Ferrari ki Sawaari, Rowdy Rathore & Shanghai (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. AamirsFan Says:

    Rowdy Rothore Has Huge Second Week

    Friday 15th June 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rowdy Rathore collected a huge 33.50 crore nett in its second week taking the two week business to 109.50 crore nett. The film has crossed the business of films like Don 2 and Golmaal 3 in just two weeks.

    Rowdy Rathore has positioned itself as the ninth highest grossing film ever after two weeks and will jump to fourth place after the end of its third week.

    In the state of Gujarat it has amassed a huge total of 19.50 crore nett in two weeks. Gujarat is where comedies normally do better but Rowdy Rathore will cross the business of Golmaal 3 next week which is the second highest grossing film in Gujarat after Three Idiots.

  2. tonymontana Says:

    RR has help up very well in week 2

    btw I hope FKS works for Sharman’s sake

  3. i am off to see FKS

  4. Ferrari Ki Sawaari Has Fair Opening At Select Multiplexes

    Friday 15th June 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari had a low 20% opening overall but managed fair collections at select premium multiplexes of metros. The DT cinemas in Delhi opened to around 30% plus collection, also some theatres in Mumbai managed similar collections.

    Despite having low overall opening the opening day can be decent as premium multiplexes are all high grossing theatres and with the opening at a low level, the premium multiplexes with decent collections will bump up the overall collections.

    Saturday growth will be the key but overall if we compare the opening to last week’s Shanghai as per the screen count then Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a bit better.

  5. The reviews for FKS don’t exactly bolster a lot of confidence. I was interested in seeing this though so I might yet give it a shot…with Hirani contributing to the script it should be worthwhile.

  6. Am surprised at the lack of interest and buzz as well as the middling reviews. Would have thought that this will be a sure shot success. Main criticism seems to be that it is a little bland.

  7. abzee2kin Says:

    Just back from FKS. A cute film, but it overstays its welcome. The film could’ve been tighter, and there is an entire subplot involving a corporator and his son’s wedding which is just unfunny and far too long. Sharman is in great form though, and the kid is genuine. It is Boman though who is simply brilliant, and lifts the film everytime there is a lull in the proceedings. For him, a fine and competent supporting cast and an overall feelgood narrative that is Hirani’s stamp makes it atleast a onetime watch.

    Also, there is a thrill for Sachin fans as this film takes you till his doorstep! Literally!

  8. Alex adams Says:

    Shockingly just found that Ferrari is showing near me , when the other ‘biggies’ couldn’t get released
    Now the question is–for all the ‘simplicity’ and script etc, should one go to the big screen to see Sherman joshi to make an omelette !!
    Any thoughts…

  9. Ferrari Ki Sawaari Low Opening Rowdy Rathore Continues Strong Run Into Week Three

    Saturday 16th June 2012 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari had a low 20-25% opening at most places with select multiplexes in metros having better collections. Single screen collections were very dull. The film did manage to score better than last week’s Shanghai at places. The film should show a upturn on Saturday but the key will be how much it can grow. The film can score with family audiences but disadvantages are that Rowdy Rathore is super strong amongst family audience and a big price for a non star cast film.

    Chakradhar and Qasam Se Qasam Se had dull collections all over with Chakradhar being the better of the two.

    Shanghai is a poor fare with collections dropping on the weekdays after a dull weekend. The film collected around 17.50 crore nett in week one and dropped further on its 8th day.

    Rowdy Rathore collected 33.50 crore nett in week two taking its two week business to 109.50 crore nett. The third week opened very well despite a huge reduction of shows at metro multiplexes due to the release of Ferrari Ki Sawaari. Outside the big cities it had better collections than Ferrari Ki Sawaari despite being in its third week.

  10. tonymontana Says:

    Watched Ferrari ki Sawaari:

    to make things clear, the film doesn’t hold a patch against the Munnabhai series and is stretched a little too long in the second half, with some of the emotional scenes falling flat and not making any effect, on me at least. But for the most watch, it is a pleasant watch with its heart in the right place as evident in Hirani’s films. It is also complemented by sincere performances from Sharman and Boman who elevate the film several notches. Special mention for the actor who plays the minister – an interesting, effortless performer who’s a natural and a special find.

    Summing up, it is a harmless weekend entertainer with something refreshingly original to offer with. Nothing great, but not bad either.

  11. Alex adams Says:

    Hmmm thanx
    So not sure if this should be seen on the big screen?
    Shockingly showing nearby-perhaps the buggers get fooled by the ‘Ferrari’ in the title

    Btw found ‘ek tha deewana’ playing on telly in an indian channel while surfing
    Lemme see if of any interest….

    • tonymontana Says:

      You wont miss much if you do not watch on big screen. But you won lose anything by giving it a try either.

      Its a heartwarming film. clean family fun.

      Btw you can watch Jhalak Dikhlaja starting tonight on Sony – for Madhuri

      • Alex adams Says:

        Thanx tony.
        Btw bolllywood releases on the big screen near me are v rare and that’s the only reason, may catch this sort of film
        ‘clean family fun’–find that scary hahaha
        Ps-Madhuri nowadays doesn’t interest me that much somehow…

  12. Alex adams Says:

    OT-uday chopra ‘sir’ is parineetis dream date!!!!
    Parineeti Chopra and her recently (self) appointed mentor Uday Chopra are taking their professional relationship a little too seriously.

    Apart from attending parties together (Karan Johar’s 40th birthday bash and Priyanka Chopra’s do to celebrate her cousin’s success, for instance), the Guru-Shishya duo has been spotted enjoying a hearty meal or two at various city nightspots. For starters, Parineeti and Uday were seen dining at a Michelin star restaurant in Bandra. According to an eyewitness, the two were enjoying each other’s company perhaps a tad bit more than the sumptuous meal. And that wasn’t just a one off.

    A few days later, the two were spotted sipping coffee at a Juhu five-star. Interestingly, the otherwise shy and reticent Uday was hardly spotted at public places during his much-publicised affair with Tanisha Mukerji. Evidently, the actor does not observe a similar discretion when it comes to his new disciple. While some may feel that this obvious affection between Parineeti and her mentor would develop into something deeper, insiders claim that the two are ‘special friends’. “They have a lot of common interests. They are the best of friends. They love hanging out with each other,” said a source.

    • oldgold Says:

      I thought only women were interested in gossip ;-)

      • Alex adams Says:

        Also must add–u have quite good tastes :-)
        Ps-“I thought only women were interested in gossip”
        Haha I am learning the art of gossip hahaha

  13. Alex adams Says:

    For all fans of Jane eyre

    In an attempt to cash in on the growing interest in adult fiction, author Eve Sinclair will release Jane Eyre Laid Bare, an erotic reimagining of the Charlotte Brontë classic novel.
    The author described it as “an erotic version of my favourite classic”.
    She added, “I think that readers through the ages have appreciated the smouldering sexual chemistry between Jane and Rochester and I have changed very little of Bronte’s original to retell the timeless story of a young girl falling for an unattainable older man and getting out of her depth in a sensual world she cannot control”, reported The Bookseller.
    In the past too many such racy versions of classics have hit the bookstores, prominent among which were Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts and Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of The Opera.
    Ps-can see some members here who are fans of bronte And also ‘pride and prejudice’ fans rushing to buy a copy just to ‘check out’
    If my memory serves right, those like Oldgold are fans of the original and the ‘erotic’ version both :-)

    • oldgold Says:


      >I have changed very little of Bronte’s original

      LOL!! again.
      Has she even read the book if she thinks she can add eroticism to a tale revolving around the highly moral abiding Jane who won’t even agree to be a mistress of Rochester.

      But yes, people are minting a lot of money from these books avidly read by those not interested in the literature of it.

      BTW I was finally able to buy another translated classic on ebay, a 1955 edition.
      The Don Camillo omnibus. Original is Italian by Giovanni Guareschi.

      Normally I don’t care for translations, but having seen the adaptations of these every holiday season on TV here, I was compelled to buy it.

      It is very well translated, and is hilarious and extremely witty. The exchanges between the priest Don Camillo and Peppone are something not to be ever missed. I’m glad I bought it.

      Incidently, the priest talks to Christ all the time. These are extremely witty and hilarious too.

