‘My Father’ — Lakshmi Jagalur pays tribute to her father, Gummadi Venkateswara Rao


Father……….the word ‘father’ evokes images of love, protection, and compassion. My father Mr. Gummadi Venkateswara Rao was all this and more, much more. My first memory of my father is when I was four years old sitting on his stomach. He would come home from shootings, lift me up in his arms and place me on his stomach relaxing on the carpet. He would place me on the table during dinner times and feed me the most delicious Perugu annam. I remember him holding me tight as I fell asleep in his arms feeling safe. Despite the stormy weather on the day I was born, and six children before me did not deter him from rushing to shop for gold bangles to adorn my tiny hands. I remember the day when he carried my son in his arms. My father looked at the newborn with love, and tenderly stroked his grandson’s tiny fingers and toes, bringing tears to my eyes.

He taught us to respect fellow human beings, and the importance of humility. He taught us that money is not everything in life, and he showed it by his deeds, not words. His favourite dialogue as we were growing up was “manishi avasaraaniki minchi dabbu yemi chesukuntadu” . (Why does one need more money than needed for basic necessities) He proved it by spending every sparing moment he had with us.

As children we woke up to the strains of Classical music that he would listen to as he read the morning newspaper. Sometimes, he fed and milked the cows as he loved his coffee with fresh milk. He would help me make his favourite dish “beerakai pachadi”, when my mother was sick. Together we made the best pakodas on rainy days. He always looked at us with love and affection, and never uttered a harsh word even when we disappointed him. He would dedicate his Sundays to the family. Memories of playing cricket and badminton with him on our front yard, or playing games sitting on the marina beach are still fresh in my mind. Our beach outings ended with a treat of kulfi ice cream at PALS restaurant on beach road. He at times disguised himself with a turban and drove the bullock cart to take us to movies in Kollur movie theater during our summer vacations. Growing up we had no idea how important he was, for us he was just our loving father. He never hesitated to lend a helping hand, be it toward a loyal foreman at his ancestral property or to a fellow artiste facing hard times. When he visited me in the States three years ago, the only shopping he did was to buy T-shirts and clothes for Ramesh (his aide) and his children.

He was an avid reader, his library consisted of Epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharatha, The Bhagavdgita, Veyi Padagalu, Sarat Chandra, Chalam, Jandyala Papaya Sastri books to name a few. I remember many a splendid evenings watching him enjoy Dr. Narayana Reddy garu’s poetry, and in conversation with Dr.. Akkineni Nageswara Rao garu. Our dinner table conversations would include his description of his childhood, praising his grandmother’s cooking, his carefree teenage days, his college days, his meetings with Dr. Radhakrishnan, Pandit Nehru, Sir Richard Attenborough, to name a few. The topics of conversation would range from politics, to art to literature to music. He would praise enthusiastically if he identified talent in an artiste and likewise he would not hesitate to criticize if he did not like something, no matter how big an artiste he or she is. I remember the day he rushed home to take us all to listen to U. Srinivas mandolin concert. He came home during the break as he was the chief guest for Srinivas’s first concert and he discovered that he was a child prodigy. His enthusiasm was so infectious that we followed him without questioning. Another time I was roped in to go to a Russian circus with my six nephews and nieces because he wanted to go to the circus with his grandchildren. Needless to say I was the reluctant participant in the excursion, as I was 19 years old and did not want to be seen with tiny tots at a circus. He once asked Mr. Bapu (the great south Indian director and artiste) to draw Gandhi and Nehru in one stroke and Mr. Bapu obliged by drawing it for him.

[This the picture drawn by Bapu which is a depiction of Gandhi and Nehru]

He never compromised his principles and I know of instances he resigned as a judge when he was asked to compromise. He once ripped apart an audio cassette tape and did not hesitate to put a match to it when he found the lyrics vulgar. His anguish and disappointment with people when they failed to exhibit basic human qualities and the deteriorating human values flowed out in the form of poetry –

Malli oka Mahatmudu na intlo puttaali,
(Another Mahatma should take birth in my house)

Oka Gautama Buddhudu na gadapalo kaalu pettaali,
(A Gautam Buddha should cross my door step)

Velisipoyina Naa inti godalaku velliveyyali!

