Gully Boy, Uri: The Surgical Strike (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Hope Master and Z also catch up with Gully Boy.

    I’m planning to book my tickets for Saturday. Unfortunately, I only have a single show in my area. Quite a few shows close to London — so Jay has no excuse!



    Berlinale 2019: Photograph Movie Review – A Romance That’s A Little Too Low-Key, But With Winsome Little Touches
    The danger of being a minimalist is that you have fewer notes to hit, and after a while, you run out of variations if the “plot” is small, too


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    Rachit Gupta, TNN, Updated: Feb 13, 2019, 10.20 PM IST
    Critic’s Rating:

    Gully Boy Review: There’s a line in the film where the character MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) says, “Agar duniya mein sab comfortable hote toh rap kaun karta?” That’s an insight that comes only from a true fan of this performing art. Director Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy is the definitive look at the rap scene in India. It chronicles the story of an ordinary boy Murad, from Dharavi, who dreams big and refuses to let adversity squash his spirit. His journey from being the quintessential slumdog to being an ambitious rapper named Gully Boy, is exhilarating and exciting, to say the least. Rap is an unconventional genre of music in India, but even those who don’t necessarily associate with this form of music, will be able appreciate the underdog and heartfelt story.

    The driving force of the film though is the performance by Ranveer Singh. He was born to play this part and the way he raps his soul out in the film, makes it a killer set. He breathes life, despair, euphoria and belief into his role. A line in the film where MC Sher tells Murad says, ‘Tere andar toofan hai’ and that is bang on. With every new performance, the actor brings in a tidal wave of surprises. Equally brilliant is Alia Bhatt, in a small, but deeply impactful role. The actress brings effortless ease into the fiery eccentricities of her character. The chemistry between Ranveer and Alia is cute, lovable and fiery, too. Siddhant Chaturvedi, in his first film, deserves a dab of honour, too. He’s easily one of the most effortless actors in showbiz. Vijay Varma, Kalki Koechlin and Vijay Raaz are all superb in their respective roles as well.

    The music of the film is killer, too. The movie is inspired by the lives of rappers Naezy and Divine, and these Indian aristes, along with a whole host of their contemporaries, have scored a super soundtrack for the film. There’s a reason the film feels legit and that’s down to the fact that real rap artistes worked on this film. The treatment and the visual finesse of the film are at par with anything you’ve seen from Hollywood or anywhere around the world. The rap battles shown in the film are riveting and an inspired piece of writing. The problem with the film though is it’s length, which stretches to two-and-a-half hours, but the emotional deftness and clap-worth dialogues add the right amount of gusto and keep you totally engaged. This is a film that deserves an encore. And in true rap style, let’s just say… Yeh Gully Boy hard hai bhai!


  4. Looks like a certain 200 cr grosser this one….
    Happy Valentine Day to everyone…


    • Doubt if it gets to 200cr, but if it does that would be fantastic for Zoya, Ranveer, Alia and everyone involved.
      I see it to be in the territory of Rock on, my personal favourite but not a big grosser.


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  6. GB getting rave reviews from all. More 4 stars than less.
    Raja Sen, Sukanya Verma, Shubra gupta(3.5 stars), koimoi, Bollywood Hungama and

    Aliya and Siddhant Chaturvedi are getting more claps than Ranveer.
    While Ranveer is also getting some claps for his contribution.
    Cant ignore the lead who is the USP.


  7. Surprisingly Saibal is not that impressed just like Rangan.
    He gave only 3 stars and his full review is here.


  8. 14th February. Vinod Mehra’s and Madhubala’s birthdays fall on this day. Madhubala got a google doodle while son remembers Vinod Mehra.

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  9. Bob cristo Says:

    Ranveer will walk away with lion’s share but feeling happy for Siddhant chaturvedi. In trailer he impressed me most.


  10. Gully Boy has Good Opening – Huge In Metros
    Thursday 14 February 2019 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy took a good opening of around 40-45% overall while cities like Mumbai and Pune took a blockbuster opening which can compare with the biggest of films. The opening of this film was far bigger than Padmaavat and Simmba in Mumbai / Thane and Pune. This is probably due to the local feel of the film.

    The film had a Thursday release because of Valentines Day. It is not an official holiday but collections do get a boost. The last two years have seen the release of films like Jolly LLB 2 and Pad Man and they got a boost of 25-30% despite not having much for the youth. Gully Boy should get a bigger boost as its a film for the youth with youth stars but it will be the collections tomorrow which will tell how much the boost was.

    The film is econically safe as most of the cost to make it and release it will be recovered from digital, satellite and music but that is the case with most major films but the theatrical run is most important for the people involved to benefit.

    The film is going to be about the five big metros especially Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore with the big multiplexes giving a huge ratio of the collections. The Hindi circuits like Rajasthan and CI have had a fair start and even here Valentines Day will help to give it good to decent figures but these places will be about growth if we take the real value first day collections.

    The can do well without the support of the mass circuits if the metro crowd really likes it. There have been a few films before which have done big numbers mainly on the support of the five big metros with the biggest being Barfi! which did 105 crore nett plus in 2012.

    It is a also after a long time that a cast film there is a film has such a lopsided opening with metro multiplexes being so huge while mass markets are low. The last one which comes to mind is Jab harry Met Sejal but the difference even there was not as much as that film did not have metro multiplex collections opening as strong as this film.


  11. Irrfan returns to India.


  12. The world of tiktok.

    Ranveer lookalikes to small-town stars: What you need to know about viral video app TikTok
    India is the largest market for the Chinese app, with 39% of its 500-million-strong user base



      India is using TikTok everywhere – outdoors, in the kitchen, during a haircut, in the metro and even while getting married. In a country whose entertainment industry is dominated by Hindi movies, which are replete with song and dance, it is hardly surprising to see TikTok thrive. It offers Indians an inexpensive platform to showcase their singing, dancing and acting talents to a wider audience, which goes beyond family members and friends. Available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Punjabi, the beauty of the app lies in the fact that anyone with a basic smartphone and an internet connection can make a short music video of their own.



    After getting raving reviews about her performance in her directorial debut film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, we get to know that her next directorial project will be her own story. According to recent reports, the film will be scripted by Baahubali writer KV Vijayendra who is also the writer of Manikarnika. The film will go on floor by the end of this year in October-November. Kangana, according to sources, already has her technical crew in place from Manikarnika who she is keen on to work with for her own production films.

    On reaching out to Kangana for the confirmation of this new she said “Yes, it is true, my own story is the subject of my next directorial. But it is not a propaganda film with characters who are starkly black and white, rather it is a sincere, heartfelt account of my journey so far with plenty of lighter moments. I’m emboldened by the love of the people around me, who have never judged me but accepted me for who I am.”

    She further added that Vijayendra Prasad who has worked with for her film Manikarnika will be writing the script of the film. “Then, around 12 weeks ago, he urged me to let him write a film based on my life. I was nervous and wary initially, but then, given his stature and the fact that I trust him implicitly, I gave Vijayendra sir the go-ahead to the project.”

    On being asked whether the film will have characters based on the people she had differences in the past, she said, “How can I show my journey without people, I can’t be walking alone. But we will not be taking any names. The idea is to protect me and my life with all its highs and lows. In the end, it is the story of an achiever, a girl from the mountains who came into Bollywood without any connections in the industry or even a godfather, and went on to carve a niche for herself against all odds, with some memorable films like Gangster, Tanu Weds Manu and its sequel, Fashion, Queen and more recently Manikarnika, bagging three National Awards along the way.”


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  15. links not going


    • From the little bit that I understood from this(Sanjana can confirm) , this looks like a counter to the NTR biopic, depicting his life with LakshmiParvathi and his ouster by Chandrababu Naidu.
      Timing of the movie is oppurtune or suspect depending upon who one is supporting. But RGV producing this one?


      • This is much more effective trailer. Thanks to RGV.
        The first sentence, ‘you will be betrayed only if you trust’ reminds me of toh dialogue between Bachchan and Aamir.
        Looking forward to this. The first one was a huge disappointment.
        But again they will try to present the lead as victim and others as traitors. To expect an honest bio is a waste whether it is from pro or anti groups. Both have motives and biases.

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  16. BO update: Gully Boy opens on a high note with 80% occupancy
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Feb 14, 2019 – 1:26 pm IST

    Reports suggest that GULLY BOY that released across 3350 screens in the domestic market, has taken off on a high note with occupancy rate in multiplexes being pegged at 80%. However, on the other hand single screens have reported a dramatically lower occupancy rate of 40%. Despite this, given the hype and promotion surrounding the film, coupled with the success Ranveer Singh has had with his last release SIMMBA, GULLY BOY is expected to start with a bang. In fact, advance predictions state that GULLY BOY could easily rake in around Rs. 50-60 cr over its opening weekend.

    On the whole, GULLY BOY that appeals to a niche audience at multiplexes will face a hard time at mass dominated single screens. But, with the younger crowd flocking theatres in metros and multiplex dominated areas, the film will do well over its opening weekend. However, the real test will be its first Monday in theatres.

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  17. [post created]



    This should not go in vain and our jawaans continue to lose their lives. No time for politics and this should wake govt / Indians up from the deep slumber to become karmyogis rather than dhongis for which a new govt was elected… 5 yrs and nothing seemed to have changed. The least is to use this opportunity to bring the divided nation together instead of non stop 24/7 indulging in bigotry, cow politics, demonetization, screaming channels and all the associated crap. There are no excuses….


    • This is so typical and cruel, just four words for the soldiers, and the rest of the paragraph is all Politics and Modi- Modi- Modi- Cow- demonetization- GST-Intolerance !!
      get over it, you were better than this dude.


    • Livewire- you OK with this ??


      • one more … endless


      • Why is that even a question and the social media is full of these faceless bigots and maniac. The hate for these elements is even greater but it also stems from the surroundings we live in and twitter has given them a platform to show their real face.

        My angst will always be against people in power who divert and deviate from the job at hand and misuse power. My sickness stems from the fact NaMo squandered a historical chance to change the course of the country as he had sufficient time to implement the much needed change not only in terms of just economics but defense / social change to people mindset esp when u r in a position of power and people are willing to listen to you. What this govt has done via him is to only play on people’s fears and make false promises. A decisive mandate after 30 long years wasted which would enable him to sweep away the remnants of India’s socialist past, eliminate corruption, strengthen weak institutions and place India on a high-growth trajectory.

        Coming to today’s attack Uri, Pathankot and now CRPF India’s hardest targets have been hit with a still hopeless directionless government and all they engage is in trumpeting videos of its surgical strikes and engages in mythological shows with religious symbolism and pours communal poison as if the enemy is people living among them than the ones at the border.

        What happened to corruption? Not even one vip scamsters is in jail? Was he ever serious about fighting corruption? Even the few VVIPs jailed by Manmohan Singh (such as fmr Telecom Minister A Raja) were released after Modi took office.Basic law and order itself is all over the place and common man started to witness cop killing which is a big no for any society if any sort of decorum needs to be maintained. There should be no mercy to killers of a cop….there is no fear among people for anything….. the list is long and cannot be debated on blogs and because he is in power my frustrations will be directed to him….

        Common citizens of India is caught between the two camps could remain ever clueless, confused, in constant chaos, controlled & above ALL CHEATED!!!!


        • But when a RW nitwit writes something atrocious , indefensible and frankly offensive , it is seedha linked to Modi sud rejine ?
          wahan kahan chala jaata hai yeh Tark ?
          I still did not see you write anything against the terrorists and Pakistan ?
          Koi khaas wajah ?


          • Dilli prem 🙂
            Sab liberals ka dil se wala prem hain Pakistan.
            Check tweets of Barkhas, Sagarikas, Wires, scrolls and BW liberals….
            No naming of Pakistan when Jaish claimed it…
            See foreign media, calling India claims Jaish has done it…
            Jaish claimed it and released video of suicide bomber.
            Suicide bomber bol raha hain

            #Pulwama terrorist called Hindus as cow-piss drinkers. Sounds familiar ? This is the same rhetoric seculars, kangressis, commies & jihadis use to address Hindus, BJP supporters etc.

            Now you know where this terrorist is coming from. Don’t forget. Be always aware.” via SM


          • This is the hard truth –


          • Saara tark yahin hai but I feel today is not the day for this as just reading the gory details and just sad day to see so much hatred all around. I would request administrators here to remove part of the comment on Modi mismanagement and as i said earlier would comment when Election post is created in the near future.

            Ref to Pak since I live in U.S. a foreign land and willingly chose to be with a multinational / multicultural / multilingual society plus it’s never good to generalize people but that is one set I can never stand. I would say something further on ‘Imaan Dharam’ but at this time all I will only state my comment on Pakistanis is the only one deleted by this blog administrator for crossing limits of decency / racist and fractious few years back and it might be in the archive. I don’t regret that and not that I care but I have never been a Pak sympathizer and never will be and I have my own reasons and it’s not based on cast, creed, region or religion or even terror backing or what have u…..they get amply hammered on these fronts on a daily basis.

            Plus one thought before I leave for the day when we as Indians are competing with world super powers in every aspect why would we even think of a country like Pak? Today is an exception but prior to this too just look at our media, a single day in Indian media will not pass if they do not talk about Pakistan. Since our birth all we hear is Pak and Pak…..Either square them off or just decide to live peacefully if there are no other options ….like what the Americans do with Canadians /Mexican or the Europeans decided to do with Euro . How much resources would be diverted towards serving a better purpose.

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          • Print had got this story and so should have our intelligence and be more vigilant –


          • All these Shekhar Guptas , Arun Shouries and NRams were never commies and were hardliners and think tank of Hindutva brigade not long back and IE is full of articles by them and many targeting previous set up. Just being anti Modi does not make them anti nationals.


          • N Ram was not a Commie ???
            Dude he is a card carrying member of CPI.
            He wrote an oped supporting the nuclear deal, and within days when Karat scolded him, he came up with another Oped criticizing the very same deal .
            search it up.


          • Re.-I don’t regret that and not that I care but I have never been a Pak sympathizer and never will be and I have my own reasons and it’s not based on cast, creed, region or religion or even terror backing or what have u…..they get amply hammered on these fronts on a daily basis.

            Lagta hai Ishq mein bahut vaddda dhoka khaya aapney kissi Pakistani sey. LOL !!


          • ye ishq nahīñ āsāñ itnā hī samajh liije

            ik aag kā dariyā hai aur Duub ke jaanā hai 🙂

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          • “Lagta hai Ishq mein bahut vaddda dhoka khaya aapney kissi Pakistani sey. LOL !!”

            Nahin bhai this issue is from birth and that’s why i cannot pinpoint… ishq toh door ki baat. Btw here Pakis have a very high divorce rate 🙂

            But yes, have been bitten by the fraud mentality of few of them in business. I handle Indian /Persian Gulf / Far East sector for my company due to my background and have done so much biz with Gujjus on the west coast and assisted them to make money due to nationality and they cherish the biz and honor the deals and we have do so much biz thereafter and continue to do so. On the other hand Pak clients (may be those particular ones ) just screwed me via my company as if this was a one time deal whereas if they kept relations they could benefit for the longer run and more profit.(sone ka anda dene waali murgi waali kahawat ).
            I nearly lost my job so kaan pakde ab…

            I don’t know much on NRam’s past though I know he was heavily anti congress and the one to unearth the Bofors scam.
            Meanwhile what I heard is NRam is currently a front for Mukesh Ambani and behind the leaks for Rafael deal. Like movie there is a blind in politics now too. Most of Modi’s problems are caused by Mukesh Ambani these days as per this article and there is talk of pushing Nitin Gadkari too…..

            But what is clearly known in Delhi circle is Modi told Anil Ambani to enter Defense sector out of nowhere to get over his financial woes and this is how this scam generated and Namo is wrong here if he is the one fighting corruption.

            Read this blind:


            Motabhai Versus Modi
            If NaMo does not strike back now then he may well pack his bags to return to Vadnagar


    • Ranveer has arrived! 20+ day 1, maybe close to a 100 crore weekend, 200 + lifetime total for sure. And reviews are astounding, so trending should be good too.

      That is 3 back to back 200 + films for him in 12 months, and 3 completely different films. I think he has a huge youth audience which all of us here on this blog are getting too old to understand/experience lol. Next is the 1983 World Cup movie which should easily do 300 crores and then he has Karan Johar’s film which should open big and then crash because content will be atrocious so maybe 200-250 crores. Meanwhile Ranbir has 2 big budget action movies coming up in the same time frame, and he absolutely sucks at Action. The movie with Alia should be fine because KJO is there, but that Shamshera one looks like another Thugs type disaster for all involved.

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  19. The scale of this terror strike has exceeded even that of the Uri attack on September 2016, when four heavily armed terrorists targeted an army brigade headquarters — causing 19 deaths. The Indian army had responded with a cross-border surgical strike in which several enemy installations were reportedly destroyed.

    This is the worst terror attack to take place in Kashmir since the start of the century. On October 1, 2001, three terrorists had rammed a Tata Sumo loaded with explosives into the main gate of the Jammu and Kashmir State Legislative Assembly complex in Srinagar — killing 38 people.


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  21. BHOPAL: Doctors declared the father of Rajendra Kumar Mishra — Bhopal Additional Director General of Police (Selection and Recruitment) — dead last month, but he has not given up hope. The senior police officer has been administering ayurvedic medicines to his parent’s motionless body ever since it was brought home on January 14 from a private hospital, where doctors had struggled in vain for 20 hours to save him.

