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    After his last film, Life of Pi, Suraj plays his part of a confused 26-year-old, fresh from Canada, with ace. Meherene is the bride in distress, who doesn’t know what to do about her fiancé’s disinterest in the wedding but continues to support him. The film has it hilarious parts but moves at a slow pace when the ghost follows Suraj and he is confused after the situation he has got himself into.

    Phillauri lifts itself when Diljit Dosanjh makes a heroic entry as a poet and singer in Phillaur from the pre-independence era and Anushka is his love interest. The film transitions seamlessly between both the love stories, placed in different eras. Songs like Dum Dum, Sahiba are aptly placed in the film and help take the narrative ahead.

    What happens between Anushka and Diljit and why is she still a haunting ghost after 98 years? Will Kanan end up marrying Anu or would he opt out, developing a cold feet? Watch the film to know your answers.

    We have to make a special mention of Biji, the grandmother in the film who lives a high life, dancing to the Punjabi beats and listening to vintage records on her gramophone.

    But the film leaves much to be desired – the story moves in the predictable direction. There are many moments when are waiting for the movie to catch pace and surely the film could have been more tightly edited.


  2. Reviews doesn’t seems to be good for this one.


  3. What’s Good: Swara Bhaskar’s brazen act truly binds you to this film. Also, Avinash Das’ sharp writing is the life of this story, based in the heartland of India.

    What’s Bad: One can tell the sequence of the story quite early on, especially where the climax is headed.

    Loo Break: You don’t want to miss what Anaarkali is upto next!

    Watch or Not?: Anaarkali Of Arrah is a must-watch for Swara Bhaskar and the supporting cast’s power-packed performances. Also, it is another film that doesn’t bat an eyelid when it comes to standing up against crimes against women.


  4. A lengthy sequence showing actor Suraj Sharma reciting the Hanuman Chalisa in the bath tub in a ghost’s presence has been asked to go from Anshai Lal’s supernatural satire Phillauri. The CBFC apparently found the sequence incongruous since ghosts are supposed to be eradicated not pacified with the recital of the Hanuman Chalisa.

    “This amounted to hurting of religious sentiments,” says a source from the CBFC. Says the source, “The CBFC has asked for the Hanuman Chalisa to be removed from the soundtrack. All the audience will hear now is Suraj Sharma’s long droning chant which would be inaudible.”

    The CBFC also seems to be very sympathetic to snakes. It has asked the makers of Phillauri to insult a scroll in a sequence featuring a snake to indicate no real snake has been hurt in the sequence, that it’s all computer graphics.
    – See more at:


  5. Phillauri Is Fair In North Low Elsewhere
    Friday 24 March 2017 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Phillauri had a fair opening it in the North with decent collections in multiplexes of Punjab and at select multiplexes of Delhi city at 30-35% but elsewhere the collections were low. The overall opening is in the 20% range and it is about the growth. Even Punjab and Delhi will have to grow if the film is to sustain as the opening is better in these places but it can’t be called good.

    The film seems a mix of a love story set in the past and a modern day rom – com and it is the latter which has probably hurt the film as though it seems to be set in a small team the feel seems very urban and that limits the film.

    Still the film has chances to succeed if the film can show a good up turn in business on Saturday and Sunday. Mumbai circuit will be crucial for the film especially places like Mumbai city, Thane and Pune as its hard to see the film racking up good numbers in East and South but if these places in Mumbai circuit can do well added to North India then there is potential for a good run. The rom – com factor also means the film will be mainly supported by high end multiplexes barring North where the presence of Diljit will take the film to a wider reach.

    There were a couple of other films released like Anarkali Of Aarah and Bhanwarey with very limited collections. The former has some shows at multiplexes so the collections will be far better than the latter.


  6. Signs that times have changed and people are moving on. Aditya Chopra was constantly saying that he was writing an intense romance story for SRK when in between he wrote bits of another lighter love story. He then opted to make the lighter film first and thus made Befikre. He had said that the film with SRK will be his next one.

    I think SRK is wise enough now to understand that Aditya’s best days as director are long gone. He is going for directors of the newer generation. You can see he is not workng with the likes of Farah Khan, Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar that much these days. He made the error of choosing movies with these while rejecting Robot, Munnabhai MBBS and 3 Idiots.

    About time for Ranbir to learn the lessons. His choice of films have been poor. He is now stuck with a project (Jagga Jasoos) that has been in the making since years and the re-shoots are endless. Looks like a potential disaster more than anything else. The Ayan-superhero film has been in pre-production stage since over 3 years. The only silver lining is the Sanjay Dutt biopic. He needs smart choices and an Aditya Chopra-directed film hardly looks like one. Back in 1995, it would have looked like a great move. But it’s been 22 years since then. Bigger names like Subhash Ghai and better directors like Sooraj Barjatya or Santoshi or JP Dutta have practically disappeared during that time.

    Of that era, only Rakesh Roshan and David Dhawan remain quite relevant BO-wise these days.


    • Working with new generation of directors hasnt really worked for SRK – Dilwale, Fan, DZ, Raees were all underwhelming at box office.


      • It’s not like he’s working with cutting edge directors (Anubhav Sinha?!), in the sense that it is unclear why he chooses some of them; others are big names (Rohit Shetty) but the material was just too stale (if the trailers for Dilwaale were anything to go by), in the sense that the whole idea that the audience is pining to see another SRK-Kajol film seems like a product of SRK fan clubs, and the actor’s own narcissism, rather than anything that’s true of the audience (this is a bit of an over-arching theme: the man has had an unusual number of vanity projects over the last decade, in the sense that they are projects that only make sense from a psychological perspective: Fan (where he plays both superstar and his obsessed fan); Rab Ne Banadi Jodi (where he plays both dorky husband and his potential rival); Don (’nuff said), and so on). That being said, he hasn’t done too badly for himself: it’s just that he hasn’t been the biggest Bollywood star for the last decade (verifiably so: in 8-9 of the last 11 years, the year’s biggest grossers are clearly not his, and nowadays it isn’t even a close question), so in that sense the films are actually doing pretty well: to express surprise is to (mistakenly) suggest that the “normal” is that his films would do the best etc. But that just hasn’t been true for so long — even more striking when you consider the average age of young moviegoers in the country.

