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6 Responses to “BHARAT Teaser”

  1. Disappointing. Because I know what I saw in Ode to my Father.

    I know this is only a short teaser and the main intention is to highlight Salman in his usual avatar and bring his fans on board. I may be harsh criticising it.

    However, Ode to my Father seems to be at another level in terms of quality of cinema shown here.

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  2. In spite of outbursts of indignation / resentment to last few releases, this Kahn is going to get bums on seat with this one again….some sort of redemption toward content based personage / personality.

    Nice BGM which is an essential for theater experience and hopefully Ali Abbas will once again bridge the gap and blend the pulse of the audience with the pulse of his fans.

    Himesh‏ @HimeshMankad 7h7 hours ago

    Experts: No one in history of Hindi Cinema has delivered 10 blockbusters in a decade. Salman Khan: Challenge Accepted! Expectations were already sky high and this one surpasses them all! @BeingSalmanKhan @aliabbaszafar #BharatTeaser #Eid2019

    Kartik Dayanand‏Verified account @KartikDayanand 1h1 hour ago
    #BharatKaTeaser impact is so powerful that people have forgotten that some new movies have released today in the theatres.

    BollywoodLife‏Verified account @bollywood_life 2h2 hours ago
    #BharatKaTeaser: @BeingSalmanKhan has left us in awe with his FIVE different looks!

    MTV Beats‏Verified account @MTVBeats 6h6 hours ago
    Jab first name Bharat ho, toh uske aage koi bhi surname kam hi lagega!

    DILJIT DOSANJH‏Verified account @diljitdosanjh 2h2 hours ago
    DILJIT DOSANJH Retweeted Salman Khan

    Amul Vikas Mohan‏Verified account @amul_mohan 7h7 hours ago
    Amul Vikas Mohan Retweeted Super Cinema


  3. This looks good. Should be another winner from this actor-director combo.


  4. Bob Cristo Says:

    Salman will Bounce back with this film. Seems there is something for masses and classes in the film. Top of that Ali abbas Zafar is decent director. All of his films are HIT.


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