(Paint the faded walls of my house)

Rallu rappalu vunna naa mungitlo rangavallikalu didhali
(Color my front yard filled with stones)

Nallellu Jillellu molichina prangana lo
(Remove the weed filled yard)

Nandanavanaalu naataali
(And plant a beautiful garden)

Nattintlo kodigattina naa divveku
Navya kantulu andhivvali

(The dimmed lamp in my house should shine bright)

Masaka baarina naa masthishkani
Marammathu cheyyali

(Revive my sagging personality)

Deyyaalu tiruguthuna naa kompalo
Daivanni prathishtinchali

(Install Gods in my house filled with devils)

Marachipoyina Manavathvam
Malli nenu pondali

(I should regain my lost humanity)

Marugunapadda manchitanam
Thirigi Naaku Chendali

(My hidden goodness should be rediscovered)

Malli oka Mahatmudu naa intlo puttali
(Another Mahatma should be born in my house)

Oka Kalaakarudiga
Ede Naa Asha…na Akanksha!

(As an artiste this is my wish)

I was truly blessed to be born as his daughter. Words fail me to describe the love I received from him. His tall figure always dressed in pure white, as pure as his heart and his gentle smile, his loving gaze will forever remain with me. If I ever have another lifetime, I want to be born as his daughter. He was a great actor, a great human being, a caring parent till the end; his last words were spoken to me on the cell phone saying “I am fine, do not worry” and this was before he went under the ventilator for the last time.

Aayana Talapeh maaku parama pavithram……

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  1. Lakshmi, I consider this a privilege and honor to be able to put up your very special and extremely moving tribute here not only because it’s been done ‘exclusively’ for the blog but moreso because of its sheer singularity. Your piece is intimate, the photographs are a treasure (my favorite is the first one but the one done by Bapu is very interesting too), the poem included makes the whole piece that much more valuable. To repeat this is a very precious piece but also an extraordinary moment for the blog. Thank you so much for doing this and for being willing to put it up here. You have certainly done your father proud with this writing matching his affection and simplicity, as you’ve described it, with the tone and tenor of your piece..


  2. I shall also keep this post on or near the top of the blog for a while..


  3. Very Very moving, I have two daughters and can only wish to be half a Father and role model to them like your father was for you Lakshmi.


    • great to see you here after a long time Rocky.. where have you been?! Hope all is well. If I know you at all I think I know enough to say very confidently that you will receive as loving a tribute from your daughters (despite your politics … LOL!). In the meantime though you have very many decades to get through.. no rush!


  4. Lakshmi gaaru..Take a bow. What a moving tribute to your father


  5. Very touching. Love the pic at the top.


  6. In 2008 my friend’s father passed away and he sent us all a poem written by his father 10 years ago , which today I feel like sharing with all – ( I am sure my friend will not mind)

    As a small tribute to my father I wanted to share a poem titled ‘ To My
    Son’ which he wrote 10 odd years back. A framed hand written version hangs
    in our house and I thought all of us may identify with some of these universal
    emotions about a parent’s love for his/her child.

    My dad taught English at Delhi University and was also a poet and critic.

    To My Son

    What remains unborn in me
    I see it blossom in my son
    I flaunt what shows on him
    Like my darling Pa had done

    My son shines likes the sun
    Thanks shimmer in my eyes
    He begets his sunny son
    Joy ripples in my eyes

    And he loves us as desired
    Tears well up in our eyes
    And this is all I can I find
    Felicity so untongues my kind

    Circles of joy I’ve been drawing
    With hands on the face of time
    Sometimes, I think I see them all
    Sometimes, I think I don’t at all

    But every now and then he sees
    Some of the circles I’ve drawn
    And every now and then I see
    The lovely circles he’s drawn

    May joyous thankful circles grow
    Like ocean’s salty water though


  7. Beautifully written Lakshmi gaaru.

    Moving set of thoughts, may his soul rest in peace.


