Kaatru Veliyidai trailers (updated)

thanks to Jimmy Cliff…

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  1. I’m a bit disappointed that Mani is making yet another (relatively safe) love story — in the past he’s alternated between this sort of thing and something more edgy, but perhaps the recent losses have worn on him (not to mention the success of his love stories for the most part)…OK Kanmani was charming but a bit too slight, and I only hope this is better.

    I do like the Azhagiye song, even on a first listen — it doesn’t break new ground, but is stylish, yet soulful…


    • PS — the Vaan song seems promising…


    • Not equally but in fact more disappointing to me is the fact he seems to have washed his hands off making any Hindi movie post Raavan. The magical trio of Gulzar, ARR, and Mani will never happen again, I guess.


      • I beg to differ here with Q and AnJo 🙂 I am happy that Mani is doing some safe but good work evenif it is in Tamil. OKK was too good (and they nicely screwed it up in Hindi) and this looks promising. Mani’s real strength is romance no matter what other films he would have given and with ARR and some good choices of lead actors – he knows the pulse of the audience. So let him give us some safe but good films instead of atrocious Ravaans…..and like that 🙂


  2. http://www.vikatan.com/cinema/tamil-cinema/news/66084-meaning-of-kaatru-veliyidai.html

    மணிரத்னத்தின் அடுத்த படம் – காற்று வெளியிடை.

    இதற்கு அர்த்தம் என்ன என்று ஒரு பெண் ட்விட்டரில் கேட்க, மகாகவி பாரதியாரைக் கேளுங்க’ என்றிருக்கிறார் சுகாசினி.


  3. sorry, slightly unrelated questions, would really appreciate your help…where online would you suggest buying tamil movies. My wife and I love Mani’s movie and trying to get dvds seems to be close to impossible…any tips appreciated.


    • This depends on the films you are looking for. The Tamil DVD industry has always been patchy at best, and it’s even worse (bordering on obsolete) now we have entered the internet age.

      I would say it’s more useful to look on YouTube and torrents for subtitled prints of his non-Hindi movies, or let me know which films in particular you are looking for and I can give you some links. I would recommend searching http://www.myindiashopping.com
      and the AP International online store.

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  4. I rate aditi as one of the most beautiful woman in india today.

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  5. Interview
    Exclusive: ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’ is an intense film, don’t expect another ‘Alaipayuthey’, say lead pair Karthi and Aditi

    “I play a squadron leader in the film and we call my character VC. Though it is not a war film but a love story, I still had to bring the aura of an officer in every shot. I felt thrilled to have been able to portray the character. The scenes were not easy, every single one of the shots was demanding. But I felt good because I had something meaty to do,” he says.

    Aditi meanwhile, was at the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, preparing for the role of Dr. Leela who works in the General ward of a Kashmir hospital



    • Since when have you diversified? 🙂


      • Only due to Mani Rathnam..

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        • Didn’t know 🙂
          recently saw ok Kanmani..it was a lightweight movie..but enjoyable. Good soundtrack.

          I think he is more comfortable when he is making Tamil movie than Hindi.

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          • Ya , even I saw that on Netflix….
            My wife was like- pehley hee filmo ka itna satyanash shauk thaa, ab south indian filmo bhee dekhna shuru kar diya, dimag ka ilaaz karao apna ..LOL

            Have not seen OK Janu yet ….waiting for it show up on Netflix., same with Befikre !!

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          • OK Jaanu is exact copy minus chemistry…Prakash Raj was better than Naseer, at least in initial portions.

            I get same comment when I watch foreign language movies…and Game of Thrones is porn 🙂

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