    The 1987-batch officer has recruited an elderly Ayurveda practitioner to revive his 84-year-old father, K Mishra, who was declared clinically dead on January 14. Hospital sources said he had suffered malfunctioning of the kidneys, lungs and heart, following which a death certificate was issued. Things, however, changed after Rajendra Kumar Mishra brought his father home that evening.

    “After a detailed examination, the vaidyacharya (Ayurveda practitioner) found signs of life in my father. He told me that my father was only in an unconscious state, and upon discovering that his critical health indicators were responding positively, we immediately put him on oxygen support. Simultaneously the vaidyacharya started treating my father with traditional Indian medicine formulations prepared with herbs sourced from dense forests in Hoshangabad and Chhindwara,” the police officer said.

    He says he’s happy about the progress his father has made with the traditional treatment.

    “My father is responding well to ayurvedic treatment, and no negative signs were seen in his body over the last 31 days. On the contrary, the toxins that had filled up in his body because of the allopathic treatment are being expelled. I know there are no guarantees, but I have complete trust in our traditional system of medicine – which is known to have fully revived cases such as these,” said Rajendra Kumar Mishra.

    Sources at the police officer’s house claim that they have witnessed several positive developments, including “healthy changes” to the skin and even involuntary eye movements.

    Doctors at the Bhopal-based Bansal Hospital, where the police officer’s father was admitted with extreme breathlessness around 8.30 pm on January 13, refused to believe reports of the miraculous traditional treatment. “The elderly patient had a history of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He was first rendered non-invasive ventilation along with appropriate medications, and later put on ventilator and dialysis after his urine output fell to zero. However, despite the best efforts of our consultant pulmonologist and critical care experts, he suffered cardiac arrest,” an official source at the hospital said.

    Efforts to revive the police officer’s father had gone in vain, the source claimed. “We tried cardiac massage as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but the patient was declared dead at 4:30 pm on January 14,” he added.


  22. You can do good to people when you have money to start with:


  23. A true game changer for Akshay Kumar

    2.0 Final Collections All Formats
    Thursday 14 February 2019 11.15 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    2.0 became the greatest all time film for the Tamil film industry as not only did it have the highest figures ever in terms of raw numbers but it is also the the highest inflation adjusted grosser as no Tamil film in history has ever crossed 400 crore nett or 500 gross even in adjusted numbers. The footfalls of the film are around 4.25 crore and no Tamil film before as even topped 3 crore footfalls in India. The final NETT was a little over 413 crore nett

    The film became the highest grossing Tamil film in Hindi markets, Nizam / Andhra and Karnataka. In Tamil it became the second highest NETT grosser after Endhiran (2010) and the highest ever in GROSS but now the January release Viswasam (2019) has become the highest NETT grosser and the highest film in GROSS also. (these are outside Bahubali – The Conclusion which is from the Telugu industry)

    The final collections of 2.0 on all formats is as follows.

    Hindi – 1,85,89,00,000

    Tamil Nadu – 1,00,68,00,000 (Not Including Hindi version)

    Nizam / Andhra – 71,96,00,000 (Not Including Hindi version)

    Karnataka – 33,93,00,000 (Not including Hindi version)

    Kerala – 15,73,00,000

    Others – 5,11,00,000 (Tamil / Telugu across Hindi markets)

    TOTAL – 4,13,30,00,000

    The Overseas markets grossed $19.50 million which is also a record for Tamils films by a huge margin. The final worldwide gross is as follows (this is without a China or Japan release which could happen)

    India – 5,19,65,00,000

    Overseas – 1,36,16,00,000

    TOTAL – 6,55,81,00,000

    The 656 crore apprx makes it the sixth highest grossing Indian film ever across the world allowing for all formats of release.


  24. January 2019 is Very Good for indian Film industry where Uri and Manikarnika ATBB/Hit resp and Down South Petta and Viswasam broke records. Excited for This month’s Two releases #gullyboy and #TotalDhamaal


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  26. Gully Boy Has A Good First Day
    Friday 15 February 2018 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy had a good first day as it collected in the 18.5 crore nett range ith phenomenal collections in a few metros. Overall it was suoer strong in places and low in other places but due to Mumbai city, Pune and Bangalore puttng up huge numbers it has come out to be a good first day.

    The opening is the second best ever for Ranveer Singh after Simmba and the best ever for Alia Bhatt. It is not a holiday but Valentines Day has given a film boost and it will be the second day that will tell how much of a boost. the second day figure will probably be the real value first day number.

    The collections in Mumbai circuit will hit 7 crore nett and that is with an average performance in Gujarat. Delhi / UP will get upto a decent 3.50-3.75 crore due to Delhi city and Noida being good while UP is low. East Punjab is 1.75 crore nett with a huge ratio from Gurgaon. South India has done well with Mysore close to 1.50 crore nett and Nizam / Andhra near 1 crore nett.

    Generally its a huge performance in the metros and satellite towns of metros though not so good elsewhere. Despite only performing well in five cities the film has come out with a good first day number which gives the films agood chance of scoring with that target audience.

    The local Mumbai feel as pushed the collections in Mumbai city and Pune though it can also mean that the film Mumbai centric in the long run as that feel may not relate as much in other parts of the country. The film had a wide release of 3350 screens for a film of its type but a huge ratio has come from the 50 odd big multiplexes.

    Its a four day weekend which means a good extended weekend for the film as this starting point is good and then it will be about that all important Monday


    • Expected more tbh from all the occupancy reports. Still a good number but expected north of 20Cr at least!


      • indian john Says:

        Print count is 3350, nothing like 5000 screens get Big movies. Also, 15-20% less ticket price than SIMBBA, check bollytrick report.


      • At one stage BOI were suggesting 30 cr nett. Guess Single screens didn’t come to the party. Doesn’t BOI realize this is an Excel offering of European type cinema.


    • Taran’s number is 18.7Cr. Looks like 65-75Cr 4 day weekend. Opening day considering genre is a very good day.


      • Normal trending would mean 70cr weekend, 100cr 1st week and 150cr lifetime. But let’s see how the trending is during the weekend and then on Monday. Recent films that have been appreciated have trended really well.

        The degree of appreciation is the key here.


      • He has revised it to 19.4 crores now.


        • Very good number either way. This is the DCH, RDB, BMB, Barfi kind of trajectory. Film that is mainly for multiplex so anything above 150Cr total will be phenomenal. 200Cr looks a stretch now, but not ruling it out.

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    Awantipora terror attack: Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and others express angst over death of soldiers
    Many Bollywood celebs including Aamir, Alia, Ranveer took to Twitter and expressed their angst over the death of soldiers.


  28. Uri – The Surgical Strike Creates History In Week Five
    Friday 15 February 2018 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Uri – The Surgical Strike created history in week five with collections of 18.25 crore nett. This is more than what Bahubali – The Conclusion, 3 Idiots, Dangal, Gadar and all the other big blockbuster over the last 20 years collected in week five.

    The five week total is 218.50 crore nett and the film will cruise past the 225 crore nett mark. It should go past 225 crore nett in week six itself though it will see a drop this week due to the release of Gully Boy. Till date the film has not even seen a 50% weekly drop though it could happen this week due to the competition.

    The footfalls of the film have crossed 1.75 crore which puts up there among the biggest medium / small budget films in history. Jai Santoshi Maa (1975) is the biggest ever with 4 crore plus footfalls and there a couple more with 2 crore plus footfalls but Uri – The Surgical Strike will be among the top five with Tanu Weds Manu Returns being the only other film in recent times in the top ten. The collections of Uri – The Surgical Strike are as follows.

    Week One – 71,23,00,000

    Week Two – 62,76,00,000

    Week Three – 37,06,00,000

    Week Four – 29,30,00,000

    Fifth Week – 18,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 2,18,60,00,000 apprx


  29. On the whole, Gully Boy is a blockbuster. Its hookline, ‘Apna time aayega’, is so identifiable that it will resonate with the audience. There would be a section of the audience which may find the rap songs too much to handle but there will be a huge chunk of young viewers who would go bonkers over the film. Repeat audiences will be aplenty. Yes, the film may not work in several centres but its business from the big and medium cities will be so huge that it will turn out to be a richly rewarding enterprise


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  31. Like

    • Look at the footfalls in Noida. It’s higher than Race 3 by 10%

      Almost equal to TOH. And this is Noida, a suburb of Delhi! These numbers are absolutely crazy.


  32. Varun had auditioned for Dhobi Ghat, Prateik Babbar’s
    part but didn’t get through


  33. Anyone who talks peace now should be slapped on the streets : Kangana Ranaut

    Lioness among flock of coward lambs of BW.

    Now expect more attack on her from liberals

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  34. Gully Boy Day Two Early Estimate
    Saturday 16 February 2019 15.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy is looking at a 30-35% drop on its second day with collections set to be in the 12.50-13 crore nett range. This is par for the course as the first day was boosted by Valentines Day. The collections on day two also mean that real value for day one was about 13-14 crore nett which means around a 40% boost for Valentines Day. Its higher than normal but mainly because it was youth film for metros.

    The second day saw some cinemas in Mumbai city and Bangalore dropping just 25% but then there were others in Jodhpur, Kanpur, Gwalior etc which dropped around 45%. As long as the target audience of the big metros maintains the film will do well. The A, B and C centres were always going to be a tough ask due to the content and the hero Ranveer Singh does not have the pull in these places yet to somewhat compensate for the content.

    The two day collections are around 32 crore nett which is a good total and puts the film in a good position but it also needs forward momentum in the metros over weekend to ensure a good weekend trend. The weekend collections will be good anyway due to the first day boost and its about the trend.


    • I am surprised at the drop. A normal holiday would have meant an opening of at least 60% above normal. V day has given a 40%. So a 20% drop for a well loved film would have been decent.


    • A non holiday thursday release 2.0 (Hindi dubbed), sold at 80Cr in hindi market, similar to Gully Boys, comparatively did phenomenally well with only 10% drop.

      The first two two day collections of 2.0 (Hindi) were as follows

      Thursday – 20,00,00,000 apprx
      Friday – 18,00,00,000 apprx

      TOTAL – 38,00,00,000 apprx

      Both 2.0 Hindi and Gully Boyz have garnered similar review – critics and audience.

      Hence the day 2 fall is quite surprising.


      • Hardly a sane comparison! 2.0 is an out and out mainstream blockbuster type film with a $75mm cost attached to it (and bumped up ticket prices with 3d, Imax etc). Gully Boy is purely a multiplex film with inferior ticket prices. Better to compare with Gold or Padman if trying to dig for an Akshay and Ranveer comparison.

        Day1 National holiday Wednesday 25Cr (with competition)
        Day2 Thursday 7Cr
        Day3 Friday 10Cr
        Day4 Saturday 12Cr
        Day5 Sunday 14Cr
        Day6 Monday 3.5Cr

        You can see the trend here…

        Or Padman, though here it’s a done deal that Gully Boy will probably beat it’s collections in 8 days flat, so not bothering to post it’s day wise collections as they are already much lower by nearly half with Day 1 just hitting double digits by a few lakhs! In fact Gully Boy’s 2nd day is bigger than Padman’s 1st day.

        Compare Simmba with 2.0 or Padmaavat or Bajirao Mastani!

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      • My only reason to compare with 2.0 was the day 2 collection with a similar release size, overall positivity and Thursday release.


        • But not similar genres or appeal to audiences. The Thursday to Friday trend is not unusual (or of huge significance) – it would be damning if the Saturday and Sunday trend was NOT positive but seems like Saturday is looking like a good start. Friday can be explained by being a working day and Thursday opening much better than it should have.

          2.0 can be explained by Thursday NOT opening like a blockbuster film but Friday catching up because of positive WOM and if I recall 2.0 had great business in single screens whereas Gully Boy is negligible there.


          • Fair enough. I was a bit alarmed with Friday’s collections but as you are saying Saturday is going to be big, then all is well.


          • It’s normal to drop after a holiday of sorts. Vday is no official holiday though so first day is not like a holiday. It’s just a day when couples are more likely to go cinema then a working day so in that sense you’d expect the drop following a national holiday to be steeper. A 30% drop is ok. If it was single digits probably significance is more. If Saturday was flat to Friday then it’s not good but the closer it is to Thursday the better the trend. Sunday probably should beat Thursday.

            I did expect better collections but the trend is acceptable.


          • We like to compare a lot of films with Padman. But it was a film on menstruation and it is not an audience friendly genre in India. Whatever it did was remarkable.

            As for Gully Boy, it also never had the universal kind of appeal. So, a 200cr plus total is always going to be difficult.

            I do think it may end fold up at around 130-135cr mark and it will be an outstanding result for a film that is performing really well at high end multiplexes and metros only.

            The only problem is that with films like Simmba, 2.0 and Uri successively, we are now becoming used to seeing huge lifetime totals.

            But Gully Boy is performing better than I expected for a film in its genre. Before the trailers came out, I thought it was going to be a 70-75cr lifetime kind of deal.


          • I’d rather compare Gully Boy to Padman than 2.0. I know which is more sincere comparison. The release timing of both Gully Boy and Padman were similar. They both appeal to limited audiences. Akshay at the time was coming off successes likewise Ranveer.

            I’ve already said based on pre release expectations Gully Boy could have done a bit more. Quite a few people in trade expected 25Cr+, in that sense the same was expected of 2.0 opening day too. But once the base is set it’s always about the trend. The trend of Gold and Padman was not there, Gully Boy can be judged after Monday. The 2nd day is early.


          • Padman is quite incomparable to contemporary films. It might be compared to
            Margarita with a straw
            or a Parched

            None of those had a star doing it.

            The movie is from a different league and don’t think any other star, incl Akshay, is making a movie similar to this.


            Gully Boys is more like Gold in its limited appeal and that comparison is fair i think, if one has to. Gold of course did not have a WoM similar to what Gully Boys is getting.


          • Agreed. A film on menstruation, where practically every scene of the first half only talks about menstruation and its related hygiene problems is a highly taboo subject in India. Most people would never talk about it openly in close family circles, forget going to watch a film on it in the theaters. As taboo as a film on homosexuality. It is nothing like a film on rap songs.

            As for Gully Boy, I found Rangan’s review quite positive and it does seem the WOM is very good. It may defy the usual trending norms and end up with very high numbers. The start is very strong and today’s reports are very good once again.

            Agree with Jay here that Monday numbers are going to be the telling ones. 8cr Monday will probably lead it to around 130-135cr total. But a double digit Monday will take it to a higher total.


  35. Like

    • 2nd Day in both Bombay and Delhi is higher than Simmba’s FIRST day!

      Has dropped around 20% in Ahemadabad and Jaipur compared to Simmba’s first day. Indore is the same (as Simmba’s first day).


      • According to addatoday, Saturday opening is lower than Thursday but higher than Friday…every chance it could get close to Thursday figures by end of day. Tbh I did expect 10-20% more on each day so far. Maybe 25Cr day1 and 15Cr day2 but it’s being patronized by a slim audience in just major cities…so will need to work hard to even hit 150Cr now.


    • Day 2 fall compared to Day 1 is in 35-45% range.
      Are these premium plexes? If yes, not a good news.


  36. Popular drama series, Breaking Bad is getting a sequel in the form of a movie!

    Aaron Paul will be reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman in the upcoming flick, which will be streaming on Netflix first before heading over to AMC, which is currently the home for Breaking Bad prequel series, Better Call Saul.

    According to Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming movie will be written by original series creator Vince Gilligan, who will executive produce the project alongside franchise collaborators Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein.

    Gilligan, sources say, will direct the film, which will follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.

    It is unclear whether Bryan Cranston who played the lead in the show will return as Walter White.

    “It’s a great story and there are a lot of people who felt that they wanted to see some kind of completion to some of these storylines that were left open [in the series finale],” Cranston said on The Dan Patrick Show.

    “This idea, from what I’m told, gets into those — at least a couple of the character show were not completed, as far as their journey.”

    He added, “I don’t know if there’s an appearance — flashbacks, flash forwards — but I’m excited about it because it’s Breaking Bad and it was the greatest professional period of my life and I can’t wait to see all those people again, even if I just come by to visit.”

    source: PTI


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  38. Like

  39. James Cameron renews attack on superhero movies, targets Aquaman
    Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron has said that he didn’t find Aquaman to be realistic. The filmmaker has previously criticised the Marvel movies and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

    Every time James Cameron is on some publicity tour, he finds a way to slam superhero movies. After taking digs at Avengers and Wonder Woman, Cameron has set his target on the recent Aquaman.

    Cameron, who considers himself a bit of an expert on underwater sequences (it is rumoured that a significant portion of the Avatar sequels is set underwater), has said that he found Aquaman lacking in realism.

    “I think its great fun,” Cameron told Yahoo. “I think its a movie I could have never made. Truthfully. I could have never made that film because it requires this total dreamlike disconnect from any sense of physics or reality. It exists somewhere between a Greek mythic landscape and a fairy tale landscape. And people just kind of zoom around underwater because … they propel themselves mentally? I guess? I don’t know. But it’s cool. You buy it on its own terms. But I’ve spent thousands of hours underwater. I’m very literal about my underwater. It needs to look like it’s real. And while I can enjoy that film I don’t resonate with it because it doesn’t look real.”

    He continued, “And by the way, (Aquaman) doesn’t help us with our issues of actually understanding the ocean and exploring the ocean and preserving the ocean — though they did throw in a couple things like whales and things like that to remind us we are using the ocean as a garbage dump, so I applaud the film for that. Yeah, I couldn’t have made that movie. We’re doing a lot of underwater in the Avatar sequels and it’s going to have such a different feel.”

