Images from Tubelight (updated)

thanks to Sanjana…

Thanks to Sanjana…

thanks to MSDhoni..

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  1. With this first look the subject matter becomes all the more intriguing. I just hope Kabir has devoted sufficient time on scripting and not rushing to filming in view of Eid release, which is advancing further next year and will fall in June.

    Here are the bullet points to what all is known to us and hope they do not bite off more than they can chew –

    – Movie is set in the 1960s

    – Movie is apparently based on the Sino-Indian war of 1962, which had a “disputed Himalayan border” at the center of it


    – Salman will be undertaking a journey of enlightenment from India to China in the film.

    – Movie isn’t a political saga. It’s more a human drama

    – It’s a story about two brothers — played by Salman and real-life
    brother Sohail Khan (Either or both play mentally challenged looking
    at Salman’s new hairdo)

    – plot requires a female protagonist and leading lady’s role is impactful. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu with Hollywood movies under her resume will be enacting the female lead.

    Is there anything else I am missing


  2. I’m thrilled to work with Salman Khan, I’m charmed by his talent – Says Tubelight actress Zhu Zhu

    “….Zhu Zhu too is excited to work with Salman in Tubelight. “I received the script of Tubelight and I was deeply touched by the spirit of the film and I am sure this is going to be another amazing experience in my career and in my life. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Salman Khan. I have seen his films and I’m very much charmed by his talent. Kabir Khan is not only a brilliant filmmaker but also in his films he always talks about humanity and love and ordinary people’s lives which everyone in the world can relate to, I am honoured to be a part of Tubelight,” states Zhu Zhu.”


    By Sanyukta Iyer, Mumbai Mirror | Aug 11, 2016, 03.41 AM IST

    “……Joining them on the sets is Bhai’s new screen love, the Beijing-based actress Zhu Zhu who makes her Bollywood debut in the historical drama. Written by Neelesh Misra, Tubelight is set during the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

    Zhu Zhu landed in Mumbai two months ago and was staying at a Bandra five star. Kabir Khan and casting director Mukesh Chabbra assigned a Hindi tutor to her since the Chinese actress will have a few lines in Hindi. The actress also undertook an extensive workshop.

    Zhu Zhu rose to fame in China as a VJ for MTV while studying to become an electrical engineer in 2005. She went on to feature in the critically acclaimed Wachowski siblings production, Cloud Atlas, in 2012, followed by 11 international films over the next three years, including Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu-starrer, The Man with the Iron Fists, and Last Flight alongside Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick.

    Earlier this year, Zhu Zhu wrapped up the second season of the Netflix show, Marco Polo, in which she plays the Blue Princess, Kokachin.

    Over the last six years, Zhu Zhu has made it to TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” of 2012 and 2013. In the same year, she graced the Vanity Fair annual ball. Her style icon status back home has earned the porcelain faced beauty endorsement deals with top global fashion houses, including Stella McCartney, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton”.


  4. After this film hope China will stop troubling India over Arunachal Pradesh. Just the way Pakistan stopped troubling India after Bajrangi Bhaijaan!


  5. Always in character !


  6. Like

  7. Gosh ! yeh kar kya raha hai !! If this still is anything to go by then Kabir can talk & walk hollywood and leave Hollywood and Tom Hanks far behind !!

    Brilliant ! As they say in my village – jiyo raja !!!


  8. Giving a bit of BB vibes –

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 8h

    Twitter Is Lit With Salman Khan’s Tubelight
    Courtesy – Spotboye

    New images have surfaced from the much awaited film by the hit director-actor jodi of Kabir Khan and Salman Khan

    We have more news for Salman Khan fans who have been trawling the internet for news of Tubelight, his next with Ek Tha Tiger director Kabir Khan. New stills from the film which have been posted by fan clubs on Twitter see the actor in a jubilant mood, dancing in a crowd who all have their hands raised to the heavens in unison.

    According to reports, the still is from a “happy song” from the film which is a war-drama.

    And there is more good news. Salman Khan’s leading lady Zhu Zhu too has finally ended her schedule and Kabir Khan posted this picture to announce the news. The Chinese VJ-turned-actress shot with Salman in Ladakh and Manali and the two were spotted taking a cigarette break on the sets (Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu puff away to glory, Aug, 29).

