day total…which suggests a far worse trending/WOM


  32. Saw Dhishoom – Kya bakwaas Picture hai by god kee kasam !!!


    • lol


    • Couldn’t agree more!
      Saw on Tuesday discount..still felt cheated.
      WTH was Abudin? good things in movie was that song and realistic cricket ground scenes..

      ps – There are small cameos by Amaranth (there was no mention of him in any of the reviews) and Salim Malik.

      ps1 – There is Susma swaraj like external affair minister!

      ps2 – Cricketer’s name is funny..ref – Sharma!

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      • LOL on Sushma Swaraj !There was a reference to Modi as well !
        AkkI Kumar was having a great time though !!
        P.S.- Nagis was hot..should have been more of her !


        • Sushma Swaraj, Modii…man too much Bhakti !
          P.S.-LibTards, Aaptards and Commie- Tardnees , selective samachar -vahini toh confusia jaayengey, seedhey Vipasna key liye chale jaayengey !! LOL
          Stone Peltors – Koi pellet guns sey naa maro inn deewano ko!
          Legal Boycott- Bhakt Emergency ley aayey…ori baba !


  33. Khizr Khan: Donald Trump has a ‘black soul’

    Even with its drawbacks in fueling anger, social media sometimes make us sit back and not generalize someone abilities and habits based on country, continent and language. This is the most articulate Pakistani in a while… land of Zardaris, Nawab Sharifs and the infamous AQ Khan…

    If his effective / persuasive speech at the DNC was not enough and after being cornered by Trump, here he doubles down very effectively which made Piers Morgan say this…..

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 21h21 hours ago
    Khizr Khan is a very impressive man. Trump won’t win a war of words with him & shouldn’t try.


  34. Rajkumar Santoshi’s next biggie – ‘Saragirhi’ (or Battle of Saragirhi) Randeep Hooda as Havaldar Ishar Singh!


    • Incidently Ajay Devgn is also making same story in Sons of Sardaar – The battle of Saragarhi


      • JP Dutta’s next inspired by the Battle of Saragarhi

        J.P. Dutta is making the movie on an international scale for a global audience. The film is inspired by the Battle of Saragarhi fought before the Tirah Campaign on September 12, 1897, when 21 Sikhs of the 36th Sikh of British India defended an army post against 10,000 Afridi and the Orakzai tribesmen in the North-West Frontier Province, now in Pakistan.

        “Since the story touches the relationship between the Sikh soldiers and the British officers commanding the battalion, I need a huge British involvement, an international cast and crew. I’ve spoken to Hugh Dancy, the ‘Hannibal’ TV star, and Remi Adefarasin, the cinematographer of Shekhar Kapur’s ELIZABETH and Steven Speilberg’s mini-series ‘Band of Brothers’. I am in the midst of working on the logistics carefully before I can kickstart this project as it is very big scale. It can only take off after the other film,” admitted Dutta. J.P. Dutta is frequently visiting UK to locate the actors, supporting actors and the technicians from abroad.


        • 3 films on same subject! Can’t wait for Gowariker to announce his version!


          • AamirsFan Says:

            reminds me of the bhagat singh films announced and released around same time frame in 2002….ajay was involved in that fiasco too.


    • Hooda’s image is epic!! Arresting! He will knock the socks off the mediocre actor Ajay Devgn..


      • I wouldn’t call Devgn mediocre actor but a very limited actor and effective in small range of roles. Actually Santoshi and Devgn should have collaborated together and made just 1 movie like the The legend of Bhagat Singh for which he got Best Actor National Award.


        • Devgan is a good actor. Was limited for so many years but lately he has improved his range.

          This looks like disaster striking once again with 3 movies being based on the same theme being announced simultaneously.

          The Bhagat Singh episode should have taught a lesson to Santoshi and Devgan. It also means that earlier reports of a fall-out between them are true.

          The first reports of a fall-out emerged right at the time of Halla Bol. Both were going through very low phases in their respective careers. Golmaal and Rohit Shetty bailed Devgan out. APKGK was successful for Santoshi and they both moved on.


  35. Ali Abbas Zafar on the film that changed his life – Superb Choice !!

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  36. Bulandshahr:
    Three days after a woman and her teen daughter were gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr after being dragged away from their car, their family has threatened to commit suicide if the accused aren’t punished.

    Three have been arrested but at least three men remain missing.

    “We suspect there are five-six men in total. The leader has been identified and has a history of crime in UP, Rajasthan and Haryana,” said senior police officer Laxmi Singh.

    On Friday, a family from Noida near Delhi was travelling on the highway when an iron rod hit the car, forcing the driver to stop.

    A gang of six men took over the car at gunpoint and drove it to a swamp. The men robbed the family, tied up the men and dragged the 35-year-old woman and her 14-year-old daughter, took them to the bushes and gang-raped them for three hours, the police say.

    The women were rescued by the police hours later around 5.30 am.

    The incident took place barely 100 meters from a police post but no one heard any shouts for help. Four police officers were suspended yesterday.


  37. My grandmother, with her razor-sharp instincts, typecast men into three neat categories. The Ramas, the Krishnas and the Rakshasas. The Rakshasa represented the dark side of human nature and, she claimed, everyone had some component of that in their make-up, while some were pure Rakshasas.