    Cameron has been critical of superhero films in the past. He had previously said that he hopes fans would get tired of the Marvel movies. “I’m hoping we’re going to start getting Avenger fatigue. Not that I don’t love the movies. It’s just, come on, guys, there are other stories to tell besides, you know, hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process.” Fans were quick to point out that Cameron has four Avatar sequels in the works and is currently producing the sixth film in his Terminator series.

    In another instance, Cameron called Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman ‘a step backwards’ and the character ‘an objectified icon’. Jenkins issued the following response: “James Cameron’s inability to understand what Wonder Woman is, or stands for, to women all over the world is unsurprising as, though he is a great filmmaker, he is not a woman … I believe women can and should be EVERYTHING just like male lead characters should be. There is no right and wrong kind of powerful woman.”

    After Jenkins responded to Cameron’s comments, the filmmaker doubled down on his initial stance. “Yes, I’ll stand by that,” he told the Hollywood reporter. “I mean, she was Miss Israel, and she was wearing a kind of bustier costume that was very form-fitting. She’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. To me, that’s not breaking ground.”


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      but didn’t JC just produced Alita-the battle angel????? which is kind of Superwoman film – and a good one!


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  42. On the other hand, she also took a jibe at Shabana Azmi calling off the Karachi event where she was invited to felicitate the works of her father Kaifi Azmi. The actress not only called the yesteryear veteran actress ‘anti-national’ but also accused her of being the one of them who promotes Bharat Tere Tukade Honge gangs. She also questioned about why Shabana agreed for an event in Karachi when the work of Pakistani artists in India was banned after the Uri attacks. The actress went on to tell during the interview that the Bollywood film industry has many such anti-nationals who are planning to ruin the country. She went on to claim that Pakistan destruction is the need of the hour and Pakistan ban is currently a matter of focus.

    In a recent interview when she was asked for her views on the attack she condemned the terror attacks saying that Pakistan has not only violated our nation’s security but they have also attacked the dignity of our citizens by openly threatening and humiliating everyone. She believes that as a nation we need to take decisive actions or else our silence will be misunderstood for our cowardice. Terming this as an incident where Bharat is bleeding, the actress asserted that the killing of the sons of the land is not a matter to be taken lightly and that non-violence and peace isn’t the way to respond anymore and that we must indeed fight back against such a horrendous incident.

    The incident of Pulwama attack that posed as a major threat to the security of Indian jawans and caused the loss of over 40 CRPF officials has left the nation in shock. Many Bollywood celebrities took to social media and other platforms to vent out their anger over the incident where Jammu Kashmir yet again became a major victim to terror attacks. One amongst them was Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi actress Kangana Ranaut! She not only expressed grief over the incident but also went on to call out some Bollywood celebrities like Shabana Azmi as anti-nationals.


    • Shabana Azmi shaken by Pulwama attack, says all cultural exchanges with Pakistan must stop

      Shabana Azmi always believed the borders between the two warring nations India and Pakistan must not be sealed against cultural exchanges. But now after the dastardly and gruesome Pulawama attack Shabana feels all communication and exchange with Pakistan must stop. Says the activist actress, “We will need to call halt to cultural exchange as of now. There is no way we can carry on when our martyrs are laying down their lives are for us. I stand in solidarity with the grieving families.”

      Recuperating in hospital from an attack of swine flu she says, “I am filled with pain and grief by the dastardly #Pulwama attack. For the 1st time in all these years I feel weakened in my belief that people to people contact can force the Establishment to do the right thing. Javed and I were invited by Karachi Arts Council for a 2 day event celebrating my father Kaifi Azmi’s birth centenary. I appreciate that our hosts have mutually agreed to cancel the event at the nth hour in wake of the Pulwama attack. Rekhta has also cancelled their 3 day celebration in Dubai which included a show of our play Kaifi aur Main by IPTA. All Indians stand united as one.”

      Filmmaker Aditya Dhar whose Uri a film on the gruesome attack on Indian soldiers by Pakistan has created box office havoc, has taken the latest attack very personally. “This attack is truly heart-breaking. I don’t know why but now after having made Uri I am taking this attack very personally. I think our Government needs to take the strongest action to ensure such carnage doesn’t happen again.”

      Aditya who at one point in time was contemplating directing a film with Pakistan’s Fawad Khan, also feels like Shabana that Pakistan’s artistes must be banned in India for now. “Just as Pakistan is being isolated in every way possible the country should be isolated in matters of cultural exchange also. After this latest attack we should sever all ties and stop all communication with Pakistan.”


  43. We can safely divulge that Irrfan Khan has no plans of being part of Hindi Medium 2. A friend of the actor reveals, “Irrfan is recuperating slowly. He won’t be returning to acting for a while now. The process of healing is slow and exhausting. Even after full recovery he won’t be allowed to get back to work for at least a year. So there is no question of doing Hindi Medium 2 or any other film in the immediate future.”

    In the meanwhile the Hindi Medium director Saket Chowdhary has distanced himself entirely from the Hindi Medium sequel. As far as Saket is concerned, he’s done telling the story he wanted to. That leaves the producer Dinesh Vijan with a hit film that he wants to franchise without its leading man or director.



    Gully Boy Box Office Day 3 Advance Booking Report: BEST Performing Day, Sunday Yet To Arrive!
    Let’s take a look at the major centers and the booking response:


  45. URI collects Rs 1.15 Cr on 6th Fri. Looking at 240 Cr now.
    The best trending films of past 10-15 years.


  46. Kangana Ranaut CONFIRMS making a biopic on her life | Bollywood News

    Kangana Ranaut has confirmed she is indeed making a biopic on her life and ‘Bahubali’ writer K.V Vijayendra Prasad will write her biopic and she will be directing her own biopic.


  47. Tapsee to act in one telugu film per year.

    This film is a bilingual(Telugu and Tamil) and Tapsee will be seen in a wheelchair throughout the film.

    It is a thriller.

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  48. Will Smith (yes, the one from Hollywood) praising Ranveer!


  49. @Saket Gully Boy in one hour 😀
    Alia before Gaga!

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  50. HR vs Tiger film releasing on Diwali?



    Finally, it looks like director giant SS Rajamouli has found a leading lady for his heroes. And then, this leading lady is not just the superstar from Bollywood but also becomes the only starlet for our two star heroes, Jr NTR and Ram Charan.

    #RRR is the most awaited film everyone is looking for, and the latest update we are hearing regarding this movie is that Bollywood siren Alia Bhatt is said to have signed the dotted line. And she will be the only leading lady in the film, while RRR will have another foreign girl as a second heroine.

    Though there were reports earlier that Alia Bhatt has quoted 6 crores to star in the film and hence Rajamouli backstepped from roping her in, it looks like the pay packet deal is now sorted out. And if this comes true, definitely Ali Bhatt will bring super attention to the movie in Bollywood circles.


  52. ‘Narakaasurudu’ FL: Aravind Swami & Sundeep Kishan’s thriller

    Narakaasurudu’ starring Aravind Swami, Sundeep Kishan and Shriya Saran in the lead roles had its first look launch.

    The poster has all the lead actors in a fiery look and car in the bottom which says it might be a crucial thing in the movie.

    ‘Narakaasurudu’ is a thriller and the first look poster teases it’s genre quite adequately.
    Written and directed by Karthik Naren of ‘Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru’ fame, the film is the official dubbed version of Tamil movie ‘Naragasooran.’

    The Tamil and Telugu version will simultaneously hit the screens in early summer.
    ‘Narakaasurudu’ is being produced by Koneru Satyanarayana and it’s a Ramesh Varma Penmetsa Production.


  53. Halfway point. Gully Boy is bubbling up nicely. I’m not a huge fan of rap at all, even 8 Mile it was more about the competition and reasons for why someone tries to defy the odds and likewise Gully Boy is full of several tracks that are interesting and very relevant. Hopefully second half is good too.

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    • Excellent film but this is pretty much for youth. I doubt my parents generation could connect. Some highly explosive moments but felt something was missing. The ending is lukewarm but take nothing away from performances here. Ranveer and Alia are electric, but the former really is the star of the show.

      Possibly the ending is like it is as the rise of Murad is a quiet boy who makes it big.


  54. tonymontana Says:

    My Gully Boy review:

    The film ticks all the boxes of fine filmmaking. Scores in technical departments and extracts great performances from its cast.

    The focus on and around rap was a fine touch: the kind of music rarely explored in Hindi cinema. We’ve had movies around music, but in the film you are energized enough to give a standing ovation everytime at the end of a song. The rage in the lyrics is palpable!

    Falls short of being extraordinary though. Doesn’t really have the X factor most classics have that makes them, even flawed ones, hypnotic experiences. This is a film an academic topper might deliver, but I wonder if It will be too harsh calling it soulless.

    Don’t get me wrong: I loved the film, but … well.. im still looking for the right word to express my (kind of) displeasure

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  55. For those who have seen Gully Boy, is it better than Luck By Chance?


  56. Tried watching the Gully Bot concert on Prime last night , turned it off after 10 minutes … # bilkul Chutiyapa


  57. Ok, so my short take: I loved, loved, loved Gully Boy. I’m not going to lie — it’s so real, so authentic, that it made me cry at least a few times. It’s the first almost-great film that Zoya Akhtar has made and her craft is immaculate in this one. I’ve never loved Bombay, as a city, but boy did this film make me want to be a Bombay-ite.

    It’s a film that has rap in it but it’s not about rap. This is the subtle difference.

    Will write more later and will end by saying that everyone should watch this film. EVERYONE!

    It would take someone too cruel of heart to not like this one. Dead serious about that last comment.

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    • Always like such reviews which comes straight from the heart. Will surely watch GB now.


    • Will also add this — it’s not a straightforward crowd-pleaser. It’s very much an artistic film. Zoya seems to love inserting moments of silence, tones down the melodrama and at times gives the film a docudrama feel. A rip-roaring Dangal this ain’t.

      It’s more on the lines of Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera but is easily more accessible, and entertaining, than the former. Needless to say, I love Lootera as a film as well.


      • I’d say the way the songs shot on and through Murad are very unique. His turmoil, silences and motivations are captured impressively. But I feel there is something missing for me at a personal level to really recognise and feel the fire in his belly. I was on the brink much more with A Star Is Born. Both films have some similarities. Murad’s line about making his reality his dream when he inverts his father’s own lesson of life was the most powerful moment in the film. It’s a lesson for any passion follower to go for it relentlessly. I’m glad I watched both back to back.

        Actually Gaga surprised me more than anyone. Absolutely loved her performance, so raw. Never expected it at all. I knew early on in A Star Is Born it would end badly and in that sense both films were predictable but watching predictability happen and unfold was thoroughly enjoyable.

        I hope everyone does give Gully Boy a shot although I wouldn’t recommend to some people in my circle as I’m sure the rap will put them off. But Saket’s right, park the rap…there is much more to it than rap. There are upteen tracks in Gully Boy and Murad has a story within a story in practically each of them.

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        • Also a sigh of relief on the DJ Sher character. If that character was a correct resemblance to a real life one than that real life character is one in million too. To be so supportive in a very competitive environment is and was very cool. I thought he might be a backstabber but wasn’t, which was great! Alia was predictable, a role and performance that is been there done that feel to it. She’s feisty and above all quite funny. Of course Ranveer absolutely deserves all accolades by a distance.

          I’m still more of a A Star Is Born fan overall so limiting my praise for Gully Boy a bit deliberately! I preferred the songs in the former, reminded me of Whitney Houston.

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  58. Gully Boy Has A Good Saturday
    Saturday 16 February 2019 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy had a good Saturday as it collected around 18.50 crore nett as per early estimates as it went up around 45% after the 35% drop on Friday. Basically the five metros were back to levels of day one and the 50 lakh odd shortfall from day one will be from the mass centres.

    It takes the total collections of the film to 50.50 crore nett with the Sunday to come. If the mass centres are to come on board it will be on Sunday but the film is totally being driven by the metros at a level which has not been seen before for a film with collections at these levels. There have been smaller films but there weekends are normally within the 30 crore nett range.

    Mumbai circuit will have collections in the 19 crore nett range in three days and this is when the Gujarat contribution is just 3.25 crore nett. Gujarat is normally 30-33% of the circuit and here it is almost half of that.


  59. Though this track is utterly romantic but remove a layer and delve into the lyrics a bit more and you realize not all love is romance…
    …non romantic love needs more credit and it can be a love between friends, a love between family members, self-love, a larger love shared within a community, and the list goes on… fact, friendship and family bonds alone have a wildly positive effect on the psyche.

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  60. Balasubrahmanyam is gold standard for Salman’s playback and here the Madhuri combo adds to the magic.

    Hope romance and romantic songs remains trademark of bollywood and never go out of fashion.
    Thank you YouTube for reliving few of these classics not long ago!

    We have all our little struggles and actively find ways to get through them if we put a little piece of our heart into …

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    • The idea of romance keeps changing with the generations.
      We will see new bonds of friendship taking dominance over the love for cousins/siblings/parents. That seems to be current reality. We are getting more westernised in our relations. Not saying good or bad here. Just sharing an observation.


  61. Raj Thackeray’s Party Asks Music Companies To Drop Pakistan Singers
    The party said the companies should stop working with Pakistani singers immediately or they would take action.

    “We have verbally communicated to Indian music companies like T-Series, Sony Music, Venus, Tips Music etc to not work with Pakistani singers. These companies should stop it immediately or we will take action in our own style,” Amey Khopkar, head of the MNS Chitrapat Sena told PTI.

    Recently, Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series had collaborated with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam for two different singles.

    “They have removed their songs (from the company’s YouTube channel) post our warning,” Mr Khopkar claimed.

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  62. Gully Boy Box Office Day 4 Advance Booking Report: Tickets Are Selling Like Hot Cakes In Metros!
    Let’s take a look at the major cities to get a clearer picture about the advance booking reports:


  63. Salman Khan cancels his film’s trailer launch.


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  67. boi

    Uri – The Surgical Strike doubled up again from Friday on Saturday and is basically unaffected by the competition from Gully Boy. This film is now doing most of the business in metros where Gully Boy is very strong but it is not slowing down. The film has become more topical due to the events of the last few days which could give it and extended run.

    The collections are now over 222 crore nett and it should cross 225 crore nett today (Sunday). There could be an outside chance the film can go 240 crore nett plus and move one place higher on the all time NETT grosser list.

    The insane record would be 10 crore nett sixth week but that looks tough to do even for Uri – The Surgical Strike. The collections of Uri – The Surgical Strike are as follows.

    Week One – 71,23,00,000

    Week Two – 62,76,00,000

    Week Three – 37,06,00,000

    Week Four – 29,30,00,000

    Fifth Week – 18,73,00,000

    Friday – 1,15,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 2,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 2,22,48,00,000 apprx


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  69. I am seeing the comments in Toi.
    They are full of hatred for the Khans as if they are responsible for this mayhem.
    They say why they have not commented. But all the Khans expressed their anguish. Just check. And why not immediately?
    When Salman says that he contributed, then the anger is turned to the other Khans. But not to other hindu actors who have yet to announce their contribution.
    Every occassion like this is used to vomit frustration against the Khans and ordinary muslims who have nothing to do with terror.
    Is this the way to behave towards fellow citizens?
    The trolls are so emboldened that they just call anyone anti national. Just see how Kangana has called Shabana Azmi and others(obviously liberals and muslim actors) as anti nationals. If they are really anti national, try them in a court of law and give them punishment instead of just spewing hatred and spreading poison.
    Someone should ask the Supreme Court to take this matter suo moto and bring these hotheads to justice.
    An unfortunate situation is used to vent frustration against soft targets like filmstars. Is this the way to pay tributes to the martyrs?

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    • Bravo, Sanjana. Well said!

      I haven’t commented on this at all, but if there’s one need of the hour, then it is to stand united. We certainly need to keep any kind of divisive politics out of this.

      Not that I expect much to come out of my words, so this is where I will stop.

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    • Quite a childish and filmy comment.

      Most of the Indians are worried about the ongoing proxy war and killings of our bravehearts.
      They are not worried about trolling of Khans (recently Akshay too was trolled) by handful of unknowns and few knowns.
      We should learn to set our priorities right.

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      • You are one of those trolls and thats why you are trying to defend them. I am talking about trolls, not others. Kangana is a public figure. She should not use this occasion to say hateful things.

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        • “You are one of those trolls and thats why you are trying to defend them.”

          tch tch. forget it. U are unlikely to get whats goin on in real world.


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          KR has gone nuts….no dignity, no refinement….cant even see the gravity of the situation and is indulging in personal attacks….

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    • 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

      We seem to be hitting stage 2 today, except the anger is directed towards our own. I am seeing Indians bashing Indians online because of their (apparent lack of) patriotism and nationalistic fervour.

      My suggestion – save it. Save it for the real culprits. Save it for the folks outside our borders conspiring to attack us, conspiring to keep us out of UN’s security council, conspiring to keep Pakistan out of the terrorist state list, conspiring to keep rogues like Dawood Ibrahim and Masood Azhar safe with their families, while our families suffer the worst losses.

      There are all kinds of people in our diverse country. We need all of us together to fight this external menace, ostracising and picking on a few because of their different viewpoints will make us weaker. Let’s not try to homogenize, that would be an impossible task. Instead, let’s leverage our diversity to win.

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  70. Like

    • This trailer looked way better than Total Dhamaal which was atrocious, don’t know what Madhuri is thinking by doing such a lame film.


  71. Being Bharat @hajjuhashimm 10h10 hours ago
    Replying to @KirenRijiju @BeingSalmanKhan @BharatKeVeer
    Bhai = no publicity…👌👌👌👌

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    • We, aamir fans are eagerly waiting for his contribution and help. Hope he will not disappoint us. Already some are complaining that he reacted after 18 hours.

