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    • while I’m glad Abhishek didn’t show up here it’s odd that no one else did either. In all the tons of appearances they’ve done elsewhere there’s not a single one where this has happened!

  1. AamirsFan Says:

    ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sets Tuesday Record
    by Ray Subers

    July 4, 2012

    Any concerns that audiences wouldn’t turn out for another Spider-Man origin story were put to rest on Tuesday, as The Amazing Spider-Man earned a nearly-amazing $35 million in its opening day. That’s the highest Tuesday gross ever ahead of the first Transformers movie, which debuted on the exact same day back in 2007.

    Transformers did burn off some demand with shows from late Monday shows, though, and adding those grosses ($8.8 million) to its Tuesday gross ($27.9 million) puts it slightly ahead of Spider-Man. Also, The Amazing Spider-Man had the lowest opening day yet in the franchise behind Spider-Man 3 ($59.8 million), Spider-Man 2 ($40.4 million) and the original Spider-Man ($39.4 million).

    Spider-Man 2 is the best apples-to-apples comparison, since it opened on the Wednesday leading up to the Fourth of July while the other two movies debuted on the first Friday of May. Through its first six days, that movie wound up earning $180.1 million; if The Amazing Spider-Man follows the same pattern, it will gross at least $150 million by Sunday.

    Because of studio closures, there’s incomplete data further down the chart. Ted dipped down to second place with an estimated $8.4 million, which brings its five-day total to $71.5 million. It’s still noticeably above The Hangover ($59.2 million), and it will easily pass $100 million by Saturday at the latest.

    Meanwhile, Magic Mike was actually up nine percent from Monday to Tuesday, and added $5.45 million for a new total of $49.6 million. This day-to-day increase indicates that the movie will have more staying power than its front-loaded opening weekend suggested, and a $100 million total is definitely still in play.

    satyam bhai can you delete this same post in the previous Box Office thread?

    • AamirsFan Says:

      saw this film earlier today and it has only been a decade since the other Spider-Man debuted, so that one is still fresh in my mind. i’ll be honest, i sort of had a bias(for the 2002 spiderman) before going into seeing this movie. but i like to consider myself a fair minded dude nonetheless, and the movie was still a let down for me. thought the Garfield guy was annoying and lame at times, emma stone was ok. i normally don’t root against any movies but i am sort of rooting against this one.

      • I’ve never been interested in this one. It was just absurdly soon to re-launch the franchise!

        • AamirsFan Says:

          i agree…are you as surprised as i am that it is getting good reviews(even though i’m assuming you haven’t seen it yet)?

          • yes I am quite surprised.. it’s doing 71% at rottentomatoes which is pretty good for this kind of deal. Haven’t seen it and don’t plan to. In the earlier franchise I liked Spiderman 2. Not much of a fan otherwise.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      “What makes Ajay stand out are two factors — his desirability to speak in English language [the outcome is incredibly gleeful], besides the fact that he plays a toughie who is also a comical chap, thus adding a lot of zing to the character. He’s first-rate! Abhishek goes all out, playing to the gallery, wooing the masses. Abhishek seems to have unlearnt what he had learned and implemented this new style of comedy, which must’ve been very complex and challenging for him. Watch him in the dance act at the interval point. It’s incredible. Abhishek gets the two characters right and how!”

      This is something interesting from Taran :)

      • “At the same time, Ajay allows Abhishek to take the lead as the film chiefly revolves around his character/s”

        • RE: ““At the same time, Ajay allows Abhishek to take the lead as the film chiefly revolves around his character/s”


        • Taran adarsh wil become a trustworthy opinion now.btw “Abhishek seems to have unlearnt what he had learned and implemented this new style of comedy” this is worriesome.I guess this is bad acting which taran intentionally mistook for being “new”,ofc bcos he is,as usual,paid ;)

      • yes but also banal and predictable. I never had any doubts that he’d do a good job in this outing but it’s also the kind of thing for which he would never get a bad review. Much as he got great ones for Dostana. Indian reviews praise a certain obvious kind of performance.

      • If Adarsh thinks something is complex and challenging we can rest assured that it is in fact neither of those things. It’s only in this type of film culture that this kind of film acting is praised with the same language one would use for a performance in, say, DMD.

        Which is not to be hard on Abhishek of course. I think he’s gifted with light material, and I will actually make a trip to see this which given it’s a Rohit Shetty film says something!

        • from yesterday..

          [yeah I’ve been seeing some of those tweets. One gets suspicious when they make Rohit Shetty sound like Hirani! The scary thing here is they probably don’t know the difference!]

  2. SHOCKER! Laila Khan, who was last seen romancing Rajesh Khanna in “Wafaa” 2 yrs back, was reportedly ‘shot dead’ along with her entire family in Jammu by 3 men over a property dispute. She was kidnapped in Feb this year. She came under the scanner post the Delhi High Court blast probe where it emerged that the Mitsubishi Outlander, which was registered in her mother Saleena Patel’s name, was used for ferrying explosives by terrorists.

    • tonymontana Says:

      Ohh dear. thats shocking! didnt know anything about this at all.

      May their souls rest in peace

  3. tonymontana Says:

    Did no like The aazing spiderman much.. found it flat and uninteresting in many places. also not sure what was the need to tell he same story again.

    • I am probably the only one in my college who liked it quite a bit. will write abt it in detail sometime later today

  4. Bol Bachhan should be worth a look atleast once…although not a big fan of Shetty’s earlier work, except probably “All the Best” & parts of Golmaal.

    Looks like Abhishek is on strong terrain, after his delightful comic timing in earlier ventures like Dostana & BnB.

  5. @Wasseypurworld

    “For all those asking and also those not asking but are eager to know #GOW2 will release on 8th August! isi ke saath ek surprije hai aaj…”

    “Bhaiyya bahut hua intejaar, aaj raat dekhein #GOW2 ki pehli jhalak, ab batao kiska intejaar jyaada hai DEFINTE, PERPENDICULAR ya TANGENT ka? ”


    Update: Viacom18 to release #GOW2 on Wednesday, 8 August. Innovative strategy by Vikram Malhotra of Viacom18 and @ankash1009

    Update: #GOW2 brand new trailer being launched tonite [Thursday].

  6. Sensibly GOW 2 is most likely a solo release, which should have been the case for GOW 1 too…would have definitely touched 30 crores in that case.

    Most of you here have probably not seen the Part 2 trailer…it is kickass & the song which plays in the background is haunting !!

    Will watch GOW 2 first day for sure !

  7. Here are some initial reactions of those who have watched Bol Bachchan. Reviews are positive and Bol Bachchan might be another sure shot 100 crore club film.

  8. Offside Says:

    Abhi has a super-hit!
    And, now, please don’t do that Farah film with SRK!

    • As I’ve said elsewhere he probably won’t decide on anything before Bol Bachchan releases.. but once he’s done with D3 he has a big decision coming up.. I suspect he’s not going to err on the side of another multistarrer.. so even if he did do such a film it probably wouldn’t be the first one after D3.

      • Satyam, if this film becomes a superhit, Abhishek will be thanking Devgn here, no two ways about it. Devgn could have gone for another Golmaal here- he could have taken another actor and this could have still been a hit- note I am not saying Abhishek is reduntant in the film, not a all-but I believe even he will agree to this that Devgn-Shetty combo has sort-of bailed him out here

        • Offside Says:

          Well… if I may – I’ll only agree if Abhi is an absolute waste; and the film does wonders at BO, in that order. Only then.

          • Well let’s see Son of Sardar is coming this Diwali- it does not have Abhishek- if it becomes a hit my point will stand

          • Actually it wouldn’t. Because you’re again performing a certain leap of logic here. The proposition isn’t whether Devgan can get hits elsewhere or can be successful in comedies! The question concerns specifically the Bol Bachchan double! It’s a bit like saying Akshay is successful in Rowdy rathore and has done action in the past too so he could of course do Singham. No! Actually for that more serious outing I do believe Devgan was the better choice. To define it as ‘action’ or as ‘comedy’ and so on is to rely on abstraction in certain ways. Because most major stars do all of these from time to time in an industry which minimally offers opportunities for all of these. I have always felt that Devgan was simply joining the circus in the Golmaal films and hitching a ride to success. Singham though was a very different deal. Note how the same has been happening to Akshay Kumar in the Houseful films where you have 10 actors of all kinds from Mithun to John Abraham and Boman and all kinds of remade item songs and what not. It’s a total circus but that’s the only kind of comedy that works with Akshay anymore. This wasn’t what his older hits were like. Might have been as lowbrow (though no one can descend to Sajid Khan’s level!) but they weren’t all circuses. When he however does Rowdy Rathore he’s very central to the film. So forget comparing with other stars. Even within the same star’s work there can be great variation. getting back to Devgan his Golmaal films are not at all the same as his OUATIM outing.

        • Don’t disagree at all.. in box office terms that’s obviously true.. but a certain obvious point is being missed here.. why did Rohit Shetty want to work with Abhishek at all?! Devgan has said multiple times in his interviews that he and shetty wanted to bring Abhishek on board a number of times but things didn’t work out for one reason or another. He said in a recent interview that in fact he and Shetty were read to begin another subject when they heard about this one and suddenly changed their plans and the moment they did they thought Abhishek would be the best guy here. And I believe this entire version because of course Shetty had Abhishek and Devgan in his very first film when Abhishek hadn’t been successful at that point. So there has been some continuity to all of this.

          I’ve said a few times that Devgan wouldn’t have done this deal with anyone else. Having said that he’s also producing this one. Given that he’s putting more than just his acting self on the line he presumably isn’t doing it just to help out Abhishek! So while I do agree that Devgan and Shetty have been enormously helpful to Abhishek here this film hasn’t been made to somehow relaunch his career. It might become that but it wasn’t made with that design.

          Now on taking another actor I agree and disagree. It’s obvious that Rohit Shetty could make hits out of any number of combos. Certainly the Golmaal films have been circuses with lots of actors. However even within his world the BB double, following that of the original Golmaal, is a role with far more substance. In other words even at that level it does require a genuine performer. Or at least a star with a certain persona. Among major stars today I think Akshay could have handled these two roles, Salman wouldn’t be good at it but he’s accepted in everything he does these days so maybe him too. Don’t think anyone else could take this on. Could the film still be a success with some others stars? Quite possibly. But I do think the scale would be different as the right performance or performance always ‘elevates’ even an otherwise pedestrian film.

          More importantly one can make a certain logical leap in these claims. So yes Rohit Shetty produces hits even otherwise but doesn’t necessarily have the same part for every actor. Much as when he does Chennai Express it will have comedy and so on but it will be a bit more tailored to SRK’s history and persona. It wouldn’t be right to then say that Devgan could as easily have done the same part. Much as Singham is a much more ‘serious’ film from Rohit Shetty, Devgan was effective here, doesn’t mean you could put Hrithik or SRK in the same part just because they’re even bigger stars or that Rohit Shetty produces hits anyway. Even the most lowbrow commercial directors do have some sense of what actors to cast for the most substantial parts. Take Bol Bachchan. Why didn’t Devgan do the double and why wasn’t his current part given to say Dutt? Would have been very easy to do this. Why didn’t Shetty arrive at such a decision? And here Abhishek’s weak box office makes the opposite point. I’ve always said this. That to overlook his run one would either have to believe that much more in him as a performer and/or one would have to believe that his poor box office run revealed only his poor choices rather than his actual potential even in this sense.

          But for all all this the personal equation does matter here. as I’ve said before I can’t imagine Devgan agreeing to this equation with anyone else.

          • Well put- cannot disagree with anything here- as i have been saying that Abhishek is extremely important to the film- and he obviously is playing a parallel lead to Devgn (I don’t agree to this claim though that Abhishek is more important than Devgn here- IMO both have been given equal screentime even in the promos)- but i am pretty much confident that Abhishek will swallow Devgn in the scenes they share

          • well but if Taran is saying Abhishek has the lead here don’t you think that’s pretty decisive?

            On the other point though your mixing two things, whatever Abhishek’s significance is or isn’t in terms of this film it has no connection with Devgan’s box office standing. So your earlier point seemed to be ‘Devgan can get hits elsewhere and Son of Sardar will prove this’. But what does this mean?! Who argued against this to begin with?! I think what you’re really trying trying to say is ‘Devgan can get a hit without Abhishek more easily than the reverse’. Who would deny this either looking at the current track records of both?! But that still doesn’t really contradict anything I’ve said about BB. Abhishek could be more significant here and all that other stuff would still be true.

            On the footage thing I’ve never quite been persuaded that screen time is the only thing that counts. It does as long as the footage is comparable in terms of material. Note how your own claim contradicts others you’ve made. if they have similar footage and similar material then abhishek ought not to be able to swallow Devgan since you otherwise believe Devgan is the better actor! If they have similar footage but dissimilar material and Abhisek is advantaged here then the footage argument doesn’t hold as well. So many multistarrers have similar footage in terms of time but because of dissimilar material one star comes out on top! Finally your claim might be that Devgan is otherwise better than Abhishek as an actor but Abhishek is better in terms of comedy which is why he’ll do better here despite Devgan having lots of gags to work with. But then he [Abhishek] still becomes more important. If you have two stars doing similar stuff with similar footage the one who has a great gift for it will excel. So I’m unsure how any one of these possible claims disadvantages Abhishek.

          • I believe Abhishek is much better than Devgn at comedy (not otherwise) and i have always maintained that. If u remember we had a discussion where i had said that Dutt would have been a better choice for the part (u too agreed to it). On the other point u have , agreed with everything. BTW all my friends are catching it tomorrow morning (since the morning shows are cheaper)- will tell u abt it once i see it

          • look forward to your impressions on the film..

  9. Bol Bachchan Looking To Open Well

    Thursday 5th July 2012 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan is looking at a good opening on Friday, the opening is unlikely to be bumper as the promos have had a mixed response especially the talkies which are all important for a comedy film.

    The Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty combination which has an excellent track record especially with films like Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3 and Singham should ensure a solid opening day.

    Gujarat and Rajasthan may open to a huge response while Delhi city and Punjab may be lower comparatively but as these two markets tend to show good growth on Saturday, Bol Bachchan will have good upside potential on Saturday.

    • note how as Abhishek has acquired increased prominence in the previews and so on BOI’s reports have become ‘understated’ by the same degree. They know it’s not going to be a D2 deal where the film works but somehow Abhishek can be sidelined! Just saying it’s all about devgan doesn’t work in this scenario even though they of course will. and so it’s the old trick of presenting any kind of success as two or three notches below what’s actually happening. The groundwork is being prepared here — hey it’s great in Gujarat and Bombay but not so in the North, it’s doing well but not super, it’s a 100 crore film but it’s only the 45th biggest first Mon among such grossers (!), on and on.

      Not that these things determine public perception. But the narrative is one that has been consistently used with various mutations at EVERY point in Abhishek’s career. Which is why as I’ve always argued it reveals a larger structural angst about his career where his success always have to be ‘explained away’ and his failures have to be exaggerated (though he eventually had too much failure these guys pretended the sky had fallen even when JBJ happened on the heels of Guru.. and so forth with other films).

      This is a reaction we see on the blogosphere as well. If you think a guy has had a lot of failure and is ‘irrecoverable’ in this sense why does the chance of a success suddenly disturb you so much?! And here too the positions shift. It’s akin to the republican stuff on Obamacare. So you keep arguing it’s unconstitutional and illegal and what not but the moment it’s declared the opposite you start saying ‘he lied, he taxed you’ and so on. So each position is really an ‘excuse’ for the larger opposition. Each position is superficial and relies on mutually exclusive logic as I’ve said before but it nonetheless attests to the truth of the larger ‘anxiety’. And so typically for Bol Bachchan it goes something like this:

      1)He’s a sidey in the film

      2)He’s not a sidey but they’re blatantly exploiting the Bachchan name

      3)the film won’t work even if he’s the main guy

      4)even if it works D3 won’t help him

      I could add to these examples but the point is that the logic is mutually exclusive in all these instances. But even though it’s absurd at this elementary level it testifies to something greater. And hence we see Taran’s line where he says that “Devgan has allowed Abhishek to take the lead here”! So he’s admitting Abhishek has the more important part (which shows you just how central he must be for taran to even say this much!) while also revealing his anxiety with the “Devgan has allowed…”!

      On a related note I should say that it was almost as if Devgan and Shetty were on a mission to counter just the BOI/Nahta sort of narrative and so on and have therefore hammered the title and its meaning at every turn!

      • Offside Says:

        I’ll just say – watch the film and we’ll see who contributed what. Without Abhi’s (Ram Prasad, Lucky Prasad outings I presume) double, Ajay’s role seems quite limited in a way.

        • By the way I’ve never doubted Devgan will be very substantial here because Utpal Dutt was very substantial in Golmaal too! He was of course a character actor but Amol Palekar wasn’t a major star either. To add to this Utpal Dutt was definitely a more imposing physical presence which also worked for that film because Palekar appeared rather puny in front of him. Here you upgrade Palekar by introducing a proper commercial star but you do the same for Utpal Dutt. This changes the equation profoundly in more ways than one. Amol Palekar too had the double and performed brilliantly but he wasn’t star enough and hence there was more symmetry here with Utpal’s more stylized part. With Bol Bachchan on the other hand you have two commercial stars and hence there’s a certain parity but then Devgan despite the action scenes and the comedy and so on is placed at a disadvantage because now the other star has a truly masala double too. He is the one who ‘initiates’ the plot of the film and sustains it.

          This by the way is a classic example of how even a very close remake can nonetheless be extremely different by altering some of these equations. Not that Bol Bachchan is such an example by any means. Rohit Shetty has really used the Golmaal idea to make his kind of film. Which I suppose isn’t the worst thing in the world given that the original is an astonishing film (the greatest Hindi comedy to my mind) and any close remake would have been a travesty (though I wouldn’t have minded seeing Abhishek and Boman Irani in such a film..).

          • Offside Says:

            Gol Maal is sublime, agree there – I do think Amol was priceless here. I think Ajay did see Utpal Dutt as the centre as well – I do not disagree there.

            But, as far as Bol Bachchan is concerned, I think Abhi will ‘steal’ it – just a hunch as ‘this energy and gait’ have been missing and it’s all there now!

          • I didn’t say Devgan ‘thought’ Utpall Dutt was more central than Amol Palekar. But I do agree on the energy bit. here the ironic thing is that whenever he’s required to do so Abhishek can certainly raise his energy levels. We saw this in Dostana for example and BB will be far more over the top. But when he does the other stuff he’s almost too sincere as an actor to cynically raise his energy level. which then gets him a bad rap.


    Bollywood fans! Ahead of tomorrow’s release of Bol Bachchan watch BAFTA’s Abhishek Bachchan: A Life in Pictures:

  11. Bol Bachchan Excellent Response in Overseas

    Posted on July 5, 2012

    Bol Bachchan Got an excellent Response in the Overseas Markets. The Film was released in UAE Today.

    The UAE theaters have done really well for the initial shows of Bol Bachchan. The Occupancies Ranged from 50%-90% in all of them. The Public response is Positive too there.

    The Film is scheduled to release tomorrow at New Zealand and Australia, and Theaters are Booked in advance for more than 50% of the Seats. They are looking to go nearly Housefull for all the First Day Shows.

    It also picked up in India. The Advance Bookings Reached around 30-40% for a lot of mulitplexes in the country. Bol Bachchan is looking to open really well Worldwide.

  12. How much has Rowdy Rathore grossed?

  13. Offside Says:

    “I didn’t say Devgan ‘thought’ Utpall Dutt was more central than Amol Palekar. But I do agree on the energy bit. here the ironic thing is that whenever he’s required to do so Abhishek can certainly raise his energy levels. We saw this in Dostana for example and BB will be far more over the top. But when he does the other stuff he’s almost too sincere as an actor to cynically raise his energy level. which then gets him a bad rap.

    – I said that as Ajay has co-produced, he would opt for a more central part probably…

    One has seen this phenomenon with Amitabh’s films as well. When he was quiet; deliberately ‘held’ himself, the public didn’t like it! The Bachchan is too big a noise not to make! This aspect Abhishek doesn’t understand and Amitabh did. (but balanced it with Basu and Hrishikesh films)

  14. just saw Bol Bachchan here in AUstralia…..mind blowing first half and nevertheless a equally terrefic second half….Abhishek has a sure shot maiden 100 crore grosser in this…Ajay has been sidelined as ABhishek outshines him in every most scenes..cant believe Rohit shetty did this to Ajay..but in the whole this film will save the sinking carrer of jnr Bachchan for sure:)

  15. With ‘Bol Bachchan’, Ajay may join Salman, score three 100 crore hits
    July 5th, 2012 by Joginder Tuteja

    Exactly a year after ‘Singham‘ arrives ‘Bol Bachchan‘ which brings Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty together again. An annual fixture for the duo which has time and again paid dividends, yet another success is pretty much on the cards. However one has to add that the film, for which the promotion started on a very promising note 6-7 weeks ago, had its newer set of promos as plain average. Though that should not make a very huge difference to the film’s fortunes, one does feel that records won’t really be broken here.
    Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan In Bol Bachchan Movie

    Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan In Bol Bachchan Movie

    Nevertheless, ‘Bol Bachchan‘ should open better than ‘Singham‘ as well as ‘Golmaal 3 ‘, both of which managed to do exceedingly well due to sustained word of mouth and entered the 100 crore club. This means that while opening in the range of 60%-70% is pretty much on the cards, it would be a stretch for the film to see a 50 crore opening weekend. As of now, the first three days should see over 40 crores being accumulated which should still be a good result for this ‘Golmaal‘ remake that has Abhishek Bachchan in a pivotal role. However it would be interesting to see if the film indeed goes on to enter the 100 crore club.

    If at all that happens, there are quite a few accomplishments in the making. Ajay Devgn would become the only actor other than Salman Khan to have three 100 crore hits. Asin would have four to her name, hence coming neck to neck with Kareena Kapoor. Rohit Shetty would become the only director to not just top the game with three centuries but even score a hat trick. Meanwhile Abhishek would not just enter the elusive club but also score a hit after a long time.

    Meanwhile, ‘3 Bachelors‘ is also finally releasing. The Sharman Joshi starrer was supposed to be released last week but it was pushed ahead. However, after a 10 year delay, this one week postponement would also make no difference to the film’s fortunes which are anyways staring down the bottom of the barrel.

  16. Bol Bachchan A 100-Cr Prospect?
    by Shabdita Shrivastav (July 5, 2012)

    Winning duo Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn have never failed to captivate the audience while creating created history at the box office, whether it was the Golmaal series or last year’s Singham. That’s why there’s plenty riding on Shetty’s next film, Bol Bachchan, and distributors are waiting for its release with bated breath. This time around, Shetty has brought together the actors of his 2003 film Zameen, Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn, Here’s what distributors have to say.

    In Mumbai, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines remarks, “The buzz around Bol Bachchan is extraordinary. There are a lot of enquiries about the film and plenty of excitement among the audience. The film should take an opening of 80 per cent on Friday.”

    The school vacation has been extended by a week in Delhi-UP, where G D Mehta of Bobby Arts International says, “The look of the film is very good and we are expecting the movie to take a terrific opening.”

    However, advance booking has not caught on in the territory. “This is not very popular in our circuit.” Explains Surendra Saluja of Lakshaya Movies. “But the promos of the film have caught the public’s attention. So let’s wait and watch.”

    Sunit Singh of Aum Movies adds, “In West Bengal, there is massive anticipation for Bol Bachchan. The film will open to a more than 50-per cent response and this will grow to 65 to 70 per cent over the weekend.”

    In the CP circuit, Sharang Chandak of Shri Rang Films says, “The film has been marketed very well and everyone is aware of it. Bol Bachchan will definitely take a 70-per cent opening. Also, there are chancesthe film might reach the Rs 100-crore mark as the Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn combination has proved in the past.”

    In the Orissa circuit, Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers adds, “The film should have a 70-per cent opening tomorrow. This year has been very good so far and Bol Bachchan will be the fourth film of the year to earn more than Rs 100 crore at the box office.”

    The trend of advance booking does not exist in Mysore, where B H Basha of Bahar Enterprises says, “There is a lot of hype around Bol Bachchan and the film will take a 65 to 70-per cent opening. The weekend numbers will be exceptional.”

  17. Abhishek is getting a lot of appreciation for his comedy act.

    Sarita Tanwar @SaritaTanwar
    Work: Editor (Bombay Times)

    Bol Bachchan is a laugh riot. And Junior Bachchan is insanely funny. His antics in BB will play in your mind long after the film is over.

    Zahra Khan‏@zahrakhan
    Fashion & Culture Editor @ Bombay Times

    Climax apart, #BolBachchan is a laugh riot! @juniorbachchan is absolutely hilarious in the film, especially in that dance scene #MustWatch

    • These reviews make me cringe more than a little. Of course I’ll pass over the ‘entertainer of the decade’ bit (!) but the larger point here is the extent to which it so very easy in Bollywood to land the right reviews both for the film and lead stars just by doing something very obvious in a box office sense. Now this isn’t about Abhishek for me. I am not surprised he’s performed well, I also know he could use these (bankrupt) reviews and certainly the hit and so on. But this is nonetheless a symptom of the larger rot. Where a guy is called terrible in certain other films (D6, Raavan) but mysteriously good or outstanding in others (Dostana, Paa, BB). DMD was a nice surprise in this sense though even this part was a lot more accessible than D6 or Raavan. hence the reviews for his performance weren’t too surprising. The film still didn’t match his reviews which confirms my point! I’m not suggesting that an actor can be equally good everywhere but just going by what the media has said they’ve praised him hugely in Yuva and Guru and Sarkar and BM besides some of this very commercial stuff. They even preferred him to SRK in KANK. Is it really plausible that a guy who’s done the gamut in terms of these very different roles and who’s also been praised for most suddenly becomes miserable with D6 and Raavan, not coincidentally two films that the film panned even otherwise?

      The BB kind of deal falls in the ‘non-surprise’ category for me. Of course I always knew ABhishek could do this stuff. I also know this genre works. It has all the crowd-pleasing elements attached to it. It’s not a director I like but I am interested here not just because Abhishek’s doing it but because he rarely takes on such commercial roles. Certainly he’s never done something over the top like this before. But that hardly constitutes a surprise. I’ve always argued that he walked away from BnB and so on almost right away, he could have stuck to that track and this sort of opportunity or more than one would have come much earlier and his box office position would have been unassailable. But I no more wish that he simply become this kind of star (and by the way Shaad Ali is infinitely superior to Rohit Shetty!) today than I did then. Hope he can provide a better balance though going forward.

      In any case the larger point stands. These sorts of reviews, this kind of unbridled celebration for what is essentially a mass entertainer (I don’t have anything against this, as always I’m arguing against the media culture) and so forth makes me more than a little queasy. Even if Abhishek is being benefited here the larger structure is still as diseased. And of course it is easy to argue that inasmuch as he ever hopes to do the ‘interesting’ again this sort of thing though necessary medicine at this point still doesn’t alter the larger terms of the debate. It is the latter that have to be subverted again and again.

      All of this isn’t an argument against Bol Bachchan. But it is important to ‘issue’ a reminder here that irrespective of the star being privileged the discourse is as bankrupt as ever.

  18. One thing that makes me a tiny bit uneasy is lack of strong advance.
    Am not sure if other Shetty films had strong advance or not. Because if the film starts out on the low side, it will need very good WOM and legs to make a really substantial total. I think the buzz is there and the film is going to find acceptance but the size of the initial can really determine if this will be a middling affair or a monster.

    • omrocky786 Says:

      Kyon thaak rahe ho rajen saab, friday ko jaa rahe hain…poori report detey hain aapko……..

      • LOL!
        Just saw HF2 yesterday!
        Yeh mua Abhishek – iski har release pe hum thakte hain!
        Perils of liking/admiring unusual stars!

      • omrocky786 Says:

        shshsh…GF and Satyam key saamney HF-2 dekna ka admit nahee karney ka..badee badee bourgeiswaali gaali khaoge unsey ….LOL

        • Ha! Actually I reserve my choicest ones for the other stuff! These films I can’t quite watch but I don’t particularly care about either.

          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            LOL. True. Actually my daughter insisted we watch. Time pass hai!
            Yahan. Lain darts hai yeh galiyon se. Agar Hume bourgouis bola, to bourgouis ki to nikal padi!

        • omrocky786 Says:

          LOL…have seeen an hour of it , then had to go to a party..will probably be finishing this week…… far Chunky Pandey is annoying, John proves yet again he can not act, Rishi and Randhir are so loud, Sheryas and Ritesh are harmless, Asin is pretty, Jaquline is gross and Akhshay is endearing….sabko thaka raha hai …LOL

          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            Yup, Alshay saves the day.feel bad for Dabboo-Chintu. Can’t stand Talpade.

  19. Saw Spidey and before I comment on the film, here is a question which was continuously pestering my mind – Why is no one interested in this ‘reboot’? The easiest answer for this question is that the last Raimi film came just a few years back. But there is also another reason- Spider-man as a human being or an individual has not been presented on screen interestingly till now i.e. Peter Parker has never been a character you wanted to root for, in the previous films- his “origins” and the back-story have also not been impactful enough (and this is one of the areas where Nolan’s Caped Crusader always scored brownie points)- Thankfully the current film attempts to tread this slightly difficult path and somewhat succeeds- this is the major reason why the film worked for me (in this respect the film is similar to another splendid film of last year, Captain America). Also if one is a bit familiar with the comics like me, he/she will enjoy it more since this one, at some levels, is more faithful to the comics than the earlier films – In short this is the best Spidey film after the 2nd Dock-Ock one.
    Now coming to the film, one of the strengths of the film is that even though it does not have a particularly fresh storyline, – what happens in the 1st half of the film has more or less been seen before i.e. Parker losing his uncle Ben (Martin Sheen gives this cameo a lot of heft), getting bitten by a spider and so on- the director handles this otherwise predictable story arc deftly and tells it in a very different tone. When placing Parker in a high-school (Parker still has not started ‘bungling’ for the Daily Bugle), he essentially makes Parker a ‘believable character’- the emotional turmoil he goes through feels real because for the 1st time someone has decided to enter the psychological realm of the principal character. So when we see young Peter looking completely out-of-sorts after his dad’s study is broken into and he suddenly disappears leaving Pete into Uncle Ben’s care, we for a change are interested in knowing who Peter’s dad actually was. Also the best scenes happen after the predictable turning point in the film- after uncle Ben’s murder- Mark Webb allows this ‘nerdy Peter’ (he wears glasses for a change) to not only do some much some soul-searching but also gives those scenes a ‘kinetic energy’- So when he discovers his new found super-powers, Peter does not consider it a curse but relishes it. In a clever scene Peter gets the idea of the mask after seeing the poster of a Lucha wrestler- so it is as if the mask allows to unleash his ‘cockiness’, if he has realized that he can do the most bizarre things and get away with it. Under that ‘mask’, the nerd becomes ‘witty’ and in a quest to ‘find about his father’, the director makes Peter ‘discover himself’ yet never allowing his to alter-ego to become free of the palpable dangers surrounding him- just like before the ‘transformation’ when he used to get bullied by his class-mate Flash Thompson and was a misfit in the school, Peter, even after becoming Spidey, remains an ‘outsider’ to this world but in an invert sense. A really touching scene here is that after saving the day in his first encounter with our antagonist Lizard, Parker returns home with something Aunt May had asked him to bring- eggs! Garfield, in a very fine performance, not only looks the part (he is more similar to the comic book design) but pulls of a difficult act of being submissive and cocky simultaneously (he channels the ‘geek’ bit from his act in The Social Network). There is as much fun to be had in his uneasiness while dealing initially with Gwen Stacy’s dad (Cap. George Stacy) at her home as when he shows-off his superpowers to a thief and ridicules him. Garfield has reinterpreted this character in his own manner and completely owns the film. This actually could have made for a film solely about Peter Parker- wonder why no one thought in this direction because for once the man behind the mask made for an alluring character. At the risk of sounding clichéd I will say, this is one ‘coming-of-age’ story where someone actually comes-of-age without having any ‘Zen like experiences’ or ‘Eureka moments’.
    Secondly this film has some really charming romantic moments. Thankfully we have a younger and hotter sweetheart for Parker in the form of Gwen Stacy played nicely by Emma Stone. Stacy is not a cardboard character- she even gets a heroic moment in the climax. But the best part is that because just like Parker, she has love for ‘science’- so apart from having a physical attraction, they share an ‘intellectual relationship’ too. There is real chemistry between the two leads because they behave like ‘modern teenagers’ and not like grown-ups. And it helps that director here is the guy who made a fine rom-com “500 Days of Summer”. The romance, which never did it for me in the earlier Spidey films, is actually one of film’s cornerstones. Wish they would have done a zany adaptation on the lines of ‘Spidey in a High-School Musical’.
    Also Webb has paid great attention to detailing of the scenes which add to the experience. It clearly shows that he knows the original material. So again being true to the comics and, something which was missing in the earlier films, Parker designs wrist-mounted devices for firing webs. The web-swinging is deserves special mention- it is splendidly executed and thrilling but also looks real. Also the best part is that the character of Lizard is designed as close the comic-book original as possible. That Lizard looks utterly grotesque and less slick is because it is supposed to be that way (though he does away with the Lizard’s snout which was prominent in the books)- the character is a humanoid having layers of scales. Also Spidey himself here is lithe and acrobatic. Webb also smartly avoids those ‘big climactic action scenes where everything happens at once’- remember Avengers. The action pieces have a clarity to them though they lack in inventiveness and style. The best one is where Spidey rescues a boy from a burning car dangling from a bridge- he removes his mask and tells the kid to put it on, who then suddenly gets a boost of confidence and courage and is hence rescued by our hero- and the scene is done with such electric passion that it seems this mask does not belong to Spidey but to ‘The Mask’.

    • I have only finished half of my comment- was in a hurry., need to do sumthing important rt. now, will write more tomorrow

    • Judging by the historic first day it had, there definitely is some interest in this reboot! Just not on the blog I guess..

      • Rajenmaniar Says:

        Can’t say I am the least bit interested.

      • GF, Satyam, Rajen Sir and others- inspite of its shortcomings this spidey is definitely a film which should be seen. And since i am pretty sure that atleast GF and Satyam would be quite familiar with the comics and the 60s Marvel Spidey stories in particular, they should definitely give it a shot. it is much better than 1st and 3rd Spidey films, Singer’s Superman (which was not that bad), Thor, both Hulks, both Fantastic Four crapfests, Green Lantern and Daredevil (which i liked)

        • I’m sure I’ll enjoy this given some of the actors and such but I’ve got Spidey-fatigue. Just a bit too soon, I’ll probably just catch it on video.

        • I will but I’m afraid only on DVD!

          • I am not saying that this is a never-seen-before visual spectacle and so on but i believe even a half-decent superhero film should be viewed on the big-screen(since i believe it brings out the strengths of the film in the best possible manner) and this is a good film. And as i had said earlier in my comment, as the director is from a rom-com genre he brings a very fresh tone and sensibility to the film. So if u guys don’t go with too lofty expectations, u will like it (or atleast admire some of the things

          • genesis Says:

            just a funny anecdote, was talking to a 9 or 10 yr old (chinese kid of a coll.) and i happen to ask him if he saw the amazing spiderman and he replied “that spidey movie is for kids, nobody likes spiderman. nobody in my school likes spiderman” I know its just an opinion but was surprised to hear from a kid.

    • This new one is a much better movie in every way than the 2002 one. And Garfield is a much more a spiderman than MacGuire’s retarded act in the original.