    Applied to South Indian cinema, this pop-psychology is productive. The cinema narrative here is largely around this dual trope. While Gemini Ganesan was Krishna, Shivaji Ganesan was Rama; while Prem Nazir was Krishna, Sathyan was Rama; if Mohanlal is Krishna, Mammooty is Rama; if Nageswara Rao was Krishna, NTR was Rama; in Kannada cinema, Rajkumar could shift from Krishna to Rama, though he had foils in Shankar Nag and Venkatesh. So too MGR, who could swing from Krishna to Rama within the same film. Kamal Haasan remains an out and out Krishna prototype.

    Read | Is Rajinikanth India’s last superstar?

    The sole rakshasa in this star pantheon is ‘superstar’ Rajinikanth.

    Rajini represents the noir in Tamil cinema. He represents the suppressed, dark other of Tamil society. Though a Kannada-speaking Maharashtrian, when director K Balachander inducted him into Tamil films in 1975 with Apoorva Ragangal, he was introducing Tamil society to its own hubris.

    The history of oppression of the Dravidian race, the sense of subjugation, the feeling of second-class citizenship, the complexes about being dark-skinned, of not really being part of the national mainstream and a clear whiff of political and cultural marginalisation at that point in time, were all encapsulated in the character of Rajinikanth and his screen persona.

    Read | If Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor can, why can’t Rajinikanth?

    And here was a character who, in film after film, could flip it over and celebrate it as effortlessly as he flipped a cigarette to his lips or produced some whiplash action with his fingers and wrists, with the self-congratulatory – if rhetorical – question, Ithu eppidi irukku? (What do you think of this?). With Rajini, Tamil cinema, and by extension, Tamil society learnt to be kosher with being ‘bad’. It was no longer something that someone was going to make them feel guilty about.

    Rajini taught Tamil society to abandon platitudes about Rama as maryada purushottam and accept the possibility of a Ravana or a Duryodhana actually being good. When Rajini stared directly back into the camera with his narrow, mean, slits for eyes and hissed from the corners of his mouth even as he executed his side-winded walk of electric energy, tossing his tousled hair, he became the new and manifest example of hitherto suppressed expressions of desire, no matter how risky or preposterous it seemed.

    Read | Kabali’s Hindi remake: Was the Rajinikanth film too culture specific?

    And the Tamil audiences loved him. After four decades of chubby, fair-skinned heroes, this lean, mean anti-hero emerges as a version of updated masculinity, which seems — in its exaggerations — to be a concession to a sense of ‘male lack’. Rajini is the first of the ‘dark stars’ (literally) of Tamil cinema, which itself becomes a signpost for celebration throughout his 40-years-long career, approaching 175 films. The validation of Rajini’s dark skin has, in itself, now become a sub-cult in Tamil cinema with chartbusting songs belting out lines like Namba ooru Superstaru Rajinikath karuppu thaan (Even our Superstar Rajinikanth himself is black!). Or a variation like Superstar karuppu, aana Superstar manasu romba veluppu (Superstar is black, but his heart is entirely white). One would need a psycho-analyst with high literary skills to capture the social import of such sentiments.


  38. Telugu cinestar Chiranjeevi’s comeback film, his 150th film is remake of Vijay’s Tamil blockbuster Kaththi directed by AR Murugadoss.

    Such a dumb idea of waiting for almost a decade and then doing a tamil remake for the 150th comeback film. I mean, how lazy can anyone get? What’s the thrill of watching the movie where everything is already known to the audience (as its a remake). Remakes are fine in between their careers but not like a comeback film after 10 years. Something like Kabali’s script (original) would have been good for 60+ star.

    Moreever our very own Bollywood hero – who signs even Tees maar khan or any script blindly has rejected/delayed its Hindi remake citing script issues. LMAO and Chiranjeevi has approved this for his comeback. I have no words!


  39. “Papa!” was what the girl had cried out when her attackers tried to catch her,” the tearful father told journalists. Talking of the most unfortunate experience of his life, the father of the rape survivor said he wouldn’t be able to look his daughter in the eye.

    He said they have been living in his current location for the past eight to nine years but could not go to the place because of the trauma and shame. “I have been staying at a friend’s place since the day of the crime. Now, even he wants me to move out,” he said. “We will have to change our house and also my daughter’s school,” he said.

    Top Comment
    The government should immediately come to the resue of the family in a big way in the form for humanitarian, medical, counselling and psychological support besides quickly sending the inhuman brutes jail.K.b. Reddy

    He threatened to commit suicide if the investigation was not completed within three months. “My daughter is in a state of shock and has not eaten anything since the assault. We are trying to force-feed her. The girl and her mother are being treated.” When the miscreants attacked her, he tried to save her but was attacked with a hammer. He said that during the medical test, the girl was asked inappropriate questions.

    Confirming that the accused arrested so far were among the attackers, he said he suspected involvement of some local residents. He said when the car broke down he had heard one of them shouting, “Aslam, you wait! We are getting the tractor.”
    Stay updated on the go with Times of India News App. Click here to download it for your device.


  40. Salman Khan starrer Sultan has now slowed down its pace at the box office.

    The film collected 35 lacs on its 4th Monday and now stands with a total box office collection of 297.21 crores. This (4th) week and 5th week will be crucial for Sultan to reach 300 crore mark.