      Why aamir? Are you that broke after Toh? Financially and otherwise? Sigh!


      • @ Sanjana — What is this — some sort of a nationality test or competition? On various occasions earlier — Assam floods, some other disaster — Aamir has contributed. This time he has not announced anything. Maybe he is contributing a smaller amount compared to the crores from some colleagues. He has every right to stay low key in this matter. I don’t think less of him because of this. And he did express his condolences, on 15 th morning. So why are the trolls after him and any Khan actor? Because it is open sesame for them now?

        Not to forget the occasional trolling here.

        Somebody rightly wrote on twitter that what we are experiencing now in India is not democracy, but mobocracy cum modicracy.

        If you do not wear your patriotism on your sleeve, especially if you are a ‘ celebrity’ with right leaning — you are dead meat for the mob.

        As for Toilet Paper of India — who reads it.

        We are living through the worst of times.

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        • Edit — especially if you are a celebrity without politically correct leaning, perhaps.


        • They have to prove their nationality and deshbhakti. What better way than announcing some big amount whether they pay it or not in reality?

          The Sudama story and his fistful of broken or beaten rice. Poha?
          Some maybe doing it for publicity. Some maybe doing it out of goodwill. Some maybe doing it because of their conscience troubling them. But their charity encourages others to do something good for the country. Thats called motivation.

          Nation should think of soldiers and we should not allow even a single soldier to die. Entire intelligence force should be concentrated in this troubled area. Police can deal with civil and criminal cases in the rest of the country.

          Our filmstars are able bodied(6 packs) and they should join active forces for atleast 5 years to prove their patriotism. Besides doling out money which they have in billions and what they contribute is pittance which also helps their image. A lazy option.

          See these stars who flaunt their bodies every day. Wish they offer themselves to go there, fight like a common soldier and make country proud of them.

          And their children can be motivated to join the forces instead of leaning on Karan Johar and other pliable filmmakers to give them chances in the film industry.
          Do any of them have kids being trained in NDA? National Defence Academy.

          It is different saying that my father was in the forces. But are you? Or are your sons and daughters? Or are your grandchildren?


          • IdeaUnique Says:

            “They have to prove their nationality and deshbhakti. What better way than announcing some big amount whether they pay it or not in reality?” are you serious? are these your views? if yes, i am sorry but i will stop reading ur posts from now. That is completely a wrong criteria to judge anyone’s patriotism. That is a feeling to have in heart and not to show off! my god, what kind of thoughts are these??????????

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          • Idea, you are missing the sarcasm.


          • How many of us middle class chatterers on the net, talking about patriotism, have sent our children to NDA,Khadakvasla ? Why should anybody be forced into the armed services. It has to come from within.And in my opinion, except for Sikhs and maybe Rajputs, few have the inner urge. I do know a couple of Tambrahms (my community) — who serve as doctors in defence services. Son followed father . Both were called ‘major’. And that’s it.

            Some join up because they get nspired. These are few in number.

            Our poor defence guys on the ground, they survive and stay on, despite the risks and hardships. Hats off to the real heroes of our nation — some of whom seem to be sacrificed conveniently.

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          • What I was saying is about our screen heroes who are trying to be real life heroes without muddying their feet in the war zones. There is some hidden sarcasm in what I said. Donation is alright but it is a lazy option. I wish that they do more than that. Like what aamir did during water foundation. Get there and muddy your feet. Then people will take you more seriously.


  72. Bob Cristo Says:

    Gully boy is test case to show that how far critics review can take a film. Gully boy is one of the best reviewd film in this part of century. From Acting to film everything getting praise from critics. There are ‘A’ list star Ranveer and Alia in the film. Weekend is kind of OK. Now lets see how far film can go. I think 150 cr is satisfactory result.


  73. Ok, my long-take review is up on the main page. It is long, but hopefully gives everyone an idea about why I liked the film so much.

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  74. Gully Boy Sunday Early Estimate
    Sunday 17 February 2019 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy collected around 20.50 crore nett on Sunday for a weekend of 71 crore nett. the growth on Sunday was limited at around 10% as the film is not doing that well in mass centers and the metros where it is excellent tend to slow in the evening and night shows on Sunday.

    This happens in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Bangalore and these are the places where Gully Boy has done very well over the first weekend. The film has not found any acceptance in Rajasthan, Gujarat, CPCI etc as Sunday also did not show the sort of growth these places can show.

    Overall its a good four day weekend driven by the metros and these should hold over the weekdays and mass circuits will remain low but are unlikely to fall that much as they are pretty low anyway.


  75. Israeli director Nadav Lapid won the Golden Bear top prize at the Berlin film festival Saturday for Synonyms about an expatriate in Paris wrestling with his identity.

    Mr. Lapid said the sexually explicit, semi-autobiographical movie, which deals with a young man who has fled Israel over its fraught political situation, might cause a “scandal” in his home country.

    “But for me the film is also a big celebration… of cinema,” he said.

    The runner-up jury prize went to French filmmaker Francois Ozon for By the Grace of God, a wrenching drama based on real-life survivors of rampant sexual molestatio n in the Catholic church.


  76. Be it Varun Dhawan’s attempts to woo Alia Bhatt in “Badrinath Ki Dulhania”, or Akshay Kumar following Bhumi Pednekar and clicking her photographs without her consent in “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha” or Shah Rukh Khan singing the famous “Tu haan kar ya na kar, tu hai meri Kiran” — Bollywood tells stories about love but also highlights stalking.

    Social activist Ranjana Kumari blames cinema for creating a culture of stalking women.

    “They show that initially women say ‘No’ but don’t take ‘No’ for a ‘No’. It is actually a ‘Yes’. It has been there since long. Stalking has been packaged in a romantic way,” Kumari told IANS.

    “It conveys the superiority that men have over women. She, in any case, has to give in. It is a myth that is being perpetuated by creating this culture… She is still an object of his desire,” she added.

    Actress Swara Bhaskar, who appeared in “Raanjhanaa”, admitted that the Aanand L. Rai directorial glorified stalking.

    “When it came out, it got panned by feminists for glorifying stalking… For a long time, I refused to believe it and thought that it is not true… But then as time passed by, I was like, actually, maybe yes,” she said when she joined actress Kareena Kapoor Khan for an episode of her radio show.

    According to psychologist Samir Parikh, films have an impact on people at some level or the other.

    “When you see something being presented in a palatable manner to you, you feel it is okay to do it, so you get desensitized to it. You get disinhibited and it changes your perception of reality. People, especially youngsters and vulnerable ones, end up doing what they see their role models doing,” Parikh told IANS.

    “It is important to educate and upgrade people and give them the right support and guidance,” he said.

    All is not fair in love, and it is time to put the lens on it as well.



  77. Pulwama attack: Akshay Kumar contributes a whopping Rs. 5 crores to families of the martyrs

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  78. Rate for actors and actresses. According to the number of films they sign and ads they do.

    I will take Akki as base. He is doing 3 to 4 films per year besides ads.

    Bachchan 5 cr. Many films and many ads
    Ash 5 cr.
    Srk as the richest star 10 crores. Many ads.
    Salman 20 crores. Biggest star.
    Aamir 1 cr. Poorest doing 1 film per year and very few ads.
    Devgn 1 cr. ads and average 2 films per year.
    Deepika Padukone 2 cr. ads.
    Ranveer 2 cr.
    Ranbir 2 cr.
    Katrina 2 cr.
    Priyanka Chopra 2 cr.
    Kangana 1 cr.


  79. Another friend tells Oray, “We have to survive as a community, especially in Germany. Who do we have but fellow Muslims?” It’s as though the alienation has made them more “Muslim”, and I thought about how some NRIs seem more “Hindu” to me than many of us are, in the way they hold onto festivals and traditions. As much as I felt for Burcu, I felt for Oray, too.

    Excerpt from BR’s


  80. Like

  81. The team of Total Dhamaal has donated Rs 50 lakh to the families of the CRPF personnel who were killed in the Pulwama terror attack.

    “In the light of the recent attacks, the makers and the actors got together to help out the families of the Pulwama martyrs. It is a sad thing to see the Indian soldiers suffer through this event and the team was keen on doing their bit to support them,” a spokesperson of the film unit said in a statement.

    Actor-producer Ajay Devgn has also shared that the film will not release in Pakistan.



      Also from the same site

      Boy Box Office Day 5 Early Occupancy: BEATING The Monday Blues!
      The songs, rap battle and storyline have connected well with the audiences.

      Speaking about the morning occupancy of day 5, Gully Boy has faced the Monday Blues at certain centres. On Saturday, it recorded the same as its day 1 which was 40-45%. But Day 5 is rocking as the occupancy is in the range of 20-25% in theatres. It’s the routine drop, but still, things look good for the film till now. All will depend on the evening shows, which as of now seems to be going in favour of the film.


  82. tonymontana Says:

    At the risk of offending some, I want to know why this event has occurred right before the general elections to spread xenophobia against muslims.
    I really feel for the jawans and their families, but allow me to be a little suspicious.

    Also, to those who are screaming for revenge, they will anyways be seated comfortably in their cushioned beds and fancy workstations when typing their rage out on smartphones. who’s going to face the brunt: that’s right — Jawans in the field!

    Reminded me of a smartass kid in school. He’d shout at the top of the lungs whenever a fight broke out, encouraging his fellow classmates to teach the hostelers a lesson, all the while licking on an ice cream cone as his teammates were roughed in the fight

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    • Pathetic comment.

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      • tonymontana Says:

        That you find it pathetic is a clear indication that there might be some truth to my statement. Sahai kadwi hoti hai mere dost!

        Truth is this: neither congress nor BJP care a hoot for the general population. People are used as pawns in the bigger game. Every single thing, every tragedy (no matter how big) is used for political gains. Jitni jaldi yeh sachai qubool kar lo utna acha hai. At least the magnitude of your disappointment would be less next time

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  83. Puncch Beat created a stir since the show was announced. Post Bigg Boss 11, Vikas Gupta was back to giving some content and Priyank Sharma was all set for his acting debut. Joining Priyank was Siddharth Sharma, Harshita Gaur and Khushi Joshi. The entire team has been sharing updates about the show since it started and left everyone eager for it. Finally, the show launched on February 14, Valentine’s Day. And it has already started making records.

    This Ekta Kapoor’s web series has beaten Bollywood movies and how! Wonder why can we say it? The show has been trending on number 1 on IMDB and has left Gully Boy and Uri way back. Vikas shared it on social media.


  84. Like

  85. IdeaUnique Says:

    so the Khans have to donate lot of money and beat the drums – then only they are desh-bhakts…otherwise? wah re wah…..kya criteria he? 😉


  86. Like

  87. This reminds me of, naaa , I will just say kee- samajh, samajh key samajh ko samajhna bhee ek samajh hai !!!


    • Anshul aur Squint, bas do logo ne sab ko hila dala.
      liberals are Rattled. Shocked. Numb.
      Anger is so widespread, intense and palpable


      • They tried to change/ shift the focus from Pakistan to the Zulm on Kashmiri Muslims all over India, but this time no one is in the mood to listen to their BS.
        Desh Badal raha hai !!


        • Barkha ji ne aakhri hathiyaar be chala dala 😛

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          • Was shocked at her tweet. I quite like her as a journalist. Ravish Kumar and she holds the torch for me against the opulence of establishment (not just centre but also at state level no matter which party is ruling), though they do sound pro congress at times which is fine.


        • …and now the focus is that they are being trolled .
          Matlab , somehow change the narrative.
          P.S.- yahan bhee koshish shuro ho gai hai !!


  88. Photograph trailer


  89. DID YOU KNOW? GULLY BOY was offered to Ranbir Kapoor?
    BY SUBHASH K JHA Monday, 18 February 2019

    Here are all the films Ranbir Kapoor passed and Ranveer Singh got – the latest release Gully Boy was one of them.

    Besides similar-sounding names, Ranveer and Ranbir have a lot in common.

    Many of the roles that have gone into making Ranveer Singh a superstar had first been offered to Ranbir Kapoor, the latest being Gully Boy, a film that the brilliant director Zoya Akhtar was keen to do with Ranbir Kapoor.

    Apparently, Ranbir Kapoor had headspace only for one biopic and he decided to do Sanju, which was based on the life of Sanjay Dutt.

    Ranveer Singh had earlier worked to tremendous advantage with Zoya Akhtar in Dil Dhadakne Do. Dil Dhadakne Do was also offered to Ranbir Kapoor which in which she wanted to cast Kareena Kapoor in the role that was eventually done by Priyanka Chopra.

    In 2018, Ranveer Singh had two blockbusters, Simmba and Padmaavat. While one of them (Simmba) was written especially for Ranveer Singh, Padmaavat would have gone to Ranbir if all had been well between Ranbir Kapoor and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

    After Ranbir Kapoor’s debut film Saawariya, Ranbir, for reasons best known to him, decided not to work with Bhansali. Bhansali offered Ranbir Kapoor Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat. Ranbir had reportedly refused all three films.

    Says a source close to the developments, “Ranveer is reaping the harvests of Ranbir’s rejections. Ranveer overnight lost his role to Ranbir in Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet. It was a thundering flop. It’s almost like a divine light is guiding Ranveer to make all the right moves.”

    It is also a well-known fact that Deepika Padukone was dating Ranbir Kapoor before she eventually started dating Ranveer Singh, whom she later married. Clearly, Ranveer Singh’s luck favours him and Ranbir Kapoor has passed up on some very good opportunities in his life.


  90. Gully Boy Strong Monday – Set To Emerge A HIT
    Monday 18 February 2019 20.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy has held up strongly on Monday as it records figures of around 8 crore nett. It could even reach 9 crore nett depending on how strong the evening shows are. The drop from Friday is looking to be in 35% range which is a strong hold. The business of the film will be around the 80 crore nett mark after five days and the extended first week of eight days will be going to around 100 crore nett. The film is a HIT and the second Friday should confirm this.

    The drop is similar all over the country with Mumbai and Pune probably being a little better. It is divided business as Hindi circuits will go into low levels on Monday even with a 35% fall but Mumbai city and Pune are doing blockbuster business, its not Sanju or Padmaavat level in these two cities but definitely comparable to Simmba in Mumbai city and Pune as far as the first five days are concerned. The film is basically a five metro film with Hyderabad also helping it along probably because the two main protagonists are muslim. Other strong heavily populated Muslim cities be it in UP, Gujarat or Bihar are not so strong as there the storytelling style comes in the way.


    • Ranveer Singh is now No 1 star of Bollywood and announces his arrival.

      Updated star ranking:

      No 1: Ranveer Singh. He overtakes Akshay Kumar as Gully Boys becomes a clean hit. This comes after 2 blockbusters Padmavat and Simbaa all within 12 months. A herculean effort and fantabulous result.

      No 2,3,4: Akshay Kumar, Salman, Aamir No change in their positions.

      No 5: Ranbir Kapoor. He might slide down if Total Dhamaal is a hit.

      No 6: Ajay Devgn: he has been steady. 2019 can see him at his all time high with slew of important releases

      No 7,8,9: Tiger/Varun/Ayushmann – Tiger and Ayushmaan has some great releases this year.

      No 10: John Abraham / Raj Kumar Rao – Both have many good movies lined up.


  91. #Manikarnika breached 150cr gross worldwide which is humongous for a female oriented film .Currently stands at 152cr gross ,it is a clean hit at both domestic and overseas boxoffice

    Rangoli Chandel

    21h21 hours ago
    …We as a team are thrilled that Kangana’s first directorial is a 100cr film …. thank you for all the blessings …. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻@KairosKontent

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  92. indian john Says:


  93. indian john Says:


  94. To carry forward the above argument. South Indians like Cariappa, army men majorly from Coorg, Sunderji who oversaw Blue Star Operations made a significant contribution to the armed forces.
    And Sunil Dutt, Nargis took their Ajanta Arts troup to the border areas entertained them and motivated them with their presence.

    After the 1962 war with China which was called ‘Chinese Aggression’, in which India was routed by a much superior opponent and who took the then government totally by shock, understandably the mood in the country was one of despair and despondency. Defence Minister Krishna Menon had to resign because the country was ill-prepared to face the aggressor. It was even rumored that our soldiers didn’t even have warm shoes to wear when faced with the enemy on icy slopes of North Eastern Frontier Agency, NEFA.

    Something had to be done quickly to remove such a state of depression especially among our forces. It was Bollywood that rose to the occasion.

    Actors Sunil Dutt and Nargis took the challenge of the times. They took their troupe, Ajanta Arts Cultural Troupe with several actors and singers and toured below- zero temperature places like Ladakh, Aksai Chin and performed for our forces.

    It drew warm response from our soldiers and a grateful Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru appreciated the fine gesture of the troupe.

    Even after 1965 and 1971 wars against Pakistan, Ajanta Arts went to border areas and performed for our soldiers. In fact it was the first troupe to perform in Dakha after the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971.

    But nowadays, filmstars are mostly seen at KWK!

    Times have changed.


  95. Somehow, the Pakistani element has almost invariably crept into the music of Salman Khan’s films, whether it was Atif Aslam’s song Dil Diya Gallan in Tiger Zinda Hai or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s number Jag Ghoomiya in Sultan.

    After the Pulwama massacre on February 14, dozens of tweets warned Salman that if Pakistani talent were included in Bharat, they would not watch the film.

    Acting swiftly, Salman has donated a substantial sum to the martyrs’s fund. Songs sung by Pakistani singers are being removed from Bharat.

    Information filtering out of Salman’s camp suggest that the tracks recorded with Pakistani singers for Bharat will be dropped from the film.