  8. lakshmiji thank you so much for writing this moving tribute


  9. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Thank you all for reading it.


  10. What a treat this has been Lakshmi, thank you so much for sharing with us…


  11. Sorry for your loss Laxmi ! Your Tribute to your father reminded me of my father whom i consider The Best Man in my life till date. That father -Daughter bond,that relationship is very precious in my opinion. ‘coz very few can bond that way and have opportunity to do so. Esp. in an Indian society where male dominance still prevails and male child is given more importance than a girl.
    Things might be different now a bit but the era you are talking about of bullock cart and all must have been a different one with different values.
    Thanx for sharing it with all of us.


  12. Satyam, I haven’t read Laxmi’s tribute yet, and I have only quickly skimmed over the comments to see if anyone else mentioned this point. Since no one has, let me request you earnestly to change the heading on this post! Gummadi was always known as Gummadi throughout his professional life, and that is his most recognizable name for the public. So either he should be referred to by that family name alone, or his full name, which is Gummadi Venkateswara Rao. When you initially posted about his passing away, the heading read “Venkateswara Rao (Gummadi)”, now you call him “Gummadi Rao,” both of which are incorrect. It may seem like a trivial matter to you, but it greatly bothers me that, in posting all these tributes to him, you are not even getting his name right. I hope you don’t mind my pointing this out, and will make the correction.


  13. Dearest Lakshmi,
    This is a beautiful tribute to your Father. Only a wonderful man like your Dad could have inspired such love from His daughter. I feel sure you made Him very proud throughout your life and you’ve done it once again with this loving story. There is nothing in life can ever compare to the bond between a girl and her Father. The memories you have will sustain you through the rest of your life until you see Him again. Thank you, Lakshmi, for allowing me to have this intimate glimpse of your childhood and of your precious Father.
    May His soul rest in peace. God bless you both.


  14. This is a lovely piece – thanks so much for posting. My sincere condolences on your irreparable loss.


  15. Lakshmi,

    This is a wonderful tribute to your father. I love both the photographs of you two, but the first one is beyond compare… that smile on his face says more than volumes could of his love for you. I think you were a blessed child indeed to have such a man, such a father, in your childhood. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories. Now we will always remember him too, through your unforgettable words.

    Love and regards,



  16. My Dear Lakshmi
    I share your pain…What a beautiful and touching tribute to your loving father,also, very lovely photo.It reminds me of my own relatives.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    God bless you!
    My love always…Saroj


  17. Thank you Lakshmiji for sharing those wonderful memories of your father and letting us know what a great human being he was. And thank you Satyam for posting this link.


  18. Laxmi I was completely bowled over by the article and those beautiful photographs of ur great father he was indeed a wonderful human being.
    Yes indeed u were very lucky to have his hand on ur head .God bless his soul.


  19. Lakshmi, It is a touching tribute to gummadi garu. He is the film personality in Telugu with lots of respect for his conduct and deeds.
    I also thank you for chosing this blog to publish this.


    • Lakshmi, I would suggest sending this to Eenadu or Andhrajyothy so that it reaches more fans of Gummadi garu.


      • Lakshmi Jag Says:

        Ted…thank you for your kind words. I wrote it for the blog and it is up to Satyam. As Srisha Rao said it was therapeutic for me and I did it since I felt as his daughter it is the least I can do which is tell people what a beautiful human being he was. I would also like to once again thank everyone of you for reading it.


  20. Beautiful!


  21. srisha rao Says:

    dearest lakshmi,
    needless to say my eyes were clouded with tears….it was reflective, humane….moving…poignant…written with such vivid emotion …..which is what makes it so touching and so special. the photgraphs were especially precious.