    As Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are arriving on 12th August, there are maximum chances that Sultan will be out of theaters by that time.


  41. As anger grows over criticism of Khans, Trump seeks support from Capitol Hill

    McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential candidate and current chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, issued a lengthy statement sharply criticizing Trump’s comments.

    “While our party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us,” said McCain, a prisoner of war for five years during the Vietnam War.

    His counterpart on the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Mac Thornberry of Texas, echoed McCain, saying in a statement he was “dismayed at the attacks Khizr and Ghazala Khan have endured after they spoke about their son’s service and sacrifice.”

    Trump drew similar opprobrium a year ago when he said McCain, who as a naval aviator was shot down and taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, was not a hero because he had been captured.

    In an open letter, 23 Gold Star families said Trump cheapened their sacrifice and called for an apology.

    “This goes beyond politics. It is about a sense of decency,” it said. “That kind decency you mock as ‘political correctness.’“


    • AamirsFan Says:

      its really hilarious to see these GOP members all of a sudden pretending to be offended by Trump when for the past 15-20 years the GOP has supported anti-Muslim policies both domestic and foreign.

      Trump is only saying things out in the open whereas McCain and his kind have been thinking the same thing behind close doors for years. They created the mess they are in now…they have to live with it. This is what you get when you ignore the people in your party…the DNC will be there in next 4-8 years too.


      • Wish Obama continued instead of this circus.

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        • There should be a limit for everything. When people retire at certain age, I don’t see why politicians should be there (in India). Similarly in US SC judges are there until they die or resign.

          This way no one becomes too powerful than the institutions they run.


  42. Trump also refused to back down on his praise for Russian leader+ Vladimir Putin, insisting, ”He said nice things about me. Why would I disavow it?” In his view, the US should draft both Russia and NATO to fight ISIS rather than use NATO as a bulwark against communism, a Cold War paradigm that is now outdated.

    ” NATO is obsolete+ because it does not cover terrorism…it was meant for the Soviet Union,” Trump told a receptive Rust Belt audience for whom economic hardship is clearly more germane than geo-political architecture.

    Trump has repeatedly pushed the envelop when it comes to Russia, going as far as inviting Moscow to hack into US servers to extract Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails+ (He was joking, he clarified later). But his views do not seem to upset or bother his core constituency, even as he has left the Washington commentariat aghast.

    What will happen to Bond films?


  43. No news on Kabali? Has it not crossed 1000 crores yet?


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    • Add that to the (conservative) Rs 300 crore in box office collections, and you have at least Rs 500 crore in earnings — if not the trumpeted 600.

      Producer Kalaipuli S Thanu had confidently proclaimed that his film would do business of Rs 500 crore. The figures indicate that he hasn’t been off the mark.

      But with reports from all territories reporting a sharp drop in numbers over every subsequent day since its release, it seems Kabali’s dream run has slowed down to a walk, and may not dent Baahubali’s collections just yet.

      Baahubali is the third-highest grossing Indian film, with Rs 600 crore in worldwide box office collections. Aamir Khan’s PK, at Rs 790+ crore, is the top earner, while Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is in second place with Rs 626 crore.


  44. Breaking News. Big bully is on the prowl!


  45. Sources say they have so far failed to contact Rekha, who joined the Rajya Sabha as a nominated member in 2012.

    Senior ministers were seen today in parliament soliciting advice from Congress leaders on how to touch base with the 61-year-old actor.

    Rekha and Sachin were nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the Congress-led UPA government which lost power in 2014. In the past four years, their poor attendance has made more headlines than anything they have said or done as parliamentarians.

    Rekha attended the Budget session for the first time this year. Her blink and miss appearance failed to blunt criticism about celebrities not taking their role in parliament seriously.

    Sachin Tendulkar’s record is not much better and he was not seen when the house debated GST, but his vote came on Twitter.


  46. Sultan has reached the $24 million mark in Overseas which is INR 161 crore. It is now the sixth highest grossing Hindi film in the Overseas market going past films like My Name Is Khan and Chennai Express. The biggest contributors are Gulf at $8.5 million where it will become the second highest grosser ever, US / Canada at $6.1 million. United Kingdom is next at £1.75 million, here it has under performed considering its a Eid release, Pakistan is next at a record $3 million followed by Australia Au$1.35 million and then Nepal at $600k. It will probably need a second phase release to hit $25 million and is looking at a finish somewhere around $24.5 million. The top all time grossers in Overseas are as follows.

    1. PK – $46,520,000

    2. Dhoom 3 – $30,830,000

    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – $28,640,000

    4. Dilwale – $26,580,000

    5. 3 Idiots – $25,180,000

    6. Sultan – $24,000,000

    The complete list of top grossers in Overseas can be seen here

    The Worldwide gross of the film is 577 crore with a GBOC of 416 crore in India and 161 crore in Overseas. This is the third highest total ever after PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Sultan can go to around 585 crore with 600 crore probably being out of reach unless it goes on to gross in A China or other Far East nation.


  47. [post created]

    Quite a good trailor…Looks fresh and nice music…Could be a surprise.


  48. Here’s a quote to remember:

    I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.

    –James A. Baldwin

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  49. A bit off topic but this is really hilarious and a must see for people following the U.S Presidential Elections…

    Yahoo News : This boy got called Donald Trump and his response is hilariously cute – 6 hours ago

    In a Vine that has now gone viral, one little boy can be seen weeping his heart out after his old brother called him Donald Trump.