    “They will re-record the songs in Indian voices,” says a close friend of the superstar.

    New tracks featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam have also been removed from YouTube by the leading music company T Series.

    Reliable sources say T Series, which worked substantially with Pakistani artistes, has decided to put an end to all collaboration with singers from that country.

    “The company had cut down — but not entirely eliminated — all the Pakistani artistes from its roster,” says a source close to T Series.

    “Songs were being recorded and videos were shot in Dubai — the no man’s land for creative collaborations. But now a decision has been taken at the highest level at T Series to stop all Pakistani contributions.”


    • All these are small term measures. On a few months when people have forgotten, it will be back to square one until the next attack. This is what happened when Shivaay/Are dil hai mushkil released.

      In a few months time, Salman will be back with some film where you see RAW and ISI working together for world Peace with Pakistani singers singing in there and SRK will be back to doing stuff like MNIK and MHN.

      Not one of them has the guts to do anything that may aleniate a particular fans base. They will continue doing films accepted by that particular fans base especially abroad in the name of ‘unity’.



    Men Who Damaged 16th Century Hampi Ruins Made To Re-Erect Pillars: Report

    What an exemplary punishment! It looks like the fellows dont have any political party support.

    Why not give the same kind of punishment who deface buildings with pan stains, who throw garbage in neighbour’s house or on roads, indulge in vandalism in the name of protests and bandhs?


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  98. Uri – The Surgical Strike continued its miracle run as it collected 1.25 crore nett on the sixth Wednesday. The collections of the film went up in mass centres from the Monday probably because Gully Boys has not done too well in these places

    The trending of this film is just phenomenal to say the least. As soon as it looks its slowing down the collections again get some life and somehow it manages to sustain better than expected. The film is again looking at a 40% drop week on week when that did not look like the case on Friday. The sixth week is going to end at 11-12 crore nett which is almost double anything seen before it.

    The way the film is going now the 250 crore nett total is a possibility and it should on a worse case scenario cross Simmba to be among the top ten NETT grossers of all time..

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    • I FU!@#$% love this! Disgusting as it is, I ought NOT to celebrate loss of human lives…but this is a mirror-reflection of the corners one’s pushed in — the conflict of emotions — humanity versus practicality..Real-politik versus politics..

      Terrible! The emotions that the attack has brought forth in’s difficult..Normally, I would be someone rushing to the theaters to watch a piece of art like GB, but Goddammit, NO cricket, NO movie, NO actor is above such happenings..least of all an arm-chair critic like me…


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        yeah – just not in the mood for any theater-going….seriously very disturbing times…


      • Anjo I can understand your frustrations and I can assure BCCI mafia will never allow a world cup without confrontation between these two with so much betting money at stake and the main damage starts there itself ….but you are right for being an arm-chair critic as we all are here….. As your well wisher all I would suggest instead of huffing & puffing and wasting energy first and foremost we need to take care of our own immediate needs/ surroundings which involves our own families, the kids we willingly brought to this world. Our responsibilities first lay there which will bring immense joy in this complex world we inhabit for such a short time considering the avg lifespan. Rest is all manipulated crap and a diversion and I do hope ur plans to go back to India are fruitful and you could write your love letters from there once u r in the thick of things and face the daily grind having been used to some sort of order here. I did spend a lot of time in Mumbai / been in close proximity to the marathi manus where most had a very short fuse and would get irritated with the smallest of things. I could understand some of the pain of being involved with jobs offered to them by the migrants in business world. On the contrary considering nationalistic fervor in manus I would always suggest them to join the armed forces and serve the nation to get job satisfaction as there aren’t many there and mostly served by Panjus / Northern belt. There needs to be a bit of Bhakti Ras in life for extra ordinary achievements in life…..self serving stalwarts like a Tendulkar/ Gavaskar will remain frustrated as they couldn’t achieve what a MSDhoni and now Virat have shown and achieved within a short span and taken India to a winning path so cheers!


    • It’s ridiculous trending. Phenomenal, shows the potential of a film in India if it hits the right chords.

      It might have legs beyond 250Cr.


  99. Conscription in the United States, commonly known as the draft, has been employed by the federal government of the United States in five conflicts: the American Revolution, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War (including both the Korean War and the Vietnam War). The third incarnation of the draft came into being in 1940 through the Selective Training and Service Act. It was the country’s first peacetime draft.[1] From 1940 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were drafted to fill vacancies in the United States Armed Forces that could not be filled through voluntary means. The draft came to an end when the United States Armed Forces moved to an all-volunteer military force. However, the Selective Service System remains in place as a contingency plan; all male civilians between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to register so that a draft can be readily resumed if needed.[2] United States Federal Law also provides for the compulsory conscription of men between the ages of 17 and 45 and certain women for militia service pursuant to Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution and 10 U.S. Code § 246.[3][4][5]


  100. Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Ayushmann, opened up about his role in the upcoming film, Dream Girl. This is another script that only Ayushmann can do without any hesitations. The twist is that Ayushmann will himself be seen playing the dream girl. Wondering how that is possible? Let us enlighten you. Talking about his unique character in the film, Ayushmann said, “Dream Girl is really unique, really interesting because I get to wear a saree in the film. It’s about a guy who plays Sita in Ram Leela. Traditionally, in our country we have all seen guys playing Sita, so I’m one of those. He has the unique talent of taking out voices of both male and female. It’s like a full on commercial film.”


  101. This is what fundamentalists in Pakistan wanted. No bollywood films.
    Their wish is fulfilled in this way. Even Pakistan film industry was complaining about bollywood films overshadowing their films. Only distributors and exhibitors benefitted due to this exchange.

    Even there are talks that India will not play Pakistan in round robin matches during World Cup.

    And Salman opting for Indian singers instead of his favourite Pakistani singers.


  102. This is not a film. Reality in Norway unisex army. Women are required to serve in army compulsorily for 19 months.

    Female army recruits attending a base training at the armored battalion in Setermoen, northern Norway on Aug 11, 2016. Norway has become the first NATO member to have compulsory conscription for women as well as men in the army. Recently, the first batch of army recruits joined the ranks in The Armored Battalion in the Norwegian Army located in Setermoen in northern Norway.

    From the straighstimes.


  103. Falling Attendance & Rising Ticket Prices: Are Movie Theatres Dying?


    Shah Rukh Khan at an event last year said that movie theatres of the future will be exclusive, premium and expensive.

    So, is the common man not watching films? of course, he is, but just not in theatres. More and more people are watching films on television and on their mobiles than in cinemas. Today, India has 35 crores smartphones and thanks to cheap data. Indians are consuming entertainment primarily on their mobiles even traditional television channels are under threat. It’s a battle – the cinema can’t win. 9500 screens vs 35 crores smartphones screens. More and more content is being rolled out for mobiles. Trailer viewing happens primarily on mobile phones. Mobile phones coupled with OTT platforms is the new world of entertainment. It is so flexible that it is tailor-made for you. Watch it when you want, watch it where you want and watch it on any device you want. Appointment cinemas cannot compete with this flexibility. This is the new mass market, cinemas are a niche compared to the new age of digital entertainment.

    Satellite and Streaming rights for Thugs of Hindustan were sold for double of what it made from theatres. Satellite and digital rights help producers recover the bulk of their investment and make box-office less significant. The bigger question is if Amazon, Zee, Netflix, Star can pay so much money for a post-theatrical release. Imagine what these guys can pay if they get the films with the theatres. There is a raging debate globally on doing away with 8 weeks to the 12-week window on a theatrical release. In my opinion, this exclusivity that theatres have is a virtual monopoly as the demand for any film is maximum in its opening week. It lets theatres sell premium tickets and even pricier popcorn.


    • Price of tickets IMO is ok. Maybe little bit expensive but people can live with that. Price of food and drinks is criminal. Absolute joke.


      • tonymontana Says:

        even a regular visit to a premium multiplex for a popular movie costs about 500 on an average for a ticket. this is insane. many people can afford it but the majority cannot.

        in fact the whole shopping mall and dining out concept burns a big hole in the pockets of shoppers. there’s a good reason why McDonalds and Dominos have flourished in India and not the TGI Fridays


        • I agree the cinema prices are high, but in essence that is the principle entertainment people are paying for. The add-ons like food and drink that people end up paying for is deeply expensive.

          Like popcorn is a very easy snack to make at home, very cheap in reality but the mark up in the cinema is like 40-50 times. That is criminal. I refuse to buy popcorn from cinema when i can buy it from supermarket 1min away for 5 times less. Coke is ridiculous. All these things parents, friends feel pressured into buying as one person in the crowd does.

          Use to be like 20 years ago as a family of 4 we could go cinema for £20 with food and drink…now £20 buys 2 adult tickets. If my salary went up like this I’ll be happy but it hasn’t. No wonder people go for piracy or streaming or just wait.

          It’s like I want to buy a car and get it for X amount. The add-ons like air con, leather seats or sun roof are not extortionate so as to double the price nearly! Realistically people are dining, seeing a movie in one day/evening or shopping. Food and drink – especially basic stuff like popcorn or snacks or fizzy drinks can’t end up being 40%+ of total cost, that’s ridiculous.

          McDonald’s for me are smart and fair. Just not healthy. Fact is now people pay a premium for healthy food. Another joke of life.


          • Not just cinema. Watching live sports or live events is ridiculous now. Football was for the average person in 70’s, 80’s. Anyone could conceivably pay to watch it live. Now a single ticket is like £50+. What you end up is with corporate supporters who are eating sandwiches just watching and clapping – whereas the real singing and chanting supporters, the soul are priced out.

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      • if at all anything, theatrical footfalls have only increased over the last decade which completely contradicts the theory of cinemas dying out. No experience can match that of a theater and this is the precise reason why movie theaters will continue to survive (if not thrive) for time memorial. Its something analogous to Test Cricket. As much as we keep discussing and debating about their purpose and existence, they would never cease to exist.


        • I see some patterns in past couple years post BB2 when GST changed where film net grossers are increasing particularly for small to medium budget films. If tax changes are being passed onto customers it suggests a very strong economical reason to reduce ticket prices and Footfalls will benefit by a bigger %. The price hikes on Race 3 and TOH didn’t work but of course the film’s didn’t find an audience but all these films like SKTKS, Raazi, Andhadhun, Badhaai Ho etc may have benefited from better prices. I don’t live in India so don’t know if GST has been good for cinegoer or not. Obviously it could just be better films have come out.

          But overall agree, nothing like cinema at it’s best.


  104. Imran Bhaiyya Kuch karo!! Warna Modi phir aa Jayegga , Kya kamaal hai! Farah Khan Ali !


    • The Paki actors are doing what is expected of them, unlike certain Bollywood C graders .

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    • He still didn’t condemn it.
      Per tadap dekho, nafrat dekho, girapan dekho.
      Sab liberals aise he hain.

      Wion news dekha on Pak report : Agenda for ISI and Pak think tanks?

      “WION has accessed Pakistani Parliamentary Report which was tabled in its senate after India conducted Surgical Strikes in 2016.
      It lays down the agenda of their Govt & ISI : Target Modi & RSS by reaching out to rival political parties & anti Modi media houses in India.”

      Remember: anyone denying the existence of a tukde-tukde gang is a member of the tukde-tukde gang



    Thankfully UK home office has decided to take UK passport away from her. She deserves no place in UK.


    • Jay- Who is this nut Jeremy Corbyn ?


    • wouldn’t she be stateless if stripped of citizenship?


      • I think the UK home office would need to solve for that somehow. The article suggests they wouldn’t leave her stateless.


        • If She was born in UK then you can prosecute her but you cannot take her citizenship. If she was Naturalized then it is possible to send her back.


        • Also UK should have law to deal with situation as unlawful act was done in another country; and other country is not prosecuting.


        • She’s entitled to Bangladesh nationality hence UK by law could revoke her UK citizenship. She’s now contemplating Dutch nationality as her husband is from Holland. Her comments are extremely unremorseful at this stage. She was intelligent enough to get to Syria, have 3 children etc, make such life changing decisions but she has hardly been apologetic – she’s coming across confused and aspiring to raise her child in UK like she’s gone on holiday or something. No sympathy at all. A baby of course is brutally innocent, her family are also showing unconditional love for her, slightly delusional. I mean honestly coming back to UK, her life and her family’s would be hell. Give the baby up to her family and live with your awful life choice of joining IS. That’s your punishment. Who would risk giving her a second chance?


  106. Some thoughts on the attack. Needless to say it’s horrific, not just for the victims but more on their families who are left to suffer the loss.

    Just some random thoughts, of course the tags like “Liberals”/”RightWingers” can take it and twist it however they want to.

    1) Why does an Indian actors (I guess muslims mainly?) needs to come out and condemn it before others and donate money before others?

    2) Why do we need Imran khan to come forward, if we have the proof beyond reasonable doubts, why not go to war?

    3) How many Indian companies have business dealings with Pakistan, why isn’t there an outrage to close the ties immediately (if there are any, I assume there has to be one). Why just go after soft target of actors?

    4) How long before even on this blog, that salman taking a paki singer should be protested but 2 paki singers in ajay devgan film is fine?

    5) Above is correct that paki actors have more loyalty to their country than our indian actors and i would take it further, I would challenge that general paki people are probably more loyal to Pakistan then Indians are to india.

    6) Why Why Why wait, if we know who did it, why not go to war with them?

    Sorry, just frustrated. That me being an Indian muslim always have to feel like I have to provide evidence that I’m not for Pakistan. If USA can go to war with Iraq over false WMD report, why can’t we do same with knowing, having proof of paki involvement? how do we get a closure on this? Something has to be done and losers rioting in india is not an answer. That hurts India only.

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    • Agree. I think it’s black or white in such situations. Either try to make peace or just go to war. The grey area confuses everyone.

      I’m no war monger but there are scenarios where you have to go to war. Ww1, ww2 – yes. Gulf, Afghan – no IMO. Here I think it’s a border issue and ongoing for decades. Just go in as it seems Pakistan government are not bothered or in denial or conspiring. The mere threat will change mindsets and end up productive.


      • If the most outspoken artist in India says ‘lets destroy Pakistan’ and everyone shouts ‘YES’ and then doesn’t have the balls to say ‘take my film out of that country’ don’t expect others to say anything. Because if blabber mouth doesn’t have the guts don’t expect others to and they probably won’t. If they are quiet for commercial reasons so is she.

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      • Amit Pandey Says:

        grey area may be because India is wary about pak also being Nuclear player ….


        • Going to war is a very silly talk. First the government should answer how did 300Kg RDX come into India without them having any idea of it? Why were soldiers not airlifted when there were warnings provided to them? This government never had any Kashmir policy to talk about. They were only interested in boasting about surgical strikes or how they tied a Kashmiri to bonnet of the car to ensure stone pelting doesnt happen etc. The moment you stop treating kashmiri people as one of your own they are bound to become easy targets to Pakistan who wants exactly the same thing to happen. Start treating Kashmiris like you treat people of other state. There was a reason why kashmir was very peaceful between 2005 to 2012 and there is a reason why we are seeing 100% increasing in casualties in kashmir in 2016 and 2017. What pakistan want is India alienate Kashmiris thereby it serves them very well and they can create problems. By beating Kashmiris in other states or closing down their business we are doing just that. And the government is anyways busy in their election speeches and have already started using this attack to garner votes. They will continue to add fuel to this war mongering as it helps them further the reliogious divide and get votes. No wonder the people asking for war on SM or sending threats to jounalists are all RW loonies.


          • To KRISH –

            Bliss, ROCKY, Swati – do you have they whatsapp video of the Sardar who talks of the ground realities of ARTICLE 370? About emplymenet, buying land in Kashmir etc.? Please post that here. I do not have the technical wherewithal to post it here..please do if anyone can…this might open some people’s ‘eyes’…


    • Iraq was lopsided in favor of US. Has US fought war with North Korea? You choose your battle wisely.

      With Pakistan, war would bring 4-5k causalities. You would have more widows and grieving fathers. Economy will go back 1-2 decade. Now some may say that this small causalities every day probably would amount to war causalities. Dilemma in India is that even if you give concession with Kashmir, there is no guarantee that Pakistan will not go after Punjab or any bordering state. What is the benefit Pakistan have in doing so? Well if they stop doing this, Pakistan army would lose their eminence and they don’t want to cede to civilian authority that control.

      Unfortunately the way I see is that this will go on until involved people see futility in their deeds.

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      • Sometimes that ‘reset’ button might be a better outcome for all in long run. But I seriously wouldn’t want to be making that call. I’m saying be decisive not batting for both sides. Better to die doing it your way than ponder ifs and buts. Clarity is important.

        Kangana for example is outspoken. It’s a great quality. But making money from Pakistan off 1 or 2 shows after saying person should be slapped etc is a confused mentality.

        The Khans are quiet for obvious reasons. The moment they say something it is a polarised opinion. It won’t achieve anything except invite ridicule. Big corporations should step up and hurt the opposing state and pile on the pressure, nothing like hurting someone where it really hurts – in the wallet.


