My take on MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA (Hindi, 2009)

Diwali, Salman and Kareena Kapoor in a love story hasn’t proved too fruitful for Salman last time around either in 2005 with KYON KII which failed miserably at the box-office. While KYON KII had a depressing ending which worked against the film in the festive season (it was fairly well made), MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA is a romance which can only be described as old wine in a old bottle!

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8 Responses to “My take on MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA (Hindi, 2009)”

  1. thanks.. was expecting better here but then with Sohail around I should have known!


    • masterpraz Says:

      Yeah this one is a total dud through and through! A definite let-down after WANTED! Lets see what LONDON DREAMS holds in store…


      • Even while you state emphatically that this is Sohail’s film and that Salman has only a guest appearance, you still compare it to Wanted. The power of publicity, I guess.

        I think you are way too kind on the film.


        • masterpraz Says:

          Well promo’s give off the idea that Salman is the main hero and Sohail is secondary which isn’t the case…this one is worth a miss by all means unless you’re a Bebo freak!


        • masterpraz Says:

          Extended guest appearence. He does appear again in the second half, though his role here is shorter than in NO ENTRY!


  2. A relevant excerpt from Baradwaj Rangan’s review of MAMK:

    “…These scenes are staged not elaborately but in a concise, cryptic manner, as if Soni were laying the groundwork for a monumental meditation on the modern-day marriage. We wait for these casual snapshots of Sameer and Raina to accrue into a warts-and-all wedding album.

    And then Sohail Khan pees all over the wedding cake. Rarely has there been such a dreadful case of miscasting, and rarely has a film thundered off the rails with such a drastic change of mood and tone.”


  3. masterpraz Says:

    Just added “Preity Zinta is OK trying to ape Ashwariya Rai in the far superior KAJRA RE. Deepika Padukone’s role seems forced”


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