    Erin Burr, sir @erinscafe
    Also, I feel compelled to remind you that American children are calling each other Donald Trump as an insult.
    10:41 PM – 1 Aug 2016

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  50. paapaas Says:

    You sound so neutral.

    How do you even drive?

    This is shocking !! Is this true ???
    please investigate and report back !!


  51. Even more off topic but this is pretty incredible!

    whether I would wish to take that walk is another matter..


  52. Satyam Aamir never retracted what he said but tried to clear the misinformation and misinterpretation of his exact comments. The Indian media made it look like as if Aamir said India is “Intolerant”, whereas he said about the increasing intolerance, which are 2 very different things. So he tried to make his point clear with regard to his “Twisted” statement. Besides this issue, he was already on the target of Hindu Hardliners after PK as they believed Aamir was the “kingpin” behind the whole effort of presenting Hindu gods in derogatory and mocking manner and belittiling Hindu religious rituals! And his being a Khan made matters worse for Aamir as these hardliners include some ministers and MPs of this government who are hellbent on “teaching a lesson or two” to him! As regards to Dangal not getting affected by it, i wish it doesn’t, but this continuous venom spewing against Aamir at regular intervals from significant voices in this government do create doubts over its future! I agree with Jayshah and Saket that if Dangal turns out to be a good product, it will succeed despite protests and boycotts.

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    • It’s more a question of what type of film is the target for this kind of thing. Aamir’s coming with a film on women empowerment, any kind of right wing target on such a film will itself create huge issues for the targeters.

      Essentially he’s coming with the right film to combat this backlash as long as the film works.


      • So all in all it boils down to Dangal being the determinator of the direction in either way pendulum will swing, 23rd December will seal its fate and Aamir’s future as well.


        • I don’t think it’s as dramatic as that. I think if he’d come with P.K you can sense what problems it may have caused but this kind of topic…I’d be more worried about those who target the film & indirectly it’s demographic because they’d be putting themselves in the firing line too.


        • Still 4 months are there and let us see what will happen and what will not. Dangal is getting publicity for all the wrong reasons now. Even negative publicity works sometimes. It maybe boycotted in some states. Not all states. Overseas the impact will not be much for obvious reasons. The film will be good. No doubt about it. Irrespective of bo, the film will be appreciated.


          • I am pretty sure it will face protests and black outs at some theatres and some regions on the lines of Dilwale. There are people who were waiting for an AK movie to release and have not forgotten his statements. But like Dilwale the impact of the blackout will not be more that 5-6 crs….


    • I know he didn’t retract it but there’s a way to soften things without actually retracting. My point here is that either one shouldn’t say it (here I agree with Jay, it’s not as if this stuff isn’t predictable, even if I think Aamir did miscalculate on this occasion) or if you do then you should go the whole hog with it. Again I understand some of the reasons why one wouldn’t do this but if one wants to contribute to the ‘debate’ one shouldn’t back down even in a rhetorical sense.

      On the film I don’t believe there’s a problem here at all, i.e. for such political reasons. I know people said this will Dilwale but I found it to be bull then as well. Dilwale didn’t excite anyone and it showed in the opening to a degree. Still if the film had been liked it would have been fine. The problem is people come up with false propositions to support certain stars and then when things don’t work out they invent all kinds of theories to account for this.


    • Bhai yeh Satyamshot hai…not Satya ko shoot do !!
      Itna spin??? aided and abetted by the leading voices on SS.
      He did an aap kee adlat just to deny that !!

      Lage raho !!

      P.S.- read somewhere- some communities want all the freedom in India and in US which they have been consistently denying to other minorities in their own countries !!


      • haven’t seen that episode.. did follow some of his statements later..


      • “some communities want all the freedom in India and in US which they have been consistently denying to other minorities in their own countries !!”

        notice the problem with your framing though.. if you replace ‘communities’ by ‘Muslims’ your statement makes perfect sense. But then that is also a politically charged position. That an Indian Muslim is actually only a ‘Muslim’. Otherwise the Indian Muslim expecting certain things in India has nothing to do with how minorities are treated in most Islamic countries (and the record is obviously horrible). Now some Muslims do have this pan-Islamic thing going and they are certainly open to such a charge but not everyone. This formulation is already deeply troubling.

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        • I know, and I did not intend it that way, I hope you know me well enough to realize that .
          My problem always has been the constant criticism of Hindus and Hinduism. The Khandani Muslims have always been an integral part of India, and have treated India as their own country , and I know several of them.
          The Mardarsa trained muslims fo India also for most part ever since Pakistan has rapidly deteriorated into an anarchy are OK with India now.


          • well as you know I can forgive a Manmohan Desai fan just about anything! Their hearts are always in the right place even if sometimes their (political) heads are not!

            More seriously though I am also quite suspicious of (I don’t mean you personally) of this discourse of the ‘good Muslim’ (substitute for this any ethnic or religious minority in any context). I’ve mentioned this example many times before but I’ll repeat it here to set the stage (!).