      This was made into a film with Sanjeev Kumar who used to have conversation with Krishna. It was called Yehi Hai Zindagi.
      I thought it was a very clever idea till I found out about Don Camillo.

      The fact that I’m discussing it here shows how much I’m enjoying it.

      • I agree- sounds like this author is going cheapen a timeless classic.

        BTW OG- have you seen the recent adaptation of Jane Eyre starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender? You should watch it if you haven’t- it’s so beautifully done.

        • Thank you, Ami. I have seen it. :-)

          • Did you like it? And what did you think of Fassbender as Rochester?

          • oldgold Says:

            It was a worthy adaptation keeping the dialogues close to the book, unlike the later horrible Austen adaptations where the dialogue was watered down to a very low level.

            But being a film it doesn’t come close to the BBC series (I esteem BBC productions very highly) which are longer and very satisfying.

            Fassbender was very good, but my favourite are Timothy and Toby. Someone listed the 5 best Rochesters in this clip.
            I like the two from 6.01 onwards.

          • oldgold Says:

            Oh, the link;

          • oldgold Says:

            AND **this** Rochester too.
            Dilip Kumar in Sangdil. The scene is almost identical to the English language adaptations. :-)

  14. Alex adams Says:

    Good points Oldgold
    Agree these are versions to make these classics ‘accessible’ and luring for the average reader who wont read them otherwise..
    Though was told about by someone who had read the original and wanted to ‘check out’ what was done in the ‘eroticised’ version to the original -just ‘out of interest’
    Btw another worthy point –as u said would be interesting to see how the ‘highly morally abiding Jane eyre’ has been ‘eroticised’ lol
    Oldgold : do come up with any book reviews u have read recently …
    We make them into a separate threads -also will ‘encourage’ others who don’t read classics to revisit the reading habit (not being funny) :-)

    • >would be interesting to see how the ‘highly morally abiding Jane eyre’ has been ‘eroticised’ lol

      Not that I’m averse to eroticism. It depends. It can be generated in a classy way without getting physical and vulgar as what the so called **gritty and realism films** like to portray. The 1983 version with Timothy Dalton playing Mr Rochester is quite erotic, mainly due to the intensity and general demeanour of TD – till the events take a turn of course.

      >do come up with any book reviews u have read recently …

      I don’t think anyone would be interested in what I read, though I highly recommend Don Camillo. Very very satirical…if one likes that.

      • OG- What type of novels do you generally prefer to read? :) Tell us about some of your fav novels (channeling the ‘inquisitive’ Alex Adams here!).

        • lol at last part :)

        • oldgold Says:

          Classics :-)

          • Alex adams Says:

            Thanx for the rochesters Oldgold
            Btw this is how I spot ‘talent’ (pardon the absence of humility) and where not initially obvious to some, ‘tease it out’ ha
            Ps–this ‘knowledge’ explains how Oldgolds landed a role in my film :-)
            She’s more than an SRK fanatic/anti aamir -Well done …

  15. I saw Ferrari Ki Sawari today with my two little nephews- it’s a nice little film and perfect to watch with children. I’m very partial to father-child bonding stories and I found Sharman’s doting daddy character very endearing and a refreshing change from the boorish heroes of today who refer to their girlfriends as ‘mere maal’ and turn needlessly violent at the slightest provocation.

    But the film really belongs to Boman Irani who is absolutely adorable as the grumpy grandfather with a heart of gold. Yes, it is a little too stretched and a little too saccharine- but it exudes such sincerity and unironic old school sweetness that it’s hard to resist.

    • Ami, i had seen FKS yesterday itself. Found it so disappointing that didn’t feel like commenting abt it. Apart from uniformally good performances (esp by Boman) and the excellent cinematography, nothing worked for me. yes there was bit of joy in seeing some of the best Marathi character artists but that’s it. Otherwise found it a plodding bore. yes it’s a decent watch with ‘small nephews’ unlike HF2. film seems completely’s not a bad film by any means, it’s just too ‘lame’

      • LOL! Saurabh- I don’t think we are ever going to have a similar opinion on any film. I have a great weakness for films about the relationships between fathers and their children- so I did enjoy this one quite a bit. .

        • Ha! But no Ami, i am sure there are/will be many films we both will agree on (and even when i don’t fully agree with u, i have the highest of respect for ur opinions)- i have liked each of the films u recommended me (the ones which i saw). Anyway regarding father-children bonding, u should check out Mahesh Bhatt’s “Kaash”- awesome film (i am quite a stone-hearted guy but this film did move me). BTW where is ur piece on Shanghai? And when r u watching Prometheus and Ishaqzaade?

  16. B.O. update: ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ is decent at select screens
    By Taran Adarsh, June 15, 2012 – 18:06 IST

    FERRARI KI SAWAARI had a 25% to 30% start at select screens, which is considered decent for a film that relies more on content than stars to do the talking. Even otherwise, the opening shows were expected to be on the lower side in view of the fact that films targeted at the family audience, generally, have a slow start, but pick up gradually with word of mouth. The audience feedback in this case is positive and though the Friday numbers aren’t expected to be huge, they are expected to grow/multiply over the weekend.

  17. Ferrari Ki Sawaari First Day Territorial Breakdown

    Saturday 16th June 2012 17.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari collected 2.75 crore nett approx on day one. The first day was reasonable at select multiplexes on day one but single screen business was very low. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 1.12 crore

    Delhi/UP – 60 lakhs

    East Punjab – 24 lakhs

    West Bengal – 12 lakhs

    Bihar – 3 lakhs

    CP Berar – 13 lakhs

    CI – 9 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 14 lakhs

    Nizam – 12 lakhs

    Mysore – 16 lakhs

    Others – 5 lakhs

    TOTAL – 2.80 crore

  18. Shanghai Drops 75% On Day Eight

    Saturday 16th June 2012 12.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Shanghai dropped more than 75% on its eighth day as it collected around 75 lakhs nett compared to 3.25 crore nett on its first day.

    The drops were at similar levels all across the country. It should get a bit of an upturn on Saturday and Sunday but as there is no appreciation it will be just the normal growth which every film gets on second Saturday and Sunday.

    The 8th day figures in some circuits are as follows with day one in brackets. All figures in lakhs.

    Delhi/UP – 20 (72)

    East Punjab – 6 (32)

    Rajasthan – 2.5 (14)

    • Alex adams Says:

      Minor– was thinking of checking out FKS -stone throw away…
      But am in a double mind now hearing your views…
      Ps–managed to check out nearly half of ‘ek deewana that’ on telly amongst multitasking…
      ONLY due to rehman and Amy Jackson
      Prateik was less than average and the director was surpisingly inane
      But rehman and Amy’s ‘nuanced and restrained’ act made up for it -managed to see nearly half of it !!

  19. Alex, u can definitely check out FKS- not a ‘terrible film’ at all. i would not have been so harsh if it hadn’t been a VVC film- it’s way better than Ek Deewana Tha and HF2- has some genuinely nice moments and is brilliantly acted all around- the premise also was very interesting but film ultimately did not succeed bcos the plot didn’t enough meat apart from being implausible and also because the screenplay was full of cliched tropes and predictable situations. ultimately film should have ended 1 hr before

  20. Alex adams Says:

    The messge from low opening of FKS
    Now this proves certain things
    The audience cant be taken for granted
    Have always maintained( as if it needed to be!)-
    Who is the king ? Srk, hirani, aamir, the latest in-thing???
    No–its the paying public and NOBODY should forget this
    and minor-good points there-this was exactly what I was expecting from the promos.
    Too much of anything can get predictable
    The promos shouted the same style n sensibilities and a continuum of munnabhai style etc
    And Sherman joshi is a v good actor but he is lately getting a bit repetitively creepy and his insistence to do lead roles is good but there are certain ‘hard’ facts !!!
    NOT everyone has the charisma and star quality–it’s a fact!!
    No amount of acting skills can make him a Hritik or Salman
    It’s one of the single most irreplaceable quality and x-factor and should never be underestimated by the greatest director /producer !!
    Ps-Guess this film is ok for those who have ‘kids’ of their own (or of others to take) :-)

    • “The audience cant be taken for granted”

      actually the audience ‘can’ be taken for granted. To not support anything half-sensible!