  20. Sometimes Pattern of reporting and agenda is quite visible .. Case in study IBNLive :

    Before release of Bol Bachchan, all negativity about Abhishek :

    After release, twitter response on movie :!/MasalaBai

    By all means watch #BolBachchan, just for Ajay Devgn.”
    :D :D

    • they all do it in one way or the other.. take the Joginder piece I posted earlier.. there’s always the sense that his success must somehow be ‘quarantined’.. always explained away as ‘not enough’ or ‘not too much’!

      BOI leaving aside the commentary would have had far more pieces on the film by this point had it been only about Devgan. Now you’ll see the ‘yeah it’s doing well’ routine with lesser performing centers exaggerated in a certain direction, the better ones not exaggerated at all in the other direction. and when the numbers come in it will again be ‘yeah it did x amount’.

      Do think though that the larger media story will overwhelm this sort of negativity. To be honest the media was very positive even on Paa. The thing is that as the 24/7 TV cycle has intensified over time a kind of split has developed between the coverage here and elsewhere. Because the TV media is obsessed with ratings and really wants to stay on the right side of the audience. There’s little in it for any of them to keep pretending a film isn’t doing well if it is. Actually even years ago when BnB released and Nahta was down on it (coincidentally he used to be down on films like Munnabhai and BnB and RDB, never on a SRK release!) in one instance they showed him clips of a crowd cheering the film after exiting a theater and wondering how this could be squared with what he was saying. Nahta stumbled around a bit with his response.

      So I don’t think there’s any real practical consequence. Nonetheless the negativity in many of these pieces is far too obvious even when they otherwise celebrate the film or even performance.

  21. Here it is : the official trailer of GOW 2 !!!

    [post created]

  22. Note that this is is not the same trailer which is being shown in theatres at the end of Part 1.

    Both are equally terrific….can’t wait for Aug 8 !!!

  23. Nice- Princess Diana, a possible Oscar contender! 1st Look of Naomi Watts as “Princess Diana” in upcoming film “Diana”- it tells of the late princess’s secret affair with heart surgeon, ‘Dr. Hasnat Kahn’ , who will be played by Lost’s Naveen Andrews. Directed by acclaimed German filmmaker of Oscar nominated Downfall (Der Untergang) and Das Experiment, Oliver Hirschbiegel-×412/naomi_watts_princess_diana.jpg and

  24. Bol Bachchan gets record advance bookings

    Jul 6, 2012, 12.00AM IST TNN [Kritika Kapoor]

    Advance bookings is a phrase we don’t hear too often in the multiplex era, since most of them have a policy of not allowing tickets to be booked before Wednesday. But with the reincarnation of the single-screen film era, the term is making a comeback. The most recent example being Bol Bachchan. The advance bookings for the film shot through the roof almost a week before its release – an unheard of phenomenon in the multiplex dominated cinescape.

    Chote chote shehron mein bade bade sales
    Some of the astonishing sales have been in cities like Nagpur, where the movie is already sold out before its release. Meanwhile, single-screen theatres in Indore and Bhopal had also sold 70% of their tickets by Wednesday evening. Bol Bachchan is unabashedly marketed towards single screens (or the theatres of the masses), which are the default in tier-II cities. But the film is set to make about 5 lakh, even before its release in the single screen theatres, in the metropolitan cities as well.

    This isn’t unprecedented, but it’s rare. In recent times, only Dabangg, Bodyguard and 3 idiots saw this kind of a pre-opening windfall. Even a Rowdy Rathore took a while to find its grounding – with an opening of about 1.5 lakh in each single screen theatre, as compared to Bol Bachchan’s 5 – before eventually hitting the 100-crore mark.

    Multiplexes? just the icing on the cake
    Multiplexes are the primary factor in the diminishing of the ‘advance booking’ system. They don’t usually sell tickets of Friday releases before Wednesday night. Despite that, for Bol Bachchan, by Thursday morning itself, 25% of the total tickets of each cinema in all the big cities were sold out (the average was expected to touch 60% by the evening). This also happened during Dabangg, but Rowdy Rathore still struggled with 25% bookings the entire day, whereas popular but niche films like Kahaani and Vicky Donor picked up only after Saturday.

    A sidelight: multiplexes may not offer advance bookings before Wednesday night, but they still offer corporate bookings, that is, entire shows booked by corporations (usually for their employees). In the case of Bol Bachchan, many halls across the country already had 10-15 corporate bookings by Wednesday night itself.

    Bol Bachchan, which releases today, is presented by Fox Star Studios, and is produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd and Ajay Devgn Ffilms.

    • good to hear…

    • the usual suspects have nothing to say about this!

    • if all the info here is literally true and not hyperbolic combined with what looks to be good WOM here we might see numbers beyond what everyone is expecting, even those who’re saying it will do 100 crores.

    • if the film does hugely well Yashraj will be the luckiest guys around. When D2 released Abhishek was hot. He’s had lots of problems between Guru (which followed D2) and the present date, either successes that were no big enough or not consistent enough plus films at the lower end and obviously some big failures but he might be completing this cycle just in time before the D3 release! Not that with Aamir there’s anything more needed but nonetheless he’s always been part of the Dhoom franchise and it can only help to have him hot again when the film is built on this opposition.

      • Rajenmaniar Says:

        If this works big time,they will HAVE to buff up his role in D3. Don’t want to count chicken before they hatch but sense a really big one here

    • Some comments from trade people may back up that article:

      manish dubey @IamManishDubey
      Editor-UTVSTARS don’t call me Critic

      #bolbachchan ready to set new BO wkend colectn record..expectng to cross 50cr in 3 days! And yes its not bolbachcan its satyawachan!!

      Single Screen Exhibitor and owner of

      #BolBachchan has a fantastic craze among audience,certainly open very big in my centers.Eagerly waiting for audience response tomorrow

  25. Check this out-TOI-here they are saying Devgn is dominating- “Devgn’s at the top of his form here, mouthing lines like ‘Hard work is the keyhole to saxophone’ with deadpan face and shining eyes. Bachchan sags at the start but sizzles with later hilarity, even pulling off a crazy dance sequence to Dola Re . You wish there’d been more of his mad antics but instead, the camera spends considerable time lingering lovingly on Devgn’s cleavage as he drives a jeep, pulverizes liars and takes on his weasly cousin.”

    • yes saw that.. doubt that will be the dominant feeling among reviewers..

    • “pulling off a crazy dance sequence to Dola Re”

      LOL – Abhishek dancing to Madz/Aish classic. I may have to see the movie only for this scene.

      • LOL, hadn’t read that bit.. might be the dance he does with the pehlwans, Asin was talking about this.

        • Satyam if u notice, through Devgn’s character Shetty might be referencing 2 other Mukherjee films apart from Golmaal- in the film Devgn has 2 characteristic features- (1) He likes talking in English- Om Prakash of Chupke Chupke (2)Devgn hates ‘liars’- Dharmendra in Satyakaam- Now if Shetty would have half as good as Mukherjee we could have had a super film

          • I think it’s more Namak Halal than anything else on that score (or that iconic Bachchan moment, it’s even referenced in one of the trailers when Devgan says ‘English is a phunny language Abhishek’). In CC Om prakash isn’t obsessed with English.

        • Actually i believe Abhi might be doing that dance as a part of his other ‘Kathak teacher’ role

          • rockstar Says:

            ya it is ajay role of incorrect english speaking satire is based on no need to say whom

  26. Alex adams Says:

    Came across this on BBC !!!
    A gold medal winner being groped by policemen and public ally degraded in India !!!

  27. Alex adams Says:

    So Bol bachchan seems to be given a thumbs up by tran adarsh !!
    Think the first weekend is crucial here ( infact fri as well)
    Either ways: one gets the feeling that abhishrek is being liked here even by people who pan him….so seems another ‘relaunch’ for abhishrek by devgun-shetty!
    For abhishrek, this can only be positive (ESP from where he is coming from!)

    Btw any ideas on the amazing spiderman—may end up watching that fri/sat?

    guardian piece on the ‘biggest paid star’!
    Relevant exerpts–
    Forbes magazine has just announced that he is the highest paid performer in the world, raking in $70m (£45.141m) in the past year, almost double the salary of his nearest rivals, Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler. No one is invincible, but Cruise is closer than most.
    As Cruise enters his sixth decade, it is not the ravages of time he needs to fear (most of us don’t look as good at 25 as he looks at 50) but the potential for his mysterious offscreen life to unravel the painstakingly calibrated on-screen equivalent.

    Until then, it seems, he is safe. “Hollywood respects his stardom,” says Yamato. “He is still Tom Cruise, after all, and when he’s ‘on’, he’s still really good. So while the industry considers him a bit of a kook, he’s a bankable kook. That’s really what matters in Hollywood.”

  28. Alex adams Says:

    Thanx minor–well written!
    In summary : is spidey worth watching on 3d/IMAX ?
    Am being ‘forced’ by some mad spidey fans to watch this one….
    Apparently even gals are mad for this superhero movie?

    • I believe it is definitely worth a watch (though again i don’t miss anyrhing in this genre)- it’s a fairly good film and i am sure 3D will add to the experience. it’s also getting very good reviews (71 % at Rotten Tomatoes which is very good considering the genre) and is doing great business- has had the biggest opening Tuesday gross ever

  29. jayshah Says:

    hope to watch this over next couple of days…expecting nothing much except a decent abhishek performance…would think 100crores is possibility here for sure

  30. BTW amongst all this we should not forget that if Bol Bachchan reaches 100 crores, Devgan will be the only other actor apart from Salman to have 3 ‘100 crore grossers’- Golmaal 3 and Singham being the other 2. And he can add to this list if his diwali release ‘Son Of Sardar’ also works. And next yr he has another potential biggie in the form of Sajid Khan’s ‘Himmatwala remake’

    • true but the meaning of his three is not the same.. we’ve already talked about Bol Bachchan but Golmaal 3 isn’t the Singham kind of deal either. Salman on the other hand has three films which are really only about him. this is not to belittle Devgan’s achievement but there are distinctions. I’m still not persuaded of Son of Sardar by the way. Specially releasing with another big film the 100 crores would be truly hard here. But Himmatwala should be big. Note how among his grossers, already achieved or potential ones, all are either remakes or sequels! Again this isn’t true for Salman’s films.

      • Again this isn’t true for Salman’s films.


        Not really. Bodyguard and Ready were remakes. And while not many know here the Sonu Sood villain character/characteristics from Dabangg too was a direct lift from a Telugu movie which incidentally had Sonu Sood playing the villain as well.

        • On a second thought I think almost all the 100 Cr nett movies are either remakes or sequel :O barring 3 Idiots and and to some extent Dabangg.

          Ghajini – remake of Tamil Ghajini
          golmaal 3 – remake of an old hindi movie can’t remember the name now.
          Ready – remake of Telugu Ready
          Bodyguard – remake of Malayalam movie of same which was later remade into Tamil. Also has a Telugu remake.
          Singham – tamil remake
          Don 2 – sequel to an original which was a remake
          Agnipath – remake of old hindi film with same name
          Houseful – sequel as well as a remake from south
          Rowdy Rathore – telugu remake

          I know in future we would see many new films joining but as thing stands today that’s an overwhelming majority.

          • yes because it’s a certain kind of masala that’s getting the job done and all these films are remakes of Telugu hits. Actually the truest exception is 3I. Because even Dabanng though not a remake has a very Southern tone to it (in somewhat auteurist garb.. itself not an unusual combo for the South). So you’re quite right.

          • the larger point here is that you’re not getting ‘true’ films that then do very well. These are mostly ‘gimmicky’ films that lands initials and that’s about it.

        • that’s quite true, I’m slow today!

          • Haha probably the arrival of much needed success of Abhi is making u go slow :P

          • LOL! Though my point still stands. Dabanng wasn’t a remake nor is ETT. Even with Devgan Singham and Himmatwala are one thing and Golmaal another. Because the latter could work with many stars and he isn’t central to them the way he is to Singham and so on. Akshay occupies a similar space in the Houseful franchise though the opposite was true in something like Singh is King.

  31. Annihilator Says:

    I have never seen the majority of critics and audience be so overwhelmingly positive about one of Abhishek’s movies since Guru. I hope all of this positive buzz and word of mouth will translate into Bol Bachchan being a hit movie and having success at the box office. I don’t care about how much money the movie makes as long as its a bonafide hit at the box office. I hope this works out for the entire team of Bol Bachchan. I look forward to seeing the movie.

  32. jackky bhagnani ‏@jackkybhagnani

    Watchin BOL BACHCHAN tonite really looking forward heard @juniorbachchan has bought d house down

    jackky bhagnani ‏@jackkybhagnani

    Watched BOL baCHCHan last night damn funny film ajay sir is superb but @juniorbachchan and archana mam got d house down


    #BOLBACHCHAN @juniorbachchan is extraordinary with his timing n jis mein hai dum toh faktt @ajaydevgn -Rohit shetty take a Bow- its ur show.



    Milap Zaveri ‏@zmilap

    Watching “Bol Bachchan” interval just happened! Its OUTSTANDINGLY funny and amazing! @juniorbachchan is BRILLIANT, Ajay sir is AWESOME!

    Milap Zaveri ‏@zmilap

    “BOL BACHCHAN” is HILARIOUS and Rohit Shetty’s BRILLIANCE is on display again! He is the Manmohan Desai of our generation! BLOCKBUSTER!

    Milap Zaveri ‏@zmilap

    ‘Bol Bachchan’ boasts of the greatest and funniest performance of @juniorbachchan till date and Ajay sir’s brilliance in action n comedy!

    vivek sharma ‏@vivekbsharma

    @SrBachchan @juniorbachchan what a lovely much i laughed..thanks Dada for taking me along for the trial..and Abhishek rocks:)

    vivek sharma ‏@vivekbsharma

    fantastic eveng with Bachchans..Amit ji was the perfect host and Abhishek rockes in Bol Bachchan…its his film for sure:)

    Genelia D’souza: Jst watched BolBacchan, super film,enjoyed evry bit of it @juniorbachchan ,ajay devgan n d entire cast r jst 2good n rohit shetty take a bow

    Aadesh Shrivastava: Hats of to team of “BOL BACHCHAN”New avtaar of abhishek,very good chemistry with ajay devgan.@juniorbachchan. Bhaiya total LAG GAI.

    • Shailesh Kapoor ‏@shaileshkapoor

      Bol Bachchan – Super fun ride. 154 mins of good comedy and some very cool dialogue. And lots of color. And cars! Go for it!

      Shailesh Kapoor might want to revisit that hatchet job he did on Abhishek at BOI not so long ago!

  33. keep continuing gujju serial..

    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      The glowing reviews and the presumed success underline the stupidity of the critics and how predictable and easy to please the audiences are. Even as one of abhi’s biggest fan, this is not an exceptional film or role by any yardstick. Abhi has given better performances in better films

      • Annihilator Says:

        Abhishek is always good at comedy. He shined in Bunty aur Babli and Dostana. So I believe that he has done a good job in Bol Bachchan which is all that the audience can expect from any actor. The Indian audience seems to really enjoy movies that are full on entertainers. The audience wants to be entertained. So actor’s have to give the audience what it wants. Abhishek needs some hits under his belt. He needs some consistent success.

        If the audience wants comedy and masala entertainment with Abhishek obliging them then so be it. I’m not saying that Abhishek has to give up doing meaningful movies, but he definitely needs to make sure the majority of his movies are full on entertainers that offer the audience entertainment. Actors are not making movies for just for themselves. They are making movies for the audience and as such they have to give them what they want. I hope Bol Bachchan is a success and that Abhishek can build on it.

  34. i guess this film is going to be really funny…believe it or not. once in a while..almost by chance….gud films get made!

  35. btw i wud like an nri perspective on what happens on indian metros to girls.guys do read this n comment.its well written

    • I started reading it and then first guy did this second guy did that and first guy said this second guy replied with…. I just closed the page as my head started spinning.

      However, such things in England (rarely happen) as guys can’t get away with it and to be honest one must be a sad pathetic loser to behave in a such way.

    • Dr shaurya Says:

      That was something which made me ashamed of being an Indian… But we all know in India that Delhi has the worst culture and people as compared to other metros… I really believe Delhi Sucks big time…

      • Dr shaurya Says:

        some interesting fact according to recent government report… crime against women in delhi accounts for 13% of total crime against women which took place in year 2011..
        Delhi is only second to Madhya pradesh… and as a matter of fact Madhya pradesh is 25 times bigger then delhi in Geographical area…
        Also 4,471 rapes were reported in delhi which is 16% of total rapes reported across India in year 2011..

        • Dr shaurya Says:

          And what is even more suprising is that ‘Bihar’ has lowest rate of crime against women after ‘Goa’…. Although Bihar is among the states who have highest Violent crime rate.. Second only to Kerala..

          • alex adams Says:

            hmm thats an interesting stats dr shaurya..low crimes against women in bihar…(higher figures from the capital is surprising)
            maybe bihar hasnt got enuf females left due to infanticide etc…

          • Dr shaurya Says:

            @Alex….. Haryana , Delhi have much worse male:female ratio when compared to Bihar

          • well i have a curious theory that as u start moving from north to south,indian males start becoming more and more feminine.and that cud possibly be one of the reason why crime against women
            happens more in north…central and western india.the belt which starts from west bengal..encompasses orissa and then extends south..i find the most feminine…interestingly the rate of crime against women in these states r the least.i have lived in kolkata for 5 years and in chennia for a year…. and bengali men and south indians i find the most feminine in the way they blush and smile…the slowness of their body movements…..also their fights…all looks very womanly to me….two men abusing eachother in chennai or kolkata…..if u dont know the language…may look like they r indulging in playful banter…..they have a certain laid back,play acting quality in their quarrels(like women do)…they sing song their abuses…..its not about men individually..its the whole culture.the language itself..reflects north ..the language is more high strung,upright and masculine..and so r the men with sharp feature..pointed nose and chins….and as u move east and south the faces start becoming mellower and so does the language……
            infact in hindi we have a term for it.the languages spoken in north india r called khadi( boli…and those spoken in regions as u move south are called baithi(sitting..passive) boli.
            u can see in bollywood also…how many women get imported from places like bengal and south….they r too many….whereas the number of men from these regions are negligible……coz these men r feminine…whereas male actors from punjab or haryana r too much…which endorses my point.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Haha interesting points there anjali
            Again well reasoned-in other words, your implication is that north Indian ones are real ‘mards’ :-)
            Though not sure about south: some south Indian males may protest (but personally don’t disagree)

          • Alex adams Says:

            “bengali men and south indians i find the most feminine in the way they blush and smile…the slowness of their body movements…..also their fights…all looks very womanly to me….two men abusing eachother in chennai or kolkata…..if u dont know the language…may look like they r indulging in playful banter…..they have a certain laid back,play acting quality in their quarrels(like women do)…they sing song their abuses” :-) :-)
            Anjali: u may have antagonised some south /Bengali guys here (but don’t worry lol)

          • Dr shaurya Says:

            @ Anjali…

            Well Mam your theory is wrong… and Y it wouldnt be… because India is a land of contradictions… You would be surprised to know that Most cases of Sexual Abuse were recorded in Andhra Pradesh… which is obviously in south.. Andhra pradesh ptherwise is very much down the list in Crime radar… but when it comes to Sexual abuses it tops the list… and is Second to delhi in Rapes.. making it third in the list after MP and Delhi..

          • Dr shaurya Says:

            @ Anjali….

            Two things..
            1. Only a sadist will judge the amount of MARDANGI on the basis of rapes a man commits… I never expected this from a woman.. Do u girls enjoy this mardangi forced upon you.. well that explains the quotation..” when getting raped y not lie down and enjoy it…”

            2. Kerala is way down south.. but most number of violent crime cases have been recorded there in 2011. Making it the most violent state of India.
            Uttranchal state is way north… but the people of this region are as innocent as a child.
            Lastly I dont believe whole of the West is femminine.. and respect women too .. atleast more then they r respected in eastern side of the globe.. esp in India

          • @ alex
            by being feminine i do not intend to say that bengali or south indian men r in any way inferior or incapable. infact femininity may be a superior quality.and some women(mostly bengalis and south indians..perhaps becoz they have no choice)..r more attracted towards men who can cook and take care of children and do the laundry and stuff….it leads to a happier married life.
            whereas masculine men r viewed(again by some women) uncouth and barbaric.

          • Alex adams Says:

            “some women(mostly bengalis and south indians..perhaps becoz they have no choice)..r more attracted
            towards men who can cook and take care of children and do the laundry and stuff….it leads to a happier married life.
            whereas masculine men r viewed(again by some women) uncouth and barbaric.”
            Have nothing to do with Bengal or south etc : so carry on lol
            Lol @ ‘no choice’ and ‘some women’
            Haha btw hope ‘some women’ doesn’t mean poor Amy ;-)
            Anjali:Plz be kind to Amy- she has been sulking and hiding away quietly reading the blog only
            Cool it Amy : we are just being funny.

          • @ dr shaurya
            i merely said that bengali or south indian men appear more feminine.i neved said becoz they r feminine thats y they r inferior.that is an implication which ur mind is making up.and curiously i find that very patriarchal on ur part.why cant a man be happy being called feminine?is femininity in any way inferior? or derogatory for a man?if women can be happy being called tomboyish… must be happy n proud being called womanly types.
            if women can wear manly jeans and shirts…why cant men wear skirts and sarees?
            why is it that the moment a man is called womanly he gets hurt?is femininity inferior that it cant be imitated?

          • Anjali-

            “why cant a man be happy being called feminine?is femininity in any way inferior? or derogatory for a man?if women can be happy being called tomboyish… must be happy n proud being called womanly types.”- Anjali, you have lost me with this comment

            Yes it is HUMILIATING for a man to be called as ‘feminine’- Any man who is OK with this feminine tag- Devil may help him.

          • @ saurabh
            this is exactly the point i wanted to r okay with the idea of supporting the feminists…with the idea of making women do men’s work and(as the theory of evolution proves.. what yu do u become)….acquiring masculine characteristics.they r okay with women wearing men’s clothes…coz deep down men think that they r basically superior and they could be and would be imitated by the inferior(women)
            but men dont like the idea of doing the woman’s work and acquiring womanly characteristics…why?…becoz to be womanly is to be inferior and it cant be imitated!
            now this is real patriarchy!and all the feminists r endorsing this view of patriarchy..that men r basically superior!…by doing men’s work and imitating men.
            so if u look deeply…there is no difference between patriarchy and feminists…both acknowledge that to be a man is superior..and must be imitated.
            and as a result of which femininity automatically becomes inferior.
            but let me tell be feminine is NOT inferior.a woman bringing up a child is doing a thousand times more important and difficult work than a president running a country!…and go and tell this to all the foolish femininsts!

          • alex adams Says:

            worthy and original thoughts there anjali
            “go and tell this to all the foolish femininsts!”
            expecting a backlash from the ‘foolish feminists’ now lol
            Masculinity of feminism better have something reassured to it that doesnt need to be shouted @ from roftops
            btw thats y im personally against stuff like moustaches etc which are needed to stamp ones masculinity , similarly ‘big assets’ for females..
            The need for these shouldnt arise…

    • Alex adams Says:

      That was an interesting passage anjali
      One could really feel for that girls dilemma/problems
      Well, these sort of things don’t happen in the west ESP those of this extent/scale..
      Though offences against women are not nonexistent anywhere, I think-just the numbers and scale are different, I guess.
      Is that your blog?

    • oldgold Says:

      My question is same as the men there;

      I make it a point to travel in the women’s coach always when I’m there, because it is only fair. Why take up seats where men could sit – if the coach was crowded? Then the women would expect the men to stand and give place to them.

      That the men shouldn’t behave in that manner – Well, there’s A LOT that **shouldn’t** be!!!

      Don’t lock your door and then complain it was burgled, because *that* shouldn’t be!! LOL!!

      • Alex adams Says:

        Hahaha that’s what I like about Oldgold…
        Another interesting take–though cant disagree with her..
        Why wasn’t she in the women’s coach..
        But can feel for the trauma inflicted on the poor girl overall…
        In the west, even if there is a suggestion of improper conduct (even false):: the guy is in trouble–isn’t it Oldgold
        Poor Guys are always under threat here lol

        • oldgold Says:

          >But can feel for the trauma inflicted on the poor girl overall…

          Don’t yu think she brought it upon herself?
          While in Rome it’s a good thing to behave accordingly, and not let the hangover of ‘west’ sit on you (if she’s an NRI). Didn’t read the whole, I have no patience with such stuff.

          • Alex adams Says:

            C’mon Oldgold: dont be so harsh on the poor girl.
            He didn’t ask those guys to misbehave and lean on her…it’s a free world
            Maybe she couldn’t get onto the womens compartment.
            “Didn’t read the whole, I have no patience with such stuff.” ;-)
            The busy Oldgold …

  36. I was planning on watching Bol Bachan but the trailers and songs were so poor that I decided I would wait for Cocktail the following week. However, it seems the film is a laugh riot (the audience feedback thus far) and if it’s as good as All The Best then I want to see this film.

    I like Ajay Devgn and in my opinion he is one of the best actors out there but comedy nope not convinced and in ATB Sanju stole the show along wiith Sanjay Mishra.

    In my local cinema the film has a pretty limited release vis-a-vis other biggies.

  37. tonymontana Says:

    So he reviews Ive read are suggesing i is indeed a remake of the 1979 film. Which is disappointing considering how big a fan I am of Golmaal. My all-time fav comedy

  38. Gangs Of Wasseypur Second Week Business

    Friday 6th July 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Gangs Of Wasseypur collected around 6.75-7 crore nett in its second week. The drop is 60% from the first week which is fair though the first week was low. The two week business of the film is around 23 crore nett.

    The film had the potential to collect well in week two as multiplexes retained it with a good number of shows but with word of mouth being decent in a just a few areas the film went through the week with low occupancies.

    It was important to Gangs Of Waseeypur to find appreciation even if box office numbers remained low as it has a second part and appreciation would have helped the second part put up much better numbers than the first part.

  39. Rohan Sippy ‏@rohansippy

    BolBachchan is great fun- hats off to @ajaydevgn, Rohit Shetty & team- and @juniorbachchan is just hilarious, some serious comic chops

  40. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    What a Friday! Rohit Shetty and @ssrajamouli expected to smash previous records and set new ones, surpassing their previous achievements.

  41. Bol Bachchan took a good opening at the box office with collections around the 60-65% mark on average at multiplexes. Punjab was below the mark as the Punjabi film Jatt and Juliet is still first choice there, the business in the Andhra area of Nizam circuit was low due to a big regional release Eega in the circuit. West Bengal also opened to low 30-35% collections. The rest of country had a good opening.

    Delhi city was around 50-55% while UP was 70-75%. Gujarat, Rajasthan and CI all opened to very good houses at around 75% plus. Its not a record breaking type of opening but a good solid start and a good platform to build from on Saturday as a couple regions are affected by regional films while a few centres opened below the optimum mark.

    • Bol Bachchan Opens Better At Single Screens

      Friday 6th July 2012 15.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Bol Bachchan opened better at single screens as compared to single screens as compared to multiplexes. Singls screens on average opened to around 70% mark while multiplexes were more closer to the 60% mark.

      The last big release of 2012 Rowdy Rathore had opened to a bumper 100% response at single screens and a similar mark to Bol Bachchan at multiplexes.

      The best opening is in UP, Rajasthan and Gujarat while East Punjab, West Bengal, Nizam and Mysore collections are below the mark. It is the best opening for an Ajay Devgan starrer if we look at the volume of collections though occupancies are not as strong as Golmaal 3 where that film was not affected by Diwali Puja on its first day.

      • BOI’s verbal gymnastics have begun! In many other instances they would be saying a lot more here!

        “It is the best opening for an Ajay Devgan starrer ”

        yeah if this were just that they’d be celebrating the opening!

    • B.O. update: ‘Bol Bachchan’ looking at a robust weekend
      By Taran Adarsh, July 6, 2012 – 15:38 IST

      The much-awaited BOL BACHCHAN has had a good to very good start across the country. The opening occupancy was, on an average, in 60% to 70% range in the morning shows [some screens reported better occupancy], but the business showed a major escalation from noon show onwards.

      The business of BOL BACHCHAN is affected in North India, since Punjabi film JATT & JULIET, which opened last week, is doing roaring business and remains the first choice of moviegoers there. In South too, BOL BACHCHAN is facing a major opponent in EEGA, the Telugu film, which is expected to rewrite box-office records in South. The opening of BOL BACHCHAN was best in C.P., C.I., Rajasthan, Gujarat and U.P. circuits.

      Yet, all said and done, BOL BACHCHAN should amass a fat total on Friday and a robust total over the weekend. What also goes in its favor is the fact that the word of mouth is very strong.

      • tonally even this is understated.. a 60-70% opening in morning shows is fantastic and Taran has said as much on other occassions.

  42. Alex adams Says:

    Amitabh bachchan: the art of growing old
    Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan may be the perfect brand ambassador of the art of growing old. He is one person whose example we can emulate when it comes to ways in which to grow old – gracefully, cheerfully, energetically, and without complaining.
    Amitabh Bachchan is just a couple of months away from his 70th birthday, but as he acknowledges in a recent interview, his pace has not slackened and he’s still going strong.
    In the interview, he says he is grateful to the Almighty that he is still alive. And, that like in the past 43 very exciting years, he still gets excited about facing the camera and playing different roles. He has as many as five or six movies lined up, besides a new season of KBC. As all viewers of that reality show will acknowledge, he is a livewire on the show which obviously demands oodles of energy.
    His attitude to health is also very normal. As he puts it, “Health is a factor that shall remain an issue with every human. We are not supermen, we will fall ill and seek cure. My recent surgeries were long overdue and I deliberately took time off to attend to them.”
    After sixty, whether still working full-time or not, one should chart out a plan for one’s retirement or old age. One’s children usually move out of the home in search of their future or one continues to live with one’s children but new members are added to the family unit. This is usually a major area of friction. Thus, unless one makes plans and has a philosophical attitude towards this phase of life, it just will not work. It is not only the young who have to adjust to an older person’s ways but the older person too has to be ready to adjust. My advice to older people is to be more tolerant and give the young their space if you wish to benefit from their respect and help.
    For instance, Amitabh continues to have his son and daughter-in-law living with him, but the young couple have their own space within Jalsa, his bungalow. Agreed, that we can’t all have that huge a bungalow, but the space I am discussing is more in the mind than a physical concept.
    Then, he continues to be active, and hasn’t decided to simply laze around the house. If you find the energy to be active, why mope around, being a burden on yourself and your family?
    Lastly, health will always become an issue as you get older; it’s part of life. I know it’s easier said than done, and if you don’t have the comforts provided to you, it’s difficult to go from one day to another. But stop and think: is your health concern wholly physical or is it a mindset? It’s important to plan for one’s old age by identifying hobbies that you can pursue now that you have time on your hands. May be you could join a meditation class, or you could find a friend to go the park for a walk and a chat; that’s something to look forward to everyday.
    Then, you could keep time aside to watch your favourite TV programme or read a nice book. Baby-sitting may not appeal to you, but is reading stories to your grandchild equally unpleasant? If you have recently become a grandmother or grandfather, like Amitabh, you have much to look forward to…oh the joy of talking to your grandchild…
    The most important thing in this exercise is that you should be happy in your old age, and then others will get the happy vibrations from you at home and you’ll become happy the second time around. Don’t just sit there. Find a new life, play a new innings, albeit a bit slower.

  43. Alex adams Says:

    ^ liked the amitabh bachchan pic in the link above…
    Congrats to abhishrek bachchan for getting a relaunch and he seems poised to enter the 100 crore club, it seems?

  44. The reviews seem mostly positive with Abhi praised universally, catching the night show tonight. Its great to see Abhi get some positivity going his way finally after a terrible couple of years.

  45. Alex adams Says:

    Hmmm Oldgold on another of her flights..
    Bol bachchan is blessed: will succeed now
    OG – do keep us updated on your ‘adventures’ in London ;-)

    • Alex adams Says:

      This reminds me of Diana panty’s cute pic from cocktail– waiting with the luggage not knowing where to go lol
      That’s y Oldgold has been cast appropriately in the spoof

  46. In this interview Devgn confirms Prakash Jha’s “Satyagraha” with Katrina- shooting to start by the end of the here

  47. Abhishek Bachchan has wowed film fraternity with his rib-tickling performance in Bol Bachchan – Kunal Kohli said he is “phenomenal” in the movie, while Ashutosh Gowariker found him “outstanding”.

    Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan was screened for Bollywood Thursday. The guest liked the slapstick comedy as well as Ajay Devgn and others performances, but Abhishek impressed them the most. The film has hit screens Friday.

    This is what they have to say:

    Kunal Kohli: It was absolutely hilarious. I think Rohit Shetty and team have done an outstanding job. Abhishek is phenomenal, Ajay is also fantastic. Everyone has done a great job. I was laughing so much, my jaws are still hurting.

    Ashutosh Gowariker: Very good, a riotous film, very funny. I think Ajay and Abhishek are brilliant in the film. The entire cast is brilliant but I found Abhishek outstanding.

    Suniel Shetty: Mind blowing! Abhishek’s best performance. Abhishek at his best and I was reminded of Amitji ( Amitabh Bachchan) in his young days. Ajay is also fantastic. The whole film is outstanding and according to me, it should be the year’s biggest grosser. I don’t believe in Rs.100 crore or Rs.200 crore, but it is a true entertainer.

    Prakash Jha: It’s sheer madness, lovely, brilliant film. He (Rohit Shetty) has surpassed his Golmaal.

    Meanwhile, Abhishek is overwhelmed with the response.

    “So far the response has been fantastic. You can see I am smiling. I am very, very happy that initial screenings have gone well. The audience will watch it now and fingers crossed,” the 36-year-old said at the screening.

    When told that his work is being appreciated the most, Abhishek said: “Thank you for saying this. I hope the audience also loves it. Everyone has worked hard and it feels great when you ask such questions.”

  48. Alex adams Says:

    I think is a big day for abhishrek and Moreso a somewhat orgasmic day for Satyam..
    One feels relieved, even happy for them.
    I never believed in this stuff but people said his daughter will bring him good luck
    Sounds this stuff is true!!!
    Ps– abhishrek should quickly sign a south massy remake or two on the lines of rowdy rathore/ready ASAP and cash in on the trend
    Forget about prestige for sometime…

  49. TOI review Gaurav Malani-

    “Ajay Devgn as the authoritative yet gullible patriarch is adorable. Despite an artificial accent and exerted expressions, he often makes you laugh. Abhishek Bachchan, though not completely able to exploit the potential that his meaty role offers, is likeable. His sissy act invites more mirth. Both the female leads, Asin and Prachi Desai, take a backseat and have pretty less to do. Archana Puran Singh has a better part and is aptly amusing. Krushna Abhishek, who is an impeccable standup comedian, seems under-confident on the big screen. Neeraj Vora hams yet suits his suspecting-yet-scapegoat character well.

    For a (pleasant) change, Rohit Shetty doesn’t do Golmaal ‘his’ style. Rather he does Golmaal in its ‘original’ form and that’s what creates a decent difference, making Bol Bachchan fairly entertaining!”

    Verdict: Good

    I saw the film in the morning and this stupid reviewer could not have been more wrong- Abhishek overshadows Devgn in each and every scene. Infact Abhi is the best thing about the film

  50. tonymontana Says:

    Just back from Bol Bachchan.

    I didnt think much highly of the film. It was funny in parts and some may like i for sure, but the way every plot angle in Golmaal was brough down to the level of silly Rohit-Shettyised comedy, it left me shaking my head. and even when its analyzed on is own, it isnt coherent enough to engross oneself even when its such an audience-friendly genre film. Random scenes and gags are interwoven without any care for continuity. whatever happened to the art of good old storyelling?