            You often hear a certain formula from people after they express various kinds of prejudice about minorities.. ‘I’m not against all Muslims, some of my best friends are Muslims’, ‘I’m not against all blacks, some are my colleagues and friends’, ‘I’m not against all Hindus, the ones in the US who are my friends are very different’ etc etc. The person making these statements always thinks he or she is very fair, otherwise why would he or she have these ‘friends’? Now these aren’t insincere statements but they sustain the overall bias and don’t really undercut it. Because one is more or less saying ‘all people belonging to x group are problematic, the exceptions are my friends’. In other words the moment one can be defined a certain way ethnically or religiously one is automatically ‘host’ to certain problems. The exceptions only prove the rule.

            The ‘good Muslim’ or any such label is an analogous example. One assumes that a community is overall problematic but that the ‘good’ ones are not. Except that one can often only become ‘good’ by subscribing completely to certain ideological positions that the culture or nation might subscribe to as a whole. In any case there is an added burden on the minority (whatever it might be) to prove that it is ‘good’ or ‘nationalistic’ or whatever (even Bal Thackeray separated ‘good’ Muslims from bad ones and said he had no problems with the former).

            In this larger context though check out this piece on the whole Khizr Khan moment, it’s one I more or less agree with.

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          • But IMO the distinction is important ….. Now whether you call the good / bad or by some other names is besides the point.


          • LOL on Manmohan Desai !!
            Salim sahab is another one !


        • //

          Looks like the religious bigot takes the same medicine as his BJP compatriot!


      • Do me a favour by watching it again and then post portions or parts wherein he ‘retracted’ what he said at Ramnath Goenka awards. He nowhere in the entire episode of Aap Ki Adalat apologised for his statement nor did he deny anything he said during IE event. He just tried to make things clear regarding his statement on intolerance.

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        • Never said he apologized , he tried to say that is not what he or Kiran meant !!
          yaar tum goal post bahut shift kartey ho !!


          • Rocky Bhai lagta hai football ka chaska hai tabhi to goal-post change aur shift ki baaten karte rehte hain 😉 If Aamir tried to clear the air regarding his statement, why you are taking it sort of an apology! Second, i don’t subscribe to his views on that very topic, but give the guy some leeway at least for his 28 years career, which is more than enough to dispel any doubts regarding his love for the country. does India currently have ‘yes sir’ kind of atmosphere, wherein if one does say the opposite, he would be hounded perpetually for airing one’s views, however dissenting it might be from the establishment, then i fear ‘democracy and civil rights’ are just a facade to veil the bigoted and dogmatic atmosphere of the country. If anyone who is spreading lies and involved in malicious campaign to defame one’s own country, he or she can never beguile the the people for long. The pattern to all this ‘cowing down’ of each and every dissenting voice could also boomerang on the very regime which is employing these muzzling tactics! I voted for this government but not to write what i am and have to for creating such kind of ‘kowtowing’ atmosphere, but solely on its all-round development promise of the country regardless of religion, region, caste or some other petty considerations! Modi ji is working tirelessly towards achieving a developed India, but such incidents cloud the work this government is doing and create atmosphere of fear and insecurity in people’s mind. Our PM needs to rein in these loudmouths right now as time is ticking fast!


  53. Kabali fell very badly in its Hindi and Telugu versions but the Tamil one is doing better especially in Tamil Nadu. Though even in Tamil Nadu it has faced a fall in the second week, the first week business ensures a huge blockbuster. The Hindi version dropped around 90% while the Telugu version dropped 85% and both will not recover their costs fro the distributors. The picture is different in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala where it will cover or go above the crazy prices paid for the film The Hindi version will do around 1.50 crore nett business in the second week which means a final total of around 24 crore nett while the Tamil and Telugu version in Hindi markets will add around 3.50 crore nett for a total of 27.50 crore nett..


  54. Salman Khan starrer Sultan took the box office by storm with massive collections. The film in fourth week stands with a collection of 297.90 crores at the domestic box office. Considering that the film is now slowing down, it seems unlikely for it to make it to the 300 crore club.

    If one may remember, a similar situation had happened with Salman’s 2012 release Ek Tha Tiger that missed its entry into the 200 crore club. The film’s lifetime collections settled at 198 crores and failed to cease the opportunity of becoming the actor’s first 200 crore club film.

    Sultan which has already been declared a super-hit is currently having lesser screens and is almost 2 crores away from the 300 crore mark. With this week having two big Hollywood releases of Suicide Squad and Jason Bourne, the film may not enjoy significant collections over the weekend. Next week will have the big releases of Rustom and Mohenjo Daro too.

    If Sultan does manage the uphill task of making it to the 300 crore club, a touch and go situation, he will be the only actor to have two films in the 300 crore club.


  55. ROFLOL!! News the resident will miss- !


  56. The BJP bhakts who today deem themselves as nationalists and try to shout down dissenting voices as anti-nationals should first take a long hard look at their history. I know the ones I’m addressing are dumb enough not to read books in their day to day life, so here’s a quick history lesson for them

    1. Pre-Independence, the RSS (and Hindu) hero, Savarkar begged for forgiveness from the British Government once he was sent to Kaala Paani. He wrote letters not once but thrice and in return for his freedom had offered his services thus: “Moreover, my conversion to the constitutional line would bring back all those misled young men in India and abroad who were once looking up to me as their guide. I am ready to serve the government in any capacity they like, for as my conversion is conscientious so I hope my future conduct would be. “

    2. Because he was committed to the British cause after his freedom, when the Congress launched the Quit India movement in 1942, what does the Hindu hero do? He of course opposed the Congress and joined hands with the Muslim League to form government in Bengal and Sindh! Yeah, the same Muslim League with Jinnah as its chief!