    Satyam, thank you for requesting her to write this for your blog – the result is wonderful post for all to read. also, the very process of penning down the thoughts for all of us to share i am sure has been a therapeutic journey for lakshmi during this intense and acute loss. thanks for the thought and for the sensitivity.

    Yes! Gummadi Garu was indeed a very special person but knowing lakshmi on a personal level makes me say with confidence that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    “always look at what you left
    never look at what you’ve lost”

    looking at you lakshmi – i know your father lives on through you. you have all the qualities that you have penned about him – the humility, the love for music, theatre, movies and literature. passion to fight for what you believe is true. the joy you find in the simple things of life. you spread joy and happiness and light up the room just by being your presence.
    Gummadi Venkateshwar Rao’s has left us physically but is proudly looking down at what he has left behind – his daughter – and i for one am thankful for the GEM of a friend he has given me.
    his legacy will live on through his children and grandchildren……


  22. Beautiful. The article captures the essence of the great person that he is. As his granddaughter i can say that he evoked similar feelings in me. I remember the look on his face the day he saw my daughter for the first time and how his eyes lit up every time she gave him a hug. There have been many days as a parent (of a 6 yr old) that these precious memories help me not give up and be a good parent. He has proved that his legacy of love will live on. If i can be a parent where my daughter feels the same way about me, mine will be a life well spent.


  23. Dear Lakshmi, Beautiful words so full of meaning and Love.. brings to mind my dad.. they have so much in common being great human beings and loving dads… Their love will always embrace us and ours..


  24. Krishna Kommineni Says:

    As my aunt, Lakshmi, so eloquently wrote above I also would to like say a few words about my grandfather. Growing up in the US, I did not understand the deep feeling so many of his fans held for him and with his passing am so humbled by the outpouring of love, affection and respect for my grandfather. Looking back, I am happy that I never knew him as an actor, as none of his professional accomplishments clouded my view of him. Everything I know about him, I know as a person and grandfather.

    My grandfather was a soft and gentle artiste. He and my grandmother had a special gift of making each one of their grandchildren feel as though we were their favorites (this argument still continues among us grandchildren, each believing whole heartedly to be their favorite). Whenever I think of my grandfather a few things come to mind, how he used to wait for me to return home from shopping or visiting so we could have lunch together (I know, it should have been the other way around!). Or, upon hearing the sound of the gate opening no matter where he was in the house or what he was doing, he would stand on the verandah and welcome us home. One of my most cherished memories happened a few years ago while on a visit. It was just me and my grandfather in the house. He was getting ready for his day and called me into his room for a chat. I entered his room and proceeded to sit in my favorite spot, his rocking chair. The television was on so I started to move along the channels. My grandfather walked into the room and asked me to go back a few channels, I obliged and stopped at one of his old movies. He started to tell me about the movie, the day he filmed the scene and about his life at the time. I can’t remember what he said, all I can recall is the memory of watching my grandfather’s film with him as I sat in his rocking chair, in his house. For me, that moment is frozen in time as I learned about him and his profession in his own words. I can still feel his soft hand on mine and the sound of his gentle voice.

    The last time I saw my grandfather he was sending me off: standing on the verandah in his crisp whites, warm smile and a gentle wave goodbye.


  25. DEVKISHIN Says:

    Greatly impressed with your literary prowess lakshmiji. You have come up with a great piece of writing on your illustrious father.I could perceive all those endearing characteristics of your loving dad in your persona.
    Your father ,as I gather here ,was not only a great film artist but an extraordinary human being with high moral values.
    The two-in-one sketch is fine piece of skillful drawing.
    Your two snaps with your dad are lovely to look at–You look so innocent with highly intelligent look. You appear completely safe and protected in company of your father.
    Your father’s blessings will always be with you.May his soul rest in peace.