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        • Great comment..


        • I dont agree that his films are doing well. I dont think anyone expects his films to do the best (highest grossers etc). But his films still fetch high distribution prices. Recently there was news that Imtiaz film is sold for as much as 125 cr. This is after Raees, where distributors have clearly suffered losses. When Salman-Aamir are churning out 300 cr hits, Raees didnt make even half of that figure (it folded up at 130 cr). Of course no one (with sane mind) would expect 300 cr with his present state, but at least 200 cr is expected by both fans and the trade. This was also true for Dilwale, and will be the case for Imtiaz film also.

          Even DZ, where he had a strong supporting act, did not do much beyond what Piku, Pink had done.

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          • It’s all PR. If his film’s were being sold at such high prices, the verdicts are lies or the trade is being harsh or the sold prices are pre release PR exercises to serve the idea he’s still the biggest star around. Raees box office performance after the great opening was poor in the end. Kaabil is simply no excuse – the choice was made by Raees to continuing to delay release & then pick a date against another big production house…The final producer totals of Raees were stopped after second Monday to save face in a good way against the stupid FilmKraft numbers. But clearly Raees underperformed and sale prices are whatever they are but right now SRK needs a proper hit not these superficial ones.


          • actually DZ did far less than Piku, just about matched PInk or maybe did a little less but either way this was off much higher initials, so trending was much weaker.


  7. Such opening numbers are delivered by A-list Bollywood stars of the country
    By Team –
    March 24, 2017

    The star power of Udta Punjab fame actor Diljit Dosanjh’s has benefitted Phillauri to take a 40 percent opening in the early morning shows in New Delhi and Punjab territory.

    Such opening numbers are delivered by A-list Bollywood stars of the country. Surely Diljit Dosanjh is emerging as the Rising Star of Bollywood.

    Since the film has received positive reports, the escalation in the footfalls is expected in the multiplexes of Mumbai and other metro cities.

    The film is made in the limited budget of 21 crores, which will definitely help it to make a profitable affair for the makers. Phillauri has already recovered 12 crores from the satellite and music rights

    Here is some of the data:

    Silver city Ghaziabad
    1st show 100admits, 42%

    Spice Noida 1st show
    88admits, 44%
    Patiala SRS – 65 %

    Directed by debutant Anshai Lal and written by Anvita Dutt, the film’s shoot had begun on Baisakhi last year and the shooting wrapped in June. The film is jointly produced by Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films – Anushka’s production banner with brother Karnesh Sharma Phillauri is a romantic-horror set in Phillauri.

    Shot extensively in Punjab, the film also features Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada in key roles. Phillauri is Anushka Sharma’s second production venture after NH10.

    The film has hit the screens today across the country.


  8. looks great


  9. aamirsaurabh Says:

    TOH teaser is fake.They haven’t even started the shoot.


  10. This TOH teaser has been made by an enthusiastic fan. Good job!

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  11. I love that Phillauri’s budget is so low. Smart economics. It will end up recovering costs and then anything else is a bonus.

    Wish other producers had as much financial sense.


  12. Phillauri First Day Business
    Saturday 25 March 2017 10.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Phillauri grossed 3.50-3.75 crore nett apprx on its opening day which is on the lower side but it put up good numbers in East Punjab and decent figures in Delhi city though the rest of the country was well below the mark. In places like Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore the numbers were below NH 10 which had an all India opening of 3.25 crore nett.

    The East Punjab number is higher than big Hindi films like Kaabil, Rangoon and Shivaay and this has come mainly because of the presence Diljit Dosanjh. This is the plus which has taken the all India total where the film has a chance to succeed because if it was a normal East Punjab the film would not have even collected 3 crore nett. It is rare that the collections in Mumbai, Delhi /UP and East Punjab are all in the same range but this film has managed that. In fact East Punjab could be the highest circuits as when the final figures of Mumbai come in, its quite likley that it has stayed below 1 crore nett.

    The film should be able to show growth on Saturday with Mumbai and Delhi growth being crucial. But on the other side the growth could be held back by East Punjab as the the film has managed to get a far wider audience there due to the star which can be seen by the very high ratio for the circuit. So when this happens the film also has to appeal to that wider audience to show growth or even sustain at the same level. The film probably needs growth of around 40% on Saturday to have a decent weekend.

    The collections of Anarkali Of Aarah were limited and Bhanwarey was even worse.


  13. The iconic film Mayabazar turns sixty on 27 March. The Telugu original was first released on this day in 1957. Almost six generations of Telugu and Tamil speaking people must have seen this film.

    Much has been written about this classic, puranic, comedy-entertainer that spans many books and articles in print and online; it has also been novelised. There is almost a halo around it. But a Telugu-movie lover always has a personalised take on this masterpiece.

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  14. @Rocky, Di and AnJo 🙂

    तुम कितने गब्बर मारोगे
    हर घर से गब्बर निकलेगा


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  17. Anushka Sharma REACTS To Kangana Ranaut’s Dig At Actresses Who Work With Aamir, Shah Rukh, Salman Khan!

    These days Kangana Ranaut is like a woman possessed and she is not holding back on giving her opinions and being forthright about it to an extent of sounding arrogant. But in the movie industry with the glass ceiling effect being so common and rampant, we need women like her who are outspoken and don’t settle for less.