    This might eventually do good business though. Laughs from audience throughout. a mass-friendly film

    • It was usual Shetty stuff. Better than 2nd and 3rd Golmaals but far inferior to ATB- Actually wish Shetty would have used his slightly understated tone of ATB in this film and it could have done wonders- 1st half has some genuinely hilarious moments but 2nd half is a let down. Climax is ‘shitty’

      Some of the gags actually worked because they were taken from Hrishida’s Golmaal- such is the power of the original that try as Shetty might to massacre it completely, he still cannot. And best scene of the film was Abhishek dancing to a medley of songs including Dolna, D K Bose and others-

      Abhishek lifted this film to watchable level at times. And something important- Abhishek is so bloody good at slapstick comedy that it reminded me of AB’s Namak Halal act. Actually let me say this- No ‘star’ today (Govinda is unmatchable but he is past his prime), save Sanjay Dutt, is as good at this kind of comedy as Abhi and I am not even his fan

      I saw the morning 10 am show. and even though it was a morning show, it was 50%-60% occupied (people in Sangli are not exactly movie-lovers).- But afternoon and night shows have already been declared ‘houseful’

      In my hometown Lucknow, I am getting very good reports- people are loving it. Also my Bombay and Dehradun friends are saying the same

      People were wolf-whistling at Devgn’s ‘stupid’ dialogues (and yes i am a Devgn fan)- His entry scene was cheered like anything. Initially there was not reaction to Abhi’s antics but once he got into his groove, people started rooting for him equally. His ‘effeminate act’ was bringing the house down on more than one occasion

      Btw Devgn comes in the 1st 5 minutes of the film itself and has equal footage as Abhishek. But he is funny in an ‘absurd’ sort of way. Actually Abhi is so good here that in the scenes which they share, Abhi makes the otherwise unfunny Devgn become funny

      Krushna is also good. Asrani has always irritated me (except in some Mukherjee films) and he does the same here (btw i used to find Mehmood too very irritating). I found neeraj Vora pretty decent

      And btw this film has a “Bachchan’ stamped all over it- Those whop cannot understand this even now, they can go screw themselves

      • BTW Satyam should be mighty pleased- this should do 100 crores. Will also say this- it’s the first girls of my college are actually interested in an Abhi film- the ones from my batch have already booked tomorrow’s show

        I can still remember watching KHJJS with 5 people i the theater and Game with only a 2 people (that was a couple which had come not to see the film but to engage in some other activities). SO this was a shocker for me

      • thanks for your take Saurabh.. as I said though they’re calling it a good opening and so on they’re still understating the case, specially BOI. Though I guess when the latter start comparing it to RR they give the game away!

  51. Alex adams Says:

    Minor: have u already seen Bol bachchan first day first show?
    What’s your verdict Minor–gonna reach 100 crore?

  52. Thumbs-Up For Bol Bachchan
    by Shabdita Shrivastava (July 6, 2012)

    It’s one of the most-anticipated films of the year and it looks like Bol Bachchan, which features Abhishek Bachchan along with Asin and Prachi Desai, will not disappoint. When Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn last came together with Singham, they took the box office by storm. Now some distributors expect Bol Bachchan to even surpass Singham’s performance at the ticket window. Let’s take a look at how the film, inspired by Amol Palekar-Bindya Goswami’s 1979 Gol Maal, fared during the morning shows today.

    Early reports of the film are promising, with an average 50 to 55 per cent in most centres. The film is expected to wrap day one with exceptional numbers. Also being a solo big release, it is expected to enjoy a good run at the box office.

    In Mumbai, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines says Bol Bachchan took an opening of 50 per cent during the early morning shows across India and in Mumbai as well. “The film has good reports and business will pick up with every successive show.”

    Bol Bachchan is a total family entertainer. In the Delhi-UP circuit, G D Mehta of Bobby Arts International explains, “The film has action, comedy and romance, which the audience looks for in a film. The opening of the film is 50 to 60 per cent. It is a sure-short winner at the ticket window.”

    But Jaspal Dhingra of Big Pictures in East Punjab is a little disappointed with the opening of the film. “The opening is just about 30 to 40 per cent for now. Since the film has huge names, later shows should show improvement.”

    Sunit Singh of Aum Moviez feels Bol Bachchan will fare even better than Singham did as it is a combination of action and comedy. “The opening for the morning shows was 55 per cent, which is good. The evening shows will be even better. Day one will end on a good note.”

    In CP, Sarang Chandak of Shri Rang Films adds, “The reports of the film are good but the movie opened to only 35 per cent. We hope the weekend will be better.”

    Bol Bachchan took an extraordinary opening in Rajasthan. Sunil Bansal of Yash Raj Jai Pictures says, “The opening of the film was 80 to 90 per cent. I am sure the evening will be house full and the movie will waltz its way into the Rs 100-crore club.”

    In the Gujarat circuit, Ajay Bagdai of Rajvi Trade Link concludes, “In our circuit, comedy always enjoys the upper hand compared to other genres. So Bol Bachchan will be a blockbuster as it already took an opening of 75 to 80 per cent for the morning shows.”

    • 1st Day 1st Show Collection Of Bol Bachchan: Ghaziabad
      by Box Office India (July 6, 2012)

      First day first show collection of Bol Bachchan in Ghaziabad are as follows:

      Galaxie- 9,452 out of 14,000

      SM World- 9,500 out of 16,000

      Choudhury- 12,141 (House Full)

      MMX- 21,456 (House Full)

  53. Offside Says:

    Right – now back on track, Abhi. Don’t spoil the trajectory and sign an action-comedy!

  54. Movie Review: Convict Bol Bachchan for the murder of Golmaal

    Where one represents a magnanimous name,
    While the other represents a horrendous game.”

    If this makes absolutely no sense to you, I apologise. A couple of hours in the world of Bol Bachchan is enough to make the best of us start to blabber.

    Bol Bachchan slaughters everything that Golmaal stood for. Image courtesy Bol Bachchan Facebook page.

    Rohit Shetty takes the marvellous mild-mannered comedy classic, squeezes every drop of joy and wit out of it, and hangs it out to dry. It is murder most foul.

    None of these travesties, however, can compare with the dialogue, where Devgn takes pride of place with his straight-faced rendition of pure rubbish. When praised, he replies, “Thanks for the Complan boy,”; when lecturing the males of his village, he tells them to “eat lots of akhrot, tighten your langot and fight with bare hands”; and when calming someone down, he advises them to “Pest control” themselves.

    But then Devgn has given up on himself as an actor a while ago—pity, because he’s not half bad when he tries. Abhishek Bachchan, on the other hand, did a rather good job with comic timing in Bluffmaster and Bunty aur Babli and even the much-reviled but very fun Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Here, though, no amount of impressive bawdiness—one of his selves is supposed to be an effeminate Muslim dance teacher—can make up for the autopilot performance that gets him by for the rest of the film.

  55. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    “Clichés pile up as the film progresses, one loud sequence after another. Like Singham, the last film Shetty directed, Bol Bachchan uses background music and sound effects with pointless abandon. A sound effect follows every English sentence uttered by Prithviraj (“My chest has expanded and I have become a blouse”, and other such inanities). Funny is punctuated by sound effects over and over again. Shetty’s only visual tools are fast motion, slow motion and fast, jarring zoom-ins—not very different from the way television soaps are shot. This is film-making in a hurry. The makers are in a hurry to somehow pack in the stupid jokes and haul them at you.

    Performances are overblown, matching the storytelling. Devgn has performed many comic roles, most famously in Shetty’s Golmaal films. He is not a natural comic actor and in this role, his effort to appear idiotic as well as frightening is awkward. Those English one-liners, banal as they are, get the worst articulator in Devgn. The two characters Bachchan plays are contrasts, but neither are engaging—Bachchan comes across as a disinterested actor. As Abbas, he adopts the gay mannerisms we have seen in films since the days of Govinda, if not earlier than that. Desai and Asin, in the female leads, lack charm and sassyness.

    Bol Bachchan is not about laughs. At best, it’s an experiment that tests if the same stupid jokes work with us, Bollywood lovers, over and over again.”–Bol-Bachchan.html

    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      LOL,Utkal upto his usual tricks. So darn predictable!

      • Alex adams Says:

        Utkal uncle: have u even seen the film yet ?
        So why bringing down the initial of this film…

        • Alex adams Says:

          All those who saw HF, HF2, any of the recent Salman hits etc, any of the golmaals–go watch Bol bachchan on the big screen and contribute to the initial !!
          Y this selectivity?

      • oldgold Says:

        He has to complete the triology;
        1. Guzaarish
        2.–(can’t remember the name of the film)
        3. Bol Bachchan

        • alex adams Says:

          “I didn’t see any of these on the big screen – but this one I will”
          good gal oldgold–well done.. :-)
          cmon all those coming to this blog: do this much, esp newcomers !!
          consider it a ‘tax’ of coming here…
          ps–anjali– r u not seeing this one on the big screen. Only gow?

  56. Asha with Abhishek towards the end:

    elsewhere he apparently does the BM song with Sunidhi

  57. “Haha btw hope ‘some women’ doesn’t mean poor Amy
    Anjali:Plz be kind to Amy- she has been sulking and hiding away quietly reading the blog only
    Cool it Amy : we are just being funny.”

    Believe it or not my life doesn’t revolve around what ‘jokes’ Anjali and you make about me on this blog- I wasn’t reading this and sulking I was busy with some work and I just saw this- and yes I’ve seen Anjali’s ‘jokes’ about me on another thread (as well your accompanying refrain about me sulking) and I didn’t even bother responding then.

    As for being offended by Anjali’s comments- I would be far more offended if she said that I was attracted to her defintion of ‘masculine’ men- i.e. rapists, sexual harassers, abusers, misogynists and the like.

    Yes- I am attracted to men who have a more egalitarian view of gender equations and who can help around the house- why should I be embarassed or ashamed of this? I know plenty of confident athletic, succesful, ‘masculine’ men who can cook, are nurturing towards children etc- but I suppose that I am wrong and that every man from David Beckham to Aamir Khan to Mark Zuckerberg to Obama are effeminate, unattractive losers because they express egalitarian gender views or have very professionally succesful spouses or have expressed a love for cooking and it’s only the wife-beaters who are supremely sexy and masculine!

    I’ve normally experienced that it’s the other way around- it’s the ones who are completely insecure of their masculinity who keep trying to assert their manliness by objectifying every woman around/ making sexual innunendos in every sentence/ questioning the gender of every person they interact with etc (yes, I can make veiled references too! now you please don’t sulk Alex!)

    • Ami, after this response of yours I am hoping that you do not mind my jokes- they are always made in good fun and are never meant to disrespect you…just trying to assure myself

    • “Yes- I am attracted to men who have a more egalitarian view of gender equations and who can help around the house- why should I be embarassed or ashamed of this? I know plenty of confident athletic, succesful, ‘masculine’ men who can cook, are nurturing towards children etc- but I suppose that I am wrong and that every man from David Beckham to Aamir Khan to Mark Zuckerberg to Obama are effeminate, unattractive losers because they express egalitarian gender views or have very professionally succesful spouses or have expressed a love for cooking and it’s only the wife-beaters who are supremely sexy and masculine!”-

      Finally someone spoke sense- I hope Anjali is reading this

      • Saurabh- I don’t mind your jokes- and I’m not even annoyed with Alex/ Anjali- it’s just that this is not the first time Anjali has ‘joked’ about my feminism or Alex has alluded to my sulking and I wanted to comment to clarify that I was not keeping away from the blog because of Anjali- anyway I hope that this doesn’t lead to another debate about feminism with Anjali- I’m really not in the mood for that now- hopefully we can be mature enough to have people with different ideaologies commenting on this blog and not constantly joking about and provoking each other.

  58. ok everyone we’ve had enough social networking for today.. let’s not drown the thread.. it has to last the week! I’ve deleted some comments here.

    • Sorry for that Satyam- didn’t intend for my comment to spiral into the usual feminism debate- perhaps it’s best if we abstain from the topic on this blog- I did try not to respond to Anjali’s jokes the first few timesfor this very reason but it was starting to get a bit too repetitive…

  59. ‘Digital Posters’ of Vivek Oberoi’s upcoming quirky rom-com- “JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY”

    stars- Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma (Teri Meri Kahaani, Crook)

  60. alex adams Says:

    actually i appreciate satyams timely interventions –thats y he is such an effective moderator…He doesnt take that tag too seriously as in some other blogs (wont name em)
    btw “social networking’ has suddenly become a criminally bad word..yes, it does need to kept under a limit …
    but Its as if the innocent me, anjali, amy, oldgold etc were indulging in porn or orgies or something ;-)

  61. In addition to what I said here yesterday this is yet another example of where the institutional problems of Bollywood and the film culture (or lack thereof!) surrounding it come into full view. You have ecstatic reactions of various kinds and when you combine these with the ‘din’ of a 24/7 media cycle and add to this the equally frenetic online universe you have a certain ‘overwhelming’ dynamic that’s hard not to succumb to. We saw the negative side of this with Raavan and now the positive side with Bol Bachchan. But the problem either way is the very same. Because this kind of structure is about foreclosing debate or serious discussion of any sort. And the institutional support comes out in other ways too. The film industry reacts to it with full force on twitter and elsewhere. So a film that is already advantaged in a box office sense and for all the obvious reasons is supported by the critical establishment and the industry and the viewers who are now a presence online and so on. even when there are negative reviews (as there are for Bol Bachchan.. very many in fact by those who don’t care for this sort of thing anyway) these two are overwhelmed by the whole box office frenzy and the narrative related to this.

    Obviously this is a great comeback for Abhishek so I’m not being a grouch about this. I am even willing to believe that Rohit Shetty might have made a better than usual film which is elevated by Abhishek furthermore. Nonetheless this is a film about ‘obvious’ pleasures. It’s an obvious kind of entertainer that appeals to most people. Even if I don’t have much taste for this kind of over the top stuff (here Abhishek alone makes the difference for me) I don’t begrudge it either. But my point here (as always) isn’t about the actual films and really about the institutional ‘mindlessness’ surrounding the Hindi film industry. Abhishek has done lots of interesting parts. He’s been celebrated in a wide variety of them too from dramatic outings to comedic ones. But people usually like his performances only when they minimally like the films! When it’s D6 or Raavan suddenly he becomes the worst actor in the world. Next week it’s Bol Bachchan and he’s brilliant! Which is not to say an actor cannot get it wrong but he cannot oscillate so wildly between two extremes. Specially not when the films in question are so radically different. Does one really expect tonally the sort of performance in D6 that one would get in BB?!

    when a film looks to be successful everyone jumps on board and everything seems right about it. This is again classic circular logic. A film ‘must’ have done something right because the audience liked it and vice versa. In the US for example you don’t have the entire media or critical apparatus cheering for Mission Impossible or a Will Smith film or whatever. Everyone’s happy with good box office news but critical culture remains completely separated and even distant from all of this. Even a journal like Variety which follows this stuff much more closely keeps its well-regarded (justly) reviews uncontaminated with all the box office stuff.

    And so when we are fans of stars we’re certainly happy to see them succeed. Abhishek needed it more than most so one can hardly begrudge him anything here. Nonetheless there is no greater ‘triumph’ involved here. Because of course if he’d kept doing the Rohit Shetty stuff after 2005 or even after Guru in ’07 he would have succeeded for the most part, got great reviews for the most part and there wouldn’t even be a question about his box office status. These films whether one likes them or not, whether the actor does a good job in them or not, do not need to be ‘defended’. But exactly this happens in Bollywood. And this is very detrimental in the same institutional sense. Because again in the US a star might be willing to take a risk in the box office sense if he or she feels that the critical culture will respond favorably to it. But if the two overlap so completely as is the case in India there is little incentive for an actor to try the challenging and/or risky. It’s not about hits and flops. People will even call you a terrible actor with most of those films! Meanwhile it could be the most lowbrow commercial affair and the same folks will call you ‘brilliant’!

    • and that is why Bollywood is India and Hollywood is amreeeka….
      two different cultures/ audience/tastes ..IMO it would be foolish to ape just because west mein aisa hot hai….woh apne ghar khush.. Desi log apne ghar….Jinko jyada problem hai -they can watch Korean/Iraninan/Amreekan cinema. na ?.
      Aside- Abhishek was recognized in average films like KANK,yuva, Shararat etc.

      agree with your negativity and positivity theory however…..jab film chaltee hai then Sab Chalta hai……..

      • rockstar Says:

        Bol bachchan has the essence of golmal which is visible time and again in the movie where either its running or tv or has been the part of play and compleates the rohit shetty’s trilogy of venturing into old movies ( while golmal 2 has the shades of relatively unknown aaj ki taaja khabar and golmal 3 the essence of khatta meetha). While in one of the scene one even see ajay playing the role of legendry utpal dutt and abhishek amol palekar but ya with the presence of omnipresent giggling mutiplex audience one even see how classics changes times. On dialogues the film also pays tribute to karz ( with a spoof climax on its title song much like oso), khoobsurat and even amar akbar anthony.

        On the positive side its a family entertainer with some of the best one liners seen for a long time.

        Characters have been modelled on omnipresent celebs visible in media where in ajay devgan you time and again see shades of navjot sidhu( and sometimes the shades of amitabh) and in abhisek the comic timing clearly based on slapstick one. Ajay’s dialogue deleivry at times and abhishek’s various physical appearance and body language has been used well but most of the credit goes to great dialogues but ya editing and to much over the top sequences are only for the masses.

        • glad you liked it Rockstar……..will be watching it on saturday..

        • rockstar Says:

          and ya its not even 1 to 1 …

          abhishek has dominated here literally and in end credit he was just there everywhere

          there is also a spoof of karz( or more like how used it badly) , a certain khoobsurat and even amar akbar anthony

          aprt from golmal you will find the shade of amitabh everywhere and ya i find it literally amusing to see people giggling all over even on some stale stuff

          here again actor like abhishek and to certain extent ajay shows whats wrong in system where if required they can do this nonsense better and people will lap it much more than their general risky stuff

          • Rockstar the so called nonsense HAS to make sense as an end product otherwise it flops lile – Kambakht Ishq, Blue, TMK, Tashan, tezz, and many more……

          • that’s true.. this is a classic problem (not referring tO Rockstar here) with Indian audiences and critics. If a genre is unacceptable every film in that genre is characterized in the very same ways. I am not a fan of Akshay’s comedies, I haven’t seen most of them but obviously within the genre some must have been better than others because otherwise as you’ve pointed out why are some of them hits and some flops?! the same goes for any genre. I enjoyed RR more than all the other masala films barring Ghajini but even before watching it I was expecting better stuff than some of the Salman films (which I haven’t seen barring in segments) because Prabhudeva generally (re)makes more enjoyable fare than others. Similarly I have not seen a single Golmaal film (Shetty) but I did watch Singam and barring some of the offensive ethnic politics and the disturbing climax (which altered the original in some ways) this film was better than most others from Bollywood within its genre. But if one is opposed to the idea one finds everything bad. Now again I don’t want certain kinds of comedies at all whether in Bollywood or Hollywood but I don’t say they’re all the very same. Having said that the dominance of some of these genres does make one cringe from time to time!

          • Except HF-2- kya bakwaas picture hai, but still managed to make good money…LOL

          • rockstar Says:

            buy ya rocky sahab have to give credit dialogues and one liners are witty and some some of the situation scenes are really funny and you can watch it with family par length should have been reduced by 10-15 min

          • rockstar Says:

            satyam : vaild criticism and ya you made sense on why certain things works and certain things don’t and ya i don’t blindly pick up anyone

            and ya i admire shetty for few things :

            his movie has always been india centric and never shot abroad and always looked for indian inspiration(none of his movies had western hangover though they had old classics hangover) which even guys like sajid khan didn’t do and thats why his name among masses command more

      • ‘East is East’!

      • Not talking about aping them.. there’s nothing ‘western’ about having a healthy critical culture that doesn’t simply follow the box office returns.

        • ya but too often I have seen people start giving examples of Amreeeka to prove a point or present their case…..Amreeka mein except for clearly kids movies , I don’t think families ever go together to watch a movie….

          • oldgold Says:

            I agree.

          • oldgold Says:

            The ‘family orientation’ of films give them a totally different dimension when compared to Amreeki films. (LOL. Thank you for this word, which I’m going to use from now on instead of Hollywood).
            In fact I’ve noticed that this is essentially what makes the films not belong to the category and quality satyam and co. are
            looking for.

          • agree Oldgold…..

    • Agreed completely with particulars but hesitant on generalization and vague points.
      When director can oscillate widely betn two extremes (Ramu case in point) then why can’t actor? Not saying or implying that Abhi is guilty of that but in general it is quite possible.
      Now there is a evidence of Abhi denying Lagaan and RDB but hardly any evidence of offered and denied B&B-2 or any Rohit Shetty’s movie. On the other hand Dhoom series and Dostana sequels are grabbed quite willingly.

      • The Lagaan story is incorrect. He was never offered Lagaan. All that Gowariker said was that when he was shuttling between SRK and Aamir and neither one seemed to be on board the only other option he had in mind was Abhishek. The RDB story is right though as Mehra has said he wanted Abhishek for the Aamir role and then later for the Siddharth role but both times Abhishek didn’t agree. This was surely his oddest decision.

        On the rest though there’s a difference between a director like RGV who often tries all sorts of experimental stuff at different levels going horribly wrong and an actor doing the same. It’s not as if Abhishek did a part like his father’s in Paa, something totally ‘other’ where an actor could potentially fail in royal fashion. He’s had lots of interesting parts but Bollywood by and large doesn’t really offer anything out of the realm of the ‘imaginable’!

        Incidentally there are lots of commercial films over the years he hasn’t agreed to.

    • Satyam, how did u decide to watch All The Best and not any of the Golmaal films?

      • because some folks whose opinion I trust told me this wasn’t the usual over the top fare and much better.. I saw the whole thing and I agreed.. probably a bit too stagey in some ways but still enjoyable overall and way better than most of the other stuff that I’ve even partially seen. With the Golmaal films just the trailers were enough to scare me! Specially Tushar Kapoor in one of the installments with the ‘mute’ act! But again I do watch the somewhat better film when this is the case. Didn’t see Ready or BG but saw RR and Singam. So either the film has to be somewhat more serious like Singam or I have to like the actor a bit more. I find Akshay very enjoyable in some ways. Not much of a Devgan fan but he’s right for the Singam kind of deal. On the other hand don’t like Salman at all. Dabanng was an exception. Not even sure about ETT. Doesn’t look good enough for its genre (effective trailers but nothing special otherwise) but if the reviews are good might nonetheless check it out for Havana! Speaking of Devgan I’ve liked him most in OUATIM among his recent outings. Handled the gesturality well here. For the same reason liked him a lot more in Company compared to Vivek Oberoi (who was getting all the attention here).

        • “Those folks” deserve to be trusted…LOL. But u should have seen Agent Vinod in the theatre. Agreed with your choices. But one thing here, it is not always in bollywood that a better film of a genre does greater business or is liked more- a Khatta Meetha and TMK is far better than HF incidentally. An ATB (it incidentally came after 2 Golmaals so people already knew abt the Devgn-Shetty combo) is again better than both BB and Golmaal films. Heck even a Wanted is zillion times better than Ready/BG

  62. Bol Bachchan Opening Day Collection Update. Very Good.
    Bol Bachchan has taken a very good opening at the Indian Box Office.

    Evening Shows Update – Occupancy for evening shows is around 65-70% on average all India. Single Screens have registered occupancy of 70%+, whereas Multiplexes have registered 60%+ occupancy all India.

    Morning & Noon shows update – Morning and Noon shows occupancy is around 50-55% on average across all India. Bol Bachchan has taken a bumper opening at Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Central India with occupancy of 75%+ in these centres. Also, in Delhi occupancy is in the range of 50-55%. UP has registered a very good opening of 70-75% on average. Punjab, West Bengal and South India is below the mark with an average occupancy of 30-35%.

    Overall Verdict – Word of mouth for Bol Bachchan is positive and it augurs well for the film in long run. Going by the early trend Bol Bachchan First Day collection should be in the range of 14-15 crore nett all India. If night shows perform much better than expected and show huge jump final figure might be more than this. Its celebration time for Abhishek Bachchan as it is the biggest opener of his life and audiences are loving his dual avatar. Also, good news for Ajay Devgn and Asin as their hit run at the Box Office India continues.

  63. alex adams Says:

    “if this report is right we’re looking at a roughly 50 crore weekend.”
    does it translate to 100 crore overall?
    The reason im harping on the 100 crore figure is: once u reach that ‘milestone’, its difficult for even the most biased to negate a success….
    below that, there is this susceptibility to doubtful commentary…

    Dont this abhishrek should let go of this opportunity…to hit the 100 crore club albeit not in a solo

    • oh absolutely.. a 50 crore weekend with this WOM would easily generate a 70 crore week 1. At that point just average trending, i.e. comparable to that of most of the other 100 crore grossers would get you there. I however think that if it puts up big numbers over the weekend it could trend better. WOM seems very strong here. On the other hand there is mulltiplex competition next week with Cocktail. Nonetheless a strong film cannot be stopped by this sort of competition. Most of the 100 crore grossers don’t do much after 5 days or so. So here the trendline will show us if it’s that kind of film or something more. I’m betting on the latter given the reactions. of course according to that report it could be more than 14-15 crores on day one if evening shows are even stronger than expected. So we could be looking at more than 50 crores if that report is right. In any case I am always most interested in trending.

      As I’ve said before Yashraj are the luckiest folks. When D2 was releasing Abhishek was hot, since then he’s gone through so many ‘trials’, now before D3 he’ll have Bol Bachchan. With Aamir you don’t of course need box office help but it doesn’t hurt to have the other star become hot as well!

  64. alex adams Says:

    well, once it hits 100 crore, the jobs done for all practical purposes!! Mouths get shut!
    Hritik on a trip around europe in bhansalis next :-)
    Will be watching this one
    “But now a little birdie has chirped to us revealing that Hrithik is willing to let bygones be bygones. In fact, he’s gearing up to work with the Guzaarish director in his upcoming production. Apparently, SLB’s new venture is a love story based in Europe, where the protagonist goes on a bicycle trip and falls in love with a girl he meets on the way. We hear that this sweet love story has Hrithik excited and he has also given his approval for the film.”

    • But Bhansali has just announced a film with Ranveer Singh.

      • alex adams Says:

        hes not directing it, just producing it probably….and that was when rowdy hadnt succeeded in this way and hritik had not said yes…
        thingz can change….

        • didn’t read the story.. a production is certainly possible.

          • Bhansali is directing romeo and juliet inspired romance with Ranveer and Kareena with the title “Ram Leela”. He is both director and producer.

    • “Apparently, SLB’s new venture is a love story based in Europe, where the protagonist goes on a bicycle trip and falls in love with a girl he meets on the way.”


  65. Bol Bachchan In Orissa
    by Box Office India (July 6, 2012)

    Jeetu Khandelwal, Movie Pioneers

    The film took a fabulous opening in Orissa. There is only one multiplex in our region and it had 90 per cent occupancy. Single-screens had an opening of 70 per cent. The numbers are quite impressive. The film is flawlessly made with a perfect cast.

    The response in the evening clocked 80 per cent and the night shows will run house full. The film opened at 44 centres and is expected to wrap its opening day at around Rs 6 lakh. Weekend toh ab bohot mazedar honewala hai. The film will enjoy a tremendous weekend.

    Bol Bachchan In Delhi-UP
    by Rohini Nag (July 6, 2012)

    Sanjay Ghai, Mukta Arts: Delhi

    Bol Bachchan opened at 50-60 per cent, and during the course of the day, business kept improving. The afternoon shows were packed at 70-80 per cent. And I am pretty sure the night shows will do even better business as advance booking for these shows has been very impressive.

    Shetty knows exactly what his audience likes so it’s easy for him to bring the audience to the cinema. His films can be watched by the entire family.

    This film is expected to collect Rs 3.5 crore on its first day in Delhi-UP and all-India collections should be around Rs 15 crore. This film will be a blockbuster as both single-screens and multiplexes are running house full. The weekend will be marvelous.

    Bol Bachchan In Bihar
    by Rohini Nag (July 6, 2012)

    Rakesh Singh, Maa Sona Films, Bihar

    The film opened at around 120 screens in our circuit and is expected to end its first day at Rs 20 lakh. Bol Bachchan is a typical Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn film. It has comedy, action and all the right elements to be a complete entertainer.

    The morning shows took a 50-per cent opening and the afternoon shows improved considerably. The evening shows clocked 65 per cent and the night shows will definitely be house full sure. Bol Bachchan will register massive numbers during the week.

    Bol Bachchan In CP
    by Rohini Nag (July 6, 2012)

    Sarang Chandak, Shri Rang Films

    Bol Bachchan will be another blockbuster like any other Rohit Shetty film. He has created a very loyal audience for himself. The morning shows opened at 30-35 per cent and business kept growing. The afternoon shows were 80-90 per cent and I expect the night to do even better.

    There is action, comedy and the movie is directed by Rohit Shetty. So you expect a great masala movie. For the first time, Abhishek-Ajay are doing a comedy together and that has hyped the excitement for the audience.

    In our territory, films like this do very well at both single-screens and multiplexes. In CP, we are expecting Rs 50-55 lakh on the first day. The weekend will be terrific.

    Bol Bachchan In East Punjab
    by Box Office India (July 6, 2012)

    Surendra Saluja, Lakshya Movies

    In Haryana, the film took an opening of 60 per cent and 50 per cent in Punjab. Although the film had a fairly low-key response in the morning, the audience likes the film. The afternoon shows improved drastically and the response rose to 70 per cent, which went up to an excellent 80 per cent during the evening shows. We expect a 100 per cent response for the night shows.

    Bol Bachchan will earn around Rs 1 crore today and the weekend will be astonishing. The film opened in 70 cinemas in East Punjab. Expectations are huge since this is a Rohit Shetty product and he always makes a paisa vasool film for his audience.

    Bol Bachchan In CI
    by Box Office India (July 6, 2012)

    Manoj Jain, Neha Movies

    Bol Bachchan has fared better than expected at the ticket window. The morning shows took a 50-per cent opening but the audience has kept swelling through the day. The afternoon shows had 60-per cent occupancy, which grew to 70 per cent in the evening. The night shows will probably have a 90 to 100 per cent response.

    The film will earn around Rs 55 lakh on day one here. It opened at 90 screens in CI. It is not only aimed at the masses but also for the classes. It is a clean comedy that can be watched by young and old.

    Bol Bachchan In Gujarat
    by Box Office India (July 6, 2012)

    Ajay Bagdai, Rajvi Trade Link

    Bol Bachchan is a very pleasant film to watch for the family audience. The film is enjoying an extraordinary run in our region, gorwing with every successive show. It is also expected to create box-office history. The weekend will be record-breaking and the film will definitely make it to the Rs 100-crore club.

    The morning shows had a response of 60 to 65 per cent while the afternoon shows clocked 70 per cent as did the evening shows. I expect the night shows to draw a response of 80 to 90 per cent. The film will wrap its day one at Rs 12-15 crore all-India while in Gujarat and Saurashtra, collections will reach Rs 1.5 crore.

    Bol Bachchan In Mumbai
    by Box Office India (July 6, 2012)

    Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines

    Bol Bachchan took an opening of 50 per cent in Mumbai in during the morning shows. The film improved during the day, and the afternoon shows clocked 60 per cent. This went up to a massive 75 per cent in the evening shows. The night shows are expected to draw an 85-per cent response from the audience. Bol Bachchan is a very well-made film and the audience likes family entertainers.

    The film is expected to collect more than Rs 12 crore all-India NBOC, including Rs 4 crore from the Mumbai circuit on its opening day. It opened at 2,500 screens across the country and 900 screens in Mumbai. The weekend will be splendid for the makers of this film.

    • by the way check out the E Punjab bit.. so much for the BOI nonsense about the film suffering here because of Juilet and Jatt! They go so orgasmic over other films, they’re quite mum here except for some understated reporting! LOL! It’s been bad for them. They were expecting to call it a Devgan only deal but it’s not working out for them. They’ll still do this but whatever!

    • Meanwhile Nahta is playing his usual games of ‘started on the lower side’ but even he’s admitting that ‘people are going ga-ga over the comedy’ and the ‘film is shooting up everywhere’.

      • I just spoke to some Delhi and Hyderabad friends- Most of the PVRs are reprting houseful in Delhi and even Hyderabad is seeing very good occupancy. I don’t know what the heck is Nahta saying

        • the pretense is it didn’t open that fantastically. First of all it contradicts what everyone else is saying but the game here is to say that a film opened at 5o % or 60% or 70% in the morning shows. Depending on where you are those numbers are quite outstanding. No film opens to 100% in the morning shows. And if it did and maintained that pace it would end up doing 140 crores or something in one week! Even a film like 3I didn’t open that way and stay at that level. What happens is that when you have a monster film like say ETT in the upcoming months where the numbers can be record-breaking the trade that is already on board presents only the highest end of the range. So they’ll say stuff like ‘opened to 90%’ everywhere and so on. And yet the final gross belies all of these claims. The number can be 20 crores or even higher for one day but that’s not even close to maximum capacity across India. You could get probably double that number if every single screen were running to houseful capacity morning to night!

          Even Taran has understated things. He’s calling it good to very good with a major escalation on the way but his tone has been far more orgasmic with films that do far less than this. BOI are even worse offenders here. They’re indulging in the height of understatement! With some other films you get half hourly reports that are hyperbolic in the same way.

          It’s all going to be a losing game with BB but shows you how anti-Bachchan they all are. Had this been a Devgan solo you’d have got the same reactions. Singam got that kind of thing. Meanwhile this film will probably do over the weekend what Singam did in its entire first week! Yet the trade was far more excited there than here. What this shows is that if a film that’s proving to be so big can be played dirty with in some ways with a lower level film you can say anything. And they’ve done this with Abhishek tons of times in every situation.

          Of course today the media is in some ways more diffuse. Many more sites and sources reporting stuff. Then the TV media follows crowd reactions and so on. It’s harder to maintain that kind of narrative today.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      “The film took a fabulous opening in Orissa. There is only one multiplex in our region and it had 90 per cent occupancy.”

      Multiplex in Odisha??? This is a news to…..I will be happy if it’s true….Thanks to Bol Bachchan…my state now has a (imaginary) multiplex :)

  66. This looks like an absolutely cringe worthy kind of film. Reading those Devgan english translation dialogues is already making me throw up. The fact that it will do well tells you about the sensibilities of the Indian audience.

    • Not that I’m a fan of this kind of cinema but I must disagree with the ‘Indian’ characterization. There’s a whole dominant genre of not just over the top but ‘gross’ comedies in Hollywood that routinely do very well at every end of the spectrum.

      • well said Satyam…

      • Satyam, why does an over-the-top comedy have to be a ‘regressive film’? the only important thing is whether the film is ‘well-made’ or not (and the problem is that most of these kind of bollywood films are ‘badly made’- Delhi Belly was also gross but was a better film)- “There is Something About Mary” is as gross as it can get, yet it is often considered amongst the top 100 comedies of all time. Heck even some of Buster Keaton’s comedies were slapstick- but they are excellent films.

      • Has anyone seen Hot Tub Time Machine?…it is a real gross movie but after I overcame 15 minutes ..I liked it..

      • I agree with Saurabh that if the movie is well made then it doesn’t matter..only thing that matters is that you like that genre or not..I liked Shetty’s ATB but couln’t stand later golmaal series..

    • oldgold Says:

      When I went to see Intouchbles recently I saw some trailer of a film where there was this teddy bear and it was all so gross. What kind of a film was that? It seemed a strange film and the long tested image of teddy bears was damaged beyond recognition.