  26. Saratchandra Says:

    Thank you Satyam for re-posting this link on bigb’s blog today. I am greatly benefitted by reading this fitting tribute. Behind the lines or in between the lines a legend lives and those who wish to see him, can easily see the lover of humanity. Lakshmiji, you are truly blessed to have been nurtured by such an great soul.
    May his soul rest in peace.


  27. Aunts:) I have always liked the pleasent welcoming nature of your father onscreen, but meeting him personally at your house confirmed that it wasn’t just on the “reel” but it was very much REAL. I am honored that he graced our house on his visit and treated me, a complete stranger, with an affection that he would show his grandchildren. Through you and your stories we know him better as a person then an actor. Like Srisha said you and your family carry on his nature. Having met your family I can say its very true too. You are very special to me and I truly consider you as a Mom to me and you know that. There is not much a person can say at this point to make any sorrow go away, but we are here for you emotionally and physically to shower our love and make you treat us with your beautiful smile!


  28. I think the very act of praising such a heartfelt paean would be a disservice to the beauty of emotions expressed here. Hence I refrain myself. Such moments have the effect of stunning me into silence. Silence that is reflective; silence that’s meditative/therapeutic in nature, and silence that brings with it the unique feeling of togetherness with the almighty. I am not a very religious or spiritual person, but I find those feelings being awakened inside me after reading this tribute — aptly I might add — from a daughter to her father.


  29. lakshmi, I am touched and moved by this tribute that you have paid to your father. It speaks of the close moments that you have shared with him…they must have seemed insignificant then but you shall hold on to them all your life! Very well written Lakshmi.

    Satyam, thanks for posting the link on Amitji’s blog.



  30. Reshmi P Says:

    Dear Lakshmi (via Satyam’s blog, thank you Satyam)

    I hope you received the message I sent to you as soon as I heard about the passing away of your illustrious father. I had no idea in the short absence of mine on the blog that the ‘secret’ we kept was out..that you are indeed the daughter of this illustrious man! If you remember, I was the first one to know and I kept it quiet..till today!
    I may not have seen the movies but I have heard a lot about the greatness of this great actor. I am sure the void he has left is not just in the family but in the lives of millions of Indians worldwide.
    I wish you healing but take this moment to be a part of dad’s life celebrations.
    My love, lots and lots of it

    Reshmi P


  31. Reshmi P Says:

    To Lakshmi Jag

    I hope you received the message I sent to you as soon as I heard about the passing away of your illustrious father. I had no idea in the short absence of mine on the blog that the ’secret’ we kept was out..that you are indeed the daughter of this illustrious man! If you remember, I was the first one to know and I kept it quiet..till today!
    I may not have seen the movies but I have heard a lot about the greatness of this great actor. I am sure the void he has left is not just in the family but in the lives of millions of Indians worldwide.
    I wish you healing but take this moment to be a part of dad’s life celebrations.
    My love, lots and lots of it

    Reshmi P (and thanks to Satyam for the link to your tribute)


  32. Satyam ji, Thanku, thank u, thank u for putting up lakshmi’s article. My father isn’t he Handsome!Beautiful thoughts, lakshmi.I can’t find words to put my feelings thru’. Wonderful responses, krishna’s & aishwarya’s responses brought ters to my eyes. Iam the 4th daughter of and lakshmi is the 5th.Today is my wedding anniversary, last year i was with father on this day, he made us cut a cake, called some close friends for dinner, two of his colleagues, sivaparvathi and jaya same some wonderful songs, he enjoyed the evening so much. This year he is not among us, i refrain from using the word death, because i strongly feel he just passed very peacefully and beautifully from this world to another plane.i am happy to think that he is joined mother up above. Nanna! i love you, ur always there for us.


    • GS: Thank you so much for commenting here and providing another intimate glimpse into your great father’s life. And you don’t need to thank me because I feel privileged Lakshmi chose to write her very personal piece on this blog.