    She passed a comment in one of her interviews that actress who work with Khans don’t enjoy a long career span in B-Town. Anushka Sharma is one of the actresses who has worked with all three Khans – debuted with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ and also worked in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, with Salman Khan in the record-breaking ‘Sultan’ and Aamir Khan in ‘PK’.

    It is only apt to ask Anushka her thoughts on what Kangana said. Giving her opinion on it to a leading daily, Anushka said, “I cannot comment on what Kangana said because I don’t know what the context was and what she actually said. But I also have the same belief that I won’t just be a showpiece in a film. Just like Kangana thinks, rightfully so. I wouldn’t have done the film if I was just another showpiece. The fact that I’ve done the film is because I had a role to play and a contribution to make to the film which was recognised and stood out. So I won’t completely agree with that.”

    Very well said Anushka!!!

    Anushka is gearing up for her upcoming release ‘Phillauri’ which also stars Diljit Dosanjh and is slated to release this Friday.


  18. livewire Says:


    • Awesome video. Hate to say it I assume not here but who the hell voted for this idiot.


      • Same show

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        • AamirsFan Says:

          lol….maher is a moron when it comes to his views on Islam. and people who agree with him on his views on Islam…are also morons.

          glenn greenwald with the ultimate rebuttal here and he’s barely been invited back ever since lol…

          just like fox news…just like trump…maher also has established a ‘certain kind’ of following because of his anti-Islamic views.


          • Aamirsfan: to be fair I wouldn’t agree that Bill Maher’s following is primarily because of his views on Islam; I think that depends on the context. A lot of American liberals take to him because of his skewering of the Christian Right — and a lot of Muslims didn’t mind that, until they realize that same logic applies to their faith as well 🙂 Similarly, it’s funny to see people who support the hard-Right in India cite Maher very approvingly, because he would hardly have any different views on the far-right in India than he does on right wingers in America or elsewhere…


        • When Mensch brought up the IRA, Maher’s response was a bit lame — “That was the past!” — as if we were talking about 200 years ago, as opposed to 20-30 years ago. Moreover, neither Maher nor his guests seemed to have sufficient international context or awareness to back up with facts: thus, Hindu extremists in India, Buddhist extremists in Myanmar, Tamil Tigers, a host of Christian or other militias in Africa, etc. Maher in the past has made a bit of a circular point — “hey how come we only hear about the Muslims?!”– but this is neither here nor there. There are a lot of Muslims, in a lot of regions, in a lot of countries — and in a lot of places where the West has interests and engagements, so of course they are going to hear about them; thus the fact that the average American or German hasn’t heard of the LTTE (the group that, one might add, invented suicide bombing, and in the service of a completely secular ideology) but has heard of Al Qaeda makes sense (only one of those is attacking the West) but isn’t very meaningful. Those who simply celebrate Maher’s views because they happen to be about Islam should consider that he’s a dedicated and committed atheist — were he moved to debate and discuss (e.g.) the BJP’s cultural politics, he would be no less dismissive or snide. Of course he has every right to be, but personally I don’t think there is reason to be so smug if one is a liberal atheist: at their worst, secular ideologies have, from the start of the 20th century, more blood on their hands, than any religious ideology.)

          (As an aside, I am also not one of those who would say “hey there’s no problem whatsoever”; far from it. But that’s a different things from saying that “only Islam has a problem”, and everyone else is getting along just fine — both history and contemporary events completely disprove this rather superficial take.)


          • Just like British rule. As long as british ruled us, we were united as one force. Once British left, the clamour for statehoods, provincial interests started until it culminated where same language people fought among themselves and got two separate states.


          • Bill Maher has been at it for a very longtime and that is one of the beauties of yankee humor where a lot of substance is out in the open contrary to what is relayed on an otherwise farcical news media cycle. They are gaining legitimacy as people now take their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.

            People have a tendency to hear what they want to hear but the aim should be not to take the political circus seriously, otherwise we will be left like one of those buffoons standing there with a placard few years down the line when the ‘basics’ and ‘reality on ground’ remain unchanged and when the initial hoopla of change dies out.


        • Bliss…Maza aa gaya !!!


  19. Phillauri Second Day Business
    Sunday 26 March 2017 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Phillauri had decent growth on Saturday nearly 30% but the film probably needed more. The business was around 4.75 crore nett on Saturday and the two day total is 8.50 crore nett. It has grown well in Mumbai and Delhi and other metros but East Punjab is less due to the strong opening. On Saturday, its the collections in East Punjab and Delhi city that can be called good despite some other parts getting better growth. The film is on middle ground thanks to the business in North. The Saturday business is probably not good enough to ensure a run but it does not suggest that the film has no chance. The business of Phillauri till date is as follows.

    Friday – 3,75,00,000

    Saturday – 4,75,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 8,50,00,000

    The film is for families and Sunday is a day for families so it has potential to show more growth than the regular multiplex film and then the weekdays will decide its fate.

    The other releases are poor with Anaarkali Of Aarah doing around 10 lakhs nett on day one and Bhanwaarey not even collecting 1 lakh.


  20. Telugu Film Katamarayudu Among Highest Opening Ever
    Sunday 26 March 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The Telugu film Katamarayudu took a huge opening down South as it recorded the 15th highest opening of all time in India which includes all films of any language recorded in India. The film had a GROSS of 35.75 crore on day one. This was good enough to knock PK out of the top fifteen. Earlier this year Khaidi No.150 had recorded an even higher opening but it was a holiday though that makes little difference in the South. Khaidi No.150 is the biggest opening of year if we count all Indian films and now this film Katamarayudu is the second best. This is despite there being a Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan Hindi films in the first quarter but none of those films have opened as well as these two Telugu films. Below are the highest opening days of all time in India. (Films from all languages included and their dubbed versions). NOTE – the figures are all GROSS as when comparing films in different languages, only GROSS gives a real comparison.