      And to point put flaws in such films misses the point. That makes for an interesting discussion in other contexts but in terms of the box office it can hardly be definitive.. unless one things Houseful at the like were ‘perfect’ films. I’m not someone who compares films from different genres. But even within it’s own over the top ‘comic’ genre it could hardly be the called the best example!

      • ideaunique Says:

        agreed satyam. At the same time, alex is bang on when he says that sharman lacks the charisma of a solo hero who can carry the films like khans, kapoors and kumars as well as devgn

        • Sharman may lack the charisma but FKS was perfect vehicle for his kind of talent. I think in the end, story is the boss. If you have good story, audience will come. From PST, kahani to Shanghai…the films that worked had absorbing story (and good editing), no item numbers needed!

          • My 12 year old who is in India saw FKS yesterday and she said Achchi hai….which measns theek hai , she was going on and on about RR and has seen it twice……bachcho ko bhee jyada gyaan pasand nahee aatat aaj

          • kaun say ullu usey RR dekney lay gaye? You should dress them down for making poor choice and harming little kiddos…

          • shaant ho jao Lady bheem. woh ullu. mere chacha jee key ladkey hain///matlab meri beti key chacha- chachi..

          • If I were you, I would be not very happy with my cousins. Children are impressionable…you shouldn’t show them to see random movies. In fact parents should censor (watch movie first) only then show it to them. Mere chotey-chotey bacche bhi bahut ‘advanced’ hai…they know ‘everything’…it is scary…pata nahi bade hongey toh kya hoga…they are exposed to too much violence/sex stuff….Bhim and Lady Bhim not enough to protect them :-)

          • North mai ram leela kaa season kab hota hai? Maybe your cousins can take them to see street plays, ram-leela, shakespeare, khat-putli shows….

          • I know, India mein Censor ka koi cconcept nahee hai, now I have approved FKS, Bol bachcahn and Teri meri Kahani for her…..she can not watch any other movie w/o my approval…

          • Di- street play..hamarey yaha Jholey wala koi nahee hai…LOL
            Ramleela is in Oct….

          • BTW…did you see Tonymontana’s comment below…what kind of parents take their kids to RR…lolz

  21. Not sure how much Hirani was with the script, but this is quite sloppy piece of work even if it has its heart in the right place. Cant believe Aamir actually praised this.

    Hope the script for Aamir’s film came out better.

  22. Alex adams Says:

    Haven’t seen the film but inspite of the faults being pointed out, don’t think the script etc will be bad at all!!
    but there is a slight issue here about casting and product placement and ambition ..houseful is a much inferior product but gets it right on casting, product placement, ambition and above all the pulling power of the stars (rightly or wrongly)

    And have nothing against Sherman joshi who is a gifted instinctive actor, a sort of ‘simple man vibe’ but expecting him to shoulder a film sold for 60 crore plus (if info is correct) JUST on the basis of the ex-directors ‘reputation’ is asking for too much …
    He surely must have ‘delivered’ acting wise
    But on the big screen, when it comes to the paying public, they demand more
    All those visuals of sherman in a Ferrari and making omelettes do look cute but thats not enuf really maybe…
    Some take ages and umpteen films to try to get that x-factor and some show it in the first film
    After seeing Sherman driving the ferrari, good to revisit the ‘real’ thing….(not saying that the role is same-one is a father etc)
    One of my favourite current star actors roaming around in new zealand , it seems..

  23. Alex adams Says:

    OT-any Jane Austen fans !!
    A modern take on ‘sense &sensibility’ :-)

  24. Alex adams Says:

    That ‘eeeks’ was so cute :-)
    Ps–do check this film out and give me the summary pleeez
    Will pay u bak (extend your role in my film) ha

  25. Alex adams Says:

    And that reminds me OG…
    Where has Sanjana disappeared(after those auditions)?
    Perhaps she is enjoying Ferrari ki sawari (with kids) :-)

  26. AamirsFan Says:

    Friday Report: ‘Madagascar 3′ Holds Off Weak Openers
    by Ray Subers

    June 16, 2012

    Newcomers Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy had a rough time on Friday, which allowed Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted to easily retain the top spot at the box office. The animated three-quel fell 52 percent to an estimated $10.03 million, which brings its eight-day total to a very solid $95 million. That total is a bit ahead of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’s $90.04 million, though the gap will probably begin to narrow once Brave debuts next Friday. Madagascar 3 should wind up with around $33 million for the three-day frame.

    Prometheus held on to second place, though it plummeted 73 percent to $5.83 million. That’s a much steeper Friday-to-Friday decline than Super 8 (51 percent) or Inception (40 percent), and it was also remarkably a tad below last June’s front-loaded intergalactic adventure Green Lantern (72 percent). Prometheus has now earned $74.5 million overall, and it should grab close to $20 million for the weekend.

    In third place, Rock of Ages grossed a paltry $5.35 million from 3,470 locations. That’s a fraction of Hairspray’s $10.98 million and Mamma Mia!’s $9.87 million, and it’s about on par with last Fall’s more modest Footloose ($5.43 million). Rock of Ages will likely finish the weekend with around $15 million in the bank.

    That’s My Boy was just as bad, if not worse, than Rock of Ages. The R-rated comedy debuted to an estimated $4.6 million from 3,030 locations, which is the lowest opening for an Adam Sandler live-action comedy in at least a decade. It was also just over half of Sandler’s last R-rated effort Funny People ($8.69 million), which is widely considered one of his biggest flops to date. The movie could finish the weekend with under $13 million, which would be a truly devastating result from one of the most consistent box office performers of the past decade.

    Rounding out the Top Five, Snow White and the Huntsman fell 47 percent to an estimated $4 million, which brings the movie’s total to $112.8 million. MIB 3 and The Avengers both eased 35 percent—the Will Smith action comedy added $2.8 million for a total of $145.5 million, while the blockbuster superhero team-up earned $2.2 million for an overall tally of $580.1 million.

    Moonrise Kingdom expanded to 178 locations and was up 33 percent to $618,000. The Wes Anderson movie has now earned $5.22 million.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      adam sandler has had an epic box office run in the last 12 years or so…looks like its finally coming to an end. this movie had a lot of hype built up(even a timely release on fathers day weekend) and looks like it will be a big time flop.

      looking forward to watching pixar/disney’s ‘brave’ next weekend!!

    • Disappointed Prometheus has dropped so much. Not too surprised in one sense as this film is in some ways much more of a buildup for the next one and doesn’t offer as much ‘payoff’ on its own. But still I was hoping for better trending. Perhaps and as the piece suggests Sat and Sun numbers will be much stronger.

  27. Read somewhere that FKS was sold for a whopping 65 crores!
    Plain ridiculous!

  28. June 17, 2012, 12:47 pm
    Box Office Busts for Sandler and Cruise Movies

    LOS ANGELES — The weekend’s two new wide-release movies — “Rock of Ages” and Adam Sandler’s ultracrude “That’s My Boy” — both flopped, continuing Hollywood’s boom-or-bust summer.

    The two movies, while dramatically different, simply appeared to underwhelm audiences, as signaled by lackluster exit poll scores. That allowed “Madagascar 3: Escape to Europe” (DreamWorks Animation via Paramount) to finish No. 1 for a second weekend, taking in about $35.5 million for a new domestic total of $120.5 million, according to, which compiles box office data. “Prometheus” (20th Century Fox) repeated as the second most popular movie, selling about $20.2 million in tickets for a two-week total of $88.9 million.

    “Rock of Ages,” a $75 million adaptation of the Broadway musical, only mustered about $15.1 million in third place, despite a celebrated performance from Tom Cruise; Adam Shankman directed the musical, which was released by Warner Brothers.

    “Snow White and the Huntsman” (Universal Pictures) was fourth, with an estimated $13.8 million in ticket sales for a three-week total of $122.6 million. “That’s My Boy,” made by Sony Pictures Entertainment for about $70 million, was dead on arrival in fifth place, taking in about $13 million. Mr. Sandler has now suffered two duds in the span of seven months (the last was “Jack & Jill”), leading to concern that his reign as a comedic must-see is ending.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      ouch for sandler and cruise. noone wants to watch cruise outside ‘MI’ franchise. sandler is really the ‘govinda’ of hollywood. outside the comedy genre the guy really has no scope to succeed. his time will be coming to an end soon. carey, eddie murphy have all fallen. sandler was the last ‘survivor’ of that ‘kings of comedy’ trio.

      ben stiller and will ferrell have taken the throne but even their time is coming to an end in the next 5 years.

      i hope we get fresh new faces and writers for comedy…it is my fave genre to watch along with crime/gangster genre.