    Kabir recently shared a snap from the set, posing with Zhu Zhu, who is making her Bollywood debut with Tubelight, on her last day of shoot and wrote: “And It’s a film wrap for the beautiful @zhuzhuclubheaven . We will miss you…”

    With that, it is a wrap for Tubelight, which is scheduled to hit theatres on Eid 2017.

    The latter days of Tubelight’s shoot were marked by constant disagreements between the actor and the director. After a series of tiffs, the two stopped talking to each other.

    But as of now, the mood is ‘happy’ for Tubelight fans.


  9. Acting when the script demands. Just like that 5-min confrontation scene at the brothel prior interval in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 31m31 minutes ago
    Backed by Matin Rey Tangu


  10. BB meets Saving Private Ryan?

    x5 times may not be much, considering previous reading on the actometer.


  11. Kabir Khan ‏@kabirkhankk 4h4 hours ago
    Our third journey together comes to an end… Now I can’t wait To show it to the world @beingsalmankhan #tubelight #eid2017


  12. livewire Says:


  13. livewire Says:

    Salman Has Gone Beyond Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Tubelight: Kabir Khan
    Subhash K. Jha Yesterday, 11:30 pm

    “….Q: In your evaluation have you gone beyond Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Tubelight?
    Kabir Khan: I wouldn’t say that about myself because I can’t really grade my own work that closely. But I’d definitely say that Salman has gone beyond Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Tubelight. Way beyond as an actor. Yes, he becomes the character completely.

    Q: Yes, Salman actually played a character in Bajrangi Bhaijaan?
    Kabir Khan: There was no misplaced machismo, no unwanted bravado. Salman played a hero of the kind that is bigger than any action hero could ever be and it paid off. While making Bajrangi Bhaijaan, we didn’t take on the pressure of living up to Ek Tha Tiger. And Bajrangi went on to become Salman’s biggest hit by miles.

    Q: Doesn’t film trade put the pressure of outdoing Bajrangi Bhaijaan?
    Kabir Khan: It does. But then, I can only make the film that I want to make, not what the trade wants me to make. Bajrangi went on to make Rs 325 crores. If I start thinking that in Tubelight I have to perform one of the biggest hits of all times, I’ll be a nervous wreck.
    Q: Your films bring into play a certain subtle politics with a great amount of humanism. Is that true for Tubelight too?
    Kabir Khan: That’s how it is in Tubelight as well. Though it is set in 1962, the politics of those times is still very much relevant. In fact some of those issues from back then are more relevant today than ever.

    Q: What made you turn to India’s relations with China, when Pakistan is a far more dramatic neighbour?
    Kabir Khan: Maybe I had enough of that (in Bajrangi Bhaijaan). When you see Tubelight you will realise that Indo-Chinese relations provide the perfect backdrop for my story. When it comes to the politics in my films, I like to be authentic and accurate. The 1962 war served as a perfect backdrop for Tubelight. It’s like my film New York, where first there was the story of these three friends and then came the backdrop of New York.


    • 2nd question seemed be question? Or statement? If former bit of sarcasm in it.


      • To paraphrase a critic Livewire wouldn’t recognize sarcasm if it bit him on the nose!


        • @”Livewire wouldn’t recognize sarcasm if it bit him on the nose!”

          I know off late this blog has been thriving on personal derision, mockery , ridicule & scorn and many a time I willfully let go the confrontational tone to maintain harmony…..but alas that is not to be and considered a failing !

          Just another exemplification of the times we live in!

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        • @Jayshah, @ Satyam – Karaara jawaab mila hai. 😀


          • My answer is simple. Couple of weeks back we had sermon after sermon about Darwin’s theory and survival of the fittest. Plus in this world one needs to be a bastard as if you are a pussy you get swallowed up. I needled the person, he suggested he may retaliate but illogically what did he do?

            He retreated – what does that make him?

            Ps. The provocation was intentional to see if the chap had the ‘balls’ to back up what garbage he was saying. He obviously became human. And good. It proves his teachings were baseless and he ‘lacked’. Now i expect something but what is the point when the horse has bolted?