  21. Bollywood’s Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan prefers lady bodyguards over male guards. At recent India Today conclave event he revealed about the same. As the actor have a huge fan following one could imagine that everyone wants to greet and touch the superstar!

    He was quoted saying, “When people start throwing themselves at you, just make sure you always smell good, brush your teeth, have soft hair. I have a lot of ladies who like to smell me and grab me, so now I have lady bodyguards.” (sic)

    He further elaborates, “I have lady bodyguards now because it was getting very rude when men were pushing women and they were trying to protect. Women have lovely long nails and their love hurts. And when you come back home, you spend so much time explaining to your kids and wife that this was a fan. I have lady bodyguards now, to look after nail marks.”



  22. Box Office: Phillauri collects 6 crores on Day 3, has a neat weekend of 15.22 crore*
    By Joginder Tuteja
    , Mar 27, 2017 – 8:44 am IST

    Phillauri has made swift progress towards getting into the plus zone in quick time. The film has seen a neat weekend for itself, what with Rs. 6 crore* more coming on Sunday. While this is further jump in collections over the Saturday numbers, the overall total of Rs. 15.22 crore* so far has ensured that there would be some decent profits for Anushka Sharma and Fox Star Studios soon enough.

    The Anshai Lal directed film had opened better than the ones in the list below on its Friday release and after the first weekend too, the momentum has been on its side:

    Phillauri – Rs. 15.22 crore*

    Kahaani – Rs. 15 crore

    Sarbjit – Rs. 13.96 crore

    NH10 – Rs. 13.25 crore

    Tanu Weds Manu – Rs. 11.27 crore

    The film has trended fine during the weekend and has also managed to brush away competition from Badrinath Ki Dulhania, which seemed quite possible on the day of release. Even though the film has seen mixed reports coming its way, the business in North India (due to the star presence of Diljit Dosanjh) has ensured that the collections stay on a high.

    Now that it has done better than expected business over the weekend, all eyes are now on how well does Phillauri manage to hold itself on the weekdays.

    Meanwhile, Badrinath Ki Dulhania brought in some moolah too on Sunday. The film collected Rs. 2.65 crore* on Sunday and its total currently stands at Rs. 106.59 crore*. It would be interesting to see how much closer does it come to the lifetime total of Jolly LLB 2 [Rs. 117.50 crore (expected)] in the final run.

    Bollywood Hungama


  23. Karan Johar On Director Rajamouli – Baahubali Has Beaten The Magic Created By Mughal-e-Azam.


  24. If it is Padmavati look, then surely Bhansali is asking for trouble.


    • Nishikant Kamat has nothing except Drishyam in his profile … Drishyam itself was remake, so not sure how much credit he deserves. Rocky Handsome was bizarre ..


      • He is a director for the level of John Abraham movies. Drishyam remains his best movie and as Yakuza rightly points out above, it was a straight remake. Not the best of choices to stage a come-back. An underwhelming choice, I feel.

        Why not work with someone like Rohan Sippy again? I think the latter did very well with Bluffmaster and DMD.


        • Currently the level of John Abraham is surely higher than Abhishek Bacchan purely from trade terms. He has been able to get 5cr + openings for his movies…
          I liked Nishikants Mumbai Meri Jaan…A very well made movie…


      • agree.. even if I haven’t seen most of the Kamat films.. there have been rumors about this and the RGV film but Lefty is the only one Abhishek has confirmed. Of course even this was supposed to have started by now. Not sure why there’s a delay.


  25. Like Shah Rukh Khan, Rajinikanth to play a dwarf in 2.0
    ByBollywood Hungama News Network
    Mar 27, 2017 – 12:07 pm IST

    Rajinikanth to play a dwarf in 2.0

    When Aanand L. Rai announced about his venture with Shah Rukh Khan playing a dwarf, it definitely took everyone by a surprise. Now, we hear that yet another megastar is all set to play a similar role. Reportedly, Rajinikanth will be seen as a dwarf in the forthcoming sequel to his famous sci-fi, 2.0.

    Rajinikanth will apparently be seen in five different roles in 2.0, which includes his role as a scientist and a robot (like the prequel) along with two dwarfs and a baddie. Besides him, Akshay Kumar too will be playing a negative role and he will be seen sporting over 12 different avatars.

    Being one of the most expensive films, 2.0 that also stars Amy Jackson as the leading lady, will have extensive VFX. Directed by S Shankar, we hear that the teaser of the film will be releasing during the occasion of Tamil New Year, April 14. On the other hand, the film is slated to release in October 2017.
    Tags : 2.0, Aanand L Rai, Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth, Shah Rukh Khan


  26. The power couple has for now withdrawn from professional commitments. “Until Aishwarya recovers from her grief Abhishek would be by her side. In fact the entire Bachchan parivar is with her. On the day after the death, Amitji cancelled his public event with Shah Rukh Khan and Shah Rukh stage-managed the event on his own,” says the friend.

    Apparently the release of the next Amitabh Bachchan starrer Sarkar 3 was postponed by a month from April 7 to May 12 to accommodate the tragedy in the Bachchan family. Says a source, “One of the reasons why Sarkar 3 got postponed was because it didn’t seem right for Bachchan Saab to promote a film at a time like this.”


  27. Indiaforums


  28. SRK can’t catch a clean break. Now even Toilet Ek Prem Katha has moved to clash with the Imtiaz Ali film.


  29. Watched Beauty & The Beast. Va va voom!
    Stunning visual display and i love English speaking French people. Wonderful casting. Huge thumbs up & Emma Watson is the perfect cast for Belle.


