Images from Action Replay (updated)

thanks to Tyler for the latest image..

from the shoot…


There were reports that Vipul Shah’s Action Replay is the remake of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Warner Bros had issued an advertisement in a newspaper stating that no one has the right to remake their film. But Vipul clarified that the film is based on a 1994 Gujarati play called Action Replay.


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  1. I’m happy to see these two together — I liked them in khakee. also glad to hear of a “normal” akki film that is neither a comedy nor a freaky film like tasveer.


  2. Abhishek interview @Wharton School

    ‘Filmmaking as an Enterprise Has Become More Efficient and Professional’


  3. LOL, this must be humiliating for Pritam:

    Though I wonder why Vipul Shah cannot take someone else. If Pritam can’t plagiarize he won’t have much of a career!


  4. aishwarya u r very beautiful Ilove u. I like each and everything u do.on my pc i always put u as background.your screen saver always displays u on my pc.after all u are my bhabhi. I also belong from up.Amitabh ji is also from our we respect u as u r now our bhabhai.thanks.


  5. I’m afraid Aishwarya and I will fall out: Vipul Shah

    Filmmaker Vipul Shah says he is worried about his friendship with Aishwarya Rai who is working in his film Action Replay as people are making “systematic attempts to destroy” their relationship.

    “Aishwarya is a very respectable professional. It hurts to see how her sheer hard work is ridiculed to build one spicy story by the media. She has been a soft target. And the sort of rumours rising now can damage my relationship with her. She has been my friend for a long time and I am afraid I will have a fallout with her,” Shah told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

    “There are certain people who are making systematic attempts to destroy my relationship with Aishwarya. There are gossip mongers who are spreading baseless rumours that she has refused to dub for Action Replay after seeing the rushes. But none of this is true,” he added.

    Shah gives three reasons to prove that all the rumours are baseless.

    “Firstly, when the shooting of the film has not been completed, where’s the question of the rushes and dubbing? Secondly, I haven’t even seen the ‘edit’ of the film. After the shoot completes, it will take at least two and a half months to put it in order for a final cut; so there is no need for dubbing at the moment.

    “And lastly, Action Replay is in sync sound, so dubbing is totally out of the question. Besides, I have been busy for London Dreams; Aishwarya has been busy shooting Ravana and Guzaarish. She has been travelling a lot so we didn’t even have time to take Action Replay forward. What is the logic behind these rumours then?” he added.

    This apart, there were also rumours that Aishwarya had repeatedly rejected one of music composer Pritam Chakraborty’s song for the film. But Shah denies it.

    “It was I who had rejected Pritam’s song thrice, not Aishwarya. The song was for her entry in the film and I wanted to crack a big song. I never allow my actors to my music recording studio – then from where have these rumours come out from?” he asked in an agitated tone.

    Shah, who made hits like Singh Is Kinng and Namastey London, is yet to shoot the last leg of the movie, which also features actor Akshay Kumar and Neha Dhupia.

    “The last schedule of the film is still pending. We have planned to shoot it in December or January. Currently I am doing the recce for the locations,” he said.


  6. I like Akki but if it is beased on time machine so… deficult to get succes
    bwcause indian person do’t l;ike such type of pilosihy


  7. Ash looking good. Akki…grrrrr.

    btw, this is just for the promotional video. Supposed to be a take off of 70’s music.


  8. yup..ash lookin quite different here frm her regular appearances..akki lookin old!! but lookin 4ward 2 this one..hopefully will be a fultoo-filmi masala entertainer!!


  9. Groovy…aish looks GREAT in the first pic


  10. awww..ash looks so cute nd young in this pic..i love it!!


  11. alex adams Says:

    Nothing new. Ash rarely looks anything less than gr8 even nowadays.
    ONe of the most photogenic people.
    Must say, she is ageing well (till now).
    Must give credit to abhishek as well here….
    Akshay, as usual, seems to be enjoying himself, esp in the fourth pipc from the top-cant blame him!
    By the way-this reminds me of the kites pics. hritik seems to be doing just that- enjoying himself with barbara( ) mori….Seldom have we recently seen him so relaxed & just taking it easy………


  12. Ash could really carry on for a number of years. Looks great.


  13. Ash filming Holi song


    • saw this..nd love d music..pritam has done a good job here!! gr8 2 see ash dancing after a loong time!! lovely!!