      • Rock of Ages may be a dud at BO but Cruise is getting rave reviews everywhere for his act- and anyway played a supporting role here. Agreed on comedy scene though. I can never stand Sandler. Carrey remains my fav and i quite like Seth Rogen. Ferrel and Stiller can also be effective. recently loved Murphy and Stiller in Tower Heist

  29. Rowdy Rathore Third Saturday Business

    Sunday 17th June 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rowdy Rathore grossed around 2.90 crore on its third Saturday adding to the 2.10 crore nett on its third Friday. It has collected 5 crore nett approx in two days of its third week.

    The fim is recording better numbers than the new release Ferrari Ki Sawaari in Gujarat, UP, Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan. The collections in Bihar are more than double of Ferrari Ki Sawaari despite Rowdy Rathore being in week three.

    The last two Sunday’s have seen a huge jump for Rowdy Rathore as family audiences flock to see the film but this week the competition in the form of Ferrari Ki Sawaari also has families as the main target audience.

    • tonymontana Says:

      How liberated the family audience have become! Taking children to see roadside romeos pinch random girls on their bellies, calling them ‘maal’ and letting them see bloodbaths while munching on popcorn

      • ideaunique Says:

        lol. absence of good entertaining films (FKS kind of films are considered good films but may not be entertaining for this family audience – they don’t want to be taught moral lessons without a generous dose of entertainment – so they opt for only entertaining films i guess) – because only aamir seems to be giving good + entertaining films ;-)

  30. Ferrari Ki Sawaari Shows Growth But Fate Depends On Sunday Audience

    Sunday 17th June 2012 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari showed growth on Saturday as it was around 1 crore nett higher than its Friday business of 2.80 crore nett. Basically its slightly better trending than Shanghai released last week but at a slightly lower level.

    Shanghai had collected 7.50 crore nett in its first two days while Ferrari Ki Sawaari has collected 6.50-6.75 crore nett in the same period.

    The problem for Ferrari Ki Sawaari is that the growth is driven mainly by multiplexes of Mumbai circuit with Delhi/UP and East Punjab the other key areas for multiplex films should have grown more.

    East Punjab has been affected by the Punjabi film Desi Romeos which is doing very well there but Delhi city multiplexes grew just 40% while successful multiplex films like Vicky Donor and Kahaani showed 70-100% growth on Saturday at Delhi city multiplexes.

    Delhi and Punjab are the key for good long term business as its these circuits along with Gujarat which hold up best after week one.

    The key for Ferrari Ki Sawaari is the Sunday family audience and if the families come and show appreciation then the film can still do well. The weekend numbers are likely to be below the mark but if there is appreciation amongst family audience then it should hold up over the weekdays and come out with a decent first week total.

    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      #FerrariKiSawaari witnesses BIG jump on Sunday. As per trends, the Sunday figure may be bigger than the combined total of Fri + Sat.

      • ideaunique Says:

        so weekend may be 3 + 4 + 6 = 13 cr? i doubt this will go much beyond 20-25 cr

  31. Just came back from Shanghai….really awesome….

    • tonymontana Says:

      thank you di.. good to see company in that respect

    • It is a decent movie..I think it was just overhyped. They are doing same to Gangs of wasseypur going around the town claiming it is authentic Bihar… Some of it is (like Bihar ke Lala song or Bajpai accent) but where do we have female walk around in skimpy choli..least of all in Bihar. Let me put it this way, if they make authentic not many people outside Bihar would see it.

      ps – Wasseypur is in Dhanbad which no longer is a part of Bihar.

  32. tonymontana Says:

    Wow! So Brave is releasing this week? Im a hardcore Pixar buff and will be watching this one for sure..

    • AamirsFan Says:

      yeah i am a huge fan of pixar/disney(Up, wall-e, toy story 3 and finding nemo being my faves).

      Compared to past pixar/disney movies(ex: cars, cars 2, up, toy story 3, wall-e) ‘brave’ has barely been advertised. i’ll be interested in seeing how well it does at the box office with basically zero hype.

      here’s a tantalizing scene:

  33. Tony, i am with you on Pixar. I have seen all Pixar films and apart from Cars 2, all of their films are at worse, excellent. But 2 animation films i am looking forward to this year are Dreamworks’ “RISE OF THE GUARDIANS” and Disney’s “WRECK-IT RALPH”- if u wanna check out the trailers of these films, there are on ‘Kamlu’ thread- Sadly Brave will not be playing in Sangli. I also wanted to check out bwood’s Arjun-The Warrior Prince

    • Saw Cars 2 first and liked it but then I read the bad reviews. I saw Cars-1 recently and then realized why reviewers gave thumbs down to second part. First one was ingrained in American culture. People driving on freeway, small town..Second one is more like James Bondish.

  34. Agreed Sir. But i found Cars 2 boring after a point.

    • Please click on reply button and it makes more sense in formatting and for people who are reading afterwards.

  35. Jai Arjun Singh’s piece in Caravan magazine- “BRING BACK THE MAGIC- The restoration of some of NFDC’s forgotten movies is a fitting tribute to Indian cinema in its centenary year”-

  36. What a piece! “Open Magazine- THE REVENGE OF THE MITHUN FAN”-

  37. tonymontana Says:

    I didnt like Cars 2 .. for me it was worse than Cars which itself was not good enough. But talking of the rest – Pixar films have all been excellent, be it Incredibles or Ratatouille or Monsters Inc or Wall-e or Up or Finding Nemo

    Btw did check out Madagasar 3. An okay film that just wasnt good enough.. great start with the chase sequences and all but ended up being average despite some awesome 3D effects. anyways has never been a fan of Madaagascar.

    Looking forward to Ice Age as well. I especially love its characters

  38. Went for Madagascar 3 : Europe’s Most Wanted yesterday…had to meet wife’s ultimatum !!! :) ….the things one has to do as a husband :)

    Enjoyed it for most of its running time…some nicely done animation …the voices of Chris Rock & Frances Mcdormand were funny !!!

    • Ferrari Ki Sawaari Picks Up On Sunday

      Monday 18th June 2012 10.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Ferrari Ki Sawaari picked up strongly on Sunday as it collected around 5.50 crore nett for a weekend total of around 12.25 crore nett.

      Sunday being a day for family audiences helped tremendously as that is the target audience for the film. The weekend is below par for the film but the trending suggests the film can hold up on Monday and come out with a decent first week total.

      The weekend is similar to last week’s Shanghai but the film should be able to hold up better than that film.

      The maker of Ferrari Ki Sawaari had reportedly made some negative comments on Rowdy Rathore and ironically it is that blockbuster film that has come in the way of Ferrari Ki Sawaari fulfilling its true potential over the first weekend.

      Rowdy Rathore affected the weekend business of Ferrari Ki Saawari all over apart from Mumbai city and Bangalore.

      • tonymontana Says:

        “The maker of Ferrari Ki Sawaari had reportedly made some negative comments on Rowdy Rathore and ironically it is that blockbuster film that has come in the way of Ferrari Ki Sawaari fulfilling its true potential over the first weekend.”

        LOL – Is this a trade site’s observation, burning its hands by revealing its agenda? why the hell should it care what VVC said..

  39. Rowdy Rathore Continues Setting New Records

    Monday 18th June 2012 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rowdy Rathore continued setting new records in its the third week. The film set many first week city and theatre records in week one and week two and the trend continued in week three.

    Rowdy Rathore collected around 4.50-4.75 crore nett on Sunday taking its third weekend total to 9.50-9.75 crore nett. The film has collected around 118.50 crore nett in 17 days and over the weekend it went past films like Housefull 2, Ra.One and Ghajini in the all time list as per nett collections.

    The film is totally unaffected by new releases and has trending like Dabangg till date which had no competition.

    This week it may be a different story as some single screen exhibitors may give Teri Meri Kahaani a chance and replace Rowdy Rathore with that film.