  30. SRK to gayo.Toilet clashing with rehnuma.200CR FILM would bite the dust again.SRK’s star power is on display,nobody cares abt him nowdays,still SRK fans take pride of these clashes.eventually it’s SRK’s loss.


    • Toilet- Ek Prem Katha seems a risky film. Right from the title, to the theme, to the director and most of the cast. Everything will depend on WOM. It is not going to open huge. There were some predictions by some BO experts of an opening of around 10cr and most were saying it faces a tall order to reach 100cr. That was before the clash was announced. It may now open even lower. At the moment it does look like a no-brainer that the SRK-Anoushka-Imtiaz film will open bigger. One is a 120cr expensive film and the other is a moderate budget one.

      Only if Toilet Ek Prem Katha is a really well-made film will it be able trend well and work. It may then eat into the other film’s collections gradually. And if the latter is underwhelming, then the underdog has a better chance.

      I do think Imtiaz Ali is good enough not to offer something as bad as Dilwale. While Toilet, commercially, seems to be the weakest Akshay Kumar project in the pipeline. But, you never know. He can still drag it to 90-100cr if it is a good movie and it will certainly affect the other film quite a bit.

      Still, it is not good news for SRK. It does affect plans for a huge grosser. Early days, but if I were a betting man, I would bet on Raees v Kaabil kind of collections. Around 130cr for the bigger project while something like 85-90cr for the smaller one. I am using the lower-range-BOI collections for Kaabil here because I expect them to use the same lower range for Toilet-Ek Prem Katha as well. It will probably find it tough to even make it to the Kaabil total except if it turns out to be a really good film.

      Underwhelming results for both if it turns out to be the case. For Raees v Kaabil, I had predicted 120/80 very early on annoucement of clash and almost got it right. They did slightly better.

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      • This is a weird clash. Toilet hardly stands a chance against a romantic film from srk. But if i were srk, i wud worry abt SS releasing one week earlier, which will be a content based film.


        • The fact that major stars are choosing / keeping dates on SRK films says a lot. He’s still the front runner in this clash. And i doubt SS will last beyond the first week. Too many clustered films, TEPK and SS are controlled budgets so if film’s click they are safe. Imtiaz Ali film being big budget loses a lot. But of course SRK and BOI can spin another victory.

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          • If the music is good, the film will be a safe bet with SRK as hero. And this film will release after Tubelight, I think.


        • For TEPK, this is a much better date of release. It was supposed to release during the Ramadan period previously which is the worst period to release any movie. And by the time business will get back to normal post Ramadan, Tubelight will be releasing by then.

          It will now get less screens than from the previous release slot but it gains a 5 days long week-end and a period where audience comes to the theatres. So, the new release date certainly makes more sense than its previous one, which was a weird one.

          The film still needs to be quite good to perform well, contrary to the SRK-Anushka-Imtiaz project which will get off to a flying start, come what may.

          But decent trending (if the movie is good enough) and the holidays factor can take a moderate budget film like TEPK to a safe zone. It is the kind of film that, if it gets to 90-100cr, it may be a decent achievement. But if those collections are to come, they will at the expense of the SRK film, which is a much bigger film in terms of costs and production values.

          So, from going solo and benefiting from maximum screens, no competition and 5 days week end, the SRK film suddenly finds competition, has to share screens and will surely lose some collections to the other film. This is certainly a blow for the film.

          There also was a report somewhere that the producers of TEPK had already reserved the slot for Crack- the Neeraj Pandey movie. However, since the latter is still in scripting stage, they have shifted their other production to that date. They were already there in the first place.


          • By now SRK is used to sharing screens and he wont mind. He still has undeniable boxoffice power . Nowadays his choices are somewhat better and with better directors.


          • ” By now SRK is used to sharing screens and he wont mind. He still has undeniable boxoffice power . Nowadays his choices are somewhat better and with better directors.”

            somehow I think I have gone in the time-zone in 2008…srk films since 2008 are more worse then better,secondly his choice of directors are worse then better…are you sure you not 2008 and quoting this….I am confused…lol


    • An Independence Day release for an Akshay Kumar movie with patronage from the entire government machinery, its story based on Swachch Bharat mission, patronage from Amit Shah and Modi and
      the pre-release TAX FREE status this movie will get in all BJP ruled states (practically entire hindi heart land barring Punjab and Delhi)

      TEPK is already a HIT.

      If i am SRK, i will postpone my movie.


      • I don’t see any reason for a bigger movie to move out. TEPK is hardly a hot movie in trade. And its not even a masala movie. Either ways it doesn’t need a solo 5000 screen release. Even if it had released solo it would have been a smaller release.

        Even the Imtiaz movie I don’t think needs a full blown release..This is a clash that can co-exist on paper atleast. If given a choice which SRK movies can work in a clash, I would have gone for the Imtiaz one as compared to Raees and Diwale, it would have anyways opened lesser as a solo..

        Having said that SRK wouldn’t want to have a clash for his next release primarily after seeing what happened with Dilwale and raees. The clash will obviously affect Rahnuma more than TEPK as that is clearly the bigger movie for the longer weekend. But it will be pretty stupid if SRK even thinks of moving out as TEPK is purely a WOM movie and probably the least hot of all Akshays movies. I don’t think it will release more than 1500 odd theatres too as of now..

        And regarding the government machinery thing, people don’t fall for such things anyways. No ones going to see a movie because it is based on Swach Bharat..The content will count after the holidays.


    • Not many will know for obvious reasons here, but the app for donation to martyred soldiers by Akshay Kumar would come around the time of release. This would be the BIGGEST contribution to the country by any actor in India.


    • Like

  31. Liked by 1 person

    • SRK seems to have became king of clashes. Everyone now wants to clash against his movies. Another 120-125crr grosser. TEPK depends on wom. If good can click the same 120-125crrs and if bad 70crrs

      Akki may be trying to grab that hanging 3rd position in the list.