      No Golmaal or whatever series can beat the grossness of this.

      • Thank OG for posting this. The poster looks violent and classy- seems like my kind of film

        • oldgold Says:

          No, this isn’t the poster of any film. It’s just a picture which says;

          “Protecting little children from monsters-under-the bed since 1902.”

          I posted the picture to point out the contrasting image teddy bears have had since 1902 to the one shown in this crass film whose name I forget.
          It must be some perverse psychology at play to show a thing one relates to little children in this style.

          Sorry satyam for going off topic.
          Just wanted to comment on the crassness of comedy in Amreeki films too (or is it from Britain??).

          • I think you’re thinking of Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” which is definitely an American movie.

          • oldgold Says:

            Thank you GF. I checked it on the net, and yes, it is the one I’m talking about.

  67. Not really condoning those Hollywood comedies either; I would also throw in the Transformers kind of cinema in there.

  68. When some filmmakers are trying to take Bollywood forward with Vicky Donor, Kahani etc, this kind of stuff is very regressive.

    • fair enough..

    • oldgold Says:

      Vicky donor kind of films are a ‘taste’. Not everyone enjoys such jokes or wants to go with their family to watch such films. Not saying it’s not a good film, I haven’t seen it, just saying from what I saw, read, heard etc.

      I wish people would stop thinking that topics of the kind dealt with in Vicky Donor is so modern/cool/progressive and those dealing with pehelwans, and colour, song, dance and all that are regressive.

      Well, I’m defending this because I really love such films :-D

      • LOL!!
        Vicky Donor was a very entertaining film but progressive it was not…… same with Kahani….

        • More than Vicky Donor and Kahani being progressive, BB kind of films are definitely dragging Indian cinema down what with the dumb and low wit humor. But I guess to each his own.

          • Liked Kahani a lot.. though Vicky Donor was overrated. Perfectly engaging but I didn’t quite find it extraordinary in any sense.

            On BB agree that things don’t need to be this over the top.. you can be somewhat more restrained and make as effective a film. Rohit shetty are others like him often say ‘this is out style, we have our audience’ and so on but that doesn’t mean a more restrained film wouldn’t also draw an audience. Hirani is the classic example here. Of course he’s in another league altogether but it can be done this way. Shetty has himself done it in ATB. Sure it made half of what G3 did but the problem there wasn’t a tonal one. It was a modest plot (more like a play really) and without any frills. One could imagined a jazzed up ATB doing much more. But of course the BB sort of way is always ‘easier’. You throw everything at the wall and something or the other sticks with most of the audience.

            Having said all this I don’t quite equate the lowbrow with the regressive. Those are two very different things to my mind. For example very many of SRK’s films were prestige ones in the 90s and a bit after, these weren’t lowbrow but these were very regressive otherwise. On the other hand BB does carry a communal harmony message and some potent symbols (however Shetty deals with them). Recently I saw RR and enjoyed it a lot (more than every such recent masala effort barring Ghajini). This too was more crass than it needed to be, specially in the second half. Nonetheless even with its clunky storytelling (it isn’t a patch on Kaalicharan for more or less the same plot) it did touch upon some ‘real’ things. Not at all exaggerating he significance of these elements but I think we often tend to equate the superficially refined with the progressive. even some auteurist efforts in Bombay these days are to be commended for going in certain directions and so forth but often they don’t have anything very profound to say. Yes they’re well shot but there isn’t anything extraordinary about them otherwise. And one can’t compare these efforts with those like RR or whatever because the standards are different in each instance. On that note even Hollywood has mastered the banal ‘award-winning’ film. These are better in some absolute sense compared to the usual thrillers etc but otherwise they’re rather mediocre with nothing very interesting to say.

      • Old Gold, the humor in Vicky Donor has nothing really to do with the topic; its one of the best portrayals of Punjabi/Delhi culture and the associated humor. And even if I were to call it progressive which I am not, it wouldnt be because of the topic at hand. Just a well made funny movie. You should check it out.

  69. rockstar Says:

    bol bachchan has this positive that it has all indian set up and no western hangover delhi but satyam action scenes where really weak

    and what weak opening saw it on delhi with afternoon show of 80-90% occupancy ….C****a nahi hai public and it will be visible with numbers

    but ya public’s perception after this is of junior show all over(its visible in end credits) and one know why there is a sequence in the movie where ajay become producer of the play and cites the inablity to do certain roles which define the whole thing

    and ya find asin really dull and tasteless even prachi showed much spark than her and footage(so much deterioration for a certain actress just shows good for nothing roles in big grossers won’t save day especially for someone who had better body of work in south)

  70. It seems ajay has his third solo 100 cr grosser on the cards.I wish him best of luck.Good to see satyam cheering a low brow ajay devgan film after a long time.thanks for all the BO udpates.

    • read the three lines and smelled the coffee , no need to Drink the entire pot …LOL!!
      Aside – jahan sey main dekh raha hoon, coffee thodee jalee hui hai !!!LOL

      • “read the three lines and smelled the coffee , no need to Drink the entire pot …LOL!!
        Aside – jahan sey main dekh raha hoon, coffee thodee jalee hui hai !!!LOL”- ROFL, This has to be the comment of the day. Classy stuff Rocky Sir

        • rockstar Says:

          first comparison should be proper first

          with due respect to palekar he destroyed a classic girish kannad movie of south(as director) which was remade as paheli uder a certain big stars production..its absurd to even compare him with other two towering legend

          i dounbt this jumma chumma audience(who most for time look for a certain movie as krishna’s ) and troll around is even aware of hrishikesh or utpal dutt’s work

          • oldgold Says:

            I think Paheli was a good movie. I don’t want to state the obvious – “it could have been better” – that can be applied to any film.

            It may not have been as good as whatever it was remade from, but that doesn’t take away it’s own credits.

            I didn’t like some very ‘filmy’ scenes and attire (those almost backless cholis), but then that’s Bollywood for you.

          • rockstar Says:

            it can be applied to any film but when your reference point is someone that great that you call other mediocre then that should be genuine

            just touched the direction part (intentionally)and as actor was limited to common role in certain few films ….is that even comparable with so called named modern mediocre star forget standing on hrishikesh or utpal dutt’s league

          • Rajenmaniar Says:

            Haters will hate and Trolls will troll.

      • Rajenmaniar Says:

        LOL, Rocky! Comment of the day.
        They should give a free supply of Burnol for all those burning behinds!

    • oldgold Says:

      At least the film has brought you out of your boredom and excited you enough to search the net for negative reviews.

  71. Considering Abhishek had to stoop down to such a low-brow level for that one elusive hit in years – one wishes this was not inspired by Mukherjee’s classic.

    Otherwise it may not have made us cringe so much, and definitely no more than any other shetty/akshay/salman film.

    Also with Dostana being Abhishek’s last success of some-sort and now this – he runs the risk of being stereotyped as the ‘gay comedian’ – a big price to pay for a guy who was said to rewrite the path to stardom through different films!

  72. Suniel Wadhwa ‏@sunielwadhwa

    #Bol Bachchan: Jaipur -Fri-42.71 Lacs w/o Raj Mandir. Extraordinary. Rowdy Rathore Fri- 39 Lacs with Raj Mandir.

    this is a distributor.. note how BOI are not pointing out these centers.. otherwise they jump on one obscure center after another when it’s a film they support!

  73. Why bother posting negative reviews? Does anyone really expect a Rohit Shetty movie to get good reviews? His movies usually average 2-2.5/5 from the critics.

    But somehow Shetty’s movies still make money. I feel that same way about crappy Adam Sandler movies and 80% of movies from Hollywood which also somehow succeed. Hell some HW movies even win awards.

  74. rockstar Says:

    and this is one serious concern that is basterdizing a certain classic

    most of the teenager brash audiences unawre of golmal(due to big star absence) is really clapping up to it and ya rohit shetty in the past get away with it because he remade those small unknown movies

    • But why did so many people on SS get so upset when films like Agneepath and Don were remade by KJO/ Akhtar and then try to justify the Golmaal remake? There has to be some consistency…

      And comments like why bother posting negative reviews are also inconsistent IMO- there are so many masala movies/ OTT comedies where it’s a foregone conclusion that the reviews will be bad and yet people post them on SS- positive audience reaction and the wonderful collections have also been posted on this thread- so the negative critical reviews balance them out- this film is not a Roshomon where it is completely above any kind of criticism and only the positivity should be posted and all else should be disregarded.

      Just because Abhshiek finally has a bonafide superhit/ blockbuster (which is great- not trying to take the credit away from him)- it doesn’t mean that no one should be allowed to question/ criticize the film…

      • Agreed! But people should be consistent…if people don’t like HF ,Bodyguard and then don’t like BB…I think it is fine..but if you like formers and don’t like later, I think people would question.

      • speaking for myself I was shocked at the remake idea the moment the project was announced. However I relaxed later on. Why? Because the basic idea has been taken from Golmaal but otherwise it’s a completely ‘other’ film. One that clearly looks to be as much ‘like’ Rohit Shetty as anything. It’s not a sincere remake by any means. Shetty himself said it’s not a remake but nonetheless because the basic idea has been borrowed from it he wanted to get the rightly officially. The original is the greatest comedy ever to my mind and approaching it in anything more sincere would have been a catastrophe. So in a way even though Rohit shetty is hardly my kind of filmmaker (!) the only virtue of his approach is that there is obviously nothing common between the two films to do the comparison beyond the essential idea. Which isn’t nothing of course.

        On a related note:

        To repeat something ever since I’ve heard the plot synopsis on BB I’ve thought that Hirani could have made a film for the ages with this idea. Even Shaad Ali or a few others could have made an excellent film. It’s a pity to waste some of the religious symbols here to Comedy Circus elements!

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        “But why did so many people on SS get so upset when films like Agneepath and Don were remade by KJO/ Akhtar and then try to justify the Golmaal remake? There has to be some consistency…”

        Very valid point. And there are ppl who will claim that they never said Bol Bachchan is great film or neither they supported it.
        But they forgot that they wrote long essays against new Don and Agnnepath, put up videos trying to compare with the original, ridiculed the directors/producers saying how they have done greatest mistakes by touching the classic etc…but you will not see the same thing during Bol bachchan…

        Now some ppl have even started to support mindless Rohit Shetty movie because Bachchan is there…It’s not just with Bachchan fans…it’s the same case with Big B himself….
        He was pissed off with the DON remake and it came out quite clearly. He along with Abhishek were also frustrated with the fact that Hrithik got Agneepath. Then came the ultimate statement from Big B that he doesn’t support remakes. Why suddenly sir??? What happened during Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag.

        Now when Zanjeer is being remade that too by Apoorva LAkhia a bachchan loyalist after getting all the blessings from Bachchan, everything was fine. Even if Apoorva lakhia was not doing the remake then also Amitabh would be cautious to utter a word against Zanjeer remake. Why because on opposite side there is no SRK or HR? It’s Ram Charan Taja son of Chiranjeevi.

        I have never been against remakes specially i support remaking hindi classics or even good/average/bad old hindi movies…I have problem when dozens of south indian movies are remade…I always think remaking hindi classics is a challenge compared to remaking a film from other language and it’s ok if a director fails…

    • BTW- I think it’s even worse if the teenage multiplex audience does not know about the classic that is being remade so badly- atleast if it’s a Don kind of film they know what the original is like and they can discern the difference when they watch the new film- but for people to only know of this film when the original Golmaal was such a classic comedy is really sad…

      • Ami,
        You are certainly smarter than this. You should be able to distinguish agenda driven selective highlighting of negative reviews and a genuine voice of dissent.
        I think both Satyam and myself have made it clear wha we think of the movie based on what we have seen so far.
        But looking at things in isolation and pontificating IS rather silly.

        • Rajen- I wasn’t talking about you/ Satyam- I was talking about the other comments- and I’m not not blaming them either- I can see why this is a very happy moment for Abhishek fans- but starting to say that it is OK for BB to be remade, negative reviews should not be posted is getting a little to defensive IMO. I agree that comments like Jiggy’s are completely biased and partisan- but objecting to Golmaal being remade in this way or not caring for this brand of comedy and posting reviews that share a similar opinion is not unreasonable IMO.

          Munna- but that’s my point- people have been very critical of incompentent remakes as well as HF-type comedies on SS- so why should BB be spared?

          • Yep… But some people do come to this blog to say anti-AB things on infrequent basis. But even in that case discourse should be civil and better be ignored.

  75. tonymontana Says:

    didnt like the film but hope it works for abhishek’s sake.. he’s a nice guy

  76. OT,

    for music lovers

    Cokestudio@ MTV Season 2

  77. komal nahta on twitter said something positive about BB.

    Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta
    BB set to becom Pucca aag maar.Didn’t undrstand?If ajay devgan were to speak in broken hindi,what wud he call a Surefire Hit?Pucca aag maar!

    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      #BolBachchan biz multiplies rapidly in the evening and nite shows. Very good sign!

  78. satyam looking at the first day estimates what is your final prediction for BB numberwise?

  79. My daughter just came back from watching the 10.15 show in India, she is very happy with the movie, she said the house was packed…
    I asked her who did you like better Abhishek or Ajay? she goes- Ajay was funny in English/Hindi thingie and Abhishek was good in the Golmaal Role…….she want sto watch it again asap……

  80. LOL :D

    ps: comments are not getting posted so posting it as reply

  81. very well said Satyam in your above comment (didnt have the reply button so couldnt post this at the top). I agree with the point you make even about Hollywood. Some of the nominated films this year; War Horse, Incredibly loud.. etc definitely fit the banal description you gave.

  82. Dr shaurya Says:


    Dear friend

    Doesn’t it feels good when an Abhishek fan encounters a scene where people are holding there stomachs and laughing like they have smelled the Laughing gas.. And on the other side Abhishek is dancing like a funny goof… well let me tell you.. I felt extremely great. Took my gang of 12 friends to 10:40 pm show… it was jam packed.. It was the matter my prestige that Abhishek tickled the funny bone.. coz it was me who almost bullied them to leave all there work and join me for the movie… ofcourse I had to buy 12 tickets from my pocket.. coz my gang is not a movie lover group.. they rarely see a movie in theatre….

    And when I came out of the theatre… My head was high and my ears were alert… coz they were busy collecting the praises AB was recieving from them.. ” I FEEL ORGASMIC “… that son of a gun AB is back… and yes back with a bang..

  83. alex adams Says:

    saw bits–Ed NOrton, Jessica Biel
    A mystery romantic drama –well enacted, turning into a murder mystery
    Like this interplay of truth and illusion.
    Where does power flow flow from–steel or destiny or divine right?
    an ace scene-njoy

    • oldgold Says:

      The only familiar character is Rufus Seawell. Have seen him in The Woodlanders and Middlemarch.

      • Alex adams Says:

        Ya he eats the scenery somewhat
        Btw hardy/Elliott !
        OG u sound an avid eng literature buff…

        • oldgold Says:

          Have you forgotten Hardy discussions over Jude and Kate.? LOL

          • Alex adams Says:

            OMG: Oldgold u have a very good memory: thanx for reminding… :-)
            Yes, the ‘jude’ that u watched again n again on rewind -the ‘crucial’ bits ;-)

  84. alex adams Says:

    the movie has a nice soundtrack- under rated…

    • oldgold Says:

      Alex , one wants to read and talk only of Bol Bachchan at the moment. These OT clips, I’m sorry to say are in the way ;-)

      • alex adams Says:

        ah oops : oldgold and anjali buddies: do check this movie : u will like it sure :-)
        period fantasy cum romantic drama cum murder mystery–used up some xtra time lol–btw this movie is also available on youtube

        • oldgold Says:

          I don’t enjoy period films in American accented english.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Ha Oldgold dear: the English here is not American as far as I can make out from the bits I saw..
            The film is set in Vienna and the accent is somewhat of a combination of British and Austrian English (sometimes also heard around parts of the ‘English’ speaking Switzerland) :-)

          • oldgold Says:

            Ha! Two Americans trying to impersonate a british accent?

          • Alex adams Says:

            Well picked OG
            The impersonation isn’t gr8 but the effort is honest and well intentioned
            The way ed norton is speaking here–one can find loads of ‘English speakers’ around Switzerland / Vienna-not bad…

  85. alex adams Says:

    The “soul” scene–seen it earlier–liked it
    “What is it like to die?”

    • The greatest period film ever made was war and is a 7 and a half hour movie..the most expensive ever made and the best.
      i hvnt come across any other film coming halfway close of its grandeur and majesty.directed by sergei bondarchuk who also acted in it the film won both …the academy award for the best foreign film and the golden globe

      • Alex adams Says:

        Agree the way u describe it anjali
        Been to kremlin Moscow just before n now after the ‘downfall’
        Though the majesty is still somewhat retained, things aren’t the same …
        Love Russia

      • the problem with that film though is it sometimes seems more like proust than Tolstoy! It’s obviously a famous version but I don’t think it’s quite the definitive one. It lacks Tolstoy’s vitality.

        • “the problem with that film though is it sometimes seems more like proust than Tolstoy!”…..i agree there, especially the later part of the film is rather dark and veers into proustian stream of consciousness narrative which may at times appear opaque….but…..
          “It’s obviously a famous version but I don’t think it’s quite the definitive one.”
          which one u think is the definitive version?the 1956 one?(i saw it and found it a pale shadow of bondarchuk’s masterpiece) or u referring to the 20 part series starring hopkins?…i havent seen it.
          btw i didnt enjoy war n peace that much as a novel.i mean its a great book…very detailed on the social customs and mores of 19th century russia….and has some well sketched characters…but thats it..nothing more.
          i havent enjoyed anything by tolstoy very much…except one short story….death of ivan illych…which i think is one of the greatest short story ever written…perhaps after metamorphosis by kafka.

  86. Alex adams Says:

    Yes: anjali: have been wanting to, but have not seen it due to its ‘length’
    It’s also an issue for me to sit that long unless stuck in a cinema!
    Even watched illusionist in bits -had seen bits earlier -saw some more bits today…
    Talkin of war and peace, the beauty is by Leo Tolstoy the master
    Also check out Anna karenina-the older version-sophea Marceau one..
    Btw there’s another new one being unleashed starring the anorexic yet beautiful Keira kneightly ….

  87. Dr shaurya Says:

    WAVE Cinema

    RT @Meet_Ruchir @juniorbachchan Too much rush for tickets for #Bol Bachchan despite 10 shows.

  88. Alex adams Says:

    Dont see the need for all this commotion-relax folks
    It’s more than amply clear that bol bachchan is the biggest opener / hit in the ENTIRE career of abhishrek bachchan
    Let the poor guy get a well deserved hit and applaud it– his baiters need to have grace and accept this !!!
    And time for his fans to enjoy-orgasmic time for Satyam
    c’mon anjali and OG —
    Gud nite folks :-)

  89. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    This is interesting site…came to know about it’s importance during GOW…

  90. Top of the Mind AD Survey | The leading men of commercials

    The top-ranked Idea 3G Smartfone ad scored 89 points on the May ad reach index while the No. 2 ad scored 88

    Television commercials featuring either Amitabh Bachchan or Abhishek Bachchan, Bollywood’s father-son duo, took eight out of the top 10 spots in the Mint-Ipsos-TVAdIndx survey for May.

    Advertisements for mobile phone services provider Idea Cellular Ltd featuring the junior Bachchan retained the top three positions for the second straight month. Idea Cellular also cornered the fourth spot in the ad reach index that measures awareness and brand recall among consumers.

    Ads for the sixth season of the TV game show Kaun Banega Crorepati, a programme hosted by the senior Bachchan and based on the UK’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, captured four spots among the top 10. Kaun Banega Crorepati promotional ads took the fifth, seventh, eighth and 10th spots in the survey. Ads for Fair & Lovely MultiVitamin Cream, at sixth, and Tata Docomo 3G Life, at ninth, took the remaining two positions in the ad reach index.

    Commercials for soft drinks that made it to the top 10 rankings with the onset of summer in April failed to make the cut in May.

    The top-ranked Idea 3G Smartfone ad scored 89 points on the May ad reach index while the No. 2 ad scored 88. That compares with the 85 points that Idea Cellular’s top-ranked advertisement scored in the preceding month.

    May’s ad diagnostics index, which measures the softer features of commercials, including likeability, enjoyment, believability and claim, featured a mix of brands similar to the ad reach index. The diagnostics index was also led by Idea 3G Smartfone ads. Idea Cellular commercials won the top four positions in the ad diagnostics index, while Kaun Banega Crorepati obtained three positions. Cadbury Dairy Milk and Dettol Original were the only entrants in the diagnostics index that did not feature in the ad reach index for the month.

    The survey polled 754 respondents in the age group of 18-40 from high-income groups in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.


    Idea 3G Smartphone
    Lowe Worldwide

    When a man and an angel come across a “House Full” sign at a movie theatre in heaven, the man enquires if tickets can be bought in black. There’s no black in paradise, comes the response. Actor Abhishek Bachchan materializes behind the man: “Film na dekh paana, old idea (Not being able to watch a film, old idea).” The solution: Idea 3G Smartfone offers YouTube movies and heavenly apps. Happy, the man and the angel get to watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (which roughly translates to You Have Just One Life) on their mobile phones. Tag line: An idea can change your afterlife.–Th.html?h=B

  91. AamirsFan Says:

    Bol Bachchan In Delhi-UP
    by Rohini Nag (July 6, 2012)

    Sanjay Ghai, Mukta Arts: Delhi-UP

    Bol Bachchan opened at 50-60 per cent, and during the course of the day, business kept improving. The afternoon shows were packed at 70-80 per cent. And I am pretty sure the night shows will do even better business as advance booking for these shows has been very impressive.

    Shetty knows exactly what his audience likes so it’s easy for him to bring the audience to the cinema. His films can be watched by the entire family.

    This film is expected to collect Rs 3.5 crore on its first day in Delhi-UP and all-India collections should be around Rs 15 crore. This film will be a blockbuster as both single-screens and multiplexes are running house full. The weekend will be marvelous.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      wow if indeed the 15cr is true(or even somewhere around there) then this is looking to be a monster weekend/week. very surprised by this thunderous opening. i predicted about a month ago that the film will do around 70-80cr…but looks like it will blow past that by next week(so i will humbly eat some crow).

      you have to feel good about abhishek but not sure how good one can feel…with this ‘kind’ of film. as a fan of aamir i certainly didn’t celebrate or feel good about raja hindustani being a huge success but i guess its part of being a star and these kind of films are necessary for every star to do. hell even robert de niro succumbed to doing *cringe*… ‘little fockers’.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      these huge openings continue to prove though that ‘masala’ is definitely the ‘flavor of the week’ with the audience. you put any top star(Sallu, Aamir, Akki, Hrithik, Ajay) and the movie is bound to do 100cr. the only dude who hasn’t done a ‘masala’ film and has two 100cr films is SRK.

      kind of impressive to me that he is the last man standing now and who hasn’t hopped on the bandwagon.

  92. Satyam ji,
    Yesterday I watch Bol Bachchan, Its truly Super HIT. Abhishek Ji truly rockz. Ajay Devgn and all stars doing great job.
    Comedy + Action + Emotions and Rohit Shetty , Bol Bachchan truly beautiful movie. My best wishes to all team of the film.
    AB SIR amazing in tittle song Bol Bol Bol Bachchan…..

    Have a great weekend to all of you.

  93. NY Times:

    uly 6, 2012
    Movie Review
    Man of Many Identities, Including Spinner of Lies

    “Bol Bachchan” starts with a glittery production number, a riff, sort of, on Amitabh Bachchan’s 1977 classic, “My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves.” Mr. Bachchan, inevitably, is on hand to lend some — what? Authenticity? Charm? Grandeur?

    In the end, his appearance seems more like an investment in the family business. “Bol Bachchan,” a comedy directed by Rohit Shetty, stars Mr. Bachchan’s son, Abhishek, along with Ajay Devgn (a producer of the film). The three stars dance side by side in that opener: three plushly cool, self-contained men in black.

    Amitabh and Abhishek have danced together in films before, but with more joy. Here the routine seems tired and insular, emphasizing the distance between the audience and the people on screen rather than bridging it. It’s also unnecessary. Abhishek has been around long enough that viewers don’t need to be reminded of his provenance. “Bol Bachchan,” though, can’t let it go.

    Abhishek plays Abbas Ali, a Muslim who saves a drowning boy, though to do so he has to break the lock on a Hindu temple. When the gathered crowd asks his name, a friend intervenes and says that Abbas is called … Abhishek Bachchan, just like the famous son of the famous movie star. (Abbas may have saved a boy’s life, but the crowd, it’s assumed, will be inflamed by his Muslim name.)

    From this lie others sprout. Most are for the benefit of Mr. Devgn’s character, Prithviraj, a dim but buff fellow who prizes honesty so much that he beats liars to a pulp. And Abbas/Abhishek is a lie factory: Soon the fiction is that he’s twins — one brother is Prithviraj’s loyal retainer, the other a gay dance instructor.

    Mr. Shetty’s last outing with Mr. Devgn, the action-comedy “Singham,” was about one honest man combating corruption. In “Bol Bachchan” honesty and dishonesty have the same comic weight, and their clash has no meaning. It just produces jokes, which are all the same: mad scrambles to make the lies watertight.

    Mr. Devgn is content to pose, puffing up his gym-enhanced chest and glaring, while tossing off English malapropisms to not very humorous effect. Mr. Bachchan is more lively and seems to enjoy camping it up as the gay twin. Still, that has become something of a shtick for him, and like much of “Bol Bachchan” it feels over-familiar, worthy of only the occasional grin.

  94. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ – India *early estimates* 11.5 cr + nett. Very good start!

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ India numbers still being compiled, so the actual total could be higher.

    • Vikas Sharma ‏@TheFilmySharma

      Bol Bachchan – Friday – 13.30 crs

      Amod Mehra ‏@MehraAmod

      Finally Abhishek arrives.. He is simply electrifying in BOLT BACHCHAN.. Blockbuster !!

    • suspect this is off by 2-3 crores.

    • Kanpur First Day: BOL BACHCHAN v Housefull 2

      Saturday 7th July 2012 10.30 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Bol Bachchan opened a little lower than Housefull 2 in Kanpur. Below are the Kanpur first day numbers for Bol Bachchan and Housefull 2.

      Big Rave

      Bol Bachchan – 1,30,844

      Housefull 2 – 1,60,732

      Rave Moti

      Bol Bachchan – 1,84,860

      Housefull 2 – 2,25,185


      Bol Bachchan – 1,37,712

      Housefull 2 – 1,23,348


      Bol Bachchan – 1,42,165

      Housefull 2 – 2,14,704


      Bol Bachchan – 1,20,688

      Housefull 2 – 92,334


      Bol Bachchan – 56,316

      Housefull 2 – 34,962


      Bol Bachchan – 51,918

      Housefull 2 – 34,135


      Bol Bachchan – 63,302

      Housefull 2 – 66,954


      Bol Bachchan – 22,772

      Housefull 2 – N/A


      Bol Bachchan – N/A

      Housefull 2 – 10,206


      Bol Bachchan – 9,11,027

      Housefull 2 – 9,85,329

    • Bol Bachchan Has Good First Day

      Saturday 7th June 2010 10.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Bol Bachchan collected around 11.50 crore nett on day one as per early estimates. The film put up good numbers in Mumbai, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan. Delhi/UP and Bihar were also pretty good while other circuits were on the lower side.

      Its a good first day number but with a mass film and a 2575 screen release its probably around 10% lower than what it should be.

      This is partly due to regional films dominating in some parts and an under performance by the film in other areas.

      The big release gives huge potential to grow and good growth over the weekend can take it to near the 40 crore nett mark. Mumbai is performing well so a lot will depend on the growth in Delhi/UP and East Punjab as along with Mumbai its that area which forms a big chunk of the all India collections. If growth does not materialise it could even end up around the 35 crore nett which would be similar to Golmaal 3 released in 2010 from the same Ajay Devgn/Rohit Shetty combination and just a decent total.

      • AamirsFan Says:

        lol wow. barring the mostly negative narrative, looks like BB has opened very well. 12-15cr opening day. like i said above..pretty damn surprised by the opening. will be interesting to see what it does on sat.

      • and the reason I don’t trust some of these numbers is because the track record of these guys is very suspect when it comes to Abhishek. If it’s good they make it average, if it’s super they make it good and so on. Then the commentary often tends to be understated. So on and so forth. And whether it was BnB or Guru (for instance) this was an old game, shaving off a bit here, a bit there and it adds up. Nonetheless even a 12 crore or greater number (which I believe is what their adjusted total will be is still very good on its own). As usual BOI are less than honest. They quote G3 but they don’t quote Singham which according to them had 8.5 crores on day 1:

        and they called that ‘good’ too! Plus there were other reports (in that same thread) where they were calling excellent in many centers and what not. Earlier in this thread there is the Jaipur report from elsewhere where BB is ahead of Rowdy. Here even in BOI’s preferred center, Kanpur, it’s behind by only a little bit.

        Again the numbers are always mysteriously lower for Abhishek’s films even when everything else seems the same in terms of hype and so on compared to some other such films. I’m not expecting the most stratospheric day one but these numbers as I said are a bit hard to believe though again otherwise good.

        • AamirsFan Says:

          you know i’ve always been hesitant to say that BOI were ‘anti-bachchan’ and always have said what will they gain to pull a guy down. but with this latest narrative, i am a believer to an extent.

          however, i don’t know what they ‘gain’ here by taking this stance..but its pretty clear what they are doing…just not sure why they are doing it.

          • they’ve always done this.. I remember each and every example.. have been seeing it for years.. even if one doesn’t believe me on the numbers their commentary is extremely biased.. having said that the trade in general has a structural bias.. they’ll call the film a hit and so on but there are lots of qualifiers, there are tonal issues, there are ‘hiccups’ and so on. But yeah BOI are in a different league.

        • but satyamji why BOI is biased. Whay they pull down bachchan films?

  95. AamirsFan Says:

    just got back from watching BB. the story is just insane, i get it, i had a open mind watching it but by the end of the movie, i thought to myself…what the hell was the point of this film? the climax was horribly executed(this is the only point in the movie where abhishek went a little overboard with his acting).

    overall though, abhishek dominated the movie IMO. he has come out of his shell in this one and comedy is just natural to him. you can’t help but be reminded of amitabh when abhishek does comedy(not comparing just saying the mannerism is the same). this can be classified as his movie no doubt.

    ajay IMO was sidelined for the most part(the loudest cheer he got was in his intro). the loudest laugh’s were for the ‘maa’ sequence and then the ‘abbas dance’ score. asin was totally wasted in this movie…but i guess its another 100cr film for her. its too bad, i really like her ‘spunkyness’ but in this movie there is no scope for her. the rest of the cast is good/decent.

    i got bored with the movie in the second half…total let down after having/showing potential in the first. what started off as a funny entertainer ended in total piece of crap.

  96. Masand who hardly ever praises Abhishek has given a mildly positive review of his acting and the film- “Abhishek loses much of his stiffness while playing a part (or two) that he seems to be actually enjoying. His limp-wristed, lip-biting portrayal of the effeminate twin is a complete cliché, but because of the actor’s stocky build, his body language alone is such a hoot!” –

  97. Anupama Chopra on BB- “Ajay Devgn, playing Prithviraj Raghuvanshi, a village strongman who insists on speaking wrong English, has his moments. The best thing about the film is Abhishek Bachchan, who lets loose without inhibition. He manages to sparkle even in a script that is lazy and determinedly lowbrow, so the alter ego Abbas is an effete dance teacher who wears flowery shirts.”

  98. My stomach is literally churning reading these descriptions.

  99. Dr shaurya Says:

    Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta
    BB 1st day approx. 11.5 to 12 crore in spite of an avg start in half of india. Proves that collections picked up as day progressed.

    Poor nahata.. sometimes you have to do things you avoided for years…

    • Dr shaurya Says:

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      #BolBachchan New Zealand Fri NZ$ 18,578. Better than #RowdyRathore 11,320, #Don2 10,161, #Agneepath 12,064, #Ready 11,881, #Bodyguard 16,280

      • Dr shaurya Says:

        taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

        #BolBachchan UAE Thu AED 510,000, Fri AED 720,000. Total: AED 1,230,000 [Rs 1.86 cr]. Excellent.

  100. Dr shaurya Says:

    Dharmendra lost his cool recently and proved why the actor still deserves the title ‘Garam Dharam’. When a reporter asked Dharmendra about his sons Bobby and Sunny’s no-show at half-sister Esha Deol’s wedding reception, he reacted in a rather bizarre manner. The strange sound Dharmendra made was at

    And when another reporter repeated the same question, Dharmendra retorted: “Aap bakwaas mat kijiye (don’t talk rubbish).”

    Deol siblings Sunny and Bobby were conspicuous by their absence at the grand reception hosted by their half-sister Esha and her husband Bharat Takhtani at Hotel Lalit in Andheri, Mumbai. The event was attended by Bollywood and political bigwigs but brothers were nowhere in sight.

    Cousin Abhay Deol, who is known to be close to her, attended all the functions including the wedding reception.

    Esha, daughter of yesteryear stars Hema Malini and Dharmendra, entered into a wedlock with her businessman beau Bharat Takhtani at Iskcon temple in Juhu, Mumbai on June 29.

  101. Dr shaurya Says:

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    ‪#BolBachchan‬ – India *actuals* 12.10 cr nett.

    So it touched the 12 crores… nice feeling I m having…

    • looking at the response on twitter i get the feeling that the numbers are higher than those.

  102. Dr shaurya Says:

    Bol Bachchan: First Day NBOC
    by Box Office India (July 7, 2012)

    Circuit NBOC
    Mumbai 4,82,00,000
    Delhi UP 2,30,00,000
    East Punjab 86,00,000
    CP 67,00,000
    CI 55,00,000
    Rajasthan 90,00,000
    Nizam 53,00,000
    Mysore 43,00,000
    West Bengal 45,00,000
    Bihar 35,00,000
    Assam 7,00,000
    Orissa 7,00,000
    TNK 10,00,000
    Total 12,10,00,000

    • LOL, meanwhile BOI have it slightly lower than even their earlier estimate at 11.25 crores:

    • Bol Bachchan: 12-Cr On Opening Day
      by Shinjini Bose (July 7, 2012)

      As predicted, Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan has stormed the box office, earning Rs 12 crore on its opening day. According to tradewallahs, audiences simply love the performances by Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan, and are flocking to the ticket window. It seems, the deadly Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn duo is set to re-create the magic they spun with their earlier hits. The film has had taken an astonishing second-day opening across the country and distributors are unanimous that it will be a fabulous weekend.

      In Mumbai, Vinay Choksey of VIP Movies says, “Bol Bachchan took a decent opening yesterday by collections have zoomed. The first day wrapped at Rs 4.5 crore in Mumbai.”

      In Gujarat, Ajay Bagdai of Rajvi Trade Link concludes, “The pan-India collections of Bol Bachchan on its first day are Rs 12 crore, while the film earned Rs 1.5 crore in Gujarat. The film is doing equally well at single-screens and multiplexes.”

      The Delhi audience too loves this latest offering from Rohit Shetty. G D Mehta of Bobby Arts International remarks, “The film is brilliantly made and the audience is ecstatic. Day-one numbers for Delhi UP are close to Rs 2.2 crore.”

      Surendra Saluja of Lakshya Movies in East-Punjab says Bol Bachchan earned Rs 85 lakh on its first day. “The film is doing better at multiplexes than single-screens and will end the weekend with fabulous numbers.”

      Sunit Singh of Aum Moviez in West Bengal says, “Bol Bachchan has not exactly lived up to expectations in the circuit. “We expected a lot more as it a Rohit Shetty film. All said and done, the film collected Rs 40 lakh and took a good second-day opening.”