  40. alex adams Says:

    dont care bout the box office of ‘rock for ages’ ..
    btw cruise has been praised for both his acting and look here—dont intend to watch the film soon
    But liked Tom cruise in stills–now this is something that not every other hero cant achieve

    • Exactly. And Cruise was anyway playing a supporting role here so the even if the film flops it does not matter to him. And since he is universally being praised so much that his act is said to be better than the film itself, it’s clear the Cruise is only gaining out of this. And since i was a kid when i 1st saw ‘Topgun’, i only know of one true-blue star in hwood- that’s Tom Cruise.

  41. alex adams Says:

    Tom Cruise–the star!! :-)

  42. alex adams Says:

    A ‘tribute’ to a style icon
    There is no doubt to the worth and undisputed place for the “actor” but then there are ultimate stars..
    Not a blind fan of cruise or such but when u see ‘the rock of ages’ being trumped by ‘madagaskar’, one does feel a tinge of discomfort..

    After all, one expects the likes of cruise to transcend an average movie..
    A star I like

  43. alex adams Says:

    “Performing Masculinity: the Star Persona of Tom Cruise”

    Its very easy to belittle the likes of cruise, pitt and in bollywood Hritik.
    But actually this sort of star persona isnt that easy to ‘cultivate’ or ‘acquire”
    not only is it irreplaceable, it is elusive (as the likes of ab jr realise )

    Thesis Dissertation
    MD Philosophy
    ps–thanx Ruth

    • But many things are not ‘easy’ in life. Being a porn star is not easy either. Unless one attaches a value to a kind of stardom the ‘ease’ or lack thereof with which one gains such a status is less important. I never thought that what Cruise or Hrithik or whoever achieve is ‘easy’. But I find this irrelevant (of course I also don’t believe for a moment that being Abhishek, irrespective of whether one agrees with his choices or not, likes his persona or not, is ‘easy’… to suggest otherwise is to not have understood anything). By the way I am not saying anything against Cruise or Hrithik here whatever opinion I might have about them otherwise. And again I don’t assume anything is easy irrespective of where one is on the food chain as a popular entertainer of any kind. This is so obvious it scarcely needs to be even asserted. If someone said that being Cruise was very easy I would consider him (or her) not very bright! Nothing is ‘easy’ in that elementary sense. At the same time guys like Hrithik and Cruise because of certain natural advantages are also not the unlikeliest of stars! There are important stars (even some great stars) who are improbable ones. Not because they don’t act well or are not physically effective on screen but because their strengths can mostly be seen on a screen. There are others who pass certain very basic (even if superficial) societal standards where their stardom doesn’t seem odd in any way. SRK is the former kind, Hrithik the latter sort. neither kind is easy to assume but let’s say all else being equal no one would think SRK was star material before he appeared on the screen while Hrithik would get this benefit of the doubt. So nothing is easy but certain kinds of stardom aren’t the hardest kind either inasmuch as these have to be nurtured less. The audience loves what it sees at first sight!

      I should say as a general matter though that there is often this tendency to read things retroactively. So whether it’s easy or not, ‘smart’ or not.. or however the debate is framed.. it simply seems to be about explaining success. So Hrithik must have done something difficult, must have been smart.. etc etc. With success all these adjectives are conferred on the star, with failure it’s the opposite. This is not a very sophisticated way to understand these things.

      • alex adams Says:

        good points here and not much to disagree…
        BUt there seems to be a “penalty” in place for people like cruise, pitt and in bollywood actors like hritik and aishwarya..
        a) Natural Advantage-the ‘perils’
        They do have this ‘natural advantage” (and whats wrong about it in a ‘visual’ medium)
        but its this very ‘natural advantage’ that is used as a handle/hook to pull them down intermittently employing various diversionary spins…
        Yes, none of these characters are de niros or bachchan (seniors) or smita patils –but each of them are more than competent even acting wise

        but are somehow not given the credit they deserved had they not been looked thru the ‘prism’ of their ‘natural advantage”
        thereby decoupling, rather reversing this very so-called ‘advantage’ into a so-called handicap whence they yearn to go beyond a certain level…

        b) Natural Advantage-the ‘underrated’ person specification
        By this definition, all the good looking folks would have been the biggest stars
        and lets not even start counting better (atleast comparable) failures from both hollywood and bollywood..
        Pigeon-holing this sort of ‘star appeal’ like this is natural but not without certain ‘issues’..
        It takes no account of the ‘resonance’, ”brilliant rapport” and the ‘spark in personality’ that elevates each of these from a good looking face like arjun rampal to the iconic star symbols each of these is….

        • Alex good points here. But i will also say this that Cruise is much better and versatile actor than Hrithik. And unlike him, Cruise’s 1st film did not focus on his looks at all- Risky Business which was a Generation-X classic of sorts- Also Cruise was brilliant as a war veteran in ‘Born On the 4th of July’ which he played very early in his career. He has done something as different as Vanilla Sky, Lions For Lambs,Eyes wide shut and Last Samurai. He was excellent in comedy in Tropic Thunder

        • No the natural advantage is only used against them when they’re not more than the sum of their parts! There might be those willing to assert that Cruise and hrithik are thespians. I’m not one of them!

          This hardly means that every person with ‘obvious’ good looks is a star ready to be discovered. There is much more that goes into stardom. But the latter bit is obvious too! No one just walks onto a set as a star. There is a ‘construction’ that comes into play in terms of persona and so on. But these are the ‘basics’ for any star. If this elementary pact isn’t there a star cannot minimally exist in any serious sense. The question however then is: what does a certain stardom ‘mean’ versus any other?

          • Cruise may not be a thespian but he is certainly someone who is more than competent and does not only rely on his looks or persona. whether it was Born On The 4th of July or Jerry Maguire or Few Good Men or Eyes Wide Shut or Vanilla Sky or Last Samurai or even Valkyrie, he can give very good performances

  44. alex adams Says:

    Prologue sets the tone…
    Why a Study of Tom Cruise?
    This thesis offers an interpretation of why Tom Cruise can be considered one of the major stars of the late 20th century. Its central argument is that Cruise‘s enduring popularity can be pinned to the psychodynamic work that the persona undertakes; evidence for this premise is provided by analysing his star sign using a psychoanalytic methodology. It begins by tracing his financial and popular success, locating his image within the context of 1980s American culture. This includes an analysis of the social preoccupations of the Reagan epoch and the manner in which his star sign reflected these concerns. Following this, I lay out the core dynamic of his star image, which I set within the context of star theory originating with Richard Dyer, and through a complete chronological overview of his film career. I then go on to critique Cruise‘s anxious performances of masculinity, which underscore his fragile position within the hegemony, and suggest how these relate to broader gender concerns articulated by his image. The remainder of the thesis conducts an analysis of Cruise‘s persona within a psychodynamic framework, employing key classical Freudian theory to do so. The hypothesis that I put forward is that Cruise‘s enduring box office success and popularity can be understood as a reflection of his persona‘s ability to work through the psychodynamic preoccupations that are presented in his various films. The thesis sets out to examine their particular psychoanalytic constellation and, finally, consider how these concerns link back to issues of masculine identity in modern western culture.

  45. alex adams Says:

    Emily Blunt–always gud to see the rise of this English heroine..

  46. alex adams Says:

    and now finally a confession
    Didnt mind even the ‘bad teacher’
    Thats y i like cameron diaz…hahaha

  47. alex adams Says:

    Check out 1:40 onwards
    hahaha@ hitting the kid with the football
    and lol @ “Amys type” :-)

  48. @Ami

    article may provide you with new ‘astra n shastra’ to fight Asuras( who dislike EMAET)

  49. From Wasseypur to world cinema

    It takes 20 years to become an overnight success,’ Eddie Cantor, the entertainer had noted wisely.

    But it took Zeishan Quadir, the brain and writer behind Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur just three years to make the journey from Wasseypur in Dhanbad town to Cannes.

  50. ‘Gangs of Wasseypur 2′ trailer at the end of part one

    The trailer of Gangs of Wasseypur 2 can be only seen after the credits of the first part rolls out in theatres this Friday.

    “So when you go and see Gangs of Wasseypur in theatres, stay till the end credits roll and you will see a very long trailer of part 2. And that is the only place you will see the part 2 trailer,” director-producer Anurag Kashyap tweeted.

  51. AamirsFan Says:

    The Real Reasons Paramount Bumped ‘G.I. Joe 2′ to 2013 (Analysis)

    i know very random…but reading about a production company(Paramount) and how it is being ultra conservative with its big budgeted movies was pretty damn interesting.