      • ” Akki may be trying to grab that hanging 3rd position in the list.”

        srk has deteriorated everytime his films have released,no one knows his number slots but one thing is for sure…he is still the king of initials..after initial burst he is another akki ” ticking over ” like a time bomb…exploded and finished…”SUPERNOVA”


        • taran adarsh‏Verified account @taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
          #Phillauri Fri 4.02 cr, Sat 5.20 cr, Sun 6.03 cr, Mon 2.02 cr, Tue 1.95 cr, Wed 1.81 cr. Total: ₹ 21.03 cr. India biz.

          looks like low budget has recovered its cost and also made a good profit …above average or hit..


    • I think it is obvious that colour-based prejudices is one of the main features of the Indian societies. The emphasis is always on being of the fairest colour possible. A girl with fair skin has better chances of getting a decent family for marriage. A guy who is of dark complexion finds it tough.

      The skin brightening creams sell more than in any other country.

      The article fails to mention a film where Priyanka Chopra, high on drugs, sleeps with a black guy. She wakes up, sees the black guy in her bed, nearly throws up and thus starts her way to redemption. It had to be a black guy to show how far down she has fallen. It was a regressive, cringe-worthy scene.

      It is a fact that Indians tend to laugh at Africans for their skin colours.

      But the mind-set is changing in different parts of the world. I was in Marseilles a couple of years back, meeting some friends there. There, it seemed that the black guys/girls scored with the best ones of the opposing sex. My Indian friends there were telling me Indians find it much tougher to get a good date there than the black-skinned persons.

      In some parts of the world, the mind-sets are changing. India will follow one day, hopefully.

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      • I think that film was Fashion. Such things take many years to evolve and correct. People need reminding that chimpanzees & gorillas share well over 90% of our DNA! And they are not fluffy white rabbits. I found it awkward when a Thai friend of mine avoided sun for the reasons you stated and a close Indian girlfriend avoided getting a tan because she preferred being a pale white colour. I felt like saying that a tan is hot you idiot.


  32. Like

    • By Team –
      March 29, 2017

      After sharing the intense 1st Look poster featuring Shraddha Kapoor, the makers of Haseena have released the 2nd poster which features Shraddha (Haseena Parker) along with her brother Siddhanth Kapoor, who is portraying the character of Gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

      Actor Ankur Bhatia, who is essaying the role of Shraddha’s husband Ibrahim Parker also shared the news from his twitter handle.

      The film has completed its shooting stage and is currently in the post-production process.

      It is based on the life of Haseena Parker, who took the charge of crime-world in her hand, after his husband Ibrahim Parker was shot in 1991 by another gangster Arun Gawli. Parker also used to manage her brother Dawood Ibrahim’s business dealings. She used to head the crime operations from the Gordon Hall Apartments in Nagpada. Known as Queen of Mumbai, Haseena Parker died due to cardiac arrest.

      The film is directed by Apoorva Lakhia, who previously helmed movies like Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost, Ek Ajnabee, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Mission Istanbul and Zanjeer.

      The film is produced by Nahid Khan and is set to hit the screens on 14th July worldwide.


    • I just read this. In parts sensible but clearly not falling for this 50/50 split of art Vs commerce. It’s a business arrangement in large parts. Basically one cannot help who you are born too and obviously this has advantages. Obviously i can’t be a King. I accept that. And in any case nepotism can only go so far. It’s not like Bobby Deol or Imran Khan have prospered. Talent will eventually find its way. The issue are % chances and business. I think KJo doesn’t understand that and never will. And if you’re parents you try to unlock doors for your children or they do it themselves or you push them to stand up on their own feet. And what does a parent do if the child asks for a favour. Do you say yes or no?

      KJo is a business man one can see that through every film of his except KKHH – that seems wholly shot in India. He’s envious of the western culture of NRI and wants to earn from it – nothing wrong with it. But in that process remember your roots. The idea that he can’t find talent is hogwash. He clearly can’t define it or he ‘accesses’ the quickest route – all fine. Least he is honest about it.

      And he’s right till the world and interests become less celebritised it won’t change. We are all guilty like he says. Those street shows one sees in big cities would get way bigger crowds if they were famous people rather than the common man. This is where a sport like football is strong. Hardly any nepotism, scouts travel every boundary to find the next Messi. Of course it’s business, but they’ll pay the price for originality & unusual talent.

      Also a good business man wants to limit cost, nepotism comes at a higher cost. The rewards maybe more likely but no guarantee.


      • He tried to promote Siddharth Shukla of Balikavadhu fame by giving him a role in HSKD and also promised a 3 film deal with him. Now Siddharth is back on television where he is appreciated.


      • “He’s envious of the western culture of NRI ”

        Sorry but there is nothing to envy from any NRI. On the contrary there is everything to envy from guys like Johar who make it big in India.


        • I think it is his money and he need not be defensive about it.


          • Exactly. End of the day its all about business and he feels its less risky if it have star kids as they get more attention and publicity compared to unknown outsider. He is backing Alia, Varun etc as its working. He will drop them as soon as they don’t click Imran khan. But he should stop/refuse giving his views/interviews on this topic every week.

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        • I never said there is anything to envy, especially the way he displays it, it’s a hugely dishonest way of doing it.


  33. Amitabh Bachchan to feature in Mohanlal starrer Randamoozham
    ByBollywood Hungama News Network
    Mar 29, 2017 – 11:48 am IST

    Amitabh Bachchan to feature in Mohanlal starrer Randamoozham

    His voice is iconic and he is often a popular choice for epic dramas, so when the makers of the Malayalam film Randamoozham (Second Turn) were casting, they decided to rope in megastar Amitabh Bachchan for a prominent role in the film. The film, based on the novel by the same name written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair, is a retelling and revised version of Mahabharata with a different perspective.