      • @With Pakistan, war would bring 4-5k causalities. ”

        That’s estimation is not realistic as both heavily armed stated with nuclear arsenal and major focus on defense procurement from the west. If we recall both these nations were at the brink of war in Dec 2001 after the Indian Parliament attack. Now this may have been partly sponsored by US in the heat of things during 9/11 so as to expedite taking out Pak while the troops were still in Afghanistan and neutralize the so called only nuclear muslim state. Advani was the front man at that time and there are many theories why the final trigger was not pulled and people speculate as per their own leanings….. being involved with commodity trade the whispers we got was the Ambanis put had their foot down with Govt as intelligence showed a blow to west coast which is in close proximity to Pak and where lay all the refineries and heavy investment back then and in someway India’s economic lifeline. Since birth all hear is both countries involved in arm race and trying to better each other with stock piles with modern weaponry procuring them at the cost of well being of their own public which remained largely poor. Now a war between these two nations means Pak is definitely getting wiped off the map forever considering its small size but the damage on Indian side before they go down may be too excessive and fatal considering densely populated areas from which we may not recover too. Pak may choose to rush for nuclear codes and not rely on conventional war considering Indian superiority in defense…

        On an aside it was weird in the aftermath why Vajpayee Govt. which had done so well until then with no opposition in Sonia / Manmohan lost the 2004 general elections in spite of polls predicting 300+ seats to them in 2004 general election. That was a shocker and foul play was suspected to change the trajectory / course of the nation. The Americans and late TN Sheshan who spearheaded the poll reform / EVM may have the right answers…

        Coming back to the point considering all the proxy wars being fought these days between US- China- Russia – Iran and now Saudi involved I am heavily tilted to predict the next world war ‘if’ it ever happens may commence from Indian subcontinent….


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      Z – valid points. Actually if you see the history of India during last 500+ years, we have never attacked any outside nation….it is just not in the spirit of this country….and yeah, that better be changed for now….we need a Putin or an Izraeli Pres. kind of a leader who can shut the mouth of enemy without any words….but do we have any such leader in sight? 🙂 can u just close ur eyes and visualize a pappu or a didi or a yadav in this situation and what will they do???


      • “we need a Putin or an Izraeli Pres. kind of a leader who can shut the mouth of enemy without any words….”

        WTF…this blog becomes worst version of itself when tragedies like this happens…all the nuance and level headed commentary goes out the window. Some people never learn from history.

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        • IdeaUnique Says:

          there is nothing of that sort here…..maybe u urself are stuck in what u describe and when u get that WTF shit in u challenged – u react like this??? dont read if u dont like….simple


      • No point in escalating the argument!

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  107. Has anyone seen KGF ? apparently it is streaming in hindi at Prime.
    Is it worth the time ?
    Thanks in advance .


    • I actually saw is 2 days ago. It starts of very good. Reminded me of Bachchan Agneepath, then it turns into silly movie. Way over the top action.


      • Thanks Z, I watched 10 minutes of it , as soon as Rocky came on screen I turned it off.
        Whoever that actor is , he is no patch on Prabhas in terms of screen presence .
        The dubbing was pissing me off, and so was that Lady journalist.


        • If you had watched the movie further, the most annoying part is constant flashback thru out the movie.

          I get hero beating up 10 people but in this movie, it just gets silly very quickly.

          You are correct about Yash (I think that’s his name) screen presence, it’s nothing like Prabhas at all. Prabhas has that old actors/hero charm. People who grew up watching 60/70s cinema will know what i’m saying.


          • I think with Prabhas did not feel like that I am watching him on the screen for the first time.
            This guy, they had like eight shots before they showed his full face in his Introduction scene .. lekin maza nahee aaya .
            It was not the same as watching Amitabh, Salman, Ajay Devgan Introduction scene.
            Devgan’s Intro scene in Simbaa was too cool.


    • Will not be surprised if this is completely swept under the carpet by major media houses.

      They did a similar sting operation on News Channels and that never got reported in mainstream media. Not a whiff!

      This is the state of democracy in India!


    • LOL proper BBC watchdog style stuff! Name and shame. Dignity and money – it will always hurt a person. I am not surprised, money talks.

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      • Even major news channels in India were caught by the same people admitting to run stories to support political parties in lieu of money — nothing came out of it. It’s sickening, just like the state of every thing else in India.

        The country is going downhill so fast, it’s a matter of great shame. This is the land of Gautam Buddha, of Patanjali and the Vedas — of spiritual leaders who guided the world!

        Today, India happens to be one of the most spiritually corrupt countries in the world. This is the real tragedy.


    • People involved: Abhijeet, Mika Singh, Jackie Shroff, Mahima Chaudhary, Tisca Chopra, Shreyas Talpade, Kailash Kher, Vivek Oberoi, Shakti Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Sonu Sood, Amisha Patel, Rakhi Sawant, Puneet Issar, Rajpal Yadav, Raju Shrivastava, Krushna Abhishek, Minissha Lamba, Koena Mitra, Upasana Singh, Baba Sehgal and some TV actors.


    • 4 out of 40 people rejected the offer. Just 4! They need to be applauded:

      Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi, Raza Murad and Saumya Tandon (of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain fame).


      • How is this different than promoting products; Many celebrities are using social platform to promote the products except that it is more overt.

        If people were following celebrities then Rajni and Kamal would have been doing good politically. I am just astonished that they didn’t figure that it is trap because the amount of money quoted is too good to be true. Sonu Sood 2.5 crore for month. He doesn’t get that for a movie.

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        • Many celebrities danced and served food at Ambani wedding; some say they were paid and some say that celebrities are friends with Ambani.

          Liked by 1 person

          • correct. Why make fuss? they are promoting parties just like products and getting paid for that. In India, everyone has become so over-sensitive these days….anything can change into an issue 🙂

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        • Are you serious? I can’t believe you are saying this, munna!

          When someone promotes a product, it’s OUT in the open. There is no hidden agenda involved. These people are ready to do it by harvesting their FOLLOWERS — many of whom love them for what they represent on screen. Not for their political opinions!

          Besides, did you even the article? Did you read what scum like Abhijeet and Upasana Singh have to say about Muslims?

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          • I read how they trapped (method) these celebrities. It is a long report.
            I don’t think followers are followers in true sense; people follow for many reasons; Sunny Leone followers are there for her pictures not for what she has to say. So I don’t think harvest in true sense is correct here.

            Now Celebrity are people and there is a spectrum/bell curve; There are people who want to say most hateful things about Muslim and there would be opposite also..And I firmly believe in Darwin diversity theory; So I am okay with Shiv Sena and MIM along with Congress, BJP, AAP and Yadavs.


          • In other words, there’s nothing wrong with India at the moment. Got it.

            These people are indeed bringing forward the cultural heritage of our spiritual leaders from the past. Gautam Buddha might even feel a little bit proud.

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  108. US President Donald Trump Tuesday described as a “horrible situation” the Pulwama terrorist attack by Jaish-e-Mohammed, in which 40 Indian paramilitary personnel were killed, and said he was getting reports on it and would issue a statement.

    The February 14 attack has led to escalation of tension between India and Pakistan and Trump told reporters at the Oval Office of White House that it would be “wonderful” if the two South Asia neighbours get along.

    “I have watched. I have got a lot of reports on it. We will have comment (on it) at an appropriate time. It would be wonderful if they (India and Pakistan) get along,” he said in response to a question.


  109. Gully Boy Is Rock Steady On Tuesday
    Wednesday 20 February 2019 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy was rock steady on Tuesday as it collected 8 crore nett though collections were probably helped a little by the minor holiday in Maharashtra. The film has collected around 88 crore nett and will cruise past the 100 crore nett mark in its extended first week..

    There is a huge ratio of business coming from Mumbai, Thane and Pune. These three cities together contributed 30% of the all India business on Monday and it could be even more on Tuesday. It will be the second Friday which will tell where the film will go.

    The Monday collections ensured the last euro director remained standing and although these types dont want to show the pressure that the box office puts on them there would have been sigh of relieve on Monday. The media and industry have gone bonkers over this film but this was sort of expected irrespective of results as a section of the Hindi film industry today loves mediocrity but more on this tomorrow.

    The first five day collections of Gully Boy are as follows.

    Thursday – 19,25,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 12,75,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 18,50,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 21,00,00,000 apprx

    Monday – 8,50,00,000 apprx

    Tuesday – 8,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 88,00,00,000 apprx


  110. Uri – The Surgical Strike Goes UP Again
    Wednesday 20 February 2018 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    There is just no stopping this film Uri – The Surgical Strike as collections went up again on its sixth Tuesday. There was a minor holiday in Maharashtra which helped but the collections were also a little up in some centers of North India also.

    The film has now over 9.50 crore nett in its sixth week in five days so the week is liklely end up at around the 12 crore nett mark which is an extraordinay collection for week six in todays day and age. The total collections of the film are now 228.50 crore nett and it will cross the 230 crore nett mark by the end of the week.

    The way Gully Boy hardly affected this film last week, it will probably be the same this week with Double Dhamaal and if the seventh week only drops around 30-35% it will mean that the 250 crore nett mark is on. The collections of Uri – The Surgical Strike are as follows.

    Week One – 71,23,00,000

    Week Two – 62,76,00,000

    Week Three – 37,06,00,000

    Week Four – 29,30,00,000

    Fifth Week – 18,73,00,000

    Friday – 1,20,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 2,50,00,000 apprx

    Sunday 3,25,00,000 apprx

    Monday – 1,30,00,000 apprx

    Tuesday – 1,40,00,000 apprx

    Sixth Week – 9,65,00,000 (5 Days)

    TOTAL – 2,28,43,00,000 apprx


  111. When the entire country was numb after the attacks in Pulwama, the news of Shah Rukh Khan providing the financial help to the victims of gas tanker tragedy in Pakistan, spread like wildfire. As the news went viral, there was a rage against the star across the social media platforms. An old video was doing rounds on social media, claiming that Khan donated 45 crores to the victims of Pakistan. After all the unnecessary hoopla, it was learned that the claims were fake and a video was edited from the old clip of India Tv’s news bulletin, exposing the same claim in 2017.



    Cobrapost Operation Karaoke – Sunny Leone and Sonu Sood clarify after their names come in the sting operation for taking money to promote political parties


    • Total BS! When they get caught, they offer such lame excuses.

      Not that most Indians won’t fall for it.


      • They have gone mostly after small fish. Surprised how they tried to tempt Vidya Balan.


        • Vivek Oberoi remains a basterdised version of a man with no shame. A useless Mayoite product having no self respect and a sham of a man….

          This is on camera !!


  113. Boxofficeindia is not updating Manikarnika for the last so many days.

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    • Taran Adarsh isn’t either. Because pinkvilla and hindustantimes are reporting that Manikarnika has crossed 100 crore. Meanwhile, by Taran’s calculations, the film is somewhere at 97 crore by now. And at BOI, it’s even less at nearly 90 crore.

      There is some fake news being peddled here somewhere.


  114. Priyanka Chopra is the producer of this netflix’s marathi film.


  115. The rumours began when Sara cut her Dehradun trip short so that she could be with Sushant on his birthday.

    She dropped by his apartment at night with a cake, and they went on for dinner together after that. Sushant then dropped Sara home, and they spent some quality time together.

    However, Sara rubbished the rumours at the time saying that the two are just friends. “There is no truth to these rumours. Sara is friends with Sushant and they have kept in touch. But they are not dating,” a source had told an entertainment website.

    And now, an entertainment portal reports that that the two have found a way to dodge the paparazzi.

    After spending time with each other near their respective houses, Sushant is apparently making it a point to drop Sara at the gym every day. How does the paparazzi not spot them? That’s because Sushant reportedly drops her a kilometre ahead, a source told the portal.




    “The Monday collections ensured the last euro director remained standing and although these types dont want to show the pressure that the box office puts on them there would have been sigh of relieve on Monday. The media and industry have gone bonkers over this film but this was sort of expected irrespective of results as the media and the section of the Hindi film industry today loves mediocrity but more on this tomorrow.”

    ~ So Gully Boy, DCH, ZNMD, Barfi etc are mediocre cinema while Golmaal 4, Judwaa 2, Housefull 3 and Tiger Zinda are epics.


  117. Sir jee Livewire – Sab Miley hue hain jee..
    Yeh sab paisey ka khel hai.


    • In Cobrapost long article “The party in question was, in most of the cases, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Congress Party in some cases. The names of political parties were used, in good faith and public interest, for narrative purpose only, and this is not an insinuation of their actual involvement in the practice. The investigation was made to expose the celebs willing to endorse a political agenda in return for monetary gains. “


  118. I am not much of a Abisaar Sharma fan that is why things are suspect but yes exchange of money is troubling development esp those few who are demanding a cash deal.


  119. I did finish Rubaru Roshni, the first episode ( Lalit Makan) was really good and touching , and so was the second one ( the Kerela Nun ), did not quite see the point of 26/11 episode though .


  120. This one is pretty funny esp who can read Hindi and no offence if it hurt any feelings here. 🙂 Yes I read the obvious and am 🇮🇳

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    Aditya Dhar’s Uri The Surgical Strike, the first Bollywood release of 2019 that has also become the highest grosser of the year, has now found a space on IMDb’s list of top Indian films. Ranked after Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna’s classic Anand, Mohanlal’s Drishyam (Malayalam) and Kamal Haasan’s Nayakan (Tamil), Uri is fourth Indian film and second Hindi film on the list.

    Uri has garnered a rating of 8.6 while Rajesh Khanna-Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Anand is rated 8.7. Nayakan and Drishyam, too are rated at 8.6. Amol Palekar’s Golmaal (8.5), Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday (8.5) and Andhadhun (8.4) are other Hindi films in top 10 on the list.


  122. Kesari – First Epic Film For Akshay Kumar
    Wednesday 20 February 2019 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The Kesari trailer will be out very soon and it will be there for the audience to judge for themselves and a few good words will hardly do justice. The film from the trailer is an epic and its actually the first time that Akshay Kumar has come in this sort of epic cinema. This is as the volume of his work makes it tough to create such cinema as it needs that extra time.

    The film is a motion film picture in the true sense and the sort that were made were made by greats like Raj Khsola and Subhash Ghai in terms of the screenplay and story telling. Those guys added those little doses of masala probably due to the demands of the market at that time but this film does not go the masala way and sticks to the core of the story without deviating and that will be the victory. The audiences are sure to get goosebumps in some scenes.

    The canvas is huge which has not been seen in an Akshay Kumar especially in recent times, actually its probably never been seen in the last 25 odd years. The little issue that could have been with the film is that Punjabi flavor with sardars which can restrict box office sometimes but here the story is set in Afganistan which gives it a totally different feel and on top most importantly the language is HINDI without that Punjabi overdose which happens in many films.

    The patriotic mood in the country at the moment is the perfect time for a film like this but above that its the trailer that works as only a mood will not convert the audience The director Anurag Singh has few Punjabi films under his belt including the emotional drama Punjab 1984 and if the emotions of Kesari are as strong as that film then saying this will be the biggest Akshay Kumar grosser is belittling the film as it will go past in leaps and bounds.

    The trailer will be out tomorrow and the epic will hit cinemas on Holi in March.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So 2.0 was some low budget European cinema experiment? What’s Girish smoking this time? I do agree it’s seems the timing is good for Kesari!


      • 2.0 was surely a big budget movie and should have been a blockbuster. Shankar should have given a heroine to Akshay instead of Rajnikanth, made him the main lead and box office outcome would have been double, though Akshay’s impact would have been less and overall quality of the film.


    • And BOI has set the marker at around 200Cr here. If it’s less I will see how they comment. Actually leaps and bounds sounds like someone with incredible love for Akshay has written this….hmmmm…..


    • Industry commentators, media, new stars on the horizon and fans of other stars are now realising the impact of Akshay Kumar model. Those who sense the change early were quick to point out how he is more like a one man industry for many years, incl Salim Khan, Salman, etc.
      I am not surprised at all by the tone of the statement. It is deservingly so for the top star at the moment along with Ranveer Singh.

      The glimpses of Kesari were superb. Trailer is releasing today. God, pls have mercy on the internet today.

      200 Cr min here.


      • One thing which needs to be watched out is if Kesari will get a clean release.

        Most of the big budget movies of Akshay like Tashan (did not open in pleases in the opening weekend; only in single screens), 2.0 (less 3D screens, late opening of Hindi screenings,etc) and several others had release issues in terms of contract negotiation with exhibitors leading to late opening of screen allotment , advance bookings, etc.
        A big film gets marred down and esp with Akshay , few forces come in the way as seen in the past.


  123. Heavy Drop For Gully Boy On Wednesday
    Thursday 21 February 2019 02.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Gully Boy had a heavy drop on Wednesday as the collections fell around 30% from Tuesday to collect around 5.75 crore nett. The drop was coming as the film has not been liked in most parts of the country and Maharashtra had a minor holiday on Tuesday so the drop was going to come in Mumbai and Pune on Wednesday.

    Maharashtra was coming of a minor holiday where some schools were shut while others remained open and the banks remained open but the film should have not dropped this much on Wednesday. The mass areas of Rajasthan , UP, and Ci saw huge falls on Wednesday and it will be light outs in the second week in these parts. The film will now stay below 100 crore nett for the extended first week or maybe just get to 100 crore nett.

    Still the film has done well enough till date with it being liked in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and there was the support of Valentines Day for the extended weekend to get a good total in the first four days. Despite the drop the film should still emerge a HIT unless something goes drastically wrong on the second Friday


    • It is not such a heavy drop. For their favourites, they call such drops decent. They are gunning for Zoya and european cinema.


      • True. This is quite a normal drop esp after a partial holiday in few states.
        BOI may be right in pointing that the audience reach to certain genres are not same. European cinemas as they call is quite a niche genre and not necessarily be liked by everyone.

        I think their contempt might be directed towards handful of critics who consider this genre to be the best and regard such film and filmmakers makers higher than other. Such critics and few fans also are quite caustic in their remarks towards other genres. So all in all in think BOI is hitting back and they are within their rights. They are an important mouthpiece in the industry.


        • The holiday was a very minor one only in certain parts of Maharashtra…North and Central have fallen a lot yesterday though…


        • Not many claim the genre to be the best. That’s not true. Any genre can succeed.