      Sarang Chandak of Shri Rang Films in CP Berar concludes, “The film earned Rs 65 lakh in our region on its opening day. Single-screens are doing very good business. The film is doing very well and the weekend will be impressive.””

    • Bol Bachchan Faced Tough Times With Eega, Scored Well Finally

      Friday release-Rohit Shetty directed Bol Bachchan that stars Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn in male lead roles was opened to good positive response at B.O after panned as well as praised by critics.

      The comedy-entertainer reportedly has collected an encouraging figure of 15 Cr on opening day thought faced tough competition down south with much-hyped Telugu film Eega that has a massive theatrical release across the world on the same day.

      The much-awaited film Bol Bachchan has witnessed 70-80% occupancy rate in both Plexes and single theaters. And the movie showed 85% plus occupancy across Mumbai. When compared to morning shows, the slapstick comedy film showed good business later afternoon with good word of mouth. Abhishek has achieved good acclaims for his dual role and Ajay Devgn too got praises for his powerful cum comic Prithviraj Raghuvanshi.

    • But I still think even this higher number is off by at least a crore.

  103. Dr shaurya Says:

    If Bol Bachchan is only about Ajay Devgn and Rohot Shetty… Y is there such a difference in the opening of these 2 films…

    Singham was a way Masala film too… But the difference in the opening statistics explains the role of Abhishek Bachchan here…

    People who dont agree should give a solid reason… I m open to that… But not open to Dickheads… so stay away..

    First Day Comparison- Bol Bachchan Vs Singham
    by Box Office India (July 7, 2012)

    Circuit Bol Bachchan Singham
    Mumbai 4,82,00,000 3,46,00,000
    Delhi UP 2,30,00,000 1,62,00,000
    East Punjab 86,00,000 57,00,000
    CP 67,00,000 59,00,000
    CI 55,00,000 36,00,000
    Rajasthan 90,00,000 65,00,000
    Nizam 53,00,000 56,00,000
    Mysore 43,00,000 15,00,000
    West Bengal 45,00,000 28,00,000
    Bihar 35,00,000 38,00,000
    Assam 7,00,000 7,00,000
    Orissa 7,00,000 11,00,000
    TNK 10,00,000 11,00,000
    Total 12,10,00,000 8,91,00,000

  104. Dr shaurya Says:

    First Day Comparison – Bol Bachchan Vs London Dreams
    Circuit Bol Bachchan London Dreams
    Mumbai 4,82,00,000 1,60,00,000
    Delhi UP 2,30,00,000 90,00,000
    East Punjab 86,00,000 36,00,000
    CP 67,00,000 23,00,000
    CI 55,00,000 18,00,000
    Rajasthan 90,00,000 25,00,000
    Nizam 53,00,000 20,00,000
    Mysore 43,00,000 17,00,000
    West Bengal 45,00,000 19,00,000
    Bihar 35,00,000 8,00,000
    Assam 7,00,000 3,50,000
    Orissa 7,00,000 2,50,000
    TNK 10,00,000 3,00,000
    Total 12,10,00,000 4,25,00,000

  105. Dr shaurya Says:

    Circuit Bol Bachchan All The Best

    Mumbai 4,82,00,000 72,00,000
    Delhi UP 2,30,00,000 40,00,000
    East Punjab 86,00,000 16,00,000
    CP 67,00,000 11,00,000
    CI 55,00,000 8,00,000
    Rajasthan 90,00,000 10,00,000
    Nizam 53,00,000 8,50,000
    Mysore 43,00,000 7,00,000
    West Bengal 45,00,000 9,50,000
    Bihar 35,00,000 3,50,000
    Assam 7,00,000 1,50,000
    Orissa 7,00,000 1,00,000
    TNK 10,00,000 2,00,000
    Total 12,10,00,000 1,90,00,000

  106. Dr shaurya Says:

    And this is mother of all comparisons… Becouse OUATM was highly enticipated and awaited movie.. and out and out masala too…and film had Mumbai theme… which always grants better opening..

    Circuit Bol Bachchan OUATIM
    Mumbai 4,82,00,000 2,67,00,000
    Delhi UP 2,30,00,000 1,22,00,000
    East Punjab 86,00,000 45,00,000
    CP 67,00,000 28,00,000
    CI 55,00,000 20,00,000
    Rajasthan90,00,000 22,00,000
    Nizam 53,00,000 35,00,000
    Mysore 43,00,000 24,00,000
    West Bengal45,00,000 21,00,000
    Bihar 35,00,000 13,00,000
    Assam 7,00,000 4,00,000
    Orissa 7,00,000 3,00,000
    TNK 10,00,000 6,00,000
    Total 12,10,00,000 6,10,00,000

    Almost double opening..!!!

    And that too when OUATM had “EMRAAN HASHMI”…. Next superstar claimed by BOI…Huh!!

  107. Dr shaurya Says:

    It seems Bol Bachchan performed better then almost all of Devgn’s solo ventures and multistarers too and all other shetty devgn films…
    And that too when Devgn is in second lead… (Did i said second lead)…’ Bring it on bitches ‘..!!

  108. Dr shaurya Says:

    First Day Comparison- Bol Bachchan Vs Golmaal 3
    by Box Office India (July 7, 2012)

    Circuit Bol Bachchan Golmaal 3
    Mumbai 4,82,00,000 4,60,00,000
    Delhi UP 2,30,00,000 1,47,00,000
    East Punjab 86,00,000 72,00,000
    CP 67,00,000 35,00,000
    CI 55,00,000 25,00,000
    Rajasthan 90,00,000 40,00,000
    Nizam 53,00,000 20,00,000
    Mysore 43,00,000 15,00,000
    West Bengal 45,00,000 25,00,000
    Bihar 35,00,000 12,00,000
    Assam 7,00,000 7,00,000
    Orissa 7,00,000 6,00,000
    TNK 10,00,000 7,00,000
    Total 12,10,00,000 8,71,00,000

  109. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    AmirsFan: “the only dude who hasn’t done a ‘masala’ film and has two 100cr films is SRK.

    kind of impressive to me that he is the last man standing now and who hasn’t hopped on the bandwagon.”

    What was Ra One but a masala film? Which elenemnt of masala film did it not have?

    And why is Agneepath a masala film and not an action-drama? Did it have an extended romance track? did it have a parallel comedy track?

    • Utkal Sir, AF (Aamir’s Fan) is right here-

      1) Ra. One is definitely not a ‘masala film’- By just having a romantic/comedy track, a film does not become a masala one. If that is the criteria then Golmaal series and BB too will become masala.

      2) Agneepath is definitely a masala film just like the older film though it is also an action-thriller. And a film does not require a romantic/comedy track to be called a masal film- The greatest example here is Zanzeer which according to me is the “1st” ‘pure action film’, the greatest bollywood ‘pure actioner’ and incidentally one of the greatest masala films of all times- somehow i find it a very ‘uncontaminated’ film

      3)BTW a lot of people forget here that OUATIM in was also a masala film and IMO it was much better than any recent masala film than Ghajini

      I have a feeling people often start confusing Desai’s type of masala as the only one- that is a wrong fact imo. I believe that is so because Desai’s was he most far-reaching and crowd friendly masala style

      I would also request Satyam (whom i believe is the ultimate authority on this topic of masala) to clearly define and describe masala for us.

      • agreed mostly here… but hey don’t ask me to redefine masala yet again! LOL!

        I’ve touched upon a bit of this in the bol bachchan piece though.

  110. This subject has been beaten down to death. Please spare everybody.

  111. One thing is really pissing me off on this blog. I have the utmost respect for this blog and most of the commentators (if not all) here. But i felt like saying this and will do so.

    Why do people require to pull down another actor when they are praising Abhishek- it keeps happening on the blog. While I respect Dr. Shaurya’s views and I have myself said it so clearly that Abhishek was the only good thing abt the film even though i am a Devgn fan, whoever says that Devgn was the 2nd lead here is bullshitting.

    And those who think that it is due to Abhishek that this film is getting a bumper opening because of Abhishek and because Abhishek was not their in other Shetty films they got a lower opening, they are simply being delusional. Trust me hardly anyone comes in the theatre to see Abhishek though i know many who don’t watch a film just because Abhishek is there- I remember when Players had released, friends of mine who are usually excited to see Abbas-Mustan film (films of these kind), refused to turn up saying if Abhi is there the product must be shit- Leave this, an yr before when Abhishek was not in such a box-office mess, both KHJJS and RC-2 had released together. Guess what when i told my roommate that i am planning to catch the Gowarikar filming, he started laughing- I loved the film so much that i wanted to re-watch it- guess what the film was removed from the theatre before a week

    let me say this, Devgn was/is and will be a bigger box-office force than Abhishek till next year atleast. Those who think Dhoom franchise works because of Abhishek are sadly mistaken-I am not saying Anhishek is not integral to Dhoom, he obviously is. But you replace him with another actor and it will have no effect on the gross- will effect the quality of the film for sure.

    And for all this arguement that Devgn could not have gotten such a big opening without Abhisek’s presence, well just wait for Devgn’s next with Shetty. Or actually Devgn is coming with SOS this year and Himmatwala the next- we will see who is a bigger box-office force then. BTW i am waiting for Abhishek’s next solo to see how many people he can excite on his own- let Abhishek get a solo hit once, then we can atleast start an arguement

    And lastly, when people say that Devgn is not important to the Golmaal films, was a part of the ‘circus’ and was just ‘hitching another ride to success’ lemme ask this- How many actors of hat circus have got hits apart from Golmaal if they are so capable- Can anyone list me the hits of Tusshar outside Golmaal- heck he even failed ‘miserably’ in comedies. And why doesnot Arshad do such Golmaal like films since i believe he is a very good comic actor. Let’s not even go to Shreyas. And by the way for those who have not seen the Golmaal films, if one is forced to point out a protagonist in them, it’s Devgan- he is the central guy around whom the story revolves- this was very evident in the 2nd film

    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      Agree with quite a bit there.

    • I’d make just a few quick points here:

      1)It’s completely inaccurate to imply Devgan is some sort of supporting actor here. He is everywhere in the film. At the same time and as I’ve argued before the ‘greater’ part is not just about comparable footage. It is also about what the footage means.

      2)It’s important not to confuse very different folks here as somehow saying the same thing on Devgan. we come at it from many different corners. One can argue with all of these positions but one shouldn’t just lump them together.

      3)It is completely consistent in my view to say that one actor is a bigger box office star but that a film nonetheless belongs more to another one who then becomes much more significant for its ultimate success even if he might not have been so in terms of the pure initial (though even this can be contested because as I’ve said with that title and those trailers it would be a bit odd to have an audience say ‘we hate Abhishek’ but we’ll nonetheless show up for this one for Devgan, we’ll just ignore the title and the double part and so on.. even if they say this one shouldn’t believe it..).

      4)When comparing stars in this sense one should also look at the projects. So it merely a coincidence that Abhishek gets this kind of attention in every sense precisely when he does a film with someone like Rohit Shetty? If the film and the genre were not a factor London Dreams with both Devgan and Salman would have opened hugely! So yes if Abhishek keeps doing stuff like BB or something as commercial in other genres as solo by all means let’s look at the initial and compare it with Devgan’s! Again it takes time for the cumulative initial. Wanted for example would have done more than its entire gross in week 1 had it come after Dabanng. So important films can change a trajectory for better or worse. If people like Abhishek in BB that matters but only if he does this sort of thing. If he does say D6 again it has little bearing on it.

      5)Now on the Golmaal stuff actually even leaving aside the comparison Devgan got out of Golmaal what he couldn’t out of G3 (let alone the older Golmaal efforts). Why? It wasn’t just 100 crores that did it. G3 did more or less as much (though note how it’s 90-95 crores have since loosely been called 100 since! This wasn’t so at the time!) but he didn’t carry the symbolic weight that he did in Singham. This was his true breaking out moment in this current phase. In this sense though even the more moderate grosser, OUATIM, also meant more than the Golmaal films. And again there’s nothing hard to understand here. Akshay is currently with all his failures still a bigger star than Devgan (since they’re doing similar genres the comparison can be made). But the Houseful films with 10 actors or whatever are not at all like Singh is King or something. Not because Mithun or Boman or John or Shreyas Talpade or Ritesh are otherwise huge stars. That does not follow at all. It’s because such films are designed like circuses. You convert them into a comedy show and the lead star then just becomes a minimal marker. Nothing more. Could Devgan get a big initial for a Singham sequel or a Himmatwala remake? Absolutely. But you’re proving my point.

      6)Between 2005-2007 Devgan certainly wasn’t a bigger box office force than Abhishek. And till his recent resurgence he still wasn’t doing better than Abhishek despite the latter’s failures. Now of course it’s different story. So it’s important to be precise. The numbers reveal the truth on all this much as even in this great current phase of his he has utter disasters like Tezz and Aakrosh and a failure like Rascals in a crowd-pleasing genre. All of this counts too.

      In any case I have never made an argument ‘against’ Devgan inasmuch as this implies a kind of agenda or politics that is not based on sincere opinion. Whether I like him as an actor or not has nothing to do with how I rate him. If anything I celebrate his success much as I do Akshay’s and Salman’s whatever my opinions on each of them might be.

      perhaps your argument wasn’t addressed to me but I detected some examples that I had used and I thought I’d make things clear.

  112. I thnk Devgan-Shetty combo has developed some street cred for sure. Devgan on his own ( i.e with other directors) is not as sure shot as say Aamir,SRK,Akshay or even Hrithik.

    • I’d put Aamir on top as being able to get the best possible initial for any given subject. But if someone wants to put Salman up there on current form I wouldn’t argue too much because he does a certain kind of film and all those open hugely with minimal effort. Next I’d probably put Hrithik and Akshay at the same level. Because given a strength genre or a film with lots of frills (remake, sequel, whatever) Hrithik can put up some very big initial numbers. Akshay doesn’t quite get to the same stratosphere because of his large number of failures for a while. On the other hand given his greater volume his average initial is still very strong. Again I could see a case being made for either star being placed over the other but I’d keep it a tie. SRK I’d place next because his has been a diminishing game where to get those numbers he has to do vastly more than all those other stars. Still if accounting for this one still wants to place him at Akshay’s level one could I suppose. Devgan is I think a notch below because across a variety of hits he still hasn’t reached that stratosphere yet. Maybe he will with Himmatwala. But I doubt Son of Sardar will do this. Don’t think he’s quite at SRK level even allowing for SRK’s weakness. Will say though that among these stars all are going through either their absolute best career seasons or relatively strong ones. With SRK it’s very different.


    unbelievable.. look at the absurdly massive number of comparisons they’ve done with BB day 1 and the same for all those other films!

    • according to just these numbers BB is a crore behind HF2, a bit more than this behind Ready, 3 crores ahead of Singham and G3.. just looking at recent 100 crore grossers. Not comparing Ghajini, that’s too old at this point. If one wants to include Rajneeti (it did 90 or so) BB is 2 crores or so ahead.

      Note by the way how Raavan after all the disastrous reviews and terrible WOM did exactly as much on day 1 as OUATIM did.

      • and to add to this I will repeat another point I always make. It’s not just about the numbers but the commentary as well. Let’s say the BB 12 crore number is absolutely accurate. In the link above looking at some of the other numbers I’ve just compared it with it seems fair. But it’s also what happens at the other end. When those other films release whether it’s BOI or Taran or Nahta they go crazy in terms of their commentary. It’s as if 3I is releasing every other week! You then get to the actual numbers and it’s a different story. Much as the entire 100 crore framing is a dishonest one. Why is it only about this when there’s a 200 crore film! leaving this aside whether a film scrapes through to 100 after collapsing completely off a great initial or does 110 or 120 or 130 or 140 it’s all the same thing. But do we ever think 40 and 50 crores is the same? or 55 and 70?! But suddenly this 100 crore ‘club’ is created and everything is leveled out. The only person really disadvantaged here is Aamir. No one talks about the fact that when he did it for Ghajini he was well ahead of the curve, no one has replicated this film’s trending since (other than Singham – though it started off lower it was nonetheless liked enough to be that stable) and of course everything in a bigger way with 3I (note how BOI were quite happy to focus on trending with RR!). But getting back to the point when Ready released or G3 did or some of those other films the usual suspects celebrated them as if these had opened like 3I. there was no nuance anywhere. Only the very best centers were reported, the very best shows offered as examples, so on and so forth. And these films didn’t release a million years ago! The inflation in any sense is not that massive a factor. Ghajini is another matter. In absolute terms it opened like singham, obviously too much time has passed, today it would open to a lot more). But within a couple of years it’s a different thing. In any case even accounting for some inflation the point is that those numbers aren’t Sholay-like figures! This is precisely what all the completely and idiotically breathless commentary applies. On the other hand when you have a BnB or a BB (treating it as an Abhishek film here for these purposes for the obvious reason that the trade is understating things for this very reason.. they treated a far lower Singham opening far better than this.. had this been a Devgan solo or some other star alongside him they would have gone crazy with this) first of all the numbers are suspiciously lower (certainly so with BOI here) or else even if relatively accurate the commentary is far more ‘depressed’. These things make a difference. Obviously BB opened superbly in the morning shows like so many other big films. Otherwise it couldn’t have reached 12 crores just with later shows. But these are the things that happen everytime. Even with Taran who these days pretends to be most moderate he too plays the same game but in far more subtle fashion. Yesterday for example he was among other things going crazy over Eega saying how Rajamouli had made Indian cinema proud and what not. I want to watch this film myself but Taran seems to have discovered Telugu cinema in a big way just yesterday! So besides the stuff on BB there’s this subtle message that Eega’s the real deal here. Which I might believe otherwise but these guys say it for cynical reasons. The classic example here was Sivaji where the trade suddenly discovered Rajnikant and have been cynically building him up against Bachchan ever since. When it’s Guru again everyone pretends it’s poor opening that picks up for all sorts of reasons. A number of films that open half as well in much more commercial subjects are given kinder coverage. It’s quite simple:

        1)Make the failure a disaster

        2)Make the solo success an ok film that never comes with an initial

        3)Make the success a multistarrer, with or without this make it a non-event (‘yeah it’s doing well, nothing special’)

        I’ve always argued for this institutional bias. It’s happening with Abhishek today. It was happening with Bachchan at his peak and sure enough the BOI tables reflect this. They have Bachchan as the top star for very many years but they ‘write down’ the scale of the success in many cases. The trade was playing games with him even at his peak. Sure the producers/distributors didn’t care, no one does ultimately. But still the narrative keeps repeating itself.

        • i also feel that the number posted are lower. if one can just follow the BB twitter trend for half an hour one can understand that people are just loving it. It is baffling for me why they are posting low numbers

        • Satyam, it’s not just limited to this- i remember some years back, an Abhishek film had released and in his review Taran had said that Abhishek was mediocre. Incidentally after a couple of months, another Abhishek film released and now Taran said this- “I have always believed that Abhishek is one of the best actors we have”. This was an LOL moment. And Taran has said the same things abt other actors too.

        • rockstar Says:

          now you made sense..

          dmd first day reported number was3 cr and it was changed to 5.4 cr(after rohan declaed number…never ever seen a 80% mismatch and ya it was there in one of your threads just search which was just not possible)

          not bothered about bb or number(with due respect to junior) but real target is someone else on this boi site or whatever it is

          a guy who was called one man industry have didn’t this new invented classification called bb or attbb( but forgets the basic assumption that on those days a movie has to double its investment to be even called hits)…nahata’s classification on net when compared today’s movie will caught many lies(just gave you hint)

          and ya take out rights and all in today’s context most of the movies following that will even struggle to get hitswho are even called atbb

          amitab’s old movie and their verdict and numbers have been tempered badly

  114. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Amirs Fan: No way Zanjeer is a masala film. In fact it is a very anti-msala film. Withoiut getting into too much into definition, suffice to say, because it is a single rasa film, a singe tone film , focussing on the main narrative without too much distraction. That is the Hollywood narrative, the exact opposite of masala, though thee may be more melodrma in the tone than the Hollywood counterpart. You should not confuse melodrama with masala. And you haven’t told me why exactly Ra One isnt a masala film.

    • Ra.One is from a semantic view point a sci-fi superhero film but is packed with masala ingredients which did not gel.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      “2) Agneepath is definitely a masala film just like the older film though it is also an action-thriller. And a film does not require a romantic/comedy track to be called a masal film- The greatest example here is Zanzeer which according to me is the “1st” ‘pure action film’, the greatest bollywood ‘pure actioner’ and incidentally one of the greatest masala films of all times- somehow i find it a very ‘uncontaminated’ film”

      just to clarify this comment was made by saurabh and not by me. he has much greater knowledge then me hence much better description then i could ever give on ‘masala’. i do agree with the points he has made in the above comment…but ill add that BB is also along the lines of a ‘masala’ film.

      RaOne has SOME elements of ‘masala’ but the basis…or the core of the movie isn’t that. that’s why i made that comment about SRK. hell even Don 2 has elements of masala but again the core is not. pretty much every hindi film has to have some kind of ‘masala’ to entice the audience(thats whats seperates the hindi viewing audience from the rest, hell that is why i enjoy watching hindi movies).

      but i was talking about a full fledged ‘masala’, Ready, BG, RR, Ghajini, Dabangg, Agneepath, Singham, and now BB IMO.

      • “. he has much greater knowledge then me hence much better description then i could ever give on ‘masala’.”- LOL, AF thanks much but i certainly don’t deserve this kind of praise (this kind of complement is reserved for Satyam/GF/Q/Abzee/Ami etc)- i hardly know anything abt masala or abt movies in general, for that matter- BTW liked reading ur thoughts on Ted- exactly what i expected. And since you are one of the few who followes Hollywood box-office and watches new releases, do keep us updated abt them

        • AamirsFan Says:

          thanks appreciate comments but i think you are under estimating yourself here man. anyway, i will be taking a break from watching movies starting next since Ramadan will be starting on July 20th. Which means ill be waiting a while since i watch TDKR.


    Total Worldwide Collections – 28.45 cr nett (Fri-Sat)

    Total Domestic Collections – 24.65 cr nett (Fri-Sat)

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Another new BO site hmmmm….

      It’s 1st day collections are similar to BOI but if i am not wrong it is the first one to predict the Saturday collections..I hope it sustains in the long run unlike IBOS..

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      And also the Saturday collection reminds of Suniel Shetty’s Bol bachchan after movie’s special screening that this will cross 200 crores…

  116. OT- Tabu, rumouredly has been cast to play the lead as a gun-toting outlaw in Tigmashu Dhulia’s production set in Madhya Pradesh titled “Revolver Rani”- it would be directed by Sai Kabir and produced by Dhulia –

  117. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Bol Bachchan Saturday Business

    Bol Bachchan had a good Saturday as it grossed in the 11-11.50 crore nett range but it failed to grow on Saturday. The trending in not impressive as the Friday opening was good but not huge so film had potential to add on Saturday.

    The two day business of the film is around 22.50 crore nett. The only circuits which managed to put on worthwhile growth were the circuits which opened low on Friday. The bigger circuits like Mumbai, Delhi/UP and East Punjab all had similar collections to Saturday. Rajasthan which opened very well dropped around 10%.

    Sunday should see good growth as it is a film for families but North India business is a concern going forward as it forms a big chunk of the all India business and it is very difficult to put up a real big lifetime number without good business in the North.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      so according to this around 22.5 for two days..other numbers i’ve range at 24-25cr in two days. so lets say 22.5-25cr in two days. sunday should be stronger. so looking around 35-40cr weekend? not bad.

    • Dr shaurya Says:

      Box office India has declared on twitter BB collection as
      FRI- 12.10 crores and now if we take 11.50 on SAT.. it is 23.60 crores…not 22.50 crores… they play with facts a lot… by the way other trade analyst hace 12 crores for SAT too…. so would take 24.10 crore total for 2 days… and if earn lets say around 14 crores on sunday.. 38 + weekend…. That is commendable for an actor who according to shailesh kapoor never had a 50+ grosser.. WOW

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        There are two different BO sites… and…on twitter i think it is… had 11.50 cr for friday where as had 12.10 cr…

        • Dr shaurya Says:

          And y should I take ‘.com’ over ‘’… r they ISO certified..!! …well they r ‘Dickheads certified’ for sure… I dont think 24.10 for two days is bad… When it is the biggest two day total for shetty and team.. I think its good. you stick to ‘.com’..!!

      • prashant choksi Says:

        i am happy for ab, he must get his due

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:


      ‪#BolBachchan‬ – India: Saturday figure is as much as Friday figure. 11.75 cr to 12 cr nett range. Sunday should be BIG.

    • LOL, they had far less ‘concern’ when Singham opened to 8-9 crores, stayed the same on Sat, on Sun it did 12 crores, they thought it was fantastic and even earlier they thought Fri was very good and so on! All available in this thread:

      Their numbers have been on low side here anyway. In any case Singham was very strong on Mon and Tue as well. The thing with BOI is they’re playing the old game of starting with a lower number and chipping away a bit, it adds up by the end. Put differently if the film does 100 crores it will be at 90 or 92 or something at BOI. If it does 110 crores or more then they’ll have it at 100. With an Abhishek film there’s always a 10-20% differential on the numbers at their end on the lower side! Had this been a Devgan solo they would have celebrated it much as they were doing so with Singham which had much lower numbers!

      Incidentally hardly any film these days jumps on Sat. From the biggest to smaller films. Usually it’s the same number, many even fall by 10%. Sun is then good or huge for the films that work. I have myself been puzzled about why Sat growth is now invariably limited for films. Or at least it’s rare.

      • this is from BoC but this is the kind of tone BOI have when it’s not Abhishek:

        Box Office: ‘Bol Bachchan’ takes an exceptional opening
        Hetal Adesara 07 July , 2012

        MUMBAI: Director Rohit Shetty’s ‘Bol Bachchan’ starring Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai has taken an extemely good opening of approximately Rs 120 million (Rs 12 crore) net.

        The most business came from multiplexes, and Mumbai accounted for the highest collection. Rajasthan and Central India have also performed well. With a start like this, the weekend looks promising.

      • for the record I still think the Fri number is off by at least a crore even with the 12 crore total. Sat being the same is not something I dispute.

        • this is really frustrating to see that people are pulling down numbers. The twitter response to the film is better than RR. Satyamji throw some light why would they do so? the overseas numbers are definitely better. i think its gonna do around 40-42 cr. 3 day business but they will show it as around 35-36. Difficult to understand

      • Dr shaurya Says:

        @ Satyam… Aisa lag raha hai BOI ki site walon ke ghar kisi ki maut ho gai hai.. Site has gone almost into dead silence.. I remember during HF2 they posted 5 articles in a day or so…

  118. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    “Don 2 has elements of masala” Not really. It does not have a comedy track. It does not have a romantic track, not even one romantic song between hero and heroine, no emotional track, no singing and dancing by the hero . It is as our an action film that you have seen in a mainstrean Hindi film ever.

    And Ra One maybe sci-fi story at the core but that does not mean it is not a masala film. mr India too is a scifi fntasy. But it is a masala film. That it is also a very god film does not mean it is not masala.

    Don 1 was a masala film to some extent. but not Don2.

  119. SMJ 10th Episode : Untouchability

    [post created]

    • Song : Kabir Vani ( SMJ)

      [added to post]

    • Liked the monologue at end..even though little filmy..

    • oldgold Says:

      Have to say, this is the BEST as far as I’m concerned. Female foeticide (which I thought was the best) does not have this deep a destructive effect.

      The other reason for considering this the best is that coming on stage to tell all is absolutely effective here. It isn’t individualistic, but societal.

      Lastly, it reflected what I have always felt. People think having shopping centres, multiplexes etc is the mark of how developed India is. I think no where else in the world are human beings manually cleaning the human waste. This really has to be the most degrading of all jobs, a job where one can’t say there is dignity in every kind of labour.
      I do hope that something will be done here legally with the help of what Amir seems to have promised.

      SHOWY things are blossoming all over India. The biggest example is; there are cars, but not enough roads.
      The last thing is being done first.

      • oldgold Says:

        And yes, I speak as an NRI. The person having a problem with this should worry about real problems.

        • oldgold Says:

          The Judge was really witty. Loved his way of expressing himself.

          • oldgold Says:

            How easily the priest made ‘feet’ lowly.
            The question that he should have been asked is whether he illtreats his feet, and would get away with a diseased foot.

            One could draw up a lengthy philosophy about the importance of feet, and the necessity of looking after it well, and keeping it healthy. And of course the necessity of feet to uphold the rest of the body.
            He didn’t seem like even a normal ordinary thinker.

            I’m sorry for spamming, but I’m writing my thoughts as they come.

          • Alex adams Says:

            “Lastly, it reflected what I have always felt. People think having shopping centres, multiplexes etc is the mark of how developed India is”
            Good thoughts there…
            Haven’t seen this episode
            Thought this was banned and non existent now
            Isn’t this problem in india much less now? With reservation etc…

          • The problem still persists in small town and villages..I don’t think there is such an issue in big cities..Even in small villages if people are earning well they don’t have to endure such discrimination. If you are from lower caste and not earning well it is a double whammy.

        • I don’t think being an NRI should stop you or anyone from commenting..Many people suggest that as NRI you don’t know the problem…But in reality people who live in India hardly interact with say more than 1000 I am not sure that thousand is a good sample of India..when India itself is so diverse in every way..

      • Agree with oldgold, this was my favorite episode of the show thus far as well.

  120. Dr shaurya Says:

    @ Satyam
    @ Bhalo manush

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    #BolBachchan Fri 12.10 cr, Sat 12 cr. Though early to comment, the Sun figure could touch 15 cr to 17 cr. A 40 cr weekend on the cards.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    #BolBachchan – India: Sunday evening and nite shows hold the key. The morning and noon shows were excellent.

    BB : Today is full all over, films generally doesnt do good in noon shows on sunday but this has …

  121. Dr shaurya Says:

    Film lost 1 to 1.5 cr nett to regional releases on 1st Day but on 2nd Day film registered modest growth. Film has got generally very positive response from aam junta and that was visible on 2nd Day. CI, CP, UP, Delhi, NCR and Mumbai were strong and Gujarat and Rajasthan were amazing. Though circuits in South and West Bengal remained average.
    As per early estimates, film has collected 13.25 cr nett on Saturday which is 13% growth from Day one. In two days film has collected 24.65 cr nett. Film is now heavily dependent on tomorrow when film has to show big jump in order to touch 40 cr nett. Film is a success but how big that will be decided in next few days.
    Below are the collections for the film –
    Domestic Collections
    First Day Collections- 11.40 cr
    Second Day Collections – 13.25 cr (early estimates)
    Total Domestic Collections – 24.65 cr nett
    Total Overseas Collections – 03.80 cr
    Total Worldwide Collections – 28.45 cr nett

  122. Dr shaurya Says:

    Rohit Shetty’s latest directorial venture ‘Bol Bachchan’ is doing well at the box office. The film had opened to mixed reviews but later the film’s business picked up. The Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan starrer is doing better than ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Agneepath’ in the overseas market. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweets, “‪#BolBachchan‬ New Zealand Fri NZ$ 18,578. Better than ‪#RowdyRathore‬ 11,320, ‪#Don2‬ 10,161, ‪#Agneepath‬ 12,064, ‪#Ready‬ 11,881, ‪#Bodyguard‬ 16,280.”
    Adarsh has also given the break-ups of the business in foreign markets, “‪#BolBachchan‬ Australia Thu A$ 18,561, Fri A$ 35,389. Total: A$ 53,950.”
    However, he says that the business is not satisfactory in some prominent markets, “‪#BolBachchan‬ UK Fri £ 39,251 on 50 screens.

  123. does any one know when the fox numbers will come out? It would be interesting to see how they report it.

  124. Bol Bachchan ETC ! ‏@ETCBollywood
    ‪#bolbachchan‬ boxoffice update fri 12cr,sat 12cr: 2days 24cr


    Total Worldwide Collections
    46.20 cr nett 3 days

    Total Domestic Collections
    36.90 cr nett

    this is disappointing. i think they are underreporting

  126. taran adarsh‏@taran_adarsh

    #BolBachchan has witnessed BIG jump on Sunday. Instance: In a circuit like CI, it collected – Fri 52.50 lacs, Sat 50 lacs, Sun 77.75 lacs.

    • tayler what do you think the final weekend figure would come to?

    • just going by Taran’s totals it needs 16 crores to get to 40 crores for the weekend.

      • 16 cr. means huge jump i dont think thats the case here but i strongly feel looking at the twitter response the numbers are under reported

  127. 38+ cr weekend done….

  128. Suniel Wadhwa ‏@sunielwadhwa

    ‪#Bol‬ Bachchan :*India* Actuals : Sunday Significant Jump: In Lacs F/S/S: Raj: 85 76 96 CP 65 62 83 CI 53 50 78.Looks 15Cr+(3Days:38-39 Cr)

  129. My Prediction Right now will be :

    38+ cr weekend, then if Weekdays sustain well then 58-60 cr first week.

    25 cr 2nd week, there after 12-15 cr depending on trending…

    has a good shot at ~ 100 cr.

  130. 90-100 cr range Hit

    115 cr Superhit

    130-135 cr Blockbuster

  131. ~PS~ ‏@soulucky
    @bollywoodajjtak ‪#BolBachchan‬ sets theater record just after RR created a month back. Highest ever single day collection

    i dont know the source but its on twitter

  132. #BolBachchan Kanpur Fir 9 lakh, Sat- 9.5, Sun – 16 . Total 34.5 Lakh VS #Housefull2 Fri 11 Lakh , Sat- 9.5, Sun – 16.5. TOTAL 37 Lakh

    on twitter

  133. bollywoodajjtak ‏@bollywoodajjtak
    #BolBachchan Sunday very early estimation suggest 15.5-16 cr :)

    now it looks like 38-40 but still long way to go for 100

    • at 16 it would be 41 crores for the weekend going by the 12 crore base. By the way the Singham weekend was 30 crores and it went onto 100 crores.. It was stable after this but other than very massive openers films need to be stable anyway.

      • looking at the response of masses i think it is going to be stable. I also feel that cocktail will not give tough competition next week as far as single screens are concerned. I hope that true numbers are reported because i feel that movie is under reported. One more thing satyamji there is no comment by bigb this time on abhishek movie. what could be the reason? he is neither praising it nor critisizing. This is strange considering that he has commented on most of his(abhishek’s) major movies. and this movie was sold to foxstars do you think their numbers will be higher than others?

        • Cocktail is a multiplex only film anyway.

          On Bachchan I think he doesn’t want to say anything this time but he’s said a few things opaquely on his blog. He knows it’s a success, he just doesn’t want to talk about it. Abhishek has himself not said anything on twitter since the end of May or something. Even now he’s not on it. There’s some superstition they have this time where they’re just not saying anything publicly. He responded a bit after the special screening where he looked truly happy but again he didn’t say much. In fact he was asked a question about how everyone was saying the film was all about him and he chided the guy for this saying it was everyone’s film and that everyone had done well but didn’t say anything else.

          • looking at the current trend what are your final numbers for the film. i have been only posting things related with numbers lol. But i guess at this juncture this is what matters for him. also i read somewhere that he is doing businessman with puri jaggannath. any news about it?