    Reportedly, Amitabh Bachchan has been confirmed for the role of Bhishma. According to the film’s director N A Shrikumar Menon, he is apt for this powerful role. From what we hear, the filmmaker revealed that they are planning to get an ensemble cast with actors from different languages for this epic drama.

    Speculations were on a rise stating that Amitabh’s daughter-in-law and actress Aishwarya Rai too will be playing an integral part in the film. But it seems that the makers rubbished the news. On the other hand, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal will be seen in the role of the protagonist, Bheema.

    Very few may be aware that Randamoozham, that has won many literary awards, traces the story of Mahabharata from Bheema’s perspective, the second Pandava. From what we hear the film is supposed to be one of the most expensive films in Malayalam cinema with an extensive budget.
    – See more at:


  34. 1. Culinary excellence award: Gaggan Anand
    2. Contribution to arts: Akbar Padamsee
    3. Fresh face of the year: Disha Patani
    4. Entertainer of the year: Anushka Sharma
    5. Creative maverick of the year: Hrithik Roshan
    6. New age luxury entrepreneur: Sonu Shivdasani
    7. Contribution to sports: Yashodhara Raje Scindia
    8. Young business leader of the year: Sanjiv Bajaj
    9. Personality of the year: Amitabh Bachchan
    10. Visionary woman of the year: Twinkle Khanna
    11. Timeless icon of the year: Shobha De
    12. Outstanding talent of the year: Alia Bhatt
    13. Glamour icon of the year: Katrina Kaif
    14. Humanitarian endeavour: Adar Poonawalla
    15. Excellence in fashion: Sabyasachi Mukherji
    16. Stylish woman of the year: Roohi Jaikishan
    17. Contribution to society: Neerja Birla
    18. Corporate debutant: Manasi Kirloskar

    Hall of Fame Awards!


  35. ” Babumoshai Bandookbaaz”

    First poster & Motion Poster ” Half Girlfriend ”

    Thanks 🙂


  36. BB is the same film where chitrangada controversy happened.


  37. Naam Shabana Relying On Non Existent Brand Value
    Thursday 30 March 2017 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    This week will see the release of Naam Shabana which is a spin off the 2015 release Baby. Obviously the makers think there is some brand value but Baby film did not find much appreciation with the theatrical audience and was an even bigger disaster on television. We have seen in the past few months what has happened to films like Rock On 2, Force 2, Tum Bin 2, Kahaani 2 and Commando 2 which became a cropper from day one as the previous films were not really liked by enough people for them tolerate a second film.

    Its hard to say why this happens in India but why would anyone make sequel or a spin off to a film which in the first place has been rejected. Baby was released in 2015 and just about managed average business helped by a big holiday and appreciation was limited. Then post release it has faced outright rejection on television so basically totally forgotten after theatrical release. It makes a Naam Shabana a stand alone film and the brand value that the makers are promoting is simply not there.

    The plus is that the presence of Akshay Kumar is being shown in the promos and that should help to add 1-1.50 crore nett to the first day. Even here the multiplex audience is clever enough to know its not a Dear Zindagi where a big star has a big role enough role to get them to the theatres. Basically Akshay Kumar can take a 2 crore opener to 3 crore nett or maybe a little more but you don’t make spin offs to have such a low initial turn out and that too with a big star adding face value in promos.


    • Quite a disappointing review so far. This movie needed consistent 4/5 ATLEAST.
      Looks like Neeraj Pandey who wrote the screenplay has ran short of ideas now.


    • Sour grapes comes to mind.


      • He is like a Heavyweight boxer who has now gone into Cruiserweight for some easy initial wins against Ranveer, Hrithik, Akshay etc. Not always him going for it. But the Heavyweight clash against Sultan he ran from. Because a huge initial gives the extra media perception of a victory these are the successes sought now. The big test is really the dwarf film in Xmas 2018. Aamir has 5 lifetime records on that holiday. One can spin it’s a risky film but the budget is big – it’s intentionally a huge big budgeted extravaganza now. With this gap of nearly one and half years between Imtiaz and dwarf film i don’t think he has any other films to ‘dilute’ his frequency. So he’s in the Aamir model in terms of gap between films. He’ll need a big one there. Seems he can’t find a way to play today’s ODI cricket – still playing 90’s ODI.

        The Imtiaz film now becomes like the Raees/Kaabil clash except most are expecting a cleaner victory for SRK.


    • Loll … Fan boys popping out. It proves it is not pointless clash … this announcement really hits hard to someone 🙂


      • Think they are right here…I think I said something pretty similar earlier in response to Naveen. They also have read it right that the Imtiaz movie even in best case is not a 5000 plus release. And TEPK is indeed very dull in trade. The clash would actually give it some attention…


    • A potential tax free Akshay Kumar release over an independence day weekend is already a HIT no matter what the competition.
      Others have to get themselves to safety. Ball is in their court. No theoretical stunts will be helpful.


    • I do agree with BOI and Krish that TEPK is not a threat at all to the other untitled release. Probably two movies, one small and other a mid sized release will not eat into each other.

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  38. Dangal has opened in taiwan to a havoc response.Opens 10 times bigger than bahubaali.China is coming soon.Get ready.800cr WW is on.Opens at no.6.second indian film after 3I in top 10

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    • Chinese love Aamir who has quite a bit of Chinese look. I think this is great news for Tubelight.


      • Livewire said the same thing. Then Danny’s films must be superhits in China! And there is tiger!

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        • If Danny had starred in Aamir’s role PK and Dangal, then his would have been a bigger hit in China if released in same theatres. But the fact is, only Aamir could get such a platform in China thanks to his consistent content based appeal which spans cultures.