          Ranveer’s last 3 films are testament to that. A period film, a mass potboiler and a muliplex centric film. Not every film is made to appeal to every person in India! It’s ridiculous to expect that! And the worst thing is BOI is chasing or trying to justify it’s own stupidity and the film in question becomes successful – how much egg does one want on their face?

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  124. Woman thrown off plane to Vegas


  125. Like

  126. Aamir gave so much love, respect, warmth and laughter: Neetu Kapoor
    Aamir and Rishi Kapoor have co-starred in Damini and Fanaa
    Rishi and Neetu Kapoor moved to the US in September last year
    Rishi and Neetu Kapoor recently hosted Aamir Khan in New York, where the couple are currently staying. A picture from their meeting has been shared by Neetu Kapoor on Instagram and she captioned it, “It’s not how many hours one spends with a person, it’s how much you give in that time. Aamir gave so much and more – Love, respect, warmth and laughter. He is a true superstar.” Rishi and Neetu Kapoor moved to the US in September last year for the 66-year-old veteran actor’s medical treatment, but what exactly he’s being treated for has not been disclosed yet. Rishi Kapoor and Aamir Khan have co-starred in 2006’s Fanaa. 1993’s Damini, in which Aamir had a cameo, was their first film together.

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    Total Dhamaal box office prediction: Ajay Devgn’s film won’t be affected by Gully Boy, to open at Rs 12 cr
    Total Dhamaal box office prediction: The Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgn film is expected to register a strong opening of Rs 12 crore at the box office.


  128. Like

  129. Producers to incur huge losses after biggies like Bharat, Kesari skip Pak release
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkFeb 21, 2019 – 10:44 am IST

    Bollywood has unanimously opted out of releasing their movies from Pakistan keeping in mind the recent Pulwama Terror Attacks which killed soldiers from Indian army. In addition to banning Pakistani artistes from working or performing in India, Bollywood films including the blockbusters will not release in the neighboring country. While the filmmakers have taken this decision, it has is downfalls as Pakistan territory is one of the major sources to recover capital and now, it is natural that profits will suffer. Therefore to overcome this loss, satellite and digital rights deals are being reviewed so that they recover their invested money.


  130. Created Post


  131. Kesari Trailer!!

    Created Post..


    • When you clap in a film’s trailer, you can be sure, the film will be to wait for. And that’s what you will do — clap — when you watch the trailer of karanjohar and Anurag Singh’s Kesari. Wow! akshaykumar has killed it!


  132. Gully Boy had a big drop on Wednesday as it collected 6 crore nett apprx as the places where it is doing excellent business like Mumbai and Pune came of a minor holiday and others like Rajasthan, UP and CI which are bad are dropping fast anyway.

    The total collections are around 94 crore nett and it should finish close to 100 crore nett though after tuesday it had looked like it would have cruised over 100 crore nett. The film should still maintain well enough over the second week due to the big metros showing holds. It will be the five big metros making the film a HIT as outside its rejection with collections set to be very low on the second Friday in all core Hindi mass markets.


  133. This whole contingent with their media friends is becoming a comedy show. The Gully Boy show started in Berlin last week when reports started to come that about this film Gully Boy getting applause and Germany has gone bonkers. It must have been the cast and crew applauding with their media friends as the main distributor in Germany for Hindi films has not even taken the film yet so if the film did get a release it would be minimal release. So straight away you know the fake bandwagon has started because the German market should have been lining up after the craze it caused in Berlin. Its like patting yourselves on the back and saying yeah its a Sholay when the real world actually does not care. Then on Friday the media and Mumbai trade went crazy again as if a Bahubali, Gadar or Sholay had come and insane lifetime numbers were being talked about. Its fair enough that this euro lot is mainly kept around by the support of the media but to call mediocre film (for most of the audience) a classic is the pits and as low as it gets. Call it decent or good at best if you really have to or best is say as it is because the public cannot be fooled for too long.

    The praise comes because who is behind the film and not for the content. Its not the first time its been seen and wont be the last. This Euro lot get the praise though box office collections and appreciation has never come and is never likely to come. If the praise does not come from the media they are simply irrelevant beacsue who else is going talk about their films. If its about the content then Uri – The Surgical Strike released a few weeks back which is a good film and far better than Gully Boy and if reviewers only really care for urban cinema the Uri – The Surgical strike is that and a little more as it has something for other as well but it never got this sort of praise. It deserved to get least double or even treble the praise of a Gully Boy.

    Then there is Manikarnika which is also a little better than Gully Boy in terms of appreciation and there the same industry European contingent which is rooting for the mediocre Gully Boy had no good words for that film. Even if say Manikarnika is as bad as Gully Boy at least Manikarnika was a worthwhile film about a historical character who died for the country so its worth some good words just on that account. Then on numbers a Kangana Ranaut solo doing 40-45 crore nett less than a Ranveer Singh / Alia Bhatt starrer is no doubt a win for the former and by a distance. We will not even get into comparing the Uri – The Surgical Strike numbers.

    Then finally there is thing going around Ranveer Singh is the new superstar in town after this film Gully Boy. Now this is probably PR but one thing is sure that you dont even become a star with a Gully Boy let alone a superstar. The Khans may be bleeding a little form last year but remain the biggest stars. One point to remember is the reigning superstar did 166 crore nett on a fully rejected film like Race 3 and here you are looking to just about beat Badhaai Ho with a SO CALLED classic. That also in terms of collections and not the number of people seeing the film. An Alia Bhatt solo starrer Raazi gets 1 crore people into the theatres and the superstar of the day paired with Alia Bhatt may just add 5-10 lakh more people. God save this industry with a superstar like this but here the superstar can correctly stick the blame on the director for a huge non achievement like this and not getting th amount of people to watch a superstar film.

    So on the final note. Gully Boy in real terms will just about survive which means the disease in Hindi cinema will still exist but nothing like say five years back. Now from here its down to the young stars is that do we improve further in the next five years and maybe compete with a Bahubali or do we go back in hope that the five city cinema will turn into all India cinema. Hopefully its the former but with this industry you can never tell.

    A little side note is thank god for small mercies that Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga completely tanked and did not even become a five city film as the media was ready to call this a mini classic but here the reason was a little different and not about who has directed the film.


    • LOL LOL LOL. The height of hypocrisy, BOI hardly supported manikarnika and now it’s best friends because the toys are out of the pram. Anti Ranveer article for no apparent reason really! Sounds like Girish is upset with Naveen’s latest rankings, Kesari will change that!


      • Who is Girish?


        • Girish Johar…put him in with the likes of Kadels, Jaiswals, trying hard to be next Taran! Setting their aim in life super high!

          He’s apparently one of the persons behind BOI and a huge Akshay fan! Probably behind the Kesari article, probably behind trying to promote Akshay with salman, aamir and srk at any given time like this article. But Akshay’s much bigger than all this.


          • Girish? i doubt.
            He never came across as boxoffice enthusiast. He is mostly active on twitter.

            I have a hunch BOI is being run by one of the multiplex chain. They have access to some of the sales data at real time which they use to assess the all india nett.

            They have shut out Taran and Komal now. BOI is now the most widely acceptable, agreed and discussed numbers.

            Taran is more relevant for his reviews. He now quotes producers number.


          • Akshay Kumar will unruffle many feather this year. Jayshah has been hoping for entirely a different scenario. Now such articles are being swallowed with a false satisfaction.

            With Akshay, the wheels has come a full curcle.

            First ignored.
            Then laughed.
            Then rejected.
            Then commented (read sarcasm). (Jayshah’s current health)
            Then accepted.


          • I don’t hope. I wish for good, engaging films. You wish for boxofficekumar and want khans finished. I care more for your wellbeing than of these celebrities as they are not in my life but you are.

            I’ll say a prayer for you tonight.

            And if you believe BOI has a huge multiplex chain link given their comments then an even bigger LOL. These sites and other things are embarrassing your opinion but you are stubborn to believe (eg Kangana) it as your anger to people like me is a bigger battle to win for you than anything else. Hence the voyeur behaviour towards BOI from you and anti Aamir at any point, now transferring into anti Khan as I predicted. It’s a sick addiction.

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          • Let me say. I would rather EVOLVE from 1-5 than be at 5 my whole life inexplicably whether it’s Singh is Kiing or Baby or Kesari (that’s the very definition of a disciple). I change my opinion based on what happens so if Akshay starts hitting doubles and triples I am not foolish to say he’s a star stuck at 5 or 6!


    • These people have gone crazy. Totally mental.

      Race 3 made 166 crores? Abey saalon jhoot ki bhi kuch hadd hoti hai…

      The only GARBAGE that comes out of trade sites is this parasite of a website called BOI. Guess what, Uri is also a Multiplex film or European as they like to call it.

      The only PR that seems to be coming out is from their worse-than-garbage website. Maybe someone is actually paying them to write this crap.

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      • Very true and naming Race 3 is plain unnecessary and a bluff / front….Don’t shoot off somebody’s shoulders. Timing is suspect here if we were to go with what they just wrote for a KJO product Kesari before it even came for public consumption. I guess KJO continues to be a slime ball and the hatchet job here means a calculated attempt to demolish the upcoming superstar. Ranbir continues to lend his ar…e to this faggot.

        It was brave of Ranveer just to attempt Gully Boy and he is rightfully getting all the accolades. If we are to read reports it was Ranbir who got cold shoulder attempting the film and took BV away from him. On hindsight and considering how Ranveer puts himself in the role he may have made a classic of that BV and given Kashyap his Scarface…Just remember where SLB was prior Ram-Leela which encouraged him to go for long awaited Bajirao Mastani & Padmaavat and the celluloid dream he cherished…

        Ranbir may still be a better actor is very restricted within the Aamir mould whereas Ranveer in spite of having limitations and being obnoxious off-screen has technically proven himself with a wide range of genre within a short span with extra ordinary results to boot….. not seen by even past superstars except may be srk who got started with the get go with his wide range….



    Follow Us Twitter logo link

    There have been these European directors articles which are simply loved in the industry There is the section which is for the likes of Zoya Akhtar, Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap and their cinema and this contingent which is trying its best to put the last nails into Hindi cinema who these articles wont hold appeal . Then there is the other side which believes in Hindi cinema, in the canvas, in the story telling, in the emotion and from this side the messages come for more euro articles.

    Its a tug of war between two sides of the industry, actually its not a tug of war as the cream belongs to Hindi cinema but to make it a bit equal the problem is the media is on the side of the European contingent so they tend to highlight the achievements when there is no achievement. Its called the European contingent not because they come from Europe or something but because the cinema in terms of story telling, screenplay, pacing and even lighting sometimes is influenced by the art circuit in Europe and then dished out to our desi audience. It generally flops or remains the five city cinema which can bring some success, Barfi! till date is the which broke the hackles somewhat. There is no reach of this cinema whatsoever even when some numbers come.

    This contingent is shifting to digital and bringing these C grade web series to compete with the real stuff from other places in the world. Even here the fact which will not be liked by them is that if the big streaming giants are getting some subscriptions in India its for the American and foreign content not the C grade rubbish dished out by this lot. These guys may not have a clue but the big streaming giants have some and thats why its 90 crore acquisition for the likes of Race 3 which is not even original content and just 10-20% or even less outlay of that for a original web series provided by these so called content providers despite it having far more viewing hours than a Race 3 . In another words its about the Khans and Akshay Kumar with the likes of Amazon and Netflix as well and hopefully these guys will keep away from the Euro contigent.

    This should have actually been the last article on this European stuff and then they could all dish out their mediocre content on digital until someone who knows what they are doing and delivers something edgy yet desi instead of relying on sex and violence like this European contingent.


    • It is a 4 page article. Read everything through their link.


      • I think I’d rather not…read what is posted here. That’s enough. Waiting for likes of Naveen to say they have a point or they can do as they please…


      • The only point of any relevance is that an outright rejected film like Race 3 still managed whatever number it did which was higher than every film released last year except 4 or 5 films. It’s another thing that Race 3 was a franchise and released on EID too. So yes if big star flop films still outgross everything except a handful of films with negative reviews pre and post release it’s an important point.


  135. Hello Muuna/Satyam: Is this 10 years of Satyamshot !! I remember one of the first movie review I read here was of Delhi-6. Or maybe is just about more than a decade..Anyway Happy Birthday Satyamshot !!!

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    • I think I got 10 year anniversary from wordpress couple of days ago so probably yes.


    • Yep..It is a decade of existence …didn’t realize!

      2/13/2009 Satyam made first post and there is a comment.

      Satyam has been pivot…commentators have contributed otherwise it is difficult for a WordPress blog to survive let alone thrive..


      • It comes up on my dashboard few days back. I didn’t mention it. But anyways, thank you Satyam for 10 years. NG was like childhood, SS is like where we had our own children 😛

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        • And also lost Utkal…


          • Indeed, massive loss…


          • Thanks, Munna. I really miss him. He would have loved films like Gully Boy.

            Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Utkal Ki Aatma Mere Andar Aa Gayi Hai…

            Translation: sometimes, it feels Utkal’s spirit is guiding my senses.

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          • Look at the passion on the site. Everything travels, books, poems, films…remarkable.


          • I wonder what Utkal wouldhave felt about Indian cinema and politics today…

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          • Having interacted/sparred with him on FB forum; he was mostly left leaning and critical of current Govt.; At same time pragmatist..He supported Aadhar and use of technology!

            I also want to emphasize that even if you had opposite view doesn’t make you more wrong or right retrospectively. We have to accept people are different and till we respect someone’s position and talk/argue civilly , things are fine.


          • Munna: check this out

            It’s a much bigger scam than Radia tapes and there was not a whiff on any mainstream news outlet. Not surprising because they were all implicated in it.

            This is the kind of sickness we are dealing with. Check out the cobrapost website link provided in the news report — almost every single news corporation, north or down south, is implicated.


          • Not one person who posted on Barkha-gate here, on this forum, made a single comment about it.

            And it’s not just against one party. Cobrapost have found evidence that Akhilesh Yadav tried to tamper with the meat in the infamous Akhlaq case.

            And this:

            In what appears to be the biggest banking scam in Indian history, the primary promoters of DHFL have been found to have siphoned off more than Rs. 31,000 crore of public money. The scam has primarily been pulled off through grants of loans and advances to shell companies and by using other means. Money has also been routed through these dubious companies and parked outside India, to acquire assets. Cobrapost has unearthed the scam by closely analyzing documents available with public authorities and information available in public domain.

            No public reporting on this either.

            Or this:

            Cobrapost unearths data showing 194 Indian law makers from across the political spectrum, including 6 former chief ministers and 10 sitting ministers, faked their PAN details while reporting their income to the Election Commission. Among these honourables are 72 from Congress and 41 BJP, while almost all parties share this honour. Experts believe it may be just another ruse to hide the exponential rise in their income between elections and to evade tax


          • I think everyone should file taxes even when you don’t own taxes. This way you are declaring income and there is graph; Most of the politicians were lower middle class 2-3 decades back are now owning thousand of crores of properties.

            On celebrities posting on social media is wrong morally but I don’t find it drastically wrong. People do compromises every day in life. A star doing an advertisement of “lal dant manjan” is fooling public to use it because h/she is promoting it but he/she will not use it personally; but no one voices objection.


          • But when they are doing it on TV people are aware of their participation. Here they were willing to do it without declaring their hidden agenda. That’s the problem.

            This is similar to what Cambridge Analytica did by harvesting Facebook profiles.


          • well.. a disclaimer is first thing to do if you are promoting something. But I don’t think it is done many sphere of life.

            We (people) are hardwired with bias/prejudices (nothing wrong in that); Judges and journalists have bias. Do they tell before that they have bias before they give verdict or article?



  136. It is easy to remember. Just before Valentine Day.
    OMG! Its Friday 13th on 2009!

    Congratulations for completing 10 years successfully!
    Delhi 6 also completed 10 years.


  137. Good News !!
    Happy Tennaversary to all sooryavanshi users of SS. May this 10th years be the year of Satyamshot 2.0, with the colors of Kesari and the glory of mission mangal.


  138. Remember folks, BOI supports Race 3; supports its inflated Producer figures which I proved conclusively to be wrong, and finally, it supports a film that has a rating of 2.1 at IMDB.

    Whoever supports them is as corrupt as this website.


  139. If european cinema can be called a disease, then one can call
    biopics also sort of disease
    patriotic films also so
    masala films also sort of disease
    lovestories also so

    How come single screen audience are real and honest just because they belong to certain mindsets and patronise certain kind of cinema? Just because they are more and contribute to more footfalls?

    How come multiplex or 5 metro audience are fake and dishonest just because they like and patronise certain kind of cinema? They pay more which somewhat compensates for lack of more footfalls.

    Audience is audience whether they are single screen ones or metro ones. They contribute to the bo. It is some set of directors who are influenced by world cinema, who try to make different kind of films in desi languages. They are artists in the first place and then they are business minds. They dont mind investing small amounts to produce the films they want to and then recover them from satellite rights or a lucky theatrical run. They get appreciation because critcs like such experimentation then the usual stuff. LIkewise mega producers want big profits and as recently witnessed, their losses are also phenomenal affecting exhibitors and sub distributors and sometimes all the others involved.
    Why to gloat when one european film like ELKDKAL fails? Will it make other creatives to stop producing such films? They will always produce hatke films because they love it. Losses wont hamper them. Do cricketers stop playing after one or two defeats?

    As for streaming stuff, people love to see our own actors doing such stuff in our own languages and so the patronisation exists.

    No need to snigger or fight.