      • btw..i saw d star news making as well..nd she also gave an intvu. there where she said dat d film is abt. time travel or something nd both ash nd akki are also playing”buzurg” (Old) characters also in this film where they will play parents to a teenage son!! this one sounds pretty cool!!


  14. Bhaabhijaan looks hotter everyday. Mid 30s have been great to her. Not to mention Abhi, looks like he has left the porcelain unblemished.


  15. longer version:


  16. Ash is looking stunning in the Holi song pics. But — and I’ll get on my hobby horse again — it continues to depress me that “the ethnic” is treated as something that is a vestige of the past (“hey if it’s indian dress it’s gotta be: (a) 1974; (b) (if young) someone “backward” from somewhere “backward”; (c) worn by an old person”)…


  17. Cancellation of Akki-Ash’s romantic song shoot further delays

    By Subhash K. Jha,

    Action Replayy Vipul Shah’s schedules for Action Replayy seem to be going awry for no fault of anybody’s. First it was his principal actors’ choc-a-block schedules that delayed the film. Now when the film had just two more songs to be filmed, Vipul is again left high and dry. And it’s not his to question why. Because this time it’s the weather gods who are to blame.

    The song was to be shot in Manali. “And who would have thought there would be snow in Manali in February? It has never happened before!” marvels Vipul. “We had planned the whole song schedule for a time when we were sure there would be no inclement weather. When we got to know there was heavy snowfall we were stunned. There was no way we could shoot,” says Vipul who now needs to find alternative dates for the Manali song.

    Easier said than done, considering how busy Aishwarya and Akshay are. Rather than delay the release of the film further Vipul may drop the song completely. “We shot one 1970s-style romantic number a solo with Shreya Ghoshal. Now we wanted to shoot a song about a couple romancing in winter like Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz in the song ‘Karvaten Badalte Rahen’ in Aap Ki Kasam in Manali.”

    Pritam Chakraborty’s brief was to create a raga-based melody, a la the 1970s. Some portions of the track were even recorded with a live orchestra as the composers of the 1970s used to do.

    But will this labour of melodious love ever get shot now?


  18. Poster boy

    Revealed: Akshay Kumar’s secret passion…

    By Kunal M Shah

    He may be a big Bollywood star, but Akshay Kumar is an equally big fan of the Indian film industry. Right from the time he was working as a cook in Bangkok, Akshay has been collecting classic Bollywood posters and photographs of yesteryear stars. It’s something even his closest friends didn’t know.

    “Akshay has been collecting these posters for years and has built himself a sizeable collection. In Action Replayy, Akshay plays the owner of a coffee house and when the set was being planned, director Vipul Shah mentioned that he wanted it to be a Bollywood themed café. They were searching for suitable posters but were getting only cheesy ones from the market.

    Akshay Kumar’s Bollywood posters adorn the sets of Action Replayy

    That’s when Akshay Kumar revealed that he had many good posters in his personal collection but was in two minds about bringing them out of his house because he was afraid they would get damaged or lost. When Vipul took personal responsibility for them and assured Akshay that he would make sure each and every one of them was handed back after the shoot, Akshay took him home and let him choose from his collection. Vipul then handpicked some posters,” said our source.

    When contacted Vipul recounted, “We were not getting good posters and the problem kept cropping up in production meetings. We had absolutely no clue that Akshay had such a collection — it was a pleasant surprise.”

    On his part, Akshay said, “Yes, it’s true that I have lent some posters to Vipul because for the longest time, they couldn’t source original ones.”