  33. pavan141 Says:

    రాయాలన్న తపన ఎక్కడో తప్పిపోయింది….అలిగిందేమో…అస్త్రశస్త్రాలు నా దోసిట్లో వదిలి వెల్లిపోయింది….బ్రతిమాలుదామన్నా ఎక్కడుందో తెలిస్తే కదా,tell u a gr8 artical on being daughter of the father of telugu movies i say it from my heart,he is a legend


  34. Kashmira Grewal Says:

    Dearest Lakshmi,

    Thank you for sharing the most personal and treasured moments of your life here with us. We join you in saluting your dear Father, who will ever live on in the memories of thousands of his fans, as he will in those of yours and your loving Family.

    What you have expressed would perhaps, be the layman’s version of what pure, selfless love is all about, thereby making it all the more beautiful to behold! Any young man reading this will be surely inspired to re-create this magic for his children as and when and would hope that his children in turn would glorify him, immortalising him thus, when he moves on!

    I must also thank Satyam here, for making it possible for all of us to be with you in this most crucial moment of your life! I am sure every father reading this would pray for a Lakshmi to call his own!

    Sharda, my husband and I wish you and your husband every happiness and good health and eons of togetherness – may the memories of your last wedding anniversary celebrated with your dear Father ever remain with you and may it inspire you to always keep smiling!

    With love and blessings,


  35. Dear Satyam,Imust thank u for ur brilliant advice to lakshmi to put up this tribute.If u go to the archives, may be 3,4 months ago, i was very interested ab knowing u after reading ur highly intelligent reviews, ur interesting responses– i even expressed a doubt that u must be RGV using his Father’s name as an alias.I used to think what does he do for a living, is he in the movie industry, where does he live -only curious. i think ab other fellow readers of AB’s blog- we r one family but faceless, isn’t it! even if i see archana (bengalooru) somewherei will not know who she is , since i too live in bengalooru.
    Sirisha, thank u, u cared so much ab Father, i know what effort and time u put into every time u were in india to pay him a visit. thank u for suggesting lakshmi to put up this writeup ab Nanna. Ur visits always made Nanna happy.
    Thank u Kashmira for ur wishes.I haven’t had a hearty cry till now-this past month i mean. Lakshmi landed in Hyd airport and while collecting her luggage she just glanced at the T.V., and she saw this scroll informing Father”s passing away.She came home ,iwas in the verandah, she came into my arms like a baby and wept her heart out. i only shed silent tears. But u know i want to cry out loudly , bring out all the grief in my heart.


  36. Kashmira Grewal Says:

    Dearest Sharada,

    Tears are the deluge which clears the cesspool of grief….do yourself that favour my dear, and cleanse yourself….we shall hold your hand and keep you steady while you do that…and be there with you and Lakshmi for as long as you need us to be! May His Mercy and His Grace ever be upon you both and on the rest of your loved ones too. I went cold when Lakshimi had informed me of the way she learnt of your dear Father’s passing away….I doubt whether anyone can fathom what she must have been thru in those moments….

    I hope now, that you all slowly begin to work towards healing yourselves, and if there is any which way that we can assist you in doing so, you shan’t find us lacking. Please take good care of your dear Selves, and we shall continue to pray for your dear Father’s eternal happiness and for your Family to be able to cope with the void he has left behind.

    Take care and God Bless!

    With you in grief,


  37. I was a ten year old boy travelling with my parents from Guntur to tirupathi via tenali. We were waiting for the train at tenali Rly station , when I saw Gummadi garu also waiting for the train. As a little kid, even though i was a fan of NTR and ilk, for some reason, i approached him. He was kind enough to ask my name and sign an autograph for me. This happened somewhere in late 70’s. He was an excellent actor, a dignified human being and it was great to know him, even though it was for few minutes. May his soul rest in peace


  38. T.V.V.Satyanarayana Says:

    Thankyou very much to commenting here lakshmi garu, your father is a great actor and had a nice personality he always a god father to his followers , i came to know through your tribute to your beloved father that child parent relation very well.