    Amazing how the other big budgeted production movies(disney and WB) bombed, so Paramount quickly pulled ‘Joe’ out from releasing next week and moved it all the way to next freakin year!

    I was very much looking forward to watching Retaliation next week…but now its going to be ‘Ted’.

  52. Akshay on fire, edges past Shahrukh, Hrithik
    By Joginder Tuteja, Jun 19, 2012 – 11:16 IST

    Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar has recorded his first solo blockbuster now. What seemed like a successful film in the making is now challenging records at the very top. Rowdy Rathore, which is continuing to be a hurricane at theatres and still attracting audience by dozens, has now found a place in Top-5 Bollywood films of all times, what with Shahrukh Khan as well as Hrithik Roshan being edged out.

    “Rowdy Rathore has now comfortably surpassed 120 crores in its third weekend itself, hence leaving behind the likes of Ra.One (115 crore), Agneepath (120 crores) and for that matter even Salman Khan’s Ready (121 crores)”, confirms a trade source.

    However, Salman continues to post a challenge for Akshay since his Dabangg and Bodyguard have covered a much greater distance by amassing over 140 crores each.

    “It would be quite difficult to cross that milestone though since in coming weeks, Akshay faces challenge from Shahid Kapoor (Teri Meri Kahaani) and The Amazing Spiderman which arrive back to back”, an insider adds, “However Rowdy Rathore would now come close to the 135 crore mark, which is a huge achievement considering the fact that Akshay was facing rough weather during last year. Now with both Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore doing so well and Akshay finding a very strong positioning for him (with Aamir Khan ruling from the top, courtesy 3 Idiots at 202 crores), things have heated up all over again.”

    The coming weeks would decide how the battle intensifies. While it is a given that Aamir Khan (Talaash), Shahrukh Khan (YRF’s yet untitled film), Salman Khan (Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2), Ajay Devgn (Bol Bachchan) would all top the 100 crore mark, it is a wait and watch situation to see how many of them manage to break the new record set by Akshay.

  53. Rowdy Rathore Continues Rock Steady Run

    Tuesday 19th June 2011 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rowdy Rathore was rock steady on its third Monday with collections around the 1.75 crore nett mark. The drop is just 15-20% from Friday. It was a similar story last week. The third week should cross the 15 crore nett mark and film should be around the 125 crore nett mark after three weeks.

    It has been noticed that that Rowdy Rathore has really been super strong over its last two Mondays with minimal drops. This is probably due to fact that the new releases over the last two weeks Shanghai and Ferrari Ki Sawaari have limited appreciation.

    In some circuits the drop is just 5-10% from Friday.

  54. Ferrari Ki Sawaari Monday Business

    Tuesday 19th June 2011 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari had a low Monday as it collected around 2 crore nett. The drop was around 30% from Friday which is good but collections are at low levels. The film dropped more in places like Gujarat, UP and Rajasthan.

    The film had a good jump but it flattered to deceive as with such a jump you expect a Monday around the Friday figure especially when the Friday was low.

    The film has collected 14.50 crore nett in four days and should have a 19 crore nett first week. For the film to emerge a major success it will have to go the Vicky Donor where the weekdays (Mon-Thur) collection remained at the same level on all four days.

  55. Alex adams Says:

    Akshay: young girls look great with us !!!

  56. Alex adams Says:

    Shobha de: how young is too Young?

       Do you know how old Miley Cyrus is? Who Miley? What Miley? If that was your reaction, you effectively revealed your age. Millions of young people across the world adore Miley and are nuts about her professional persona (Hannah Montana). Miley is all of 18 now, and was an international star at 12. Similarly, Justin Beiber, the mop-haired 16-year-old pop star who is the music world’s current darling, has been spectacularly successful ever since he composed and sang his first song (cleverly launched by him on the Internet), which subsequently went on to break all sorts of records.
    Yup. They start that young these days. And if you think they are ridiculously underage, think about Michael Jackson at five, performing like an absolute pro on stage and stunning the world. These may be exceptional talents. But even here on some of our better quality reality shows, one comes across scarily gifted kids. A few weeks ago, I had two earnest visitors at home who were representatives of entertainment channels and were looking for people to plead their case. I told them they’d come to the wrong address and the meeting ended in under ten minutes. I have a problem with precocious children gyrating suggestively to adult songs. And I wonder about the parents who encourage them. These child wonders from small town India do not suffer from any kind of inferiority complex and frequently out perform city kids from more affluent homes. 
    What on earth happens to these bachchas once the shows end and reality of a less glamourous kind kicks in? It’s a subject for a wellresearched documentary, that’s for sure. Bollywood runs on an entirely different track — nobody grows up! The heroes continue to play college boys even though they are well into their forties. And the heroines stay fixed at the magic number of 27 for at least twenty years. Then one day, they announce they are 30. And they remain 30 forever. Kangana claims she is 22, Genelia claims something similar, as do Katrina and Deepika. The numbers game gets interesting when these ladies start referring to others as their seniors and attach a ‘Ji’ at the end of that person’s name. I’m not sure whether colleagues address Lara as Lara or as Laraji.
       If it is the latter, Lara is in trouble. It has been a dull week, movies-wise and otherwise. After the Raavan debacle, industrywallas are looking nervously at forthcoming releases.
     All eyes are now on Imran Khan, who should really stop giving interviews. If he has been with the same gal for eight years, good for him. But why talk about it while promoting a frothy new romance with a dishy co-star that’s slated to hit the screens shortly? And then the lad makes it worse by showing off a platinum engagement ring like it’s a chastity belt or something.
    Really Pappu! Today’s guys should sit at Shammi Kapoor’s feet and take a few key lessons in wooing their leading ladies – on and off the screen. Nobody did it better than the Yahoo man. Most of our present-day heroes insist on flashing trophy wives who are as hot as their heroines. This is a seriously dumb move. They also insist on putting their babies on display, which further erodes female fantasies. Look at Akshay, Hritik, Arjun, SRK, even Saif. Come on guys — hide those gorgeous biwis and bachchas. Look at Salman — hardum single and ready to mingle.
     And now along comes the news that Munnabhai is ready to become a real-life dad again. Reports say his wife got a seriously huge solitaire for her efforts. But what should we give Sanjay for his? How about some rest? 

  57. Alex adams Says:

    “Then one day, they announce they are 30. And they remain 30 forever. Kangana claims she is 22, Genelia claims something similar, as do Katrina and Deepika. The numbers game gets interesting when these ladies start referring to others as their seniors and attach a ‘Ji’ at the end of that person’s name”

  58. Alex adams Says:

    ” All eyes are now on Imran Khan, who should really stop giving interviews. If he has been with the same gal for eight years, good for him. But why talk about it while promoting a frothy new romance with a dishy co-star that’s slated to hit the screens shortly? And then the lad makes it worse by showing off a platinum engagement ring like it’s a chastity belt or something.”
    Shobha aunty u r gr8!! :-)

  59. Alex adams Says:

    Btw it seems minor has finally listened to mye and finally met with some ‘success’
    His 24×7 vigil seems to be taking a rest
    So minor: are u ‘succeeding’ in the task given by me
    Any updates :-)

  60. Ferrari Ki Sawaari Steady With Low Collections

    Wednesday 20th June 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ferrai Ki Sawaari remained steady with low collections on Tuesday as it collected around 1.75 crore nett. The film had a good jump on Sunday and weekend trending was pretty good but weekday performance is not upto the mark.

    It seems that the film has found limited appreciation amongst its target audience which is the family audience and that is why Sunday was good but collections have not held up since.

    The film will find it hard to sustain in week two as there are two new releases this week. The film is doing better in the Maharashtra region due to the local content.

  61. Shanghai To Fold Up Under Rs. 25 Crore
    1 day ago by Joginder Tuteja

    No amount of support from a good section of media as well as industry insiders could save Shanghai from seeing a premature end to its run at the ticket windows. The collections of this Dibakar Banerjee film did hold on to some extent over the weekdays but by no means were the numbers good enough to convince everyone from believing that here was a hit in the making. Resultantly, with around Rs. 18 crore coming in at the end of the first week, the film has turned out to be a barely coverage affair commercially.