  19. alex adams Says:

    being a die hard ash fan- my “discerning” eye failed to miss out on the first consistent signs of ageing in her nearly perfect looks.
    well, this had to happen but still ash has managed to keep going for much longer than we expectd. abhishek deserves credit here ( in more ways than one)
    inspite of that, ash seems to be looking in a different sort of way. it is beyond the scope of this decent blog to explain all that here…lol
    aksay kr seem rto be enjoying himself in these pics esp in a few ones. Cannot blame him.

    as for vipul shah, feel he somehow messed up a gr8 opportunity in london dreams


  20. alex adams Says:

    “waise, aap bade mailay hain”-.thanks for the encouragement qalandar.
    our motto is-hum naheen sudhrenge aur kissiko nahin chhodenge(as in not LEAVING alone anyone-just to clarify the last word)…lol


  21. Vipul Shah and Mani Ratnam to avoid clash of their films featuring Aishwarya

    By Subhash K. Jha, April 13, 2010 – 10:58 IST

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has three very different releases coming up this year. And the most speculated question in the industry right now is, which performance would Aishwarya get all the popular awards for, the one in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan or Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish?

    Those who have seen rushes of the two films say she has given her career’s best performance in both. Then she has Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy where she has attempted a full-on comic role for the first time.

    “Of course comedy which is the hardest genre to do is not taken seriously at the awards. But in my film Aishwarya has done comedy for the first time. She may have attempted it here and there earlier. But this is her first full-fledged comedy role. But she’s welcome to get the awards for her other two releases, I don’t mind,” says Vipul Shah wryly.

    While Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish will release in November, the two Aishwarya projects Mani Ratnam’s Raavan and Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy are due in quick succession within a month.

    While Mani’s Raavan is due for release June 18, Vipul was all set to release Action Replayy a month later in July, arguing that the two films are completely different in mood theme and treatment.

    But now it seems better sense has prevailed, thanks to the bitter experience that Vipul went through last year when his Salman starrer London Dreams was released a month after Salman’s home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna. Then too Vipul had argued that two films with the same actor do not overlap when the films belong to the same genre. Now apparently Vipul has seen sense. He plans to sit down with Mani Ratnam and figure out a release strategy whereby neither film suffers.

    Says Vipul, “Raavan and Action Replayy are very different films. And I thought I’d come in July. But I think I’ll now discuss it with Aishwarya and Mani Ratnam. We need to work as one big family in this industry. Besides I still have a song to shoot whereas Raavan is complete. I’ve yet to figure out when I can shoot it because both Aishwarya and Akshay are constantly travelling. We were supposed to shoot it earlier this year in the snow in Manali. Now we may go higher up at the Rohtang Pass, or change the location for the song completely.”

    In the meanwhile those fearing competition from Guzaarish can breathe easy. Contrary to rumours Sanjay Leela Bhansali won’t be releasing in Diwali. After Saawariya which was released during Diwali, he no longer considers the festive season auspicious for his films.


  22. Nice still

    Akshay, Ash’s new retro look!
    Meena Iyer , TNN, May 26, 2010, 12.00am IST

    What happens when three heavyweights Vipul Shah, Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan get together? They give you a retro cool film titled Action Replayy, that is high on style quotient and emotionally rewarding too.

    The gorgeous Aishwarya puts it very simply when she says, “It is a fun-genre romantic film.’’ And her good-looking co-star, the handsome Akshay adds, “It’s a very special film for me for many reasons. This is my tribute to the 70s that was the greatest retro era. I was kicked with the idea because I’m entering the time in cinema where my father-in-law (Rajesh Khanna) was a superstar. It is my fifth film with Vipul and definitely another one to remember. Ash and I had a brief romantic interlude in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Khakee, but Action Replayy is our first romantic comedy together. Believe me, I was blushing through the making and there’s a lot I wish to tell my audience about. But Vipul wants me to keep things under wraps for the moment.’’

