Chetan Bhagat’s latest ‘Revolution 2020’

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Joint Collector Gaurav Uppal having a look at the book ‘Revolution 2020’ after releasing it in Vijayawada on Friday. Photo: V. Raju

Joint Collector Gaurav Uppal released popular Indian novelist Chetan Bhagat’s new book — Revolution 2020 — at the New Students Book House at Karl Marx Road here on Friday.

Mr. Uppal said that Mr. Bhagat was rated as one of the finest writers from India by New York Times and Times magazine.

“This is his fifth book and all his earlier books were racy with some message. The new book is all about two friends and their ladylove. It deals with love, corruption, and ambition,” he added.

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2 Responses to “Chetan Bhagat’s latest ‘Revolution 2020’”

  1. I finished reading the book last night. The good thing, as atypical of Chetan’s works, is its simple to read and follow. Also, the writer seems to have done a fine work in researching and being bold enough to show what really happens in the education sector especially when it comes to setting up of huge private colleges and the bribes given to ensure the smooth functioning of the institutes. You just cannot get your work done unless you have a strong political support in these matters. Another highlighted truth is that the directors and owners of these institutes are no longer ex-professors from reputed coleges or PHDs but people who have power and money.. there are people who have never been to a regular college forget obtaining a post graduate degree, people who’ve handled a number of businesses before trying their luck at the education sector, considering the turnover many private colleges matter. So in that respect, Chetan has done a fine job.

    What was missing was the trademark Bhagat humor he so astoundingly displayed in his previous work 2 states and his first one, Five Point Someone. There are bits n pieces here and there, but they arent satisfying enough for the average Bhagat reader. He seemed to have matured as a writer though, and unlike the book ‘Three Mistakes of My life’ that he came up with three years back, the seriousness of the topic does leave a marginal impact on you. Of course, his work is still far awar from the likes of an Amitav Ghosh or Arvind Adiga, but he has shown significant improvement.


  2. iffrononfire Says:

    fairly cheap in india and cost at just 65 rs …

    once again chetan is far to predictable…same wannabe youngsters who wanna get laid infact in name of education he has again ruined with parallel love story

    even so called research in name of education is just at surface ….


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