Blade Runner 2049 trailers (updated)


4 Responses to “Blade Runner 2049 trailers (updated)”

  1. Filmy~Keeda Says:

    Denis Villeneuve is knocking it out of the park every damn time! Super excited for this one. Villeneuve. Deakins. Vangelis. What a lethal combo.


  2. The main trailer is bit underwhelming looking after the expectations. The movie could still be good as Villeneuve is director. But doesn’t look mainstream at all. If the rumoured $200m budget is true then things doesn’t look too good for box office.


  3. AamirsFan Says:

    Looking forward to this one. Ryan Gosling has perfected that facial expression though…or should i say the non facial expressions lol.


  4. NyKavi Says:

    Harrison Ford is having a great run at re-enacting characters from his 80s films: Indiana Jones, Star Wars and now this.


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