        • they always report things on the lower side for a Bachchan film. BOI’s conduct is utterly shameful here but not surprising. They have always done this. When it’s a big success they can’t keep saying it’s not so they just downplay everything. But even the rest of the trade numbers are often on the low side and don’t match the hype. In every other case they do! Of course this whole thing of presenting one number and not a range is ridiculous anyway. The idea that the film for example did 12.1 crores on Fri. They have no such numbers. No one has these totals in India. It’s all about estimates but for it to make sense and given the scale of the Indian market you need minimally a 3 crore range if not more. So you ought to be saying something like ‘ the film did 11-14 crores on day 1 or 12-15 crores or whatever. To give out very specific numbers is pure fiction. And this is true for every film of course. Just that with the others no one’s trying to underreport things. Even with a range one could for example say it’s 12 crores for one film and 15 for another. Just take the lower end of the range for one and the higher end for another. It would be within the realm of the factual but it would become a lie if consistently one side were taken for one star and the other for another.

          I’m not going to take names here but I’ve been told in more than one instance by people who used to report on this stuff that they did this depending on the star. Won’t get into the specifics.

          At the end of the day though a general audience is not bothered about this stuff nor is the industry. No one cares whether it’s actually 95 crores or 100 or 105. They know how much they’ve made or not on the film. They’re not exactly waiting for Nahta or Taran or BOI to tell them. This is stuff for online or media consumption. There’s always a general audience sense about these things and from the get go the ‘hit’ label has been baked in the cake for Bol Bachchan. No one has any doubt about this at any point. Note how even Nahta, the most anti-Bachchan guy, also took the extraordinary step of coming out on Fri itself on twitter and saying it was an ‘aag maar’ or ‘sure fire’ hit. He’s never done this before. Now they can downplay the numbers or whatever. It doesn’t make a difference. This is their modus operandi anyway. When all else fails try and reduce the magnitude of the success. Stop it from getting to 100 crores. Or whatever. I’ve followed this stuff for years. Believe me Taran and Nahta are still better on Bol Bachchan than they were on BnB and Guru (to quote two examples). Perhaps the Devgan deal gives them some leeway.

  134. AamirsFan Says:

    Weekend Report: ‘Spider-Man’ Swings High But Falls Short of Predecessors

    by Ray Subers

    July 8, 2012

    The Amazing Spider-Man got off to a very good start over the past six days, though it didn’t perform at the same level as the previous series entries. Meanwhile, Ted continued to play well, Savages got off to a decent start, and Katy Perry: Part of Me disappointed. The Top 12 earned an estimated $187.1 million this weekend, which is up 28 percent from the same frame last year.

    The Spider-Man reboot earned an estimated $65 million for the three-day weekend. Adding in its previous three days of grosses, the new version of the webslinger’s story had a $140 million six-day opening. Over the identical six-day period in 2007, Transformers earned $155.4 million.

    That six-day opening is significantly higher than Batman Begins ($79.5 million) or X-Men: First Class ($69.9 million) among comic book reboots. The best way to judge the movie’s success, though, is not to compare to different franchises, but instead to compare within the Spider-Man franchise. It did wind up close to the first Spider-Man’s $144.2 million six-day start, though it was way off from Spider-Man 2 ($180.1 million) and Spider-Man 3 ($176.2 million). Batman Begins, on the other hand, had the highest six-day start in Batman franchise history at the time.

    First Class provides a more accurate comparison; it was also a reboot that opened five years after a trilogy conclusion that made tons of money but was creatively disappointing. X-Men: First Class’s $55.1 million debut was about in line with the first X-Men’s $54.5 million, and at the time it was deemed mildly successful; therefore, The Amazing Spider-Man deserves about the same status at this point.

    According to distributor Sony Pictures, the movie’s audience was 58 percent male and 54 percent were 25 years of age and older. They awarded Spider-Man an “A-” CinemaScore, which suggests good word-of-mouth that could propel the movie to close to $300 million (assuming it doesn’t get completely crushed by The Dark Knight Rises in two weeks).

    Even though on the surface it appeared to have one of the more interesting uses of 3D in recent years, only 44 percent of The Amazing Spider-Man’s grosses came from those higher-priced tickets. IMAX was comparatively much more impressive: the format accounted for $14.3 million, or roughly 10 percent, of the six-day grosses (all of that is included within the 3D share).

    In second place, Ted fell 40 percent to an estimated $32.6 million. That gross is about even with The Hangover’s second weekend, albeit with a steeper decline. However, the movie’s $120.2 million 10-day total is ahead of The Hangover through the same point, and it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Ted doesn’t close above $200 million.

    Brave dipped 41 percent to $20.2 million in its third weekend. Even if it plummets against Ice Age: Continental Drift next weekend, its $174.5 million gross-to-date means its all-but-assured to be Pixar’s 10th $200 million movie.

    Brave also helped Disney become the first studio to pass $1 billion at the domestic box office on Saturday. The studio reached the milestone on the 187th day of the year, which is a new record for them. It also ranks sixth all-time behind Paramount (2008, 2010, 2009, and 2011) and 20th Century Fox (2010).

    read the rest:

    • the Spidrerman numbers have been pretty remarkable. People can’t seem to get enough of Spidey!
      Hope to catch Savages soon (the film that is..).

      • AamirsFan Says:

        satyam bhai, OT:

        do you know why after a certain amount of comments i make, the blog stops letting me post comments? is it because i am posting comments too much, too fast? let me know. i’ve had this happened to me twice in the past week…kind of frustrating because of the convo’s i was having and all of a sudden my responds weren’t going through…

  135. KJo calls Rohit Shetty ‘Rs 100-crore man’

    It is very rare that one directors praises a fellow filmmmaker`s movie. But Karan Johar makes an exception and lauds Rohit Shetty and his recent release ‘Bol Bachchan’, Zee News reports.

    Released on July 6, ‘Bol Bachchan’ (BB) features Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin Thottumkal and Prachi Desai in lead roles.

    “So absolutely thrilled to hear the outstanding feedback Junior Bachchan (Abhishek) is getting for BB!!!! Way to go AB!!!!! Love you lots,” Johar tweeted. “And I now believe Rohit Shetty has the formula! He is undoubtedly the most mainstream man we have in the business!!!! The Rs.100 crore man,” he further added. daily times monitor

  136. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Ek Shaam Piyush Mishra ke naam

    Check out his comments about Big B ( after 40 mins )

    • omrocky786 Says:

      good show overall….he had some really nice things to say about Amitabh Bachhan….

  137. Bol Bachchan Has Strong Sunday

    Monday 9th July 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan had a good jump on Sunday as it grossed around 14.75 crore nett for a 38 crore nett weekend. The approx breakdowns were 11.25 crore on Friday, 12 crore nett on Saturday and 14.75 crore nett on Sunday.

    The film has done fantastic business in Gujarat, Rajasthan, CP Berar and CI. Other regions were good or decent while Nizam, West Bengal and Mysore under performed. North India had a healthy jump on Sunday especially the UP region. Single screens across the country have put up excellent numbers while multiplexes in certain centres have lagged.

    Bol Bachchan is likely to emerge a hit but the weekdays and second weekend will decide if it can become a big grosser. It is the highest opening ever for an Ajay Devgn starrer beating the 35 crore nett figure of Golmaal 3.

    • Sunday Growth Of BOL BACHCHAN Against Other Big Releases

      Saturday 7th June 2010 10.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Bol Bachchan showed around 23% growth on Sunday. As business is growing more in mass centres, the Sunday growth is also getting bigger. A few years back 15-20% growth on Sunday was done by the films which worked universally and now the figure is up to 25-30%. Below is how Bol Bachchan compares with the films that showed big growth on Sunday released in the last year or so.

      Rowdy Rathore – 30%

      Housefull 2 – 29%

      Agneepath – 28%

      Ready – 27%

      Bodyguard – 24%

      Bol Bachchan – 23% approx

      Don 2 – 20%

    • this film is becoming torture for BOI!

  138. Bachchan ‘Bols’ a Sixer

    July 09, 2012

    Malavika Sangghvi

    >> We love nothing more than watching a rip-roaring film over the weekend and this week’s fare Bol Bachchan did not disappoint. Abhishek’s hilarious reprisal of his roles as both Abbas and Abhishek had us giggling in the aisles. And going by the rest of the audience at PVR, we weren’t the only ones.

    “Rohit (Shetty) and I spent a lot of time working out the two characters because although they are twin brothers we wanted them to be poles apart in their characteristics,” said the young Bachchan when we spoke to congratulate him on his performance.

    And what was it like working on the film? “Shooting with the whole crew of Bol Bachchan was a complete blast. Although the work was very tough it’s hard to believe that we managed to finish the film and it hardly felt like work. Rohit loves a playful atmosphere on set and makes the shoot very memorable,” he said. About his neighbour and friend Ajay Devgn he was even warmer.

    “Apart from our boundary wall, we share a great rapport. AJ is like an elder brother to me and I someone rely on a lot. He’s always been there for me and gives me very good advice. He’s a true friend and a brilliant co-star, one that I’ve learnt so much from. And owe a lot to as well.” We could not help asking Bachchan if he’d lend the vowel-challenged Devgn a few of his.. er vowels. “He can ask me for anything and I would be more than ready to give it. That’s the kind of friendship we have. He’s done me such a huge service by giving me Bol Bachchan and I will always be indebted to him,” said Abhishek deadpan.

  139. LA Times:

    Review: ‘Bol Bachchan’ turns up the farce
    Abhishek Bachchan is a charming star of Rohit Shetty’s comedy, but a central ruse plays out to little pleasurable effect.

    By Robert Abele, Special to the Los Angeles Times

    July 8, 2012, 10:10 p.m.

    There’s a father-son handoff of sorts in the sublimely catchy opening dance number for Rohit Shetty’s comedy “Bol Bachchan,” with legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan singing and dancing with son Abhishek, the film’s star.

    The wink-wink aspect of the movie’s title becomes further apparent when the farcical plot kicks in: Abbas Ali (Abhishek), a jobless Muslim fallen on hard times, breaks the lock on a Hindu temple to save a drowning boy but is introduced to the village by a risk-averse buddy as “Abhishek Bachchan” to avoid being identified as Muslim.

    “Abhishek” becomes wingman to honesty-obsessed tough-guy boss Prithviraj (Ajay Devgn), who likes to put deceivers in the hospital. But lie begets lie, and soon “Abhishek” must invent a gay, mustache-less twin brother, which sends him into the arms of Prithviraj’s beautiful sister (Prachi Desai).

    In an ostensible homage to the ’70s Bollywood comedy-of-errors classic “Gol Maal,” there’s a lot of sweating out the central ruse to little pleasurable (or believable) effect, despite spirited turns from the gifted Devgn — relishing his character’s dim-bulb righteousness and mis-learned American phrases — and the charming junior Bachchan.

    Though Shetty’s movie love is noticeable, his reliance on frantic sound effects and empty action-comedy set pieces over well-thought-out farce mechanics is ultimately wearying.

  140. FILMWAALA @FILMWAALA Bol Bachchan : Fri 13.25 cr, Sat 12.05 cr, Sun 18.10 cr … Total 43.40 cr …. Very Good

    • glad to see these numbers.. as I said earlier I felt the Fri number was off by at least a crore even with Taran. We see here a higher range.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      This person’s twitter id is protected. Does he have a box office site where i can go and check figures???

  141. Vikas Sharma ‏@TheFilmySharma

    Bol Bachchan weekend – 43 crores

  142. tonymontana Says:

    its amusing to see that despite Abhishek in a lead role and the film having ‘Bachchan’ in its title, BOI still insists on it being an ‘Ajay Devgun’ starrer!

    • par for the course.. of course they know it too which is why they’ve been less than thrilled about the performance and have been understating/underreporting!

  143. Dr shaurya Says:

    Critics might have panned it, but Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan is doing a decent business at the BO. The film has collected approx Rs. 43.10 crore in its opening weekend. The movie has also become the biggest opener for Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn.

  144. Dr shaurya Says:

    The Ajay Devgn-Rohit Shetty combo was worked wonders again at the box-office with Bol Bachchan collecting Rs 43.10 Crores in its opening weekend.

    Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty have been an indomitable combination at the box-office always ensuring blockbuster success. Same is the case with their latest offering Bol Bachchan that has expectedly opened to a fabulous response. The opening weekend collection is Rs 43.10 Crores Net (Breakup: Friday – 12.10 crores, Saturday – 14 crores, Sunday – 17 crores). The business continues to be strong and the film is expected to make more money in the coming days.

    Bol Bachchan has also performed phenomenally well at the overseas box-office. As per official figures given by the production house, Bol Bachchan has grossed US$ 2.06 million over the weekend. (Breakup: US – US$ 540000, UK – US$ 255000, Middle East – US$ 650000, Australia – US$ 167000, Rest of the World – US$ 450000).

    The film has already broken earlier Shetty-Devgn records having generated 36% higher figures than Singham and around 43% bigger than Golmaal 3 during their opening day. Surely this one is another contender to reach the coveted Rs 100-crore mark.

    The coming week sees the release of Saif Ali Khan’s home production Cocktail that costars Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty with the actor. The film carries a fresh romantic-comedy feel and its solo release should possibly help it open to good response.

  145. Dr shaurya Says:

    B-Town’s super hit duo Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty are continuing to strike gold at the box office with the spectacular opening weekend of Bol Bachchan!

    The action comedy has augmented its firm presence at the box office by amassing a grand total of RS 43.10 Crores Net Box Office over the weekend in INDIA, with further increases expected!

    After opening at 12.10 crores net on Friday and 14 crores net on Saturday Bol Bachchan, the Net Box office in India saw a phenomenal increase on Sunday thanks to packed cinema houses contributing to the day’s total of 17crores (approx), with numbers still coming in from all centers.

    Presented by Fox Star Studios, the Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision and Ajay Devgn Ffilms’ produced flick is reportedly shaping to be Devgn-Shetty’s biggest films, having generated 36% higher figures than Singham and around 43% bigger than Golmaal 3 during their opening day. This remarkable feat was achieved in spite of monsoons and other anticipated regional releases such as EEGA in South and ‘Jatt and Juliet’ in Punjab

    With a perfect combination of action, comedy and dhamaal entertainment the movie which stars Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai in the lead roles has been generating a tremendous reaction from audiences with immense appreciation especially for Ajay Devgn as the macho yet endearingly funny pehelwan. Joining the Lion King this time is Abhishek Bachchan whose hilarious presence has added a unique flavor to the laugh riot and is being well received by audiences as well!

    Internationally too, positive reports are flooding in from all centers with Bol Bachchan doing extremely well when compared to other recent releases overseas.

    Bol Bachchan has grossed US$ 2.06 mn. over the weekend with the split as follows US – US$ 540000, UK – US$ 255000, Middle East – US$ 650000, Australia – US$ 167000, Rest of the World – US$ 450000

    In fact Bol Bachchan has fared significantly better than all Devgn – Shetty combination films and recent releases including Rowdy Rathore.

    Well it seems that the coveted 100 crore mark is not far away!

  146. Dr shaurya Says:

    Tanishaa Mukerji ‏@Tanishaa003
    43 crore weekend for #BolBachchan ~ the wave is only getting bigger! #ADF

    RAJ BANSAL ‏@rajbansal9
    #BolBachchan crosses 43 crores at weekend superb sure to make it to 100 crore club congratulations @juniorbachchan @Tanishaa003 @ajaydevgn

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    Midweek BO: #BolBachchan has 43.10 cr weekend

    [Has emerged Ajay Devgn-Rohit Shetty’s biggest opener ever. Though the film started on a decent note on Friday morning, the business increased rapidly during the course of the day. The business showed an upward trend at multiplexes on Saturday and reached the optimum level on Sunday. In fact, the growth in business on Sunday ranged from 35% to 50% over Friday numbers in various circuits. This, despite strong opposition in the form of Punjabi film JATT & JULIET in North India and Telugu film EEGA in South India. Collected approx 43.10 cr in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 12.10 cr, Sat 14 cr, Sun 17 cr. ]

    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      Those asking about ‪#Singham‬ opening weekend business in India, it was Rs 31.07 cr nett. Breakup:- Fri 9.03 cr, Sat 9.67 cr, Sun 12.37 cr.

    • Sun is huge.. and unlike earlier Sat is now 14 crores and not the same as Fri

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      ‪#BolBachchan‬ collected approx Rs 43.10 cr in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 12.10 cr, Sat 14 cr, Sun 17 cr.

      LOL, so much for BOI!

      • I was surprised when the Sat number here was the same as the Fri because WOM seemed strong here compared to the usual masala fare. This makes much more sense.

  147. Dr shaurya Says:

    final breakdown by Taran Adarsh on twitter..

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    #BolBachchan collected approx Rs 43.10 cr in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 12.10 cr, Sat 14 cr, Sun 17 cr.

  148. Dr shaurya Says:

    Mumbai: Rohit Shetty and his constellation of Bollywood stars couldn’t have been happier. ‘Bol Bachchan’, the latest to come out of the Shetty camp, has already generated gross revenue of 72.8 crores. And all of that hefty cash in the first three days itself!

    The film was released countrywide on Friday, and has been in news ever since. Lead actors Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan have been lauded for their performances, and despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film has managed to woo the audience.

    ‘Bol Bachchan’ is a comedy based on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s ‘Gol Maal’, and has been loved by moviegoers thus far. And it seems the film will be another member of the year’s 100 crore club!

  149. Bol Bachchan Monday Collections | Early Estimate
    Posted on July 9, 2012 | Leave a comment

    After a Healthy Total On Weekend, Bol Bachchan Seems to be doing really well on the 4th day.

    The Collections have shown a drop of around 30% from Friday Collections. Few Places have shown a very strong Performance.

    At Many Multiplexes, the Monday Morning & Afternoon Collection, was found to be better than Friday. This is really amazing.

    As Per Early Estimate, the Monday Collections for the Film would come in the 7.75-8.25 crores Region. This would be a Fantastic Figure for Monday.

    The Above Mentioned Figure may go even higher if the evening shows do well. In any case, it should not come lower than the estimate.

    If Bol Bachchan holds up thoroughout the week, the First Week Figure would come around 65-66 crores. This Would be a Decent total, and the hopes of doing 100 crores finish would remain alive.

    • This Mon is even more outstanding. But LOL at the decent total bit

    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      Update: Going thru ticket sales of a leading multiplex chain and ‪#BolBachchan‬ Monday morning shows are better than Friday morning shows.

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      Getting reports from many places that ‪#BolBachchan‬ Monday morn and noon shows better Friday morn and noon shows. Passes Mon examination!

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      ‪#BolBachchan‬ showed upward trend at multiplexes on Sat and reached the optimum level on Sun. Growth on Sun was 35% – 50% over Fri numbers.

      • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

        ‪#GOW‬ – Weekend 3: Rs 1.6 cr. Total so far: approx Rs 26 cr nett.

        pleased about this too.. excellent total. the film will do almost as much as BBB!

    • note how in many instances BOI can be a couple of crores behind Taran’s numbers. This time ‘mysteriously’ there’s a 5 crore differential. Oh wait this is an Abhishek movie!

    • Bol Bachchan Wraps Weekend At 38 Cr Plus
      by Shinjini Bose (July 9, 2012)

      Last week’s release, Bol Bachchan, wrapped the weekend with exceptional numbers – Rs 38 crore all-India. After taking an excellent opening, the Rohit Shetty film picked up further over the weekend, and tradewallahs say it is still doing remarkably well.

      Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines in Mumbai says, “The pan-India weekend collection of Bol Bachchan is Rs 38 crore, while within Mumbai, the film earned Rs 14 crore at the weekend. The week will be spectacular for the film.”

      Bol Bachchan has exceeded expectations in Delhi, where G D Mehta of Bobby Arts International remarks, “The pan-India weekend collection of Bol Bachchan is around Rs 40 crore, and in the Delhi-UP circuit, Rs 7.25 crore.”

      According to Surendra Saluja of Lakshya Movies in Punjab, Bol Bachchan earned Rs 2 crore at the weekend in the territory, and it was a good weekend in West Bengal too. Sunit Singh of Aum Moviez says, “The weekend collection of the film was Rs 1.2 crore in West Bengal. It is doing equally well at single-screens and multiplexes in our region.”

      In CP, Sarang Chandak of Shri Rang Films reveals, “The weekend collection of Bol Bachchan was Rs 80 lakh. Today, the film took an impressive opening as well and the week will wrap with marvelous numbers.”

      Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers in Orissa concludes, “Bol Bachchan had a good weekend in our region and it is doing well in both small and big centers. Bol Bachcan is a typical Rohit Shetty masala movie, which always appeals to the masses as well as the classes. It earned Rs 18 lakh in our region during the weekend.”

      • once again proves my point about how no one has the actual number in the precise sense. In this article the Bombay distributor is pegging it at 38, the Delhi distributor at 40!

        • Fox reported fishy numbers for My Name is Khan – then everyone followed from BOI to Taran except Satyam.

          Fox does same with Bol Bachchan (43 cr) – Taran and Satyam follows but BOI doesnt.

          Who is surprised?

          • Bored, it’s ok.. you’ll have to get over the BB success.. at least be pleased that you have a home in BOI..!

          • 38 or 43 its more or less in the same range, just highlighted the politics behind these insignificant differentials.

            Anyways, a Golmaal 3 like follow through should give 70-75 cr first week and 120-125 cr end total which will be very good trending in my books.

            Unfortunately that may still not satisfy the lofty standards of doubling the week 1 excuse used here to bring down movies but wont stop lionizing BB (not saying this shud not be lionized – i think it deserved to be applauded).

          • Actually there’s a significant %age difference on those two numbers. And again normally BOI are never more than 2 crores behind Taran’s numbers except for here. But their agenda is once again rather obvious. Anyone who doesn’t see it is either blind or shares the agenda! Usually the latter. Not saying you’re doing this.

            Doubt it will be that high for week 1. Or let’s say I’d be surprised. If the 7.25 or greater number is right for Mon and let’s assume Tue is a bit lower. You might have another 13 crores or so, that would take you to 56 crores or so off the first five days. Even 5 crores each on the remaining two days would get you to 66. So I’d expect more realistically something in the low 60s here, maybe a bit more if the film is stronger. For your range to be correct it would need to do 3I kind of trending where there would be 7 crores every single day. Don’t think that’s possible. Or if that happened we would be looking at something even greater than 125 crores.

            On the doubling it’s not a lofty standard. Singham achieved it, Ghajini did it at a much higher level. Not even getting into 3I here. With some of the other films you get better trending the moment there’s a better film. RR for example. With most of the other 100 crore grossers you’re really getting a huge weekend followed by a couple of relatively strong days and then things peter out all of a sudden. These are 100 crore or more grossers mostly because of the initial ‘rush’. Even with RR it’s more stable in single screens after the first week or two. Which also is not surprising looking at the content of the film. In other words the film is a bit more stable than even the better trending suggests. But it’s not so in multiplexes to the same degree because it’s not a multiplex film. Here one of the issues is that barring Aamir with those two films no one has been able to thread the needle or getting some parity in both kinds of centers. So Singham too never quite ‘roared’ in the multiplexes. It was obviously good but not at the level of these other films. Meanwhile a lot of the Southern masala doesn’t have strong legs in multiplexes unlike in the South. so it’s still largely an initial game. Having said that this was true even for BnB. It did huge initial numbers in the metros but it was strong here for a couple of weeks whereas it was stronger in small centers for much longer. Once again it’s not surprising that the Aamir films did that much. You need a strong narrative one way or the other. No real substitute for this. You could watch Ghajini again, most people could watch 3I again, I think even Singham could be repeated, not most of the others. Note how Dabanng even with such a huge soundtrack and the iconic character, famous lines and son still couldn’t double its initial like Ghajini. Again I never thought much of the Dabanng narrative either. But so far I haven’t seen a 100 crore surprise in terms of trending. I think there is a correlation between the two (narrative and trending).

          • Yes there is a strong correlation between acceptance, narrative and trending. But box office success of a movie cannot be grudged or glorified based on trending.

            BB if it does 60-65 cr week 1, the 110-115 cr is good trending (it will be in the HF2 range). This kind of movies have a wide audience base, so even 130-135 cr (Rowdy Rathore range) is a possibility.

  150. Y’dy 6:10 PM at Regal, NJ was almost packed as well earlier shows too. Family and friends enjoyed it along with responsive audience though myself couldn’t resist to opt for spidy in 3D.

  151. Rohit open to ‘Bol Bachchan’ sequel
    IANS | Jul 9, 2012, 02.20PM IST

    Director Rohit Shetty is overwhelmed with the response his comic caper ” Bol Bachchan” is getting and is open to making a sequel.

    “You want me to make a sequel? OK, we will think about it,” said Rohit at a theatre where he and Abhishek Bachchan had come to gauge the audiences’ reaction.

    Abhishek, who has worked in the Dhoom frenchise and also doing Dostana 2, is more than eager to pitch in.

    “He (Rohit Shetty) is a sequel king director. He has made three-four sequels and I have worked in three-four sequels. So if he says, we both are ready but now we have to persuade Ajayji (Ajay Devgn) for it,” the 36-year-old said.

    Rohit’s first comedy film Golmaal: Fun Unlimited released in 2006 and was a super hit. He made two sequels to the film – Golmaal Returns (2008) and Golmaal 3 (2010) and is already working on Golmaal 4 slated for a release in 2013.

    Meanwhile, Abhishek is very happy that the movie is running to full houses.

    “Today, our movie has been screened here (Galaxy Theatre, Mumbai) and is being liked by the audiences. So it feels good. Till now, we haven’t met the audience. We are standing at the back waiting for them to know their reactions. But the biggest compliment is that the movie is running houseful,” said Abhishek.

    • “We must stand for the films that matter, not let their remakes trample box office records. Nothing will remain sacred anymore, and we’ll be doomed to nightmarish remake loops forever, our greatest cinematic glories rehashed into forgettable flicks.”

      Odd that it never occurred to Sen to cry this ethical foul when Agneepath, Don or Sholay were being remade. Give me a break.

      • LOL!

        Actually BB is a far better option because if you make a closer remake the stakes are far more high and the disaster greater. In this sense Aag was not a bad experimental idea, it’s just that the execution was completely disastrous.
        I’ve said this before but had Hirani remade Golmaal with this framing (the temple et al) we could arguably have seen a film on par with the original or even greater. Of course it would also require someone else in Devgan’s part. A truly fine actor. I’ve again felt here that Boman would have been great. But even if one didn’t want to stick that close to the original I think Dutt would have been excellent under Hirani.

      • Well Farhan’s Don had its share of general negativity due to the popularity of the original – the film suffered both on box office and perception front due to that.

        Agneepath remake had its share of negativity due to Amitabh’s cult VDC – although the original movie on its own does not hold wide scale patronage – thats one of the reason why Kjo could successfully pull off his renovation.

        Anyways, if Golmaal had to be remade I would have liked to see Boman and Abhay Deol under Hirani’s direction.

        Hirani is getting crippled by his own exponential success – he is finally starting to shoot his next after 3 years since 3 Idiots released! For a guy who deals with small/medium budget productions that is too much time spent in pre-production.

    • tonymontana Says:

      While I didnt like Bol Bachchan much, I must say Raja Sen is being unfair here. Had he seen BB, he had realized it pays homage to Golmaal in 3 scenes

  152. Here is the winners list for the 59th Idea South Filmfare Awards 2011:

    Best Film – Dookudu

    Best Director – Sreenu Vaitla (Dookudu)

    Best Actor – Mahesh Babu (Dookudu)

    Best Actress – Nayantara (Sri Rama Rajyam)

    Best Supporting Actor – MS Narayana (Dookudu)

    Best Supporting Actress – Annie (Rajanna)

    Best Music Director – SS Thaman (Dookudu)

    Best Playback Singer (Male) – Rahul Nambiyar – Guruvaram March
    Okati – (Dookudu)

    Best Playback Singer (Female) – Shreya Ghoshal – Jagadhannadha – (Sri Rama Rajyam)

    Best Lyrics – Jonnavithula – Jagadhannadha – (Sri Rama Rajyam)

    • Dookudu was fairly enjoyable but in truth relatively stale on the whole. Bachchan and Rajni are the only stars I’ve seen who could repeat the same stuff again and again and still make it very enjoyable and fresh. with most other stars the staleness starts setting in soon. Dookudu is probably at Pokkiri level as a narrative. But it nonetheless seems stale. Had the films been switched here I might have said the opposite. I also think Mahesh Babu is losing something by constantly appearing on screen as ‘superman’. There’s no vulnerability to his persona anymore. Okkadu is by far his best film even in this sense. I enjoyed Pokkiri a lot but his similar act in every film isn’t quite as captivating. Nonetheless this film is enjoyable. On the other hand Businessman is truly poor stuff. Half a narrative really. Not surprised this film didn’t sustain too well after the initial. Don’t think Abhishek should do this one. Actually Dookudu would be a far better idea if he wanted to. Businessman has nothing. And the disturbing thing about Puri of late is that he is really making wafer-thin narratives.

      • BTW here are the Tamil Filmfare Awards-

        Best Film: Aadukalam

        Best Director: Vetrimaran (Aadukalam)

        Best Actor (Male): Dhanush (Aadukalam)

        Best Actor (Female): Anjali (Engeyum Eppodum)

        Best Actor in Supporting Role (Male): Ajmal (Ko)

        Best Actor in Supporting Role (Female): Ananya (Engeyum Eppodum)

        Best Music Director: GV Prakash (Aadukalam)

        Best Lyrics: Vairamuthu for ‘Sara sara’ from Vaagai Sooda Va

        Best Singer (Male): Aalap Raju (Ennama Edho in Ko)

        Best Singer (Female): Chinmayee (‘Sara sara’ from Vaagai Sooda Va)

        Lifetime Achivement Award: SP Muthuraman (director)

        Lifetime Achivement Award: Seema Sasi

        Best Debut: Shruti Hassan (7Aam Arivu)

        Best Cinematography: Velraj (Aadukalam)

        Critics Award: Vikram (Deiva Thirumagal)

  153. Bol Bachchan’ grosses Rs 73 crore at the box office

  154. A 5cr differential betn BOI and Taran is enormous. So even if they split the diff, BolB has a ~41cr weekend which is pretty good. Now that BOI themselves claim a 7cr Monday, they will not be able to “numerically” stop this from joining the 100cr gang. Significantly, this will cross the lifetime of DMD in its first 5 days! So much for totally writing off JrB. It seems he has finally found his groove. Lets hope he sticks to the winning formula. Beti ke janam se Lakshmi ghar mein aayi hai, usko dono haathon se pakad ke rakho.

  155. BOI is obviously on a sticky wicket here and their partial commentary underlines how corrupt their reporting is.
    Obviously interested parties and those inconvinienced by BB and Abhishek’s success will try and use their numbers and their commentary to save their lying faces but sane people know the truth and this commentary and reporting by BOI is really a piss in the wind.Abhi has emerged victorious here and no amount of verbal gymnastics and statistical thievery by the likes of BOI really matters in public perception of how ig BB is and who deserves a lion’s share of the credit.

  156. Dr shaurya Says:

    @ Satyam

    Actually there have so much media declare about 43 crore weekend that BOI and other Anti bachchans cant hide the truth..
    When influential Media channels like Zee news, Star news (ABP news) and leading papers like Hindustan times and Times of India are declaring it to be 43 Crores it becomes impossible for BOI to fool people. Even if they dont admit it hardly matters because 99% people believe these sources not BOI.

    Also retweeting of no. 43 crores is enormous on Tweeter… Its like everybody who watched it wants it to succeed… or people were waiting for abhishek to be back to the place he left in 2008.

    • I agree, the feeling here is overwhelmingly of a hit, this was so even on Fri, to argue against this is futile. Frankly even a few crores here and there don’t make a difference to anyone.

      • My sister saw the film today and found it boring but liked Abhishek a lot. And this is the 1st time she has liked her since Bluffmaster (she found his look in Bluffmaster very appealing)

  157. Dr shaurya Says:

    ETC bollywood is also reporting it to be 43 crores… NDTV too have 43.10 crore as weekend number.. lagta hai saari kaynat bol bachchan ko hit karane ki saazish kar rahi hai… koi to insaaf ke masiha BOI ko kaho ki wo insaniyat ko bacha le… Bhalo manush kahan ho tum… kahan ho..!!

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Kya hua Doctor Saab. Aaj khush toh bahut honge aap..Humesha flop denewale Abhishe ko bhagwan (Ajay Devgn) ki kripa se hit mil gayi…Aise bhi hit toh milne wali thi..yeh nahin toh Dhoom 3 toh definitely hit hoti aur 200 crore se jyada kama leti…

      On a serious note…I will always stick to BOI figures..I don’t go for any random tweets or sites or trade analyst because it quotes a higher figure for my fav star. In case of Ra One also i never followed Taran/Komala or any body from Twitter world. Earlier i used to follow Taran until i found BOI. I will be glad if another portal comes up with better and REGULAR updates and then i will start following that.

      Chalo aap hi bol do…koi ek site/news channel other than BOI which i should follow. We can then compare. If you want to follow ETC then stick to it for all films. It will be easy for me to find mistakes for that site and ridicule it similar to what is done to BOI. Earlier some of the guys (mainly bachchan fans) were following IBOS. Later it turned out to be a big JOKE.

      At the time of Buddha Hoga tera Baap also some of the guys came up with Andhra Box Office. This site was born during that time and died after the movie flopped badly.

      So i quite agree with BOI on two things. first is 38 Cr for the weekend and i don’t have any issue if later they correct this figure. Second when they say it is Rohit Shetty- Ajay Devgn film. Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty has to perform with out each other. Rohit Shetty with a lesser star like Hirani who delivered a BB with Sanjay Dutt. Till that time i will consider them Both a major force at the BO.

      Abhishek now has Bol Bachchan but i will wait for the Solo Bachchan what ever genre it may be. I declare that if Abhishek Gives a 100 crore in a solo starrer till 2015, he will be number one for me and will not remain a FLOP STAR. When i say solo that means it should not have another actor with a substantial role from the 100 Crore group.

      • Rajenmaniar Says:


      • Dr shaurya Says:

        @ Bhalo manush…jab aap itna soch rahe hain ye decide karne se pehle ki kis site ko follow kiya jaye….. to zara sochiye… Times of India, Hindustan Times,India Today, Zee news, IBN7 News , NDTV, ETC… all of them …ne kitna socha hoga ye declare karne se pehle…. Ya apke hisaab se itne bade bade media houses aur newspapers ki koi izzat nahi hai, Koi authenticity nahi hai…. Sirf BOI ki izzat aur authenticity hai… Jisse swayam bhagwaan shiv ne dharti waasiyo ke udhaar ke liye banaya hai…

        I cannot buy an Idea which says Times of India has published a news without cheking real facts… itna bada akhbaar chalana mazaak nahi hai… and BOI ki aukaat TOI ke samne kya hai… ab yeh bhi batana padega…

        Haath kangan ko aarsi kya, padhey likhe ko faarsi kya..!!

        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          @Dr shaurya

          Yahan BOI ki authenticity ki baat nahin ho rahi hai..Koi bhi site 100% authentic nahin hoti hai..Main sirf itna keh raha hoon ke BOI sabse behtar hai…

          “I cannot buy an Idea which says Times of India has published a news without cheking real facts… itna bada akhbaar chalana mazaak nahi hai… and BOI ki aukaat TOI ke samne kya hai”

          Chaliye aap yeh keh rahe hain ki TOI authentic hai. Woh jo khabar chhapti hai ek dam sahi hai…Aaj se tab TOI ko hi follow kar lete hain aap ki tarah…Abhi ate rahiye is blog par aur dekhiye kis tarah TOI ki dhajjiyan udti hain…

          Aaj se Box office ke liya TOI ko hi quote karenge..thik hai toh…
          Leave BOI and follow TOI…

          • It is only a matter of sheer and miraculous coincidence that someone who abhors Abhishek and adores SRK finds BOI to be the most dependable site..

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:


            Tell me then which site or whose tweets to follow for correct BO figures??? Andhra BO or Vikash Mohan??