            And you are just a chamchi, just trying to look for avenues to prop up Akshay and bring down Aamir. It’s like follow the idiot.

            It’s like 3 Idiots. We had one, he left after Mohenjo-Daro embarrassed him. Two are left. Maybe you should join forces and find the 3rd one like the film.


          • Jayshah- Why is your world having people with agenda which makes you feel others are also same?


          • *Hidden and biased agenda*


          • You denying it?


  14. Ha !

    Unfortunately due to slim pickings in India, bollywood hero has to multitask from playing a MJ to Tom Hanks on screen. Somehow Salman’s rockstar superstardom zone refuses to subside and continues unabated even at this ripe age….this is his transformation period where he will get to the nitty gritties of a Lagaan and Dangal….so brace yourself for the next innings !!


  15. SRK cameo is integrated with Tubelight, says Kabir Khan on publicity gimmick reports

    “…On the other hand, Salman is currently shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai, the sequel to Ek Tha Tiger, which Kabir chose not to direct. “I think I failed as a filmmaker in Ek Tha Tiger. For me, a good film is where I strike a balance between quality on the face of it and reading between the lines. Bajrangi Bhaijaan did that for me and that is why I do not repent doing Ek Tha Tiger as my working relationship with Salman actually began there.”

    Kabir holds Salman in high regard as had the actor not pushed the envelope, Kabir’s vision would not have come to fruition. “He possesses boundless humility despite the superstardom. With him, it was never it’s my way or highway. But if I had done Tiger Zinda Hai with him, it would have amounted to banking on a successful franchise. I am not ready to conform to the Bollywoodisation of all my craft yet.”

    “…But the war is just the backdrop. It is not even the setting so it is not really a war film. The setting is remotely away from the war site. We do not explore why the war happened, how it happened. There is just one character who goes to the war,” says Kabir, probably hinting at the character of Salman Khan, with whom he is collaborating for the third time on this film.

    “..His creative process also boasts of more emphasis on background songs that carry forward the narrative rather than the typical Bollywood song and dance sequences. “Bajrangi Bhaijaan had a song called ‘Cuckdookoo’ which was superficially a fun Bollywood number with children. But it is actually the most political song of the film. The chicken is a metaphor and the dhaba is our country.”

    He also puts the rumours to rest that there are only three songs in Tubelight. “There are many more but all of them carry the narrative forward,” he says, adding that Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo is also integrated with the film rather than using it just as a gimmick that the two Khans will be seen sharing the screen space after nine years. “If you see the film, you will realise that the role demanded a superstar presence. It is crucial to the plot, changes the entire plot and Shah Rukh fits the bill.”

    While Kabir is yearning to work with Aamir Khan now, he is both glad and saddened by the fact that Tubelight will be late veteran actor Om Puri’s last film. “I had approached him for a role in my first film Kabul Express. But he could not travel with us owing to back issues. I had been in touch with him since then till he graciously accepted to do a cameo in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. But then he told me to offer him a meatier role in my next. He was a very warm person. His Punjabiyat reflected in the warm hugs that he blessed us with on early morning shoots.”

    Courtesy: FirstPost


  16. I wonder if this movie is like Forest Gump…Where a Tubelight kind of person does impossible stuff…


  17. Added to post…


  18. This movie is looking outstanding from the posters.


  19. Salman’s expression in the poster is completely moronic. Difficult to say if its intentional or not.


  20. It is a remake of little boy with brother replacing father.WW angle has been replaced by indo-china 1962 war.


  21. Zhu Zhu is a non entity in china,so fans who were expecting huge china biz due to presence of Zhu zhu are bound to be disappointed big time.


  22. The Times of IndiaEntertainment

    News » Entertainment » Hindi » Bollywood » News » Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ might not release on Eid in Pakistan

    Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ might not release on Eid in Pakistan
    PTI | Apr 30, 2017, 01.18 PM IST
    Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s much awaited film ‘Tubelight’ might not hit the screens on Eid in Pakistan as some local filmmakers have started a movement to stall the release of the film.