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    • Exactly! This reeks of a certain prejudice.

      If I was to target a kind of cinema I dislike it’s the KJo type – not BB2 or Kesari but the FAKE worlds he’s presented as NRI. I despise that because it’s a lie. Likewise BOI has claimed Berlin praise is FAKE but in mid 00’s were happy to report on SRK’s stardom in these European belts. And I’m NOT lieing. I’ve lived in Germany, this was a BIG LIE.

      BOI to regain or register any credibility need to stop these articles. Just present a table day to day on collections and verdicts. Occasionally do a write-up but otherwise SHUT THE F¥$K UP.

      I don’t mind DCH, ZNMD but people from India should validate if it’s fake.

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      • Gully Boy is going to make more than $10 million overseas. More than its entire budget.

        These guys are LYING morons.


        • Saket I hope you’re not finding out just in recent times how pathetic BOI is. This kind of stuff has been around since 2005 at least. Back then even Taran was a clown but he’s become ‘less is more’ kind of trade guy.

          This is a reflection on mindsets as to who supports BOI and for what reasons. More than anything the reason ‘why’ they do is telling. One can support what they like but if it’s political first then it’s disingenuous.

          One can support patriotism but should do so no matter what government is in charge. If it’s political based patriotism it’s pretty fake.

          There are some genuine BOI fans – fair enough.
          But fake ones are easy to spot.

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    • It is the other way round.
      Actually the problem started with Aamir Khan fans trying to colonise the definition of quality only to the kind of films he started doing. Ofcourse those fans got confused when Aamir did oneor two and moved on. But those bhakts continued with their obsession and started deriding movies of other stars.
      BOI is a reaction to that bigotry.


      • I remember few used to hate some of the bigger hits of SRK and Salman to prove a point that Aamir’s film is superior.

        The thing is all those commentaries are now biting the dust because Aamir himself never did only that genre. He primarily did massive event films with few like DCH/RDB at the beginning.

        I for one never understood the hype around Kashyap. I really liked his Black Friday and one more i cannot remember now (based on hotel politics).
        Farhan Akhtar also did not do much but for a long time was considered hep and cool.

        However where BOI is making a mistake is by taking those outdated theories still to their heart. So it is appearing quite stale now.


      • Ultimate lesson of life. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. If you feel wronged the reaction is not to wrong back. It’s to debate or argue for what you believe in.

        But you and BOI are in your words just a reaction. Just a discerning voice, spouting out in revenge all the time. There is no medication for such things. Just to ignore, I have for the longest time not posted anything from BOI because it’s a stupid site. But happy to comment on that stupidity for the sake of humanity and younger people who can easily be fooled by such trickery.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lesson is bang on.

          I try not to react. But when i see few here, just cannot control. Years of nonsense comes and i react. Mazaa aata hai, sach mein. 😀

          But BOI is under no such temptation. Their act to react is puzzling. Must be something goin on which we do not know.


    • A film’s quality and appreciation is based on the admiration it receives from within its target audience. Its ridiculous to expect Gully Boy or ZNMD or DCH to receive appreciation in the tier 2 and 3 centers so to make a hue & cry about how they have failed in the B/C centers is preposterous. The reason why BV, Rangoon, 7 Khoon Maaf and most Kashyap films deserve to be panned is because they are usually rejected by even the 5 city audience. But to target the likes of Barfi, Neerja, Piku, Gully Boy, ZNMD etc which have found genuine appreciation amongst its target audience (however minimal the audience is), is idiotic to say the least. However, its not completely surprising coming from a site that dissed a film like Dangal which despite being more of a 10 city film broke all box office records and yet was maligned by this same site by claims of it having lower TV viewership than junk like Golmaal 4 and Judwaa 2 or mediocre stuff like Sultan (all of this is my opinion, nothing against folks who enjoyed G4, J2 & Sultan).

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      • There really isn’t any reason to pan Kashyap either. Do you think Satyajit Ray’s films will find takers in India today? How many people have actually watched Ray’s films? I’m sure the same guys will diss Ray for making art films or whatever excuse they can come up with.

        The point isn’t about criticism of a particular genre — one can dislike a particular genre or even a certain kind of aesthetic. The problem lies in suggesting that certain type of films, certain kinds of stories, should not be made.

        Financially too, it makes zero sense. It’s a free market, just like the stock market. People are free to invest in any company they choose to invest in. Similarly, audiences are free to watch any film they fancy. The more discerning type of film viewer will go for Anurag Kashyap’s films — as indicated by the IMDB ratings of his films. They may not make much money at the box office but that’s ok. Not every artist makes money and the most famous ones aren’t necessarily the best.

        Coming back to BOI, they want to curb viewer choice. In essence they are acting as Film-Nazis. And that is an abhorrent attitude to have — to anything in life, not just cinema.

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        • Absolutely. It’s dictatorship mentality.


        • Well, imo Kashyap & Vishal Bharadwaj are heavily overrated and try desperately hard to replicate the Sorcese & Tarantino brand of cinema with failed results (barring few exceptions like Kaminey, Omkara, GOW etc as these films have the entertainment quotient going). Actually I find Kashyap’s manner of narrative way more suitable for a web/TV series than a movie format, the kind of storytelling that grows on you but takes it own sweet time. Reminds me of Bryan Cranston’s statement after he won his fourth Emmy, “Breaking Bad is an excellent TV series that would have made a terrible movie”. Of all of Kashyap’s works, Sacred Games remains the most appealing for me. Agreed on BOI count. If they had their way, we’d not have film makers barring Shetty, Sajid Khan & Prabhudeva. Even Raju Hirani has relied on the so-called European & American narrative in certain sequences in all his films, a point BOI cannot harp upon due to his box office results. Munnabhai, 3I, PK are nowhere near being the run of the mill mass entertainers that BOI writers seem to be promoting with each one of their write ups.


          • Agree on everything after BOI. If the film is a big success – like huge, Hirani like, BOI simply has no answer. Unfortunately this is the bar for European cinema in BOI’s eyes. Even URI would have been ridiculed if it did 50Cr. It’s unfair to have different parameters to judge different genres. It boils down to economics not genre. If BOI wanted to slight any cinema do it based on bad economics or just bad film. The idea Gully Boy is bad is a joke – reviews tick, economics tick – it doesn’t have anything else to prove. If one of those fail one can argue a point and if both fail it’s even more clearer as a point.

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          • Disagree on Kashyap. His storytelling is more European than Hollywood.

            At least BOI got that detail about him right!


          • I think with Kashyap, his career is being defined by Bombay Velvet and that is harsh. If he could make his cinema with better economics it’s worthwhile. Just like if Rohit Shetty blew up one less car his film may make more sense to one more person.

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          • BOI’s hypocrisy is further exposed by the fact that today they rate Sanjay Bhansali as one of top film makers in the industry, the same guy who had made completely pseudo European narratives in the real sense just about a decade ago with films like Black, Saawariya and Guzaarish. Till Raazi, Meghna Gulzar too featured in the list but now has inexplicable gone missing. So had Neeraj Pandey post MSD-Untold Story while he was dissed as a Euro director for Special 26 & Baby.

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  140. Zoya Akhtar has been luckier that after a dud start with Luck By Chance got a Hrithik Roshan / Katrina Kaif at their peak with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011) but could only deliver 90 crore nett when these stars should have done 125 crore nett eyes closed at that time.

    A Ranveer Singh / Alia Bhatt today is probably not at the level of Hrithik Roshan / Katrina Kaif in 2012 but its a huge cast for a director who has not delivered a film which has been appreciated across India.

    This is from BOI’s first article on Gully Boy.

    This is from today’s article:

    An Alia Bhatt solo starrer Raazi gets 1 crore people into the theatres and the superstar of the day paired with Alia Bhatt may just add 5-10 lakh more people. God save this industry with a superstar like this but here the superstar can correctly stick the blame on the director for a huge non achievement like this and not getting th amount of people to watch a superstar film.

    Look at how these buffoons contradict themselves. Hrithik Roshan & Katrina Kaif AT THEIR PEAK delivered a 90 crore nett.

    And now these people are CRYING that Gully Boy has already crossed that figure — both in terms of nett as well as footfalls.

    Judge for yourself, people. I rest my case. Don’t wish to lose my sanity ranting over totally corrupt, hypocritical and lying douches.

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    • I totally agree that BOI is going bonkers here.
      BOI is making a mistake by reacting to outdated theories which was used by their rival sites once upon a time. Those sites are gone now. They need not react. Such unreasonable reactions are appearing quite stale now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ‘BOI is making a mistake by reacting to outdated theories which was used by their rival sites once upon a time.’

        Countered by

        Naveen is making a mistake by reacting to outdated theories (read Aamir quality cinema) which was used by their rival sites once upon a time (read rival fans).

        So it’s confirmed both BOI and Naveen are bonkers in Naveen’s own world.


        • I try not to react. But when i see few here, just cannot control. Years of nonsense flashes and i react. Mazaa aata hai, sach mein. 😀


          • But what truth? You are trying to expose things at the expense of sounding uncredible.

            Facts are things like Akshay’s biggest grosser is less than 200Cr, Aamir’s is close to 400Cr.

            Facts are not Padman is the greatest cinema ever or Dangal is best movie ever.

            Go on IMDB if you want an account or data on which films are highly regarded or ranked. I.e. your single view on Padman is not shared by majority by review averages or box office collections so all you’re doing is imposing an opinion that very few agree with. Perfectly within your rights to but then in no position to say ‘those’ Aamir fans are ‘worse’ when those Aamir film’s probably have better ratings and for sure better box office verdicts.

            Ultimately you’re hardly in a position of strength to blow any trumpet.


          • For me Dangal is one of the greatest cinema ever. So was 3 Idiots…one of the all time great.
            I am sure imdb for these are very high. I never hid my affection for Aamir’s films.

            It was the mindset of the fan of the No 1 star which was the problem. As Aamir’s fan, one needed to be relaxed and not react to SRK’s earlier fans. But they did. Not everybody, but it was done and in this forum. I fought against this the same way like what Saket is today towards BOI.

            Liked by 1 person

          • So you’re mindset on Akshay being #1 deserves a response…sure you are a relaxed Akshay fan. Goes from 4 to 1 and down to 2 in 2 months. In essence you are indulging in the very thing you are critical of but you’re given a pass because you think it’s the truth!


          • And as Akshay’s fan i am in a position of strength like never before. This strength is coming from his movies done in last few years and those coming this year.
            Padman has been the most impactful film of last 2 decades. You give me imdb. I give you #Padman tag. please search on its social impact. Those are real stories and not fake. On imdb it is 8/10
            With time and as more people will watch new films of Akshay and then revisit his older ones…the ranking will improve.


          • Any number of #filmname can be used to prove such things. It’s not singular to Padman.

            Clearly you are after revenge of sorts based on a fictional war that you fought with fictional opponents. In the end you will win – but that victory is fictional too. But I’m happy for you…you can celebrate like Ben Johnson in 1988.


          • “Any number of #filmname can be used to prove such things. It’s not singular to Padman.”


            Haha…no other film has the same visible social impact duly acknowledged by NGO, governments, agencies, social impact leaders, etc. These are on record.


          • Simple.

            Go to…

            Type in ‘most socially relevant movies India’ and have the cahoonas to revert back your findings or if you don’t like the result – I’m sure it will mortify you go to Sundar Pichai and go legal on his ass.

            Obviously if you’re on #padman all day I expect you to be indoctrinated to some degree so give you some sympathy.

            Google’s reaction will be worth a clap I’m sure.


          • Let me expose you. 🙂 Please see the post below.


  141. Did any one watch Abhishek and Shweta’s episode on Koffee with Karan.
    Abhishek is a changed man now. He shared his anger of getting roles of sidekick when once he used to be hero. I am very happy he realised. He looked satisfied with Manmarzian and even rated Anurag Kashyap over Mani Rathnam (quite a BOI kind of mistake).
    Shweta came across as mature sensible lady. Very impressive.

    Abhishek’s game changed after doing Bol Bachchan. That movie single handedly reduced his mail lead image to a joker. He was not apt for Housefull3 either. He and Anurag is in for long haul now.


  142. Himesh‏ @HimeshMankad Feb 20
    UPDATE: @BeingSalmanKhan’s film calendar *BLOCKED* till 2021…. Await film announcements starring him at regular intervals from hereon. I am not allowed to talk about the films now, but trust me, it’s a *KICKASS* line-up (Barring One Film) – The domination will continue!!

    Himesh‏ @HimeshMankad 11h11 hours ago
    Official: #Dabangg3 on floors in April at Maheshwar in MP; That would be followed by an indoor schedule on sets constructed at Wai (Maharashtra). The cop-drama will be completed start to finish in 4 month. @BeingSalmanKhan begins his next post #Dabangg from September!

    A jam-packed 2019 for Salman Khan

    This year seems to be the most happening year for Salman Khan who is busy fulfilling all his commitments. The actor is shooting his most-awaited film Bharat, gearing up for his Dabangg Tour, completing advertisement shoots for his clothing line Being Human and will soon turn his focus towards the next instalment of Dabangg series.

    “Just recently Salman was busy shooting for Being Human clothing lining at film city. After completing the commercial shoot, Salman was busy discussing the globe license for Being Human clothing, which is presently with Mandhana Retail Ventures. The extensive meeting went on until the wee hours and got wind up by 6 in the morning,” confirms a source.

    Last but not least, being a fitness freak Salman will also be seen promoting Being Strong, which was launched recently. Being Strong has the most extensive range of fitness equipment that can be bought at an affordable rate. It is the only Indian brand that competes with all the international brands, not only in India but in the global market as well.

    Salman has apparently decided to take Being Strong to Germany Expo promotions in April. “Salman has lined up all his assignments be it shooting film, commercials or promotions one after the other. Leaving no time for his personal life,” says a source.


  143. Watching KGF in Kannada. Anant Nag’s narration is impressive in Kannada. Non stop action. Blood, gore and violence. Watching with half closed eyes. Let me see where and how it ends. Raw action. Why it worked in Mumbai is clear. Yash is not bad. Usually I shun this kind of movie but curiosity made me watch to know why it was so popular. It competed with Zero!


    • Same old South Indian heroics and dialogues albeit some better choreographed action sequences and good camerawork. Didn’t quite fall for this one. Seemed to try too hard to emulate the Bachchan’s 70’s classics but falls well short due to the “one man messiah” narrative that a lot of South Indian commercial films follow (which got rich dividends for the likes of Salman, Akshay and Ajay in the past decade in Hindi cinema too). Bachchan’s classics were more about the audience connecting with the situations and circumstances befalling on the common Indian citizen during the 70’s than a one man army belting thugs and goons with bare fists (except for the one garage scene in Deewar).


  144. Like

    • #PadmanImpact-2

      500 Schoolgirls Learnt Padman’s Lesson, Thanks to the District’s Forward Thinking
      The authorities hope Padman will help spread menstrual hygiene awareness.


    • #Padmanimpact-3

      Inspired By “Padman”, Dubai-Based Girl Provides Sanitary Pads To Tribals
      Riva Tulpule flew down to India last week and distributed about one-year stock of sanitary pads to girls from schools in Sahapur taluka on Saturday.


    • #Padmanimpact-4

      In Bareilly, north India, an NGO called Pad Bank was formed by 15 men and women including medical students who were inspired by the movie.


    • #Padmanimpact-5


    • Just sharing few of the social impact that Padman created at grassroot level in India.

      There are tons of such inspiring stories, making Padman the most socially impactful movie of the last decade or so.

      My estimate is that over a million life got directly impacted with the movie. The awareness created by Padman made several state governments to set up sanitary napkin baks at schools, public places and even in offices.

      Now there is an attempt to play dirty politics on this.

      Jayshah – Please do not try to undermine the achievements of movies of other stars. Your politics and agenda has failed. Please recover.


      • The simple point you miss is this. If a film is ‘as’ impactful or important as you claim – it will turn up in the front page of the generic search I mentioned. Padman as you already know didn’t, it was actually not in ‘any’ article on the first webpage. Even if you type ‘most influential movies on menstruation’ you get a bunch of English movies and no mention of Padman.

        Now to the list in original search
        Rang De Basanti. This movie needs no introduction. …
        Chak De India. Chak De india is one movie that played an important role in reviving popularity of hockey, especially women hockey in India. …
        Taare Zameen Par. …
        3 idiots. …
        Swades. …
        Prem Rog. …
        OMG! …

        This not to undermine you but to simply say such points should make sense at a macro level – I needn’t have to go to #Padman thread to find all this out. In any case I know I have you for that.

        In fact on the search no article is written since 2017, so no one’s bothered to revise any list by including Padman!
        Popular stars of Bollywood has

        At least some logic should apply to your point. I can find thesis’ on ‘certain’ Bollywood films that have made it to universities otherwise!


  145. EPIC !!


    • This movie is very well timed for Akshay. He is not the sort of star who will give biggest of grossers to be at No 1.

      He relies on frequent releases and Hits. With his frequency, a superhit / blockbuster is what can take the game away for him.
      2point0 Hindi is a clean superhit which came in the years of Rustom, Airlift, Padman, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Jolly LLB2, Gold and Housefull3. That made him No 1 star esp at the juncture when others unfortunately hit a black patch.

      But as shown in my last ranking, big hits can make a difference as we saw with Ranveer Singh getting to No 1 this week with a HIT Gully Boy after two big hits Padmaavat and Simbaa within 12 months.

      Kesari can again be the second game changer for Akshay after 2point0. If Kesari becomes a Superhit, for which 200+ Cr will be needed, Akshay will be back in the ruling. Tall task. But the trailer is looking dhamaal.


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