    Of course once the weekend collections started trickling in, the makers did come out full throttle and explained the cost v/s recovery. That was a fair decision on their part because without this, the perception about the film’s acceptability would have gone further down. This doesn’t mean that suddenly there was a newfound interest amongst the audience for this film. In fact if that had to happen, the turnaround would have been much quicker, given the fact there was hardly any competition at multiplexes.
    Emraan Hashmi in Shanghai Movie and Jannat 2 Movie

    For Emraan Hashmi though it was important that the film at least manages to cover costs so that he can continue his box office run without any hindrance. To his credit, since the film is offbeat when compared to the kind of work he does, it didn’t harm him commercially. In fact if Jannat 2 would have seen audience response like the way it has been for Shanghai, it would have acted as a severe blow to his plans. However with an experimental affair like Shanghai that did rely on his name commercially but didn’t quite centre on him thematically, Emraan has only managed one step ahead due to good critical acclaim.

    While the film is on its way out, even Rs. 25 crore looking highly improbable. Though the collections are still much better than each of Dibakar’s first three films (Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Love Sex aur Dhokha), one still expected better considering the hype surrounding it and the scale at which it was pitched.

  62. Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath Creates History For Zee Cinema
    by Box Office India (June 20, 2012)

    Hrithik Roshan began the year with breaking box office records and creating new ones. Among these was the highest opening day numbers for a Hindi film, with the movie Agneepath. And this was only the beginning. The actor went on to win applause for his performance as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan in the film, which also marked his entry to the Rs 100-crore club.

    Next, the satellite rights of Agneepath were sold at an astronomical price. So, naturally, trade gurus were anxious to know whether Roshan Jr would grab enough eyeballs during the world premiere of the film on Zee Cinema on June 16. Well, he did. According to TAM, Agneepath managed a TVR of 6.7 in Mumbai and 7.4 in Gujarat, with an average TVR of 4.7.

    This is the highest average TVR for Zee Cinema. Thus, Roshan has managed to better the previous TRPs that Zee Cinema had clocked – Don 2: 2.9 and Desi Boyz: 2.4. This has only further consolidated the actor’s popularity and bankability.

  63. Dibakar Bannerjee’s next may be a detective thriller based on the stories featuring famous fictional sleuth of Bengali literature, Byomkesh Bakshi- film may be titled “KOLKATA”-

  64. Kjo’s next production,to be directed by Rensil D’Silva (Kurbaan), has been confirmed to be featuring Sanjay Dutt, Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh and Neil Bhoopalam-Film is an action thriller where Dutt plays a cop who is after Emraan and his notorious gang- film goes on floor this October-

  65. Prabhudeva’s next to feature Shahid Kapoor, has been titled “NAMAK”- it will apparently be a massy action entertainer on the lines of Wanted and Rowdy Rathore-

  66. Mihir Fadnavis’s 1st review on GOW :

    “My review of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR – a movie that is exciting and awesome enough to have sex with ”

    • Alex adams Says:

      Gangs of Wasseypur is so visceral, that watching it feels like sticking your face right above an exploding Laxmi Bomb. The effect, carried gleefully and brilliantly by director Anurag Kashyap is blinding. This is not a film to just watch once at the multiplex, it’s a movie to love completely and become absorbed into its lush imagery and glorious characters. 

      Mercifully free of item songs and music video style flashy cinematography, Gangs of Wasseypur works as both an entertaining gangster thriller and a gently mocking sardonic history lesson. Apart from the dizzy shifts in mood between the guilty pleasure of dark sexy comedy and gripping socio-political drama, writers Kashyap, Akhilesh Jaiswal, Sachin Ladia and Syed Zeeshan Qadri create a loaded and layered canvas of revenge and violence.  They avoid the clutter and manipulation of most mob thrillers and escalate the plot and tension solely through the characters’ stormy emotions.

      And what a crackerjack pack of characters these are – easily the best performances you’re likely to encounter in some considerable time. Manoj Bajpayee makes a hurricane of a comeback as he is simultaneously mesmerizing and repellant as the foul mouthed bald gangster out to avenge his father. Newcomer Richa Chadda who plays Bajpayee’s wife, is absolutely searing in her role. Nawauddin Siddiqui (who has a bigger role in Part 2) is hilarious and charming as the wheeling and dealing, disillusioned, soft spoken son of Bajpayee. Then there’s Tigmanshu Dhulia as part fascist chieftain and part conniving rogue, quietly petrified of being hunted by Bajpayee. But far ahead of them all is Pankaj Tripathi in his first major role as Sultan the Butcher –he so effortlessly entwines his many shades that you can’t separate his helplessness from his nepotistic determination to seize power. An ambivalent character has rarely been made so magnetic.

      What is NOT magnetic is the opening 15 minute section of Gangs of Wasseypur, which is bizarrely complicated enough make you feel like a 10-year-old in an Advanced Thermodynamics class. With a droning voiceover by Piyush Mishra, you are straightaway plunged into dozens of characters in a half a dozen places and you’ll have a hard time trying to connect the dots between the who’s who what’s what and where’s where. It takes a while to sink into the film and identify the characters, and this may be frustrating for some. Perhaps according to Kashyap this is what cinema is about, taking the viewer into a completely new world and challenging them to make some sense out of it. A more knowledgeable person could probably explain how Kashyap’s vision of Bihar’s history in miniature reflects the personality of its chronically divided people, but Gangs of Wasseypur rings true to anyone who’s ever watched a mafia drama.

      There is violence, a lot of it, the gritty, unsettling kind, not the bloody in-your-face flying limbs variety, and it is kept firmly in its place and never allowed to take over the story like in Rakta Charitra. In one scene a local goon is made to watch his brother getting shredded to pieces – the slaughter occurs off camera but you are left cringing at the sight of the goon’s face reacting in horror. In another scene Bajpayee repeatedly stabs someone and drifts around as if playing kabaddi. Later a hapless cop investigating a murder finds a finger in a butcher’s den and is made to walk away or mix with the dead meat lying around. It makes for a righteously angry, yet joyous story because Kashyap fills every moment with song and life – Womaniya plays to the backdrop of Bajpayee finding lust at first sight in the form of Reema Sen’s glistening kamariya; Keh ke lunga is juxtaposed with violence while the Calypso I am a hunter is mixed with a character smuggling guns in a train. If all that weren’t enough there is also Yashpal Sharma in a cameo dancing and singing at a wedding.

      After the three hundredth character is introduced one begins to wonder where all this is leading, but Kashyap pulls a stand up-and-cheer finale out of his hat, sweetened only by the self-liberation of the character featured in the climax, escalated by the infectious Jiyo ho Bihar ke laala playing at full blast.

      Some of the imagery is downright fantastic. It’ll be a long time before the image fades of Huma Qureshi and Nawazuddin having a hilariously flirtatious exchange at a pond. Even the beginning credits are crafted with large doses of grindhousey amphetamine. The dialogues have a force that pack a gut-punch and are a mixture of dicey menace, goonda lingo and expletive-laced fiery one-liners. There are one too many ‘bhosadikas’ but even when the film turns darker it never loses its sly humor.

      Editor Shweta Venkat deserves a hand for Wasseypur’s fine, razor sharp pacing that glances over so many things without needing to rub them in. Equally pleasing is Rajeev Ravi’s cinematography which alternates bright sunlight with the coldest, blackest coal colored nights. Sneha Khanwalkar’s meticulously crafted music is an exotic sandwich of genres buoyed by Varun Grover’s super lyrics. But GoW’s big achievement is Kashyap’s cinematic vision of post-independence Bihar and Jharkhand’s landscapes. No tacky stock villagers here – only shifty hoodlums framed by heavy silences to inculcate a powerful sense of claustrophobia and power.

      The other big feat of Gangs of Wasseypur is that Kashyap balances massy masala and offbeat snobbery very well – you can watch the film for its character study, political idealism, or for entertainment value alone. In either case it doesn’t disappoint. Kashyap eschews the arthouse minimalism for cinematic pizzazz. His fine ear for dialogue and control of tone is all the more impressive for being delivered under the short schedule and massive story content. 

      Alive and far more entertaining and exciting to watch than just about any Indian gangster movie you have ever seen, Gangs of Wasseypur is thrilling as fuck, because it achieves the rare feat of wanting to be an epic and actually being one. It’s carefully strained pulp and when it’s over, you won’t remember much of who killed whom, instead what remains is the silly grin on your face and the desperate urgency to watch Part Two. 