    The filmmakers along with the Film Distributors Association and the Film Producers Association want to ensure better business for Pakistani films during the Eid holidays.

    The distributors, producers and filmmakers say they want to protect the interest of Pakistani movies as two big films, ‘Yalghaar’ and ‘Shor Sharaba’, along with others in the pipeline, are slated for an Eid release.

    “If ‘Tubelight’ also releases on Eid, it will certainly hit the business of these Pakistani films and that will not help our industry,” actor Mustafa Qureshi said.

    Salman Khan thrills his fans with this special message about ‘Tubelight’

    Those trying to stall the release of the Salman Khan – starrer are citing a law passed by the Federal Ministry of Information in 2010 which forbids the release of any Indian film on a Muslim holiday.

    “If required we can even go to the court,” producer Altaf Hussain said.

    Sohail Khan, the producer of ‘Shor Sharaba’, said, “My film is supposed to release on Eid-ul-Fitr and if the government doesn’t stall ‘Tubelight’, I will not release it as a mark of protest.”

    Hussain said the associations are planning to send an official letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as well.

    He confirmed a meeting was held in Lahore at which it was decided that the entire Pakistani film industry will join the planned protest to stop the release of ‘Tubelight’ on Eid.

    “It has been decided that all those related to the Pakistani film industry will support the Pakistani films that are supposed to release on Eid-ul-Fitr,” Hussain added.


  23. It will get swallowed by the Baahulbali euphoria. Should delay the trailer. Surely they could have delivered it with the prints of Baahulbali.


    • According to livewire, BB was impacted by Baahubali. Now history seems to repeat itself. The audience tasted human blood like a maneater. And now they want one more and nothing less!


  24. Kabir Khan is planning a big release in China simultaneously. Why Rajamouli did not do the same?


  25. The film is on a sticky wicket for now. Salman’s films, barring BB, were never about quality but I assume he always thought himself to be the BO badshah (there’s no point attributing that title to SRK anymore) for the last few years. But Bahubali 2 and Dangal have completely ruined things for him, and Salman is suddenly not looking all that big. He wouldn’t relish that feeling at all. Being defeated both on the quality front and at the BO is a hard blow for him unless he didn’t take his Bo invincibility all that seriously. I find that hard to believe though.


    • jayshah Says:

      On the last point these guys are boys who have huge ego’s. I don’t believe for one second guys like Federer / Nadal want the other to succeed. Likewise I doubt batsman like Tendulkar / Lara too. The latter is possible as the sport of cricket pays a lot of respect to umpires and players in general. Messi / Ronaldo won’t like each other. The idea that SRK, Salman and Aamir are really close friends I think is superficial. Beneath all the nice words are probably loads of trash talking behind closed doors. They all have public images to retain, one way is to be magnanimous in public, a huge lie most likely. On this Salman will be seething on Dangal – it is whether he considers it a challenge or just competition to out muscle. I think SRK does the latter, he strangles his competition if dates collide. The manner in what Dangal did to Sultan will have hurt Salman in some way. Again it’s whether it fires him up positively or negatively. I think if you are a purist you like & embrace the challenge presented even if you did not want it to happen. BB2 was bound to happen one day it was just a question of who what and how. On all 3 scores BB2 is a complete surprise for everyone to take in and stew on. I expect people who invest in good cinema to embrace this and those craving for being top star to falter. Ask any winner in sport the hardest thing is not getting to the top it’s staying there and to let quality shine through.

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  26. sanjana Says:

    The film revolves around Laxman (Salman) who is a little slow and is known as Tubelight. After his brother goes missing during the Indo-Sino war, he is forced to introspect and truly believe that he has the power to find him. Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a cameo as a magician, who helps Salman’s character discover his talents.


  27. Tubelight to ekdum thandi hai.Tough time for sallu fans.Also with china angle and release,comparison with dangal’s china performance is mandatory.Sallu even has an advantage in chinese heroine.People wld say all these things even though i know she is a z grade actress in china.Her mainstream chinese films have been disaster in china as well,what can one expect from her hindi film.


  28. INCOMPLETE/SHELVED FILMS OF Amitabh Bachchan with many unknown info


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