  39. Venkataramana Murty Gollapali Says:

    It is very interesting to know and read about a celebrity through his children. Particularly because they have never been seen or heared about publicly. Thanks for the piece because it is about Gummadi


  40. I was interested in Gummadi and plodded into your blog. He was an essential ingradient in the Telugu cinema Pulusu and I was searching the internet and stumbled on your blog. Thank you once again for your inputs


  41. Lakshmi Garu thanks for sharing about your father. Harish


  42. pradipta rajan Says:

    Lakshmi the tribute is so moving, i accidentaly found this page while browising the internet and the first picture of the father and daughter attracted me, i remembered its enlarged version at your home..your father lives through you..i could feel your pain, i lost my father when i was 22, seems a long time back..Thanks for sharing about your father..


  43. C S N Murthy Says:

    Paripoornamaina vyaktitwaniki niluvettu darpanam Gummadi garu! Manchi abhiruchi, sahitya abhinivesam vunna vyakti! Mrudubhashi! Pramukha rachayitalu andarito sannihita sambhandalu vundevi! Nageswara Rao garila manchi vishaya parijnanam aayana sontam. Telugu vari hridayalalo aayana sthanam susthiram!


  44. Kondamudi Saikiran Kumar Says:

    Wonderful tribute. Can we reproduce the same in our website http://www.newaavakaaya.com.


  45. Saikiran Kumar Kondamudi Says:

    Thank you so much Lakshmi garu.


  46. Saikiran Kumar Kondamudi Says:

    Dear Lakshmi gaaru – We have reproduced the article at :

    Thanks a lot for granting the permission to reproduce the same.


  47. jagannath prasad murty Says:



  48. Venigalla venkataratnam Says:

    I met Gummadi garu couple of times in common friends house Alapati Ravindranath garu.
    He is simple never pose he is film personality.Yesterday while returning from native pace to Hyd in car I accidentally saw the Samathi of Gummadi.

    It disappointed me. For an artist of this stature, it should be monumental.pl plan something great.


  49. Dear Venkataratnam Garu,

    Thank you for your response …I understand your feelings but there is a reason why his Samadhi is where it is. Never in his life did he ask favors for himself from anybody, the reason why he never got even a padmashree from the government. He might have asked for friends but never for his personal gains, and why we his children do not make efforts to ask government to recognize him. I think the government should come forward on its own. Coming to the reason why his samadhi is where it is, that is the land that was given to him by his dearest friend as a return for a favor he received from my Dad, and there is a stream that runs through that land that flows all the way to his birthplace called Davuluru, he always loved farms and open fields and was happy when he went to his village. That is the main reason why we chose that place, despite requests from Telugu industry to cremate him in Hyderabad. We are making efforts to improve on that samadhi…once again thanks for feelings and respect towards my father.



    • Unfortunately we live in a country where sometimes eminent figures are simply not recognized. Ray got the highest Indian honor after getting an honorary Oscar!

      In any case great to see you here after a while. Hope all’s well.


      • I am fine satyam and good to hear from you …just have been busy with the usual mundane stuff. Hope all is well with you too



  50. I know Lakshmi and their family very well.And whatever she kept in the blog is soo funny.. because its nowhere matched to their attitude. People are very different from what they talk and what they do. Funny.. Funny


  51. S.Vijaya saradhi Says:

    I would like to post the same in what’s up but the option is not there
    But I did share the same in twitter
    Thank u for giving me this opportunity


  52. N. Bilal Basha Says:

    Dear Madam, Namaste! Please provide me contact details of Raju from Ameerpet. We did Engineering together in MJCET. My name is Bilal Basha from Kurnool. A.P


  53. Dear Madam, Rajedra is grand son of Late Shri. Gummadi Garu


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