    3. The BJP ideologues try to appropriate Subhash Chandra Bose as a Hindu nationalist but get this – when Bose formed Azad Hind Fauz, he named his battalions after Nehru, Gandhi, Chandrashekhar Azad and himself. No place for Savarkar or any other Hindu ideologue!

    4. Similarly the BJP tries to appropriate Bhagat Singh as another Indian nationalist but his book says something else – he was a Marxist and he was also an atheist! He would have hated the BJP and what it stands for.

    5. Savarkar narrowly escaped blame in Gandhi’s murder and was released on a technicality! It wasn’t Godse alone who was involved but Savarkar too. That Vajpayee paid respects to this murderer was a travesty of gargantuan proportions.

    The truth is, the BJP has no history of real Indian heroes and thus it has to hide its past by becoming overly nationalistic in its tone. History suggests that the party was formed by the most opportunistic bunch of people who were bound together by a common hatred for Muslims and a lust for power. They would do anything, and continue to do so, to further their cause at any point in time.


    • I posted this on whatsapp :

      Dissent against Govt. is a sign of healthy democracy but dissent against concept of nation is treason. The current vicious discourse is aided and abetted by adherence to ideology and social media is used as tool to further these propagandas. People need to be rational and decide what is right logically not what is right based on their ideology. I never see Bhakhts/sickular/khujliwala criticizing their own leaders as if their leader can not do any wrong!

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      • “Dissent against Govt. is a sign of healthy democracy but dissent against concept of nation is treason”

        Here’s the problem with this though. Legally there are certain definitions of treason, here one cannot be in doubt (for the most part). But otherwise, and specially in countries that are institutionally still weak in important ways, and where politicians can more or less decide what constitutes treason, the dividing line between the two is not as obvious as it might seem. Because a ‘govt’ can always wrap itself in the flag of the ‘nation’. And as you know in India the govt can also pursue the same as a legal matter. All kinds of arguments can be made about how various NRIs or political dissent of all sorts or whatever is harmful to the nation. This sort of argument is common even in the US but because of institutional strengths you can’t quite take it much further than political invective.

        Leaving this aside the concept of treason is itself a slippery one. Because there are very different standards of treason in different countries. In other words what constitutes action against the ‘nation’ is basically what every nation decides is beyond the pale. We can all agree that spying for another nation is treason but otherwise the standards can be quite arbitrary. Now of course every nation has its own standards on many things but if ‘treason’ is going to be presented as some sot of obvious universally applicable concept then it can only be used in equally obvious and therefore very limited and narrow ways. Which is why for instance the standard of treason in the US now is very different than what it was not so long ago when again in the Cold War it could be used politically in all sorts of ways.

        Finally I’d say this. Sometimes there can be a higher morality that forces one to commit some sort of treason. For instance all wars of independence are defined as ‘treason’ by the existing powers. More to the point though what if one’s nation wants to commit a Holocaust? Wouldn’t it be better to help the enemy if doing so could prevent that Holocaust? These might seem like extreme examples but they nonetheless illustrate the problem with these labels. At a pragmatic level it’s better not to commit treason unless you don’t mind spending the rest of your life in jail if you’re caught. In the same sense it’s better not to be Nelson Mandela unless you also don’t mind spending most of your life in a cell. Similarly most revolutions, most wars of independence are failed ones where many people lose their lives. All these actions are in any case ‘treasonous’.

        On your final point I do agree that most people would follow their side even if it meant jumping off a cliff. And social media just exacerbates these tendencies so that people start living in bubbles, they jump off that cliff together, and they think they’re flying..! As in the old joke you always think you’re flying till you actually hit the ground! And forget politics, we see these extreme responses on everything from movies to sports to what not. There are blogs dedicated to what the best burger in NY is or the best pizza place and people who support one place or another have vicious arguments with those who disagree! Social media somehow enables this stuff. But political fanaticism is of course nothing new.

        But I would also add this. It is tempting to think that one can always be a bit in the middle or avoid each extreme and so on. But this is often a false equivalence. If you have Obama on one side and Trump on the other the right answer isn’t to avoid both ‘extremes’ just one! Or rather one isn’t an extreme at all. Now of course the way these things work in politics those on the left feel that the other side is extreme and vice versa. But this doesn’t mean the correct answer is unknowable. The Soviets thought the Americans were extreme in their ideology, the Americans thought the same. But I have no problem saying that the Americans were just more ‘right’. This doesn’t mean they didn’t have problems, just that the Soviet system had more massive ones in every sense of the word (political, economic, etc). Here I’d agree with Zizek. In these debates it is precisely about taking sides. If someone says that SRK is the greatest star ever and someone else says it’s Amitabh Bachchan it’s not a question of somehow splitting the difference. Even if Bachchan fans are on their own as extreme as SRK fans that hardly proves that the debate itself is a fair one. The German thinker Fichte once said something that I’ve always loved. He said this in the context of philosophy but one could paraphrase him a bit — The kind of ideology you have depends on the kind of person you are. Which is to say that ultimately these political commitments are also about one’s own ethics and what one considers acceptable or not, how much ‘truth’ one is willing to take, specially when it’s toxic for one’s preferred side.