          • I think you should follow BOI or any other site which has the lowest possible figures for Abhishek and the highest possible for SRK. The good news here is you have a home in BOI. You can stop looking!

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            @Dr Shaurya…

            One more thing…give me the TOI box office url…I will add it to my favorites…

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            “I think you should follow BOI or any other site which has the lowest possible figures for Abhishek and the highest possible for SRK.”

            Well i understand this has been your trick to follow any site that puts highest figure for Abhishek’s films and lowest for SRK’s
            But this is not working for you and will neither work for me. Due to this you have been jumping from IBOS to Andhra BO to Amul Mohan to Time of India to NDTV to random tweets…

            That’s why i am asking give me one site other than BOI. I am ready to leave BOI coz it is biased, corrupt site. It throws random numbers in air.

          • rockstar Says:



            they themselves don’t claim responsibility or authencity of any of their numbers because one can be easily sues

            and ya producers don’t give income tax by the data of any random box office sites …its more the online consumption

            reputed stuff like ians and pti don’t go by any bo sites or random entertainment article

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            Lol…everyone of you are going round and round…i agreed BOI is corrupt…now tell me which site to follow…

            “reputed stuff like ians and pti don’t go by any bo sites or random entertainment article”

            From where do they get BO figures??? From producers ??
            Should i then follow reputed stuff like ians and pti??

          • rockstar Says:

            no body is ground around but there are some who want to escape

            they do crosscheck and proof reading …rather than any rant and its a simple commonsense ….try following their news and one get to know that

            is there any criteria to follow any site when indian box office is highly corrupt … when last year i talked about many murky distribution dealing that time others where laughing look at news all over

            jab distribution main hi sahi paisa nahi lagta hai(black money) then who has the original total provided if there is a saying that total is coming from distributors

            infact no one can be precise to declare ant specific number of film ( its more estimation )

          • rockstar Says:


            iffrononfire Says:
            May 24, 2011 at 2:55 AM
            indian box office is hardly transparent and will never be due to black money and murky distribution dealings

            even budgets or distribution costs of movies in media most of the times are increased or decreased due to convenience factor

            (said a while back on this forom only by discussing …more to be lol at)

  158. GOW special trailer with French subtitles for its release in France on 25th July.

  159. I went completely besharam-Abhishek Bachchan

    Aakansha Naval-Shetye (DNA; July 8, 2012)

    Comedies always seem to work for Abhishek Bachchan and it’s turning out to be no different for the actor in his most recent release Bol Bachchan, where his performance is garnering much appreciation. But while the industry’s talking of the genre being lucky for the actor, Abhishek waves it off. “Lucky or not, I don’t know. I really don’t believe in all that, but all I know is that it is the film that works, not the genre,” he says. And as we catch up with him for a quick tete-a-tete, the actor also talks about being back on the wish-list of filmmakers and reveals why he’s taking a break from experimenting on screen…

    Q: The slapstick kind of comedy you have done in Bol Bachchan is a far cry from your real wry sense of humour…
    A: Yes, the film’s comic pitch was completely different from anything I have done before and yes a far cry from my own sense of humour. But that was the challenge for me… to completely give in to the role. Rohit (director Rohit Shetty) and AJ (actor Ajay Devgn) just told me to become completely besharam and just go all out and that’s what I did. Just threw caution to the winds and went completely besharam (laughs).

    Q: So are you having the last laugh as far as your detractors go?
    A: I don’t hold any grudges, so there’s no question of any last laugh. I am too happy with the response the film is getting to think about all of that. Right now I am just celebrating, taking blessings from my parents, hugging my wife and daughter, and gearing up for my next film (Dhoom 3).

    Q: But how does it feel to suddenly be back on most top filmmaker’s wishlist?
    A: To be honest, it feels really good to have filmmakers appreciate your work. I have been through the phase where people didn’t want to work with me, of people not taking my calls, so now I am really happy to see their confidence restored in me. I don’t take this or success for granted at all. It restores my own confidence in myself as an actor, after there being phases when I have doubted it myself.

    Q: Now that you have found your comfort space in the hardcore commercial zone, are you still as keen on experimenting with your roles?
    A: No, I don’t want to experiment any more, atleast not for a long time (laughs). It’s seldom that the audience decides to love you like this and the worst thing would be to not consider what they want to see you do. So, for now I just want to do what the audience wants and do more commercial fare.

    Q: Are you waiting to show your films to daughter Aaradhya?
    A: She’s too young! I haven’t even thought about it. I’ll let her decide what she wants to see, but yes I will hope she chooses my films (laughs).

    • saddened by his second last response here.. I don’t know what he means by ‘long’ but I was always a bit nervous about his getting too much success. I don’t blame him as he’s been through a lot. The trouble though is that if he goes too far in the direction it will be that much harder to pull back.

      • Exactly. And if he does remain committed to going full-on commercial, I hope he at least works with the right people–Hirani of course, but also someone like Santoshi. My hope is also though that when he speaks of “experimenting” he’s not necessarily saying he won’t work with certain filmmakers but that he will be more cautious in signing up what they offer him. I dont think one should say no to Ratnam or even Rohan Sippy in any scenario, but Abhishek might be more inclined to sign their films going forward if they’re not as ambitious/risky as the previous collaborations. Then again, given Abhishek seems to have passed on what looks to be a very by-the-books kind of deal from Sippy, one wonders if he really means to stick to the Shettys and the Abbas-Mastans to play it safe.

        • He has said even recently he would do any Rathnam film, even a Tamil one in any capacity. of course Rathnam doesn’t make films that often. The rest of the time it’s about Bollywood filmmakers and he might just raise the bar higher here. Which too would be a pity because you sometimes have exciting young filmmakers who can do interesting stuff. Again the step he’s missing here is the Aamir one. The compromise shouldn’t be with the project itself or the director but the ‘script’. So just so risky stuff with greater attention on the script. There is a danger of his over-learning his lesson. On the other hand it could also be a somewhat strategic move on his part to create some confidence with potential investors who might feel that even when he has such a moment he walks away from it by doing risky stuff. And again I worry about the snowball effect here. Is he more likely to resist commercial fare after 2-3 big successes?! either way this is the one dark cloud for me on this film’s success. Would utterly hate to lose him to BB and D3! Or whatever. I guess we’ll have to be in suspense for a while on this score.

      • So much for the prophecy and the billions and billions of essays over the years …

        • if you’re referring to things I’ve been saying I think you should congratulate me for some integrity here! I’ve not forgotten the kind of cinema I support and the kind I’ve supported with Abhishek just because he has this big moment in BB. But leaving this aside he’s a young guy and there’s a lot more of the show left! Let’s see where he takes it in a year or so. If it turns out that he’s sticking to very commercial stuff most of the time I’ll be disappointed of course but there are worse fates in life! Hey don’t credit my prestige theory only when he starts getting successful elsewhere. My position though has always been consistent on this and is so today! But in terms of Abhishek’s response give him a break. It’s just the morning after! I know I’ve said some stuff here but I’ve always said this stuff in every situation. Said it after Raavan, saying it after BB.

  160. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Really Happy for JR that this has worked out, Really hope it trends well during the week some tweets are suggesting it maybe around 7 to 8 cr for monday. if true it can easily hit 65 cr for the week. Not sure how cocktail is going to hold up. Did read somewhere Sail Ali mentioning that cocktail has a lots of western influence to it and its strictly multiplex.

    As far as BB is concerned, agree with many here does not do much for Jr as an actor, good he is getting is dues but shouldn’t have been for something like this, wish this was true for DMD.

    Going by the distributors/exhibitors interviews above, I do feel it may have touched 50 cr in first 3 days, Bachchans’ always get the short end of the stick, its all good its all progression from here on if Jr chooses his movies correctly.

    Satyam Sir, Q fine piece by both of you on the films, and the discussions that followed were a great read as well. I have some free time on hand now will try and go back to your first post ever on this blog and keep clicking next lol.

    • LOL, Nahta is ‘making up’! this is worth watching..

      thanks for your comment..

      to be honest he did get good reviews for DMD but obviously it wasn’t this kind of reaction.

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Exactly why I think it should have been somewhere between 47 to 48 Cr.

      • rockstar Says:

        look at nahata and how he is changing shoes baap re baap

        he called the opening average …never mentioed junior as any part of movie in a commercial sense and now …

        the movie will benifit abhishek hugely

  161. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

  162. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    After doing a whopping 43 Crores of business Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan is still restless on Box office India, as the collections remain almost steady on Monday.

    Bol Bachchan also done superb raise in Weekend box office collection, as it increased form 12.1 to 17 Crores on Sunday due to holiday. We expected Bol Bachachan to drop by aost 50% on Monday.

    Bol Bachachan Fourth Day Collection (Monday)

    Let me break down Box office collection of the First three days including total first weekend collection –

    Friday – 12 Crores

    Saturday – 12.30 Crores

    Sunday – 17 Crores

    Total Box Office Collection on First Weekend – Approx 43 Crores in India.

    On Fourth Day (Monday) Bol Bachchan has collected approximately 10+Crores, which is pretty impressive compared to any movie released this year in Bollywood. As most movies collection drop below 50% of the weekend, Bol Bachachan is keeping its revenue steady till now.

    So Now total box office collection of Bol Bachchan is 53 Crores and heading rapidly towards the 100 Crores of collection mark. And as we know it is more important for any movie to keep its collection consistent to let it become blockbuster, Bol Bachchan will definitely be on top of this list right now!

    • 10 crores seems pretty unbelievable. Would be amazed if that’s true. would suggest 3I-like trending! scarcely seems possible. taran did say some of the Mon morning and noon shows were better than Fri’s. But you have to take these guys with a bucket of salt sometimes. I think 7-8 crores is more likely. However if it does have 10 we’re in for something very special. But again I don’t quite believe it.

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        I dunno, It maybe true cause many are tweeting to be 7 to 8 cr for monday and that too was an early estimate, this maybe true here. Like I said,, going by the dist/exhib above, the total for friday should be have been much higher than reported. Again, Not gonna play the # game here, Its been appreciated, jr has been appreciated movie is doing well. That’s all it matters.

        • Well I would certainly be thrilled if that’s true. I’ve seen some comments suggesting it’s only down by 15% or so on the Fri numbers. Which would make that number possible for sure.

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        BTW it is trending like 3I on twitter though, So many people are praising the film and jr, Some say they have gone to see it 3 times already, Mind you out of 100 there maybe 2 to 3 that didn’t like the film but even they say it offers a few laughs, Hardly anyone is pounding on Jr on this one. Almost everyone is loving it. (I am sure you have done this but, just go on twitter and do a search on Bachchan – It has an amazing response)

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      12+12.3+17 = 41.3…

      lol…2 Cr ka GHAPLA…(BOL) Bachchan PR in full form..

  163. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Sorry don’t mean to bombard you all with the videos and posts.

  164. Regardless of the final number, it seems to be holding up fairly well on Mon.

  165. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Interesting interview and trivia coming from Jr.

  166. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    This is

  167. Alex adams Says:

    Came across this crap song
    It it’s so crap that it’s good in a certain way
    The other gross injustice is tthat both these gals are opposite ‘studs’ like Tushar and that other guy…
    Btw the girl opposite Tushar deserves an award
    For being cute

  168. Alex adams Says:

    Will leave u folks with One of his better live performances
    Gud nite

  169. BOL Bachchan holding very well:

    ab snr & ab jr haters at their best….

    Satyam and Rajen…how r you? Long time no see….been busy
    with work, its freezing cold here.

    • Just witnessed how success changed the perception about actor and how fan following increased after box-office success. Abhishek came to twitter after 1.5 months to say thank you to twitter fans and in less than 5 minutes he is flooded with congratulatory replies in more than thousand.

      I have not seen BB yet, but i am sure his DMD act was one of his best, but unfortunately there was no boxoffice reward and word Flop just suppressed his brilliant act in movie. Though i must add he was not good enough in Players and Game.

  170. Overseas B.O.- ‘Bol Bachchan’ fares well, ‘Eega’ superb- BOL BACHCHAN has fared very well in the international markets. The weekend total stands at approx $ 2.06 million [approx Rs. 11.5 crores], which can be termed as a very good start … Telugu film EEGA has embarked on a superb start in U.S.A. Though released on limited screens, its business is bigger and better than most Hindi films-

  171. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Alex Adam: I thought the song from Kya supercool hian hum quite cute. Both Riteish and Tushaar are lovable and charming. The lyrics are fun as they are meant to be. I like the rhyming of ‘dil ye slip ho gaya’ with ‘Baalon ka clip ho gaya.’ Actually lot of the jokes in the film too are actually funny. Would like to check this out.

    Haaye! Teri shirt da main taan button soniye
    Baalon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya [x2]

    Chand se bhi zyada sohna mukhda tera
    Haaye! Dekhte hi dil ye slip ho gaya

    O Marr gaye yaar deewane
    O tere lover purane
    O die-heart fan tere hain
    Tuhi qadar na jaane [x2]

  172. OT,

    *************Adult Content***************

    Jackie Shroff abusing – Behind the scenes in Polio Advert

  173. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ *actuals* Mon 7.03 cr nett.

    • Bol Bachchan Has 6 Crore Monday

      Tuesday 10th July 2012 09.20 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Bol Bachchan collected around 6 crore nett on Monday as per early estimates. The film had 40% drop in some circuits like Delhi/UP, East Punjab, CP Berar and CI while others dropped around 50%. Delhi/UP had the lowest as it dropped less than 40% as compared to Friday.

      Its a good collection for Monday and the film should do around 58-59 crore nett for the week and if weekdays can hold strong then even 60 crore nett may even be possible.

      The film will emerge a hit at the box office and second week should be pretty good as the new release will mainly affect it in metros and smaller cities will not be affected that much and should do good business there.

      • Monday: BOL BACHCHAN v Housefull 2

        Tuesday 10th July 2012 15.30 IST

        Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

        Bol Bachchan and Housefull 2 had very similar collections on Monday with Housefull 2 having edge mainly in East Punjab, Mysore and Niizam. Below are the Monday figures for both films.


        Bol Bachchan – 2.33 crore

        Housefull 2 – 2.32 crore


        Bol Bachchan – 1.35 crore

        Housefull 2 – 1.39 crore

        East Punjab

        Bol Bachchan – 51 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 56 lakhs

        West Bengal

        Bol Bachchan – 21 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 24 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 16 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 16 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 6 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 6 lakhs

        CP Berar

        Bol Bachchan – 41 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 41 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 31 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 34 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 42 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 40 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 23 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 29 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 20 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 25 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 5 lakhs

        Housefull 2 – 6 lakhs


        Bol Bachchan – 6.23 crore

        Housefull 2 – 6.48 crore

    • if it averages 5 crores the remaining three days it will be at 65 for the week. Certainly shouldn’t be lower than 62-63 crores.

      Incidentally Taran had a 6.25 crore early estimate. BOI have 6 here. They eventually come around after lowering the base initially!

    • NDTV
      Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan’s Bol Bachchan gets a roaring start

      Rohit Shetty’s latest film Bol Bachchan has managed to set the cash registers ringing in its opening weekend. Acccording to the trade, the film seems to be on it way to becoming another blockbuster from the Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn pair, making it their third film in a row after Golmaal 3 and Singham.

      The first weekend collections are around Rs 43.10 crore, with a opening day of Rs 12.10 crore followed by Rs 12 crore net on Saturday and around Rs 17 crore approximately on Sunday.

      This is by far the biggest opening of Ajay Devgn in his 20 year long career. On the other hand, The Amazing Spider-Man collected around Rs 41 crore in its first week and around Rs 7 crore in its second weekend. Last week’s release Maximum has disappointed. (Review: Bol Bachchan)

      Trade analyst Amod Mehra says: “Bol Bachchan opened well and on Sunday it took a huge jump with family audience coming in big numbers. The most important part, which we did not see in the case of recent hits like Rowdy Rathore and Agneepath is that the children have enjoyed the film and that is bringing in repeat audiences. The collections of The Amazing Spider-Man in its second weekend have been disappointing and Bol Bachchan is the major reason for that.”

      Trade analyst Atul Mohan says, “The collections of Bol Bachchan as expected are great. Rohit Shetty is delivering and can be rightfully said as a hit machine. The question was whether it will enter the Rs 100 crore club or not? With the opening collections, it seems that it is well on its way. Spider-Man’s first week has been pretty good but on the second weekend the collection has fallen.”

    • ‘Bol Bachchan’ has terrific opening in North America

      New York, July 10 : Indian comedy adventure “Bol Bachchan” starring Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan scored a terrific opening in North America generating the best debut this summer for any Bollywood film.

      Released by Fox International Productions, Rohit Shetty’s comic hit grossed USD 562,000 in its first three days beating the opening of Akshay Kumar’s “Rowdy Rathore” by a remarkable 47 percent despite playing in fewer theatres, according to

      It also debuted bigger than “Teri Meri Kahaani” starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. In addition, “Bol Bachchan” more than tripled the opening weekend of the last Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn project “Singham” which released in July of last summer.

      The Hollywood Reporter remarked that Abhishek Bachchan gives “one of his best performances to date” and that the film is filled with “engaging performances and ever-spiraling hysteria.”

      “Bol Bachchan” landed in the Top 20 at the North American box office and also scored a huge number one opening in India. (IANS)

      • It’s also done better than Ready though it’s much behind Bodyguard and Houseful 2. All in all I think US numbers could have been stronger and in fact a bit surprised by this number based on the attendance I saw and got reports about from elsewhere. Will have to see how it trends here.

    • BoC:

      Box Office: ‘Bol Bachchan’ touches the 500 million mark in 4 days!
      Hetal Adesara 10 July , 2012

      MUMBAI: The Devgn-Shetty brand of comedy has taken a super run at the box-office. ‘Bol Bachchan’ starring Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai has reached the Rs 500 million (Rs 50 crore) net range in just 4 days.

      Taking an exceptional start on its first day, the film has had steady collections throughout the weekend, with a phenomenal spike on Sunday. Day 4, Monday has also been consistent.

  174. Dr shaurya Says:

    Satyam ‏@Satyamk
    @juniorbachchan Congrats Sir! Very pleased but not surprised. Never doubted the actor or the star!

    Abhishek Bachchan ‏@juniorbachchan
    @Satyamk hey, thanks a lot

  175. Chennai Box-Office (July 6 to 8)
    Tuesday, 10 July , 2012, 17:30

    Naan Ee is flying high at the Chennai Box-Office this week. PVP Cinemas SS Rajamouli directed film has netted approximately Rs 56 lakhs in 3 days from Chennai city.

    Naan Ee for a film without any stars started slowly but each passing day the collections improved. The word-of-mouth and very positive reviews helped the film to win over the family audiences and is the number 1 this week at the CBO.

    At number two is Saguni which has taken a big fall. In the third place is Telugu Eega with limited release has done exceptionally well. It is for the first time in history of CBO that Tamil and Telugu versions of a bi-lingual feature among the top five!

    And at number four is Bol Bachchan, which is doing well at multiplexes and in the fifth place is The Amazing Spider-Man.

    • Eega (Naan Ee) ‘flies high’ at box office
      Last Updated: Tue, Jul 10, 2012 15:48 hrs

      Eega (housefly in Telugu), a techno-graphical extravaganza which hit 1,200 screens globally on Friday, is setting the box office on fire. The unconventional revenge drama starring a fly in the lead has garnered Rs 46.2 crore worldwide in the first three days.

      Besides Telugu, the movie was released in Tamil as Naan Ee and dubbed in Malayalam as Eecha. It is expected to be dubbed in Hindi and released in the next two weeks.

      The story of Eega is about the protagonist (played by Telugu actor Nani) who gets killed by a character played by well-known Kannada actor Sudeep. After this, he takes a rebirth as a housefly to take revenge on the villain in his reincarnated form.

      “We are seeing a mad rush for the movie overseas too. Eega has collected a gross of Rs 13.2 crore in the US and Europe, where it was released with 100 prints, in the first three days,” an official from Suresh Productions told Business Standard, requesting anonymity. The movie will be dubbed in Hindi as Makhi and released in 3D by the year-end.

      The movie is also being released in other parts of the country with English subtitles in spite of clashing with Rohit Shetty’s multi-starrer Bol Bachchan, which is being released over 2,600 screens. Bol Bachchan netted Rs 43.1 crore in its opening weekend at the box office.

      “Due to the buzz around the film (Eega), we have around two shows each in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune with subtitles,” said Ashish Saksena, chief operating officer (south and west), Big Cinemas.

      Writer and director of Eega, S S Rajamouli, is ecstatic about the rave reviews his film is receiving from critics and its collections at the Box Office. He tweeted: “Wanted to stay off twitter for a few days. But ppl kept telling me the Feedback on eega and am forced to sign in…:) And since mrng am just …”

      Produced by Sai Korrapati and D Suresh Babu of Suresh Productions, the film initially went on floors with a shoe-string budget of Rs 7 crore. After over-a-year-and-a-half in the making, courtesy 90 of the total 137-minute footage being high-end animation, it shot up to Rs 35 crore.

      The revenge saga has close to 2,234 VFX shots, second only to ShahRukh Khan’s Ra.One with 3,500, the highest for any Indian movie. Rajnikant-starrer Enthiran around 2,100 VFX shots.

      “Eega could set a new benchmark for VFX in Indian cinema with an unusual story line coupled with comic relief,” said Suniel Wadhwa, an independent film distributor.

      Eega created a lot of buzz and raised curiosity levels like never before much before its release. Bollywood director Ramgopal Varma tweeted on June 22: “I think ‘Eega’ will b first film to start the 100 crore club in Telugu othr words I mean it will collect 100 cr in Telugu alone.”

      Eega has already set records in terms of distribution and satellite rights. The film’s distribution rights have been sold for Rs 34 crore in Telugu and distribution rights for the Tamil version were sold for Rs 5 crore to PVP Cinema. Its satellite rights in Tamil Nadu were bagged by Sun TV for Rs 3.35 crore, which Telugu film trade analyst Veerababu says “is a new record and the highest price for any satellite rights for a film made by a Telugu director.”

  176. BB’s success is very important to Abhishek not only because it’s a much needed hit but also bcos it will increase Abhishek’s dwindled ‘fan-base’. As far as i have seen ‘fan-base’ is something where Abhishek fares the ‘worst’ compared to other stars (the fact that he kept doing ‘different’ did not help his cause).now an increased fan-base will not only help him in getting a better initial but also in keeping him ‘relevant’ in market terms even when he hits a rough patch in the same way as it helped Salman

    • A fan base is truly cultivated with repetition. From 2004-07 he had essentially two kinds of fan bases going for him. A male demographic more interested in the Bachchan signature and in it for the tough guy roles (Yuva, Sarkar, Guru) and a younger female demographic in it for the metrosexual guy (Dus, BM). Then of course there was a film like BnB which spanned the divide, the sort of big film everyone sees. Or you had the family audience show up for some of this stuff (again BnB but also Guru). One of the things a star should also always understand his where his central appeal lies. This too helps greatly in choosing films. You can err more or one side of the other. Speak to one base more than the other. Or do a quality film like Guru that gets everyone on board. The thing though is that his real base was for the two well defined categories. A Guru kind of deal can be a huge winner for an actor but it’s not something that excites the base the way a BnB does. Also it’s hard to build on the success of a such a film unless like Aamir you keep coming up with good stuff that works. Even then it could be argued that a star with really strong base and doing well at the box office can reach that point in his strength genres relatively overnight (as we see with Salman). The problem with Abhishek is that he walked away from his base too quickly. The issue wasn’t the different that failed as much as the fact that the base couldn’t recognize the star they liked in these films. In other words it’s one thing to do poor versions of Sarkar or Guru or BM or whatever where people recognize the star and just reject the film and quite another to do a film that people consider strange and also don’t recognize the star in. ‘Weird’ is always worse than ‘bad’ in both cinema and politics. which is also why when he did occasionally a safer project like Dostana the numbers again couldn’t be maximized. No matter who the star is you don’t get massive initials on your first day, you need repetition. So Salman had Wanted which was a very ordinary grosser relatively speaking (though it did very well in single/double screens). the very same film releasing after Dabanng would probably have trended better than both ready and BG, leaving aside the fact that it would have been a clear 100 crore grosser. On the other hand the Wanted success though smaller was responsible for Dabanng opening big, everything fell into place here but the Wanted memory was there too. Both factors were important (obviously Veer didn’t work after Wanted).

      If Abhishek does another film like BB, in some looser sense, a masala-comedy essentially it would open even bigger. So on and so forth. No star is an exception to this rule. But yes Abhishek was exceptional in walking away from it too quickly. Obviously he didn’t expect his choices to fail, he certainly had some bad luck. On the other hand in retrospect it also becomes clear that he committed this cardinal error of walking away from every kind of base. You then need to be Aamir to pull it off and that’s obviously a high bar otherwise every actor would be in his position.

      At the same time I will say that notion of a ‘base’ is also greatly abused. One must differentiate between stars who have a base in the sense of a certain cross-section of the audience having a deep emotional connection with them and those for whom the base is really more about the star playing to a certain set of expectations. SRK for example had a deep base in the first sense. Aamir never had this and doesn’t have it even today (his whole set of choices precludes it) barring of course beyond the very early stages of his career (even here he wasn’t quite like Salman after his first film). Salman was somewhere in between the two for the longer trajectory of his career. he had a committed base but the coalition wasn’t big enough. The return of masala though has allowed him to maximize his base while also getting everyone else on board for the initial. but his essential coalition is still I don’t think that huge. Nonetheless it’s not the Aamir paradigm. Akshay’s been that way for a long time too except that because of various missteps it’s hard for him to get the salman kind of initial. Otherwise I think he could have been in Salman’s position currently if not a better one. With Devgan it’s pretty much the last few years and specially so with OUATIM and Singam. The comedies were fine in terms of providing him some options but those didn’t really create his base. Singham is really the most important film in his career after his debut film.

      But again there is a great misunderstanding of the word ‘base’. People use it very abstractly.

      the other thing though that is far more useful in terms of understanding stardom is really the ‘event’ that creates the base. Here it doesn’t have to be something as extraordinary as Bachchan’s Zanjeer or Deewar or AAA or what have you. Even in a relative sense films can do this. Change the perception about a star (for better or worse) overnight. We see this currently with BB where for that kind of terrain Abhishek is getting a lot of mileage. Akshay doesn’t get this kind of ‘acting’ mileage for his films, nor did Devgan for any of his comedies, nor even does Salman with huge successes and so on. In other words (and this is a point I’ve always made) that fundamentally even on very ordinary terrain the actor can be separated from the rest. If this weren’t true the supreme successes of some of these other guys should have been received in the same way. But in case the point here is that a film can always change the dynamic suddenly and in essence ‘create’ that base. It is then upto the star to follow those cues or not.

      But even following this lead is not as uncomplicated as it might appear. Because even though a star can prosper hugely doing this stuff it can be a relatively short period of great success for him. At some point or the other to be a truly great star you do need a body of work that can be taken seriously. At least in a more historical sense. So there must be some films that a later age considers worthwhile and not just enjoyable period pieces (if that). Which is why the way Aamir is perceived is fundamentally different from the way most of his peers are if not all. He is invested with the sense of gravitas. He’s gotten the biggest box office results anyway but those results could still potentially be challenged. The body of work he’s built up cannot be. No matter how well Salman might do because it’s essentially in a kind of cinema that’s repeatable rather easily other stars can latch on to this and even if they do somewhat less it doesn’t matter as much. So Akshay now has a 135 crore grosser in Rowdy, Devgan could do a lot better with a Singam sequel than he did with the original and so on. Eventually you have a number of people on the same terrain. Even if Salman has the initial advantage that works upto a point. When this phenomenon passes Salman will have no other advantage on Akshay or whoever. So again to be a great star you need to establish yourself in some very distinct way. Take even the extreme Bachchan example. He had of course an extraordinary body of work but even when he had really bread and butter films he was still seen as the best actor out there. It makes a difference. Again we see this with Abhishek. As I have said a number of times I don’t consider his acting here extraordinary at all but the fact that so many think otherwise means something. The point is that it is only a star who is perceived as an actor who can get this kind of ‘exaggerated’ reception in what is otherwise ordinary fare. In fairness Akshay and Salman can’t ‘better’ themselves in this sense. they’re just not actors in that pure sense of the word. I’m not criticizing them, just discussing the larger ‘categories’ if you will.

      Getting back to the original point Abhishek ‘exited’ before he could truly establish his base. So he had some films to work off in this sense in an earlier period but he walked away from them. But again it’s also a question of luck in the business. It didn’t take rocket science to do the RDB director’s next film nor the Guru director’s next (who even with a less than successful Yuva had got him great reviews). Similarly when one’s options get more limited it perhaps also doesn’t take rocket science to do a Rohit Shetty specially when you have that double and the title role and so on. Nonetheless when the star fails he seems like a complete fool and when he succeeds he becomes a genius! That’s true in the industry and it’s true everywhere else in life. Success or failure retroactively write their narratives.

      • Good note. I wouldn’t be surprised if Abhishek did a Priyan comedy-remake down the line to extend the BB sort of persona. To be honest, for a Malayalam comedy remake, he’s probably the best candidate out of anyone out there. Certainly he wouldn’t be as much of an embarrassment as Akshay and Salman have been in those films. And Priyan unlike some of the totally bankrupt filmmakers wouldn’t be a bad wagon to hitch up with because on the off chance he flips to Kanchivaram mode, I’d want to be there!

        • agreed.. in fact there was talk of a Priyan film with him and Deepika sometime back.. the problem though is he is much more likely to do this sort of thing if he at least signs on to 2-3 films at a time irrespective of how he shoots for them. But if he commits himself to just one film at a time the temptation will always be to go in for the absolute blockbuster kind of deal.

  177. Dr shaurya Says:

    he action comedy has cemented its firm presence at the box office by amassing a grand total of Rs. 50.13 crores approx till date in India, with further increases expected during the week.

    CHECK OUT: ‘Clean’ Abhishek scores again with BOL BACHCHAN!

    After opening at 12.10 crores net on Friday and 14 crores net on Saturday, the net box-office in India saw a phenomenal increase on Sunday thanks to packed cinema houses contributing to the day’s total of 17crores, with numbers still coming in from all centers.

    Proving that the success was just not the weekend factor, the collection was further augmented with Monday’s figures of 7.03 crores which have totaled collections for BOL BACHCHAN of a grand Rs. 50.13 crores approx till date!

    • over the years many folks including the writer here have posited this clean/stubble split. I have never bought it! And here in BB the guy with the moustache still has more footage than Abbas! yes BnB and Guru fall in this paradigm but he got extraordinary reviews for Yuva and he was loved in Sarkar (symbolically a more important film for him than Sarkar). With a younger female demographic that should be most susceptible to this sort of thing BM is one of his most liked films.

    • this number is pretty much dominating the media at this point.

      Some of these articles though are repetitions of the very same facts and figures. So just put up a link when this happens otherwise the forum gets clogged.

      • Dr shaurya Says:

        @ Sayam.. BOI to akela pad gaya is baar.. I think they are being adamant on there no. just to prove there stand. All others have revised. Cant believe I was defending Taran Adarsh on twitter just now just for this time I m sure..!!
        By the way what is the deal with Amul Mohan.. he seems to be adamant on lower no. too..!!

  178. Komal is also reporting 7.03 crores. May be the producers number. 100 is still a possibility. Not that it is of any importance other than a symbolic mile stone.

    • Unfortunately, It’s also become something of a millstone for the industry!

    • 100 is absolutely on the cards. To put this in perspective Singham was around 36 crores over its first four days. And it too had the ZNMD competition to deal with.

    • by the way Houseful 2 had a total almost precisely equal to this for its first 4 days and in fact slightly lower in some ways. It went on to do roughly 63-65 crores in week 1 and I believe a total of 110 or a bit more.

      But I do agree with you that it’s symbolic beyond a point. Here note how G3 was never supposed to be more than 90-95 crores and then after Singham this too became 100 crores in the media!

  179. Well an inside news. Hera Pheri 4 will revive soon now, after looking at huge response of BB Feroz nadiadwala is making sure that Abhi next after Dhoom 3 should be this comedy sequel.

    So basically there are only sequels in pipeline for Abhishek as of now .. Dhoom-3, Hera pheri -4 and Dostana – 2.

    • will be surprised if either HP4 or Dostana 2 is his very next after D2. And actually I’m actively hoping that it isn’t either of them. HP4 is a bad idea anyway. If he wants to do a comedy along the same lines he should do something new as opposed to taking on a franchise associated with other actors.

    • Dr shaurya Says:

      Its safe to share the burden if one has stiff shoulder.. once the wound heals completely.. ‘ Bring it on ‘ should be the attitude.. But right now He should not get very excited. Kismat ab doosra mauka shayad hi de.. audience bohot mushkil se dubara bharosa karti hai..!!

    • Abhi should(must) not work with kjohar. Tarun is fine but may be he can work on some other project with Tarun under AB corps. no Dostana. that is very predictable. HP4 sounds good.

    • Well i would prefer Abhishek doing Ekta movie written by Rajat (OUATIM fame).


        this story did the rounds earlier.. Abhishek though has categorically said recently that he won’t decide on anything for a while. I think that first project after D3 will be crucial. he should choose it with great care. I think it might be best to do something (if doing a commercial film is the goal) that speaks to a larger audience base than not. So rather a more universal kind of subject than say a multiplex-only action film. Of course don’t know anything about this film but erring on the side of masala is I think on the whole better, irrespective of genre. Otherwise I too would prefer this over something like HP. He does have a bigger pool to choose from though. There was a lot of stuff on the cards. If I were him I’d try to revive the Prabhudeva project right away if at all there’s such a possibility. Don’t think there would be a better one to follow D3.

        • Although D3 is going to be a big hit, i dont think abhishek should only focus on it. As it is only going to be aamir show. It would be better that he quickly finish that movie and move on. In any case D3 is far away may be next year this time of Amir takes more time thn next year Diwali. In my opinion no release till 1 year or 1 and half year is not fruit full. Abhishek should cash on it. May be he should consider working with balki or jaggnanath but on masala genre. I feel Balki is the best choice provided its sort of out and out comedy and masala stuff.

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Right after D3 he should do Businessman with Puri which is the deal that would please the both type of audiences as satyam sir suggested, Puri is good with finishing his movies quick and it CAN release before D3 maybe around this time next year. I think that would be his best bet. If that’s a success he will get credit for d3 as well and not be just an aamir show. (remember people follow success)

          • I actually don’t think he should do Businessman. It’s a rather poor film and it’s not surprising it wasn’t that great after a strong initial. Dookudu itself seemed a bit stale but it would be fresher for a Hindi audience and is in any case twice the film Businessman is.

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Yeah I tried to watch the film yesterday and turned it off midway, Never seen Mahesh babu before but dude, I think he would give John AB some competition on being wooden. But I was under the impression taht Businessman was huge, thought maybe he can too cash in on the south remakes. But you maybe right here.

          • D3 is supposed to release early next year..

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Really, I thought it was being planned for 2013 Diwali release, Plus knowing Aamir things tend to get delayed here and there. And I am sure the post prod might take sometime as well on this. I think they start the shoot today (jr said it on twitter somewhere)

          • it was initially supposed to be Christmas of this year, then it got delayed. Would be surprised if it were delayed so much.

