Student Of The Year 2 – Trailers (Updated)

Thanks to Sanjana …

Thanks to Sanjana & Naveen…

7 Responses to “Student Of The Year 2 – Trailers (Updated)”

  1. tonymontana Says:

    I give up!


  2. Like

  3. This looks even worse than first which was itself crap


  4. LOLWTF!! …getting good laughs today…first the mediocre talent admission and now just watched this trailer..

    Not even a SINGLE student ever held a book in this trailer..not even PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE

    Is Tara Sutaria going to act or is just there for KAMA SUTARIA?

    “Ek baar mein dancing competition jeet jaoon, then there will be no turning back.” Actually, you don’t need to at all, since ALL tharkis will be busy staring at your back…

    I really need to watch this movie in a theater which has some drinks to offer…I think I will have a blast!

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  5. Naveen Says:

    Who all agree here that this movie is going to be Superhit ???


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