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      • Here’s my ideology, if I can call it that — I don’t want any political outfit to tell me what to read, what to watch, call me anti-national if I raise my voice in dissent, and in general, treat me like a dumbo who can’t think for himself. I wish to retain my freedom of choice in any matter that’s personal to me, which doesn’t affect the general health of the nation in any noticeable way. Any political party — be it AAP, BJP or Congress — that takes away my freedom of choice can pretty much go to hell.

        I would never be caught defending the indefensible. I certainly respect facts well enough to never go to war against them.

        But notice the chain of events that led me to write this post (I’ve argued in the past that political discussions shouldn’t be allowed on this forum!) — there’s a certain individual who repeatedly tries to defend the indefensible. Be it the banning of Udta Punjab (he even posted a negative review of the film coming from KRK), be it Parricker’s veiled attack on Aamir, which suggests a disturbing trend coming from the party in power or be it the question of political appointees in the CBFC panel. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how these things are related and yet false arguments are made, profanities are disbursed and there’s an inevitable attempt to ‘silence’ any dissenting voices on this forum– a notorious tactic applied by the political party currently in power. And I’m not even recounting the most disturbing messages that come out of this person’s mouth (Muslims should be categorized as good and bad; calling Kiran Rao a ‘commie’ — sure, why not categorize Hindus as good and bad too; let’s even go one step further and use categories like racist, bigot, casteist etc).

        I know very well how social media is used as a tool to further political ideologies — half of my relatives are BJP bhakts and the other half are Congressis — and I try to reason with them but to no avail. There’s simply no accounting for facts! There’s only hypocrisy that reigns supreme. I’ve almost given up arguing with people who wish to believe each and every whatsapp forward originating from the dirty tricks department of political outfits, but sometimes one has to take a stand.

        To put it bluntly, on the scale of judging neanderthals, most of the people who argue blindly for one political ideology or another, are only inches above KRK’s mental level. And as the days go by, that gap is only reducing further…

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    • A few more facts from history:

      Subhash Chandra Bose and Nehru were very close to each other and often disagreed with Gandhi. But when it came to the crunch, despite grumbling behind his back, Nehru would always side with Gandhi. In fact, there’s a great story for a movie here.

      Subhash Bose and Nehru were both young and dynamic leaders with great charisma. For a long time they worked with each other and had the same ideals. After Bose was forcibly removed from the INC (at the behest of Gandhi, who considered Bose’s second win as the INC president his own defeat) he went off to Germany and then to Japan and totally altered his views regarding India’s governance. He became an authoritarian and sided with the Axis powers, specifically Japan, who might have been just interested in expanding its territories through Bose.

      Nehru, meanwhile, had the backing of Gandhi and was the most charismatic leader in the Congress. Even though he disagreed with Gandhi, he still sided with him and eventually became India’s first PM. At heart, by all accounts, he was a good person. I disagree with his economic policies post-independence but do think he was the best choice for the PM post. His daughter, on the other hand, was a different beast. It’s actually quite regrettable that Nehru is today maligned for Indira’s sins. And the sins of Indira’s progeny…

      Anyhow, a movie about Nehru-Bose friendship, their eventual separation and ultimately divergent views (and paths) towards independence should make for compelling viewing. With Gandhi acting as Dronacharya — the elderly Guru who sided with one of his pupils (Arjun) and discarded the other (Eklavya) — the backdrop is fascinating.

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  57. I Don’t Know How Long, Can I Keep Being Successful – Varun Dhawan on his 7th Box Office Hit

    Varun Dhawan is in a happy phase currently as far as his professional life is concerned. His latest release Dishoom is doing well at the ticket window and has become the 7th consecutive hit of his career.

    With this, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Varun is indeed one of the most bankable stars from the current crop of actors. Ask him about it and he says, “Honestly, it is the 7th hit, but I realize that only when I speak to the media. But it is just 7th because it is easy to keep a count of my films (laughs). Next when I do it will be 8th and then 9th, 10th and so on. But I don’t know how long can I keep being successful. Lot of people before watching Dishoom felt that it is not possible that this one will run away smoothly and many thought that now I will fail. But I don’t want to concentrate on negativity. And it is not surprising to see some people feel this negativity because someone having a consecutive 7th hit, is rare. But for me, the fact that people are liking it is more important. The money the film is making isn’t coming to me. But the love and admiration comes to me and post the release it has increased. That is my victory.”


    • Bogus when is Dishoom a hit?


      • HIT in media is generally referred to ‘succesfull or no loss’ movie. In that aspect all his movies managed to survice and not a loss creating projects. Dishoom will not be loss making project for anyone concerned, simple as that.


        • Dishoom Holds Well On Tuesday

          Dishoom has held well on Tuesday with a very limited fall. The collections will be down just 5-10% on Tuesday compared to Monday which is a much better trend than normal where most films fall around 10-15% on tuesday. The collections on Tuesday will be in the 4.25-4.50 crore nett range which is good considering Monday was 4.75 crore nett on Monday. This takes the five day business of the film to 46.50 crore nett which is decent. The collections across the Central belt of Rajasthan, CP Berar and CI are similar to Monday give or take one lakh in each circuit. The big city multiplexes are also holding well on Tuesday with a 5% odd drop. The only fall will be Nizam which is set to be down 10-15%.