    Without giving away too much, one can safely say that Action Replayy is all about rewinding your life. It is about Kishen and Mala — two bickering senior citizens who “rediscover romance’’ on their 33rd wedding anniversary, when their son gets them into rewind mode. Vipul Shah, who had a blast making Action Replayy, says, “Akki and I have an impeccable box office record. We’ve enjoyed success with Ankhein, Waqt — The Race Against Time, Namastey London and Singh is Kingg. Action Replayy is a film where the two of us return after a gap of almost three years. And believe me, it is a great way to return.’’

    The film is very hip and caters to the sensibilities of the young generation. “For me it was an exciting experience because I could bring together Aishwarya and Akshay, a pair I had been wanting to cast for sometime now. They’re both good-looking, super-talented and what’s more, they’re fashion icons as well. Akki has made an amazing screen pair with some of the existing girls but believe me, he and Ash are extra special,’’ adds Vipul.


  23. This is a fun still!


    • I haven’t sat thru an Akshay movie in a long long time.
      But I”ll be forced to sit thru one for Ash. :D.
      Like this still though.


  24. Ash looking good but akki with same old expressions.


  25. Movie is looking a sureshot flop.


  26. I have written one script in recent past and now i am worrying as synopsis of this movie looks similar to mine .. 😦 , I hope similarities ends here only. If this story line of this movie is exactly what i have written, then i will post the original source of inspiration .. 🙂


  27. interesting pictures!

    Ash and Akshay make a very good looking pair. should do films together more often.
    however im not too sure of the concept. its risky if its about time travel.. remember what happened to LS2050?


  28. I have no interest in someone who acts in films which are barely watchable.


  29. Alex adams Says:

    Good to see sm back. Hopin for some more fun n games and gossip-lol
    show this seems to be having an OSO feel. Hope this is not true.
    Ash continues to look interesting!


  30. Dumb move

    Action Replayy’ will open in Diwali, clash with ‘Golmaal 3’

    By Taran Adarsh, June 15, 2010 – 08:37 IST

    Action Replayy
    Click above for more movie stills
    While on new releases, there is tremendus speculation about the release date of Vipul Shah’s ambitious venture ACTION REPLAYY. While the release date of Akshay starrers KHATTA MEETHA [23rd July], PATIALA HOUSE [19th November] and TEES MAAR KHAN [24th December] have been locked, the release date of ACTION REPLAYY continued to remain a mystery. But Vipul has finally confirmed the date: It’s Diwali, 5th November.

    Here’s a pertinent question: Will two Akshay starrers release in a span of two weeks? This writer spoke to producer Mukesh Talreja [PATIALA HOUSE] yet again, while writing this news-piece, and he re-confirmed 19th November as the date of PATIALA HOUSE. “We will have a joint meeting with Akshay and sort out the issue,” Talreja states.

    So, as of now, ACTION REPLAYY will battle it out with GOLMAAL 3 on 5th November [Diwali]. Get ready for fireworks


  31. Star Wars: When Akshay Replaced Salman Khan

    Koimoi Team

    If the show reel of Action Replayy is anything to go by, Vipul Shah has a winner on his hands. The film, based on his own super-hit Gujarati stage-play of the same name, stars Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai. It is about a son trying to re-ignite the dying romance in the lives of his parents who are at loggerheads with each other. In doing so, his parents are transported back in time. Action Replayy was to have been Vipul’s maiden film but somehow, things didn’t work out and the Gujarati drama maker and actor instead started his Bollywood journey with Aankhen which was based on another Guja- rati play – Aandhalo Paato – produced by him.

    It is after almost 7-8 years that Vipul Shah once again thought of turning his stage-play into a film and that’s how Action Replayy came to be made. In the meantime, Salman Khan had heard the story of the play (from Vipul himself) and had expressed a desire to work in the film based on it. That was years ago and both, Salman and Vipul, forgot about it. However, when Vipul announced Action Replayy with Akshay, Salman Khan did ask the filmmaker to make it with him (Salman). But Vipul couldn’t oblige Khan as he had already signed Akshay Kumar for the lead role. Incidentally, Action Replayy boasts of excellent music by Pritam.