        • Aamir is also massively popular in Turkey as well.


      • Rajnikant is very popular in Japan. And he by no means look like a Japanese! Bachchan is popular in Egypt and Raj Kapoor used to be very popular in Russia. Do or did they resemble the natives in any way?


        • it is not Aamir but the story-script. 3 idiots will resonate with chinese (culture) because they are extremely competitive as race (imagine china as huge IIT) and Aamir’s character is anti-thesis to that. It is a new idea. Raj Kapoor does look blue-eyed russian lol


      • Sab ko de diya lekin jo sab se jyada deserve karta hai us ko nahi.HR is creative maverick of the year wow.


      • Did aamir looked like a chinese in dangal.


  39. Like

    • Whats the point of such fantastical responses to an endemic crisis? Lone women cannot fight a corrupt system and an immoral society. Period.
      Rather than creating any type of awakening/enlightenment, rape revenge dramas from the time of ‘Insaaf Ka Tarazu’ have actually been sick titillating experiences for perverts.

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    • Drishyam handled this issue in the best manner.

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  40. Poorna Movie Review 4/5


    POORNA STORY: Based on the true story of a 13-year-old Adivasi from Telangana who became the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest.​

    POORNA REVIEW: Everyone loves the story of an unfortunate and ill-equipped underdog who conquers their fears, realizes their true potential and goes on to overcome a towering challenge. ‘Poorna’ embodies this narrative in a very literal sense. In the absence of the element of surprise (the outcome is clearly advertised in the film’s poster and trailer), the challenge is no less monumental for writers Prashant Pandey and Shreya Dev Verma.

    Tasked with weaving the tale of Poorna’s journey, they add compelling elements to the protagonist’s character which Aditi Inamdar plays with innocence and naivete. Under Bose’s direction, she hits most of the significant emotional beats with fellow newcomer S. Mariya who plays her cousin Priya, though Inamdar’s strongest scenes are alongside Bose himself. His understated performance as the mentor and facilitator Dr. R S Praveen Kumar is anchored by supporting actors Dhritiman Chatterjee, Heeba Shah and Gyanendra Tripathi who lend the film with ample gravitas.

    Bose is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it, allowing for an ebb and flow to the narrative that keeps you totally engrossed during its taut runtime. As an additional component, the tracks by Salim – Sulaiman are refreshing and catchy while complimenting the story. However, the odd choice to use Telugu interspersed with Hindi and English dialogues in the absence of subtitles is a minor grouch; one that doesn’t detract from the film’s overall impact, but could have probably lent to a far more realistic and seamless viewing experience.

    Returning to a directorial capacity after 16 years, Rahul Bose recognizes the beauty in simplicity and uses it to the film’s advantage. Grounded performances combined with stirring music elevate this relatively straightforward tale, making it essential viewing not only for the young Indian woman, but for anyone looking to scale great heights against all odds.


  41. [added to post]

    ‪It’s OFFICIAL… #ToiletEkPremKatha 11 Aug 2017… Poster:‬


  42. Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand Beat the Khans in Poster Land
    Khalid Mohamed
    Yesterday, 4:24 pm

    The charismatic trinity of the 1950s – Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand – are still the kings. In the gossamer world of film posters, they outsell the current Khan triumvirate of Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir, by leaps and bounds, disproving the notion that it’s only the present-day heroes who entice Bollywood fans to shell out big bucks from their wallets.
    The spiralling market – up by 50 per cent in the last decade according to archivists– are topped by the posters of Mughal-e-Azam, Awara and Guide. The demand’s on for ‘original’ posters printed by the production companies at the time of the classics’ release. Those willing to settle for less go for ‘copies’ of the posters, which cost in thousands instead of the lakhs paid for the real thing.
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    Mughal-E-Azam is the most sought after poster currently. (Posters courtesy: SMM Ausuja)
    BOLLYWOOD | 5 min read
    Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand Beat the Khans in Poster Land
    Khalid Mohamed
    Yesterday, 4:24 pm

    The charismatic trinity of the 1950s – Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand – are still the kings. In the gossamer world of film posters, they outsell the current Khan triumvirate of Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir, by leaps and bounds, disproving the notion that it’s only the present-day heroes who entice Bollywood fans to shell out big bucks from their wallets.
    The spiralling market – up by 50 per cent in the last decade according to archivists– are topped by the posters of Mughal-e-Azam, Awara and Guide. The demand’s on for ‘original’ posters printed by the production companies at the time of the classics’ release. Those willing to settle for less go for ‘copies’ of the posters, which cost in thousands instead of the lakhs paid for the real thing.
    The six-sheeter original Mother India poster was sold for Rs 3 lakhs.
    In poster land, the abiding mystique of Madhubala far outweighs the popularity of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt. The rapid-sellers of Indian cinema’s imperishable beauty include posters of Mahal, Howrah Bridge and Chalti ka Naam Gaadi.
    Nargis, Meena Kumari, and Waheeda Rehman in the films of Guru Dutt, adorn the walls of upscale homes. A six-sheeter original of Mother India was lately snapped up by a Delhi business for a price close to Rs 3 lakhs.
    The 1970s film designs for the most admired hits of Amitabh Bachchan fly off the shelves, especially Deewaar. The original poster of Do aur Do Paanch (later re-released as Do Ikkey inexplicably) are part of the memorabilia boom. With time Bachchan’s film posters are expected to go the roof.
    Film posters of the Khans do command a market. Salman’s Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Aamir Khan’s Lagaan have a substantial clientele but not quite in the league of the vintage screen legends.
    For the rest follow the link:


    • Sorry for botching it up: the above article 😦


    • I don’t agree with this not saying that the 50’s heroes are less popular.

      Just that the value becomes greater the further the distance from the past. It is like an antique and there are less opportunities to purchase such things with less supply.


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