          The Tuesday business does put the film in a better position than Monday in terms of its longer term prospects as the film could have seen the more normal drop of 15% which after the Monday drop would have made it very tough. Now as long as the next two days see normal falls it will be about that Thursday to Friday drop and if it is in the 20-25% range, the film could actually take advantage of the open second week and put up a decent second week.


          • I Want Abhishek Bachchan to Hit The Gym and Work Out: John Abraham

            John Abraham is flying high over the success of his film Dishoom. During a recent interview with a web channel, John and Varun Dhawan were up for some tricky questions. When asked how they would say Dishoom 2 to, John said, “I would say Dishoom 2 to Abhishek Bachchan as I really want him to hit and gym and work out.” Well, what do you think of that? Is there is dire need for junior Bachchan to hit the gym and follow the fitness trend that is rampant in the industry? Well, that’s some food for thought for Abhishek, isn’t it?


  58. Jinkey hero AK, Assoontoss and Ass-eesh hon saath,
    Woh constitution par kaisey karengey Vishwaas !!
    Aside- chelas of khetan don’t know the difference between what is desired and t what is the existing law.

    Aside-2- There is a reason why I don’t engage with Aaptards – they are like pigs who enjoy getting in the dirt ! so I bow out !


  59. Peepli Live Co-director, Mahmood Farooqui sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for rape

    Farooqui, co-director of the 2010 satirical comedy Peepli (Live), and an exponent of the centuries’ old art of Urdu storytelling called Dastangoi, was accused of raping the 30-year-old research scholar from Columbia University at his home in south Delhi’s Sukhdev Vihar on March 28, 2015.


  60. Nice read by Rasheed Kidwai !
    Bachchans & Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty: A friendship that cracked


  61. Salman Khan starrer film Sultan has received tremendous success at the box office. The film’s collection has grossed up to almost 300 crores thus breaking all past records. Though the film has gained so much prosperity financially, the records revealed are much lower to the actual ones.

    Reports in media suggest that Yashraj film’s is manipulating the film’s collection amount. Salman’s fans and followers have blamed Sultan’s producer Aaditya Chopra for the issue.

    Well there’s a reason to all the mess being created with the film’s earnings.

    According to a report in leading daily, Salman had asked for a stake in Sultan’s profit earning. So, the film’s producer would have to pay the decided share of film’s profit to the actor. So by lowering the film’s profit amount on record, a lesser amount can be paid to Salman, thus keeping a major chunk of film’s earning aside.

    The report quoted a source stating that, “Their deal is such that if the film crosses 300cr. figure Salman would get a big chunk of partnership. When Adi approached Salman for Sultan, the star was quite clear that he wanted the same deal as Aamir Khan (for Dhoom: 3) and Shah Rukh Khan (for Fan) got a 80:20 profit-sharing ratio. Adi had agreed because top stars like Aamir, SRK and Salman, rake in the big bucks. But showing lower figures means lesser profits for Salman. For Ek Tha Tiger, too YRF topped at the 199.5 Crore mark when everyone in the trade knew it had crossed Rs. 200 Cr.”.

    Well, if this turns out to be true, it would be utter injustice with bhaijaan. Isn’t it?


    • if they kept it below 200 they could have paid Salman even less.. or below 100 maybe? I know this doesn’t seem believable but we’re also talking about fans online and offline who’d believe Sultan didn’t get to 300 because of a Martian attack in key metro theaters.


  62. I think it will get to 300cr finally. Just about. It is almost there.

    However, I found it strange that BOI’s figures are marginally higher than producers’. Usually BOI are around 10% lower. Whether it is a SRK film or a Bajrangi Bhaijaan for e.g., their totals are a bit lower.

    Their comments are ridiculous but there is some kind of consistency in their numbers.

    Maybe they are biased in favour of Salman Khan these days so they are exceptionally manipulating the numbers for him. Or maybe this report is true and Chopra is under-reporting. The motive is to make maximum money after all. No one knows. Indian BO is such a mess.


  63. wonderful piece by Shobhaa De on Bachchan:

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  64. Donald Trump: Why can’t we use nukes?

    On Tuesday, Obama said Trump was “unfit to serve as President,” questioning his mental state, but others were more blunt, joining the view first aired by the Indian-American new age guru Deepak Chopra, who surmised in June that Trump was “emotionally and mentally retarded.”

    “He’s a showman. He’s a pied piper. He’s the music man. More recently, it’s gotten more serious, and the noun that comes to my mind is a ‘screw loose’,” Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld said of Trump at a CNN townhall on Wednesday.

    Some went even further. On Thursday, a California lawmaker launched an online petition demanding that Trump take a psychiatric evaluation, saying he exhibits “all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

    Congresswoman Karen Bass’ petition, #DiagnoseTrump on, calls Trump “dangerous for our country” and says she is concerned about his “impulsiveness and lack of control over his own emotions.” More than 10,000 supporters had signed the petition as of Thursday morning. But thousands also gathered to hear Trump speak in Jacksonville, Florida, as the candidate railed against the media and ranted haphazardly about issues without any coherent, specific details about how he plans to “Make America Great Again”.


  65. AamirsFan Says:

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