  32. Trade predicts a winner in ACTION REPLAYY

    July 28, 2010 02:45:02 PM IST
    Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network

    It appears that good friends; producer-director Vipul Shah and ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar, are right on track to keep their cent per cent success record via their forthcoming project ACTION REPLAYY, which will be their fourth film after AANKHEN, WAQT-RACE AGAINST TIME and NAMASTEY LONDON.

    Not many will know that the film which is based on Vipul Shah’s very own Gujarati play (of the same name), would have been his debut movie but things did not work out and instead it was with AANKHEN that Vipul opened his Bollywood account. ACTION REPLAYY is about son trying to re-ignite the dying romance in the lives of his parents, who are at loggerheads. In doing so his parents are transported back in time.

    As per the trade ACTION REPLAYY indeed has it all to strike gold at the ticket window because those who have seen the show reel of the Akshay Kumar – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer are unanimous in their prediction that the film is a sure shot winner.

    Well, that would indeed be great news for Bollywood and all concerned with ACTION REPLAYY which is indeed getting hotter with each passing day.


  33. akshay looks a bit nuts in all of these images!


  34. I like the new posters you have added at the top…definitely my most awaited akshay film…


  35. alex adams Says:

    “Most people get married when the man is ~25 & the woman ~ 20.” what a statement sm! Not sure how many gals get married at 20 nowadays, even in india..


  36. As always I’m neither here nor there on Akshay but between this and Enthiran, Aishwarya Rai has never looked better.


  37. Aishwarya looks so good! These are great posters!
    Just with the director wasn’t Vipul. 😦


  38. Kassam, I have liked Vipul movies.

    So, am hoping this one will rock.

    The posters and damn cool and Ash looks awesome.


  39. ideaunique Says:

    AR looks a sureshot winner at the BO…


  40. Action Replayy’: High on entertainment

    By Taran Adarsh, September 7, 2010 – 08:24 IST

    Picture this: A teenage youth watches his parents bickering and squabbling. This upsets him no end. He wants his parents’ life to be perfect. He goes back into time. He lands up in the 1970s, the era when his parents were bachelors. The adventure begins… A super cool idea, isn’t it? That’s the gist of Vipul Shah’s ACTION REPLAYY, which brings Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan together after a hiatus [after KHAKEE].

    Remake of Vipul Shah’s hugely successful play by the same name, ACTION REPLAYY seems to have loads of entertainment to offer, which has always been the film-maker’s forte. In fact, the 15-minute showreel that this writer watched, besides the first promo that will be unveiled shortly, ACTION REPLAYY comes across as a film that’s high on entertainment.

    Also, like OM SHANTI OM and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI, ACTION REPLAYY projects the retro look – the 1970s era and ambience – with utmost élan. In fact, you can’t help but get transported into the era within seconds of watching the showreel. Akshay and Ash carry the retro look with flourish and I am sure, it will be the talking point once the promos are launched.

    This Diwali, get ready to embrace two solid entertainers. Having watched the showreel of both ACTION REPLAYY and GOLMAAL 3, one can safely assume that this will be the best Diwali ever, in terms of business. Fingers crossed!


  41. Akshay reveals his retro look

    MARK MANUEL, TNN, Sep 9, 2010, 12.00am IST

    It’s his birthday, but Akshay Kumar has a surprise for us. The first look of his rom-co m with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from Vipul Shah’s Action Replayy. The film is a Diwali release.

    But Vipul figured today was an auspicious enough occasion to reveal the look of the film. And Akshay, who doesn’t work on his birthday, had to agree. “I’m not a big party guy,” he shrugged, “and there was no grand celebration planned, I just spend the day at home, with my mother, wife, son and sister. But Vipul has been a dear friend for long. And, besides, I love the look of the film.”

    The look of the film, you can see for yourself. Action Replayy takes Akshay and Ash back to the hippy, go-go years of the Swinging Seventies. When men wore their hair long and dressed in printed shirts and high-waisted bell-bottoms with big buckle belts. And women fancied short, tied tops, low-waisted polka dot skirts, wore big hoop earrings and platform shoes. It is a day and age Akshay is as fond of as he is familiar with. In his car, I know, among his favourite retro music is a CD of Boney M hits from the late 1970s.