      Wow-what a film and what a review
      Couldn’t resist expanding the link for all to savour…..
      Can already see it coming in the promos and most especially the music
      Film making in its stylstically yet roguish, visceral and multilayered …hail the attitude n élan ..

      Sincerely wish kashyap and even sneha all the best — they deserve all the success…

      • Alex adams Says:

        Thanx for this link shubh
        Sounds a film from bollywood after a while that should satisfy -(for me,after ‘rcokstar’ -different setting /genre)
        Ominously interesting lines–
        Gangs of Wasseypur is thrilling as fuck, because it achieves the rare feat of wanting to be an epic and actually being one. It’s carefully strained pulp and when it’s over, you won’t remember much of who killed whom, instead what remains is the silly grin on your face and the desperate urgency to watch Part Two. 

    • God help us.. or at least Fadnavis!

  67. GOW was always my most awaited Hindi film of the year along with Talaash & Shanghai…eagerly looking forward to it.

  68. Just read on twitter, Rajesh Khanna very critical :(

  69. this is a big news! Gurinder Chaddha’s next is on Indian Partition and Lord Mountbatton- Colin Firth and Michael Fassbender are in talks to play the Lord.Chaddha wants Saif Ali Khan as Nehru and Naseer as Jinnah-

    • Interesting for sure but I wonder what her source material here is. I am sometimes wary of these efforts. If this does happen as suggested here Naseer will have played both Gandhi and Jinnah! Sheikh Mujib might then be a natural progression for him.

      More seriously though I love his wily Gandhi in Hey Raam.

      • alex adams Says:

        ‘wily’ is the right word here..
        the slight ‘problem’ with naseer now is that one cant really imagine him in anything other than this wily, acerbic vibe…
        there is a slight permanent sarcasm in his interviews, utterings and even roles…
        Thats where bachchan still trumps the likes of naseer (box office history notwithstanding)

        • alex adams Says:

          on the other hand, someone showed me the great gatsby trailer again..
          inspite of the look and getup that im not a big fan—bachchan shows his class even in the five seconds appearance….

      • Was waiting for this! Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma have finally confirmed that they are coming together for a new action film titled “SINGH SAHAB THE GREAT”- Sunny will again play a Sardar who is an honest ‘collector’ fighting against corruption. Prakash Raj will play the villain. Anu Malik is the composer. Film is set in U.P. and Bihar. Shooting starts in October-

        • alex adams Says:

          gadar was the pinnacle of the celluloid lives of this actor and director individually and as a combo..
          For all its jongoism and political incorrectness which spills over into objectionable–
          the film was more than that–
          had a good tempo, screenplay and music
          The sunny-amisha track was endearing
          also there were some subtracks like the father-son track etc…
          Know this is a film that many wont even be caught seeing, (forget praising in public even if they liked it)
          but have no qualms in saying that liked gadar and sunny in it…

          • Agreed and well said Alex. but will disagree on Sunny’s pinnacle- it has to be Ghayal- it’s his most iconic and well known role- Gadar ironically almost became a kind of swansong for Sunny. Yes u r dead right on Gadar being Anil Sharma’s pinnacle. though Sharma’s best film remains Hero: Life of a Spy (which, unlike what the trade said, was not a flop)

          • alex adams Says:

            unlike sunnys ‘deconstruction’ by many, feel he is much more than a jingoistic guy who could just shout and uproot handpumps!!
            Thats a convenient label that people have given him and his own poor choices and poor media management didnt help..
            Ghayal was v good –but was sort of a zanjeeresque moment to his fullblown overt phase that all culminated in the mammoth Gadar!!

            in gadar, think he played the silent lover and adoring dad as well as the handpump uprroting sikh–
            people choose to suddenly forget that gadar earned double (not sure if more!!) than lagaan
            Im not for a moment belittling lagaan (whihc i consider a landmark moment in indian cinema) but dont like this selective snobbery of pulling down ‘real’ heroes like sunny and even dutt!!

          • Agreed Alex. And a young Sunny of Betaab looked really handsome. His finest performance though is easily in Rahul Rawail’s ‘Arjun’- BTW very famous south director Bharatiraja did a film with him called “Savere Wali Gaadi” which flopped. Sunny, on Koffee with Karan remarked that it’s one of the films he regrets to be a part of. Again Sunny, i believe, is perhaps one of the very few actors who acted in a film with a title having his own name- a Raj Khosla film “Sunny” which had the Betaab pair (Amrita Singh)

        • LOL, it might be rather late in the day for this rerun!

          • alex adams Says:

            talking of ‘sunny’-never seen the film and dont think will ever
            but stumbled upon this sons–if one can tolerate ex mrs saif in this, one can savour lata and rd burman
            incidentally note the strond SD burman influence here –though the musical ‘setup’ is upgraded with times

  70. alex adams Says:

    this sounds interesting–if it goes beyond the ‘talk’ stage..
    Fassbender as mountbatten ….haha
    ps–naseer as jinnah seems a reasonable casting..

  71. alex adams Says:

    something for their fans
    For aamir fans like LS, di, amy–aamir topless
    For srk fans like oldgold–srk unzipped

    • R U implying that there was sumthing ‘going’ on bet. A.K and SRK before SRK met Kjo and Ramphal?

      • alex adams Says:

        yes—they were caught ‘red handed’ here–infact caught pants (panties) down literally
        but the ‘breakup’ wasnt amicable and there is more than bitterness even now lol
        ps-anecdotal info from srks show in london a few years ago–from an srk fan i trust…
        saif was literally there just to give srk a shave while arjun was looking after his clothes
        aamir came to meet him and wasnt allowed entry apparently since nobody recognised him
        srk intervened to let him in –only briefly since he had to get onto his next stage act unlike aamir who was at an extended ‘sabbatical’ post lagan lol

  72. alex adams Says:

    after gatsby—
    seems classics are in the air…
    keira -anna karenina …

    • Rather striking visuals..

      • Since the director here is Joe Wright i am expecting something really good. His Atonement,Pride and Prejudice, The Soloist and action thriller Hanna, all were very good films. And the script is by famous playwright Tom Stoppard who gave us the memorable Shakespeare in Love (ben affleck was the only sore point abt that film)

      • yes this looks to be an operative treatment of the novel with the visuals and the score. Can’t say I’m much inspired by some of the casting choices here otherwise. The Marceau version was pretty poor too. There’s a BBC version from the 70s which is pretty good.

        • Satyam, one thing to be noticed here is that both the lead actors, Keira and Jude Law, are British.Btw an indian actress ‘Tannishta Chatterjee’ is also in the film. i am interested in this mainly bcos of Law. the guy stole every scene in Talented Mr. Ripley

  73. alex adams Says:

    tolstoy-moscow-sophie marceau
    somehow preferred sohie marceau as anna karenina and even otherwise..
    the music was good

    • oldgold Says:

      This would be my choice too. Looks more solid and authentic.

      Didn’t care much for Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice.
      He doesn’t have a fine feeling for ‘period’, as one would like to see.

  74. alex adams Says:

    agree oldgold-exactly :-)
    and a good point about joe pride–like him -a talented guy..
    basically he is relatively youung (!) to depict such period stuff–difficult for someone not having any personal resonance /expereince of a particualr period..
    also he has more of a theatre/tv serial background, i think…
    tihis scale maybe ok on the first look, but lets dig the surface to see if its authentic

    also he seems to be pbssessed with keira having cast him in three films
    just recently someone told me he is married to anushka shankar–not sure if still married though…..

    • oldgold Says:

      You don’t need age to ‘feel’ for period stuff. I’ve been interested it since my schooldays.
      You either have it or you don’t. One could develop it though, which JW should if he wants to deal in that period.

  75. alex adams Says:

    agree oldgold…u have put it nicely here though a person who has ‘lived’ through a period obviously has some advantages….
    btw unrelated–which role in cocktail do u find more interesting (as a viewer)–deepika or diana–
    saying ‘neither’ is not an option :-)

    im collecting feedback for my spoof….

  76. ‘Float a camera and you find crazy things’

    Exhilarated but exhausted by the reception of Gangs of Wasseypur at Cannes, Anurag Kashyap wants to sleep for five months. Before going into hibernation, he talks about shaping the landscape and the scope of the film, and its embedded “investigative journalism”

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