          • Yes no Business man but some film with puri who has understanding of the masses and also very trustworthy for bachchans. I strongly feel that he should work with Balki. Balki he can churn out something really massbase as well as some class and yes budget of the film should be bare minimum as i feel that he still needs one more hit to strengthen his position but the film should be before D3. I am really not interested in D3 from abhishek point of view. just get over it quickly and get on

        • Christmas this year , diwali next year or early next year best thing is to just not expect anything from D3 and finish it off. I would be really surprise if the chopras give him better deal. I think its just going to be D2 way. so better thing is to plan it ahead and decide to work on something else. It is not first time he as worked on more than one films simultaneously before. Also the fact that if Abhishek gets something like D2 sort of appreciation or say ‘lack of it’ than it could hamper him again. It is better if he starts working with Puri or Balki along with D3

          • don’t think it will be like D2.

          • Yes Aamir will have much stronger role and film will make some sense.

          • Since there is so much talk of Puri, here is the trailer of his upcoming film starring Ravi Teja-

          • Ravi Teja might be the single most offensive hero anywhere in Indian cinema today!

          • bigbfan Says:

            Why abhishek should do D3 ? Its really waste of time for him. Aditya Chopra and KJo never gave proper roles for Abhishek even though both Bigb and Abhi acted in many guest roles/side roles.No user for his career i either in D3 or in Dostana 2.
            YRF took advantage after Dhoom and BnB hits.Even respected yash chopra also never directed any movie for Abhi.
            YRf will give same role to abhi like they did in D2.So many south hits and Bigb films are there for abhishek to try as solo hero. Abhi should concentrate as solo hero stories only instead of multi starrrers .Its not difficult to get a solo 100 crore grosser if he chooses right team and story

          • LOL Ravi Teja is repulsive. I will even prefer Kamal Sadanah to him.Wonder how Rajamouli and Puri keep casting him. And hey both Rowdy Rathore and Salman’s upcoming “Kick” (helmed by Shirish Kunder) are remakes of his films

          • yeah he has a number of hits in his industry. You should check out his Don Seenu. He wears a Don T-shirt throughout the film with Bachchan’s face on it and even otherwise he sometimes has thought bubbles where he thinks of other Bachchan lines and so on. Just miserable stuff. In this sense to tolerate some of the Telugu films you need the remakes where Akshay or someone does the job! I’m all for masala and I can even enjoy pretty lowbrow stuff but Ravi Teja converts me into a Vijay fan everytime I see him! Having said that I would have loved to let loose the Don Seenu character on SRK’s Don!

          • Satyam, LOL at the last bit. will try and check out Don Seenu (did see Suriya’s Arul yesterday-enjoyable). i don’t know abt u but i always thought Ajith Kumar (in Billa) made a much better Don than SRK. btw i know u like Mahesh (i too believe he is the best among his contemporaries- though i like Allu Arjun too) a lot but among Telugu actors i will take Nag over him any day as an actor/persona. infact imo Nag is a far superior actor than Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh or Balakrishna-

          • not much of an Ajith fan either but prefer him to Vijay and didn’t mind him earlier when he wasn’t playing superhero. Most of Surya’s masala is rather enjoyable. Arul is incidentally Vikram, not Surya. You might be thinking of Aaru. This is one of his lesser masala films though, too mindlessly violent for the most part. But the same director (Hari) also did Vel and the Singam original with him. The truly excellent masala film from this director is Vikram’s Saamy. Might be the single best masala film I’ve seen North or South that is somewhat ‘generic’ and not narrative driven like say Khakee and the Vikram’s own Samurai. Some prefer the actor’s Dhool along the same lines. Again very enjoyable but Saamy I think is distinctly superior. Again the best ‘overman’. films to my mind over the last decade or even more are some of Vikram’s masala films and Rajni’s Enthiran. After these I have a great weakness for Okkadu.

            Getting back to Surya I probably liked his Aadhavan and Ayan most among his masala efforts. His Maatran releases the same day as ETT.the same director as Ayan and more recently Ko.

          • Satyam u r right it was Aaru. and thanks so much for mentioning these films- had not even heard of Vel, Samurai, Dhool- now i will check them out. But amongs the actors of Nag’s generation in Telugu cinema, whom do u prefer?

          • Don’t know much about Telugu cinema.. haven’t followed it too much.. aware of some of the actors, that’s about it.

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Yes, Saurabh Satyam sir have recommended these films to me as well some time back, There were many Vikram films he has suggested I have yet to catch them. (Can’t find any good prints on youtube with subtitles). If you know of any sites do provide. It will be awesome to catch them.

          • Satyam, Ajith is probably my fav among the current ones along with Suriya- in case u haven’t u should definitely see his last release Mankatha- not to be missed.on Vikram’s masala outings i have seen his Saamy and Dhilli- and agreed completely with u on Saamy- I have seen most of Suriya’s films- liked Ayan a lot but not Aadhavan- of course Kaakha Kaakha remains the best in the genre. Again seen quite a few of Mahesh’s films-Okkadu is the best followed by Athadu, Athidi, Murari and Pokkiri- hated his Nijam

  180. LOL, Joginder’s immediately trying to turn the conversation around and play it on SRK’s terrain:

    It’s so incredibly blatant!

    • Satyam, have u noticed that Devgn has gone ‘completely commercial’ with a vengeance- his upcoming films are SOS, Himmatwala and Jha’s “Satyagraha”- now till he did Singham and thruout this decade, he always had a prestige film to go alongside a commercial one-whether it was jha,bharadwaj etc-but i have noticed that since a good film like Aakrosh flopped he has become wary of signing such films- he left VB’s “Matru Ki Bijli” for SOS( bad decision IMO)-guess that’s what happens once u get a 100 crore hit

      • but also he too has had a lot of failure doing ‘different’. He said in one of the interviews the other day that everyone talks about ‘different’ films and liking them but very few people actually show up for them.

  181. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

      Man, this guy can stoop so low, I dont think he has ever done something like this before to show the economics of any films. I swear man, He cant digest the fact that Abhishek has indeed given a clean cut hit, Also on the above video he suggests its all about devgan. (given devgan was there) but no mention of jr. So people I tell you.

    • he’s gone with the 38 crore number but at least he’s otherwise hugely positive on the film. BOI are worse even on this score!

      • Not sure if you are aware of this but the Telugu remake of Dabanng titled “Gabbar Singh” starring Pawan Kalyan, is set to be the biggest Telugu blockbuster of all times (when i last checked it’s gross was 2nd only to Magadheera and it is still running)- it had completed 50 day run in 307 centres and has already created the record for biggest opening day and weekend- i have not seen the film but a lot of people have been telling me that in some ways it is a better film than Dabanng

        • Its run is almost coming to an end and its going to be the second biggest hit ever among Telugu films.

          In what can be termed as first of its kind Dabanng 2 is going to use some of the sequences from this remake. They (Dabangg 2) have takes the rights to use those scenes too.

          BTW among the generation of Nagarjuna he is considered to be the poorest actor if not a complete non actor. Chiranjeevi undoubtedly is considered the best followed by Venkatesh. These two are considered all rounders means basically they can do anything, among the two again Chiranjeevi is far better.

          Balakrishna and Nagarjuna come next. Balakrishna is the Sunny Deol variety. Among his generation he was the only actor who has done mythological and periodical roles. Nagarjuna is the poorest of all which he himself knows and accepts and hence sticks to his strengths i.e. not to do OTT stuff and less emotions. But unlike others he has taken a lot of risks by doing new kind of films and working with new directors ( he was the one who introduced RGV and many others). He is again the only one among his generations who’s done devotional movies. In his latest movie Shirdi Sai he is playing Sai Baba. Watch out for that. Here are some stills from the film –

  182. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    OT: Satyam Sir have you seen Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Chaitali with Dharmendra and Saira Banu release in 1975? I came across the full movie on youtube, If not here is the link to enjoy. Saw half way through.

    • thanks so much for this.. don’t remember this one at all.. will check it out tonight!

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Yah, I’ll be honest didn’t even know that such movie existed. Like I said watched it half way through and fell asleep last night, I will try and finish it up tonight. If you ask me if started off like Chupke Chupke/Bawarchi kind of a deal but moved to be some sort of Bandini/Sujata type of a film.

        • I’ve probably seen it at some point but I don’t remember it at all. quite exciting to discover a Mukherjee even if it’s inferior stuff from him.

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Oh yeah definitely sir, I was so excited when I found this last night. This is one of the reason why I respect and love the invention of Youtube, Its not only about finding movies and catching them again or discover it for the first time. But it also brings back some childhood memories, For example, I grew up watching Nukkad in Bombay when I was really young and to catch all those episodes on youtube allowed me to go back to my childhood also Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, Have you seen these shows Satyam sir? Or you migrated before they aired? If not below is the link for Nukkad.

      • Srinivas Says:

        i think Satyam Ravi Teja is way better than over the top and over acting all Tamil actors who simply bark like dogs when they utter dialogues including Rajini Kanth.He is not as repulsive as Tamil Actors who are whom you admire.

  183. I have not seen Nukkad but have seen Hum Log. and kill me if u may for saying this but my absolute show of all time remains Chandrakantha- i used to be crazy to watch it every Sunday morning- adored Pankaj Dheer as Shiv Dutt- it’s like a Zanjeer or AAA for me- btw i have recommended this to Satyam (LOL at i recommending something to Satyam)

    • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

      Sorry Saurabh, I migrated before this show must have aired, never seen this show. The shows I remember watching are Hum Log, Buniyaad, Yeh Joh hai zindagi, Nukkad, Wagle Ki Duniya, Kakaji Kahin (Om Puri), Aa Bail Mujhe Maar (Amol Palekar), Rajni, Ek Do Teen Chaar, Nothing else really. I migrated to US early 90 so nothing since.

  184. Alex adams Says:

    Ten dishes around the world to try b4 u die!!
    Masala dosa makes the ‘list’.

    • Dude Alex c’mon now don’t tell us abt Idli, Uttapam, Rasam or Pongal next :) . In any case i prefer Loni Dosa and Paper Dosa to the Masala one. I atleast have a Dosa once a month

  185. Alex adams Says:

    What’s paper dosa ? Lol
    Btw ‘masala’ dosa is to be enjoyed only with ‘masala’ films and ‘masala’ girls…
    Dont mind moussaka and teppanyaki from this list..
    Ha: check out the american entry…
    Ps: think the Indian dish universally popular must be chicken tikka ‘masala’?

    • it’s basically a dosa without the potato mix though its often longer and sometimes thinner than an actual dosa. In Bombay it was once affectionately called 70 MM! In many places they sometimes make almost the equivalent of this as a masala dosa. Not quite as long but pretty expansive.

  186. Eastenders meets Sholay / Ye Dosti – Hindi / Bollywood – Ep. 168 – July 9, 2012

  187. Alex adams Says:

    Ha off 2 some Indian ‘flavors’
    Gud nite

  188. Abhishek’s interview to Zoom – Looks like he has already started Dhoom 3

  189. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ Tue *actuals* 6.3 cr, total: 56.34 cr nett. Excellent!

  190. ‘Agneepath’, ‘HF2′, ‘RR’, now ‘BB’… entertainers call the shots!
    By Taran Adarsh, July 11, 2012 – 07:59 IST

    AGNEEPATH, HOUSEFULL 2, ROWDY RATHORE. Now BOL BACHCHAN. The first three films, released in the first half of 2012, have crossed the coveted 100 cr mark, while BOL BACHCHAN should, hopefully, join this elite club in its Week 2, looking at the way this film is trending.

    The commonality between these four films, besides the fact that they rocked at the BO, is that these films reinforced Bollywood’s faith in masala films. The ever-popular masala films, which dominated the Hindi film scenario in the 1970s and 1980s, are back and how. The whole-hearted acceptance of these films also signals the truth that masala films never went out of vogue. It was our misconception, our wrong thinking that the moviegoer is not in a mood to watch escapist fares. Time and again I’ve heard reputed film-makers say that we ought to make films that target the multiplex audience. If one were to go by this logic, how would one explain the humungous business generated by films like DABANGG, BODYGUARD, READY, the GOLMAAL series, SINGHAM and the recent AGNEEPATH, HOUSEFULL 2 and ROWDY RATHORE at multiplexes? The monstrous success of these films and the terrific start of BOL BACHCHAN reiterate the fact that a really big chunk of movie-going audience loves zany entertainers. Call them stress-free entertainers or illogical movies or low brow stuff, or rate them 1 star or below, these films are contributing to the well-being of the film industry. That’s one fact you cannot ignore.

    The super-success of these films also proves yet again that there is a big divide between the ratings accorded by some critics and what the movie-going audience likes to watch.

    Back to BOL BACHCHAN. This Rohit Shetty film has been galloping with rock-steady figures on weekdays. The film is a success for sure. How big, only time will tell!

  191. Alex adams Says:

    Seems this time, the ‘checque’ reached tran adarsh but not nahata !

  192. Bol Bachchan Has Strong Tuesday

    Wednesday 11th July 2012 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan has come into its own on Tuesday with strong collections of around 5.75 crore nett and a total of 50 crore nett in five days. The film will do a week of 60 crore nett approx. Tuesday had minimal drops compared to Monday in most circuits.

    Tuesday is a very important day as it has been seen that some films that hold up on Monday then go on to show 15% drops daily on the weekdays tend to struggle in the long run but when Tuesday is steady the film normally sustains very well in the long run. Bol Bachchan is sustaining supremely well in North, Gujarat and the Central belts.

    Bol Bachchan is now looking to cross the business of Singham which would make it the second biggest grosser of the Ajay Devgn/Rohit Shetty combination. There biggest grosser is Golmaal 3 at 108 crore nett and this total may be a tough ask for Bol Bachchan.

    • Never heard that G3 made so much! It was always supposed to be in the 95 crore range or something. Singham meanwhile touched 100 crores.

      • It was always the other way around actually as far as I have been following. G3 had clearly and comfortably passed the 100 Cr mark. Singham, on the other hand struggled, in fact many think it didn’t go past 100 Cr but was rounded off as 100 Cr overall after its closing which was in 98-99 Cr range.

      • Singham was 97 Crore and G3 was around 106.

    • In any case this is BOI’s way of admitting that BB will get to 100 one way or the other.

      I think Bhalo_Manush might become homeless soon!

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        lol..did you loose your home after Abhishek’s multiple disasters? You still have your home after Mrityudata and lal badshah right??

        Believe me I am the happiest person to see Abhishesk getting hits and blockbusters with Films like Dostana and Bol Bachchan. Similarly i am happy to see Ranbir doing Rockstar and Barfi and Hrithik getting success with JA, ZNMD and Agneepath.

        I will be homeless when Abhishek will get hits with films like Jodha Akbar and Hrithik will start doing Bol Bachchan. In fact i am almost homeless after hearing that SRK is working with Farah and Rohit Shetty.

        Anyways i am glad to see you happy after so many days and specially after reading a BOI report.

        • Darn.. never realized you were jilted all this while because you were waiting for another Guru..

          I just assumed a SRK fan wouldn’t risk exposing himself to anything with taste..

          Fancy a Hrithik fan who’s not in it for Krrish or Dhoom or KNPH or KMG or the next Krrish and just imagines him to be Balraj Sahni.

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            “never realized you were jilted all this while because you were waiting for another Guru..”

            I have no problem with Bol Bachachan or Krishh or Dhoom 2 or recent films of SRK..these are not my kind of films…

            I have problem when ppl criticize these movies and celebrate Bol Bachchan…Show me one post where i have admired Krishh or Dhoom 2 or SRK’s any recent films…whatever argument i gave regarding these movies are related to BO…but Did you see statements like “I think Satyam might become homeless soon!” from me after the success of Krishh or Dhoom 2 or RBNBJ or Ra one (Gross) and Don 2….??

            It was told that Abhishek is the star actor of this generation for one Guru in last ten years ..what followed to a GURU is history…

            Best of luck to you for your Bol Bachchans and Dhoom 3s….and to all Tushar Kapoor’s fans for Golmaal 3s and Kya supe cool hain hums…

            Well I found this one…enjoy…Return of the Bachchan legacy…

          • Dr shaurya Says:

            @ Bhalo Manush.. Take a deep breath.. Start reverse counting from 100.. and if doesnt works pop up Atenolol,, It helps..!!

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            @Dr shaurya..

            Give Times of India’s box office link…

          • Dr shaurya Says:

            @ Bhalo manush.. It indeed is. Not only that it is a reputed Media house and largest selling english newspaper in India..!!

          • TOI, India Today, and tons of other outlets that have reported the numbers are also getting them from folks like Taran. It’s not as if they independently have these numbers.

            Basically there are three sets of numbers at the moment. Taran and co will have it around 65 crores for week 1, BOI and a few others will have it around 60, Bhavna Somaiya (who’s just launched her trade journal and is of course a veteran of the film media) will have it around 70 crores.

            Obviously those who aren’t exactly Abhishek (or his father’s) fans like Bhalo_Manush will choose to find BOI the most reliable. It’s a well-known anti-Bachchan outfit but of course that’s hardly a problem for someone who actually likes this bit of the agenda!

            As I’ve said before in some cases BOI numbers are a couple of crores behind Taran’s totals. This time there’s rather mysteriously a 5 crore gap!

          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            dhanyabad Dr Shaurya…I will start following TOI BO from now onward…After all it’s a reputed site…

  193. tonymontana Says:

    Damn, dunno what formula Rohit Shetty uses but his films appear o hit the bulls-eye every single time..

  194. Alex adams Says:

    Reports of Salman Khan hitting Katrina Kaif bring to light how women in Bollywood have always faced harassment and discrimination.
    Salman Khan: Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif: When Salman was dating actor Somy Ali in the 90s, it was reported that he smashed a bottle of cola on her head in a fit of rage.

    Aishwarya admitted in an interview that Salman had hit her during their relationship. In 2001, Ash’s family had filed a complaint about Salman coming to their house drunk and breaking furniture and window panes. In 2003 the actor issued a statement against Sallu in which she wrote, “I stood by him enduring alcoholism and misbehavior in its worst phases and in turn, I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical, emotional), infidelity and indignity.”
    Salman allegedly slapped Katrina Kaif on the sets of their film Yuvraaj in 2008, after he saw a picture of her in a newspaper with Akshay Kumar at an IPL match. He also reportedly slapped her earlier at a coffee shop.

    Rahul Mahajan: Dimpy Ganguly: Rahul Mahajan, the reality TV actor, already had a history of abuse, with reports that he used to beat his former wife Shweta. Dimpy, who married Mahajan on reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge later alleged that Mahajan had beaten her and threatened her with a gun. Dimpy claimed that Mahajan punched and kicked her after wanting to know the contents of an SMS on her phone. However, she later went back to him.

    Zeenat Aman: Sanjay Khan, Mazhar Khan: Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman met on the sets of a film in 1980 and started dating. It has been reported that Khan assaulted Zeenat in full public view in the lobby of a Mumbai Hotel.
    According to reports, Khan beat her so badly that the actor had a doctor and nurse attending to her for eight days and she had to take anti-depressants three times a day. Reason: Khan wanted to re-shoot a song from their film Abdullha, but she refused due to other commitments.
    Zeenat married actor Mazhar Khan in 1985. It was reported that Mazhar beat her and the couple later filed for divorce.
    Bollywood and the casting couch: Madhur Bhandarkar/Preeti Jain In July 2004, actor Preeti Jain lodged a complaint against filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar alleging that he had raped her 16 times between 1999 and 2004, under the pretext of casting her as actor in his films. Madhur insists the complaint was of “cheating” and did not mention rape.

    Dibaker Banerjee/Payal Rohatgi: In March 2011, actor Payal Rohatgi accused filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee of trying to take advantage of her physically. Payal said, “Dibakar commented that I had gained weight. He asked me to show him my stomach. I didn’t like it.” Dibakar said she made the comments to malign his image.
    Irrfan Khan/Mamata Patel: Irrfan Khan was accused of deceitful intimacy by actor Mamata Patel who worked with him in Paan Singh Tomar. Mamata said that Irrfan exploited her during the outdoor shoot of the film and threatened her to stay mum about their relation and also promised her meaty roles in future projects.
    Subhash Ghai/Rina Golan: New York-raised Rina Golan in her book Dear Mister Bollywood: How I Fell In Love with India, Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan, named industry veterans Subhash Ghai, Anup Jalota and Anees Bazmee in her biography, claiming that they all asked her for sexual favours when she met them for work.
    Ismail Darbar/Poonam Yadav: Music director Ismail Darbar was accused of being responsible for Sa Re Ga Ma contestant Poonam Yadav’s supposed pregnancy, abortion and a suicide attempt that followed. Poonam slammed the accusations saying, “Ismail sir has been my pillar of strength. Don’t drag his name into this.”

    Rajkumar Santoshi/Mamta Kulkarni: Actor Mamta Kulkarni had accused filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi of asking her for sexual favours on the sets of China Gate and said that when she refused, he cut her role. Santoshi denied all rumours and post this incident Mamta lost out many roles in Bollywood, and her career was cut short.

  195. taran adarsh‏@taran_adarsh

    #BolBachchan is faring very well in the international markets. Posting Xclusive day-wise data to substantiate the statement…

    #BolBachchan – UK: Weekend £ 160,617, Mon £ 23,854, Tue £ 27,452. Tuesday better than Monday.

    taran adarsh‏@taran_adarsh

    #BolBachchan – Australia: Weekend A$ 162,431, Mon A$ 22,716, Tue A$ 40,435. Tuesday better than Monday.

    #BolBachchan – New Zealand: Weekend NZ$ 62,488, Mon NZ$ 8,291, Tue NZ$ 16,524. Tuesday better than Monday.

  196. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    • LOL, what’s happened to Nahta?! Every day he has new reports saying it’s doing very well. Never seen as many different reports from him!

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Whats to Note here is that every dist is suggesting that the movie is working well on both Multiplex and Single screen.

    • LOL, what’s happened to Nahta?! I’ve never seen him come out with as many positive reports as here!

      Note by the way how all these guys are saying it’s doing universally well.

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Going by all this and Taran suggesting elsewhere how BB will touch 100 cr in 2 weeks time, Is that possible satyam sir? End of week it would be around 65 cr. What are your predictions on this weekend? or coming week?

        • will definitely do a 100. Even BOI admitted as much by saying it would do more than Singham. But yes Cocktail will cause some damage in the multiplexes.

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            So being a Jr fan, is it okay for me celebrate ? Or should I wait till the fat lady really sings? (Hoping to get trashed tonight for Jr, YES its been a long wait for the dude, will drink up for him tonight)

          • you should because ultimately as Rajen said one can’t be too caught up with the actual 100 crore number. The film has been acknowledged as a success from the word go, it’s been called a blockbuster after the weekend. Even BOI is being forced to admit stuff early on in the game. So on and so forth. Whether it ultimately does 95 or 105 or whatever is I think less important.

          • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Alright than, on to some scotch tonight, Opening up so Blue Label, Jameson and Glenfiddich. LOL. anyone care to join? Cheers friends.

  197. Delhi/UP: BOL BACHCHAN v Singham

    Wednesday 11th June 2010 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan has done much better than Singham in Delhi/UP. Bol Bachchan crossed the first week business of Singham in just four days. Below are the Delhi/UP figures of Bol Bachchan and Singham.


    Bol Bachchan – 2.17 crore

    Singham – 1.54 crore


    Bol Bachchan – 2.38 crore

    Singham – 1.56 crore


    Bol Bachchan – 2.81 crore

    Singham – 2.10 crore


    Bol Bachchan – 1.35 crore

    Singham – 99 lakhs


    Bol Bachchan – 1.18 crore

    Singham – 86 lakhs

  198. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    BTW It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add that fourth song in the movie and release it again. It will definitely have a repeat audience. I know they never shot for it, but this could’ve been a good strategy here.

  199. Alex adams Says:

    Not sure if this has been posted before
    Trishna had a premier in NY today ?
    Winterbottoms adaptation
    Seems freido has learnt some acting after all…

    • Though she was decent in some scenes film was bad an usual India through Gora’s eyes Film

      • Alex adams Says:

        So what’s the latest score on Bol bachchan gross…
        Reminds me : what’s happening to those who took a flight to see Bol bachchan ? :-)

        • should do 62-65 crores in week 1. On track for 100 crores. Cocktail will damage it a bit in multiplexes though. Even BOI have now admitted it will do more than Singham, their way of saying it’s a 100! But whether it’s 95 or 100 or 110 at this point the discussion is largely academic. Because the film has been accepted as a blockbuster by everyone, it in fact had the ‘hit’ smell even from the very first show. Abhishek got more out of this than I expected in every sense. Devgan added another big one to his list. Shetty has become the biggest commercial director around after hirani (in my books). So it’s really a winner for everyone concerned. which is why I’m complaining about it elsewhere! LOL!

  200. Unrelated but check out Bachchan with Nagarjuna, Dileep, Prabhu here along with Shiva (a Kannada actor I don’t recognize):

  201. Now a rare insight into the heart, mind, soul of Amitabh Bachchan

    Subhash K Jha11 July , 2012

    MUMBAI: Director Shoojit Sircar who made the unreleased ‘Johnny Mastana’ with Amitabh Bachchan, is all set to release a documentary on the Big B which would reveal the mega-star in moods never seen before.

    The film that Sircar is now putting together is based on the extensive tours of Gujarat that the director undertook when he shot 14 films promoting Gujarat tourism.

    Shoojit describes it as an eye-opening experience. “Mr Bachchan and I travelled to nearly 25 towns cities and villages of Gujarat to shoot these films. Initially I was excited by seeing facets of Gujarat that I had never seen before. Then I realized I was traveling across Gujarat with the coolest co-traveller in the world. Mr Bachchan’s energy-level, his poise in front of 50-60,000 fans. Most important of all, his inner tranquility in those rare moments when he was without hordes of people staring, cheering, demanding his time…I was simply blown away by the way he approaches life and people.”

    Luckily Sircar shot ample footage of the Big B in his candid moments. These would now be put together in what promises to be a rare insight into the heart mind and soul of India’s greatest actor.

    The footage that Sircar is putting together would be accompanied by reflections from the Big B’s personal diary. Says Sircar, “We shot the 14 films for Gujarat tourism in 5 phases, the architecture of Gujarat, the Buddhist culture(which no one knows about), the handicraft,the religious rituals and the festival. Through this journey I had the rare privilege of observing Mr Bachchan in crowds and alone. To my good fortune,I shot footage with him in both capacities.”

    Shoojit would like to think he has rare candid footage of the Big B. “In Ahmedabad when we shot the kite-flying ceremony he was surrounded by 50,000 people and still jumped right into the milling crowds without a fear. In a remote part of Gujarat Mr Bachchan drove a phat-phatiya(3-wheeler) with a bunch of villagers…He hopped onto a bike and drove down a highway…It was an amazing experience.”

    But the most heart-in-the-mouth moment, captured in the documentary , was when Mr Bachchan insisted on going into a 300-feet deep well.

    Recalls Shoojit, “We wanted to shoot one of the deepest wells in the country.Mr Bachchan suggested he climb down to show just how deep it is. We thought he was joking. But no. He actually went down the iron pegs inside the well right down where even the camera couldn’t see him.”

    Shoojit claims tourism in Gujarat has multiplied by five times since the Big B became the state’s brand ambassador. “All the Patels who had left Gujarat for abroad are returning to start business ventures in India.”

  202. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    Just viewed the theatrical trailer of @ajaydevgn ‘s ‪#SonOfSardaar‬. Seems like a winner is on its way this Diwali. Promo launches next week.

  203. Dara Singh passed away..

  204. Dr shaurya Says:

    @ Satyam

    Bhawna Somaaya has even better numbers..!!
    And I think they match the Response too..!!

    Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya
    Bol Bachchan collections over the week. Fri Rs 13.25 cr, Sat Rs 12.05 cr Sun Rs 18.10cr, Mon Rs 7.72 cr, Tue Rs 7.59 cr. Total Rs 58.71 cr


    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      did you see this…

      • Dr shaurya Says:

        @ Bhalo manush.. Atleast they Apologise.. not like BOI .. ki kuch bhi chaap do… baap ka raaj hai.. waise bhi BOI visit hi kitne log karte hain.. It hardly matters wo apologise kare ya na kare..!!

    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      ‪#BolBachchan‬ – India: Wednesday *actuals* 5.43 cr. Total: Rs 61.77 cr nett. Excellent!

      • given how stable it’s been during the week it’s safe to say it’s 65 crores or so for the week.

      • Bol Bachchan To Cross Singham In Most Circuits

        Thursday 12th July 2012 10.30 IST

        Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

        Bol Bachchan is set to cross the business of Singham in most circuits across the India. The circuit which is unlikely to be crossed is Mumbai as Singham had a huge Maharashtra flavour to it.

        The two other circuits which will be touch and go are CP Berar and Bihar but in all other circuits, Bol Bachchan will beat the business of Singham. In fact in some circuits it will cross the Singham business in ten days.

        The key to whether Bol Bachchan crosses Singham at an all India level will be Mumbai circuit.

        Singham grossed a phenomenal 46.25 crore nett in Mumbai due to the local flavour, if Bol Bachchan can do near 40 crore nett in Mumbai its all India lifetime business will surpass Singham as other circuits are much stronger.

        • BOI still playing some games here. Yesterday they said it would cross Singham. Today they’re saying it depends on Bombay! The all India number has been so much ahead of Singham’s that it’s hard to see what the problem is! And of course they suddenly don’t have the Wed number. Of course their total for the week will be the lowest one anyway.

      • ETC cocktail ‏@ETCBollywood

        #etcBbiz #BolBachchan collected Rs 5.43 Cr on Wed. Brings the 6 Day Total to Rs 61.86 Cr (Nett)

    • by Taran’s lights it will be 65 crores or so for the week, going by Somaya’s numbers it’s closer to 70.

      • prashant choksi Says:

        satyam, i am very happy for ab, we have waited for this long time, i am believing in his talent since refugee, he has proved his talent in many films, but this is something phenomenal, the biggest hit of his career, very happy and relieved. looking forward to his next movie (besides dhoom 3)

  205. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya
    Bol Bachchan collections over the week. Fri Rs 13.25 cr, Sat Rs 12.05 cr Sun Rs 18.10cr, Mon Rs 7.72 cr, Tue Rs 7.59 cr. Total Rs 58.71 cr.

    She is the Editor in Chief for the new trade magazine called Blockbuster, This magazine was inagurated last week. Hopefully they will stay true to their jobs unlike Taran’s and Nahata’s of that world.

  206. Alex adams Says:

    Seems this is going to be an undisputed bonafide hit and abhishrek is even getting credit for it!
    Also the credit for this box office goes to some who are taking flights to see this movie and perhaps repeating the viewing as well :-)

  207. Cocktail Looking For Strong Start At Multiplexes

    Thursday 12th July 2012 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Cocktail will be looking for a strong start at multiplexes as the music has worked in major cities and promos also have appreciattion amongst the big city audience. The single screen opening will be dull as the better single screens like Liberty and Delite in Delhi had a very muted response when the advance opened.

    Basically for films like Cocktail its all about multiplexes collecting in very big numbers so despite dull single screen numbers the overall collection looks healthy. The biggest opening day number for such a film till date is just under 10 crore nett for Rockstar released last year.

    Cocktail is likely to put very good numbers at premium multiplexes in centres like Gurgaon and Bangalore and should beat the opening numbers of films like Rowdy Rathore and Bol Bachchan in these places but the key heartland belts will be a problem and with a name like Cocktail, the prospects in the heartland are curtailed further.

  208. Bol Bachchan will cross 100 crore in 10 days
    Thursday, July 12, 2012, 14:31 [IST]

    Rohit Shetty, who is basking in the success of Bol Bachchan, says that his movie will cross the 100 crore mark in ten days.

    Talking about the 100 crore mark, Rohit Shetty told a news channel, “Wait for 10 days, we’ll cross the 100. Don’t worry.”

    Bol Bachchan has also become the biggest opener for Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn. Not only this, the movie has also given Abhishek Bachchan’s career a stability as the actor desperately needed a hit to prove his worth.

    The track record of Rohit Shetty as a filmmaker is really impressive. Almost all of his films have done well at the Box Office, right from the Golmaal series to Singham. With his latest release Bol Bachchan, he has once again proved that he has a grip on the popular culture.

    Bol Bachchan also stars Asin and Prachi Desai in the main leads. The movie has received positive reviews from film critics. The wonderful chemistry between Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan, and Ajay’s funny one liners are the major highlights of the film.

  209. wtf .. Amitabh is going to shoot for movie directed by K. C. Bokadia ??

    • boyyy we dont need another Lal badshah…but an Aaj ka Arjun is always welcome..if at all big b is doing a favour to the now bankrupt Bokadia.

  210. jayshah Says:

    Abhishek deserves this big hit! This Devgn-Shetty thing is a bit annoying, anyone who has seen the movie will know Abhishek is arguably the heartbeat of this movie.
    All of this bodes well for D3, which by any estimation is a volcano waiting to erupt now.
    The top star inexplicably is a two horse race right now with Salman and Aamir only contenders. Salman’s had Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard and will have Ek Ta Tiger before Aamir has even comeback! Talaash will come and put Aamir back on a par on recent record and am pretty sure D3 will settle matters.
    100 crore is not a huge deal. Bol Bachchan is a decent entertainer and is reaching the target without any holidays. It puts quite a few of the recent 100 crores into perspective. In the right film, with masala, I’m sure Abhishek could achieve even more. This was a film he desperately needed…but his performance is the one most are talking about.

    • a recent comment:

      [I’d put Aamir on top as being able to get the best possible initial for any given subject. But if someone wants to put Salman up there on current form I wouldn’t argue too much because he does a certain kind of film and all those open hugely with minimal effort. Next I’d probably put Hrithik and Akshay at the same level. Because given a strength genre or a film with lots of frills (remake, sequel, whatever) Hrithik can put up some very big initial numbers. Akshay doesn’t quite get to the same stratosphere because of his large number of failures for a while. On the other hand given his greater volume his average initial is still very strong. Again I could see a case being made for either star being placed over the other but I’d keep it a tie. SRK I’d place next because his has been a diminishing game where to get those numbers he has to do vastly more than all those other stars. Still if accounting for this one still wants to place him at Akshay’s level one could I suppose. Devgan is I think a notch below because across a variety of hits he still hasn’t reached that stratosphere yet. Maybe he will with Himmatwala or Singham 2. But I doubt Son of Sardar will do this. Don’t think he’s quite at SRK level even allowing for SRK’s weakness. Will say though that among these stars all are going through either their absolute best career seasons or relatively strong ones. With SRK it’s very different.]

    • AamirsFan Says:

      “Abhishek deserves this big hit! This Devgn-Shetty thing is a bit annoying, anyone who has seen the movie will know Abhishek is arguably the heartbeat of this movie.”

      couldn’t agree more with this statement. also agree with the rest. eagerly and very patiently awaiting Talaash in Nov.

  211. Offside Says:

    While D3 is given BB; Talaash is not. I doubt it will be huge.
    Salman is better placed than Aamir as he’s sticking to his type of films.

    Ajay’s SoS, Himatwaala, S2 and GM are again BBs – SoS might surprise to the downside, however.

    Hrithik takes too long and is almost running parallel on his own!

    Akshay’s last two have been BBs. Joker looks ordinary really, though.

    SRK’s with Kat might be a good hit; don’t know at all about Chennai Express, though.

    Abhi’s got a wild card now. It’s actually good he hasn’t shot for D3 yet – BB’s BB status might give him extra oomph. (Does he have a son in the story now?!)

  212. AamirsFan Says:

    “While D3 is given BB; Talaash is not. I doubt it will be huge.”

    waise toh nothing is really a given. but Aamir has been doubted(as far as his box office clout) in the past…hell even i was nervous about ghajini and 3i before their releases but no more doubting this guy by me after the outcome. I expect a huge opening, huge gross here. i am only going by recent history.

    • I don’t have any doubts about Talaash. Think this will be the biggest possible opening and gross relative to the genre.

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