    “The look of the film is like when Julie was released,” he revealed. “And the film starts in 2010, but goes back to then. A young man leaps into his scientist uncle’s time machine to discover the dating years of his parents. You see, they are constantly fighting now, and the son wants to find out what went wrong when they were young… why are things bad between them now, and see if he might rework their love story in 2010.”

    I don’t need to tell you more, but Akshay and Ash start off in the film as the bickering couple in their 60s, and then Vipul yanks them back to the 1970s and Action Replayy takes off. The renowned filmmaker, touched by Akshay’s gesture to release the first look of the film today, said, “I’m aware that he never works on his birthday and that’s what makes this even more special.

    Akshay Kumar reveals retro look of Vipul Shah’s Diwali release on his birthday today. This shows Akshay’s attachment to the film and makes me believe in Action Replayy even more.” The film also brings back to the screen the riotous jodi of Akshay and Ash after their only outing together in 2004’s Khaki. “She’s beautiful, an absolute professional who has put in a stunning performance, and we look good together,” sighed Akshay. And the film also has a lovely message. “It is rewind your life, correct your mistakes and come back,” said Akshay.

    Meanwhile, work and play — or Action Replayy apart, it is still Akshay’s birthday. He looked back on the year that was. “I’ve watched my son growing up, I’ve had some great holidays with my wife, there have been ups and downs in my career, some films went housefull and some didn’t do well… but that’s part of life. As long as there was happiness at home and the year was peaceful… what more can I ask for,” he said.


  42. They’ve really given Akshay an atrocious look for the film.. just because it’s the 70s doesn’t mean he couldn’t have had a more complimentary hair style!


    • Agree 100%. This kind of hairstyle wasnt the norm in the seventies even if people did on the whole wear their hair long.
      Ash is killin me. Anybody know what is the punishment for having ‘bure khayal’ about your ‘bhabhi’?


      • She is gorgeous — and way more gorgeous than she was 15 years ago. Her face seems longer and more angular as she has aged, enabling her eyes to stand out without dominating her face (as they used to). But at least some of that loveliness is the result of her greater confidence, symbolized by that ironic half-smile we see so often (and certainly in many of the Action replay images)…


  43. So now Akshay is emulating Bruno…ugh.


  44. I don’t get the styling of Akshay at all. Here’s a good looking guy with a good physique, and they seem to have gone all out to make him into an unattractive dork. At the same time, Aishwarya’s styling seems to be heighten her beauty in all aspects. Since Bollywood films are usually all about making their lead actors (or even the side actors) look as gorgeous as possible, why this disparity? They can’t even plead realism, since neither actor’s costuming is very realistic for the era.


  45. Ash was absent from the KBC 4 Action Replayy episode: Why was Ash absent from the KBC 4 “Action Replayy” episode?

    “It has been decided by the family Bachchans that neither Abhishek nor Ash would participate in KBC.’


    • mksrooney Says:

      hey vijay terrible times .. that week was one hell of a week man!

      now i hope we recover properly, and rooney turn in some good performances and wins back the fans.

      Hernandes looks great player imo.

      so whats up dude? longtime? i hope u are fine and pepped up for diwali 🙂


  46. yes rooney,
    Man Utd are back with a “DIWALI” bang,
    lately i have been busy with my job and been tired playing dandiyas evey night…doing some fireworks and chopra-pujan on friday and going out on diwali DINNER & DANCE aswell,how you doing mate,I hope you are fine and studing very hard on law..


    • mksrooney Says:

      yup vijay 🙂 nice to know about puja .. wishing u and ur family a happy dhanteras 🙂 and a prosperous new year.

      ps- gareth bale destroyed inter milan again


  47. yes and spurs looking good for 4th spot again,shame for man city though,
    also you and your family have a happy “Diwali & Happy new year”


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